Life Hacks For Men

By molly atherton 6 months ago
Life can be an unpredictable adventure filled with its fair share of quirks and challenges. But fear not, because for the modern man looking to add a dash of simplicity and a sprinkle of ingenious shortcuts to his daily routine, life hacks are the superhero capes of everyday living! These nifty, clever little tricks range from turning mundane tasks into playful adventures to discovering shortcuts that make even the most mundane chores a breeze.

Get Outside More

Sunlight serves as an essential source for the synthesis of Vitamin D, a key component that contributes to various bodily functions, spanning from fostering testosterone production to supporting cardiovascular health. If your daily routine limits your exposure to natural light, it's beneficial to consider integrating several brief, 5-minute breaks into your schedule.
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These moments, away from the confines of your desk, not only provide the opportunity to bask in the sun but also offer a chance to reinvigorate and refocus. Embracing these short intervals outdoors might significantly enhance productivity by allowing your mind and body the chance to recharge.

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Dealing With A Shaving Cut

It's imperative for every man to be aware of this valuable tip, ensuring they avoid the common frantic behavior that often accompanies dealing with an injury. Rather than resorting to a frantic headless-chicken-like response, a simple and effective solution involves drying the affected area and applying a layer of Vaseline.
Image source DreamstimeThe use of Vaseline acts as a quick and efficient remedy, thus swiftly putting an end to the panic and concern associated with the injury, offering a sense of relief and control in the situation. This hack not only addresses the immediate issue but also empowers individuals to handle minor injuries with calmness and practicality.

Adopt Your Own Style

Implementing this advice can yield significant savings in both time and money! Understanding what complements your unique style and avoiding the repetition of the same colors daily is a smart strategy that can steer you in the right direction when it comes to personal fashion choices.Image source FreepikOn the flip side, uncertainty about your style may lead to the haphazard accumulation of numerous clothing items that ultimately find a permanent place within the confines of your wardrobe. The consequence? A collection of garments that rarely sees the light of day...

MOT Your Mental Health

Experiencing occasional moments of feeling glum or a bit down in the dumps is a natural facet of life's ebb and flow. However, when persistent anxious thoughts start encroaching on your day-to-day existence, it might be a significant signal that warrants attention.Image source General BeingA regular check-up for your mental health, just like you would have for your car, can be crucial for maintaining a balanced and healthy life. Just as a vehicle requires routine maintenance to function optimally, your mental well-being also deserves care and attention.

Know Your Whiskey

Appreciating whiskey for its complex flavors and the comforting warmth it imparts as it glides down your throat is a delightful way to savor the spirit. This approach demonstrates a genuine understanding and appreciation for the nuanced characteristics and craftsmanship that make each whiskey unique.Image source Art of ManIf you’re drinking whiskey to enjoy the flavour and the warmness on your chest as you swallow it, that's great.  You understand the spirit.  However, if you start knocking them back and getting drunk, only to be shocked at how much it's cost you, it's your own fault for not understanding quality versus quantity.

 Chew Gum When Cutting Onions To Avoid Those Tears

A helpful tip to prevent tearing up while cutting onions is to chew gum. When you chew gum, the increased salivation can help diminish the effects of the irritant gases released by the onion, which often lead to teary eyes. This simple yet effective trick is based on the theory that the act of chewing gum encourages more saliva production.Image source USA TodayThe sulfur compounds in onions react with the moisture in our eyes, creating a mild sulfuric acid that leads to the stinging sensation and tears. By chewing gum, you're essentially increasing the moisture in your mouth, potentially minimizing the irritation caused by these compounds, thus reducing the tear-inducing effect.

Plan Your Day The Night Before

Planning your day the night before is an incredibly beneficial habit that can significantly enhance productivity and overall efficiency. Taking the time in the evening to strategize and organize your schedule for the following day allows you to set clear intentions, priorities, and goals.Image source InsideHookWhen you plan your day the night before, you're essentially taking a moment to review, reflect, and set the stage for what lies ahead. This proactive habit not only saves time in the morning but also contributes to a more focused mindset. You can determine the most important tasks that need to be accomplished.

Always Tell Women The Truth

Honesty and transparency are fundamental cornerstones in any relationship, including those with women. Being truthful and open in your interactions not only builds trust but also fosters deeper, more meaningful connections. By consistently communicating with honesty, you cultivate an environment of trust and respect, which forms a solid foundation for any relationship to flourish.Image source Guy StuffShall we make a list summarising the changes we could be making to mirror that website? Image source embedded, images same size - blurred at top and bottom, headings - story type theme, take out numbers in headings, text split 50:50, featured image moved to underneath top title. Anything else?

Practice Making Instant Decisions

Indecisiveness, even in seemingly trivial matters like choosing from a menu or picking an outfit, can impact various aspects of life. Overthinking can lead to wasted time, unnecessary stress, and missed opportunities. Here's how you can train yourself to make quicker decisions in these everyday situations.Image source Know Your Meme
By intentionally practicing and adjusting your approach to decision-making in these smaller, day-to-day situations, you can train yourself to make quicker and more efficient decisions. Over time, this approach can extend to more significant decisions, improving your overall decision-making abilities.

Don't Tell Females You Watch Disney Films

Sitting down and relaxing, getting ready to watch Toy Story, can be the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Disney movies are mainly associated with kids and females although why shouldn't men enjoy them as well? No reason...Image source RedditOf course, if this is your thing, then you should be loud and proud about it... but just don't expect all the ladies to be swooning over you, because, well... it just won't happen!

Double Tap The Space Bar On Your iPhone

In the middle of firing off endless messages to your friends, you might have to navigate to that page with a full stop.  Not any more!  Double tap the space bar and one will appear as if by magic.  It also automatically adds a space and capitalises the next letter.Image source OSX DailyIt's little hacks like this that just makes life so much easier - and they will make your every day a lot simpler and save time!

Sleep More

Absolutely, the value of a good night’s sleep is as precious as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It’s like hitting the reset button for both your mind and body, allowing them to rejuvenate and repair after a long day's grind. You wouldn’t skip a shower or neglect refueling your car, would you?Image source Harvard BusinessSimilarly, skipping out on sleep isn’t a smart move. Think of slumber as your personal repair shop—while you're dreaming of far-off adventures or bizarre scenarios, your body is working its magic, restoring, and fine-tuning itself for the day ahead.

Do Yoga

Ah, yoga – it's like the Swiss Army knife of exercises, offering a plethora of benefits beyond the stereotypical image of serene individuals twisting themselves into pretzel shapes. One of its superpowers lies in its mindful emphasis on breathing.Image source Because I Said So

Picture this: a deep inhale and a slow, deliberate exhale, as if your stress is melting away with each breath. That's the magic of yoga. By honing in on your breathing patterns, it acts as a tranquilizer for your mind, effectively reducing stress and anxiety.

Ironing Without An Iron

Ah, the classic Monday morning scenario: a frantic search for a well-ironed shirt, only to discover a barren landscape in the iron department. Panic sets in, and you start cursing past decisions not to invest in that sleek ironing device. But fear not, for in the world of laundry hacks, there's a quirky and nifty trick that might just save the day!Image source Gentleman's GazettePicture this: you've got a handful of shirts that resemble a roadmap of wrinkles, and time is not on your side. What's the quick fix? Forget the iron, forget the hassle, and say hello to your trusty dryer and a few ice cubes. It might sound like an odd couple, but they work wonders together.

Define Success On Your Own Terms

Absolutely, success isn't just about stacking piles of cash or reaching the pinnacle of a traditional career ladder. It's about embracing the things that ignite your passion, set your soul on fire, and push you to new heights, regardless of society's conventional markers.Image source The GuardianImagine this: you might not be aiming for a corner office or dreaming of swimming in pools of money, but your success story might involve a whole different arena. Perhaps it’s about becoming the maestro of the squash court, tirelessly honing your skills to secure a spot in that prestigious league.

Stop Taking Advice From Women (all the time)

While seeking advice or insight from a woman, it's important to be mindful of the underlying intentions that might motivate her to share her wisdom. This isn’t to suggest that every act of guidance or sharing of knowledge has an ulterior motive, but it's wise to be aware of potential agendas that could be at play. Image source LovePankyFirstly, one possibility is that she might fancy you. Offering worldly knowledge or advice could be her way of engaging with you, attempting to create a connection or impress you. Similarly, if there's a person you have an issue with, her guidance might be influenced by her dislike of that individual.

Breathe Deeply

Deep belly breathing, a technique involving slow inhalation through the nose, allowing the abdomen to rise, followed by a deliberate exhalation through the mouth, serves as a potent natural remedy for alleviating anxiety and stress.Image source The GuardianBy engaging the diaphragm and promoting the flow of oxygen, this method activates the body's relaxation response, reducing stress hormones and fostering a sense of calm.

Take Cold Showers

Engaging in cold water exposure, often referred to as cold showers or cold water therapy, may initially seem challenging, but the potential benefits are substantial. While the thought of immersing oneself in cold water might not be immediately appealing, the rewards include a significant energy boost and the potential to alleviate anxiety.Image source Zero to AlphaStudies also suggest that cold exposure could contribute to a reduction in symptoms associated with depression. The recommended approach is to start gradually, with perhaps just 15 seconds under cold water, and then progressively extend the duration until reaching a target of about 3 minutes.

Don't Watch Every News Bulletin

Staying informed about current events is undoubtedly important, but constantly tuning in to every news update can have unintended consequences for mental health. The continuous exposure to negative news stories, especially those concerning events beyond one's control, can trigger feelings of anxiety and stress.Image source News NorthEastThe constant stream of information can lead to overthinking and a heightened sense of worry, potentially impacting sleep as the mind races with concerns.

20. Learn The Jacket Button Rule

Mastering the jacket button rule is a key aspect of presenting a polished and well-put-together appearance. Understanding the nuances of buttoning a jacket not only contributes to a more flattering silhouette but also showcases a sense of style and attention to detail.Image source FreepikThe top button is typically reserved for more formal occasions or colder weather when additional warmth is desired. The middle button, on the other hand, is the workhorse of the ensemble and should almost always be fastened.

21. Use Shoe Trees

Investing in a quality pair of shoe trees is a wise decision for anyone looking to preserve and extend the life of their fine work shoes. These shoe accessories serve multiple purposes, the foremost being the maintenance of the shoe's shape.Image source YouTubeBy preventing leather from cracking or warping, shoe trees ensure that the footwear retains its original, well-crafted form, contributing to a polished and professional appearance.

22. Tell A New Barber When You Last Had Your Haircut

Communicating effectively with your barber about the duration since your last haircut indeed proves invaluable, especially when aiming to recreate a previous style. Barbers, with their experience, understand the average rate of hair growth and can use this information to visualize your hair's past length and style.Image source FreepikBy sharing how long it has been since your last haircut, you provide your barber with essential context to assess the current state of your hair and achieve the desired look.

23. Wrap Duct Tape Around An Old Gift Card

Securing a small roll of duct tape for convenient accessibility can indeed be a challenge given the bulkiness of standard rolls. An ingenious solution involves wrapping a practical length of duct tape around an old gift card.Image source Lifehacker AustraliaThis not only streamlines the storage of the tape but also ensures it remains compact and easy to stow in a small drawer or carry in a pocket. By repurposing a gift card in this way, you create a portable and readily available DIY tool for unexpected situations.

24. Use Your Thumb To Check A Steak

This simple and tactile method of using your hand to gauge the doneness of a steak is a handy trick for those without a meat thermometer or for a more intuitive approach to cooking.Image source Art of ManlinessThe fleshy area just below the thumb, when your index finger and thumb are brought together, approximates the texture of a rare steak. The slightly firmer feel created when you bring together your ring finger and thumb mimics the texture of a medium-cooked steak.

25. Fold Your Clothes Instead Of Hanging Them

Adhering to the golden rule of folding rather than hanging is crucial for maintaining the integrity of sweaters, even the lightest ones, as extended periods on hangers can lead to stretching and distortion of their shape.Image source PinterestThe delicate fibers in sweaters are prone to deformation when subjected to the consistent pull of hangers, causing them to lose their original fit and form.

26. Know How To Make An Old-Fashioned

Crafting an Old Fashioned is an art that transcends time, and it's a classic cocktail that never fails to impress whiskey enthusiasts. Begin by placing a sugar cube in the iconic Old Fashioned glass, followed by two dashes of aromatic bitters and a splash of plain water.Image source Taste
Muddle these ingredients together to create a harmonious base. Then, generously fill the glass with ice cubes, ensuring a refreshing chill without diluting the bold flavors.

27. Put Your Phone Away

The prospect of being separated from a smartphone can indeed evoke a sense of discomfort for many, given their pervasive role in our daily lives. However, implementing practices like turning off notifications at specific times and intentionally placing your phone out of sight during meals.Image source Small Business TrendsHave we got you shaking in your boots at the thought of being separated from your smartphone!  Turning off notifications at a certain time and putting your phone out of sight when you're eating or meeting up with a friend will leave you more relaxed, the more you do it.

28. Be Grateful

Engaging in a nightly practice of reflecting on three things you are grateful for can indeed be a powerful exercise with positive psychological effects. Shifting your focus from the negatives, no matter how trivial, to the positives in your life can help counteract feelings of overwhelm and elevate your mood.Image source Lifehack

Focusing on the negatives in your life, no matter how insignificant, can be overwhelming and take over the good stuff happening.  As an exercise, think of three things you are grateful for, last thing at night.  Psychologically, it can pick you up and help boost your mood.

29. Write Stuff Down

Putting thoughts down on paper is a powerful practice with cognitive and emotional benefits. The act of writing engages different cognitive processes, helping to solidify information in your mind and making it easier to remember.Image source Pinterest

Putting stuff down on paper makes your mind take it in and remember it.  If you need to free your brain from emotional stuff, writing it down can help disperse it.  If you remember in bed something you have to do the next day, it can stop you falling asleep so make a note of it and then fall soundly asleep.

30. Hang Suits & Dress Shirts On Cedar Wood Hangers

Preserving the quality of your designer suit and shirt is not just about appearance but also about protecting your investment. Moisture, condensation, and the threat of moths can indeed compromise the integrity of your high-quality clothing.Image source Care of CarlWe aren't trying to be posh here but if you have a designer suit and shirt, they deserve to be looked after.  That means not having them destroyed by moisture and condensation. not to mention moths.  Using cedar wood hangers will act as a repellent and keeps your clothes tip top.

31. Accept Your Own Viewpoint (And Wear It With Pride)

Embracing your authentic self and breaking free from societal expectations is a transformative journey that leads to increased freedom and happiness. From a young age, societal norms often prescribe certain attitudes and behaviors for men, but the true key to personal fulfillment lies in breaking away from these rigid molds.Image Source / The New York TimesMany men grow up being told to think and act a certain way, but the sooner you come into your own way of thinking and stop caring about the opinions of others, the more free and happy you'll likely feel. Taking time to get to know yourself and understand your own way of thinking will more easily help you shape yourself into the person you want to be.

32. You Can Ask For Help

Challenging the stigma around men asking for help is a crucial step towards promoting mental and emotional well-being. The notion that seeking assistance is a sign of weakness is an outdated and harmful stereotype.Image Source / DeMilkedThere's also a stigma about men asking for help, and having to 'go it alone' in order to be considered a real, alpha man - but that's silly. You're always fine to ask for help, and you never have to do anything alone. Asking for help is never weak - in fact, it's a strength to admit that you need help and guidance - whether it's with big life decisions or opening up a jar in the kitchen.

33. Try A Men's Circle

Absolutely, embracing vulnerability and opening up about feelings and life issues can indeed be transformative. The idea that sharing emotions is a sign of weakness is a misconception, and breaking free from this notion can lead to significant personal growth.Image Source / RedditIt might transform your life! Speaking about feelings and life issues can be hard, and even more so if you're expected to do it in a big circle of other men. But opening yourself up to be vulnerable is always a good thing, and it's better to do it with a bunch of other men so you don't feel like the only man doing it!

34. Love Yourself And Learn Self-Care

The concept of self-care is universal, transcending gender stereotypes, and is essential for everyone, including men. It's not limited to specific activities like meditation or bubble baths.Image Source / RedditEveryone's raving about self-care these days - with good reason. And it's fast become something associated with women meditating or taking a bubble bath. But self-care is for any gender, and men should definitely be prioritising it a bit more. You need to learn to care and love yourself so you can live your best life.

35. Pay Attention To Your Triggers

Being attentive to triggers in your life is a crucial step toward personal growth and emotional well-being. Triggers often stem from past experiences and can elicit strong emotional reactions.Image Source / Digital SpyTo get a better handle on your life, you need to better pay attention to things that might trigger you, because these triggers could be based on past experience that gets an emotional reaction out of you - and you need to move on with your life rather than be bogged down with the past. So pay attention to anything in life that triggers you and then you can work through it!

36. Don't Fall Into The Masculinity Traps

Absolutely, challenging traditional and often toxic notions of masculinity is an important step toward fostering healthier and more authentic expressions of manhood. Conventional stereotypes often link masculinity to external markers like wealth, success, appearance, or the need to constantly please others.Image Source / Fox NewsMen have always been taught that being masculine is one of many things - and they're usually all toxic and the wrong way to think. These masculinity types include 'I'm only a real man if I'm rich and successful', or 'I'm such a nice guy because I work to please everybody'. Anything like this isn't healthy, as masculinity isn't about money, success, looks or people-pleasing.

37. Drink Loads Of Water

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be overstated. Water is a fundamental element for the proper functioning of both the mind and body, and neglecting adequate hydration can have far-reaching consequences.Image Source / RedditThis one can't be stressed enough! No matter what you want from life, it'll be hard to achieve if you're dehydrated. Water is so essential to daily functioning, for your mind and body, so make sure that you're prioritising drinking water throughout the day - even if you have to set a reminder on your phone!

38. Give Journaling A Go

Journaling, including gratitude journaling, is a powerful practice that transcends gender stereotypes and can benefit anyone seeking to enhance their well-being and mindset.Image Source / RedditOnce again, journaling and gratitude journaling is more associated with women, and it shouldn't be - any person should make more time for journaling because it can really help your viewpoint. If you take time to journal for just a few minutes every morning, you can write down what you're grateful for and what you want to achieve that day!

39. Take A Break On Adult Content

Addressing and managing adult content consumption is an important aspect of mental and sexual health. Excessive consumption of explicit material can indeed have negative consequences on both the mind and one's personal life.Image Source / RedditBeing addicted to adult content is no joke (and by adult content we don't mean 18 rated movies, we mean the sex stuff). It can actually be damaging to your mind and sex life if you watch way too much of this, so make sure to take healthy breaks when you need them!

40. Let Go Of This 'Size Matters' Attitude

Absolutely, the societal pressure to conform to specific stereotypes related to size, whether it be in terms of physical appearance, wealth, or possessions, can be damaging and limiting. The idea that bigger is always better is a shallow perspective that overlooks the complexity and diversity of individuals.Image Source / RedditAnd for this one we don't mean what you think we mean (although that's one of them). We also mean the size of your wallet, car, house, muscles, pay check... size really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, as it's a shallow outlook, and it can be damaging when men are raised to think this way. So no, you don't need the biggest wallet and muscles to be a 'real' man!

41. There Isn't Really A Purpose

The search for purpose is a common journey for many individuals, and the realization that there may not be one overarching, predetermined purpose can be liberating. Indeed, the concept of purpose can be subjective and can vary from person to person.Image Source / RedditMost people in life are looking for a purpose, but there isn't one. Only you can decide what's important to you on a day to day basis. The moment you let go of the stress you have trying to find out this great big purpose and success, the better you'll feel with less pressure on your shoulders!

42. Avoid Burning Out

Absolutely, the cultural notion that overworking, operating on minimal sleep, and sacrificing well-being is a sign of toughness or dedication can be detrimental. It's crucial to recognize that taking care of your mental and physical health is not a sign of weakness but a fundamental aspect of overall well-being.Image Source / RedditIt's not 'cool' to overwork yourself and operate on two hours of sleep because you're trying to be a man who doesn't complain, or are overworking to achieve your goals. It's so important not to burn out and take healthy time out when you need it in order to rest and recover.

43. And Don't Ignore Health Concerns!

Indeed, paying attention to your health and addressing potential warning signs is crucial for overall well-being. While men may sometimes hesitate to seek medical attention, it's essential to prioritize health and not ignore symptoms that could indicate underlying issues.Image Source / RedditMen aren't usually very quick to phone the doctors when they're unwell, but you definitely should be paying attention to your health. Being tired all the time, being overweight, having pain in a particular region, or simply it being 5 years since your last dentist appointment are all things you shouldn't ignore.

44. Make Your Man Cave

Creating a personal retreat or sanctuary, often referred to as a "man cave," is indeed a valuable practice for self-care and mental well-being. It doesn't have to conform to traditional stereotypes, and the key is to design a space that aligns with your interests, brings you joy, and provides a sense of comfort and relaxation.Image Source / RedditThis doesn't have to be the quintessential man cave of a basement renovated with a huge TV screen and a bar (but of course you can have that if you want). Just find your own version of a 'man cave' that gives you a safe, private space to wind down and escape from any pressures of society and just spend time with yourself when you need it most.

45. Never Have Your Shirt Sleeves Roll Down Again

The art of rolling up shirt sleeves is not just about style but also about making sure they stay in place. The quick hack you mentioned is a practical and effective way to achieve this. Instead of rolling the sleeves up in bits from the cuff, starting at the elbow and pulling the entire cuff up in one go can create a more secure and snug fit.Image Source / RedditWhen you need to roll your shirt sleeves up, there's nothing more annoying than them still falling back down. But with a quick hack, you can make sure they stay rolled back. Don't start at the cuff and then roll in bits to the elbow - instead, pull the cuff right back in one big go to the elbow, then pull the inside out bit right up so it covers the cuff.

46. Choose A Haircut Based On Your Face Shape

Understanding your face shape is indeed a key factor in choosing a flattering hairstyle, and this principle applies to men as much as it does to women. Different face shapes—such as round, oval, square, rectangular, or heart-shaped—can be complemented by specific hairstyles that enhance your overall appearance.Image Source / RedditWomen will usually choose hair style and eyebrow style based on their face shape - and there's a reason for that. It's also important for men to do this, too! Certain hair styles will better suit certain face shapes on men, so get to know your own (round, rectangle, circle etc) and then get advice on hairstyles to suit.

47. Avoid Putting Your Clothes In The Dryer

Opting for air drying instead of using a dryer is an excellent way to extend the lifespan of your fashionable wardrobe. Air drying is a gentler method that reduces the risk of clothes shrinking, fading, or becoming damaged compared to the high heat and tumbling action of a dryer.Image Source / RedditIf you want your fashionable wardrobe to last, ditch the dryer and air dry your clothes instead. It may take longer - and take up more space when you have stuff hung everywhere - but air drying means less risk of clothes shrinking and getting ruined. If you can hang up a line for washing in your garden or yard, even better!

48. Don't Skimp On A Quality Kitchen Knife

Whether you love or loathe cooking, there's no denying the difference an expensive kitchen knife will make. Seriously, it'll make cooking less stressful and it'll last longer than cheap ones!Image Source / RedditCheap ones only go dull very quickly, and also make it more difficult to chop things. So if there's one thing you're investing in, let it be a good set of kitchen knives.

49. Use Tissue Paper To Stop Your Suit From Getting Wrinkled

Preserving the integrity of an expensive suit while transporting it is crucial, and using tissue paper is a simple yet effective method to prevent wrinkles and maintain its pristine condition.Image Source / RedditOne fear a lot of men can have is expensive suits getting ruined when they have to transport them, whether in the car or in luggage for a trip somewhere. But you can avoid wrinkles by simply wrapping your suit in tissue paper before placing it in a bag to keep it in its best shape!

50. Try To Alternate Your Shoes

Indeed, giving your favorite pair of shoes a break by rotating them with others can significantly extend their lifespan and maintain their quality. Wearing the same shoes every day can lead to increased wear and tear, as shoes need time to air out and recover from the moisture absorbed during wear.Image Source / RedditWe all have a favorite pair of shoes we would happily wear day after day - and probably do - but this is actually bad for your shoes. You should give your shoes a chance to breathe in between wearing, which means it's a great idea to have a couple of pairs on rotation. That way, your shoes can have their best lifespan!