Life Hacks For Men

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. Get Outside More

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Sunlight is vital for vitamin D, which plays a part in everything from testosterone production to cardiovascular health.  If you feel your day doesn't allow you get outside more, then take a number of 5 minute breaks from your schedule.  It could improve productivity by standing away from your desk and re-grouping.

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2. Dealing With A Shaving Cut

 Image source DreamstimeEvery man needs to know this hack so he doesn't do what most males do and run around like a headless chicken as if he might need a blood transfusion.  Simply dry the area and dab on some Vaseline which will act as a water tight seal and the bleeding will stop.  Panic over!

3. Adopt Your Own Style

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This can save you a lot of time and money!  If you understand what suits you and don't wear the same colours every day, you can't go far wrong.  If you are unsure of your style, you can end up buying loads of clothes and they don't ever leave the wardrobe.

4. MOT Your Mental Health

Image source General BeingFeeling glum or a bit down in the dumps is part of life but if anxious thoughts are persistently interfering with your everyday life it could be time to see your doctor for an MOT on your mental health.  Even talking about it could help.

5. Know Your Whiskey

Image source Art of ManIf you’re drinking whiskey to enjoy the flavour and the warmness on your chest as you swallow it, that's great.  You understand the spirit.  However, if you start knocking them back and getting drunk, only to be shocked at how much it's cost you, it's your own fault for not understanding quality versus quantity.  Get some knowledge on it.

6. Chew Gum When Cutting Onions To Avoid Those Tears

Image source USA TodayNot that there’s anything remotely wrong with a crying man, but if you ever do find yourself in a losing battle against the  common onion, chew some gum while you're chopping and this will alleviate the issue right there and then!

7. Plan Your Day The Night Before

 Image source InsideHookPlanning this way can have benefits for early risers and night owls.  If you are an early bird, you can get up and get cracking with your schedule, being more productive along the way.  For those struggling to roll out of bed and feeling groggy, it's something less to think about when you can hardly open your eyes.

8. Always Tell Women The Truth

 Image source Guy StuffTo strengthen a relationship, it's important to be honest with the opposite sex.  Too often, men will tell a lie to protect the female but she doesn't need protection.  She might not be happy with you but the world isn't a perfect place.

9. Practice Making Instant Decisions

Image source Know Your MemeBeing indecisive is not a desirable trait, especially when they are not life changing subjects.  If you struggle with selecting from a food menu or deciding what to wear, train yourself to make quick decisions and that means not over-thinking everything.

10. Don't Tell Females You Watch Disney Films

Image source RedditSitting down and relaxing, getting ready to watch Toy Story, can be the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Disney movies are mainly associated with kids and females although why shouldn't men enjoy them as well? No reason why but telling a female you've binge watched the whole five films in the series may give the impression that you aren't the alpha man she was looking for!

11. Double Tap The Space Bar On Your iPhone

Image source OSX DailyIn the middle of firing off endless messages to your friends, you might have to navigate to that page with a full stop.  Not any more!  Double tap the space bar and one will appear as if by magic.  It also automatically adds a space and capitalises the next letter.

12. Sleep More

Image source Harvard BusinessSkipping sleep isn't clever and you can't have your wits about you when you've been surviving on 5 or 6 hours a night.  Slumber is when your mind and body repair themselves.  Get in the habit, during the week, of going to bed at a certain time and setting your alarm for the morning.  Eventually your body clock will recognise this pattern.

13. Do Yoga

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There are flexible benefits to yoga but its mindful focus on breathing could reduce stress.  It can be a good strength workout in its own right and the balance work will help prevent you from spraining your ankle when you're playing 5-a-side!

14. Ironing Without An Iron

Image source Gentleman's GazetteIf you've woken up to a Monday morning with no iron and lots of wrinkled shirts, what are you going to do besides curse yourself that you should have bought one a year ago.  Pop the clothing into the dryer with a few ice cubes for 5 minutes and problem solved.

15. Define Success On Your Own Terms

Image source The GuardianWe might be getting a bit deep here but it's an important point.  Success doesn't have to come in the form of earning a million dollars.  You may be an excellent squash player and are aiming to get into a league or you fancy a challenge of long distance swimming.

16. Stop Taking Advice From Women (all the time)

 Image source LovePankyThere's often an agenda why a woman would want to offer her worldly knowledge to you.  She either fancies you or she doesn't like the person you have an issue with.  She might mother you, which is unhealthy or she could be controlling.  Be aware.

17. Breathe Deeply

 Image source The GuardianDeep belly breathing is a must if you are feeling anxious or upset.  It will calm you down and is like a drug free mini medication for lots of situations.  Breathe through your nose, right into your stomach and then breathe out through the mouth slowly.  Do this up to 10 times every day.

18. Take Cold Showers

 Image source Zero to AlphaThe thought isn't great but the benefits are HUGE.  They give you a massive energy boost, relieve anxiety and studies have shown they could help reduce depression.  Start with 15 seconds under cold water and gradually increase the time until you can stand it for 3 minutes.

19. Don't Watch Every News Bulletin

 Image source News NorthEastOf course you will want to know what is going on in the world and even in your part of the country but tuning in to eery news update can prove to be unhealthy.  It can set of worrying about something out of your control and affect your sleep as your mind races.

20. Learn The Jacket Button Rule

 Image source FreepikFirst impressions count so get the jacket button rule sorted!  The top button should occasionally be buttoned, the middle button should always be buttoned as it is flattering to the eye and the last button should never be buttoned as it messes up the flare of the garment.

21. Use Shoe Trees

Image source YouTubeA decent quality pair of shoe trees will maintain the shape of your nice work shoes, prevent the leather from cracking or warping and absorb any excess moisture from your shoes so they don’t rot from the inside out. For expensive shoes, definitely invest in shoe trees as it will keep them looking better for longer.

22. Tell A New Barber When You Last Had Your Haircut

 Image source FreepikBarbers know how long it takes for hair to grow so if you tell them how long it's been since your last haircut then they can work out what it looked like back then.  This is very useful if you are wanting a similar cut to the previous one.

23. Wrap Duct Tape Around An Old Gift Card

 Image source Lifehacker AustraliaIt's hard to find a small roll of duct tape to keep handy for those times when you need it.  Most rolls are huge and cumbersome so wrap some of it around an old gift card and keep it in a small drawer, so you always have it to hand.

24. Use Your Thumb To Check A Steak

Image source Art of ManlinessBring together your index finger and thumb and feel the fleshy area just below the thumb.  That is what a rare steak feels like. Do the same with your ring finger and thumb and that’s a medium steak.  Feeling the pinky finger with the thumb is well done!

25. Fold Your Clothes Instead Of Hanging Them

Image source PinterestFollow the golden rule of folding instead of hanging as even the lightest sweaters are prone to stretching if they are on hangers for too long.  With tee shirts, these can still be hung up as they are used regularly and see high rotation.

26. Know How To Make An Old-Fashioned

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An old fashioned always goes down well with anyone who enjoys whiskey and you'll be sure to impress as you place a sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass, pour in 2 dashes of bitters and plain water. Mix together and fill the glass with ice cubes along with 2 shots of bourbon or rye whiskey. Then garnish with an orange slice and cocktail cherry.  Very nice indeed!

27. Put Your Phone Away

Image source Small Business TrendsHave we got you shaking in your boots at the thought of being separated from your smartphone!  Turning off notifications at a certain time and putting your phone out of sight when you're eating or meeting up with a friend will leave you more relaxed, the more you do it. 

28. Be Grateful

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Focusing on the negatives in your life, no matter how insignificant, can be overwhelming and take over the good stuff happening.  As an exercise, think of three things you are grateful for, last thing at night.  Psychologically, it can pick you up and help boost your mood.

29. Write Stuff Down

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Putting stuff down on paper makes your mind take it in and remember it.  If you need to free your brain from emotional stuff, writing it down can help disperse it.  If you remember in bed something you have to do the next day, it can stop you falling asleep so make a note of it and then fall soundly asleep.

30. Hang Suits & Dress Shirts On Cedar Wood Hangers

Image source Care of CarlWe aren't trying to be posh here but if you have a designer suit and shirt, they deserve to be looked after.  That means not having them destroyed by moisture and condensation. not to mention moths.  Using cedar wood hangers will act as a repellent and keeps your clothes tip top.

31. Accept Your Own Viewpoint (And Wear It With Pride)

Image Source / The New York TimesMany men grow up being told to think and act a certain way, but the sooner you come into your own way of thinking and stop caring about the opinions of others, the more free and happy you'll likely feel. Taking time to get to know yourself and understand your own way of thinking will more easily help you shape yourself into the person you want to be.

32. You Can Ask For Help

Image Source / DeMilkedThere's also a stigma about men asking for help, and having to 'go it alone' in order to be considered a real, alpha man - but that's silly. You're always fine to ask for help, and you never have to do anything alone. Asking for help is never weak - in fact, it's a strength to admit that you need help and guidance - whether it's with big life decisions or opening up a jar in the kitchen.

33. Try A Men's Circle

Image Source / RedditIt might transform your life! Speaking about feelings and life issues can be hard, and even more so if you're expected to do it in a big circle of other men. But opening yourself up to be vulnerable is always a good thing, and it's better to do it with a bunch of other men so you don't feel like the only man doing it!

34. Love Yourself And Learn Self-Care

Image Source / RedditEveryone's raving about self-care these days - with good reason. And it's fast become something associated with women meditating or taking a bubble bath. But self-care is for any gender, and men should definitely be prioritising it a bit more. You need to learn to care and love yourself so you can live your best life.

35. Pay Attention To Your Triggers

Image Source / Digital SpyTo get a better handle on your life, you need to better pay attention to things that might trigger you, because these triggers could be based on past experience that gets an emotional reaction out of you - and you need to move on with your life rather than be bogged down with the past. So pay attention to anything in life that triggers you and then you can work through it!

36. Don't Fall Into The Masculinity Traps

Image Source / Fox NewsMen have always been taught that being masculine is one of many things - and they're usually all toxic and the wrong way to think. These masculinity types include 'I'm only a real man if I'm rich and successful', or 'I'm such a nice guy because I work to please everybody'. Anything like this isn't healthy, as masculinity isn't about money, success, looks or people-pleasing.

37. Drink Loads Of Water

Image Source / RedditThis one can't be stressed enough! No matter what you want from life, it'll be hard to achieve if you're dehydrated. Water is so essential to daily functioning, for your mind and body, so make sure that you're prioritising drinking water throughout the day - even if you have to set a reminder on your phone!

38. Give Journaling A Go

Image Source / RedditOnce again, journaling and gratitude journaling is more associated with women, and it shouldn't be - any person should make more time for journaling because it can really help your viewpoint. If you take time to journal for just a few minutes every morning, you can write down what you're grateful for and what you want to achieve that day!

39. Take A Break On Adult Content

Image Source / RedditBeing addicted to adult content is no joke (and by adult content we don't mean 18 rated movies, we mean the sex stuff). It can actually be damaging to your mind and sex life if you watch way too much of this, so make sure to take healthy breaks when you need them!

40. Let Go Of This 'Size Matters' Attitude

Image Source / RedditAnd for this one we don't mean what you think we mean (although that's one of them). We also mean the size of your wallet, car, house, muscles, pay check... size really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, as it's a shallow outlook, and it can be damaging when men are raised to think this way. So no, you don't need the biggest wallet and muscles to be a 'real' man!

41. There Isn't Really A Purpose

Image Source / Reddit Most people in life are looking for a purpose, but there isn't one. Only you can decide what's important to you on a day to day basis. The moment you let go of the stress you have trying to find out this great big purpose and success, the better you'll feel with less pressure on your shoulders!

42. Avoid Burning Out

Image Source / RedditIt's not 'cool' to overwork yourself and operate on two hours of sleep because you're trying to be a man who doesn't complain, or are overworking to achieve your goals. It's so important not to burn out and take healthy time out when you need it in order to rest and recover.

43. And Don't Ignore Health Concerns!

Image Source / RedditMen aren't usually very quick to phone the doctors when they're unwell, but you definitely should be paying attention to your health. Being tired all the time, being overweight, having pain in a particular region, or simply it being 5 years since your last dentist appointment are all things you shouldn't ignore.

44. Make Your Man Cave

Image Source / Reddit This doesn't have to be the quintessential man cave of a basement renovated with a huge TV screen and a bar (but of course you can have that if you want). Just find your own version of a 'man cave' that gives you a safe, private space to wind down and escape from any pressures of society and just spend time with yourself when you need it most.

45. Never Have Your Shirt Sleeves Roll Down Again

Image Source / RedditWhen you need to roll your shirt sleeves up, there's nothing more annoying than them still falling back down. But with a quick hack, you can make sure they stay rolled back. Don't start at the cuff and then roll in bits to the elbow - instead, pull the cuff right back in one big go to the elbow, then pull the inside out bit right up so it covers the cuff.

46. Choose A Haircut Based On Your Face Shape

Image Source / RedditWomen will usually choose hair style and eyebrow style based on their face shape - and there's a reason for that. It's also important for men to do this, too! Certain hair styles will better suit certain face shapes on men, so get to know your own (round, rectangle, circle etc) and then get advice on hairstyles to suit.

47. Avoid Putting Your Clothes In The Dryer

Image Source / RedditIf you want your fashionable wardrobe to last, ditch the dryer and air dry your clothes instead. It may take longer - and take up more space when you have stuff hung everywhere - but air drying means less risk of clothes shrinking and getting ruined. If you can hang up a line for washing in your garden or yard, even better!

48. Don't Skimp On A Quality Kitchen Knife

Image Source / RedditWhether you love or loathe cooking, there's no denying the difference an expensive kitchen knife will make. Seriously, it'll make cooking less stressful and it'll last longer than cheap ones! Cheap ones only go dull very quickly, and also make it more difficult to chop things. So if there's one thing you're investing in, let it be a good set of kitchen knives.

49. Use Tissue Paper To Stop Your Suit From Getting Wrinkled

Image Source / RedditOne fear a lot of men can have is expensive suits getting ruined when they have to transport them, whether in the car or in luggage for a trip somewhere. But you can avoid wrinkles by simply wrapping your suit in tissue paper before placing it in a bag to keep it in its best shape!

50. Try To Alternate Your Shoes

Image Source / RedditWe all have a favorite pair of shoes we would happily wear day after day - and probably do - but this is actually bad for your shoes. You should give your shoes a chance to breathe in between wearing, which means it's a great idea to have a couple of pairs on rotation. That way, your shoes can have their best lifespan!