30 Ways Your Pet Shows They Love You

By josh6122 1 year ago

Here Are The Ways Your Dog Shows You Love... They Wag Their Tail When Your Around

Image Source/ RedditIt's a well known fact that if your dogs happy, its tail will wag. However, a dog's tail can communicate for different emotions; for example, if the tail is very tight and is curving under the dog's body the pup is probably scared or upset! They say the more relaxed the tail is, the happier they are!Content originated on femanin.com

They Like To Follow You

Image Source/ BuzzfeedIf you have your own dog you will understand, but when you're trying to do something for example cleaning and your dog is retaking all your steps it can be the most annoying thing in the world! But your dog just loves you too much that they don't ever want to leave your side, it's very cute when you think about it!

They Slobber You With Kisses

Image Source/ PinterestDogs are like humans in some ways, when they love someone they will drown you in kisses until it comes to the point where you look like you have just come out the shower! When dogs are puppies, they lick their mother to tell them they're hungry, this may mean that dogs also give you kisses to get what they want!

They Want To Sleep Next To You

Image Source/ RedditDogs are ancestors from wolves, wolves sleep in packs and cuddle together in the wild. When a dog loves and trusts you, they have the instinct to cuddle with you to protect you while you sleep, and to make them feel comfortable! It is such a cute thing, honestly it warms my heart.

They Will Comfort You When Your Sick

Image Source/ DailyhappydogAs I was saying in the previous point, dogs act as wolves. Dogs have instinct to be there for you when you're at your lowest, in the wild wolves lick their pack's wounds therefor dogs will care for your when you're sick. This instinct shows that the dog loves you and will really do anything for you.

They Like To Play Rough

Image Source/ RedditNow this point is a little strange in a way to show love. Dogs have a natural instinct to play in a rough way (roughhousing) to show they love you, it possibly is to get a full sort of attention of the owner. If your dog does do this to show love, make sure to train them to not take it too far otherwise either your dog or you will end up hurt!

They Like To Jump On You

Image Source/ YoutubeEspecially if you have big dogs, dogs are trained to not jump up on owners for behavioural reasons. On the other hand, dogs jumping up on you is a way to show affection, this is why dogs might jump on you when you first walk into the house or something exciting is happening in the house!

They Will Lean On You

Image Source/ DoggitypostDoes your dog seem to be in the way by leaning on you? Don't be annoyed, your dog is just trying to be affectionate! In a dogs mind leaning on you in any way is a massive sign to show they love you and for asking for attention, they are just asking for a few minutes off attention ( they are double checking they love you back).

They Will Sniff Down There

Image Source/ YoutubeI know, I know it's SO embarrassing when you are in your public and your dog decides to push its nose into your crotch but when dogs do this, they do mean well and are just being friendly! It's a similar thing to when humans shake hands, it's a way to get to know who you are!

They Give You Broken Things

Image Source/ MashableHas your dog ripped up your shoes then given you them as a present? When dogs rip something up and then give it to you thinking you wont be mad, they trust you that you will be able to fix it and that you love them enough that you wont get mad!

They Will Guard You

Image Source/ RedditDogs are known to be protective to the ones they love, even if there is nothing to protect them over. When they guard you, it means they belong your family (pack) and feel the need to protect you at all costs, this is a big sign of affection and love!

They Will Want To Rub Their Face On Yours

Image Source/ DailystarThis is a common sign of love affection by dogs, when dogs do this they are marking your face as theirs and their territory! They also may just want a big cuddle and are asking for a little attention. However, if your dog is rubbing their face on everything you may need to get it checked out incase they have any problems with the skin.

Stare Into Your Eyes

Image Source/ AmazingpandphDo you ever catch your dog just sat and eye-gazing at you, even. when they are using the toilet? Well this is a cute way dogs try to show they love you and is an attempt to bond with you. If they do it often it could mean that they are attached to you 'love at first sight'.

They Will Nose-Nudge You

Image Source/ RedditIf you are just chilling out and your dog scoops under your arm with its nose, it's a sign of affection and attention! It is a way to say "hey,  I like you, let's talk" to the owner when the dog feels reassurance of love. Usually, after your dog nose nudges you, your dog will then lean on you for a cuddle!

They Roll Over

Image Source/ RedditWhen your dog rolls onto its back and shows off its tummy, it shows a massive sign of trust and relaxation! They are telling you that they love you and want to cuddle with you, it is kind of like when they lean on you. They sometimes are also asking for a belly rub as well!

Here Are the Ways Your Cat Shows You Love... Purring At You

Image Source/ PostizePurring is the best known way cats show affection to their owners, especially if they have been stoked/petted. Cats know how to purr from when they are kittens, they purr to their mother when they feel a sense of safeness when they are around her. Cats sometimes do purr when they feel threatened.

Wanting To Be On Your Lap

Image Source/ DailybreakWhen your cat feels like they want to sit on your lap and just snuggle up to you, it means that they enjoy being close to you and feel a sense of safeness around you. However, not a lot of cats enjoy sitting on laps so if yours does it you're lucky!

Kneading You With Their Paws

Image Source/ PinterestKittens learn how to do this to pump more milk into their mouths when being fed by their mother. When grown cats are doing this on your stomach, legs or even just the couch but you're nearby they are trying to show a mother to child type of affection and showing how much this love you.

They Drool In Front Of You

Image Source/ PinterestHave you ever caught your beloved cat sat in front of you drooling? Well this is a way that some cats show that they love you so so much! It's kind of like your cat is mesmerised that they actually are lucky enough to have you, they cant stop themselves from drooling for you!

They Groom You

Image Source/ Newregiion.deviantartThe cat's instinct is the care for each other to show that they have love for you, this is why your cat wants to clean you. Not exactly because you smell and are disgusting! They do this because they believe they will receive the same treatment in the future!

They Actually Listen To You

Image Source/ RedditCats are well known to be VERY independent and to never listen to what they are told to do! When your cat listens to your recall, possibly when they are out on their daily walks, it shows they respect and love you enough that they will actually listen to you.

They Head Bump You

Image Source/ DogscatspetsIf another human casually head bumped you when greeting each other you would be totally terrified. However, when a cat comes up to you when they first see you, it is a way to say "hello, I love you". Head bumping is a big sign of affection by your pet cats!

Expose Their Stomach

Image Source/ Lifewithcats.tvLike dogs, when cats are on their backs they are in the most vulnerable position, meaning it is a huge sign of love and trust! If your cats show their stomach, you must be careful because they may become quite scared due to the fact on how vulnerable they are.

Gifting Prey

Image Source/ CatsaboutCats instinct are the same as wild animals in a way, they believe that hunting for you and gifting a piece of prey is an amazing way to show they love you! Cats believe that catching a mouse or a bird isn't for anyone, they wouldn't do it if they didn't love you, so even though it scares the life out of you when you get a live mouse your cat means well!

An Elevated Butt

Image Source/ YoutubeIf your ever petting your cat and they then lift their bum very high and lift their tail swell, this is a major sign that they love the fact you are giving them attention and that they love you so so much! Cats love to have this area of their bodies scratched, and petted as well!


Image Source/ RedditCats rarely communicate with each other by meowing, they only really speak to humans! Like humans, cats don't meow or talk to humans they don't like however they can't stop. talking to the humans they absolutely love! So if your cat is pestering you with meows just remember, they are saying they love you!

Sleeping ALL Of The Time

Image Source/ RedditDo you feel as if your cat is never awake? Well what if I told you that it's a good thing! When cats feel loved and protected in their own home, they usually sleep to probably around 16 hours, I know right what a dream to live! This is a clear way your cat is appreciating the loving environment it's in!


Image Source/ RedditCats are the opposite to children in ways, when children are rolling on the floor they are usually full of tears and throwing a massive tantrum! However, when cats do it they are happy and excited to see you and is a loving greeting they like to show.

Slowly Blinking

Image Source/ RedditWhen you're in eye contact with your cat and they slowly blink, this is known as the 'cat kiss' this is a massive sign of love and trust! It is a peaceful way a cat get get across its loving and affectionate feelings with its owner without having to drag a mouse or a bird in!

Putting Their Butt In Your Face

Image Source/ PinterestA cats way in showing that they truly trust you is shoving their beloved butt in your face, lovely! This is because they feel loved by you meaning they are massively comfortable around you, a cat will never let an unknown thing or person be behind it!