Meet The Man Who Thinks He Can Live Forever

By Tom Pearson 8 months ago

He Wants To Be 18 Again

Image Source: BBC
The main goal of Bryan Johnson is to reverse the aging process, and he wants to make himself 18 once again. Physically, it is fair to say that Bryan is in great shape and has the body of an 18 year old, but you can clearly tell he isn't actually 18. Can you truly reverse aging?

He Sold His Company For $800 Million

Image Source: British GQ
The whole age reversal process is a pretty expensive en devour to get yourself into. In order to fund his scientific feat, Bryan Johnson sold his company, which was valued at over $800 million dollars. Chances are he will spend most of this in his quest.

He Wakes Up At 5AM

Image Source: Business Insider
Actually, Bryan Johnson wakes up at 4:53 am every single morning on the dot. He starts his day immediately, and does not believe in a lie in or a lazy morning in bed. Can you imagine getting up at 4:53 am for the rest of your life... but for fun! Crazy.

He Hired 30 Doctors To Test Him

Image Source: Business Insider 
Although many doctors see Bryan Johnson's mission to stop aging as pointless, he has hired a team of 30 doctors who say otherwise. Arguably, these doctors are going to say what Bryan Johnson wants to hear, as chances are he pays them fairly well for their time.

He Does 100 Set Things Every Day

Image Source: Dagens.DK
Bryan Johnson wakes up at the exact same time every day, and from there his day is set out for him. He does the exact same thing every single day, and follows a 100 point to do list to ensure he does all he can possible to help slow down and reverse aging.

He Uses A High Tech Scale

Image Source: Daily Star
As part of his daily routine, Bryan Johnson weighs himself multiple times a day. The scale he uses is not a conventional bathroom scale, and instead is a super high tech scale which measures things like his weight, hydration level and body fat levels.

He Is Colder Than Average

Image Source: Fortune
Although being colder than average may lead many people to visit the doctors office, Bryan Johnson actually believes that it is beneficial to his long term health. Bryan tries to keep himself cold for most of the time, as he says it helps his cells regenerate.

He Takes 54 Pills When He Wakes Up

Image Source: Fortune
As soon as Bryan Johnson wakes up, one of the first things in his morning routine is taking his pills. Unlike a lot of us who may take two or three pills, Bryan starts his day off by taking 54 pills. One of these pills is absolutely huge, and known as the green giant.

It Costs Him 2 Million Dollars Per Year

Image Source: Fox
Every year, in order to keep up his insane diet and exercise routine, Bryan Johnson shells out a whopping 2 million dollars. This money goes towards a myriad of pills, gym equipment and a whole team of dedicated medical staff and well paid doctors. How far would you go to stay young?

He Admits It Is Challenging

Image Source: Guardian 
Anyone would see the routine of Bryan Johnson and think it was pretty much impossible. Bryan Johnson obviously does not think his lifestyle is impossible, but does admit that it can be challenging at times and he needs to be mentally tough to keep it up.

He Has Been Doing It For Years

Image Source: The Guardian
Bryan Johnson has been researching anti aging effects for years, and has been attempting to reverse the aging process for almost 10 years. Bryan is now 46 years old and genuinely believes he is successfully achieving his goal of becoming younger once again.

He Collects His Own Poop

Image Source: iNews
Okay, so this is a pretty gross part of the Bryan Johnson way of life. In order to accurately measure his gut health and how diet is affecting him, Bryan collects his own poop and sends it to his doctors so it can be tested. Pretty weird and pretty gross.

He Sleeps For At Least 8 Hours

Image Source: Linkedin 
Every single night Bryan Johnson gets at least 8 hours of sleep. He monitors his sleep intensely and believes that any time you are not sleeping is essentially self harm. Bryan only has a bed in his bedroom, as he says it is only for sleeping and nothing else.

Jeff Bezos Invested In Him

Image Source: Reddit
One of the most wealthy men on the plant, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has sunk a large amount of money into Bryan Johnson to help him with his research. Perhaps Bezos believes that one day he will be successful and help to stop his aging process as well.

He Freezes Himself

Image Source: Rejuvenation Olympics
Cryogenic chambers are not just from science fiction books or Futurama. Bryan Johnson actually uses one to help restore his cells, and he believes it is one of the key ingredients in stopping the again process. This is an expensive process and not for everyone!

He Says Death Is Optional

Image Source: Robb Report 
Unlike the rest of the entire human race, Bryan Johnson believes that everyone who has passed away made that choice, and it is an option that you have the option to opt in or out of. A lot of independent scientist has said that this is nonsense and not true.

He Has Limited Possessions

Image Source: Tech Crunch
Bryan Johnson spends his entire life doing one thing, trying to live forever. He says that his need for physical possessions is pointless, as the only goal he has is staying alive. Even though he is super rich, his house is pretty cold and empty inside.

Scientists Believe It Wont Work

Image Source: Shiska News
Apart from the scientists that work for Bryan Johnson, the rest of the scientific community believes that death is baked into our genes, and trying to avoid it is a fruitless en devour. The scientists that work for Johnson disagree with this theory... What a shock!

He Drinks Weird Smoothies

Image Source: Vice
Bryan Johnson does not have set meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. He instead has meal 1, 2 and 3. Instead of a cheeseburger or pancakes with syrup, Bryan opts for a strange brown smoothie made by his personal chef (who he insists wears all white).

He Only Eats Special Chocolate

Image Source: Wiki 
How many of us have a soft spot for a bit of chocolate? Bryan Johnson is no different from a lot of us and loves a little bit of chocolate. Except for his chocolate is a little different. All of the natural metals and chemicals are stripped back, so it is pretty tasteless.

He Is 1% Body Fat

Image Source: Medium 
With a body fat level of less than 1%, Bryan Johnson could be considered among the top percentile of super athletes on the planet. Unfortunately, Bryan actually looks a little more sickly than super athletes and some scientists think this BMI level is unhealthy.

He Uses A Light Therapy Machine

Image Source: Guardian 
Many people have actually started to use light therapy machines at home to help keep their skin looking healthy. The light therapy machine replicates sunlight, and gives the body a boost of vitamin D that we would normally get from sunlight and other natural sources.

He Can Leg Press 800 Pounds

Image Source: Rolling Stone
Although Bryan Johnson is now 46 years old, and seen as past his physical prime, he is actually in really great shape. He hits the gym for an hour a day at least, and can leg press 800 pounds. I have to admit, that is a pretty impressive feat of strength.

He Measures His V02 Max

Image Source: Boston Magazine 
A Vo2 Max machine is a mask which you strap on before you do strenuous exercise. It limits the amount of oxygen you receive, and shows you how effective your lungs are at using the oxygen you have, This is a pretty hard thing to measure, by Bryan does it daily.

Mashed Vegetables Are Eaten 3 Times A Day

Image Source: Reddit
3 times a day, Bryan indulges himself on a meal of boiled and mashed vegetables. Alongside his vegetable smoothies and tasteless chocolates, its fair to say the Bryan doesn't have the most fun or varies diet. Some scientists say this could actually hinder him.

His Company Monitor Brain Activity

Image Source: Reddit 
Bryan Johnson made his fortune by selling his company. The equipment his company made is actually still used today, and is found in most hospitals as it helps measure brain activity. Bryan uses his own company to see what is going on inside his own head.

He Has His Own YouTube Chanel

Image Source: Reddit
Bryan wants to get the message out to the masses that death is not going to happen to us all and he has found the answer. In order to get his message across, Bryan created his own YouTube channel. Arguably, this makes his idea's seem even more mental!

He Goes To Bed At 8:30PM

Image Source: Reddit
With a wake up time of 4:53am, is it any wonder that Bryan goes to bed at 8:30pm. After his third meal of the day, Bryan Johnson wires himself into a whole host of monitoring equipment and tries to get some sleep Surely this would make it more difficult to sleep though, right?

His Olive Oil Costs $75

Image Source: Reddit
The super wealthy are known to spend ludicrous amounts of money on everyday items. Bryan Johnson is no exception, and has mentioned in previous interviews that his olive oil costs $75. Considering a normal bottle is about $5, that is a pretty crazy amount!

He Pees As Fast As Possible

Image Source: Reddit
Going to pee is the bodies way of naturally removing toxins from our body. Bryan believes that this is actually bad for him, and gives himself special injections which make him pee super fast. Te be honest, a lot of people would skip the injections in the junk and pee slowly.