Most Shocking Pictures That Celebs Deleted From Instagram

By molly atherton 7 months ago

1. Kendall Jenner ‘NO TITS’

Image Source/ InstagramIn this hilarious photo that was quickly removed, Kardashian and super slim model Kendall Jenner can be seen wearing a sweater that says ‘I HAVE NO TITS’! She’s definitely the most slender of her sisters and it’s pretty funny that she can poke fun at her flatter physique. Clearly someone didn’t agree though and the photo soon vanished.Original content sourced from

2. Lohan photoshop fail

Image Source/ InstagramYou’d think celebrities like Lindsay Lohan would be wise to a photoshop fail. Well, apparently not. In this speedily removed photo, Lohan can be seen standing in front of a suspiciously wavy looking door… Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the blunder and whilst some were kind saying ‘We’ve all been there’, the majority were pretty scathing, poor Lindsay.

3. Taylor Swift at Coachella

Image Source/ InstagramThis brightly-lit, raver vibes photo isn’t what we’re used to seeing from demure Taylor Swift. It was taken at Coachella when she was watching her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris perform. Despite the cool image being well-received, the All Too Well star removed the photo just before the pair announced their split. Out with the old and all that!

4. Kim Zolciak’s unflattering photo of daughter Brielle

Image Source/ InstagramReal Housewives Of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak posted this photo alongside her daughter Brielle Biermann. Fans of the pair were quick to comment on how different Brielle looked, sparking rumours that the young girl had been under the knife. Not willing to risk the speculation, Kim removed the photo as quickly as she uploaded it.

5. Kylie VS Rob

Image Source/ InstagramThe relationship between Kylie Jenner and Rob Kardashian has never been plain sailing and this shady Instagram post proves it. When Kylie posted an unusual photo of a goat, people were initially confused. When some fans recognised the strange animal and symbols as Baphomet, a Sabbatic Goat who represents evil and the accompanying tag of Rob it didn’t take long to work out the twisted dig behind the post.

6. Lala Kent bares ALL

Image Source/ InstagramThe Vanderpump Rules actress posted this…photo…sparking unsurprising controversy. Clad in a pair of sexy thigh-highs and with carefully positioned emojis to cover her private parts, the star was clearly feeling brazen. She is known for her confidence but it seemed like even this was a step too far as she later removed the photo.

7. Nicola Hughes, her bf and his d***

Image Source/ InstagramMade in Chelsea star Nicola Hughes once posted this saucy photo. In it, you can see Hughes posing quite innocently in the foreground but behind her then boyfriend Alex Mytton stands totally nude!! The pair split a few years back and Hughes said there was “no bad blood” between them, which is nice.

8. Chase McNary’s Behind

Image Source/ InstagramI mean if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? Well clearly that’s what Bachelorette star Chase McNary thought when he posted this photo of his bare butt to his admiring fans. Looks like his initial confidence wore off though as he swiftly removed the cheeky (excuse the pun!) pic.

9. Selena Gomez flashes some skin

Image Source/ InstagramUsually known for her conservative ways, this snap of Selena was a little more risqué than usual. She must have thought the same because not long after posting, she removed the steamy shot. It seems pretty innocent to me, or at least compared to some of these next ones..!

10. Willow Smith cringes

Image Source/ InstagramIn 2014, Will Smith posted this photo of his daughter Willow snuggling up to Moises Arias (Rico from Hannah Montana). Seems innocent enough right? Well, not really - fans were quick to point out that Willow, who at the time of the photo was 13, was laying in bed with a 20 year old man. Pretty weird when you put it like that. The photo was deleted - but should it ever have been taken?

11. Vanessa - vandal - Hudgens

Image Source/ InstagramCute and loveable Vanessa Hudgens, never steps a foot out of line, right? Well, apparently not. In this photo posted to Instagram, the star’s name is clearly seen alongside her ex-boyfriend's (‘Elvis’ star, Austin Butler) carved into rock. Hardly feels like the crime of the century but as people quickly pointed out, the rock’s location in Sedona, Arizona is protected by federal law and environmental vandalism like this is a big no-no. Oops, delete!

12. Kylie leaves little to the imagination

Image Source/ InstagramWith just two Tiger emojis covering her nipples, this photo of Kylie Jenner was out there, even by Kardashian standards. The reality TV star and make up mogul posted the pic alongside a ton of others but it seems like this one was deemed a little too much as the teen removed it shortly after. Unlucky Kylie, the screenshot police beat you to it!

13. Ariana’s ‘toy’...

Image Source/ InstagramLooking as cute as ever, Ariana posted this selfie to her adoring Instagram fans. It wasn’t long though until someone spotted something a little bit less innocent in the background. Lying on the floor in the left corner of the photo is a rather suspicious looking black object. Fans were quick to ask whether it was a sex toy, rumours which Ariana (obviously) denied, claiming istead the mystery item was a ‘power bar’. Hmm.

14. Blac Chyna’s throwback

Image Source/ InstagramBlac Chyna is the definition of fierce and feisty, which is why when she posted this throwback photo of her as a young teen, fans were shocked to see her looking so baby-faced and cute. Well, maybe the reaction was not what she was aiming for as she quickly removed the cute/embarrassing photo from her account.

15. Harry Styles offends

Image Source/ InstagramWhen the As It Was star posted this photo of him wearing a Native American headdress he must have thought it seemed funny enough. Sadly, many of his followers didn’t agree and he was accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ - the act of adopting the customs or clothing of a culture different to yours. Stick to the pink beanie Harry!

16. Cringey Kardashian throwback

Image Source/ InstagramWhen Kourt posted this hilarious throwback pic of her, Kim and Khloe she probably thought it was just a bit of fun. So did her followers, the picture was shared all over socials. That was until Kim/KoKo had their say. I guess not all Kardashians are made equal and when it comes to having a laugh at an old pic of themselves, some are more uptight than others!

17. Chris Brown tat disaster

Image Source/ InstagramWhen rapper Chris Brown posted this pic of his latest ink, fans were pretty confused. The tat got ridiculed and keyboard warriors quickly took their chance to use the opportunity to resurface some of Chris’ old scandals. You guessed it - the photo was deleted soon after.

18. Dad bod?

Image Source/ InstagramWe’re all for promoting body confidence and being happy in the skin you’re in. But when 40 year old James Franco posted this nearly-naked selfie, it went viral for all the wrong reasons. Poor James wasn’t thick skinned enough to brush the comments aside and promptly deleted it from all his accounts.

19. Sexy Kendall

Image Source/ InstagramNobody could argue with how beautiful Kendall looks in this sultry pic. Many claimed she was naked but I reckon it’s just a trick of the eye. Either way, not in keeping with her more modest public profile, Kendall decided the photo wasn’t to stay, shame she looks elegant.

20. Joe Jonas and Zayn Malik in the #SQUAD

Image Source/ InstagramDid you know that before Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid were together she had a short romance with Joe Jonas? At the time, Jonas and Malik were pals as evidenced by this photo of the pair together alongside Kayne West. The photo is captioned #SQUAD but was removed when Gigi and Zayn’s romance first emerged.

21. Rob VS Kim

Image Source/ InstagramSo we’ve already seen what happened when Rob rubbed Kylie up the wrong way. When he clashed with Kim there were no satanic goats in sight… Instead, Rob chose to post this photo of a psycho villain from the movie Gone Girl comparing the “bitch from Gone Girl” to his sister. We can assume they made up after this spat as the photo wasn’t up for long.

22. Putin frees the nipple

Image Source/ Instagram#FreeTheNipple was a hugely successful social media campaign, pointing out the unfairness that photos of men’s nipples were allowed to be shown whereas women’s weren’t. Jumping on the bandwagon, comedienne Chelsea Handler posted this hilarious pic of  Russian ruler Vladimir Putin riding topless on horseback. Despite being a man, Instagram removed the image. Handler reuploaded it twice but when threatened with account suspension she let it slide.

23. Bieber’s behind

Image Source/ InstagramWe all look back fondly to Bieber’s more wild days when racing cars and egging his neighbours were casual weekend activities. Well, it was little surprise when the then brazen pop-star posted this photo of his peachy behind. He was clearly happy with the post as it was a few days until he deleted it. I wonder why?

24. Zac Efron Martin Luther King blunder

Image Source/ InstagramMartin Luther King  Jr was a leader of the civil rights movement and an iconic figure in promoting racial equality in the 50s and 60s. So you could see why Zac Efron would take to social media to post about this influential man. Sadly, Efron couldn’t have picked a worse way to highlight his achievements when he wrote  “I’m grateful for a couple of things today: Martin Luther King Jr. and 10 million followers on IG.” Naturally, people went crazy saying that Efron’s 10 million followers were no match to the work of Martin Luther King. A very dumb post that was quickly removed.

25. Katy Perry’s unflattering angle

Image Source/ InstagramBack when Russell Brand and Katy Perry were a thing, the comedian decided to post this rather unflattering photo of his other half to social media. The photo, which shows Perry leaning awkwardly into the camera and fresh-faced with no makeup, was quickly removed.

26. Mischa Barton flop

Image Source/ InstagramWhen stories emerge of unfair police brutality many celebrities turn to social media to express their concern. This is exactly what happened following the death of Alton Sterling in 2016. Amongst many sincere posts came this ill-thought-through choice from Barton. In her ‘reflective’ post she is seen lounging on a boat, drink in hand, looking about as far removed from police brutality as possible. Oh dear.

27. Miley Cyrus caption fail

Image Source/ InstagramWhen Miley got a new tat she, like all good celebrities, took to social media to show it off to the world. The tattoo shows a planet encircled with rings which, if you made it to high school, you’d probably recognise as Saturn. Which is why fans were left confused with the caption “lilbbjupiter”. After a flurry of ridicule, Miley removed the photo only to reupload it minutes later without the planetary confusion…

28. Silly Scott Disick

Image Source/ InstagramThis one is just plain stupid! Scott Disick uploaded a photo to his Instagram with a caption that had clearly been pre-approved by his management. In a moment of severe cringe, Scott wrote:
“Here you go, at 4pm est, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk.”
Um.. LOL

29. Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter VS the Kardashians

Image Source/ InstagramWhen Alice Through the Looking Glass was being filmed, Anne Hathaway found what she clearly thought was a funny meme of co-star Helena Bonham Carter. The photo read “In a world of Kardashians, be a Helena Bonham Carter.” Despite initial positive reaction to the pic, it was later removed when loyal Kardashian fans saw it and began tearing into Hathaway.

30. Lindsay Lohan in Arabic embarrassment

Image Source/ InstagramWhen Lohan posted this image of Arabic writing with the translation ‘you’re beautiful’ little did she know the pic was actually a joke, with the translation reading “You’re a donkey,” or “You’re an a**.” You can’t help but laugh… DELETE!

31. Adam Lind's naked selfie

image source / instagramAdam Lind, the ex partner of the Teen Mom Star Chelsea accidentally uploaded this image onto his Instagram. The father of two posted this cheeky - TOTALLY NUDE - snap in order to show off his muscular body. I bet Chelsea Houska had a lot to say about this!

32. The Weeknd posted Selena

image source / instagramEveryone's jaw dropped when they saw that The Weeknd had posted this image of Selena Gomez. Were they finally making it 'Insta Official'? Well, we thought that was the case until he quickly went back on his decision and decided to delete the image as quickly as he put it up!

33. Leah Messer & Mystery Man

image source / intouchweeklyThe gorgeous Leah Messer uploaded this image onto her Instagram and everyone went wild. No one knew who the man was, but it sparked instant dating rumors for the Teen Mom 2 star. Loyal fans were hoping they were being introduced to a new flame... until the post was deleted.

34. Miley Cyrus & This Topless Photo

image source / dailystarMiley Cyrus has always been one to post crazy images on her social media. But, there have been multiple occasions where she has posted something and decided to go back on her decision. Here, she uploaded this topless image - with full glam hair and make up done... but she was quick to take it down!

35. Khloe Kardashian

image source / dailystarIt's not rare for celebrities to photoshop their pictures. But, here Khloe Kardashian really slipped up as she photoshopped the a little more than her body. As you can see the door behind her is wobbly. No wonder there are such intense pressures on women to have perfect bodies!

36. Lena Dunham

image source / dailystarLena Dunham uploaded this picture of her in a pair of Lucky Brand pants. We still don't know her motive for uploading this onto her Instagram, but with how quickly she deleted the image it almost makes us think that this was a complete mistake.  Oh well, it's nice to see a real body online!

37. Justin Bieber Deletes His Naked Selfie

Image Source / Daily StarIt's nothing new to see celebrities showing off exotic locations in their holiday snaps, so posting this one to Instagram is nothing new - except when it gives us an entirely different view than we might have been expecting. Apparently Justin regretted it almost instantly, though, because it was deleted swiftly afterwards.

38. Louise Thompson's Feet Are Doing... What?

Image Source / Daily StarI don't know what's more awkward - the fact that Louise Thompson decided to post herself using her feet as a tool to make her boyfriend feel - er - good, or the fact that poor Paul Hollywood's face is a witness to it all. Needless to say, the 'accidental' snap was deleted afterwards.

39. 50 Cent's Controversial Tweet

Image Source / Daily StarSurely someone like 50 Cent would be no stranger to a controversial tweet or two, but this one was on a hugely personal level. He not only tweeted about his grandma being pregnant - which is a little bit too personal, surely? - but then went on to imply he was encouraging abortion. The tweet was deleted.

40. Drake Bell Refuses To Call Bruce Jenner By Any Other Name

Image Source / Daily StarBlunt and straight to the point, actor Drake Bell was quick to post this tweet after Bruce Jenner came out as transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner. The tweet, which reads 'Sorry... still calling you Bruce' was quickly deleted. So either he regretted saying it, or someone told him to take it down.

41. Rita Ora Fails To Get Her Retweets

Image Source / Daily StarCelebs saying 'I'll do this and that if this post gets this many retweets' is nothing new, and usually it works when you're big enough - which you'd think Rita Ora is. But the singer, after asking for 100,000 retweets to drop her new single, swiftly deleted her post after it only got 1000 retweets. Not even close!

42. Mary J. Blige's Awkward 'Intelligence' Post

Image Source / Daily StarI mean, you played right into their hands there, Mary... She revealed far too many spelling mistakes on this tweet calling out people who try to judge based on level of intelligence. Saying that, intelligence isn't dependent on how you spell, and certainly not on quickly-typed social media posts... Maybe it was even a clever joke on her part. Either way, it was deleted.

43. Lindsay Lohan's Pregnancy Reveal

Image Source / Daily StarRevealing pregnancy on social media is nothing new, whether you're a celebrity or not, but it's certainly something actress Lindsay Lohan decided to tweet to the world. The tweet didn't sound too happy about the fact, either, before it was quickly deleted.

44. Robin Thicke Gets Caught Out

Image Source / Bored PandaRobin Thicke was faced with a whole load of controversy anyway after his Blurred Lines video, but this Instagram post seals the deal. The mirror behind reveals Thicke's groping during this photo, and he and his wife Paula Patton were divorced some time after.

45. Rob Kardashian's Law School Application

Image Source / Bored PandaOh dear. We all know you should never believe what people post on social media, but claiming that you're about to go to Law school seems like a very random thing to lie about, especially if you'd have to - you know - keep up with the lie and graduate. Luckily, Rob was called out in spectacular fashion.

46. Ariana Grande's Mistranslated Tattoo

Image Source / Bored PandaThere's nothing more awkward than getting a tattoo that means something completely different to what you thought it did. For a celeb, it might not be too bad when you can afford the cover up or removal, but it's even more embarrassing when the world follows you - and knows that this tattoo actually means 'Japanese BBQ'.

47. Kris Jenner's High-Filtering

Image Source / Bored PandaOf course people use filters on social media, and of course the Kardashians in particular would edit their pics, and there's nothing wrong with that. It becomes a little awkward though when the same pic is posted and you can see the dramatic difference. Here's Gordon Ramsay's pic compared to Kris's filtered one.

48. Dom Lever's Blatant Lies

Image Source / Bored PandaThis is either a very tragic mistake in not being able to see what's behind him properly, or a very bold attempt at lying for social media. Either way, we can clearly see he doesn't have the train to himself (not that it would matter anyway) and fortunately a follower was quick to point this out.

49. Miranda Kerr's Awkward Photoshop

Image Source / Bored PandaUsually it's the big modelling companies that would edit the pic of their models, or perhaps try to change their body to fit the 'standards'. But this time, Vogue posted the top natural shot and it was Miranda Kerr who posted the same photo later, shown beneath - with very obvious edits to her waist.

50. Adam Levine's Public Mistake About The VMAs

Image Source / Bored PandaMaroon 5's lead Adam Levine incorrectly tweeted about This is America not receiving any VMA nominations. Okay, so he didn't delete the incorrect tweet and instead stood up and corrected his mistake, so you've got to give him points for that! Still, little bit awkward.

51. Does Anyone Need Charlie Sheen's Phone Number?

Image Source / Bored PandaEven if he hurriedly deleted this mistake afterwards, he surely needed to change his number, too, because unfortunately even fast isn't fast enough to delete something on social media - and no doubt he got a couple of prank calls before he rectified his mistake.

52. Oprah Shows Support For Microsoft... From Her iPad

Image Source / Bored PandaOprah reveals her love for Microsoft while displaying 'Twitter for iPad'. I mean, there's always the chance she can have both and love using both, but still a bit awkward. Even worse when she publicly reveals she can afford 12 of them as casual Christmas gifts. But of course she can.

53. When Lorde Posted An Insensitive Shout Out To Whitney Houston

Image Source / Bored PandaNothing wrong with a relaxing bath on your day off and wanting to share it with the world, but quoting Whitney Houston lyrics when the legendary singer was found unresponsive in a bathtub is the peak of insensitivity.

54. Dean Norris Mistakes The 'Post' Button For The Search Box

Image Source / Bored PandaDean Norris of Breaking Bad fame was clearly looking for something very specific when he posted this Tweet - which of course, doesn't look like it was supposed to be a public post at all but something he should have kept between him and his internet search history.

55. Kirstie Alley's Shocking Tribute To Stephen Hawking

Image Source / Bored PandaPosting publicly that the genius Stephen Hawking, the most well-regarded theoretical physicist in history, cosmologist and author, had 'a good go at it' is just beyond insulting. Saying 'thanks for your input' to someone who revolutionised their field for the world as we know it is just cringe.