Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Welcome, fellow adventurers and seekers of the unknown, to a chilling expedition into the frosty heart of Antarctica. Brace yourselves as we embark on a journey that unveils the icy enigmas and perplexing discoveries lurking beneath the frozen surface of this desolate, otherworldly landscape. In this frostbitten realm where temperatures plummet and winds whisper ancient secrets, prepare to be astounded by the unearthly and the inexplicable.

1. Remains of a lost city

In a remarkable turn of discovery, a group of scientists, fueled by curiosity and propelled by the thirst for unraveling ancient enigmas, stumbled upon what appeared to be the remnants of an otherworldly civilization buried beneath the icy cloak of Antarctica.
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Some scientists believed that they had discovered the Lost City of Atlantis when they found an ancient city that had sunken below Antarctica. The remains and ruins of a city-like structure were found which remains one of the biggest mysteries of Antarctica.Original content sourced from

2. Pyramid structures

As if plucked from the pages of an otherworldly script, the unearthing of pyramidal structures beneath Antarctica's icy veneer sent shockwaves through the archaeological community. Amidst the frigid expanse lay the unmistakable outlines of man-made pyramids, their stark symmetry and precision mirroring the architectural wonders of ancient civilizations.
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Pyramids were mysteriously found under the ice in Antarctica. These pyramids were not natural formations and had clearly been man-made as the structure resembled the pyramids which had been built in ancient times. Theories began about an unknown, ancient Antarctic civilization.

3. Sea pigs

In the enigmatic world beneath the waves, one of the most peculiar and adaptable creatures, known by the whimsical moniker of "sea pigs" or more scientifically as sea cucumbers, gracefully navigate the ocean's depths. These extraordinary beings, seemingly plucked from the realms of fantasy, have carved out a niche.
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Sea pigs are also known as sea cucumbers. They are very strange creatures that have miraculously adapted to diverse environments, including the harshest environments such as Antarctica. They have a very distinct appearance, they have long soft bodies with tentacles.

4. Lake Vostok

Nestled beneath the colossal ice sheets of Antarctica lies a hidden world, veiled from the probing eyes of humanity until the startling discovery of Lake Vostok, a vast subglacial reservoir that stands as a testament to the continent's enigmatic secrets.
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A huge subglacial (one of the biggest ever discovered) lake was found right underneath Antarctica's frozen surface. One of the even bigger mysteries about Lake Vostok is that it has many anomalies discovered by scientists including its microbial life that exists even in the great icy depths.

5. A sea monster

The vast and uncharted expanse of Antarctica, with its icy veil concealing millennia-old secrets, has long been a canvas for tales that stir the imagination—a place where reality and myth blur into a captivating narrative. Among the mysteries that linger like whispers in the frozen winds, the legend of an enigmatic sea monster...
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One of the greatest Antarctic mysteries is the speculation about a sea monster who lived or once lived within the depths of Antarctica. There have been very strange discoveries, such as bones, that suggest an unknown creature once lived around the region.

6. Striped icebergs

In the silent and serene world of Antarctica, nature crafts an awe-inspiring spectacle that defies the ordinary—striped icebergs, or the mesmerizing zebra icebergs, emerge as a testament to the mesmerizing artistry of frozen landscapes.
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Striped icebergs, or zebra icebergs as they are sometimes known, are a mysterious natural phenomenon where the layers of ice have frozen to create a spectacular and unique iceberg. The different layers may come from different times and sources such as snowfall or glaciers.

7. Blood falls

In the icy heart of Antarctica, amidst the desolate beauty of the frozen landscape, exists a spectacle that defies expectation—a waterfall unlike any other known to humanity. Aptly named for its crimson hue, the enigmatic Blood Falls paint a surreal picture against the pristine white canvas of the continent.
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There is a famous waterfall in Antarctica which is unlike any other on the planet. The waterfalls run red with liquid, hence where its name has derived from. The red, blood-like liquid has been caused by a lake under the surface of Antarctica which contains lots of iron.

8. Sea spiders

In the icy embrace of Antarctica's frigid waters, an intriguing marine species known as Antarctic sea spiders or scientifically termed pycnogonids roam, defying the conventional norms of their arachnid name. Despite their moniker, these peculiar creatures are not true spiders...
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Antarctic sea spiders or pycnogonids as they are scientifically named, are not actually spiders but belong to a marine species of arthropods. These in particular inhabit the freezing cold water of Antarctica and they feed on tiny animals or insects in the water.

9. Huge tunnels

Beneath the vast and uncharted expanses of Antarctica lies a hidden labyrinth, a mysterious network of tunnels and cavernous pathways veiled beneath the colossal sheets of ice. These enigmatic structures, unearthed by intrepid explorers and technological advancements, reveal a subterranean world.
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Under the Antarctic are mysterious networks of tunnels that have been discovered. There are huge cavernous networks that may have been formed by ice glaciers. Now they are covered by a huge sheet of ice which buries them deep below the Antarctic surface.

10. Piles of bones

The stark and desolate landscape of Antarctica, a seemingly inhospitable realm, harbors remnants of a bygone era—piles of enigmatic bones scattered across its icy terrain, hinting at a lost chapter in the continent's ancient past.
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Piles of bones were discovered in Antarctica which pointed to mysterious creatures once living in the oceans. There are theories about what kind of mysterious sea life and creatures used to exist, or even what kind of socialization existed in the past.

11. An alien-like skull

The enigmatic landscape of Antarctica, cloaked in ice and shrouded in mystery, has become a canvas for tales that push the boundaries of the unknown. Among the myriad of intriguing reports, whispers of an otherworldly discovery reverberate—an alleged finding of an alien-like creature buried deep beneath the frozen expanse.
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Another mystery of Antarctica is that there were reports that a body of an alien-like creature had been discovered here. It was thought that deep, deep below the ice a body was discovered and it was unlike any kind of creature that had ever been found before.

12. A USO (Unidentified Submerged Object)

The frozen expanses of Antarctica, a realm of icy enigmas, harbor tales that beckon the curious and fuel the imagination. Amongst the whispers of the unknown, stories of an unidentified submerged object weaving through the frigid waters have stirred an aura of intrigue...
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Another theory that surrounds itself in the mystery of Antarctica is that there have been numerous accounts of an unidentified submerged object which was found swimming around the oceans. This sparked even more theories that there are or was supernatural activities happening here.

13. Inexplicable signals

The vast and desolate expanses of Antarctica, known for its icy solitude, have been witness to a perplexing enigma that transcends the confines of our understanding—the unexplained radio signals that emanated from this remote and inhospitable continent, leaving scientists and researchers baffled by their origin and purpose.
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According to a variety of reports, there were unexplained signals which happened in the Antarctic. There were a series of mysterious radio signals which came from Antarctica and which were discovered. But, it is not known why they were there, or even how they happened.

14. Secret military base

Antarctica, a land of vast ice and towering mysteries, has long been steeped in speculation and intrigue, with whispers of clandestine activities and hidden structures buried within its frozen embrace. Among the speculative lore that swirls around this enigmatic continent, conspiracy theories abound.
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Conspiracy theories firmly believe that there is a bunker that was built during World Wars II that remains there to this day. There is also speculation about military bases which have been built there and research stations, all of which have been purposefully concealed.

15. Ancient advanced technologies

The mystique of Antarctica extends beyond its icy landscapes, shrouded in tales of inexplicable artifacts and baffling technology that hint at an otherworldly origin or clandestine human endeavors. According to various speculative narratives, the discovery of anomalous and highly advanced artifacts in the icy depths of Antarctica has spurred a cascade of theories...
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Among the mysteries of Antarctica is the suggestion that there have been strange and inexplicable artifacts and technology found. These technologies were reportedly advanced, which conspiracy theorists believe have either come from secret missions or aliens!

16. Piri Reis Map

The discovery of the Piri Reis map stands as a testament to the enigmatic links between ancient civilizations and the mysteries of Antarctica. Crafted by the Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis in the early 16th century, this remarkable map continues to baffle historians and cartographers...
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Searches of the Antarctic led to the discovery of what is called the Piri Reis map. The Piri Reis is an ancient discovery and the map has information about Antarctica. Yet the map comes from a time long before the continent had ever been discovered, implying that civilizations knew about it well before we did!

17. UFO sightings

The remote and enigmatic realm of Antarctica has become a focal point for a myriad of theories and speculations, from reports of unidentified submerged objects (USOs) gliding through its icy waters to alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) soaring through its skies.
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Not only have there been accounts of a USO, but also a UFO. Antarctica has been at the forefront of many conspiracies due to the numerous mysterious discoveries that have been made here. There are many inexplicable events that lead people to believe there may be things going on here that we are not aware of...

18. An ancient Antarctic civilization

The notion of an ancient civilization flourishing in the icy embrace of Antarctica stirs an air of profound mystery and captivates the human imagination. Speculations, fueled by elusive findings and tantalizing artifacts, hint at the possibility of a forgotten culture that once called this frozen continent home.
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Many things point to the suggestion that there was an ancient civilization that once lived and thrived in Antarctica. Yet, we know nothing about their existence or who they were. There are just findings such as objects and structures that point toward the idea that the region was once inhabited.

19. Time vortexes

Antarctica's enigmatic aura transcends the ordinary; it's a realm that seems to defy the conventional boundaries of our understanding. Amidst its icy vastness, reports of bewildering phenomena—time vortexes, unexplained time anomalies, and purported glimpses into alternate dimensions—permeate the fabric of the continent's mystique, confounding scientists and captivating the human imagination.
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Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places to exist because things happen here that scientists struggle to explain and we struggle to fathom. There have been claims that there have been time vortexes and inexplicable time anomalies and dimensions found in the Antarctic.

20. Underwater forests

The discovery of submerged forests buried deep beneath the icy veneer of Antarctica paints a vivid portrait of a continent steeped in a climatic history far removed from its frozen visage today. Scientists, intrigued by these unexpected findings, theorize that these submerged remnants hint at a bygone era when Antarctica boasted a far milder and hospitable climate.
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Very far under the surface of Antarctica, underwater forests were discovered. Scientists believe that this could indicate that in the past Antarctica had a milder climate in comparison to its extremely harsh cold now. These forests have been sighted on multiple occasions.

21. Ancient relics

The unearthing of ancient relics amidst the icy confines of Antarctica has ignited a profound curiosity about the continent's enigmatic past, hinting at the tantalizing possibility of a previously unknown human presence in this remote and frozen realm.
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One of the most mysterious discoveries that have pointed toward the suggestion of a previous ancient civilization is the discovery of ancient relics. Tools and pottery have been found here which suggests that there were people who used to live here, rather than just Antarctic expeditions.

22. Bodies were frozen in ice

Accounts and stories of humanoid bodies discovered deep within the icy layers of Antarctica have sown seeds of speculation and intrigue, adding yet another layer to the enigmatic mysteries surrounding the continent. These tales suggest a tantalizing narrative of preserved humanoids.
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There have been different stories and accounts of humanoids discovered underneath the surface and deep within the ice of Antarctica. Bodies are naturally preserved when frozen, and there are claims that several bodies have been found buried deep inside the ice.

23. Strange satellite imagery

The largely uninhabited and remote expanse of Antarctica, with its frozen and desolate landscapes, becomes an unexpected canvas for peculiar anomalies when viewed from satellite imagery. Surprising patterns and enigmatic structures captured in these images have fueled rumors...
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Antarctica is one of those places which is barely inhabited. So, when satellite imagery is taken of the region, you do not expect to find strange patterns and structures on the surface of Antarctica. But that is what has happened in the past, which emphasizes rumors of strange occurrences here.

24. Lost treasure

The notion of lost treasures hidden within the icy confines of Antarctica casts a shimmering veil of intrigue over the remote and frozen continent. Tales of relics and riches, entombed within the icy grasp of the southernmost land, hint at a narrative steeped in mystery and historical intrigue.
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There have been reports that lost treasures have been found frozen inside ice formations of the Antarctica. These are thought to belong to ancient people or to belong to expeditioners who have died here and whose relics and treasures have remained frozen in time.

25. Cyrovolcanoes

The notion of cryovolcanoes lurking beneath Antarctica's icy expanse paints a picture of an otherworldly and dynamic landscape hidden beneath the frozen surface. Speculations about these enigmatic features suggest the presence of subglacial volcanoes, harnessing a unique eruption process distinct from conventional volcanoes.
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Some people believe to have found cyro-volcanoes in Antarctica. These are thought to be situated deep under the icy surface of the Antarctic. And, instead of erupting with lava, it is believed that these cryovolcanoes actually erupt throwing out more ice instead.

26. Magnetic pole anomalies

The enigmatic magnetic anomalies experienced by explorers in Antarctica unveil a magnetic tale that defies conventional understanding and amplifies the mysteries shrouding this icy continent. Reports of compasses behaving erratically and unusual fluctuations in magnetic fields have fueled speculation...
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People who have been on expeditions to the Antarctic have found that their compasses have moved in ways they cannot explain. The magnetic fields seem to go haywire and magnetic pole anomalies have also been discovered in Antarctica, suggesting some kind of force interferes with it.

27. Giant skeletal remains

The discovery of colossal skeletal remains in Antarctica hints at the presence of ancient creatures of staggering proportions, confounding scientists and unraveling mysteries about the continent's distant past. These gargantuan remnants, unearthed amidst the icy terrain, spark curiosity and speculation.
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Giant skeletal remains have been found in Antarctica which has made scientists question what creature that was so large once lived in such an environment. Again it could back up the theory that Antarctica once wasn't so cold and may have been milder in the past.

28. Strange weather patterns

Antarctica stands as an enigmatic and distinct realm where nature unfolds in ways that challenge our conventional understanding. The continent's mystique lies not only in its isolation but also in its exceptional and often perplexing weather patterns, which defy the norms observed elsewhere on the planet.
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Antarctica seems to be a place of mystery where things happen that do not follow the general rules and patterns of other places. For example, there are unique and strange weather patterns that do not follow the weather patterns of other places. It seems to have its own environment entirely.

29. The remains of lost travelers

Antarctica's allure as an uncharted frontier once beckoned intrepid explorers and adventurers to embark on daring expeditions into the unknown. The continent's aura of mystery and unexplored landscapes captivated the imaginations of those eager to unravel its secrets, driving them to brave the perils of its icy expanses in pursuit of discovery and adventure.
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The Antarctic used to be a place where eager travelers and explorers would set out. Its mystery was used to lure people to it, and people wanted to discover more about the unknown land. Yet to set out on an expedition here was a risk, and many ended up not returning home. The remains of many have been found.

30. Cave paintings of aliens

The discovery of cave paintings and ancient rock art within the depths of Antarctica has sparked fascination and speculation about the continent's mysterious past. These enigmatic depictions, etched onto the walls of caverns, evoke a myriad of theories and conjectures about their origin and significance.
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Cave paintings and rock art have been discovered within the caverns of Antarctica. These paintings have had various theories attached to them. Some people think they depict aliens who have visited, others have depicted advanced technologies in the paintings which suggest people used to live here.

31. Next up: the weirdest artifacts ever found... The 400 million year old hammer

The intriguing tale of the mysterious 1930s discovery—an ancient hammer found embedded within a geological formation—stands as an enigmatic anomaly that has perplexed scientists and sparked curiosity for decades.
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Back in the 1930s, a couple were taking a walk when they noticed a weird rock sticking out from the ground. They took it home and broke into it - funnily enough, using a hammer, only to find another kind of hammer. When archaeologists took a look, it turned out it was hammer dating back over 400 million years! How it came to be remains a mystery.

32. The ancient Greek computer

The remarkable ancient artifact, often dubbed the 'Greek computer' or the Antikythera Mechanism, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and advanced knowledge of ancient Greek engineering. Discovered within a sunken ship off the coast of a Greek island.
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Originally found buried in a shipwreck off the coat of a Greek island, 45 meters below the surface, this 'Greek computer' is now housed at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. It was created to work out astronomical positions, over 2000 years old, and is advanced enough for scientists to give more credit to Ancient Greek engineers than they originally thought to!

33. The Dropa Stones

The saga of the Bayan Har mountains' discovery stands as a captivating tale in the annals of archaeology, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. During an expedition exploring the rich tapestry of ancient civilizations nestled within these Chinese mountains.
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When exploring the Bayan Har mountains in China during an expedition to discover more about the ancient civilisations there, the lead archaeologist made a discover in a cave there: hundreds of stone discs. It was later discovered the discs had on them hieroglyphics which then told the story of a people called the Dropa who crashed spaceships into those mountains!

34. The Egyptian plane

The enigmatic artifact famously known as the Saqqara Bird, unearthed from an ancient tomb in Egypt, has ignited discussions and speculation about the level of aeronautical knowledge possessed by the ancient Egyptians. What sets this artifact apart is its unconventional design.
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Also known as the wooden Saqqara bird, this was discovered in a tomb in Egypt - but the reason it was so strange was the design of the bird, which doesn't look like a realistic depiction, but more like a plane or a glider. This then made people question how much Ancient Egyptians knew about aviation...

35. The 2,000 year old battery

The Baghdad Battery, a fascinating archaeological discovery, presents a perplexing puzzle that continues to captivate scientists and historians. Found within the remnants of ancient Mesopotamia, this peculiar artifact comprises a clay pot housing a copper cylinder and an iron rod.
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Don't you just wish your own batteries lasted this long! Known as the Baghdad Battery, it originally starts with a clay pot which archaeologists then found had a copper cylinder and an iron rod inside, leading it to be believed to be a battery of some sort. Other people think it could simply have been a storage item, but its real purpose remains a mystery.

36. Metal and fossils that just can't be explained

The enigmatic world of paleontology and archaeology unveils a series of baffling discoveries that challenge our understanding of Earth's ancient history. Among these mysteries lies the paleodictyon, a cryptic trace fossil characterized by its intricate and perplexing pattern.
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The paleodictyon is a type of trace fossil, but it's surrounded in mystery because nobody knows what came to make the imprint. And it isn't the only object that has been found and unable to be explained. Other discoveries include: fossil of a human handprint from over 100 million years ago, a fossilized finger, metallic tubes that are 65 million years old and a metal cube inside coal, with no idea how it got there.

37. The Piri Reis map

This wasn't just a mysterious map that was discovered - it was a map created on the skin of a gazelle! The Piri Reis map was found in the 1920s by a group of historians, and it was made in 1513 by a Turkish general. The map includes a few countries and islands...
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... and includes Antarctica - but the real puzzle is that the map shows Antarctica as not having any ice, when the last time that happened was actually over 6000 years ago... so how did a map made in 1513 show this?

38. The Nazca drawings

The Nazca Lines, an ancient marvel etched across the arid plains of Peru, stand as a mesmerizing enigma in human history. Discovered in the 1930s, these intricate and colossal geoglyphs stretch across an area spanning over 450 square kilometers.
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These were discovered in 1930, and they're over 450 square km of mysterious drawings, including depictions of animals, that nobody really knows the reason behind. Some believe they're supposed to be constellations and were made big enough to be seen from the sky.

39. The city of Nan Madol

The ancient city of Nan Madol, perched upon a coral reef near Micronesia, stands as a captivating enigma in the annals of history. Constructed between 200 and 800 A.D., this remarkable city is shrouded in mystery, with its purpose and the fate of its inhabitants eluding concrete explanation.
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Built on a coral reef near Micronesia some time between 200 and 800 A.D., nobody knows why the city was created, nor what happened to the people who lived there. It had about 100 'islands', which were made from blocks of basalts, which were then connected by viaducts.

40. The Sacsayhuaman walls

The perplexing construction techniques employed by ancient civilizations, particularly in the creation of walls and structures that stand the test of time without traditional binding materials like cement, continue to baffle modern researchers and builders.
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What might just seem like any old historical wall, the reason these walls are so mysterious and confusing to modern day people is the way in which they were built: nothing was used to seal the bricks together, like cement, and they were built in such an intricate way that they've managed to stay standing based simply on the way they were put together. Scientists have tried to re-create this but have failed... so how did they do it?

41. Sandy Borg massacre

The chilling discovery made during the excavation of a site in Sweden from the 5th century unveiled a harrowing tale of tragedy and violence. What began as the unearthing of a single skeleton evolved into a grim revelation as archaeologists continued their investigation.
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Finding a skeleton while digging around might be nothing new for archaeologists, but it got a little more grim in this case. When they were investigating a site in Sweden from the 5th century, they first discovered one skeleton, and then ended up discovering many, many more - all who appeared to have been executed - until they realised it must have been a massacre.

42. This strange network of caves

The discovery of an extensive cave network in Kenya stands as a testament to the enduring presence of humans throughout millennia, offering a window into our ancient past and the remarkable continuity of habitation over tens of thousands of years.
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A network of caves found in Kenya shows evidence of humans occupying the cave system for around 78,000 years! That means humans from the Middle Stone Age right up to modern day have lived in this particular cave network. The cave has revealed room for around 100 people, and is surrounded by rainforest.

43. Evidence of animals kept in captivity in Ancient Egypt

Could the Ancient Egyptians have created their very own zoo? Or did they just keep wild animals in captivity for sake of it? Whatever the reason, the remains of wild animals - like baboons, elephants and a hippo - were found at the site of an ancient town along the Nile river.
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The animals' skeletons showed signs of fractures which had healed - and the fact they'd healed means that they must have been kept in captivity by humans otherwise the animals wouldn't have survived out in the wild with their injuries.

44. Disabled children given 'royal' burials

The extraordinary discovery near Moscow, dating back approximately 34,000 years, unveils a poignant narrative that intertwines burial customs, social dynamics, and human compassion. Within this ancient burial site, the contrasting treatment of the deceased provides a striking glimpse into the complexities of ancient societal values and beliefs.
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At a site close to Moscow, around 34,000 years ago, there were discovered the remains of several people: a group of adults, and two young boys. The adults had been buried in a basic way, whereas the boys had been buried like royalty, surrounded by treasure. It was discovered the boys had been disabled, and it's not clear why the choice of treasure was made for this reason back then.

45. Far-too-advanced stone age tools

The unearthing of advanced tools in an uncharted area of India presents an intriguing paradox that challenges established timelines and perceptions of ancient technological advancement. The discovery of tools suggesting a level of sophistication far beyond what was conventionally believed for that era.
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It's always interesting finding any ancient tools during a dig, but it's alarming to find tools which are far too advanced based on what you know of that particular era. These tools which were found in a usually-unexplored area of India suggest that people were using advanced tools around 200,000 years ago - when it was originally believed this should only be possible 60,000 years ago.

46. This tiny skeleton

The perplexing discovery of a remarkably small skeleton, measuring merely six inches in height, in Chile sparked widespread speculation and debate, initially leading to conjectures about extraterrestrial origins due to its unusually diminutive stature.
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Human or alien? This is what people were first debating when this strangely small skeleton was first discovered. The skeleton - measuring only six inches in height - was found mummified in Chile, and originally believed to be an alien because of no human being usually being so tiny! It later turned out that it was a human skeleton, but still nobody knows what caused a person to have such a small skeleton...

47. The mysterious pet cemetary

The discovery of a pet cemetery at a 1,000-year-old site in Lima, Peru, sheds light on ancient cultural practices and the special relationship between humans and their animal companions in ancient societies. Unearthing a resting place for 43 dogs unveils a fascinating aspect of ancient Peruvian civilization.
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You might have thought pet cemeteries were a relatively modern idea, but it turns out ancient cultures did it, too. What makes it more intriguing about this find was having to work out the breed and lineage of the 43 dogs that had been buried there, at this 1,000 year old site in Lima, Peru.

48. The terrifying coffin birth

The poignant discovery of an ancient burial in Italy from around 1,300 years ago reveals a tragic and extraordinary aspect of the human condition even after death. The woman, who tragically passed away just weeks before giving birth, was laid to rest with the presumption that her unborn child would never enter the world.
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A woman from Italy, around 1,300 years ago, died a few weeks before she was due to give birth. She was buried with the - understandable - presumption that the baby would never be born. When archaeologists investigated the grave, they found the skeleton of the baby between her legs. The gasses in her body after death had proceeded to push the baby out anyway, inside the coffin.

49. Gobekli Tepe

The discovery of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey reshaped our understanding of ancient hunter-gatherer societies and challenged long-held beliefs about the lifestyles of early humans. This remarkable archaeological site, dating back around 11,000 years, stands as a testament to a startling revelation...
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It was believed for a long time that hunter-gatherers from around 11,000 years ago were nomadic, never really having a community or calling anywhere home. Which is why it was a shock when Gobekli Tepe was discovered: a site in Turkey of pillars, carvings and rectangular rooms which show they could have settled down after all.

50. When archaeologists prank each other

Pranks in archaeology certainly have their moments, and this incident adds a humorous twist to the meticulous work of uncovering history. Picture the scene: an Egyptian burial chamber under careful excavation, the anticipation of a significant discovery filling the air.
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One of the mysterious things for an archaeologist to find can sometimes be something that should definitely not be there - planted by a colleague. Such was the case when an archaeologist placed a Roman coin into an Egyptian burial chamber to try to fool his boss. Unfortunately, he realized it was a prank straight away - but for a split second, it must have been pretty confusing to find a Roman coin in an Egyptian tomb!