Mistakes We All Make When Washing Our Clothes

By Sophie 7 months ago

We Do It All Ourselves

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One of the biggest mistakes we make when doing our laundry is that we do it all solo. We take it upon ourselves to load up the machine, wash, dry and hang it up, without asking for a single hand from our family members. If you don't trust them, teach them...and make sure to delegate!

We Don't Read The Labels

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We've done that many washes we can do it with our eyes closed, right? Wrong! As that's how you miss important instructions. No matter how confident we are in our abilities, it is essential that we read the label on every garment to ensure correct washing. Do you really need to ruin another blouse?

We Don't Check The Weather

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Nothing beats air-dried laundry, and it's the first thing on our minds when the sun comes out. So why so often do we fail to check the weather before putting our clothes out to dry? We should never be too optimistic if we don't wish to repeat loads, and we don't want to be running home to take it in if we don't have to!

We Wash Everything At The Same Temperature

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The process of doing laundry is a lot like cooking; each item has an optimal temperature in which it will thrive. Perhaps we have become lazy or maybe we no longer care, as it's become all to common that we wash all of our clothes on precisely the same temperature, leaving our garments past their best.

We Don't Clean Our Machine Regularly

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Ask yourself this, have you ever deep cleaned your washing machine? Judging by the average American, the chances are you haven't. It is recommended however, that we clean our machines every couple of months so that our clothes always come out brilliantly clean. Well now we feel like dirtbags!

We Leave Things In The Pockets Of Our Clothes

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"Not another lip balm!" You say to yourself, as you remove the third stick this week from your laundry machine. You vow to always check the pockets after that time a twenty dollar bill went in with your cycle, but still you fail to check for everything. It must be a curse!

We Put Ourselves In Danger

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You may not realize it, but not clearing out the material that is often left behind in your washing machine can cause it to catch fire which could potentially burn your whole house down! It is said that laundry machines are the cause of around 16,000 fires a year in the US, so ensure to clear away that lint in order to stay safe.

We Use Too Much Detergent

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You may think that using lots of detergent will make your clothes feel extra clean, but don't be fooled as it usually has the opposite effect. Using soap in excess can leave behind a crusty residue; not quite the soft feel you'd expect from your luxury garments, and it isn't great for the machine, either!

Or We Don't Use Enough!

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If we already knew that too much detergent makes our clothes feel nasty, then we may go the opposite way and use too little. Doing this means that our clothes don't get the treatment they deserve, as they all need to be soaked in the stuff in order to get a good clean.

We Buy Detergent For The Scent And Not The Effects

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Some soaps have glorious scents, and we may be sold by the plethora of perfume that's on offer, but don't let this be your only consideration when decision-making. Make sure what you buy has all the attributes of a good detergent; otherwise, you'll have lovely smelling clothes that now look and feel terrible, but at least they smell good!

We Don't Use The Spin Setting

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This setting isn't for use on every material so always read the labels, but when we use the spin setting on our machines we are getting rid of a ton of moisture from our clothes so they'll dry much quicker. If you're tumble drying you'll use less energy, and if you're hanging your clothes up they won't be out for long meaning you can get another wash on pronto!

We Don't Treat Stains

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Clothes get stained, and there's sometimes no way to prevent it (especially if we have kids), so it's imperative that we do our best to get rid of them fast. We can't do this just by throwing the garment into the machine as they often need special treatment, so make sure you treat stains before washing so as not to waste your favorite clothes.

We Don't Prioritize

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We will usually consider what clothes we need to wear and when and give those clothes a good clean, however too often we forget to put in certain garments and have to do a whole other wash just for a few items! Make sure to properly prioritize your wash for the most efficient use of the machine.

We Overload The Machine

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If we have a particularly large pile of clothes we need to get through or we are conscious about conserving energy, we may put in a big load to wash which just about fits! Doing this only means that your clothes will not wash properly and you're risking breaking your machine. Not the outcome you were expecting.

We Mix Up Colors

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Most people know that whites shouldn't go with colors when we're separating our laundry, however it is important that we go one step further and separate the colored load, too. Hot water makes the dark colors run so they should never be washed with the paler shades, so ensure you seriously consider what you're putting in with what when you're loading up your machine.

We Don't Dry Properly

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Sometimes if we're in a rush, we may not leave our clothes until they're 100% dry before putting them on or away. This will lead to your clothes smelling damp and they could potentially grow mold. Ensure they're bone dry before doing anything with them, you'll only ruin them otherwise!

We Skip Handwashing

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Some items only need a handwash, otherwise they could shrink or the material will go awry. If a garment says 'hand wash only' then that's exactly what it means. Don't think you can get away with just putting them on a cold wash if you don't want them unwearable!

We Don't Sort Fabrics

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We've already touched on the fact that you should sort through colors, but did you know you should also sort your washing into fabrics, too? Delicate items don't need the same treatment as heavier pieces, so it is crucial that you separate fabrics so that everything is washed on the correct setting.

We Use Fabric Softener On Everything

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As nice as fabric softener is to use on your clothes, not everything benefits from its effects so make sure you do your research. Softener can make some clothes less fire-resistant and it can make towels less able to absorb water. It leaves harmful residue behind in your machine too so sometimes it is best to avoid!

We Don't Use Our Machines Correctly

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We may have used a few different machines over the years so feel ourselves able to work out the functionality of any one we come across, however most machines work slightly differently. Rather than trying to understand the appliance by playing around with it, it is always best to read the instructions.

We Throw Everything In The Tumble Dryer

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Tumble dryers are so handy when we're in a rush; we can get our clothes ready to wear in no time! This doesn't come without risk though, as not every material is suitable for the dryer and you may end up with teeny tiny clothes. Need we say this more - always read the label!

Our Laundry Room Is Unsightly

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Doing laundry is a tedious job but it's a job that must be done. We often need motivation to carry out chores such as this, and using a luxury laundry room is a great incentive. Spruce it up with some clever organization, a bit of paint and maybe some tiles, to make your job a little less daunting.

We Wash Too Hot Or Too Cold

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In our obsession for perfection we may go too extreme on the hot-cold scale when we wash our clothes. We may think a boil wash will rid our clothes of any germs and a cold wash will protect them from damage. Each statement has an element of truth but that doesn't mean they're the right temperatures for our load!

We Dry Our Clothes Without Ventilation

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If we don't have a garden or a tumble dryer then our only option to dry our clothes is by hanging them up indoors. If this is the case, then ensure that there is proper ventilation through the room that you're using, otherwise you may end up with damp walls and smelly clothes!

We Leave Shirts Buttoned Up

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When we wash shirts we must always remember to unbutton them, otherwise the holes can become damaged as they spin around in hot water. Unless you want to be constantly repairing your blouses, then make sure everything is undone as buttons are useless without their holes!

We Don't Update Our Machines

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The technology in washing machines has improved massively over the years, however old machines remain in circulation as they are passed on from one person to the next. If you can afford it, try and obtain a relatively modern machine as they are more energy efficient and give your clothes a better clean.

We Use The Wrong Settings

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Laundry machines can be an absolute minefield when it comes to knowing what setting to wash which clothes on, however it is important to know so that your clothes remain in good condition. Try writing down the optimal setting for specific loads, as it'll save you working it out each time you come to do a wash.

We Don't Zip Zippers Before Washing

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This is something we regularly forget to do, but it is essential if you don't want to ruin any of your clothes. The zippers on jeans and pants could get caught on the other items that are being washed, causing them to become damaged as they pull apart the threads. It's such a simple way to avoid this from happening so try to remember next time.

We Don't Service The Machine

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In order to maintain your machine to ensure its longevity, then it is a good idea to service it regularly. It is recommended that you inspect your machine once a month, and get new hose every few years. You should find out exactly how your machine should sound, what parts it needs and how to tell if it's working effectively. This way, you can keep on top of any repairs necessary.

We Pour Detergent Straight Onto The Fabrics

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Especially when handwashing, you may think that soaking your clothes in detergent is the most effective way to get them clean. This is not the case however, as such concentrated soap can damage the fabric as they become difficult to rinse. Use detergent as recommended for the best outcome.