Nail Polish Remover Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Unleash the magic potion that can make nail polish disappear faster than a magician's rabbit in a hat – we're talking about nail polish remover! But hold on to your nail files, because we're not just here to remove polish; we're here to unveil a world of nail polish remover hacks that will transform your beauty routine from 'blah' to 'ta-da!' Get ready to witness the incredible feats of this underestimated elixir as we dive into the dazzling realm of nail polish remover wizardry.

1. Removing Tea and Coffee Stains

Okay, hold onto your coffee mugs, because here's a game-changer you won't see coming – nail polish remover doubles as a stain-erasing superhero for those stubborn tea and coffee marks on your favourite mugs! All you gotta do is grab a trusty cotton ball, give it a little dip in the nail polish remover, and let the magic begin.Image Source/ PiPa NewsBut hey, the magic doesn't stop there. Brace yourself for the ceramic bowl revival! Yes, you heard it here – that same nail polish remover trick can kick those stubborn stains off your favorite cereal or soup bowls too. Who knew a beauty staple could moonlight as a kitchen superhero?Original content sourced from

2. Make Correction Fluids Last

Oh, the struggle is real with those Write-Out and Liquid Paper bottles turning into a gluey mess on your desk. I mean, who hasn't been there, right? It's like they're having a secret party when you're not looking, and suddenly you've got a gunky blob instead of smooth correction magic.Image Source/ AdweekBut fear not, my friend, because here's a genius hack that involves our trusty nail polish. Yup, the same stuff that makes your nails pop can also come to the rescue of your correction fluid conundrum. Just grab that bottle of nail polish, channel your inner scientist, and drop a couple of magic drops into the gunked-up mess.

3. Cleaning Keyboards

The unsung heroes of our daily chaos. I mean, who can resist the allure of sipping iced lattes, snacking on hot Cheetos, and accidentally giving your keyboard a front-row seat to your impromptu makeup tutorial via webcam? It's a battlefield out there for those poor keys!Image Source/ TODAYSwipe away the remnants of your latte mishaps, the orange Cheeto fingerprints, and the makeup confetti you've unintentionally sprinkled across your keyboard. It's like giving your loyal typing companion a spa day. Who knew nail polish could be the superhero that saves the day for our tech sidekicks?

4. Removing Permanent Marker Marks

Ah, the classic "my kids found a permanent marker" saga – it's like every parent's rite of passage. You turn your back for a second, and suddenly, Picasso has decided that the living room wall is their canvas. But fear not, fellow parent warrior, because we've got a secret weapon up our sleeves.Image Source/ Reader's DigestEnter stage left: nail polish remover. Yeah, that's right – that trusty bottle that usually sits in your beauty cabinet is about to become your stain-fighting sidekick. Grab a cotton pad, pour a bit of that acetone goodness on it, and get ready to work some magic.

5. Removing Niggly Stickers

The eternal struggle with those sticky labels – they're like the clingy exes of the retail world. You try peeling them off, but they're like, "Nope, I'm here to stay!" And don't even get me started on the frustration of endless nail scratching, only to be left feeling like you've lost the battle.Image Source/ Getty ImagesBut hey, enter the unsung hero of label warfare – nail polish remover! Who would've thought that the solution to these sticky nightmares was sitting right there in your beauty arsenal? Grab a bit of that magic potion, apply it to the label battleground, and watch those pesky stickers wave the white flag.

6. Making Leather Shoes Shine

Buckle up, shoe enthusiasts, because we're about to dive into the world of leather shoe transformation! Ever looked at your favorite pair and thought, "Man, you could use a little extra oomph in the shine department"? Well, get ready to turn those dull kicks into a glossy masterpiece.Image Source/ YoutubeGrab a soft cloth or a cotton ball, sprinkle a bit of that nail polish remover magic on it, and give your shoes a gentle rubdown. Watch as the remover works its charm, wiping away scuffs and bringing your leather beauties back to life. It's like a spa day for your shoes, but without the fancy cucumber water.

7. Unsticking Super-Glue

Let's talk about the sticky situation that is super glue – the supposed superhero of adhesives that ends up being more like a mischievous villain. I mean, who hasn't fallen victim to the overzealous application that results in glue on everything except where it's supposed to be?Image Source/ Family HandymanBut fear not, my friends, because here comes the cavalry in the form of nail polish remover. Yes, that magical elixir in the fancy little bottle is about to perform a superhero-level rescue mission. Dab a bit on the glued-up areas, give it a moment to work its magic, and prepare to witness the great unstickening.

8. Smoothing Out Scratches in Plastic

Gather 'round because we're about to spill the tea on turning your tired, scratched-up timepiece into a shiny, smooth superstar. If your watch is looking like it's been through a battlefield of tiny cracks and scratches, fear not – the secret weapon in this watch makeover is none other than nail polish.Image Source/ Thrifty FunNow, I know it sounds like a beauty-meets-tech experiment, but trust me on this. Just a few drops of that nail polish goodness, thanks to the magic of acetone, can work wonders on those blemishes. So, channel your inner watch whisperer, grab a tiny amount of nail polish, and let the acetone do its thing.

9. Sanitizing Metal Objects

Here's a nifty little nugget of wisdom for you – turns out, your nail polish remover isn't just for dazzling digits. Oh no, it's got some superhero skills in the sanitization game too! Picture this: your trusty tweezers, loyal razor, and other metal sidekicks that see their fair share of action.Image Source/ The TelegraphBut fear not, because in strolls our hero, the nail polish remover. Armed with a cotton swab, you've got yourself a makeshift sanitization duo that's ready to kick germs to the curb. Swipe a bit of that acetone-loaded magic on your metal warriors, and watch the germs surrender like it's a cleanliness showdown.

10. Removing Ink Stains

Oh, the classic pen explosion debacle – because, you know, pens have this secret mission to redecorate our lives with ink at the most inconvenient times. And that stain? It's like a stubborn artist who refuses to leave the canvas of your clothes.Image Source/ YoutubeBut fear not, my friends, because the hero of the hour is none other than your trusty nail polish remover! Picture this: pen ink everywhere, and you're wondering if your favorite shirt is now a permanent art installation. Cue the dramatic music as you reach for that bottle of acetone magic.

11. Keeping Tiles Clean

Who would've thought, right? Grab a sponge, soak it in a bit of that acetone wonder, add a dash of soapy water for good measure, and brace yourself for a cleaning revelation. It's like your tiles just woke up from a deep slumber and decided to sparkle.Image Source/ The SpruceGive those tiles a good, hard scrub, and watch the grime surrender like it's waving the white flag. It's the kind of clean that makes you want to throw a sparkling floor party – because why not celebrate the victory over stubborn stains? So, the next time your tiles are staging a resistance against the mop, remember: a splash of nail polish remover can turn you from a cleaning warrior into a victorious conqueror of sparkling tiles.

12. Removing Marks From Walls

Oh, the joys of parenting – where your once pristine walls become the canvas for your little Picasso's masterpieces. Permanent markers, crayons, felt tips – you name it, they'll find it, and suddenly your living room looks like a modern art exhibit gone rogue.Image Source/ MAIN Cleaning SolutionsGrab a cotton ball, dip it in some nail polish remover, and go to town on those tiny works of art. It's like you're the superhero saving the walls from a colorful invasion. Watch as the marker marks surrender, the crayon creations fade away, and the felt-tip fantasies vanish.

13. Cleaning Crockery

Have you gone to get out your finest crockery and realised that it is covered in stains? There's no way your friends can see this. Add some nail polish remover to a soft cloth and give the crockery a good rub, it will come up good as new and perfect for your guests.Image Source/ Melamine DinnerwareWatch as those stains go from party crashers to non-existent. It's like your plates just went through a spa day, minus the cucumber slices and soft music. Suddenly, you've got dinnerware that's not only spotless but ready to steal the spotlight at your gathering.

14. Removing Leeches

Not that this happens often, but nail polish remover is actually really good at getting rid of leeches. Instead of running off screaming trying to yank it off you, add a few drops of nail polish remover as soon as possible and the leech will peel right off your skin.Image Source/ American Outdoor GuideWatch in awe as the leech decides it's had enough of your nail polish party and peels right off. It's like you just pulled off a leech Houdini escape without the panic and yanking. Crisis averted, and you've earned yourself a badge in leech removal mastery.

15. Removing Paint From Windows

Have you ever been giving your lounge a good spruce up with a lick of paint and accidentally got the paint on your windows? Well, if that's you, try dabbing at the paint stains with drops of nail polish remover, before wiping it all off with a wet cloth.Image Source/ Fantastic Cleaners BlogIt's like watching a disappearing act, but for paint smudges. The acetone in the nail polish remover is your secret weapon. Then, grab a wet cloth, wipe away the evidence, and voilà! Your windows are back to being crystal clear, and you can resume your painting spree without worrying about turning your lounge into an abstract art installation.

16. Removing Melted Plastic

we've all been there, right? Accidentally turning your toaster or kettle into a plastic-melting crime scene. It's like a kitchen drama unfolding when all you wanted was a simple meal or a cup of tea. Now, let's be clear – safety first! Make sure that appliance is as cool as a cucumber before you even think about attempting this rescue mission.Image Source/ RedditOnce it's safe to proceed, grab that trusty nail polish remover, like you're preparing for a kitchen spa day. Dab a bit on a cloth and start working your magic on the plastic remnants. It's like a gentle caress that says, "You don't belong here, plastic." Watch as the melted mishap fades away, leaving your appliances looking as good as new.

17. Removing Stains From Bathtub

If you've had a bathtub a while you might've noticed a stains of soap and scum that won't scrub away. If this is your case, mix nail polish remover with a little bit of water and scrub using a stiff brush. The stains should life up relatively well!Image Source/ PinterestWatch as the stains reluctantly surrender, giving up their soap scum kingdom. It's like a clean revolution in your bathroom, and your bathtub is ready to shine like it's auditioning for a spa commercial. So, the next time you're locked in mortal combat with soap scum, remember: nail polish remover is the unexpected ally that turns the tide in your favor. Scrub on, my cleanliness crusader!

18. Make Polish Last Longer

Alright, nail polish enthusiasts, gather 'round for a game-changing nail hack. You know that heartbreaking moment when your favorite polish starts looking like it's on its last leg, all dried up and chunky? Well, here's the plot twist – enter your trusty nail polish remover to the rescue!Image Source/ Hannah Rox ItIt's like a superhero saving your beloved polish from the brink of the dried-up abyss. Just a drop of nail polish remover into the bottle, a little shake-shake dance, and bam! Your polish is resurrected, ready to grace your nails with its vibrant glory once more.

19. Sanitizing Barber Tools

Fellow hair wizards and scissor sorcerers, gather 'round because I've got a game-changer for your toolkit. You know that constant struggle of keeping your blades, scissors, and all the magical utensils pristine between each client? Well, enter the unsung hero of the barber world – nail polish remover!Image Source/ DissolveIt's like the secret sauce that keeps your tools sparkling clean, and the best part? It won't break the bank. Cheap, efficient, and safe – it's like the holy trinity of barber hygiene. Just a dab on a cloth or cotton ball, a quick wipe-down, and you're ready to weave your hair magic on the next client.

20. Cleaning Sneakers

Picture this: your once pristine sneakers have fallen victim to mysterious stains, and you're on the verge of a footwear crisis. Enter acetone, the unsung hero of sneaker salvation. Grab a kitchen towel, channel your inner sneaker surgeon, and get ready to perform some sneaker CPR.Image Source/ The New York TimesDab a bit of that nail polish remover on the towel and scrub away at those stubborn stains. Watch as the stains reluctantly bid farewell, leaving your white kicks looking as fresh as the day you unboxed them.So, the next time your sneakers are facing a stain apocalypse, remember: nail polish remover is the secret weapon that brings them back to life.

21. Remove Permanent Marker from Skin

Let's talk about the oh-so-common struggle of accidentally turning your hand into a canvas for permanent marker art. It's like the marker's way of saying, "I'm here to stay, buddy." But fear not, because the superhero in this situation is none other than our trusty friend – nail polish remover.Image source/ ingeniovirtualSo, you've got a mini masterpiece on your skin, and you're contemplating a life with a doodled hand. Hold up! Grab a cloth, dip it into the liquid gold that is nail polish remover, and get ready for a marker wipeout. It's like you're erasing yesterday's creative endeavor, but on your skin.

22. Get Superglue Off Your Skin

h, the perils of DIY adventures – and suddenly, you've turned your fingers into a superglue sculpture. It's like you accidentally dipped your hands in cement instead of grabbing the glue. But fear not, because the secret weapon against superglue tyranny is none other than good ol' acetone.So, you're stuck with crusty, rock-hard superglue on your skin, and you're contemplating a life with finger armor. Hold the fort! Grab some acetone, give it a moment to work its magic, and watch as that stubborn superglue softens up. After a minute or two, it's like the glue has decided to throw in the towel and make your skin its easy-clean exit.

23. Remove Peeling Lacquer from Brass and Copper

Ah, the aging dance of brass and copper – that moment when your once-gleaming ornament or lamp starts playing peekaboo with the lacquer, deciding it's time to shed its shiny exterior. But worry not, my friend, because we've got the backstage pass to restoration fame: nail varnish remover.Image source/ ecolinkSo, your cherished brass beauty is showing signs of lacquer rebellion, and you're contemplating a shiny goodbye. Hold on! Enter the unsung hero – nail varnish remover. Coat that lacquer with a layer of this magic elixir, and watch as it decides to peel away like it's done with its glossy stint.

24. Keep Your White Laptop/Phone Looking White

The glamorous life of white appliances – they look chic until they decide to throw a yellowish tantrum and play host to every mark and stain in the vicinity. But fear not, my friend, because in walks the superhero of appliance cleanliness – acetone.Image source/ lifepersonaSo, your once pristine white wonderland is now a canvas of stains, and you're contemplating a monochrome makeover. Hold up! Grab a cloth, soak it in acetone, and get ready for a cleaning spectacle. It's like you're giving your appliances a spa day with a side of disinfection.

25. Remove Oil Based Paint From Clothes

o, your spill has become a permanent art installation, and you're considering redecorating the entire room just to cope. Hold on! Pour some acetone on that stubborn paint stain and let it soak. It's like you're giving the paint a timeout, forcing it to reconsider its life choices.Image source/ homedepotAfter a good soaking session, grab a scourer and prepare for the scrubbing Olympics. Watch as the paint decides it's had enough of its clingy relationship with your surfaces and starts to lift. It's like a vanishing act for paint stains. Next time your DIY project takes an unexpected turn into paint spill territory, remember: acetone is the Houdini that makes those oil-based paint stains disappear.

26. Clean Up Hair Straighteners

They work their magic on our locks, but over time, they decide to collect a bit of gunk, courtesy of our styling products. Fear not, because we've got the secret sauce for bringing those straighteners back to their shiny glory – nail polish remover.Image source/ hairfinderSo, your once sleek straighteners are feeling a bit gunky, and you're contemplating a hair tool makeover. Hold up! Grab a paper towel, splash a bit of nail polish remover on it, and get ready for some hair straightener rehab. It's like a spa day for your styling sidekick.

27. Restore Laminate Floors

the trials and tribulations of laminate floors – they look fabulous until they decide to become a magnet for stubborn stains that refuse to budge. But don't despair, my friend, because we've got a laminate floor rescue mission, and it involves our trusty sidekick, acetone.Image source/ LLflooringSo, your once pristine laminate floors are now staging a rebellion against cleanliness, and you're contemplating a floor makeover. Hold up! Mix a bit of acetone (about 1/3 of the superhero mixture) into your mop bucket, along with water and soap, and get ready to transform your floors.

28. Sanitise Beauty Tools

Let's talk about the unsung heroes of our grooming arsenal – tweezers and scissors. These trusty tools go on a world tour, touching multiple body parts, maybe even making guest appearances with family and friends. Now, if you're thinking, "Hmm, maybe they need a spa day," you're onto something!Image source/ TheHoneycombersEnter the hygiene savior – nail polish remover. Yep, that little bottle of magic isn't just for nails. Grab a cloth, dab on some acetone goodness, and give your tweezers and scissors a thorough wipe-down. It's like a disinfecting party for your grooming squad.

29. Clean Up Grout

Ah, the grout struggle – it's like no matter how hard you scrub those tiles, the grouting just refuses to let go of its dirt collection. your once pristine tiles are now overshadowed by grout that's playing hard to clean, and you're contemplating a tile intervention.Image source/ YouTubeHold up! Grab an old toothbrush, dip it into the acetone l and get ready to tackle that grout. Watch as the acetone works its magic, dissolving the dirt and leaving your grout looking as clean as the day it met your tiles. It's like a precision strike against grime, and that toothbrush is your secret weapon.

30. Get Rid Of Frozen Ice On Windows

h, the morning rush struggle – you're running late, and of course, your car window has decided to pull a Frozen on you. But fear not, because we've got a quick and frosty solution that doesn't involve waiting around for a winter miracle.Image source/ apartmenttherapySo, your window is playing hard to defrost, and you're contemplating a not-so-grand entrance to your day. Hold up! Mix a bit of acetone with water, grab a cloth, and get ready for an ice-be-gone extravaganza. Wipe that concoction on your icy window, and watch as the frost surrenders, making way for your clear view and a speedy getaway.

31. Remove Dried Paint From Brushes

Oh, the classic case of the forgotten paintbrush – it's like they turn into art installations of their own, rock solid and totally uncooperative. But fret not, because we've got a paintbrush revival hack that involves our trusty friend, acetone.Image source/ grateletSo, you've accidentally turned your paintbrush into a modern sculpture, and you're contemplating a eulogy for its creative days. Hold up! Grab a little pot, fill it with acetone, and give that paintbrush a spa day. Let it soak in the acetone goodness for about an hour, and watch as the paint decides it's time to part ways with your beloved brush.

32. Remove Scuff Marks From Skirting Boards

They endure the chaos of children on a sugar high, the occasional pet rebellion, and let's not forget the dance of people's shoes. It's no wonder they end up wearing some battle scars in the form of scuff marks. But fear not, because we've got the skirting board savior on the scene – acetone.Image source/ skirting worldGive those scuff marks a good scrub, and watch as the acetone works its magic, turning your skirting boards from worn-out warriors to pretty much new again. It's like a makeover for the unsung heroes of your home. You might as well give them a clean!

33. Remove Dirt From Crockery Cracks

The subtle signs of aging on your beloved crockery – those little hairline fractures that seem to collect more dirt than the rest of the family combined. But worry not, because we've got the solution, and it involves the magic touch of acetone.Image source/ Cooking stack exchangeAfter a bit of soaking, grab a little brush and give those fractures a scrub. Watch as the dirt decides it's had enough of the crack party and bids farewell. It's like turning back the clock on your crockery, making it look fresh and ready for its next culinary adventure.

34. Clean Red Wine Stains

So, you've accidentally turned your cream carpet into a canvas for a red wine masterpiece, and panic is setting in. Hold up! Grab some acetone, pour it right on the stain like you're performing a stain exorcism, and get ready to witness some magic.Image source/ Thrifty stainsAfter the acetone intervention, grab a cloth, add a bit of soap to the mix, and start scrubbing away. Watch as that stubborn red wine stain decides it's no match for your stain-fighting prowess. It's like a cleanup miracle, turning the stain that once struck fear into just a distant memory.

35. Remove Rust

Ah, the inevitable march of rust – turning our once shiny things into artifacts from the rusty ages. But wait, before you consider a eulogy for your belongings, there's a secret weapon in your arsenal – nail polish remover. Don't let them your treasures die!Image source/ ecolinkSo, your prized possession is showing signs of rust, and you're contemplating a farewell ceremony. Hold up! Pour some nail polish remover on the rusty scene, let it soak for a couple of minutes, and get ready for a rust showdown. Armed with a cleaner, be it a scourer or another rust-busting tool, start scrubbing away.

35. Remove Tie Dye

The colorful chaos of DIY tie-dye – turning your home into a vibrant canvas but leaving a trail of tie-dye mayhem. So, your home looks like a tie-dye explosion, and you're contemplating embracing the psychedelic aesthetic. Hold up! Grab some acetone, the unsung hero of DIY mishaps, and get ready for a tie-dye cleanup party.Image Source/ Sarah MakerDab a little acetone on those colorful stains, and watch as the tie-dye decides it's time to pack its bags and leave. It's like a magic eraser for your accidental tie-dye escapades, turning the mess into a distant memory. Next time, remember that this is the way to go!

36. Create Tie Dye Nails

So, you've just learned the magic of acetone in cleaning up tie-dye, and now you're thinking, "Hey, what if I could use this acetone wizardry for some tie-dye nail art?" Hold up! Paint your nails with your favorite color, drop a tiny amount of acetone on there, and get ready for some tie-dye nail magic.Image Source/ CleomakeupWatch as the acetone dances with the nail polish, creating swirls and patterns that scream tie-dye chic. It's like turning your nails into a mini tie-dye masterpiece, without the mess of DIY tie-dye gone wild. You might be the talk of the town with those fancy nails.

37. Degreaser

Grease really is the arch nemesis of clean surfaces right? It's like the stain that laughs in the face of regular cleaning substances. So, you've got a greasy situation on your hands, and the usual cleaning suspects are cowering in fear.Image Source/ WikiDab that acetone-soaked cloth on the grease, and watch as it goes to work like a superhero with a mission. It's like the grease sees acetone coming and decides to make a hasty retreat, leaving your surfaces clean and victorious. Grease won't be bothering you anymore.

38. Cold Sore

Okay, let's get one thing straight – putting acetone on your face is like inviting trouble to dinner. It's a big no-no and definitely not a beauty hack you want to experiment with. Seriously, don't try this at home! It probably isn't worth the risk.Image Source/ NHSNow, the wild world of the internet might have some folks claiming that a teeny-tiny bit of acetone on a cold sore is some kind of miracle cure. But let's be real – playing chemist with your face is a risky game, and we don't recommend it. Even if there is anecdotal evidence.

39. Shrink Pimples

Let's reiterate for emphasis – playing chemist with acetone and your delicate skin is like inviting trouble to a party you didn't sign up for. We're definitely not encouraging this, and it's not a beauty hack we want you to try. Just to be careful at least.Image Source/ Medical News TodayHowever, in the vast and sometimes questionable landscape of skincare anecdotes, there are whispers about people dabbing the tiniest, nearly microscopic amount of acetone on the most stubborn spots. But seriously, folks, let's not turn skincare into a risky experiment.

40. Clean Machinery

We're not talking about big industrial gadgets but the household heroes like irons, sewing machines, and good ol' vacuum cleaners. So, if your trusty tools are looking a bit worse for wear, but acetone might just have the perfect touch that other items might not.Image Source/ Business InsiderIt's like a facelift for your household machinery – no need for heavy-duty cleaning products, just a bit of acetone and some elbow grease. So, if you want your iron, sewing machine, or hoover to look brand-spanking-new, dab on that acetone and let the cleaning party begin!

41. Clean Glass

The struggle of stubborn stains on glass – it's like they've taken up permanent residency, and you're contemplating starting a petition for their eviction. But hold on, because we've got the glass-cleaning superhero in the form of nail varnish remover.Image Source/ STOBAG blogSo, your glass is playing host to stains that refuse to budge, and you've tried everything short of a magic wand. Hold up! Grab some nail varnish remover, and get ready for a glass-cleaning spectacle. Apply a bit of that remover to the stubborn marks, and watch as they decide it's time to pack their bags and leave.

42. Dissolves Styrofoam

Ah, Styrofoam – the clingy confetti of the packaging world. It's like the glitter that never leaves, clinging to everything it touches. But fear not, because we've got the Styrofoam disappearing act, and it involves the magic of acetone.Image Source/ YouTubeSo, you've got Styrofoam making itself at home on every surface, and you're considering declaring your space a Styrofoam sanctuary. Hold up! Dip that pesky Styrofoam in a bit of acetone, and watch as it pulls a Houdini and melts away.Now, how useful is this Styrofoam disappearing trick? We're not entirely sure, but who knows when the day might come when you need to make Styrofoam vanish into thin air?

43. Used In Pharmaceuticals

Absolutely, let's take a dive into the fascinating world of acetone beyond the realms of DIY hacks. Did you know that acetone isn't just a household wizard but also has a starring role in the pharmaceutical process? Picture this: the birth of a tablet, and acetone is there playing a key role.Image Source/ Laboratory MarginsIn the pharmaceutical world, acetone takes center stage as a popular solvent during the drying and tablet creation process. It's like the behind-the-scenes hero, making sure those tiny pills come out just right. It's intriguing to discover its versatile role in the pharmaceutical realm.

44. Remove Silly Putty

So, you've got silly putty staging a sticky rebellion, and you're contemplating declaring a silly putty disaster zone. Hold up! Pour a little acetone directly on that sticky situation, grab a scraper, and get ready for some magic. It's truly annoying stuff!Image Source/ KidsDiscoverAnd here's a bonus round – acetone isn't just the silly putty superhero. It works its magic on similar troublemakers, like playdough. So, the next time playtime gets a little too sticky, remember: acetone is the cleanup champion. Pour on, scrape on!

45. Clean Oil

the infamous oil spill – it's like the stain that refuses to budge, and you've tried everything short of hiring a stain whisperer. But before you consider declaring defeat and tossing it out, bring our old friend acetone back in to the equation again!Image Source/ DiatamaceousEarthGrab a cloth, generously apply some acetone over the crime scene, and get ready for some stain-fighting magic. It's like a superhero swooping in to save the day, rescuing your item from the clutches of the dreaded oil spill. No more oil spills will trouble you again!