Miracle Babies Born From Around The World

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

10 Days Old

Image Source: People
You'll come to recognise that earthquakes have been the introduction of some of the luckiest babies around the world! Particularly the stories coming out of Turkey and Syria in the last year or so! This newborn, named Yagiz, had been in the world for just 10 days before he and his mother were trapped under rubble for just under half a week. Somehow she managed to keep him alive with limited space available!

Foetal Surgery

                          Image Source: The Mirror
This little baby actually managed to survive an incredibly rare surgery that came about as a result of doctors finding a small hole within its spine during an ultrasound! It appeared as though the baby would be born with Spina bifida meaning that it would be disabled but doctors managed to sort the problem which they discovered, scared in a waiting room.


Image Source: NDTV
Crazily, this Malian woman gave birth to nine (YES NINE!) children in one go back in 2021 and somehow, despite the ever increasing worries of all of her doctors, her and her 9 children all managed to survive! It was expected that the premature birth would be too dangerous, but after being safely delivered by caesarean section they have now all returned home!

Earthquake Survivor

Image Source: CNN
This little one didn't actually have a traumatic birth but they did really struggle with the opening years of their life thanks to some earthquake issues in their home country of Turkey. 5 days after the earthquake had hit the parents assumed they'd never see the child again but little did they know that somehow she had survived a five floor fall from their residential building!

21 Weeks

Image Source: Daily Mail
Amillia Taylor was born at just 21 weeks old in the UK just before the turn into the 2010's and came during a ling debate over abortion ages in the country. This image covered the newspapers at the time as it showed how the abortion age was 'too high'. She was born just 10oz and her skin hadn't developed properly meaning it would tear at the slightest of movements.

Born In The Rubble

Image Source: BBC
In one of the most mental births of all time, this baby was the only member of her immediate family to survive the Turkey-Syria earthquakes at the start of this year! Her mother had been buried beneath the rubble but somehow managed to give birth whilst in the rubble. Although devastating, she may be one of the luckiest people alive and now lives with an aunt and uncle.

10oz Baby

Image Source: CBS News
Unbelievably after spending nearly half a year in the Carolinas Medical Center, this little baby girl was able to go home, despite doctors believing that she would never be able to do so. This was because she was actually born 14 weeks premature and weighing just 10oz! Somehow doctors were able to nurse her to good health until she was healthy enough to leave!

Hand Sized

Image Source: Good Morning America
Following the birth of this little guy, Richard, doctors informed his parents that there was basically 0% chance he would survive as a result of being born at just 21 weeks in to his mother's term. They had to manage to transport air to his brain as his lungs hadn't developed and he was still only the size of a hand at birth! After 65 days he managed to breathe by himself and now he's home!


Image Source: Fox 13 News
It isn't so much a medical miracle that this baby was born that caught the attention of news sites and others around the world but the fact that the baby was born on a palindrome date and then some! Judah Grace was born at 2:22am on Tuesday 2/22/22 weighing 122 pounds an being born in the delivery room, you guessed it, number two. Besides this the couple had previously been told they couldn't have kids!

Born In A Coma

                         Image Source: The Mirror
Although this image shows parents Jackie and Austin towards the end of her pregnancy, things took a scary turn when she suffered a brain aneurysm around the turn of being nine months in to her pregnancy! This led to a bleed on the brain and she ended up being placed in to an induced coma! They instantly performed a C-Section when she arrived at the hospital and the two are now on the road to recovery.

Born Outside The Womb

Image Source: The Sun
You probably all know that a baby grows within the womb of its mother, however, this lady actually gave birth to a baby girl that grew entirely OUTSIDE of the womb. The baby, born in Russia was actually found within the mothers abdominal cavity and had to be removed via C-section and weighed less than 5lbs! Typically no one survives this, but these two did!

Miracle Twins

Image Source: The Mirror
Not only did this lady give birth to twins who were born at just 25 weeks into her pregnancy but they came a year after a devastating miscarriage! It looked like this term could be just as devastating as she suffered an issue with her uterine wall and therefore the babies needed to be born as quickly as possible. Although they aren't past the danger zone yet, the fact they remain alive to this day is a miracle in itself.

Mississippi Quintuplets

Image Source: The Mirror
Having more than one child at a time can be dangerous for both the mother and the kids, especially when you're talking about 5! These quintuplets were born at just 28 weeks but all came out in good health, even making it home before their mother could! Some people might go crazy with 5 kids, but this couple felt as though it was a miracle after two miscarriages and and three insemination cycles.

No Ovaries

Image Source: Sky News
This miracle baby might have saved his mother's life after she was forced to have her ovaries removed as a result of cancer. She froze her eggs between surgeries and only had two possible chances of having a baby as only two embryos were suitable for the treatment. The first attempt ended horribly with a miscarriage but her final attempt brought her this bundle of happiness.

Twins Without Ovaries

                         Image Source: The Mirror
Not to try and outdo the previous mother, but this lady also had her ovaries removed but chose to start fertility treatment before she underwent her chemotherapy. After three attempts they found out that the process had worked and somehow the one embryo they had placed in her uterus had split, meaning she ended up giving birth to MIRACLE identical twins.

Infertile Pregnancy

Image Source: NBC News
Although a 30 year old woman from Japan was told she was actually infertile, she still ended up giving birth to a baby back in 2012 after surgeons re-implanted ovarian tissue that they had treated. Although this process was just experimental it could be a sign that there is a new, less stressful and less painful process for woman with ovarian issues to have to go through.

Implanted Ovary Tissue

Image Source: Alarabiya News
Similarly to the previous point, this Dubai resident managed to give birth to her miracle baby using ovarian tissue that was taken from her when she was just eight years old! The ovarian tissue was removed as she was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and it was stored in liquid nitrogen for the years in between! This could be the next step in protecting mothers!

A Grown Womb

                        Image Source: The Telegraph
At the age of 19, the mother in this image, Hayley Haynes was informed that she would never be able to have children as she didn't have a womb, any ovaries or any fallopian tubes! So technically speaking she was actually a male as she was born with XY chromosomes. However they eventually found a womb just less than millimetres in length which doctors managed to grow! She managed to birth twins after IVF.

Uterus Transplant

Image Source: Cleveland Clinic
Looking at this little one you would never imagine she went through a slightly different birth would you? Her mother was born without a uterus, which basically meant she had no chance of having children in the future. However, back in 2016 she became just the 8th person to have a uterus transplant and managed to give birth as part of a very high risk pregnancy.

Oldest Natural Pregnancy

Image Source: New York Post
You probably know that by the time you reach your 40's as a woman you become increasingly less fertile and the chance you have of becoming pregnant lowers. So you might be amazed to hear that aged 67, Xinju tian of China naturally became pregnant and naturally gave birth to a baby girl. They clearly knew the baby was a miracle as they named her Tianci which means gift from heaven.

Three Parent Baby

                              Image Source: New Scientist
Although this technique has been described as quite controversial across the scientific community (it's only been approved in the UK) a baby was finally born using it recently. It's meant to help parents with rare genetic mutations still give birth to children that they are ACTUALLY related to! I wonder how long it'll take for this to be approved worldwide.

Born Without Mother

             Image Source: India Today
When you think about a miracle baby this has to be up there! This young girl was born during a period in which her mother was technically dead! However, as if by magic, after the baby was born her heart began beating again and she was placed into an induced coma. Both of them eventually made a full recovery and were able to head home soon after the birth!

3D Printer Lifesaver

Image Source: IBTimes UK
At just 6 weeks old this little guy nearly lost his life after being unable to pump air through his lungs and doctors believed that he wouldn't survive. However, in an attempt to throw anything at the world, they developed a splint using a 3d printer that they hoped would potentially improve his chances of breathing better and crazily it actually managed to work out!

Missing Skull

Image Source: CNN
Following the birth of their child, this babies parents were told that they would only be able to spend minutes with him before he died. However, months later he continues to live despite being born without part of his skull! Usually this is fatal in all instances but he managed to survive despite having a large sac of fluid in the gap in his head. A true marvel of the scientific world!

A Gift From Above

Image Source: The Mirror
This mothers two young children had cruelly been taken from hr after a drunk driver had killed them on a British highway. However, she described the birth of her next child as a miracle and a gift from god and helped to keep her sane after having to spend months trying to keep herself from becoming to depressed after the loss of her other young kids.

13 Years Of Infertility

Image Source: CBS News
Having spent near 15 years trying to conceive a baby this couple made up of a 50 year old and a 61 year old finally managed to do so! Although they were unable to do so naturally and had to use IVF as a result of problems they both had, 15 years of hard effort and tears made this pretty much a miracle for the couple who finally managed to take home a miracle baby girl.

Surviving An Attack

Image Source: CNN
Following these two babies being attacked in a fit of rage by their mother, it appeared as though neither of them were going to make it. One of them had a knife lodged in their skull whilst the other had a pair of scissors. The doctors managed to make a miracle happen for this tiny duo and both eventually survived now living with their grandparents in Tallahassee.

Cystic Fibrosis Mother

Image Source: NHS
Back in 2020 the British NHS (National Health Service) offered a number of Cystic Fibrosis sufferers the chance to have a miracle treatment known as Kaftrio which enabled these two to finally give birth! Prior to this it was believed that they were never going to have kids as a result of it being a degenerative disease and meaning she would struggle to live past 30 never mind be a parent!

Concentration Camp

Image Source: IWM
I know what you're thinking, that's an old lady and not a baby right? Yes, but her story is one that can only be described as a miracle. On the 29th April 1945, Eva Clarke was born within the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, it doesn't sound very lucky does it? But she was actually born THE DAY AFTER the gas chambers were destroyed and a week before it was liberated. Any earlier and her life could've been at risk!

Jesus Christ

Image Source: Reddit
If you're a religious person then you'll know that Jesus Christ was a man made of miracles, yet one humble enough to have led an entire religious group. We all know the story by now, Jesus was born following a miraculous conception of as he was conceived by the holy spirit within Mary's womb and not that of a human father. Will there ever be a miracle greater than this?