Psychological Signs That Someone Likes You

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Welcome to the mysterious realm of human emotions, where deciphering the subtle signals of affection is as tricky as navigating a labyrinth of feelings. In this article, we embark on a thrilling journey into the enigmatic world of "Psychological Signs That Someone Likes You." Forget about decoding cryptic texts or consulting your crystal ball— we're delving deep into the psyche to uncover the clandestine clues that reveal someone has a soft spot for you.

1. They ask how your day has been

This is a really important thing for someone to do. By asking how your day went, it shows that they care about you and are genuinely interested in your life. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t ask! They also might want to find out more about your schedule so they can figure out how they can slot in with you at some point.Happy people talking outdoors. Multi ethnic women laughing. Two beautiful girls chatting in park. Closeup of blonde woman talking with mixed race girlfriend. Female friends smiling. Young women laughing Stock Video Footage(Image/ Source: this age of constant hustle and bustle, where time is a precious commodity, taking a moment to inquire about someone's day is akin to pausing the chaos to appreciate the unique tapestry of their life. It's a declaration that your well-being is not just a passing thought but a focal point.Sourced from Femanin

2. They ask for your advice

As someone grows more interested in you, the more they tend to trust you. Which is why they might ask for your advice on things. They could ask for some help on family life or work issues- anything that’s keeping them up at night! The person in question might also be trying to gauge your opinions on things to see if you have similar tastes.12 Things Not to Say to Someone With Infertility(Image/ Source: these moments of soliciting advice, the person in question is not merely seeking a solution; they are inviting you to partake in the mosaic of their life. It's a shared venture into the realm of choices and consequences, a collaborative effort where your perspective becomes a guiding light.

3. They give you a LOT of compliments

Compliments, after all, are not just words—they are gestures laden with intention. They're the friendly overture in the grand symphony of human interaction, an expression of the desire to know you better, to unravel the intricacies that make you uniquely you.How To Respond To A Compliment From A Guy (101 Brilliant Ways) - Her Norm(Image/ Source:’t it great when people realize how awesome you are? If they’re paying attention to your talents, intelligence, personality, appearance, or style, then they’re off to a good start. If people are complimenting you, it’s a gesture- they want to get to know you and learn more about you.

4. They look at you when you talk to them

The sincerity of their interest becomes even more apparent when the eyes linger, not just when you're speaking, but persistently, even when the conversation momentarily rests. If you catch them gazing at you during the pauses, it's a flashing neon sign that their attention transcends mere courtesy.3 Ways to Show Someone That You're Really Listening | by Jeremy Mohler | Medium(Image/ Source: someone is (genuinely) interested in you, they will try and show you that they’re listening to you as you chat. Their eyes should be drawn to your face while you talk, but if they’re super keen, they may well be staring at you even when you’re not talking! This is a huge sign that someone is into you.

5. They laugh at your jokes- even if they're terrible!

Laughter, the universal language of joy, becomes the vibrant thread weaving the fabric of connection between two people. It's not just about the quality of the jokes; it's about the shared amusement, the effortless harmony that arises when humor becomes the bridge between souls.Science of Laughter: Why Women Love Funny Guys(Image/ Source: two people can laugh hysterically at each other’s jokes (even when they’re really bad), then it’s a sure sign of a spark. If people want to be friends with you, or something much more than friends, they’ll go out of their way to try and make you laugh. And if you're responding to that... Great!

6. They step up in romantic situations

In the delicate dance of budding romance, the ability to navigate romantic situations with ease becomes a litmus test for genuine interest. When someone is truly captivated by you, the air of awkwardness that often accompanies intimate moments dissipates like morning mist in the warmth of the sun.Premium Photo | Young couple is having fun and laughing on evening city background romantic date(Image/ Source: someone is really into you, they tend to embrace romantic situations instead of being awkward or uncomfortable about them. They relish being alone with you, which is a very good sign that they enjoy their time with you! These kinds of situations will make it clear if there’s a genuine spark.

7. They want to hang with you on the reg

Regular hangouts in the realm of potential romance are akin to the chapters of a story slowly unfolding. It's not just about shared moments; it's an investment of time, a deliberate choice to carve out a space for you in the bustling landscape of their life. The frequency of these encounters is a deliberate act.An Embryo with Two Biological Dads? One Day, the Answer May Be 'Yes' | Time(Image/ Source: you’re regularly hanging out with someone who might be into you, it’s a super positive sign that things may end up going further. You know straight away that they’re willing to make the effort in a potential relationship if they’re putting a lot of their time aside for you. So the question is: do you feel the same?

8. They tell others how great you are

In the intricate web of social dynamics, the revelation that your crush is singing your praises to others is like discovering a hidden gem in a crowded room. It's not just about the words exchanged; it's a whisper of admiration that transcends the boundaries of your one-on-one interactions.How to talk about money with your friends(Image/ Source: one might be difficult to spot if you don’t have tons of mutual friends or co-workers, but if you ever spot your crush telling other people how great you are, you’re onto a winner! It’s also a cute sign that they want other people to think that you’re great too, which earns an awful lot of brownie points.

9. They touch you a lot (without being creepy)

The language of touch, an unspoken dialect woven into the very fabric of human connection, transcends the need for words. It's a dance of intimacy, a symphony of sensations that communicates volumes without uttering a single syllable. When we speak of touch in the context of affection, we're exploring physical connection.Midsection of man holding PRegnant woman's hand while standing at home stock photo(Image/ Source:’re not talking about awkward, creepy, or unwelcome touching here. Humans naturally touch each other if they’re being affectionate- in fact, it’s one of the most common ways that we communicate! It helps us feel more connected and intimate, especially if we’re holding the hand of someone we like.

10. They make effort with your friends and family

Embarking on the journey from potential partners to a more solidified connection often involves navigating the crucial milestone of meeting each other's inner circles—friends and family. It's a litmus test that can reveal the true colors of a burgeoning relationship.Meeting your partner's parents? Five mistakes to avoid - News | Khaleej Times(Image/Source: you’re making good progress with a potential partner, there’s one true test that will make you sink or swim; meeting friends/family! If your crush is willing to make a lot of effort with the people you care about most, they’re a good catch. If they’re not enthusiastic, then you might want to consider your options…

11. They look beyond your appearance

Compliments, like rays of sunshine, can brighten our days, but when they become the sole currency of interaction, it's worth examining the depth of the connection. A relationship that stalls at surface-level compliments might leave you yearning for something more substantial.The 100-year-old couple – still married, still going strong | Family | The Guardian(Image/ Source:’re all for compliments, but if things can’t progress past compliments on your appearance, be cautious. A true match for you would look beyond your appearance to give you compliments about your strengths and talents, or your amazing personality. Keep a close eye on what they say to you!

12. They want to make plans about your future together

Discovering your crush weaving a tapestry of future plans with you is like stumbling upon a treasure map. Whether it's plotting a cinematic adventure or orchestrating a dinner date in the upcoming weeks, these blueprints of future escapades are the breadcrumb trail hinting at a deeper connection.What's So Special About Black Love | Source: you find your crush making cool plans with you for the future? If so, you may have just found your new partner! These plans don’t need to be big; even just planning to go to a movie or dinner in a couple of weeks’ time shows you that they’re thinking about fun things you can do together.

13. They're happy to spend some one-on-one time with you

This exclusive, distraction-free zone is where the real magic happens. It's a canvas for genuine conversations, shared laughter, and the kind of moments that forge a deeper, more meaningful connection. Stripped of external influences, the nuances of your personalities can unfold.Premium Photo | Loving lesbian couple having a date at coffee shop.(Image/ Source: one’s a no-brainer. If someone’s got the hots for you, then they’ll be keen to spend some alone time with you. No extra friends or family, and no distractions. Just the two of you. And it’s this time that will be the most crucial, as you’ll be able to get to know each other on a much deeper, more meaningful level.

14. They call and text when they say they will

When someone is genuinely interested, their actions harmonize with their words. If they promise a call or commit to sending a text, they follow through. It's not just about punctuality; it's a tangible demonstration of respect for your time and a recognition of the value they place on your connection.Why Texting Can Be Draining for Introverts(Image/ Source: many times have you waited for someone to call, and then they just, didn’t? Don’t worry- we’ve all been there! So if someone’s really, genuinely interested in you, they’ll call and text when they say they will. You’ll then know they’re reliable and not wasting your time, which is a very strong start in our book.

15. They're not afraid to make the move

In a world where digital interactions often dictate the ebb and flow of relationships, the reliability of communication becomes a cornerstone. When someone is authentically interested in you, they don't just offer empty promises; they follow through with tangible actions.Young People Kiss Passionately in Empty Cinema Hall. Love Couple Kissing by stockbusters on Envato Elements(Image/ Source: many times have you waited for someone to call, and then they just, didn’t? Don’t worry- we’ve all been there! So if someone’s really, genuinely interested in you, they’ll call and text when they say they will. You’ll then know they’re reliable and not wasting your time, which is a very strong start in our book.

16. They take an interest in the things you like

The beauty lies in the intention behind their actions. Actively engaging with your interests is a deliberate effort to bridge the gap between your worlds. It's a gesture that extends beyond surface-level acknowledgment; it's an invitation to participate in the joy and enthusiasm that your passions bring you.older-black-couple-on-bike-CMYK | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News(Image/ Source: someone is actively taking an interest in the things you like, then keep hold of them! This shows they’re keen to learn more about you, have fun, and broaden their horizons by trying new things. You might find that you can both make suggestions to do these activities together, which will bring you closer than ever.

17. They get a bit nervous around you

In these moments, when nervousness flits through the air like fireflies, there's an unspoken vulnerability that makes the connection all the more genuine. It's a shared acknowledgment that the stakes are high, and the desire to be seen in a favorable light is palpable.50 first date conversation starters | Muscle & Fitness(Image/ Source:’re not saying they need to be scared of you- far from it! But a little bit of nervousness shows they like you, a lot. This tends to happen during those early first encounters or dates, when they might end up staring at their own shoes while they try and talk to you. But it’s ok- we all have those awkward moments!

18. They smile at you a lot

Smiles, in this context, become more than a facial expression; they are a conduit for unspoken emotions. It's a language that transcends barriers, communicating a sense of comfort and connection in the most effortless manner. When someone is frequently smiling in your company, it's like receiving a constant stream of positive feedback!10 (Really) Good First Date Questions | Christian Mingle(Image/ Source: is another common example of human communication. If that special someone is usually smiling in your company, chances are, they’re into you! It’s a way for them to express happiness, comfort, and friendliness towards you in an easy, relaxed way. If you’re smiling straight back at them, there’s definitely a spark.

19. They try and impress you

Yes, it might be a bit lame in its execution, but there's an undeniable charm in the effort. Beneath the surface of the slightly exaggerated displays lies a desire to be seen as impressive, interesting, and worthy of your affection. It's a testament to the vulnerability that happens early.Best Relationship Advice for New Couples, According to Experts(Image/ Source: you ever had a romantic partner that tries to impress you? Sometimes they might seem like they’re showing off, or trying to make out they’re far more knowledgeable or interested in something than they actually are. It’s a bit lame, but also kinda cute, as they want you to think highly of them!

20. Your bodies touch during conversations

The beauty of this physical connection lies in its spontaneity. It's not a calculated move or a rehearsed performance; it's the natural convergence of two individuals drawn to each other. In these moments, the chemistry is palpable, creating an atmosphere charged with unspoken understanding.Romantic Gay Couple Holding Hands At Table by Flamingo Images(Image/ Source: you find that you’re naturally touching each other while you’re chatting together, it’s a sign of great chemistry. Some people are naturally more affectionate than others, so it might feel a bit full on during those early stages of friendship! If you like them, too, it shouldn’t be a problem…

21. They try to catch your eye in group situations

What's particularly intriguing is that this nonverbal exchange isn't exclusive to the initial stages of courtship. Even couples who have been together for years or decades often find themselves still engaging in this subtle dance. It becomes a timeless language.How do I flirt in person again? | Mashable(Image/ Source: a cheeky glance with a crush during a group situation can really get your heart racing. If they keep trying to catch your eye and smile at you from across the room, it’s a subtle but strong sign that you have a spark. In fact, plenty of couples still do this even when they’ve been together for years or decades!

22. They will ask about your past

These conversations become the threads that weave the fabric of connection. The mutual exchange of personal narratives creates a bridge, fostering empathy and a shared sense of understanding. As stories unfold, there's a silent dance of empathy, where one recognizes the triumphs and scars.The Best Time to Start Discussing Having Children With Your Partner(Image/ Source: two people start to get close, they naturally start to open up. This means talking about our past. If a potential partner is interested in your life and wants to learn more about what you’ve experienced, it seems like you’re building momentum towards a great relationship!

23. Their body language is open

These manifestations of open body language serve as the nonverbal affirmation of a harmonious connection. It's a symphony of physical cues that communicate a willingness to be vulnerable, a silent agreement to let the guard down and allow the other person into the inner sanctum of personal space.13 At-Home Date Ideas 2022 — Best Indoor Couple's Activities(Image/ Source: body language is always a winner. Especially a potential partner! If someone is really keen on you, then they will lean in when they’re talking to you. This is a great way for both of you to feel more comfortable with each other and get closer. Look out for unfolded arms and relaxed shoulders!

24. They show up at your events/performances

Consider it a display of genuine interest in your world—the projects you pour your heart into, the performances that allow you to express yourself, and the events that showcase your skills. Their presence in the audience becomes a visual declaration that they want to share in those moments with you.How to set (and meet) an event budget | Webex Events (formerly Socio)(Image/ Source: doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you’re hosting an event or performing in a band or show, keep tabs on whether your potential partner plans on making an appearance. If they do, it’s a really encouraging sign! This shows that they’re interested in the things you do and want to support you.

25. They look for an excuse to spend time with you

This proposition isn't merely a casual suggestion; it's a sign that they want to extend the moments of interaction beyond the constraints of daily routines. The post-work drink becomes a canvas for shared conversations, laughter, and the unraveling of deeper layers of connection. It's an intentional act.Hiking as a couple - tips for hiking as a couple - Hillwalk Tours Self-Guided Hiking Tours(Image/ Source: someone is really into you, then he or she will definitely go out of their way to see you as often as they can! To give an example; if they suggest catching you for a drink after work, it shows they’re interested. Just bear in mind that if you keep agreeing to see them, it suggests you’re interested in them too.

26. Dilated pupils

This revelation isn't confined to the early stages of a potential connection. Even in established relationships, the eyes continue to be eloquent storytellers. The dilation of pupils becomes an unspoken affirmation of ongoing affection, a sign that the flame of attraction continues to burn brightly.Does love make your pupils dilate? | HowStuffWorks(Image/ Source: say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul- and this now seems to be confirmed by psychologists! A person’s pupils can actually dilate up to three sizes bigger when they’re looking at someone they like a lot. So if you’re unsure if someone’s into you, make sure you look into their eyes and find out…

27. They mirror your body language

This mirroring isn't confined to specific gestures; it extends to facial expressions, postures, and even the cadence of speech. It's a subconscious attempt to bridge the gap between two individuals, forging a connection that transcends the spoken word. The shared language of body movements becomes a testament to the unspoken chemistry evolving between you.Ace Your Job Interview Using Mirroring | by Lance Harvie | Medium(Image/ Source: you find that your crush mirrors your body language when they’re with you? This is a great sign they’re interested in you! We tend to unconsciously mimic the gestures, sayings, and behaviors of those we’re close to- and researchers say it’s a clear sign of likeness or attraction.

28. They direct their feet towards you

This unintentional pointing of the feet is a manifestation of genuine interest. It's a nonverbal signal that even when engrossed in conversation with others, their unconscious self is attuned to your presence. It's a silent acknowledgment that, in the vast sea of interactions, your orbit holds a gravitational pull!Why giving shoes as a Chinese New Year gift will bring bad luck – give trousers instead for good fortune | South China Morning Post(Image/ Source: know this is a bit of a weird one, but when someone directs their feet towards you, it’s a sign that they like you. Apparently, it’s known as one of the key signs of attraction in early-stage relationships. So if you’re in a group and your crush is talking to someone else, they should still have their feet pointed towards you (in theory)…

29. Notice how they walk around you

As you navigate the paths of connection, pay attention to these nuances in the way you walk together. The choice of positioning and the depth of physical connection tell a silent story of the relationship's dynamics. Whether it's side by side, slightly behind, or the embrace of intertwined hands!Premium Photo | Happy senior couple walking together in the garden. old elderly using a walking stick(Image/ Source: the person you like tends to walk in front of you, chances are they’re not that into you (and might be more interested in themselves). On the other hand, if they’re walking right beside you, or even slightly behind you, it shows they think you’re important and like you a lot. And if they’re holding your hand, then that says it all!

30. Pay attention to their brows

Picture this: a brief lift of the eyebrows, almost like a subconscious greeting card expressing delight at the sight of you. It's a reflexive response that signals a momentary spike in positive feelings, and it's as genuine as it gets. This flash is like a secret handshake between emotions and physiology.This Model Is Raising Eyebrows(Image/ Source: are pretty telling when it comes to attraction. If your crush lifts or raises their eyebrows for just a few seconds, this is generally considered to be a sign that they like you. It’s also known as a “flash”, and there’s some cool science behind it; it’s an involuntary movement and a by-product of the release of Dopamine.

31. Flirting All The Time

Flirting, in its various forms, can be a multi-faceted communication tool. Your crush might be the master of non-stop banter, every word dripping with a playful charm that sets a lighthearted tone to your interactions. On the flip side, they might opt for a more subtle approach...Image Source / Business InsiderIt may seem obvious to say that flirting is a sign that someone likes you, but playful flirty banty can exist between mates too, so it's important to pay attention to whether harmless flirting means a little more with a bae you're interested in. They might flirt non-stop with every other word they say!

32. Bonding Over Similar Tastes

In the grand dance of romantic relationships, these commonalities serve as the choreography that orchestrates a seamless connection. The shared interests become the threads that weave a tapestry of understanding and unity. The excitement of discovering shared hobbies or enjoying the same cuisine!Image Source / Technology NetworksYou may be highly compatible on a psychological level based on the things you have in common. You might find you have similar, or even identical, tastes in a lot of things - which is, of course, always a plus for romantic relationships. This can be things like hobbies or food.

33. They'll Find Ways To Be In The Same Place Of You

Ah, the subtle art of orchestrated encounters—a captivating dance where proximity becomes a deliberate pursuit. When someone endeavors to get close to you, it transcends the realm of casual happenstance. The the ordinary spaces of daily life transform into potential stages for shared moments and connection.

Image Source / MedicineNetWhen we talk about them trying to get close to you, we don't just mean when you're already hanging out. They may go out of their way to go to the grocery store they know you use on a certain day, just in the hopes of seeing you and striking up a conversation.

34. They're Ready To Make 'Boring' Tasks Fun

Ah, the magic of shared moments—a delightful symphony that transforms even the most mundane tasks into opportunities for connection. It's a testament to the richness they bring to your shared experiences. From the most ordinary chores to moments of blissful idleness, their presence becomes the catalyst.Image Source / ForbesAs the saying goes, there's 'never a dull moment' with this person - because they make sure there isn't. For the most boring of tasks, they can be more than happy to do them if it means spending more time with you, such as doing the washing up together.

35. They Gravitate Towards You

Ah, the dance of gravitational pull—a magnetic force that guides two souls closer, even in the subtlest of movements. When someone not only leans in but orchestrates their physical presence to gravitate toward you, it's a silent symphony of connection playing out in the space between you.Image Source / Terra Nova ProductionsAs well as actually leaning in to you all the time, the person might 'gravitate' towards you with subtle movements. If you're out for dinner with a group, for example, they may lean in your direction, always make sure they're facing you or even make sure they're sat across from you.

36. No Physical Barriers

Ah, the physical barriers that either stand as sentinels or gracefully yield to the allure of connection. When someone is drawn to you, the removal of these barriers becomes a poignant expression—an unspoken declaration that they seek not just proximity but a closeness that transcends.Image Source / MediumThose who aren't interested in others, whether strangers or otherwise, might be content with a 'block' between, like a stack of books on a table between you, or even putting their headphones in so that you can't speak. Someone who likes you will make sure to remove anything physically separating you.

37. They Make Sure You Feel Special

Ah, the language of gestures—a nuanced expression of affection that extends beyond grand displays to the subtle art of everyday attentiveness. When someone is captivated by your presence, their gestures become a canvas painted with the colors of thoughtfulness.Image Source / Merriam-WebsterThis doesn't have to necessarily be buying you a huge bouquet or flowers, it can be about the subtle everyday things. They might be the first - or only - person to notice your new haircut and compliment you on it. They alternatively might like flashing their cash, so to speak, for you in particular.

38. Watching You When No One's Looking

Ah, the enchanting allure of stolen glances—a dance of eyes that speak volumes in the silent language of attraction. When someone captures your gaze, it's as if the rest of the world fades into the background, leaving only the captivating presence of that one person who holds the key to your attention.Image Source / People | HowStuffWorksYou can't keep your eyes off someone you like, even when they're not looking at you, even when the rest of the world is busy with something else, and even when you look like that weirdo staring and drooling at someone you like. But you might turn mid conversation to find them watching you from across the room.

39. Bring Up How Single And Available They Are (A Lot)

Ah, the whimsical landscape of love-life jokes—a realm where humor becomes the masked messenger of deeper sentiments. In the tapestry of jests and laughter, individuals often weave subtle threads of truth, hinting at desires, loneliness, and perhaps, a longing for connection.Image Source / Clarity ClinicHumour is often said to reveal the truth but pass off as a 'joke', and that's never been truer than with love-life jokes. Such as how lonely they are at home, how 'woe is me' it is that no one is waiting at home for them, or maybe just general hints that they're available every time you talk to them.

40. They Pay Attention To The Smallest Details

Ah, the art of nuanced observation—a delightful dance where someone's attention transcends the surface of conversation and delves into the intricacies of your being. When they not only pay attention but immerse themselves in the subtleties of your presence, it's a testament to the depth of their fascination.Image Source / Faculty FocusThey won't just pay attention, like in normal conversation, they'll really pay attention, and this doesn't just mean to when you're speaking. They might pay extra attention to what you're wearing, your mannerisms, the way your laugh sounds... anything you yourself may not have even noticed!

41. Being Very Generous (Not Just With Money)

The generosity of time—an eloquent expression of care that goes beyond words and ventures into the realm of thoughtful actions. When someone willingly invests their time, going above and beyond to ensure your well-being and happiness, it's a testament to the depth of their affection.Image Source / Inc. MagazineThey could also be very generous with their time, like making sure to go above and beyond to make sure you're okay. They want to show they care - without you having to ask - so they don't mind going out of their way to do things for you, like errands, or anything that will make you happy.

42. Being Overly Curious

The dance of curiosity—an enchanting journey where someone's interest transcends the realms of politeness and delves into the depths of genuine fascination. When they burn with a desire to know every facet of you, from the mundane to the profound, it's a symphony of questions that speaks volumes.Image Source / Fisher College of Business - The Ohio State UniversityThere's taking a general, polite interest in someone, and then there's being very curious to the point of burning to know every little thing about you. You might find that as well as general 'get to know you' questions, you're asked things like what your hopes and dreams are.

43. Alone Time Is Best Time

The art of crafting moments of intimacy—a subtle dance where someone endeavors to create pockets of alone time, fostering an environment for deeper connections to blossom. When they not only cherish the alone time that naturally occurs but actively seek to engineer additional moments.Image Source/ BBCAs well as enjoying alone time you when it happens, this person might try and create extra alone time. This could be 'oh don't worry, I'll give them a lift home, you guys can leave' so you're left alone with that quality time in the car. They might try and push for more moments like this.

44. They Want To Make Your Life Easier

The meticulous study of your preferences—a thoughtful endeavor where someone not only seeks to understand you but endeavors to master the art of creating an environment that resonates with your likes and dislikes. It's a testament to their commitment to ensuring your comfort and happiness.Image Source / EF English Live - EF Education FirstAnd they'll do so by learning everything they can about how to exactly do that. They may question you about likes and dislikes to better understand what they can do to avoid upsetting or annoying you, or the type of things that you like to be surrounded with.

45. Always Smiling

The undeniable joy that radiates from someone genuinely thrilled to see you—the kind of happiness that paints their face with an effervescent glow. When their demeanor visibly transforms, their smiles become more frequent, and laughter seems to dance effortlessly in your presence.Image Source / NBC NewsYou may be able to actually see their face visibly perk up as soon as they lay eyes on you, and notice they always seem to be smiling and laughing around you when you're sure they don't do it half as much around other people! There's nothing you can really do to make them not seem happy.

46. They Want To Tell You About Their Day

The symphony of shared lives—a delightful melody where someone not only seeks to know about your day but eagerly unfolds the chapters of their own life in your presence. When they become not just a listener to your stories, it's a beautiful indication that you hold a special place in their thoughts.Image Source / Club MahindraIt's one thing to want to ask you about your day, but another to also be eager to fill you in on theirs. If they're constantly updating you about what they've been up, or say things like 'oh as soon as this happened I couldn't wait to tell you!' it's a huge hint you're on their mind.

47. They Really Listen

The art of genuine listening—a rare and precious gift that goes beyond the perfunctory nods and surface-level engagement. When someone not only hears your words but hangs on to them with unwavering attention, it's a profound expression of their respect for your thoughts.Image Source / Inc. MagazineNot just fake listening or the bare minimum of listening, they hang on your every word, and they remember all the things you've told them because they really were listening. They're not thinking of the next funny thing to say when you're talking, they're just being in the moment when you talk.

48. They Might Act Differently Around You

The nuanced dance of behavior—an intriguing spectacle where someone's demeanor undergoes a subtle metamorphosis in the presence of a special connection. When they exhibit a distinctive aura around you, a behavior that stands out from their interactions with others, it's akin to a silent language of connection.Image Source / SelectHealthTheir behaviour might be different with you than it is with other people. This could go many different ways, such as being quieter and shyer around you when they're usually loud, or that they feel comfortable to be their loud quirky self with you when they might be quieter around others.

49. They Support You No Matter What

The steadfast support of a true ally—a beacon of strength that shines, whether it's over the seemingly trivial or the grand milestones of life. When someone stands ready to back you up, it's a profound testament to the depth of their connection and the sincerity of their investment in your well-being.Image Source / Home Base VeteransEven if it's over something ridiculous, they're ready to back you up no matter what. They might try to support you simply by saying that they support you in everyday situations, or they may show it by physically helping you out with something. Or, they may be your biggest cheerleader when it comes to life achievements.

50. They're Protective Of You

The instinctive urge to protect—a silent pledge that speaks volumes about the depth of care and connection. When someone becomes a guardian in both subtle gestures and vocal defenses, it's a powerful demonstration of their commitment to your well-being.Image Source / GoodTherapyIt's a natural feeling to protect someone you care about. They might protect you by unconscious movements, such as standing between you and the road, or in front of you on the stairs. Or, they might protect you verbally, such as standing up for you if someone says something insulting to you.