Life Hacks For Women

By molly atherton 5 months ago
Welcome to the ultimate guidebook for navigating life like a pro – specifically crafted for the multitasking, magic-making superheroes known as women! From decoding the art of time management to unleashing the power of efficiency, we're about to embark on a journey filled with ingenious life hacks designed to make every day smoother, sassier, and more sensational. So buckle up, because we're about to sprinkle some wizardry into your routine.

1. Rubber Bands For Manicures - perfect for French tips

Say goodbye to salon visits and hello to DIY perfection! Skip the professional manicure hassle and embrace the brilliance of an at-home French tip hack. Grab a trusty rubber band and transform your nails effortlessly. Slide that rubber band over your nail!Image source FashionBall.comYou don’t need to get a professional manicure for flawless French tips.  Simply slide a rubber band over your nail and apply the polish.  Allow to dry before removing and there you have it - perfection.  You'll be particularly happy as you will have saved yourself some money as well.Original content sourced from

2. Cover Sink Drains With Netting - so your ring doesn't disappear

Ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when a precious piece of jewelry decides to take a daring dive into the sink? Panic mode sets in, and the reflex to catch it often ends in despair. Fear not, because here's a game-changing trick to save the day and your beloved baubles!Image source FashionBall.comIf a piece of jewellery drops into the sink, don’t try to catch it as you probably won't be quick enough.  Instead, cover the drain with your hand before the ring or whatever, gets into the pipes.  It's a good idea to cover your drains with netting so water can get through but nothing else

3. Dryer Sheets on Deodorant Marks - perfect solution

Picture this: You're all set, feeling like a million bucks, ready to conquer the world with your impeccable outfit. But, uh-oh, a sneak peek in the mirror reveals a not-so-chic trail of deodorant powder down the side of your clothes. Cue the frustration, right?Image source FashionBall.comIt can be frustrating when you think you look great, then turn to the side and see you're covered in deodorant powder!  There are a number of ways to get rid of the marks but one of the simplest is to use a dryer sheet.  Rub the sheet over the areas with no effort at all.

4. Buy Men’s Products - cheaper and more effective

Who says the best things in life have to come in shades of pink? When it comes to grooming, let's ditch the stereotypes and dive into the truth: some men's toiletries are the unsung heroes of effectiveness and value. Take razors and deodorants, for instance...Image source FashionBall.comCertain products work better and that is the case with some men's toiletries.  In fact, they are cheaper than the women's range if you're talking about razors and deodorant and can be more effective when used.  Don't be put off because they aren't pink - it's only a colour!

5. Light Candles With Spaghetti - don't get burnt fingers

When your beloved candle seems to have reached its wick's end, don't bid it farewell just yet. Here's a brilliant hack straight from your kitchen: the unassuming hero, dried spaghetti, is about to save the day! Imagine this: your favorite candle has melted down to the point where a match or lighter won't dare...Image source QuoraIf your favourite candle has burned down to the wick, don't panic as you can still carry on using it.  Get a piece of uncooked dried spaghetti from the kitchen and use as a very long match to reach those candles in a deep holder.   It could stop you burning your fingers.

6. Hairspray on Tights - stop ladders in their tracks

Ah, the eternal struggle with tights – those delicate but oh-so-essential accessories that seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to laddering or tearing. But fear not, there's a secret weapon hiding in your beauty arsenal: hairspray to the rescue!Image source FashionBall.comNo matter how hard you try, it's almost impossible to prevent a ladder or hole forming in your tights at some stage.  If you spray some hairspray on the hosiery, once you've put on your tights, this will reinforce the fibres and make them a little less likely to tear or make a hole.

7. Rub Smelly Hands on Stainless Steel - great for onions and garlic

Ah, the aftermath of a culinary adventure involving onions and garlic – the lingering scent on your hands that seems to defy even the strongest soap! But fear not, because there's a kitchen hack that'll banish those stubborn odors with ease.Image source FashionBall.comWhen you’ve finished chopping onions and garlic, don't go straight to the sink and wash your hands in hot water.  The odour will still be there.  Instead, rub your hands on some stainless steel such as your sink and you will transfer the smell from your hands to the surface.

8. Put Clumpy Mascara in Hot Water - it's magic!

Ah, the mascara struggle – when your beloved lash enhancer starts drying up or getting clumpy, it can be a makeup lover's nightmare. But fret not, there's a nifty trick to breathe new life into your mascara and keep those lashes on point!Image source FashionBall.comIf your mascara is getting clumpy or is drying up, dip the tube in a cup of hot water and let it soak for 5 minutes.  If you want to clean the brush as well, leave it in the water for 15 minutes.  Ignore the beauty advice of pumping your mascara in the tube before applying it as this creates clumps rather than getting rid of them.  Instead, twirl the mascara in the tube before applying it to your lashes.

9. Put Pads On Underwear Before Showering - at that time of the month

Ah, the challenges of navigating the shower while on your period – the race against time to get that pad properly in place can feel like a marathon! But fear not, there's a simple hack that'll transform this ordeal into a stress-free experience.Image source FashionBall.comForget that race against time when trying to get out of the shower while you’re on your period.  Luckily there’s an easier way than frantically trying to get your pad to stick to your underwear and then on to your body.  Attach the pad to your underwear before you shower and you can then slip your pants on as soon as you're out.

10. Put Bracelets on With Tape - saves you getting wound up

Imagine the frustrating struggle of trying to wrangle a bracelet onto your wrist when there's no helping hand in sight. But fear not, there's a clever trick that'll save you from the brink of patience-testing moments! Enter tape – the unsung hero in your quest for hassle-free bracelet wearing.Image source FashionBall.comSometimes, trying to put on a bracelet when you're alone can be so fiddly and make you lose your patience.  To make life a lot easier, use tape to hold your jewellery in place and then you can easily do the clasp.  This is a good tip for those with arthritis in their fingers as well.

11. Ice Cubes on Wrinkled Clothes - acts like a steamer

Imagine a scenario where your favorite outfit is crumpled, but the dreaded iron is nowhere in sight. Fear not, because a clever solution awaits you, and it's as simple as tossing a couple of ice cubes into the dryer. Here's the magic: gather your wrinkled garments and throw them into the dryer.Image source FashionBall.comIf your clothes are wrinkled and you don’t have an iron then help is at hand in the form of .... ice cubes.  Put the clothes into the dryer along with 2 to 4 frozen cubes and switch the machine on for about 10 minutes.  The ice cubes will melt in the dryer, creating a similar effect to a steamer - and no iron marks!

12. Deodorant As A Pepper Spray - works the same

In a world where safety is paramount, having a reliable defense mechanism can be a game-changer. While pepper spray might not be everyone's cup of tea due to legal restrictions or personal comfort, there's an ingenious alternative that can offer a sense of security without raising eyebrows – enter the travel-size spray deodorant.Image source FashionBall.comNot everyone is comfortable with carrying around a pepper spray and it's not even legal in every country. Instead, keep a travel size spray deodorant in your bag in case of an emergency situation where you feel you have to use it.  It will also give you peace of mind.

13. Unjam Zippers With Soap - or chap stick

Ah, the notorious jammed zipper – a tiny obstacle that has the power to turn a peaceful moment into a frenzy of frustration. But before you reach for the scissors and contemplate a dramatic escape from your clothes, let's explore a much simpler solution: soap or chapstick to the rescue!A jammed zipper can make even the calmest of people lose their patience and start to panic in case they have to cut themselves out of their clothes.  No need for that as you can rub soap or a chap stick over the zipper.  This will create enough lubrication to get it unstuck.

14. Keep Bobby Pins On Magnets - they're going nowhere

Imagine this: the mysterious case of the vanishing bobby pins – those tiny but essential hair accessories that seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to disappearing into the unknown. But fear not, because there's a simple trick that'll keep these elusive pins in check and at your fingertips!Much like socks in the dryer, bobby pins have a habit of disappearing and then turning up in the strangest of places.  In order to keep the hair accessories from going walkabout, stick them to a magnet.  It's that easy - they won't move and are available whenever you need them.

15. Vaseline When Dying Hair - protect the hairline

Picture this: you're ready to transform your hair with a fresh color, but the last thing you want is a face speckled with hair dye. Fear not, because there's a simple and protective hack that'll keep your skin dye-free and glowing post-coloring session.Image source FashionBall.comNobody wants to end up with spots of hair dye over their face after putting a colour on.  Rub a thick layer of vaseline on to the skin, around the hairline and the dye will stick to it, making it very easy to wipe away without getting absorbed into the skin and irritating it.

16. Create A Medical Business Card - it could save your life

Creating a personalized business card that highlights your food allergies, medication sensitivities, and emergency contacts can be a lifesaving strategy for navigating unforeseen situations when you're out and about. Imagine this: you're enjoying a meal or an event, and suddenly, an allergic reaction strikes....Image source FashionBall.comIf you have food allergies or sensitivities to certain medication, then it’s worthwhile to make a 'business card' that lists those items in case something happens when you are out.  It is particularly helpful if you carry around emergency medication and want people to know they can find it in your bag. You can also write down on the card who to ring in an emergency.

17. Open Jars With a Knife - no need to bang it on the table

Ah, the age-old struggle of opening stubborn jars – a task that can leave even the most determined individuals feeling defeated. But fear not, because here's a trick that'll make you feel like a superhero while effortlessly conquering that tightly sealed jar!Image source FashionBall.comThere are loads of methods for opening tightly closed jars but here is a great one.  Slide a knife into the lid of the jar and push it upwards.   You will hear a pop and that means that air has been released.  The lid should then open easily and you can pretend that you're really strong.

18. Use Hair Straighteners On Clothes - great alternative

Imagine this: you're about to head out, and as luck would have it, your clothes decide to showcase a few stubborn creases. But before panic sets in, here's a genius hack that'll rescue your outfit from wrinkled woes – your trusty hair straighteners!Image source FashionBall.comIf you don't have an iron and desperately need to get creases out of your clothes, search no further than your hair straighteners.  They are great for small areas like shirt collars and sleeves.  If you don't want to pack an iron if you are away overnight, your straighteners can do two jobs - your hair and your clothes.

19. Pack Shoes In Shower Caps - keeps clothes clean

Ah, the eternal struggle of packing shoes without dirtying your pristine clothes – it's a classic travel dilemma. But worry not, because here's a clever hack that ensures your shoes stay neatly tucked away without leaving a trail of dirt or grime in your suitcase!Image source FashionBall.comWhen packing a suitcase, there's always the issue of where to put your shoes as you don't want to get your clothes dirty.  If you wrap each pair in a shower cap then problem solved.  If you don't have one, use a plastic bag instead and use the hotel shower cap that's usually part of a freebie pack in your room when you get there.

20. Remove Gum From Hair With Ice - without cutting it!

Imagine the horror of discovering gum tangled in your hair – a sticky situation that used to mean snipping away strands in despair. But fear not, because there's a miraculous hack that can salvage your locks and bid adieu to gum-induced hair woes!Image source FashionBall.comIf you ever get gum stuck in your hair (it happens!) then you won't need to snip off the affected strands as you did previously!  Hold some ice directly on the gum for 15 minutes until it hardens and it will then come away easily, leaving no trace except the odour of spearmint!

21. Break Shoes In With A Hairdryer - no blisters

Say goodbye to the agony of breaking in new shoes – the era of suffering through blisters and discomfort is over, thanks to a clever hack that'll have your shoes fitting like a dream from day one! Here's the game-changing strategy for you...Image source FashionBall.comGone are the days when you need to brace yourself for the inevitable pain while you break in that new pair of shoes. Instead, before you ever wear them, put on a pair of thin socks and then the new shoes.  Get your hairdryer and blow dry your footwear for a few minutes, allow them to cool off and then they will be moulded to your feet.  You don't have to thank me!

22. Thread Jewellery Through Straws - don't get in a tangle

Ah, the frustration of packing jewelry for a trip, only to find a tangled mess of necklaces upon arrival. But worry not, because here's a brilliant solution that'll keep your necklaces tangle-free and your travel stress at bay! Before packing your beloved necklaces, grab a few drinking straws from your kitchen...Image source FashionBall.comFor those who like to wear lots of jewellery, packing for a holiday or event can end up very messy with all those tangled chains. Try threading your necklaces through straws and then close the clasp.  No more unknotting to do and a whole lot less stress as well.

23. DIY Jewellery Cleaning - a sparkling hack

You don't always need to rely on professional jewelry cleaning services when you can achieve sparkling results at home with a few simple steps and everyday household items. Here's the secret recipe for DIY jewelry cleaning: Start by mixing a teaspoon of mild dishwasher soap with warm water in a small bowl.Image source FashionBall.comThere’s no need to pay a jewellery store to clean your items.  You can clean your own jewellery by mixing a teaspoon of dishwasher soap with warm water and dunking your valuables in the solution for a few minutes.  Then scrub with a soft toothbrush and use a toothpick if necessary to get the dirt out.  Dry with a soft cloth and there you go!

24. Wear a Wedding Ring While Travelling - you're not alone

Wearing a wedding ring while traveling can indeed be a subtle yet effective strategy to deter unwanted attention and give off an impression of being in a committed relationship. It's a clever tactic that adds a layer of security and can potentially discourage unwelcome advances or overly persistent strangers.Image source FashionBall.comWhether you’re married or not, wearing a wedding ring while traveling will give off the impression that you're not single and travelling alone.  You can pretend to text your 'husband' to make it more realistic if you are feeling uneasy with someone's attention.

25. Mark Your Keys With Nail Polish - right key for the lock

Ah, the classic struggle of trying multiple keys, hoping one will magically unlock the door. But worry not, because here's a crafty and colorful solution to end the confusion and elevate your key game – nail polish to the rescue! Before you start your DIY key makeover, gather a few different shades of nail polish.Image source FashionBall.comWe’ve all been in the same boat - not remembering which key is for the lock so we try them all!  Be more organised by painting your keys different colours with nail polish so you know which one fits which lock.  The polish won't fade and you'll be feeling pleasantly smug.

26. Use a Razor on Pilled Clothes - use disposable one to avoid an argument!

Absolutely! Renewing pilled clothing doesn't always require fancy tools—sometimes, a simple disposable razor can do the trick! Here's a budget-friendly solution that can revive your clothing and give it a fresh look without breaking the bank.Image source FashionBall.comYou can always go out and buy a fabric razor to renew pilled clothing but they are expensive so follow this tip.  Use a disposable razor, such as the one you use on your legs, to do the same job.  Pull the fabric taught and shave the pilled bits off your clothing.  You'll be happy with the results.

27. Keep Money in Your Phone Case - hack is worth a fortune

Sometimes, the most ingenious solutions are the simplest ones. Stashing some emergency cash between your phone and its case is a clever hack that ensures you have a backup plan for unexpected situations when you might not have your bag handy.Image source FashionBall.comWe’re all guilty of not always having our bag on us when we go out but we always remember our phones.  That's why it's a good idea to store some money (a fiver or tenner) between your phone and its case on the off chance you need cash in an emergency.

28. Avoid Rust Rings With Nail Polish - it's that easy

Nail polish is a versatile problem solver! Those pesky rust rings from toiletry cans can be a nuisance, but with a little help from nail polish, you can bid farewell to those unsightly stains. Here's the trick: grab a bottle of clear nail polish and coat the bottom of your toiletry cans or bottles with a thin layer of varnish.Image source FashionBall.comNail polish really is the answer to many problems that life throws our way.  One such problem is rust rings from the bottom of toiletry cans.  All you need to do is coat the bottom of the can or bottle with the varnish and it will act as a shield in preventing those rust rings.

29. Buy Men’s Tee Shirts - save money

When it comes to basic t-shirts, the difference between those designed for men and women can often be minimal, with the primary distinction being the cut and fit. However, opting for t-shirts from the men's range can indeed be a smart move to save some money without compromising on quality or style.Image source FashionBall.comWhen it comes to a basic tee shirt, there’s hardly any difference between those meant for males or females except that women's wear is usually more expensive. That being so, there's no reason not to purchase one or more from the men's range and save a bit of money.

30. Use Dryer Sheets On Frizzy Hair - be smooth as silk

Who would have thought that a solution for taming frizzy hair might just be hiding in your laundry room? It's true—those trusty dryer sheets might just be the secret weapon you need to conquer unruly, fly-away hair and bring about a smoother, sleeker look!Image source FashionBall.comIf you feel like your hair products aren't working effectively on your frizzy or fly-away hair, then maybe it's time to turn to your laundry products instead.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Place a dryer sheet on to your hair brush and comb it through to smooth static. Dryer sheets are positively charged and hair is negatively charged so the result is a nice smoothed-down mane.

31. Try Having A Lazy Susan In The Fridge!

Introducing a lazy Susan into your fridge is a brilliant and simple hack that can revolutionize how you organize and access items in your refrigerator. It's the ultimate solution for dealing with the age-old problem of forgotten items lurking at the back of the fridge.Image Source / Women's WeeklyThere's nothing more stressful than having a full fridge and not knowing what's going on at the back of it or forgetting about items you bought that have long since gone out of date. Putting a lazy Susan in the fridge is a great hack to store more things so you can actually see them and rotate them!

32. Mark Each Port On Your Device

Ah, the frustration of trying to plug in a USB cable, blindly searching for the right orientation! But fear not, because a simple solution awaits—one that saves you from the hassle of fumbling with USB ports and brings an end to the endless trial and error.Image Source / Women's WeeklyWe all know that dreaded moment when you're trying to find the USB port on your device and you just scratch and scrape for a good few minutes before you find the right fit. But if you make marks on the top of your device (you could try stickers or pen that will easily clean off) there's no more fumbling about!

33. Use A Pillowcase To Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Cleaning ceiling fans can be quite the dusty affair, especially when dust particles rain down on you as you attempt to tidy them up. But fear not, because a simple pillowcase can be your secret weapon in conquering this dust-filled task without creating a cloud of debris.Image Source / Women's WeeklyTrying to clean and dust something that's above your head is just the worst - so why not try cleaning a ceiling fan with a pillowcase so you can avoid all the dust falling in your face? If you slide the pillowcase over the fan blades then the dust collects in the bag in one fell swoop, instead of in your eyes!

34. Put Pantyhose Over The Nozzle Of A Vacuum To Pick Things Up

Retrieving small items from the floor can often feel like an exercise in frustration, especially when using a vacuum risks accidentally suctioning up something precious. But fear not, because a simple hack involving pantyhose and your vacuum cleaner can be a game-changer!Image Source / Women's WeeklyWe all know that feeling when you're trying to pick something small up off the floor that you've dropped and it's just impossible to get hold of - or that horror moment you accidentally vacuum something up you didn't know you'd dropped. Well, attach pantyhose to the end of the vacuum instead and you can suck up small objects without them actually going into the vacuum.

35. Use Walnuts To Buff Out Scratch Marks

Indeed, walnuts aren't just a tasty and nutritious snack—they also harbor a surprising secret. The natural oils within walnuts can work wonders when it comes to minimizing the appearance of scratches on wooden surfaces, making them a handy ally in your quest for furniture restoration.Image Source / Women's WeeklyYou might think walnuts in themselves would cause scratches, but they actually help to buff them out! If you have walnuts lying around (which you should, because they're good for you) you can use them by rubbing them over the scratched areas of a wooden table, for example. The oils in the nut will help to make the scratches less noticeable.

36. Use Onions To Tackle Paint Smell In Rooms

While it might sound peculiar, some people swear by using onions to help neutralize the strong scent of paint in a room. The natural properties of onions, particularly their ability to absorb odors, are believed by some to counteract the potent smell of fresh paint during redecorating or DIY projects.Image Source / Women's WeeklyYou may think this one is weird seeing as onions stink all in themselves, but apparently they cancel out that overwhelming smell of paint in a room. So if you're doing some DIY and redecorating, be sure to peel a couple of onions and then leave them in the room. They'll absorb all those paint smells!

37. Clean Up Glitter Mess With Playdough

Dealing with glitter spills can feel like an endless battle, but fear not—playdough can come to the rescue and make the cleanup process much more manageable, whether you have kids or simply adore the sparkly stuff yourself. Here's the trick: grab a ball of playdough!Image Source / Women's WeeklyThis one's handy if you have kids, or if you just like messing with glitter yourself! You can easily clean up glitter spills using playdough (which you'll also probably have if you have kids!). Use the playdough for a good clean up by rolling it over the glitter, or even sequins, and it'll pick it right up.

38. Make Showerhead Cleaning Easier

Showerheads tend to accumulate mineral deposits and grime over time, leading to reduced water flow and unsightly build-up. But fear not, because a simple solution involving vinegar can work wonders in restoring your showerhead to its former glory.Image Source / Women's WeeklyWe all know how grimy those showerheads can get, whether you live alone or with a busy family, so make it as easy as possible to clean by using a vinegar solution! Tie a bag around the showerhead and let it soak in half water, half white vinegar mixed together.

39. Make Your Candles Last Longer

Preserving the longevity of scented candles is a fantastic way to ensure you can savor their cozy ambiance for as long as possible, especially during those chilly winter evenings. While the freezer trick might sound unconventional, some candle enthusiasts swear by this method.Image Source / Women's WeeklyScented candles are a must-have, especially during the chilly winter months, so you'll want to make them last as long as possible. Get your candle and cover it in a plastic bag before placing it in the freezer. Leave it there for 24 hours and then light at your leisure!

40. Better Drawer Organization

Drawer dividers can work wonders in keeping various items neatly organized within drawers, whether it's jewelry, clothing, or accessories. Creating your own dividers using simple materials like cardboard is a cost-effective and customizable way to bring order to your drawers.Image Source / Women's WeeklyBecause who doesn't love decluttering hacks? And drawers are often the things that can get most messy when you're rooting for something you need. If you have a drawer full of jewelry, trinkets, t-shirts or underwear, use homemade drawer dividers (like small squares of cardboard) to sort everything out!

41. Make Your Own Magnetic Picture Frames With Jar Lids

Creating your own DIY photo fridge magnets from jar lids is a brilliant and budget-friendly way to display your cherished memories while giving a new purpose to everyday household items. Collect empty jar lids of suitable size (with a smooth and flat surface), photographs you'd like to display as magnets, a strong adhesive, and magnetic strips or magnetic tape.Image Source / Women's WeeklyIt's always nice to display some happy memories on your fridge using photo fridge magnets, but those things can get expensive! To save money and find a new home hack, you can create your own photo fridge magnets by using jar lids! You just need a magnetic strip to use, and then make sure to keep hold of all your jars when you're done with them!

42. Don't Throw Out Those Empty Nutella Jars

Those empty glass jars from chocolate spread, jams, or other food items can be transformed into versatile and useful items with a little creativity and DIY spirit. Repurposing these jars instead of tossing them out is a fantastic way to reduce waste and give them a new lease on life.Image Source / Women's WeeklyIf you've always a hankering for chocolate spread, you'll have a backlog of a lot of glass jars you probably usually throw out. Well don't! You can clean them out and turn them into anything you desire! You can decorate them however you want and use them for jewelry storage, a new drinking glass or a plant pot!

43. Create Your Own Cork Memo Board

Creating memo boards using cork hot plates is a fantastic and practical way to stay organized, especially for those who work from home or need a convenient space to jot down notes or reminders. These DIY memo boards are simple to make and can add a touch of functionality and style to any space.Image Source / Women's WeeklyPerfect for the busy woman who works from home (or you can even make them to take into your work office), you can make easy memo boards using cork hot plates. You can buy the round, small cork boards and stick them onto your wall to make some funky little memo spots!

44. Use White Crayon To Disguise Nail Holes

Dealing with nail holes in walls can be bothersome, but a simple and surprising solution involves using a white crayon. This clever hack is a quick fix to conceal small nail holes and make them virtually disappear. Grab a white crayon!Image Source / Women's WeeklyWe all know how unsightly those left-behind nail holes can be in your walls! If you already have some crayons at home if you're into crafts, or have kids, then the white crayon is going to very helpful here. You can easily colour over the small hole to make it magically disappear!

45. Label Your Wires Using Colourful Tape

Dealing with a multitude of wires and cables around a desk or entertainment setup can be a hassle, leading to confusion and accidentally unplugging the wrong devices. Using colorful tape to label or mark individual wires is a simple yet highly effective hack.Image Source / Women's WeeklyIf you have a busy desk or TV setups, you might find yourself always pulling out the wrong plug when you're trying to find a wire. And when you're busy, it's never fun - especially if you've just shut down your entire computer by accident. But you can use colourful tape to mark individual wires so that you always know which one you're unplugging!

46. Use Pillowcases To Store The Entire Bed Set

A fantastic hack for keeping your bed linens organized! Storing each set inside its respective pillowcase is an ingenious way to keep your sheets, pillowcases, and even the matching duvet cover together, making it a breeze to find and access a complete set.Image Source / Women's WeeklyIf you're anything like me, you'll try to fold your bedsheets only to run out of room and end up stuffing them wherever they'll fit on the shelves. And when it comes to changing you bed, it'll take you an hour to find the matching pillows to a random sheet you've found. Instead, use the pillowcase of a set to store every item of the matching set neatly folded inside! Genius!

47. Need More Room In Your Closet? Try This

A fantastic space-saving hack for maximizing your closet's capacity! Repurposing metal pull tabs from cans to create double-hangers is a clever and efficient way to double up on the number of items you can hang using the same amount of space.Image Source / Women's WeeklyEven the best decluttering efforts can't make your closet any bigger if you've kept everything you want to keep. So you can maximise the existing space by using metal pull tabs from cans to add to hangers, and then hanger a new item onto each hanger - so twice the amount of clothes on the same amount of hangers!

48. Store Your Folded Clothes Vertically, Not Horizontally

Absolutely, storing clothes vertically—folded and side by side instead of stacked horizontally—can be a game-changer for your closet organization. This method, often referred to as the "KonMari" method popularized by Marie Kondo, allows for better visibility.Image Source / Women's WeeklyWe all know that Jenga moment when we want a jumper that's folded at the very bottom of the stacked pile and end up knocking everything off. Well, to avoid this happening, try storing your folded clothes vertically side by side, instead of horizontally on top of each other. That way you can see everything you have, AND easily reach the item you want!

49. Use Your Old Yoga Mats As Shoe Insoles

Repurposing an old yoga mat as shoe inserts is a fantastic way to give it a new life and provide comfortable support for your feet. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your old yoga mat into shoe inserts.Image Source / Women's WeeklyIf you've bought a new yoga mat recently ladies, don't be quick to take the old one to the dump. You can actually recycle is by cutting up the foam mat and using as shoe inserts! Simply cut sections into the shape you need for your chosen shoes - and you'll get A LOT of inserts out of one mat!

50. Better Store Your Wrapping Paper With Empty Toilet Rolls

Absolutely, using empty toilet paper rolls to secure and organize wrapping paper rolls is a fantastic way to prevent them from unraveling, getting crumpled, or taking up unnecessary space. Here's a simple guide on how to use toilet paper rolls to keep your wrapping paper rolls neat and tidy.Image Source / Women's WeeklyWhether you love wrapping presents or not, there's no denying the stress of wrapping paper coming unrolled or getting all crumpled when you're trying to store it after you've used some of it. So why not use those empty toilet roll tubes you have lying around to place around the paper and secure it in place!

51. Tie Something Bright Around Your Luggage So You Know It's Yours

Adding a distinctive and eye-catching identifier to your luggage is a smart way to quickly spot your suitcase at the airport carousel and avoid mix-ups. Here are some creative and effective ways to make your luggage stand out.Image Source / LifehackNobody wants to be waiting an hour at the airport luggage carousel trying to work out which suitcase is theirs - worse still, you don't want someone to accidentally take yours because they've the same generic-brand suitcase. Instead tie something bright and recognisable on yours so you can see - even from a distance - that it's yours!

52. Make Scribbly Mistakes Like A Pro

It can be a bit nerve-wracking when you make a mistake on a special card, especially when it's for your significant other! If you find yourself in that situation, here's a creative way to cover up the mistake. Find a decorative sticker, preferably one with an intricate design.Image Source / LifehackJust spent a fortune on a huge card for your bae only to write the wrong thing in it? Maybe you even wrote the wrong name being an idiot but you don't want to think you're cheating or something. Instead of crossing out in huge lines where the writing underneath can still be seen, write random stuff over the original instead so it's just an illegible jumble.

53. Never Get Locked Out Again!

Using a rubber band as a quick fix to prevent the door latch from locking is a clever and simple trick to avoid getting accidentally locked out, especially during those quick trips outside. Here's how to use a rubber band to prevent the latch from locking.Image Source / LifehackIf the door latch is going to close behind you and lock you out, guaranteed it's always going to be when you have your face mask on and more embarrassing pajamas when you're just trying to take the garbage out. Make sure you never get locked out again by putting a rubber band across the latch.

54. No More Stinky Dorm Smells

Using a dryer sheet on the front of an AC unit can work wonders in freshening up the air in a dorm room. Here's how to use a dryer sheet to combat unwanted odors: pick a scented dryer sheet with a fragrance you enjoy. Lavender, citrus, or fresh linen scents are popular choices.Image Source / LifehackCollege girls, this is for you. If - despite your best efforts - your dorm still stinks (and maybe a dirty roommate is to blame) then you can rectify it by sticking a dryer sheet over the front of your AC unit. It should help to freshen up your room in no time! And maybe they'll even take the hint...

55. Save Money On A Phone Stand: Use Your Sunglasses!

What a smart hack! Using your sunglasses as a makeshift phone stand is a brilliant way to prop up your phone for hands-free viewing without having to invest in a separate stand. Here's how you can use your sunglasses as a phone stand.Image Source / LifehackIf you're trying to go handsfree and watch the latest YouTube tutorial on how to get that perfect messy bun, or binge-watch your fav Netflix show while doing your makeup, don't risk your phone falling down every two seconds when you try and prop it up - use your sunglasses instead! Bonus: save money on fancy pants phone stands.

56. Make Your Comfy Canvas Shoes Waterproof!

Treating canvas shoes with beeswax is a great way to add a waterproof layer and protect them from moisture. Here's a step-by-step guide to waterproofing your canvas shoes using beeswax: you'll need beeswax, a hairdryer, and a soft cloth or brush for application.Image Source / LifehackWe all love our canvas shoes, because they're just so comfortable - and perfect for anything, whether it's a walk in the park or comfy airport shoes. Problem is, they're not very waterproof. But you can solve that easily using beeswax! Simply rub all over your canvas shoes and melt the wax into the fabric using a hairdryer.

57. Make Sure You Never Lose A Business Card

Networking events can inundate you with business cards, and it's easy to misplace or forget the information they hold. Taking photos of the business cards is a clever way to digitize the information for easy access and organization.Image Source / LifehackIn this day and age of technology, you'd think business cards would be obsolete - but nope. If you've been forced to attend a networking event at work that you definitely don't want to be at but nevertheless have to accept a million business cards, make sure you don't lose the info by snapping a quick photo of them!

58. A Better Way To Iron Those Pesky Button-Up Shirts: Turn It Inside-Out!

Ironing shirts with buttons on the front can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you're trying to navigate around those buttons. Turning the shirt inside out is a fantastic hack that simplifies the ironing process. Here's how to make ironing a button-down shirt easier!Image Source / LifehackIs there anything worse than ironing a formal work shirt? And nothing makes it harder than those buttons going down the front. So whether you're ironing your own for the day or helping your partner out because they're running late, make it easier on yourself by turning the shirt inside-out so you can simply iron over the top of the buttons rather than trying to iron around them!

59. Get Rid Of The Juicy Ick At The Bottom Of The Bin

Using newspaper at the bottom of your bin is a clever hack to help absorb food juices and prevent them from sticking to the bottom. Open up your trash bin or garbage can, ensuring it's clean and dry. Take a few sheets of newspaper and place them at the bottom of the bin.Image Source / LifehackIf you've dragged yourself up from the sofa to empty the bin (and good for you, because it's one of the least fun adulting tasks) it's always great when you find food juices covering the bottom outside of the bag. And by great we mean gross, of course. Make it easier by putting a layer of newspaper at the bottom of your bin, so in future it'll absorb any mess!

60. Keep Important Medical Info On A Card In Your Wallet

Having essential medical information readily available in case of an emergency is crucial, especially for individuals living alone. Creating a medical information card or keeping a document easily accessible can be a lifesaver. Here's how to create one.Image Source / LifehackThis is especially great for women who live on their own and don't have anyone to explain to paramedics or medical staff about any info they may need to have. Something like this card is a quick and easy way for people attending to a scene (like if you're in an accident or unconscious) to know key medical data.

61. Use An Egg Carton To Put Away Your Christmas Baubles

Egg cartons are surprisingly versatile and can be repurposed for storing small delicate items like Christmas ornaments. Ensure the egg carton is clean and dry before using it for storage. You might want to wipe it down to remove any lingering residues.Image Source / LifehackWe know how annoying it is when you're trying to pack away your Christmas decorations and for some reason decided to throw away the original packaging. To avoid any damage - especially with your most prized baubles - you can use an empty egg carton to safely store them all!

62. Use Scented Soap In Your Travel Bag For Dirty Clothing

A fragrant soap bar can indeed help keep the contents of your travel bag, especially the compartment with used undergarments, smelling fresher. Select a bar of soap with a pleasant and long-lasting scent. You might prefer a soap with natural essential oils or a fragrance you enjoy.Image Source / LifehackWe all know that one compartment in your overnight bag or suitcase that's reserved for stuffing in your worn underwear and socks. To keep it smelling as fresh as possible until you can get back home and wash it, you should keep a nice, smelly soap in the same compartment. Just chuck the bar in there and zip it up.

63. Cover Your Car Stick With A Coozie During Those Hot Days

Hot steering wheels and gear sticks can indeed make driving uncomfortable, especially in scorching weather. Using a steering wheel cover is a common solution, but slipping a coozie (a beverage insulator) onto the gear stick is an ingenious hack to protect your hands.Image Source / LifehackWhen your car has been sitting in a hot space during those boiling days, you're guaranteed to find it impossible to touch your steering wheel or stick without burning the skin of your hand off. To avoid the pain - and be able to drive safely - you can use a steering wheel cover, but you can also slip a coozie on your stick!

64. Take Better Selfies By Squinting When You Smile

The eyes play a significant role in conveying genuine emotions in a smile. When taking a selfie or posing for a photo, adding a natural and sincere touch to your smile can make a big difference. Here's how squinting your eyes slightly can help create a more genuine-looking smile.Image Source / LifehackYou know what they say - sometimes a smile is in the eyes. And if a smile doesn't reach the eyes, it can look fake - not to mention a little creepy. So if you're looking for your next, best smiley selfie for your vacation snaps or profile picture, remember to squint your eyes when you're smiling so it looks more authentic!

65. Container Doesn't Fit In The Sink? No Problem!

There's a brilliant workaround for filling a mop bucket when your faucet doesn't accommodate it easily. Ensure the dustpan you're using is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, especially if it's been used for cleaning previously.Image Source / LifehackWe all know that feeling when you're about ready to yeet your mop bucket through the window because it just won't fit under any tap for you to fill it with hot water. Instead of the drama, you can use a clean dustpan to act as a transfer for the water bucket! You'll need one of those dustpans with an open handle though, like a waterfall tap!

66. Use A Pants Hanger To Hold Open Books

Those adjustable pants hangers can be incredibly versatile beyond just holding pants! Here's how you can use them for various tasks: open the cookbook and clamp the pages between the adjustable clips of the pants hanger. Adjust the width to secure the pages.Image Source / LifehackIt doesn't matter whether you're trying to bake something from granny's old cookbook, trying to read a music sheet on the go or just want to prop your latest novel open while you go handsfree, a clippy pants hanger where you can adjust the width will work perfectly!

67. Make An Ambient Light With A Water Bottle

That's a nifty trick! Using a water bottle to diffuse and amplify the light from your phone's flashlight can indeed create a makeshift lantern effect. Ensure the water bottle is clean and empty. Remove any labels or stickers that might obstruct the light.Image Source / LifehackIf you need a good source of light in a pinch, like if you're camping or the battery has gone on your book light, you can use your phone light and the nearest water bottle to create a cool light. Just put your phone underneath the bottle and it'll light up like a lantern to give you a better lamp than just the thin beam from your phone!

68. Use A Spring To Protect Your Charger Cables

Indeed, using a spring to reinforce and protect charger cables from bending and breaking is a smart idea. Choose a small, flexible spring that can fit over the end of your charger cable. Springs from pens, old retractable pens, or small coil springs work well.Image Source / LifehackDespite your best efforts, your trusty charger cables are always going to end up worse for wear if you're pulling them out and pushing them in all the time. And especially if you travel a lot and take your cables with you. By using a simple spring, you can protect your cables from bending and breaking!

69. Make An Iphone Speaker From An Empty Loo Roll

That's a clever and quick way to amplify your phone's speaker using household items! Grab an empty toilet paper roll and a few push pins or thumbtacks. Place the toilet paper roll vertically on a flat surface. If the roll is longer than your phone, you might need to cut it to the appropriate size.Image Source / LifehackPortable Bluetooth speakers are cool and all, but what if you're trying to save money? Or maybe someone threw a spontaneous party and you need a quick fix for playing out your Spotify Wrapped. Get hold of an empty toilet paper holder, stick some pins in it and then prop your phone in it so that the speakers are inside the tube. Enjoy!

70. Make Your Own Keyboard Feet With Binder Clips

Binder clips can come to the rescue for a keyboard lacking functional feet or missing them altogether! Here's how to use binder clips as makeshift keyboard feet: choose two large binder clips for this hack. Flip the keyboard upside down so the bottom is facing upward.Image Source / LifehackWorking from home and struggling with a keyboard without feet? Have a broken keyboard and your boss is ignoring your email for the tenth time asking for a replacement? Never fear - binder clips are here! Simply attach them where the workable feet should be and hey presto - better typing.

71. Cool Your Drink Even Quicker

Get a Wet Paper Towel: dampen a paper towel thoroughly, ensuring it's wet but not dripping excessively. Wrap the Bottle: wrap the damp paper towel around the bottle, covering it entirely. Ensure the towel is in direct contact with the bottle's surface.Image Source / LifehackHad a busy day at work and can't wait to crack open your favourite cold one only to find that you forgot to put it in the fridge? Don't waste any time waiting longer than you have to - just wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel and then stick it in the freezer for around 15 minutes. It should be nice and cold by this time, ready to enjoy!

72. No Longer Make A Mess When Making Pancakes!

Absolutely, using a squeeze bottle for pancake batter is a game-changer for mess-free pancake making! Here's a simple guide: Prepare the Squeeze Bottle: clean and dry a squeeze bottle, preferably one with a nozzle that allows controlled pouring.Image Source / LifehackYou want fluffy, delicious pancakes, not an absolute mess because the pancake mix got everywhere put the pan. One easy way to do this is to put pancake mix into any available squeezy bottle (a ketchup bottle is ideal) and then squeeze out as much as you need directly into the pan. No mess!

73. Keep Your Valuables Safer At The Beach: Disguise Them In A Lotion Bottle!

There's a clever and discreet way to keep your valuables safe while enjoying a swim! Here's a step-by-step guide: Clean Out a Lotion Bottle: choose an empty lotion bottle with a secure cap. Rinse it thoroughly to remove any residual lotion and allow it to dry completely.Image Source / LifehackStay safe when traveling solo, ladies, and don't worry about going into the pool or ocean when you have to leave your things out on the side. Use a cleaned out lotion bottle to put your keys, phone or a couple of dollars inside, to keep your valuables safe and hidden. It will just look like a lotion bottle lying on your towel!

74. A Muffin Tin Is The Perfect Condiment Holder

Absolutely, using a muffin tray to organize and serve condiments at a BBQ or garden party is a brilliant idea! Here's a step-by-step guide: Choose a Clean Muffin Tray: select a muffin tray with enough compartments to accommodate various condiments.Image Source / LifehackOne of the biggest stresses of a BBQ or garden party is all those condiments that everyone wants - not to mention the mess when you just have 10 different dishes or sauce bottles lying around. A muffin tray is the perfect solution to that - the tin is ideal for putting a different condiment in every section, saving on the mess - and the washing up!

75. Don't Buy Kindling - Use Doritos Instead!

Using Doritos (or any similar oily snack) as a fire starter in an emergency situation is an unconventional but effective hack due to their high fat content. Here's how you might utilize them: collect small sticks, twigs, or dry leaves to start your fire.Image Source / LifehackOf course, it's pretty much sacrilege to suggest using a delicious snack as something you just burn, but it can help in a real pinch if you can't get a fire going. If you've gone camping, for example, and you forgot the wood but you have a huge pack of Doritos from the car journey, you can use them to get a fire going.

76. Store Your Cleaning Bottles Using A Shoe Rack

Repurposing a hanging shoe rack as a cleaning supply organizer is a fantastic way to keep your bottles tidy, accessible, and out of reach of curious kids or pets. Choose a sturdy shoe rack that has several pockets or compartments.Image Source / LifehackIf you're trying to save space in your kitchen cupboards - not to mention avoid the stress of trying to reach a bottle that's right at the back of everything - then you can use a hanging shoe rack to keep your cleaning bottles organized perfectly! Put it on the inside of a cupboard door to keep them out of sight, and it's a bonus if you have kids or pets that you need to keep harmful products out of the way of!

77. Use Frozen Grapes As Ice For Your Wine

Freezing grapes as an alternative to ice cubes is a clever way to chill your drinks without diluting them. Choose seedless grapes, preferably still on the stem. Rinse them thoroughly under cold water and pat them dry. Spread the grapes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat.Image Source / LifehackTired of drinking warm wine and/or watered down wine because your ice melted too fast? Avoid all the hassle by freezing some grapes and popping them in your wine glass instead! They'll keep your drink nice and cool without watering it down whatsoever! The perfect handy chill hack.

78. Get The Last Bits Of Nutella Using Ice Cream

Absolutely, combining the remnants of a nearly empty jar of Nutella or peanut butter with ice cream is a fantastic idea! Here's a simple guide to create a delicious treat: collect the almost empty jar of Nutella or peanut butter and your favorite ice cream flavor.Image Source / LifehackThis can also work for peanut butter, too, depending on what your guilty pleasure is for eating straight out of the jar! To make sure you get every morsel out of the jar, as well as creating an extra delicious snack, put some ice cream into what's left of the Nutella and mix together. Yum!

79. Get More Dipping Sauce By Rolling Down The Container Rim

If those dipping containers are too small for your sauce needs, maximizing their capacity can definitely help. Rolling down the rim or unfolding the edges of the containers can expand their volume, allowing you to fill them with more sauce.Image Source / LifehackWhoever thought those dipping containers were the right size needs to think again because they're tiny! And you don't want to be getting up ten times when you're sitting in the fast food restaurant just to keep refilling your sauces. Instead, before you fill up, roll down the rim of the container so that it can be filled to maximum capacity!

80. Use A Straw To Get Rid Of Your Strawberry Stem - No Hassle!

That's a clever and efficient trick for removing strawberry stems! Using a straw to puncture through the bottom of the strawberry and push out the stem is a quick and clean way to prepare a bunch of strawberries at once.Image Source / LifehackYou don't want to be picking off the stems one by one if you're trying to organize a load of strawberries, and there's always the risk the stem doesn't pull off cleanly and you're left with the little individual leaves you have to pick off. Save yourself the hassle and use a straw to push right through the middle and get rid of the stem in one. The clue was in the name all along: straw-berry!