Psychological Signs He Misses You

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. He has not moved on with a new girlfriend

Image Source/ RedditIf he hasn't moved on yet and got another girlfriend this is one of the ultimate signs, he may not be over you and that he misses you. Because, if he falls in love with someone else after you, chances are he no longer misses you. So, this is a big tell-tale sign.Original content sourced from

2. He tries to make you jealous

Image Source/ PinterestIf he's trying to make you jealous, it's for a reason - it means he still misses you. And probably wants you back. He may do things like post pictures of other girls or say things about other people to try and get a reaction from you and make you jealous.

3. He 'coincidentally' runs into you

Image Source/ laciencadelcafe.comAll these accidental random run ins? They aren't accidental. He misses you and he is trying to catch up with you by going where you usually go so that he can see you again. It's easier for him than having to ask to see you, this way he can pretend it was a coincidence.

4. They reminisce about good memories

Image Source/ PinterestOn the times you do see each other, if her misses you he will probably talk about all the good times you had together and all of the fond memories you share together because he wants to reflect on the times you have as well as remind you about the good aspects of the relationship.

5. He calls you if he's drunk

Image Source/ UndefinedOkay this is a huge sign. If it is you, he is calling when he's drunk, it's definitely because he misses you. As the saying goes - a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts. And if you are on his mind when he gets drunk it is you, he misses and wants to speak to.

6. He likes your social media posts

Image Source/ Kicksta blogSocial media today is so popular that a lot of people speak their mind through their social medias instead of in real life . And so, if he's liking all of your posts this is not random - he is doing it because he misses you and he wants you to see his name under your posts.

7. He talks about you

Image Source/ YouTubeIf you live in a small own or share similar groups of friends, then you may hear that he's been taking about you. Perhaps your friends have told you or his friends. Either way, if he's talking about you, he definitely is not over you and misses you still.

8. He has made insults about your new partner

Image Source/ Deviant ArtThis is quite a common reaction if you get a new boyfriend, and you hear that your ex-boyfriend has been saying bad things about him. There's only one reason for this. Jealousy. It's a big sign that they resent you having a new boyfriend because they still miss you themself.

9. And compares them to himself

Image Source/ RedditThen, another common thing that men do when they are jealous is they compare the new guy with themself. 'He's not as tall as me' or 'I have a bigger car', that kind of thing which is not a mature way to deal with you moving on but it's just a sign that he still misses you and is jealous.

10. He tries to prove how well he knows you

Image Source/ RedditThis is another thing he will probably do if he still misses you - try and prove how well he knows you and that he knows you better than anybody. He might say things like only I know this about you, or I still remember how you take your morning coffee...

11. He still has your things

Image Source/ PinterestOkay if he's keeping your things - he misses you. Otherwise, you'd either hand it right back to the person or you'd send it to charity if they no longer wanted it. But if they're keeping it it is so that they have a comforting reminder that you were once theirs.

12. He responds to you immediately

Image Source/ YahooYou may have taken five days to reply, but it doesn't matter if he misses you, he will still reply as soon as possible. This is because he can't forget to message you back or wouldn't scroll past as though you aren't priority because you are still on his mind, and he wants to talk to you.

13. He remembers small details

Image Source/ PinterestWhen you do talk, he will try and remember tiny little details to show you how he treasured your time together and how you are so important to him that he remembered little insignificant details you thought he might forget. Because these things will be playing over in his mind.

14. If you're in a group setting, they always seek you out

Image Source/ BuzzFeedIt doesn't matter how busy it is, or how many people are in a room. He will seek you out if he misses you. Yes, he may well pretend that it was an accidental run in. But we all know he sought you out because he wanted to see you and he is missing you.

15. He can't stop smiling when he sees you

Image Source/ RedditWhen you see each other, he will have a clear reaction if he still misses you. He may be overly emotional, and he will be happy. Very happy. He probably won't stop smiling because he is finally back in your company again and he gets to spend time with you, even if only briefly.

16. He seems nervous

Image Source/ KnowYourMemeAs well as these things, he may even be a little shy and nervous. Because he will have been playing the moment, he sees you in his out in head and he may not have seen you in a long time. And he wants to make a good impression when he does see you again. So, he will be feeling nervous.

17. He tries to meet up

Image Source/ PinterestHe will of course try to meet up with you. He'll pose different ideas and ways to see you and probably suggest something that he knows you would love, even if he doesn't, so that you will not want to say no. This is because he wants you company again and to be with you.

18. He offers to lend you something

Image Source/ RedditThis kind of goes hand in hand with the point above because he will want to lend you something, not only to be helpful and to show you he's willing to do things for you. But also, because he wants to create an excuse to see you again when you have to return what he gave you.

19. He finds excuses to talk to you/ text you

Image Source/ RankerHe will definitely find a reason to text you or call you or try to talk to you in any way. And it won't matter the reason because he may not have one. It could be something little or totally irrelevant, but he will try and use any excuse he can to be able to text.

20. He views yours and your friends' social medias

Image Source/ PinterestAgain, social media can be very indicative of who is keeping up with you. And, if you have an ex who is missing you, he is definitely going to be watching your social media and if you ended on bad terms and blocked one another, he will be watching your friends' stories to keep up with what you're doing.

21. He tries to impress you

Image Source/ RedditHe'll also definitely try and impress you. He may start going to the gym and getting fit or start buying new clothes. He may start doing some of the things he knew you loved, just to try and impress you. Or he'll start bragging about a new up and coming venture...

22. He always tries new ways to get your attention

Image Source/ YouTubeHe's going to be finding any way possible to get your attention. He'll probably have tried a number of things, and then he'll be trying to find new ways. Some of these ways will be discreet you won't even realise, but the intention behind it is the same.

23. He can't maintain a lasting relationship

Image Source/ KnowInsidersHe may have tried to move on with other women, even tried out new relationships. Yet, if there seems to be a line of unsuccessful women, this is probably because he misses you and isn't over you. Therefore, while he's still feeling this way, he cannot put his heart into someone else.

24. He tries to find out about you

Image Source/ GQPerhaps you broke up with a clean break, intending not to speak with one another. But if he still misses you, he will try and ask everybody else who knows you about you. This way, he still knows what you are doing and has some knowledge of your life still because he is missing you.

25. He cares how you're doing

Image Source/ PinterestIf he genuinely misses you, then he will genuinely care about how you are really doing. And not just a insincere 'how you doing?' but he will really mean it and want to know how you are because he still cares about you. It's one of the biggest signs that he may miss you.

26. He tells you

Image Source/ blogspotNow there's nothing clearer than when he honestly tells you 'I miss you'. Particularly because this is not an easy thing to admit - especially if he does not know how you feel and whether it is reciprocated. So, if he tells you - the chances are he really means it.

27. He's started a 'self-improvement' journey

Image Source/ RedditIt's a common experience when two people break up that the person wanting the other person back will try to 'better themselves' doing things they know you would like. They may go on some kind of journey of self-improvement. It's common when the fault of the breakup lay with that person - this is a way to show you they are changing because they miss you.

28. He suddenly seems interested in your hobbies

Image Source/ Weight Off My ShouldersHe may even suddenly be interested in those hobbies that you love, and he never had an interest in before. In fact, when you were together, he may have actively disliked them. Now, you might have noticed that he's suddenly started trying them. It's an excuse to find more common interests with you.

29. He makes new changes

Image Source/ PinterestHas he got a new hair cut? Or a new car? Or he just seems to be making a string of changes to himself. It's like anyone after a breakup, it's normal to want to try and make changes to signify a brand-new start. However, in this case it's to get your attention back...

30. He becomes active on social media straight after you do

Image Source/ RedditHave you ever noticed that as soon as you go online, a certain someone also does. If so, he's probably been waiting all day to see when you're active. He may be waiting to send a message or put something online so that you can see it in the hopes that you will message him.

31. His photos appear all over your social media

Image Source/ PinterestNow social media is constantly used to get people's attention. And even if he did not use it before, he's probably going to use it if he misses you as a way to post pictures of himself to grab your attention so that you see his name and are reminded of him.

32. He sends you gifts

Image Source/ RedditThere's nothing more obvious that somebody is thinking about you than when they buy you a gift. Especially if that gift came completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason at all. It shows you he misses you and his thoughts are revolving around you.

33. He appears at your house uninvited

Image Source / The Today ShowNow this one can be a step too far. They may turn up at your house unexpected and uninvited. If the situation between you is good this may be a pleasant surprise. If not...then this will probably feel like an invasion of privacy. But it may be because he misses you so much that he felt he needed to see you.

34. He continues the conversation even after it has ended

Image Source/ CheezburgerHe will carry on the conversation at all costs if he misses you. He will make any effort to keep the conversation going even if it has come to a natural close. And it won't matter how hard he has to try; he will even talk to you about the weather if needs be.

35. He's been miserable without you

Image Source/ RedditNow, one of the major signs he misses you is if he's been struggling without you and feels miserable because he misses you so much. If you have been a big part of someone's life it can be a massive adjustment to not spending as much time with one another.

36. He asks for pictures

Image Source/ sundaymorningreviewIf he misses you, all he wants to do is see you. He might randomly ask for a picture of your face because that will be the thing he misses most - seeing you. If you're out and about he might ask for a picture so that he can imagine you and your life now.

37. He checks your followers

Image Source/ Geek InsiderYou will not know this for sure, but someone else may tell you. If he's checking your followers on social media, it's because he misses you and also because he is jealous and wants to know if you are following any new guys that may come to replace him.

38. He blocks and unblocks you

Image Source/ The US SunThis one depends on how it ended and if you are on speaking terms. If you are not currently speaking, he's going to try and get your attention any way possible. One way he might try this is to block and unblock you in the hopes of provoking a reaction from you and discovering if you've tried to contact him.

39. He'll share much more of his life online

Image Source/ Daily RecordIt may look like on his stories he is constantly out, having a great time with friends or partying. This is because it's exactly what he wants you to think. He will want you to see him, in a way that provokes a feeling, any feeling - either sadness or jealousy for example, because he misses you and wants you to miss him too.

40. He tries to video call

Image Source/ RedditThe best next thing to actually seeing someone is seeing someone on a video call. And when he misses you all he'll want is to see you. So, he will try and video call so that he can see you in real life. After all, texts and calls are not the same as seeing someone you miss in the flesh.

41. When/if you do meet up, he tries to make it romantic

Image Source/ PinterestIf he misses you, he will try and make it romantic when you do meet. This is because he wants to spend time with you, but he also really wants to give the message of romantic potential and NOT the friendzone. So, he may do little romantic gestures to send you a message.

42. You may dream about him

Image Source/ RedditNow if you believe in spiritual things, this is a good sign. If not, you may not believe it. But some people think that if you dream about someone frequently or prominently it is because they miss you and are thinking about you a lot. And so, they believe that their subconscious thought is translating into your mind through the form of dreams.

43. His friends tell you

Image Source/ PinterestIf his friends tell you he misses, you - then he misses you. Because his friends won't want to tell you something that is not true or, or that may annoy him if he finds out. If he wasn't missing you a lot, they would probably not mention it but because they want to help him, they will tell you.

44. He reacts very strangely to any signs of other guys

Image Source/ RedditIf you mention another man...the reaction will be very clear. Even if he tries to play it cool. Any tiny little mention to another guy in your life is going to provoke a reaction. It may be jealousy, sadness, frostiness - but it's going to be clear no matter how hard he tries not to let it show.

45. He texts nonstop

Image Source/ RedditWhen someone misses you, they text you. All the time. No matter what time it is they are going to be wanting to speak to you. Even if they're out with their friends, speaking with you is on the top of their priority list and so they will be texting you nonstop.

46. He sends pictures to you

Image Source/ WattpadAswell as wanting to see your face, he will also want you to see him. This is either because he assumes you miss him too or because he wants you to miss him by seeing him. Plus, if he feels good then you're the first person he is going to want to see him.

47. He's willing to do anything for you

Image Source/ PinterestIf you ask something of him, it may be really small, but he will go above and beyond to oblige you. And, you know you could ask him anything and he'd make sure he did it for you. He wants to show you he cares and that no amount of effort is too much.

48. He tells you his news instantly

Image Source/ RedditIf he misses you - you are the first person he wants to tell everything about. Any piece of news, be it good or bad, he wants to tell you. Even if he has to wait, it won't take long for him to find some way to tell you and as soon as he sees you, he will be discussing any of his important news with you.

49. He talks about the future

Image Source/ RedditWhen he misses you, he doesn't want to think about a future without you in it. So, when he talks to you, he will be talking about the future - with you in it. This is because he wants to gauge you reaction and see if this is a realistic hope or not, as well as hoping that you will agree with him.

50. He makes you feel special

Image Source/ PinterestIf he misses you, he's going to make you feel special - like you're the only girl he cares about. You may even wonder, if anybody else would ever make me you so special. This is because he is solely focused on you because he misses you so much, and so all his efforts are directed into you.

Here are the psychological signs that someone likes you... They ask how your day has been

(Image/ Source: Insider)This is a really important thing for someone to do. By asking how your day went, it shows that they care about you and are genuinely interested in your life. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t ask! They also might want to find out more about your schedule so they can figure out how they can slot in with you at some point.

2. They ask for your advice

(Image/ Source: loveweddingsNG)As someone grows more interested in you, the more they tend to trust you. Which is why they might ask for your advice on things. They could ask for some help on family life or work issues- anything that’s keeping them up at night! The person in question might also be trying to gauge your opinions on things to see if you have similar tastes.

3. They give you a LOT of compliments

(Image/ Source: Reddit)Isn’t it great when people realize how awesome you are? If they’re paying attention to your talents, intelligence, personality, appearance, or style, then they’re off to a good start. If people are complimenting you, it’s a gesture- they want to get to know you and learn more about you. So go ahead- knock ‘em dead!

4. They look at you when you talk to them

(Image/ Source: Reddit)If someone is (genuinely) interested in you, they will try and show you that they’re listening to you as you chat. Their eyes should be drawn to your face while you talk, but if they’re super keen, they may well be staring at you even when you’re not talking! This is a huge sign that someone is into you. We speak from experience on this one.

5. They laugh at your jokes- even if they're terrible!

(Image/ Source: Essence)When two people can laugh hysterically at each other’s jokes (even when they’re really bad), then it’s a sure sign of a spark. If people want to be friends with you, or something much more than friends, they’ll go out of their way to try and make you laugh. And if you’re responding to that, well- we guess it shows you’re into them as much as they’re into you!

6. They step up in romantic situations

(Image/ Source: pinterest)When someone is really into you, they tend to embrace romantic situations instead of being awkward or uncomfortable about them. They relish being alone with you, which is a very good sign that they enjoy their time with you! These kinds of situations will make it clear if there’s a genuine spark between you both.

7. They want to hang with you on the reg

(Image/ Source: Attitude)If you’re regularly hanging out with someone who might be into you, it’s a super positive sign that things may end up going further. You know straight away that they’re willing to make the effort in a potential relationship if they’re putting a lot of their time aside for you. So the question is: do you feel the same? If so, go for it!

8. They tell others how great you are

(Image/ Source: OK! Magazine)This one might be difficult to spot if you don’t have tons of mutual friends or co-workers, but if you ever spot your crush telling other people how great you are, you’re onto a winner! It’s also a cute sign that they want other people to think that you’re great too, which earns an awful lot of brownie points.

9. They touch you a lot (without being creepy)

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)We’re not talking about awkward, creepy, or unwelcome touching here. Humans naturally touch each other if they’re being affectionate- in fact, it’s one of the most common ways that we communicate! It helps us feel more connected and intimate, especially if we’re holding the hand of someone we like.

10. They make effort with your friends and family

Meeting your partner's parents? Five mistakes to avoid - News | Khaleej Times(Image/Source: you’re making good progress with a potential partner, there’s one true test that will make you sink or swim; meeting friends/family! If your crush is willing to make a lot of effort with the people you care about most, they’re a good catch. If they’re not enthusiastic or all that happy to do it, then you might want to consider your options…

11. They look beyond your appearance

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)We’re all for compliments, but if things can’t progress past compliments on your appearance, be cautious. A true match for you would look beyond your appearance to give you compliments about your strengths and talents, or your amazing personality. Keep a close eye on what they say to you, as it’ll help you suss out who’s a potential partner and who’s just a hook up.

12. They want to make plans about your future together

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)Do you find your crush making cool plans with you for the future? If so, you may have just found your new partner! These plans don’t need to be big; even just planning to go to a movie or dinner in a couple of weeks’ time shows you that they’re thinking about fun things you can do together as a potential couple. N’aww.

13. They're happy to spend some one-on-one time with you

(Image/ Source: ReadSector)This one’s a no-brainer. If someone’s got the hots for you, then they’ll be keen to spend some alone time with you. No extra friends or family, and no distractions. Just the two of you. And it’s this time that will be the most crucial, as you’ll be able to get to know each other on a much deeper, more meaningful level.

14. They call and text when they say they will

(Image/ Source: Undefined)How many times have you waited for someone to call, and then they just, didn’t? Don’t worry- we’ve all been there! So if someone’s really, genuinely interested in you, they’ll call and text when they say they will. You’ll then know they’re reliable and not wasting your time, which is a very strong start in our book.

15. They're not afraid to make the move

Young People Kiss Passionately in Empty Cinema Hall. Love Couple Kissing by stockbusters on Envato Elements(Image/ Source: many times have you waited for someone to call, and then they just, didn’t? Don’t worry- we’ve all been there! So if someone’s really, genuinely interested in you, they’ll call and text when they say they will. You’ll then know they’re reliable and not wasting your time, which is a very strong start in our book.

16. They take an interest in the things you like

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)If someone is actively taking an interest in the things you like, then keep hold of them! This shows they’re keen to learn more about you, have fun, and broaden their horizons by trying new things. You might find that you can both make suggestions to do these activities together, which will bring you closer than ever.

17. They get a bit nervous around you

(Image/ Source: iFunny)We’re not saying they need to be scared of you- far from it! But a little bit of nervousness shows they like you, a lot. This tends to happen during those early first encounters or dates, when they might end up staring at their own shoes while they try and talk to you. But it’s ok- we all have those awkward moments sometimes!

18. They smile at you a lot

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)Smiling is another common example of human communication. If that special someone is usually smiling in your company, chances are, they’re into you! It’s a way for them to express happiness, comfort, and friendliness towards you in an easy, relaxed way. If you’re smiling straight back at them, there’s definitely a spark.

19. They try and impress you

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)Have you ever had a romantic partner that tries to impress you? Sometimes they might seem like they’re showing off, or trying to make out they’re far more knowledgeable or interested in something than they actually are. It’s a bit lame, but also kinda cute, as they want you to think highly of them!

20. Your bodies touch during conversations

(Image/ Source: Pinterest)If you find that you’re naturally touching each other while you’re chatting together, it’s a sign of great chemistry. Some people are naturally more affectionate than others, so it might feel a bit full on during those early stages of friendship! But if you like them as much as they might like you, it shouldn’t be a problem…