McDonald’s Secrets Employees Don’t Want You To Know

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Abused Chickens For Egg Supply!

image source:choiceMost of the eggs in McDonald's are speculated come from caged hens. Which in today's world is very disappointing to hear. Back in 2015, McDonald's pledged its goal to use only cage-free eggs by 2025. In 2019. McDonald's disclosed that 33% of its egg supply was now cage-free. There is progress but it's not enough as of yet.Sourced from Femanin

2. Beware, Their Shakes Are Pure Sugar

image source:twitterThe McDonald's shakes may be a tasty favorite. But, it's no wonder they taste so good when practically the whole shake is just sugar. The drinks are made from corn syrup. but, not just a dash. No, pretty much the entire drink is made from corn syrup, then some ice cream, and if these ingredients weren't bad enough it's topped off with cream for even more indulgence.

3. They Switch Expiry Dates On Some Products

McDonald's apple pie: It's hot, crispy, fresh...but apparently not that fresh. In actual fact, the apple pies have often been there longer than we thought. Sometimes, they are sat there waiting for a while and a McDonald's worker said that when the expiry date runs out, they switch it with another.

4. You Could Be Eating Dropped Food

image source: tripadvisorDon't get us wrong, McDonald's do have scrupulous cleaning regimes and sanitizing stations. But, a couple of workers have reported that some people may drop things and pick them up straight away again to use. This is pretty disgusting considering how many people will have walked over that exact spot in a day.

5. Less Than Half Of The Nugget Is Actually Chicken

image source: liverpoolThat being said it's still not exactly a healthy option. This is because after they are cooked only 45% of the nugget is actually chicken. The rest is pretty much just fat and batter because they are small the percentage of chicken to fat ratio is less. Which, is not healthy, to say the least.

6. They Can Hear EVERYTHING In Your Car

image source: redditThe quality of the speakers at the drive-thru is pretty good, so good that they can hear it all. They become activated by the metal of your car so when your car rolls up the speakers tune in. And, they can basically hear everything going on inside your car. And while they are not trying to listen in, it's hard not to.

7. Sorry, But There's No Secret Menu

image source: eatthisThere are a lot of people out there who insist that there is a secret menu. In fact, many will tell you that they themselves have had McDonald's food straight from the secret menu. Well, it turns out it's completely false. A worker from McDonald's has set the record straight and said that there is no such thing as a secret menu.

8. Some Of The Meat Contains Antibiotics

image source: youtubeRestaurant chains all over have come under scrutiny for using meat packed with antibiotics. Because it will lessen our resistance to antibiotics in the future. So, McDonald's has had to make some changes to ensure that they are doing more to make sure this is the case. But, it's most likely that a lot of it still has antibiotics in.

9. They Have ONE Zero Energy Restaurant

image source: aiscBy 2050 McDonald's has pledged to be energy free. As of now, they have one restaurant that is totally zero energy and it looks pretty cool. It's at Disneyland and the model is a precedent for the future. Plus, this new model looks so much better as well as being less harmful for the planet.

10. The Staff Are Underpaid

image source: laborIt may, unfortunately, come as no surprise that the mega-chain underpays their staff as it seems to be a well-known fact now. They also do not have good policies in terms of holidays and days off. This is in the USA and other countries may have better treatment for the McDonald's workers.

11. You Have To ASK If You Want It Fresh

image source: leicesterJust because it's fast, don't assume that it is fresh. There is such a massive turnover of food that things get reheated and put back in the oven all the time. So, when you are wanting your chips fresh out of the oven you may need to ask for this. You can definitely tell too because sometimes the chips are crunchy and warm.

12. The Breakfast Burritos Probably Aren't Fresh

image source: eatthisWhat you do not want to think when you order food is that your order has been ready sat waiting in the oven...for hours. But, there is not a huge demand for the breakfast burrito. The popularity of this item has never really taken off. And so, for those select people who love it there are some ready and waiting to be taken.

13. Employees Can NEVER Sit Down

image source: archiveThis is not a fact that will be hard for the customer to hear, but it certainly is for the employees. It might look like an easy and relaxing job, but the drive-thru employees do not have it as easy as you'd think. People are often shocked to find out that the employees on the drive-thru are not allowed to sit. They have to stand in the same spot for hours and hours on end.

14. NEVER Order The Grilled Chicken

image source: twitterThis has come as advice from a former McDonald's manager. They claimed to avoid ordering anything with grilled chicken because it's horrible. Its this frozen chicken that is steamed and it's quite gelatinous. Which, doesn't sound like totally real chicken. So, I think we'd take this advice and go for something else instead.

15. ALWAYS Go For The Kids Option

image source: redditOpting for the kid's option instead is often a good idea in McDonald's. Not just because it's smaller and cheaper but it's often more healthy. And, in fact, sometimes it is not even less food. For example, if you get a snack-sized McFlurry you are looking at double the calories of a kiddie cone. You get the same amount of ice cream and treats but it is by far the healthier option.

16. You Can Get A Grilled Cheese

image source: eatgrassGrilled cheese is not on the menu. Nor is it on the so-called (non-existent) secret menu either. But, you can actually still ask for it nonetheless. The workers at McDonald's have received this request multiple times and they do not mind doing it for you. It's surprising how many times it's ordered despite being nowhere on the menu.

17. Go Between 12 and 2 p.m. and 5 and 7 p.m

image source: eatthisIf you want someone to think you are reviewing McDonald's and get some special treatment - then these are the times to go. It's at this time that the special customers who paid for reviews will secretly go because it's rush hour. So, do this and ask for the receipt and you may be treated even better.

18. The Drive Thru Employees Are Timed

image source: foodbusinessDrive Thru's are always a rush, getting your order out and then getting it within a couple of minutes. If you are wondering why the employees are rushing so much, even when their may not be a huge queue it is because the cars are timed. From the moment the car enters until the moment they leave the whole thing is recorded. The time is supposed to be two minutes which of course puts workers under pressure to respond and serve very fast.

19. NEVER Pay Extra For Sauces

image source: hackthemenuIf you do not like the sauce with your meal, for example, if your burger comes with mayo - then switch it. And, this sounds obvious but we don't mean ask for it without and buy it extra. You don't have to pay anything more at all, just simply request for your meal with one sauce instead of another. People often do not realize they can and ask for it without sauce altogether instead. But, this is a great trick for you to know for next time.

 20. Special Requests NEVER Go Down Well

image source: postregThey don't like to show it, but McDonald's workers do not like it when they see a special order. When you're serving hundreds of thousands of orders and customers a day, the last thing they want is anything to slow down the hectic process. Some people, even try and order chips without salt to try and ensure they get a fresh batch of chips. But workers have advised that instead of doing this, simply just ask for a fresh order. Otherwise, they may have to clean out the barrels first etc and it's a whole process.

21. Artisan Sandwiches Are Annoying

image source: redditEmployees of McDonald's won't tell you this, but the artisan products are very annoying. Every time someone orders one, the workers despair a tiny little bit inside. Because they take so much longer than the other menu items. Artisan and fast food do not exactly go hand in hand. In fact, it's a little bit of a contradiction. If there are no sandwiches pre-made in the back, then the artisan chicken sandwiches take around eight minutes to prepare.

22. 'The Ice Cream Machine Is Broken'

image source: dailymailWe've all heard those words. And, it's never well received - 'the ice cream machine is broken'. Despite rumors, the ice cream machine is indeed broken, a lot of the time. The machine so prone to breaking and it can take a couple of days to get up and running again. It's a continuous problem at McDonald's so if you are craving a McFlurry you better hope that the machine is up and running smoothly.

23. Only Vehicles In The Drive Thru

image source: edinburghIf you've ever wondered if you walk through a drive-thru instead of driving, don't bother because you can't. McDonald's workers are not allowed to serve you unless you are in a motorized vehicle. So if you are on foot, or on an electric scooter, or a pedal bike then you will get turned away. This rule is purely a safety issue because there may be cars behind who do not see you or expect you and it could be dangerous.

24. McDonald's Workers Get 30% Off

image source: mirrorMcDonald's workers get 30% off McDonald's, not just nationally but worldwide with their staff card. Now, if that is not an incentive to join the McDonald's team I do not know what is. Imagine the price of McDonald's with 30% off when it's already very reasonable as it is.

25. Ask For A Round Egg

image source: seriousYou may have heard the rumors that McDonald's eggs aren't real. And, the assumption usually comes from the fact that the eggs are so round and unnaturally neat. But, the round eggs are in fact made from real eggs. They use a round dish to crack the eggs into and then place over a lid and over some boiling water. But, some of the eggs do come from a powdered mix.

26. You Don't Have To Pay 5 Dollars For A Big Mac

image source: foodologyHere's something we all want to know, but McDonald's employees certainly won't want us to. You do not actually have to pay five dollars for a Big Mac. Big Macs are one of the most popular McDonald's items of all time. But, there's a way to get it less than half of the price. Ask for a Mac Double. It is less than two dollars. Then, ask for it without mayo and ketchup on and ask them to put lettuce and Big Mac sauce on instead. Remember the trading sauce tip we looked at earlier. This is a great time to use that hack. Then, you've got yourself a Big Mac. Okay, there's no middle piece of bread but who needs that?

27. Ask For A Receipt

image source: mirrorThere are people who are actually paid to go and test the McDonald's food according to McDonald's employees. These people enter in certain hours and request a meal and they then have to rate it. Employees know about these certain people and so if they get a hunch that a customer is rating the meal they will do their best to impress and make sure their food is the freshest. One way to tell these customers apart is that they always request a receipt. This is so they can have their meal reimbursed. So, if you want a McDonald's worker to think you are one of these special guests to improve your experience then request a receipt and they may just think you are there on a meal rating mission.

28. The Fruit 'N Yoghurt IS NOT Healthy

image source: semisweetIf you're going to McDonald's and trying to be healthy then you may opt for the Fruit 'N Yoghurt Parfait. You'd be wrong in doing this as it contains a lot of sugar. So, if you've ever resisted the Big Mac and in replacement chosen the fruit n yogurt parfait, you'll be very disappointed to find out that you were still consuming a load of sugar.

29. Mc-Rib(less)

image source: redditThe tasty McRib, a favorite amongst many. When it first came out people went berserk for this sweet sandwich. But, the McRib has no rib. And while you may think, of course, it has no rib the bone has been removed - it was never a rib in the first place.  The beef has been squished into that shape so that it vaguely resembles a beef rib.

30. They Get Many Prank Calls

image source: dailydotOf course, you can ring for legitimate reasons, maybe you are checking the opening time or booking a kid's party. But they don't often get them. The majority of customer calls are actually prank calls. Every time the phone ring the McDonald's workers feel dubious about who is making the call. And, according to McDonald's workers they are often very inappropriate and highly unoriginal.

31. They Don't Like Happy Meal Toy Collectors

image source: youtubeIt's not that they don't like Happy Meal collectors in general. If you ask for a happy meal and get the toy and that is that then you are very welcome indeed. But, it's when a collector starts pestering staff for a certain toy because it's not the one they want that things get very annoying.

32. No-one Messes With Monopoly

image source: physThe McDonald's Monopoly has been one of the most successful things ever for the chain. It brings in old customers, new customers and people more frequently than ever. And when it does happen, employees are not allowed to get involved. This is because one store started printing out their own tickets to win, for the employees of the chain. It was back in 2000 and it was a well publicized incident. It was found out, however, and rules were put in place. And, since then no employee is allowed to open or mess with Monopoly at all.

33. Staff Sometimes Sabotage The Signs

image source: cheezSometimes the lights go out and make it appear a different way or sometimes certain letters fall off meaning a different word is spelled instead. One member of staff remembered how the letter 'g' fell out of the Angus burger and it caused quite a commotion at the time.

34. 60 Minute Grilled Chicken Shelf Life

image source: twitterWe've already seen how the grilled chicken is pretty bad. But it gets even worse. It is said to be the most neglected item on the menu. It's supposed to have a shelf life of 60 minutes under the cover which means it can remain under the heated lights for 60 minutes before it goes bad. But, according to the workers, it goes bad well before 60 minutes and after not long at all it completely dries out. Then, it's kind of tasteless and rubbery and completely unappetising.

35. Sometimes Your Order Is Forgotten

image source: foodandwineThe workers at McDonald's recommend you check your order to save disappointment in case anything has been done wrong or anything has been forgotten from the order. This is not because they are lazy or cannot be bothered to get your order right or they do not bother checking. Far from it. It's literally just that someone has forgotten.

36. Ask For No Ice

image source: manchesterIf you do not want your drink to be mainly ice, then ask for it without. That way, you are getting all soda. Because we all know that the majority of the cup of soda is filled with ice. You can hear the ice rattling around inside and in just a few sips your drink is almost gone.

37. Rush Hour Has The Freshest Food

image source: instructablesWorkers may not want to increase their workload at rush hour- it's called rush hour for a reason. But, this is the point in the day when the food is freshest. Because the turn-around is so high so the food is going straight from the oven to your plate without sitting around waiting.

38. Ordering Specific Things Can Save You Money

image source: myrecipesThere's simple little tricks you can do that will save you a pound here or a pound there. For example, instead of a sausage McMuffin which will cost you around $3.50, why not order a sausage muffin with a side of round egg.

39. The Happy Meal Is Better Nutritionally

image source: pigoranNutritionists recommend that if you are going to get something from McDonald's, then the Happy Meal is the best thing to get. Because it is aimed at children and they have made many changes to ensure that it is better nutritionally. Especially in terms if the drink and the snack.

40. McDonald's Workers Don't Like Happy Meals

image source: foodandwineMcDonald's workers actually aren't that keen on making Happy Meals, and we aren't just talking about the avid toy collectors. We may have just said that Happy Meals are a better option. But, the workers do not exactly like it when you order them. This is purely because there are more elements to put together and therefore it is, of course, more time-consuming.

41. Ask For No Pickles

image source: thesunNext time you order, you may want to ask without the pickles - unless of course, you are a pickle lover. This is purely because you will get a fresh order. The worker will not just pick off the pickle, they will make you a fresh patty. Although, the workers do not like it when you do this. You could also just ask for fresh food.

42. Ask For No Salt

image source: tribpubThis is similar to the last one. If you want a sure way to get fresh food then you can ask for food without salt. But, again they do not like this because they may also have to use completely new equipment to make it too. But, it is also a healthier way to eat your McDonald's since we all know they use a lot of salt.

43. You Can't Get Soda With A Happy Meal

image source: britGone are the days when you could get your Happy Meal along with a coke. Which, may be sad if that is what you want but it was all part of a healthy initiative. Because the Happy Meal is designed for kids, they switched out the soda for a healthy organic fruit drink too.

44. There Are No Artificial Preservatives In The Nuggets

image source: mirrorWe all remember when chicken nuggets were very unhealthy, and they got a lot of bad publicity. They also had a lot of artificial preservatives in them. But now, they use 100% chicken breast and no artificial colourings or preservatives. This is definitely a good thing!

45. The Liquid Margarine Is Gone

image source: insiderYou may not have known this but the food used to be cooked in liquid margarine. Now, this has all been replaced with butter. As we now know that margarine is less healthy because it is not natural and it is processed, unlike butter which comes from natural sources.

46. Corn Syrup Was Removed From The Buns

image source: eaterWe all know why the buns at McDonald's taste SO good. And, it's not for a good reason - it's because they are so sweet. They used to be full of corn syrup. But this has now been replaced with a different kind of sweetener to make them less unhealthy.

47. The Centre for Science in the Public Interest Threatened To Sue

image source: reutersThe centre for science in the public interest threatened to sue McDonald's for luring children in to its stores and then giving them unhealthy food. There have been many changes however to make the food more child friendly in terms of its healthiness. The company never sued McDonald's because it changed a variety of things.

48. Pink Slime Was Only Banned Because Of Public Outcry

image source: fastfoodnewsRemember the pink slime? Everyone was so horrified when they realized they'd been eating nuggets made out of pink chicken slime. Thankfully, because of the outcry, it stopped being used. And then, the pink slime was actually made illegal for consumption. Which shows how gross it really was.

49. The Salads Aren't Very Healthy

image source: quoraYou may go to McDonald's trying to be healthy. If this is so, then don't go for the salad. This would be the common-sense thing to order when you are trying to be healthy, but actually they are full of empty calories because its sauces and dressings.

50. In The US The Only Place Without McDonald's IS The Desert

image source: redditMcDonald's is literally everywhere, all over the world, but particularly in the US. In fact the only places there are not is in Nevada and the desert. Otherwise, there is nowhere you can go in the US that does not have a McDonald's somewhere in the vicinity.

51. The U.S Is Not McDonald's Biggest market

(Image source/Abscbn)This will come as a huge surprise to most people. But, the main customer for McDonald's is not actually the US - it is Europe. 40% of the total of McDonald's profits comes from Europe, compared with a close 38% from the US. So, although we think of it as an American market - Europe is bigger.

52. They Earned Less Money Last Year

(Image source/blogspot)McDonald's earned less money last year, by around 7% which is massive in terms of the scale of McDonald's revenue. So, perhaps our healthier lifestyle choices and awareness of foods are having an impact on how much fast food we put into our bodies.

53. It’s closing more stores than opening new ones

(Image source/snaxtime)McDonald's is actually shrinking for the first time in 40 years. It's strange to think of the food giant ever-shrinking but since last year sales went down. Which considering COVID is hardly surprising. But its popularity in some countries for example Germany, is decreasing.

54. It's one of the biggest real estates

(Image source/theedge)McDonald's isn't only the biggest fast-food chain in the world, it's also one of the biggest real estate companies. It makes sense considering just how many buildings they have around the world. The value of its real estate assets amounts to more than $28 billion, which is a crazy amount of property.

55. 1 in 8 U.S. workers has been employed by McDonald’s

(Image source/blogspot)This is a massive figure when you think about it. McDonald's is one of the USA's biggest employers. It had 420,000 workers at the end of 2014. Over its history, the fast-food chain has employed around 1 in 8 Americans, according to an estimation from the book "Fast Food Nation." That is a LOT of people.

56. Jeff Bezos Worked There

(Image source/blogspot)One of the richest men on the planet right now, with one of the biggest companies in the entire world - Jeff Bezos. He started from humble roots, in fact, he worked at McDonald's. His favourite thing about it was cracking the eggs into a bowl with one hand. Katy Perry also worked there for a brief time.

57. It Has Free Wifi

(Image source/bakingbusiness)This may be no surprise if you a regular McDonald's customer. But, the stores now have free wifi (mostly anyway). Before 2011, McDonald's had charged $2.95 dollars for two hours of internet access. Thankfully not any more. But this is just another way to get customers through the door.

58. McDonald's Advertisement Differs Region From Region

(Image source/Eater)McDonald's won an award for their marketing strategy. Because, there is not one advert for all. McDonald's fits the advert to the market audience of that particular region. So, when you cross regions the adverts will change. What one place might like, another place may prefer something different.

59. There Are McCafes

(Image source/chicagotribune)Now there are not only McDonald's but they actually open McCafe's as separate buildings. The coffee at McDonald's has become a huge revenue. Beverages have a higher profit market and so McDonald's have started to compete with the likes of Starbucks. They sell nice coffees at a fraction of the price.

60. It Does Not Decompose

(Image source/theedgyvedge)I'm sure we've all heard the story that you can leave a McDonald's burger and it will not decompose. This is true. And, it's a pretty scary thought because it makes you question what exactly is inside it. But this theory has been tried and tested and is very much true.

61. Corn Syrup Is Still In The Sauces

(Image source/lifehacker)Just when we thought McDonald's had gotten rid of corn syrup because we know it is harmful. They did get rid of it in some things, but the sauces are still full with it. So, keep that in mind next time your burger comes dripping with your favourite sauce.

62. The Chickens Are Factory Farmed

(Image source/franchisebusiness)As we saw with the eggs, most of them come from caged hens. And, the chicken is mass-produced and sold cheap so the chicken is not coming from free-range hens. It is coming from farm factories where hens are packed together in horrific conditions where they don't have enough room to stand.

63. The Food is Full Of Strange Ingredients

(Image source/blogspot)You order fries - you think the ingredients would be a couple of things such as potato and a bit of salt. Think again, fries have 17 different ingredients. And most of them are unrecognisable and unpronouceable. So, even if you are thinking you are eating one thing - there's a whole host of things packed inside.

64. The Chicken Nuggets Can Melt

(Image source/Food&wine)Chicken nuggets have had some very bad press over the years. And now we have discovered that they've changed a LOT since the pink slime days. But, as someone discovered working at McDonald's if they are left under the heat for too long...they turn to liquid.

65. It has A Big Negative Environmental Impact

(Image source/Eater)Of course, with a franchise this size its collective impact on the environment is going to be huge. Since, it's still not energy efficient. And, mass farming is extremely harmful. When you're serving out a burger every second - this is not a good thing for the planet.

66. The Double Quarter Pounder Is 550 Calories

(Image source/TheIndependent)When you order the double quarter pounder you should be aware of what you are actually intaking. It's no shock that McDonald's is full of sugars, sodium and calories. But, this one is a lot. Its got 42 grams of fat, but it also contains 2.5 grams of trans fat - the harmful fats.

67. Burgers And Sandwiches Are Made To Order

(Image source/essentialoils)So, actually, when we ask for no cheese on our patty to get fresh food - it's not even been made yet anyway. Yes, the patty may be sat in a heating tray waiting but the burgers are assembled on request they are not premade as many people seem to assume.

68. The Chips Aren't Vegetarian

(Image source/soyummy)Why aren't chips made of potato vegetarian? Well first off, the chips are made of a LOT of things. And, unfortunately for the vegans and vegetarians, beef flavouring is one of them. So if you think you're limited with choice, you certainly are because even the fries have meat flavour.

69. The Big Mac Sauce Is Thousand Island Dressing

(Image source/thesctottishsun)We've all heard the hype around the Big Mac sauce. People have tried to recreate it because everyone goes crazy for it. Well, it's fairly simple if you do want to make it at home. It's pretty much just thousand island dressing with onions and pickles too.

70. McRibs May Be Beef Patties

(Image source/thepickesteater)The McRibs aren't McDonald's workers favourite orders by any means. Because they take AGES to cook. And so, it has been done where the employee will take a beef patty and just drench it in the same sauce because it's so much faster. And, nobody seems to notice the swap.

71. Relationships Are Common Amongst McDonald's Staff

(Image source/nbc)Relationships in the workplace are never recommended...but they happen. A lot. And, apparently, McDonald's is no different. It happens all the time there in every store there are lots of people who end up together. In fact, one manager said that there were around 5 or 6 people in relationships with people they met in their store.

71. The Repeated Catchphrase

(Image source/nypost)As the infamous Ray Croc would say “if you have time to lean, you have time to clean”. This means that if employees are leaning back for a minute, they should instead be cleaning. And, workers have admitted that although it may be annoying it's a good thing because the restaurants are actually kept in very good cleanly conditions.

72. Breakfast Is The Most Stressful Time

(Image source/ changeover when one person comes in 15 minutes late at 10.45 demanding a McMuffin. By this point, all of the breakfast equipment is in the sink about to be washed up. It is even worse than when the drunken hoards of people come in after a night out, which is saying something.

73. The Work Shift Decided What Free Food You Get

(Image source/tasteofhome)The free food you are allowed depends upon the length of your shift. If it's longer, you get better meals. If you are on a seven-plus-hour shift then you are allowed any medium Extra Value Meal. Likewise, if you’re on a shift that is less than six hours then you are only allowed something small like a cheese-burger and small fries.

74. There's An Alarm For Hand Washing - Every Half An Hour

(Image source/recipethis)This bell has to be switched off every half an hour. For all of the people in the kitchen, they have to wash their hands every half an hour. If you are on the tills, it's every hour. It makes sure that all of the hygiene standards are up to scratch and that there will be no bacteria contamination on the food or surfaces.

75. The Staff Burn Themselves On The Regular

(Image source/allrecipes)When you are working under pressure, with vats of boiling oil and ovens and such, then it really does increase the chances of being burned. And, apparently, this is considered the norm if you are an employee at McDonald's. Coming away with minor burns is considered a standard.

76. McWraps Were Taken Off The Menu For Taking Too Long

(Image source/readersdigest)The beloved McWraps, which proved to be very popular during their time on the menu suddenly disappeared and nobody knew why. Snack wraps remained, but the real McWraps went. This is because the assembly time was too long because of having to assemble multiple components on the wrap.

77. The Order Of The Food Placement Matters

(Image source/reddit)The workers do not just slap on the components of a meal and have done with it. Order matters. Like placing the cheese between the patties with a McDouble, it is important because if they don’t put the cheese between the patties, the cheese will not melt.

78. Different Stores Have Different Rules

(Image source/eatthis)Not only do things vary massively from country to country and also regionally - but also from just store to store. What might be a policy in one store might vary across another store. Managers change things up a little bit and it depends on how they decide to run the store - there is an element of flexibility.

79. The Last Breakfast Items Are Thrown At 2

(Image source/, if you think you were extremely lucky to manage to get your favourite breakfast item at one o clock still...perhaps reconsider that because it will have been sitting in a heater for hours. It's certainly not fresh. But if that doesn't bother you then go-ahead.

80. Order Filet-O-Fish At Lunchtime

(Image source/newsweek)These are an unusual McDonald's choice and if this is your order you are definitely in the minority. And so with that in mind, if you are going to order it then order at lunchtime. This is when it has just been made fresh. If you order it any later it's been sat around for hours - despite the rule being that fish has to be thrown out very quickly.

81. The Burgers Aren't Flipped

(Image source/thrillist)If you had ever imagined the burgers being flipped from one side to another at McDonald's then you would be wrong. They are put onto a grill and another grill comes over the top and both sides are cooked at the same time. It's definitely more efficient this way.

82. Say The Size First

(Image source/buythem)If you want to make an employee's life easier, then when you order state the size of your order before anything else - large, please. This is because there is a button for the size of the meal and this happens first before the worker can then press anything else.

83. Beef And Chicken Are Kept Well Apart

(Image source/businessinsider)When the chicken and the beef are cooking they are kept very much apart. This is so that those people who do not eat beef do not have their chicken contaminated from having been cooked too closely to the beef. As well as this the equipment is also kept very separate too.

84. They Finish A Shift Covered In Oil

(Image source/rd)Working at McDonald's has a lot of bonuses and many people have claimed it's a really good and progressive place to work. Yet, you will end up covered in oil (which doesn't feel great) at the end of the day if you've been in the kitchen. That's just the reality of it.

85. It's Cleaner Than High-End Restaurants

(Image source/ thing about McDonald's is that it has so many regulations and checks due to the fact that it's the biggest chain in the world, that it has to be clean. If not, it would be all over the media. And so, the standards are extremely high and it's a very clean place. A lot cleaner than some high-end restaurants that don't have the same checks.

86. There's A Lot Of Waste

(Image source/ be able to oblige by safety standards and food and health regulations means that cooked food cannot be kept long. And so, at the end of the day, there is always a lot of waste to be thrown away. So while it's meeting hygiene standards, what about the waste and its effect on the environment?

87. The Scrambled Eggs Aren't Real

(Image source/blogspot)If you want a perfectly round egg as we now know, this is made of real eggs. But, if you get something that includes scrambled eggs - it's not made from real eggs, it's made of some kind of mixture that comes straight from the fridge. You can ask for it to be replaced by a round egg.

88. It's The Largest Buyer Of Chicken And Eggs In The World

(Image source/blogspot)If you think about how many meals McDonald's serves per day all over the's an incomprehensible amount of food and products. Which makes them the largest buyer of chicken and eggs in the world. Millions are sold every day, that is a massive order of products.

89. Free Cookies Through A Fault In The App

(Image source/appshacks)There is a glitch in the McDonald's app. If you go to the 'deals' section it usually should have a coupon for a free cookie or free apple pie with any order. Then, just add it to your order and you get the free cookie. For another one, the next time you order from the app, just reorder your last meal but you can add or take away whatever you want and the free cookie will still remain. Genius.

90. They Make Themselves Custom Meals

(Image source/nbcnews)There are many perks to working at McDonald's but the thing they find the best is definitely making themselves custom meals. They test new tricks and try weird combinations. Unfortunately, we can't ask for's the benefit of working there and not exactly something that should be done.

91. You Can Ask For An Apple Pie McFlurry

(Image source/pinterest)And apple pie, thrown into your McFlurry. Whether you would want to do this is another question - but apparently, it is good. Then there you have it, a custom-made McFlurry. Although considering what we know about the apple pie, we will leave it, thank you.

92. You Can Ask For Leaf Lettuce

(Image source/blogspot)If you do not want shredded lettuce then you can request leaf lettuce instead, and the McDonald's employee will do it for you. Whether they'll be happy about this fussy request is another thing entirely. But, if you prefer it on some burgers then you can give it a try.

93. You Can Tell If The Oil Is Fresh

(Image source/thesun)If your fries come out very yellowy looking or even a little bit brown... the oil has probably not been changed in a while. But, if they come out very pale looking then your fries have been cooked in a fresh batch of oil - which is always nice to know.

94. It's A Good Chain To Work For

(Image source/pinterest)It seems to get a lot of stick, but there are many stories that make you realise McDonald's is a good place to work. Somebody who was an ex-employee spoke about how McDonald's provided role models and somebody to look out for them. In fact, their manager would even make sure he did his homework for college too.

95. The Sweet Tea Has A LOT Of Sugar

(Image source/mirror)If you are a fan of the sweet tea you may be in for a shock. Because it contains a LOT of sugar... like around half is basically sugar. And, it is called sweet tea - but nobody expected it to be that sweet. If you are trying to be health-conscious perhaps give this one a miss and go for a healthier option.

96. The Sauce Costs But Not If You Switch It

(Image source/timeout)There's something that does not really make much sense at McDonald's. If you order a burger you will get a charge for the sauce that it comes with, around 30p. Yet, if you ask for the sauce to be removed from your burger and replace it with another then it will be free.

97. Check Your Double Pounder Has Two Patties

(Image source/lifeofatomato)Around one out of three people will be given one patty on their double pounder instead of two. The money they save from not checking makes up for all of the apple pies. So, check before you take it home or eat it to make sure you have actually got what you ordered.

98. You Can Return Food

(Image source/recipemarker)It has been a question that has been wondered, can you actually return food at McDonald's and get a refund. And, the answer is yes. If you are not happy with the food you have received for some reason then you can return it and demand a refund. But, why you'd want to return your McDonald's is another question.

99. No Gloves In The Kitchen

(Image source/blogspot)There are no gloves in the kitchen. Don't panic - this is not because the staff and the rules are unhygienic. We've already looked at the stringent hand washing rules. And so actually, using plastic gloves would actually carry the bacteria more. So it's more hygienic this way.

100. You Can Ask For A Burger Without Salt

(Image source/TheIndependent)We've heard the trick to ask for fries without salt in order to get fresh fries, and now it's the same but for a burger. If you want to make sure you do get a fresh one then you can request without salt. Or as we now know, if you don't want to annoy the employee just ask for it fresh.

101. There Are Many Different Job Roles Employees Can Be Faced With

(Image source/Queerty)As you might have guessed, employees can be faced with any number of different jobs within a McDonald's restaurant. The main job roles will be the cashier taking orders at the front of the restaurant, or a cashier at the drive thru window. Then, there are the jobs that are based in the kitchen with the food.

102. The Salary Isn't That Good

(Image source/Reddit)If you're a bog-standard employee and not a fancy pants restaurant manager, then the salary isn't going to be amazing when you work at McDonald's, and especially if you're not putting in any overtime. Pay in restaurants in the US will meet the national average, around 12 dollars an hour for employees.

103. This Can Make It Very Difficult To Live

(Image source/Reddit)As you can imagine, full-time workers at McDonald's trying to support a family on that salary is going to be very difficult, and many US McDonald's employees are faced with this fact. Working a stressful food-industry and customer service job on a low wage is never easy, and this fast food chain is no different!

104. Getting A Raise Doesn't Happen Too Often, Either

(Image source/Reddit)You'd think for the hard work McDonald's employees put in, with those gruelling hours, bagging up 20 McNuggets at 2am or being awake at the crack of dawn for every person wanting a coffee for the road, they'd be reward with a raise or two every now and again. And while wage rises do happen, they can be few and far between for a lot of employees.

105. Employees Can Be Working Two Jobs While Only Getting Paid For One

(Image source/The Mirror)In such a busy fast food environment, it's no surprise that employees have to multi task and often take over jobs that aren't their responsibility. For employees, they can often have to handle two jobs while their wage only reflects the responsibility of one! Often this can be stressful for employees who have to both take orders and then go and deliver the food.

106. And The Way McDonald's Does This Is Crafty

(Image source/Reddit)In order to save as much money as possible on wages, the fast food chain can send workers home early and then expect the remaining employees to cover and multi-task. That way, they're only paying the wage of one employee instead of two, but still expecting the same amount of work to be done in the same amount of time!

107. Customers Can Be Mean

(Image source/Reddit)It's always frustrating when you're waiting ages for 'fast' food, or the server gets your order wrong. But these people are working long and stressful shifts, which unfortunately doesn't matter to some particularly mean customers. Employees at McDonald's are always faced with customers who might kick off about one thing or another.

108. Sometimes Business Can Actually Be Slow

(Image source/Reddit)Can you believe that in such a popular fast food chain, things can actually go slowly sometimes? Employees already working low wage might not be able to get extra hours even if they ask for them, if business is being particularly slow around that time. We suppose weather could always be a huge factor in preventing customers getting to the restaurant.

109. Employees Don't Get Health Insurance

(Image source/The Hindu BusinessLine)It's always a perk - and considered something that should be a given - when employees get health insurance included with their job, but apparently that's not the case for McDonald's. It's not certain whether not a single employee gets health insurance, but it's certainly the case for some employees.

110. And Now... Surprising Facts About McDonald's That You Never Knew! It Actually Started Out As A BBQ Restaurant

(Image source/Reddit)Back in 1940, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened up the very first McDonald's restaurant - but it wasn't what we know today. The food place the brothers opened up was actually a BBQ joint in California. It stayed as a BBQ place for 8 years until the owners switched to serving burgers, chips and shakes!

111. The Military Was Actually The Reason For Drive-Thrus

(Image source/Reddit)Back when McDonald's was just walk-in restaurants, the military found themselves in a bit of a pickle if they wanted to pick up a Big Mac or some chicken nuggies. This was because soldiers from the military base near the McDonald's restaurant in Sierra Vista, Arizona, weren't allowed to get out of their vehicles whilst wearing their military gear. The solution? A drive-thru!

112. There's A NonProfit Charity That McDonald's Supports

(Image source/Reddit)McDonald's charity of choice is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and it's actually managed to raise a whole ton of money. A few years ago, around 450 million dollars were raised for the charity, which went towards helping around 9 million children and families across the world. The RMHC is present in around 58 countries.

113. There Are More McDonald's Restaurants In The US Than There Are Hospitals

(Image source/Reddit)Let's hope that everyone doesn't end up in hospital from the same batch of McDonald's food, then - there'd be no room! Can you believe that in the US there are actually more McD's than hospitals? Around one and a half times more, in fact! While there are just over 13,400 McDonald's restaurants, there are around 7000 hospitals.

114. Most Of Chipotle Used To Be Owned By McDonald's

(Image source/Foursquare)Back in 1998, McDonald's actually invested some money in Chipotle, and ended up owning 90% of Chipotle by 2006. Eventually, though, McDonald's sold its share in the other franchise to concentrate only on its own - and it was obviously a good idea, based on the success it's having!

115. The McDonald's Drive-Thru Isn't The Fastest

(Image source/Daily Star)There's fast food, and then there's sort of fast, when it comes to McDonald's drive-thrus. Although McDonald's does have a very quick drive-thru service of around three minutes turn around time, it's actually Wendy's that takes the top spot for fasting drive through, at just over two minutes.

116. There's A Reason McDonald's Coke Really Is Different

(Image source/Reddit)We all know how refreshing it is when we take a big ol' chug on that McDonald's coke - it just hits different. And there's a reason for that. McDonald's is the only place that has the coke syrup delivered to restaurants in stainless steel containers, compared to the plastic bags it's delivered in everywhere else. It obviously makes a difference!

117. The Golden Arches Didn't Always Look Like That

(Image source/Reddit)When you see the iconic golden arches these days, you just know that you're looking at the 'M' symbol for a McDonald's in the distance. But it wasn't always like that. The golden arches originally were sketched by Richard McDonald as simply an interesting architectural feature to try and attract drivers looking from the roadside.

118. And That 'M' Is One Of The World's Most Famous Symbols

(Image source/Reddit)Whatever it started out as and ended up as, there's no denying that those golden arches are now one of the most famous and recognisable symbols in the world. There surely isn't a person on earth who wouldn't recognise the yellow M symbol. It's said to even be more recognised across the world than the cross!

119. There Is Actually A 'Turquoise' Arches

(Image source/Reddit)There is one place in the world where the Golden Arches is actually the Turquoise Arches, shown in blue instead of yellow. This place is the McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona. The reason for its different colour choice is because the owners were told to make the design more in-keeping with the desert around them, so the blue was chosen to match the sky, while the building is red/orange to match the terrain around the restaurant!

120. McDonald's Menus Look Different Across The World

(Image source/Reddit)Most restaurants across the world will have staple items that have been altered a little to fit in with the local culture and tastes. Most menu items will match the US staples, especially the burgers, but you'll find the menus across the world change from country to country. These variations include McSpaghetti, McRice Burger and a spiced-potato burger!

121. There's Actually A Ski-Thru McDonald's

(Image source/TripAdvisor)Giving the standard drive-thru a run for its money, there's actually a Ski-Thru in the Lindvallen resort of Sweden. This is the only ski-thru resort in the world, which sees skiers being able to order their favourite items at the little McDonald's hut without having to unstrap their skis and take off all their gear. It's known as the McSki!

122. Some Of The McDonald's Restaurants Have CRAZY Decor

(Image source/Business Insider)And we're not talking a bright and bold shade of paint - no, we're talking seriously crazy architectural design choices. An example of this is an iconic McDonald's restaurant in New Zealand that actually has an old aircraft as part of the restaurant, with the shape of the plane visible on the outside of the restaurant.

123. Some Restaurants Don't Have 'Golden' Golden Arches

(Image source/Tripadvisor)And no, we don't mean that very unique turquoise one from Arizona! While the Golden Arches are standard yellow across the world, there are some restaurants - like the Paris Champs-Elysees - that switches their arches to a more neon white colouring than yellow so that it matches better with the lighting of that location!

124. There Used To Be A Restaurant On A Boat

(Image source/Wikipedia)Known as the McBarge (brilliant), this was the one and only floating McDonald's restaurant in the world, based in Vancouver, Canada. It was built to serve fast food at the World's Fair in 1986, but it was since abandoned and the boat is still there just floating around. We personally think this idea should come back!

125. The Late Queen Elizabeth II Owned A McDonald's

(Image source/Vox)Before her tragic passing recently, Queen Elizabeth II of England actually owned around 11 billion dollars of real estate in the UK, and one of these properties was a McDonald's restaurant, based near Buckingham Palace in London. As far as we know, she never went there to eat a burger, though!

126. That Famous Pulp Fiction Line Was Actually Incorrect

(Image source/IndieWire)If you're a fan of Quentin Tarantino and Pulp Fiction (or even if you're not), there's a famous quote from Samuel L Jackson when he and John Travolta are discussing food items from McDonald's. In the movie, Jackson explains that a Quarter Pounder in France is called a Royale with Cheese, when it's actually a Royal Cheese.

127. You Can Actually Have McDonald's Cater For Your Wedding

(Image source/Reddit)Struggling to think of your wedding day feast or what to feed your hungry guests? Never fear, because the Golden Arches can actually cater for your wedding! Sadly, this is only in Hong Kong, though, so if you don't live there, you may have to take a trip and get married there. McDonald's in Hong Kong actually has a number of wedding packages, including more than just food - bouquets, rings and invitations, too!

128. In The UK, McDonald's Have A Uniform Recycling Program

(Image source/Reddit)In the United Kingdom, McDonald's restaurants are taking the environment more seriously by introducing a employee uniform recycling program. Some of the material from used uniforms will be re-spun for fiber which can then be used for new uniforms. The rest of the material is shredded and used as mattress stuffing!

129. It's Actually Banned In Some Countries

(Image source/BuzzFeed)You might have thought that McDonald's had worldwide popularity seeing as you can always depend on seeing those Golden Arches no matter where you go in the world. But there are actually some countries that have banned McDonald's altogether! These include Montenegro, Kazahstan and Macedonia.

130. Some Paper Bags Have Trays At The Bottom

(Image source/Reddit)>When you grab food from McDonald's to take away, you'll be used to those brown paper bags you get with your food stuffed inside. Well, in Hungary. the McDonald's there actually has a design called the BagTray - which is your usual paper bag with a cardboard tray at the bottom of it. You can rip off a piece of the bag and then use the tray for tidier eating!