Photos of Priscilla Presley That Elvis Doesn’t Want You To See

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Step right up, music history enthusiasts and curious minds alike! Prepare to embark on a journey through the untold visual tales of the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll's inner sanctum. Yes, you heard it right – the elusive, the enigmatic, the captivating Priscilla Presley, adorned in moments that the King himself might've kept hidden. Today, we unveil a visual treasure trove that brings forth a glimpse of the iconic Priscilla, captured in frames that Elvis might have tucked away from the public eye.

1. An independent woman

Picture this: Graceland, the sprawling abode where the King held court, became not just Elvis's castle but also Priscilla's domain. Amidst the opulence and grandeur, nestled a snippet of autonomy that Priscilla cherished dearly—the freedom found behind the wheel of Elvis's iconic 1968 Cadillac Eldorado.Priscilla Front Seat Carimage source: mimiberlin.comWe're starting this list with one from later in the Presleys relationship. By this point. Priscilla had married Elvis and moved into his palatial house, Graceland. However, she still relished the time she had to herself, and apparently loved driving Elvis' 1968 Cadillac Eldorado, the car in this photograph.Original content sourced from

2. Young love

Let's rewind the clock to a moment frozen in time—an image that encapsulates the innocence and tender youth of Priscilla Presley. Here she stands, a portrait of youthfulness etched in every feature, a testament to the budding years of adolescence.16 Year Old Priscilla Airpotimage source: countryliving.comIn this early photo of Priscilla, the first thing that stands out is how young she looks. And that would be natural, as Priscilla was just 14 years old when she met Elvis at a party in West Germany, where the two both lived for a time. Of course, Elvis was in the US Army, while Priscilla was living with her parents. Two years later, Priscilla was 16 and saying goodbye to Elvis at Frankfurt Airport, which is where this photo was taken.

3. The honeymoon phase

Enter the enchanting world of newlyweds, where love's euphoria knows no bounds, as Priscilla and Elvis Presley basked in the glow of wedded bliss against the backdrop of Palm Springs' allure. Captured in this photograph lies a moment steeped in joy.Engagement Priscilla Presleyimage source: countryliving.comPriscilla and Elvis look so happy in this photo, taken while they were on their honeymoon at a glamorous pad in Palm Springs. However, that happiness wouldn't last for long. While there was cause for celebration in February 1968, when their first child, Lisa Marie, was born, it signalled a big change in their relationship. It makes sense, then, that these photos might be difficult to look back on.

4. A glamorous 60s girl

Picture this: a scene recurring like a timeless ritual, the gates of Graceland standing witness to a daily spectacle. Amongst the throngs of adoring fans congregating in anticipation, Priscilla Presley, an enigmatic figure in her own right.Priscilla Gracelandimage source: mimiberlin.comThere's a whole series of fan photos taken of Priscilla Presley as she left Graceland. And as much as Priscilla admitted that living at Graceland wasn't necessarily comfortable, she would always stop her car and let fans take photos of her on her way to and from her home.

5. Opening Graceland

In this poignant photograph, a significant chapter unfolds in the saga of Graceland, the hallowed ground that witnessed the highs and lows of Elvis Presley's life. Here stands Priscilla Presley, a figure of grace and reverence, poised at the threshold of her and Elvis's once-private sanctuary.Priscilla Graceland Openingimage source: goldfm.lkThis photo comes from much later in Priscilla's life, on the day of the public opening of her's and Elvis' home, Graceland. What Elvis would have thought of his home becoming a public museum, we'll never know. Would he have hated Priscilla getting up and beckoning the hordes of public into his personal space?

6. You may now kiss the bride!

Ah, the splendor of a momentous occasion frozen in time! These exquisite portraits, captured on the sacred grounds of Priscilla and Elvis Presley's wedding day, unveil a tapestry woven with love, adorned with the delicate threads of intimacy and joy.Priscilla Weddingimage source: vogue.comThese beautifully intimate portraits were, you guessed it, taken at Priscilla and Elvis' wedding on May 1st 1967. The moment the bride and groom finally kiss at the ceremony is one to remember, and it's likely that Elvis wanted to keep this pair of photographs to himself - rather than have the whole world see them.

7. Confetti cannon candid

Ah, the allure of candid snapshots, where the glamour fades, and the raw essence of a moment unfurls like an untamed melody! This particular photograph, a clandestine glimpse into the lives of the iconic couple, Priscilla and Elvis Presley, captures a tableau bathed in surprise and intimacy.

Elvis Presley Wedding

image source: countryliving.comIs there anything better than seeing candid photos of your fave celebs? This one is really special, as Priscilla and Elvis are shocked by the endless throwing of confetti and the flash of cameras around them. It even looks almost like Elvis is pulling Priscilla into him to protect her - marking this moment as perhaps more intimate than it appears.

8. Two newlyweds

The honeymoon getaway of Priscilla and Elvis Presley was no ordinary affair! Frank Sinatra, the legendary crooner, indeed lent his private plane to whisk the newlyweds away into the realms of romance and seclusion.Elvis and priscilla private jetimage source: countryliving.comDid you know that Frank Sinatra actually loaned his private plane to Priscilla and Elvis to use for their honeymoon getaway? That's better than a vintage car with some noisy cans, I'd say. The two look as natural as possible in this pic, despite the paparazzi intrusion, and but it's a moment that Elvis probably wanted to keep to himself.

9. The last moments together

In the midst of a burgeoning love story, against the backdrop of West Germany's charm, Priscilla Beaulieu found herself entwined in the magnetic allure of Elvis Presley's world. Their idyllic days, a sanctuary away from the humdrum of everyday life, were punctuated by stolen moments.Elvis and Priscilla Carimage source: elvispresleymusic.comWhile in West Germany, then Priscilla Beaulieu spent as much time as possible with Elvis - even playing hooky from homework to do so. In this image, though, you can see that the reality of a life with Elvis is maybe beginning to kick in, as fans and paparazzi swarm Elvis' car.

10. Being driven apart

In the wake of their daughter's arrival, Lisa Marie Presley's birth marked a monumental juncture in the narrative of Elvis and Priscilla's union. However, amidst the joy of parenthood, a subtle yet profound transformation began to take root—a shift that stretched the seams of their relationship.Priscilla with Daughterimage source: countryliving.comAs we said, the birth of Elvis and Priscilla's daughter Lisa Marie Presley in early 1968 marked a real turning point in the pair's relationship. In her autobiography, Priscilla explained that Elvis began to drift apart: "I [was] beginning to doubt my own sexuality as a woman. My physical and emotional needs were unfulfilled," she wrote. In this photo, that distance is only exemplified.

11. The original celebrity wife

Behind the glamorous façade of being Elvis Presley's beloved lay a narrative veiled in complexities and struggles for Priscilla. While photographs often captured her amidst the spotlight, radiating elegance and poised grace, the reality within the private confines of their relationship was a tapestry woven with uncertainties and clandestine battles.image source: countryliving.comPriscilla found fame specifically for being Elvis' girlfriend, fiancee, and eventual wife. While in photos like this it looks like she relished being the certain of attention, behind closed doors the young woman struggled. Rumors of affairs and forced separations swirled around the two's relationship for years.

12. Vacation in the sun

Ah, the deceptive allure of photographs, frozen fragments that often mask the tumultuous tides swirling beneath the surface. In 1968, amidst the picturesque backdrop of Hawaii's serene landscapes, Elvis and Priscilla Presley embarked on a family vacation.image source: pinterest.comIn 1968, after the birth of their daughter Lisa Marie, Elvis and Priscilla jetted off to Hawaii for a family vacation. With hindsight, we know that by this point the Presley's marriage was certainly strained - but looking at these pictures it's easy to see them as a perfectly committed, loving couple.

13. Lazing in Hawaii

Ah, Hawaii, the enchanting paradise that beckoned the Presleys time and again, weaving a tapestry of cherished family holidays amidst the serenity of the islands. For Elvis and Priscilla, these escapes became a cherished respite.Priscilla and Elvis Holidayimage source: pinterest.comThe Presleys developed a long-lasting love of Hawaii, returning for family holidays in 1969 and 1977. Of course, most of their vacation was spent forgetting about the fact that they were both national (and global) celebrities. Personal photographs like this one, taken presumably by a family or friend, shows the two as a relaxed couple.

14. Bikini pics

Ah, the dichotomy of love's intimacy and the desire for privacy, encapsulated within a single photograph frozen in time. In 1968, amidst the whispers of their private life and the relentless scrutiny of their public personas, Priscilla Presley, at 23, and Elvis Presley, at 33, found themselves ensconced.Priscilla 1968image source: pinterest.comIt's not easy to see why Elvis might not have wanted this picture to see the light of day! In 1968, Priscilla Presley was now 23 years old, while Elvis was 33. The two are clearly loved-up in this photo, with Priscilla showing her incredible post-baby body in a stylish black bikini.

15. The doting husband

The dynamics within Elvis and Priscilla Presley's marriage were multifaceted, veiled in complexities that intertwined moments of commitment with periods of emotional distance. Priscilla's recollection of Elvis's request for time apart while she was seven months pregnant paints a nuanced picture of their relationship.Priscilla Holidayimage source: today.comWas Elvis really the patient, committed husband? Or not? According to Priscilla, back when she was seven months pregnant, he'd requested some time apart from her, saying that they both needed it. Who leaves their pregnant wife? Though he came back after a couple days, more affairs were in the pair's future.

16. Playing with baby

In the echoes of Priscilla Presley's revelation about Elvis's sentiments towards intimacy with women who had children, the complexities of their relationship and the nuances within their private lives surface once more. Despite the challenges hinted at by Priscilla's disclosure, captured moments like the one from their 1969 Hawaii vacation tell a different story.Priscilla Motherimage source: people.comIn 1985, Priscilla revealed, "[Elvis] had mentioned to me before we were married that he had never been able to make love to a woman who had a child." While the birth of Lisa Marie might have affected their bedroom life, in this picture from their 1969 Hawaii vacation, he looks the dedicated dad, looking at his daughter with pure love. Priscilla also looks like a mom natural, and it's likely that Elvis would've wanted to keep this little moment private.

17. Divorced but still best friends

The dissolution of Elvis and Priscilla Presley's marriage in 1973 marked the culmination of a relationship woven with complexities and challenges, yet amidst the finality of their legal separation, an unexpected tableau unfolded—a scene that defied the conventional expectations of a contentious divorce.Priscilla Divorceimage source: countryliving.comElvis and Priscilla's relationship finally led to divorce in October 1973, but - remarkably - the two actually left the court house holding hands. What's up with that? The exes apparently were still very much the doting husband and wife - even if only for their daughter. According to Elvis' friend, the two still called each other every day with news.

18. Kisses for little girl

Amidst the opulent beauty of Graceland's gardens, a serene tableau unfolds—a picturesque snapshot frozen in time, immortalizing an intimate moment that resonates with familial warmth and paternal tenderness. Here, amidst the lush greenery, Elvis Presley, the iconic entertainer, plants a graceful kiss on his daughter's head—a gesture brimming with paternal affection and unspoken love.Presley Family 1973image source: countryliving.comPlaying in the gardens of Elvis' Graceland mansion, these are the picture of a beautiful American family. The intimate moment - with Elvis planting a graceful kiss on his daughter's head - is a beautiful photo, and one that we bet Priscilla and Elvis both valued forever.

19. Escaping the paparazzi

The delicate threads of time often weave poignant narratives, and the photograph capturing Priscilla and her daughter Lisa Marie on their way to the premiere of Raggedy Ann & Andy in 1977 becomes a bittersweet testament to fleeting moments and the inexorable passage of time.Priscilla Drivingimage source: countryliving.comIn 1977, four years after the iconic couple divorced, Priscilla takes her daughter Lisa to the premiere of the new film Raggedy Ann & Andy. You can just about see Lisa Marie hiding in the back seat of the car. This was one of the last photos we have of Priscilla before Elvis' death just a few weeks later.

20. Priscilla's new bf

Navigating life after her divorce from Elvis, Priscilla Presley found companionship in the company of American actor Michael Edwards—a relationship that endured until 1984, a significant chapter in her journey beyond the shadow of her famous ex-husband.Priscilla Second Loveimage source: countryliving.comAfter her divorce from Elvis, Priscilla went back on the market pretty quickly, dating American actor Michael Edwards. The pair were together until 1984, long after Elvis had died, and no picture exemplifies the post-divorce love quite like this one. We can't say exactly, but we doubt Elvis would have wanted to see this plastered all over the papers if he had been alive.

21. Loved up

In this captivating portrait, the veil of stardom fades, revealing the unguarded intimacy between Elvis and Priscilla Presley—a glimpse into their private world where the facade of fame is shed, and the contours of a deeply affectionate relationship come to light.did_priscilla_presley_get_elvis_stuff_when_he_diedimage source: benvaughn.comHere we have another beautiful example of an intimate portrait of young love. Priscilla Presley clings on to her hunk of a husband, with Elvis looking less like a global musical superstar, and more like a regular guy who doesn't want to be parted from his beloved wife.

22. Newlywed drinks

The allure of an intimate moment captured within the confines of a honeymoon haven—a glimpse into the private world of Elvis and Priscilla Presley amidst the splendor of their Palm Springs retreat. This unexpectedly intimate photograph unveils a tableau of coziness and shared affection, nestled within the opulent confines of their honeymoon abode.Priscilla Presley and Elvisimage source: tumblr.comThe two newlyweds cuddle up in the living room of their Palm Springs honeymoon pad in this unexpectedly intimate photo. Who knows who took it? Probably some guest invited to a classic Presley party - remember that Priscilla and Elvis actually met at a house party in West Germany. Maybe the two would reminisce about that meeting as they lounged together in their party pad.

23. Not fond of the paparazzi

We're used to seeing Priscilla beaming, or at the very least looking very comfortable in front of the camera. However, this one-off portrait shows us another side of Elvis' wife - one where she looks decidedly worried, anxious, and unsure of herself.image source: PinterestIt's no wonder, considering that Elvis was supposedly pretty authoritative with her. "He was very opinionated on what he wanted: 'I don't like you in that color. Brown isn't good for you. Green looks horrible. It's a dull color with no spark to it,'" Priscilla once said.

24. The happy parents

We know that Elvis wasn't exactly adjusting to life as a dad very well. First, he wanted to leave Priscilla while she was pregnant with their daughter, then he started having affairs. “He wasn’t faithful, not that he had someone special, but when...priscilla and Lisa Marieimage source: you’re in the entertainment business there is always that and I tried to turn my back to that, but I just didn’t want to share him. Simple as that," Priscilla said later. So while this photo paints them as the perfect family, it's clear they were anything but.

25. Wedding smooches

Ah, the intimacy of a wedding smooch—an eternal moment frozen in time, captured up close and personal in this endearing portrait of the Presleys' union. Unlike the other wedding photographs that encapsulated the grandeur of the ceremony, this close-up shot immortalizes an intimate moment shared between Elvis and Priscilla.Presleysimage source: tumblr.comHere's a very intimate portrait of a cute wedding smooch! This one differs from the Presleys other wedding photos by being shot very close-up, and apparently Priscilla did have to berate the official wedding photographers for getting too close to the pair during the ceremony!

26. Another new love

The complexities of relationships often extend beyond the confines of time and space, weaving a narrative that transcends the realms of the past. Priscilla Presley's dating life in the 1980s, notably her relationship with film producer Marco Garibaldi, became a focal point of public interest—an extension of her life beyond the legacy of Elvis Presley.Priscilla and Marcoimage source: tumblr.comIn the 1980s, Priscilla started dating hot-shot film producer Marco Garibaldi. As Priscilla was now a celebrity in her own right, the news of her getting another bf understandably made news - and we wonder how Elvis would have felt seeing Priscilla with another hunky man after his death.

27. Just a girl

The photograph embodies a poignant reminder of Priscilla Presley's tender age and innocent demeanor when she first crossed paths with Elvis Presley. With her youthful visage, accentuated by a boyish haircut and wide-eyed innocence, Priscilla appears as a quintessential high school girl.Young priscilla presleyimage source: pinterest.comIt's worth remembering that Priscilla was really just a child when she first met Elvis, and this photo really accentuates that. With her boyish haircut and wide eyes, Priscilla looks every bit a high school girl - so it makes sense that her parents weren't exactly happy that she started dating a guy 10 years her senior!

28. Every bit the model

That photo of Priscilla Presley captures a mesmerizing elegance and a hint of the glamour that would define her future career in entertainment. Her striking appearance, adorned in the fashion of the era with her classic '60s hairstyle and a chic low-cut top, exudes a supermodel-like allure—a portrayal of natural beauty and poise.Priscilla Fashionimage source: pinterest.comIn her typical 60s hair and low-cut top, Priscilla Presley looks like a supermodel in this photo. Taken when she was still with Elvis, it actually foreshadows Priscilla's later career as a TV star - she would gain a big part on the show Dallas and do big magazine photoshoots. With her natural good looks, it's no surprise that she made it on her own, but we reckon that Elvis probably wanted to keep this photo to himself.

29. Worried at Graceland

The late 1960s marked a significant juncture in Priscilla Presley's life, as she navigated the complexities of being married to Elvis Presley while adjusting to the splendor and seclusion of life at Graceland. As Elvis's celebrity status soared, Priscilla found herself ensconced in a luxurious yet solitary existence.Priscilla in gracelandimage source: pinterest.comBy the late 1960s, Priscilla was living at Graceland and Elvis had an increasingly busy celebrity schedule, with TV appearances and films. At the time, it definitely would have been lonely for Priscilla at Graceland, who was just adjusting to life as a wife. She said, "I was always ready to greet him at the door and pamper him," she said. "I loved taking care of Elvis very much. I loved tending to him. I loved feeding him."

30. Priscilla's family

Beneath the veneer of fame and glamour, lies the lesser-known narrative of Priscilla Beaulieu—a young woman whose life underwent profound transformations long before she became Mrs. Presley. The poignant photograph of Priscilla with her brother, Don, in 1966 offers a glimpse into her life before the whirlwind romance with Elvis.Priscilla and brotherimage source: pinterest.comIt's so easy to think of Priscilla as just a Presley, but for this final photo we get a glimpse of Priscilla Beaulieu, who had her own family before meeting Elvis. She poses with one of her brothers, Don, in 1966, one year before her wedding to Elvis. Despite her glamorous looks, it's easy to see her as a young girl whose life was changing forever thanks to her relationship with a world-famous star.

31. She met Elvis in Germany at 14 years old

Priscilla's nomadic childhood laid the groundwork for the serendipitous moment that would forever alter the trajectory of her life—an encounter that unfolded against the backdrop of Elvis Presley's arrival in Germany for military service.
image source:
Priscilla spent her childhood moving around a lot - and it's a good job, or she might not have been in Germany at the same time Elvis arrived there for military service. When the singer threw a party at the house he was renting, 14-year-old Priscilla was on the guest list.

32. "I don't think anything could have stopped me from seeing Elvis"

The love story between Priscilla and Elvis was not without its hurdles, and the significant age difference between them posed a challenge, sparking resistance from Priscilla's parents. However, the fervor of Priscilla's determination to be with Elvis transcended the barriers erected by her family's concerns.
image source:
Because of the huge age different, Priscilla had to fight her parents on being allowed to see Elvis - but she wasn't prepared to let anything stop her from meeting up with the handsome singer! She admitted she made everyone miserable until she could get her way.

33. She didn't like other women being around Elvis

The overwhelming adoration and attention directed at Elvis from his legion of devoted fans inevitably cast a shadow of insecurity for Priscilla, especially during the early stages of their relationship. Being thrust into the whirlwind world of Elvis Presley, where adoring crowds and fervent admirers clamored for his attention, prompted a natural sense of unease for the young Priscilla.
image source:
Elvis had legions of adoring fans, most of them young women, so it's no surprise Priscilla was a little on edge! She apparently had trust issues at the very beginning when she was still young - so much so she would try to accompany Elvis to as many places as she could.

34. The newlywed's six-tier cake

Celebrity weddings often come with a hefty price tag, and Elvis and Priscilla Presley's wedding cake was no exception. The extravagance of their six-tiered confection, accompanied by its jaw-dropping cost of $22,000, indeed reflected the opulence and grandeur associated with high-profile nuptials.
image source:
We all know how expensive weddings can get, but you might be shocked to learn their cake cost probably more than a non-celeb wedding would cost in full! The six-tiered cake (that looks delicious) rocked up a bill of $22,000 - and a lot of that might be because the icing was liqueur flavor!

35. Frank Sinatra helped out for their wedding weekend

The generosity of Frank Sinatra in lending his private jet for Elvis and Priscilla's wedding weekend and honeymoon added an extra layer of opulence to their extravagant celebrations. However, behind the façade of luxury, the early days of their marriage were not immune to challenges and complexities.
image source:
The private jet Elvis and Priscilla used for their wedding weekend and honeymoon was actually a rather generous loan from singer Frank Sinatra. Despite their extravagant wedding and honeymoon, problems apparently started early on in the marriage for the pair of them.

36. Their baby was born exactly 9 months after the wedding

The whispers surrounding Elvis Presley and Priscilla's wedding night indeed carried tales of a turbulent prelude to their union. Prior to the birth of their child and the grandeur of their wedding ceremony, speculations arose suggesting Elvis had reservations about tying the knot with Priscilla.
image source:
Talk about a successful wedding night! Before the birth of the child - and their wedding -t there was rumors Elvis didn't want to marry Priscilla at all. Apparently her father pressured him into it by threatening to have him arrested for bringing a minor over state lines without intent to marry!

37. Tom Jones and the pair in Las Vegas

Indeed, Elvis Presley's sphere of influence extended far beyond the realm of music, forging enduring friendships with various celebrities, among them the illustrious Tom Jones. The bond shared between Elvis and Tom Jones transcended mere acquaintanceship.
image source:
Priscilla and Elvis had many famous friends along the way - understandably. Elvis was actually great friends with Tom Jones, and they even went on vacations together. Priscilla and Tom actually remain friends to this day even after Elvis's death, friends since the 60s.

38. So much infidelity!

The complexities within Elvis and Priscilla's marriage unveiled a narrative intertwined with the struggles of infidelity, reflecting a more intricate portrait behind their public persona. Reports suggesting infidelities on both sides hinted at the tumultuous dynamics that shadowed their relationship.
image source:
While Priscilla had been worried about the army of Elvis's female fans, she also wasn't the innocent party when it came to infidelity in the marriage. It's reported that Elvis cheated on his wife - before they were officially married - and that she had an affair with her karate instructor.

39. Priscilla opened up her own store after the divorce

Priscilla Presley's post-divorce endeavors signaled a newfound independence and a departure from the influential dynamics that defined her marriage to Elvis. One significant step towards self-discovery and empowerment was the establishment of her own venture.
image source:
Elvis's marriage was very much about moulding Priscilla into the perfect wife and having influence over what she did. So one thing she did do after they had divorced was something for herself - she opened up her own store, called Bis & Beau Boutique, in Beverly Hills.

40. Priscilla was only 'allowed' her own style in later years

In the early days of Priscilla's marriage to Elvis, the dynamics within their relationship often extended to his influence over her choices, including her wardrobe. Elvis's strong opinions regarding her attire, expressing preferences for certain colors and styles, reflected the influence he exerted.
image source:
When Priscilla had first married Elvis, and still young, he would apparently be very opinionated on what she wore - telling her what colors he liked and what he didn't like. Only when Priscilla got older did she find her own sense of style and tried things she liked.

41. Priscilla had put her own career on hold

The aftermath of Priscilla's divorce from Elvis ushered in a transformative phase in her life, liberating her from the constraints that had previously dictated her career choices. Reports suggesting Elvis's alleged ultimatum, "It's either me or a career, Baby,".
image source:
... Because Elvis had asked her to! Priscilla had put her acting and modelling career on the backburner because Elvis had allegedly said, "It's either me or a career, Baby". He wanted her to be at her beck and call. Here, she's pictured in her home after the divorce - when she finally got to have her career.

42. Elvis gifted Priscilla a horse for Christmas

Priscilla Presley's deep affection for animals, especially horses, burgeoned from a significant event in her life—a gift that transcended a mere present and ignited a lifelong passion. Despite the initial context of the gift, it proved to be a serendipitous choice, leading Priscilla down a path where her love for animals blossomed into a fervent advocacy for their welfare and rights.
image source:
Horses are for life, not just for Christmas, after all! Luckily, the gift wasn't the wrong choice, as Priscilla fell in love with animals - and horses in particular - which led her to advocating for animal rights later in life. She's also worked to ban cruelty against horses.

43. Priscilla took Elvis's fortune after his death

Priscilla Presley's astute management of Elvis's estate after his passing not only safeguarded his legacy but also became a pivotal catalyst in transforming the inheritance she received into a monumental success story.
image source: lifetime
As well as amassing Elvis's fortune after his passing, Priscilla also used what her ex-husband had left to her by opening his former home, Graceland, to the public. It was this that mostly let her change the $1 million she had been left into $100 million in the following years!

44. "His spirit is communicating to me"

For Priscilla Presley, stepping into the hallowed halls of Graceland isn't just a visit; it's a profoundly personal and evocative experience. Each time she crosses the threshold, the mansion transcends its status as a museum—it transforms into a living, breathing memoir.
image source:
Going inside Graceland mansion is a very different experience for Priscilla Presley than it is for the average fan. When she walks through the door, it feels more like home to her - she can apparently still feel Elvis with her, see him walking down the stairs and music from the music room - a walk down memory lane!

45. Her ex wrote a book following their split

The aftermath of Priscilla Presley's relationships often drew attention, with former partners occasionally seeking to capitalize on their shared experiences. When her relationship with actor Michael Edwards came to an end, he chose to leverage their past connection by penning a book titled "Priscilla, Elvis & Me."
image source: fire island pines historical preservation society
Of course, any ex of Priscilla Presley is going to try and make a quick buck off their story after breaking up - and that's exactly what happened when she broke up with actor Michael Edwards. He wrote a book, "Priscilla, Elvis & Me" on a take on Priscilla's, "Elvis and Me".

46. She had her next boyfriend sign an agreement not to write a book!

It's not uncommon for relationships involving public figures to spark interest and generate stories post-breakup, and Priscilla Presley's romantic history was no exception. When her relationship with actor Michael Edwards concluded, he seized the opportunity to share his perspective through a book titled "Priscilla, Elvis & Me."
image source:
And we don't blame her! When Priscilla started dating film producer Michael Garibaldi, she actually made him sign an agreement that he wouldn't write a book about her or their relationship. They actually went on to be together for 22 years! And he didn't write a book, of course.

47. Her acting career took off without Elvis holding it back

Priscilla Presley's cautious approach to her relationships, particularly regarding privacy and personal boundaries, became evident during her courtship with film producer Marco Garibaldi. Reportedly, Priscilla took proactive measures to safeguard their private life.
image source:
When Elvis made Priscilla choose between following her career dreams or being there whenever he needed him, it makes sense that her acting career would take off only after their divorce and his death. It really began kicking off for her with movie roles in the late 80s.

48. Priscilla has a second child with new partner

Priscilla Presley's acting career indeed underwent a notable resurgence post-divorce and following Elvis's passing. The challenges she faced earlier in her marriage, where her personal aspirations were weighed against her commitment to Elvis, shifted after their separation.
image source:
During her 22 year relationship with film producer Michael Garibaldi, Priscilla actually had a second child - a son - with him, in 1987. Here she's pictured with the 3-year-old, Navarone, at the airport. What do you think Elvis would have thought of her having a child with someone else?

49. Her 'Naked Gun' success

It's difficult to definitively speculate on how Elvis Presley might have reacted to Priscilla's decision to have a child with another partner, especially considering the complexities of their relationship and the passage of time. However, it's plausible to suggest that Elvis might have had mixed emotions or reactions.
image source:
A huge part of Priscilla Presley's movie career has of course been the Naked Gun movies. Here she's pictured messing around with policemen in the UK, as well as fellow actor Leslie Nielson. This dance might have been in celebration of the fact it was the third installment!

50. She works hard to keep his legacy going

The "Naked Gun" film series played a pivotal role in Priscilla Presley's movie career, showcasing her comedic talent and cementing her place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Her involvement in the films, particularly the third installment, was a momentous achievement in her acting journey.
image source:
No matter what happened in their marriage or the fact that they divorced, Priscilla has made it clear that there will always be a place in her heart for Elvis. She's worked hard with the Graceland museum to continue his legacy, and that young people can continue to learn about him.