Nail Polish Remover Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

By Nick Hadji 6 months ago

1. Removing Tea and Coffee Stains

Image Source/ PiPa NewsYou won't believe that nail polish remover can actually be used for removing tea and coffee stains on mugs. All you need to do is wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover and swipe it over the stains until they're gone. It can even work on ceramic bowls too.Original content sourced from

2. Make Correction Fluids Last

Image Source/ AdweekHave you ever left Write-Out and Liquid Paper on your desk after being open, and then the bottle goes all gunked up and you can barely use it? Well, just add a couple drops of nail polish into your correction fluid and it will wipe all of them clumps out.

3. Cleaning Keyboards

Image Source/ TODAYWe all know how dirty keyboards can get. Between spilling iced lattes, eating endless bags of hot Cheetos, or preparing makeup using the webcam camera, keyboards really go through it. But the cleaning can be terrible. Try using a bit of nail polish on a cottons wab and your keyboard will be good as new.

4. Removing Permanent Marker Marks

Image Source/ Reader's DigestIf your children have gotten their hands on a permanent marker then you know how they let loose on anything they can see. Well, we've got a trick for you. To get rid of these nasty stains, use some nail polish remover on a cotton pad. The acetone will wipe it straight away.

5. Removing Niggly Stickers

Image Source/ Getty ImagesEverybody knows that sticky labels, like price tags and promo labels, can be really awful to get away. After scratching endlessly with your nail, you can be left defeated. Well, not know. Use some nail polish remover on these tough nuts and they will come right off.

6. Making Leather Shoes Shine

Image Source/ YoutubeEverybody knows that sticky labels, like price tags and promo labels, can be really awful to get away. After scratching endlessly with your nail, you can be left defeated. Well, not know. Use some nail polish remover on these tough nuts and they will come right off.

7. Unsticking Super-glue

Image Source/ Family HandymanSuper-glue, especially the really tough kind, can be an absolute pain to use. As well as getting it all over the thing you're gluing, it can also end up on hands, clothes, face etc. Well, if that's the case, a bit of nail polish remover should do the trick in unsticking the glue.

8. Smoothing Out Scratches in Plastic

Image Source/ Thrifty FunDoes your watch have lots of tiny cracks and scratches? Well, if that's the case, try using a few drops of nail polish on it. The acetone will break them down and give a smooth appearance. Be careful not to use too much, otherwise you can ruin the watch.

9. Sanitizing Metal Objects

Image Source/ The TelegraphDid you know that nail polish remover can actually be pretty good at sanitizing commonly used metal objects at home. If needed, you can sanitise tweezers, razors and other metal objects, just by using nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Handy if sharing!

10. Removing Ink Stains

Image Source/ YoutubeHave you ever had a pen leak all over yourself and your clothes? If you have, you probably also realised that that stain was difficult to come out. Well, if it ever happens again, think about soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover and wiping off the stains.

11. Keeping Tiles Clean

Image Source/ The SpruceDo you really struggle in getting your tiles sparkly clean by just using a mop? Well, maybe you should reconsider your cleaning procedures. Try adding some nail polish remover to a sponge and soapy water and give your tiles a good hard scrub. They will come up clean!

12. Removing Marks From Walls

Image Source/ MAIN Cleaning SolutionsKids can be nightmares, and one of the nightmares that they cause is getting marks all over walls. Whether that be with permanent marker, crayon, felt tip, kids will get their hands on it and make sure your walls are covered. Just try using some nail polish remover on those pieces of art.

13. Cleaning Crockery

Image Source/ Melamine DinnerwareHave you gone to get out your finest crockery and realised that it is covered in stains? There's no way your friends can see this. Add some nail polish remover to a soft cloth and give the crockery a good rub, it will come up good as new and perfect for your guests.

14. Removing Leeches

Image Source/ American Outdoor GuideNot that this happens often, but nail polish remover is actually really good at getting rid of leeches. Instead of running off screaming trying to yank it off you, add a few drops of nail polish remover as soon as possible and the leech will peel right off your skin.

15. Removing Paint From Windows

Image Source/ Fantastic Cleaners BlogHave you ever been giving your lounge a good spruce up with a lick of paint and accidentally got the paint on your windows? Well, if that's you, try dabbing at the paint stains with drops of nail polish remover, before wiping it all off with a wet cloth.

16. Removing Melted Plastic

Image Source/ RedditIf you've ever accidentally melted some plastic onto your kitchen appliances (toaster, kettle), try using some nail polish remover to get rid of the remnants of the plastic. Of course, only try this once the appliance has cooled down and it is safe to do so!

17. Removing Stains From Bathtub

Image Source/ PinterestIf you've had a bathtub a while you might've noticed a stains of soap and scum that won't scrub away. If this is your case, mix nail polish remover with a little bit of water and scrub using a stiff brush. The stains should life up relatively well!

18. Make Polish Last Longer

Image Source/ Hannah Rox ItBelieve it or not, nail polish remover has something else to do with nail polish that's not just removing it from your nails. When your polish starts to go dried up or chunky, pour a drop of nail polish remover into your polish, shake and your polish should be good as new.

19. Sanitizing Barber Tools

Image Source/ DissolveHappen to be a barber or hairdresser? Well you might want to invest in some nail polish remover. It's a great way to keep your blades, scissors and utensils clean between each customer. It's cheap, efficient and safe to use. What's not to like about it?

20. Cleaning Sneakers

Image Source/ The New York TimesHave you got white sneakers that are in desperate need of a good clean? Well, if you're struggling to get some of those darn stains out, try using nail polish remover on them to get them looking as new and as fresh as possible. Just add the acetone to a kitchen towel and scrub away.

21. Remove Permanent Marker from Skin

Image source/ ingeniovirtualIf you've unfortunately managed to get permanent marker on your skin you'll find that (hence the name) it will not budge easily. But, you can do it with nail polish remover. Just dap a cloth into the liquid and wipe the marker away, rinsing the skin thoroughly.

22. Get Superglue Off Your Skin

When you've been doing some DIY you may end up with superglue on your skin making it go crusty and hard and very difficult to remove. Take some acetone and dab it on the superglue and it should then be after a minute or two be easy to clean it away.

23. Remove Peeling Lacquer from Brass and Copper

Image source/ ecolinkIf you have a brass or copper ornament, or a lamp for example after some years the lacquer may start to peel it away. To restore it you'll want to remove the lacquer completely. You can do this by coating a layer or nail varnish remover, which will help it peel away and remove it all.

24. Keep Your White Laptop/Phone Looking White

Image source/ lifepersonaWhite appliances look chic, but not when they're stained. White very easily discolours to a yellowish tinge and manages to attract marks and stains easily. Cleaning with acetone on a cloth will wipe away any stains and it will disinfect it at the same time leaving it looking smart and clean again and also germ free.

25. Remove Oil Based Paint From Clothes

Image source/ homedepotIf you've ever spilled oil based paint you'll understand the struggle in removing it. In fact more times than not it will remain there forever. But try this hack and leave some acetone soaking on it. It should lift the paint. Once it has been soaking for a while take a scourer and scrub at the stain.

26. Clean Up Hair Straighteners

Image source/ hairfinderIt's easy for hair straighteners to get a bit gunky, especially from products on our hair sitting on the blades. It's really easy to clean them up and restore them like new with a bit nail polish remover on a paper towel. Then they'll be nice and clean again for the next time you style your hair.

27. Restore Laminate Floors

Image source/ LLflooringAre your laminate floors looking a little worse for wear or stained? You can add a little bit (maybe 1/3 acetone) to your mop bucket, along with water and soap and it will lift of those stubborn stains that you could not get rid of with just soap alone.

28. Sanitise Beauty Tools

Image source/ TheHoneycombersThings like tweezers and scissors are used for multiple body parts - and maybe even borrowed by members of your family or friends. So it is hygienic to give them a disinfect now and then. The best way to do this is to wipe them down with some nail polish remover.

29. Clean Up Grout

Image source/ YouTubeThe grouting between your tiles can start to look really dirty because even when you clean the tiles the dirt never fully removes from the grouting. These need special attention and something a little bit stringer than soap. So take an old toothbrush and dip it in some acetone and it should remove it making it look much cleaner.

30. Get Rid Of Frozen Ice On Windows

Image source/ apartmenttherapyWhen you're in a rush and the ice is glazed over your window there is not always time to patiently wait for it to unfreeze. So all you need is a little bit of acetone mixed with mar water on a cloth and the ice should wipe away much more easily than before.

31. Remove Dried Paint From Brushes

Image source/ grateletSometimes we accidentally leave paint brushes full of paint and they go rock solid and unbendable. Or even if you accidentally leave a little bit in the brush becomes unusable.  Just place them in a little pot with some acetone and it should soak the paint off. Leave it there for around an hour.

32. Remove Scuff Marks From Skirting Boards

Image source/ skirting worldSkirting boards take the brunt of a household, children running around, pets scratching, people's shoes. Of course you're going to get scuff marks. But these can be fixed with some acetone and a cloth and a good scrub. They should look pretty much like new again.

33. Remove Dirt From Crockery Cracks

Image source/ Cooking stack exchange Those little hairline fractures in your crockery that look darker than the rest - you can remove them. Then, they will no longer look old and dirty. Just leave some acetone t soap on them for a while and the dirt should lift out, give it a scrub with a little brush of some sort too.

34. Clean Red Wine Stains

Image source/ Thrifty stainsRed wine stains. The most stubborn stain of all. The most feared carpet stain and clothes stain ever. But that doesn't have to be the end of your cream carpet. Pour some acetone right on the stain immediately and then use a cloth and soap to scrub it out.

35. Remove Rust

Image source/ ecolinkIf things are getting a little rusty it doesn't mean that it is time to throw them away. Instead just use some nail polish remover and soak the area for a couple of minutes. Then take a cleaner such as a scourer and the rust should start to lift of and remove.

35. Remove Tie Dye

Image Source/ Sarah MakerIf you've been doing some DIY tie dye at home then you have probably realised that it is quite a messy occasion. And you may be left with tie dye everywhere. So, just use a little acetone and it will help  clear it right up without too much difficulty...

36. Create Tie Dye Nails

Image Source/ CleomakeupThis now may sound ironic considering we have just suggested to use it to remove tie dye, but it can also help to create tie die nails. If you paint the nail and then drop on a tiny amount of acetone it will create that tie die effect by clearing the nail varnish in that section.

37. Degreaser

Image Source/ WikiGrease is probably THE toughest stain to shift - no matter what surface it is on. So, take a cloth and a little bit of acetone and dab it onto the cloth. The rub it over the grease and it will cut through it like other cleaning substances do not manage to do.

38. Cold Sore

Image Source/ NHSThis is NOT recommended. Putting acetone on your face sounds like a recipe for disaster and definitely not a good idea. That being said...there are people who have claimed that dabbing the tiniest amount onto their cold sore did help. But really...lets not try that.

39. Shrink Pimples

Image Source/ Medical News TodayAgain, this is not something we want to encourage because acetone is strong and skin is very delicate so the two combined is not a good idea. But again, there are individulas who have claimed that they dabbed the smallest amount onto a very stubborn spot and it helped.

40. Clean Machinery

Image Source/ Business InsiderMachinery...probably not something you have in your home. Although, this could include things such as household objects like an iron, a sewing machine or a hoover. So if you are trying to make it look like new just dab a little bit of acetone on a cloth and rub away.

41. Clean Glass

Image Source/ STOBAG blogIf you have some glass with really stubborn stains on that you cannot seem to shift, or maybe a particular stubborn mark that you cannot seem to remove - you could always use a little bit of nail varnish remover. The glass will be shining again afterwards.

42. Dissolves Styrofoam

Image Source/ YouTubeStyrofoam is that horrible material that gets absolutely everywhere...and it sticks to everything. Putting Styrofoam in a bit of acetone will melt the product away. How useful this is we do not know...but who knows when this might come in handy after all?

43. Used In Pharmaceuticals

Image Source/ Laboratory MarginsOkay so this is not a hack that you can use yourself. But, it's a very interesting use of acetone that most people rarely know. And that is that acetone is often used in the pharmaceutical process, when drying out and creating a tablet. In this process it is a popular solvent to use.

44. Remove Silly Putty

Image Source/ KidsDiscoverIf you've ever dealt with silly putty you'll know it's all fun and games until the moment that that substances touches something it shouldn't. And then will it remove? No. Try acetone by pouring a little directly on and then use a scraper. It will work on similar products too for example playdough.

45. Clean Oil

Image Source/ DiatamaceousEarthAgain, if you have ever spilled oil then you probably tried a load of different products to unsuccessfully remove it or maybe you admitted defeat and threw it away. Just take a cloth and some acetone and dab it generously over the area and it should remove it for you.