Lies Men Tell Their Partners

By Nick Hadji 12 months ago

1. He 100% trusts you on a night out

Why Girls' Night Out Movies Like 'Girls Trip' Matter So Much To Female Viewers | Decider(Image/ Source: partner might have told you this before… While men say they don’t mind you going out on a wild one with the gals, the fact is, they don’t exactly relish the idea of other men hitting on you. Men that get super stressed about it have an “immature ego” according to psychologists, so it’s something to bear in mind!Original content sourced from

2. He's too busy to text you back

What to Do When He Doesn't Text You Back: Advice You Won't Like(Image/ Source:’ve probably all heard this one at some point. This classic line has been used countless times by men, and it just doesn’t wash. Yes life is busy, and time moves faster than ever these days. But if he really, really wanted to talk to you, he’d do so. He might not be texting you back because he wants to cool things off, or you’re just not on his mind. Cut your losses and move on.

3. He wants to hear about your dramas

9 Alarming Signs You're Dating A Psycho Girlfriend(Image/ Source: all need to vent about our day sometimes. And your partner should really be on hand to listen and let you speak. But if you’re getting really heated about things, your partner starts to switch off. He might tell you he’s bothered, but it’s unlikely he’s all that emotionally invested in your day-to-day dramas.

4. He was listening to you

Relationship red flags: 11 signs there could be problems ahead(Image/ Source: up- who’s experienced this far too often? Your boyfriend tends to pay more attention at the beginning of a relationship, as he wants to show that he’s making an effort. But over time, this really starts to dip. Research shows that men listen for just six minutes before their attention diverts elsewhere, which means he’s definitely NOT listening to you when you ask him to pick up groceries.

5. "She's just a friend"

But He Says She's Just A Friend! Signs That Your Man & His Friend Are More Than Homies - MadameNoire(Image/ Source: you’ll find a guy who swears that girl is “just a friend”. But nothing beats women’s intuition, and you know something’s off. He’ll be having drinks with her after work, or texting her back at lightning speed. Try and talk to your partner about this rather than spying on his social media, as it does way more harm than good.

6. He can't make it home right now

5 Types Of Men At Every House Party(Image/ Source:’ve all received THAT message before. “I’m on my way home now” or “I’m getting a cab now”. Three hours and a lot of drinks later, he finally staggers through the door. Some men may genuinely have been delayed on their way back- and it’s happened to us before too. But nine times out of ten, he’ll have just lied through his teeth about what time he comes home because he wants to avoid any drama.

7. He likes making an effort with your friends

Girlfriends" star Reggie Hayes on being hospitalized and more(Image/ Source: isn’t true for every man, as we’ve sometimes found our partners get on amazingly well with our friends. But if it’s a “come and hang out with me and the girls on a night out” kinda vibe, he isn’t going to be keen. He might lie out of politeness, but the fact is, he’d probably sooner be out with his own friends.

8. He's happy to just have a cuddle

Premium Photo | Woman and man cuddling in bed(Image/ Source: girls, he’s just not into cuddling after sex as much as you think. While women really need this reassurance afterward to feel a strong emotional connection to their partner, psychologists have come across a LOT of men who really aren’t interested in that, and prefer to go to sleep instead.

9. He's cool about you stealing his clothes

Girl's Stolen Hoodie Collection Reaches 200(Image/ Source: lot of us really, really like stealing our boyfriend’s hoodies. And while they generally tell you they don’t mind, they do- especially if you’re taking more and more of his clothes away from him! So much so, the men are starting to fight back. The hashtag “TakeHerHoodie” has started trending on Twitter, which has seen guys steal their girlfriends’ hoodies as fall kicks in.

10. He's doing really well at work

Men are the most stressed at work - here's why | Flash Pack(Image/ Source: lot of men find it hard to admit when they’re not doing so well at work. While some will open up enough to tell you that they’re stressed, they might not give definite reasons as to why. It’s easier to maintain the lie that they’re doing amazing rather than open up about their fear of failure, as they don’t want you to think that they aren’t successful.

11. He doesn't look at the erm, adult parts of the internet

Free Photo | Horizontal shot of handsome bearded young man in white t-shirt looking at camera, having suspicious facial expression, browsing news, video blog or chatting online using generic laptop computer(Image/ Source: men will be quite open about the fact that they look at adult content online- but a lot of them will lie through their teeth about it! Tons of women out there generally aren’t happy about their partners looking at the erm, dirtier parts of the internet, as it seems like they’re more interested in other women.

12. "I'd never lie to you"

Ask the Relationship Expert: 'I Lied to My Girlfriend and She Found Out'(Image/ Source: this list has already demonstrated, men lie a LOT- mainly because they’re really bad at dealing with confrontation in relationships. But if they come out with the classic “I’d never lie to you” line, make sure you mark their card, as it’s a sure indicator that they’ve duped you on numerous occasions…

13. "You look so pretty when you wake up"

Feeling Like I Can't Wake Up: Causes, And How To Beat It | ReGain(Image/ Source:’s heard this one before? The “you’re so pretty when you wake up” line isn’t fooling anyone- including us (especially because we look like a potato in a wig most mornings). But apparently, men feel a lot more intimacy when we look like this, as they see what nobody else has the privilege to see. Oh, it’s the time that they happen to be at their friskiest too…

14. He's not intimdated by your past relationships

Dealing With Your Girlfriend And Her Ex-Boyfriends(Image/ Source: might say that he’s not bothered by your past relationships, but in reality, he might not be processing them all that well. He knows you’re a catch (as he should), and the idea of having men around you is enough to bruise his ego. But if said men happen to be your ex or old flame, he’s going to be secretly seething with jealousy.

15. "That dress looks really good on you"

Why Do You Look Slimmer in the Morning? | livestrong(Image/ Source: lot of us can struggle with our confidence, and plenty of men are already aware of this. So rather than telling us that a dress or outfit doesn’t flatter us, or makes us look a bit drab or frumpy, a lot of partners out there would sooner tell us a few white lies about our choice of clothing to keep us sweet. We don’t really blame them for that…

16. "My phone died"

Man, 22, is electrocuted to death while charging his phone in bed in Thailand | Daily Mail Online(Image/ Source: make it clear- we’re not suggesting that your partner is lying when he tells you his phone is dead. We all get caught out with low batteries from time to time! But if this happens repeatedly, or your boyfriend says he doesn’t even have his phone with him, make sure you keep tabs on the situation, as something may be off.

17. "It's not even that heavy"

Train to Failure: What Are the Pros and Cons of Lifting to Failure?(Image/ Source: our partners can be a bit silly- especially when it comes to showing off their physical strength! Rather than asking for help, some men out there want to boost their ego by carrying and lifting heavy objects- all in the name of strength and resilience. He’ll be asking you for an ice pack and pillow soon enough…

18. He tells you you're the most beautiful girl in the world

How to Know if He Likes You | Glamour(Image/ Source: is probably one of the biggest lies men tell their partners. While they’re doing their best to flatter us, it’s always handy to keep track of WHEN he decides to tell you this. If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, he’s trying to woo you, and if he’s suddenly remembered how ridiculously stunning you are when he’s in trouble, he’s definitely trying to score some brownie points!

19. "Everything is under control"

How I Learned to Cook for 50 by Being a Vegetarian Idiot | HuffPost Life(Image/ Source: you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ve probably heard this one a fair few times over the years! Your partner might be trying to cook something new, or organize an event for you and your family. Whatever it is, the “everything’s under control” line means the exact opposite- that everything is falling apart, or will be organized at the eleventh hour…

20. He knows where he's going

Dear Men: This Is How You Should Be Approaching a Woman on the Street - Everyday Feminism(Image/ Source: case you haven’t already noticed, men like to think that they always know where they’re going-even when they’re not! So if you hear this line when you’re out for a drive or walk, you can bet that you’re very, very lost indeed. And as men weirdly struggle to ask for directions, you might want to load up Google Maps on the sly.

21. He needs to work on Friday night

Live DJs - Turtle Bay UK(Image/ Source: yes. The classic “I need to work on Friday night” line, which isn’t going to convince anyone is it? Rather than telling truth and explaining that he’s going to go drinking with his friends until the early hours, he decides to lie about working late, as he thought this information would upset you somehow. They never learn…

22. "I noticed your new hair cut"

Women Medium Short Haircut | Top Gorgeous Pixie Hairstyle Ideas - YouTube(Image/ Source:’s face it- some men just can’t keep up with our hairstyles. We spend hundreds of dollars on an ever so slightly different do, and our partners can’t tell the difference. But they need to tell us that we look more amazing than ever, obviously. So they tell a few white lies to try and make us feel good, which we can’t really blame them for!

23. He doesn't find other women attractive

Why that “distracted boyfriend” stock photo meme is suddenly everywhere - Vox(Image/ Source: all know this one is a big fat whopper. There is no way any man (or woman for that matter) is not going to find anyone else on the planet attractive. We’re obviously not advocating that men start telling us about every woman they think is attractive, but when they claim they don’t have eyes for anyone else, it’s clear they’re telling us fibs…

24. "I can't wait to meet your family"

Meeting Girlfriend's Parents: How To Impress Her Mother And Father | blog(Image/ Source: guys genuinely do get excited about meeting their other half’s family, as they want to get to know you all. But if your boyfriend is talking about meeting your family a little bit too much, chances are, he’s really nervous about it- especially if he’s meeting your VERY protective dad. We personally see this as a good thing, as it shows he wants to make a good impression.

25. He says he's sorry

5 things every apology should include(Image/ Source: lot of men are sincere when they apologize- and a lot of men aren’t. If they’ve messed up or done something wrong, it’s easier for them to just say sorry and hope they’re forgiven instead of trying to change their actions or behavior. And there are a fair few out there that aren’t sorry at all- they’re just sorry they got caught!

26. "It's hard to make plans right now"

Why Women Should Ghost Men More(Image/ Source:’ve heard this one a few times. This basically translates to “I don’t want to make plans with you”, which can be a bit of a blow. It might just be a small, weekend-based problem ( think along the lines of him being asked to go out to watch the game with the boys) but if this is happening long-term, you’ll need to ask him why.

27. He tells people he's taller than he really is

Putin 'Physically Unremarkable,' Obama Writes in Memoir - The Moscow Times(Image/ Source: tend to exaggerate their height- to impress men as well as women! But when it comes to men’s dating profiles, the lies start going through the roof. Research from a psychology journal has shown that 55% of American men tend to stretch the truth about their height in an attempt to impress potential matches.

28. "Nothing happened"

Premium Photo | Young couple having big trouble in relations.(Image/ Source: he’s talking about a girl or a certain night out, the words “nothing happened” are guaranteed to get the alarm bells ringing. It usually means the very opposite of that- that something DID happen, but he doesn’t want to tell you because you’re going to be angry or upset with him. Time to step up, boys…

29. He says he'll never hurt your feelings

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating: 20 signs most men miss - Hack Spirit(Image/ many of you have heard this one before? Unfortunately, everyone will get hurt in a relationship from time to time (even those in strong, healthy relationships) as conflicts inevitably rise. So it’s time this statement was thrown in the bin. We hope the boys get the memo and stop making promises they can’t keep!

30. "I'll call you tomorrow"

Reasons why the guy hasn't called you even after asking for your number | The Times of India(Image/ Source: might be THE biggest lie that men tell women. He says he’ll call you tomorrow, but he never does. You then awkwardly bump into him a week later, and he tells you he ended up losing your number, but doesn’t ask for it again. Don’t waste your time on him- move on, and find someone that will treat you as well as you deserve.

31. Of course we can stay friends

(Image/ Source: Sometimes, to ease the blow of a breakup, it feels like the kind thing to say, "of course we can stay friends!" In reality, no man wants their ex-girlfriend in their business. The truth is, they have enough friends already. Ones they're able to have fun with.  

32. I haven’t noticed any changes

(Image/ Source: We're all guilty! We become comfortable, the freshly done makeup is swapped for sudocrem on your spots. We no longer have to netflix and chill with curled hair, the bun on the top of your head will do. Your man will say you look as gorgeous as always, but really, he has noticed. 

33. You look great without makeup

(Image/ Source: He may tell you that you look just as (if not more) beautiful without makeup on. Whilst this is nice to hear, often, it sadly just isn't the truth. However, some men do prefer the natural look, so there is a possibility this may be a truth for some men. 

34. He enjoys your company when you’re drunk

(Image/ Source: We've all been there. One too many shots. You're getting louder and louder. You're becoming more and more full on. He doesn't really want to dance with you in this state and actually, you're getting on his nerves. But he won't tell you that, he'll let you enjoy yourself and pretend he is too. 

35. I agree, I love the blue curtains

(Image/ Source: They're in the middle of an important match, suddenly you appear in front of the TV with two pieces of irrelevant curtain cloth. To you, this is the most important decision you'll make this month. To him, both colours look the same and frankly, he couldn't care less. So, he'll agree with you on colour, just so you'll get off his back. 

36. We can come back later

(Image/ Source: He's been traipsing behind you for hours, in and out of the same boring shops. There's a million other ways he would rather be spending his time, but you're just not quitting. The classic "we can come back later" is a desperate attempt to escape the shopping hell, knowing he will do everything in his power to not ever "come back later". 

37. I want to keep it casual

 (Image/ Source: Stereotypically, if one person is gonna ask to "keep it casual', you expect it to be the guy, right? Well, studies have shown that some men actually say this as a ploy to appear laid-back and not overly keen. BUT, this doesn't go for all of them! Please don't see this as an excuse to hold onto that emotionally unavailable guy you've been waiting on for the last six months! 

38. My game is nearly finished

(Image/ Source: This may apply to that noisy and irritating shooting video game, or it might be a football match at the pub. Either way, men love to downplay how long is left til the game ends. This is a quick solution to buy them a tiny bit more nag-free quiet time. 

39. I’m over my ex

(Image/ Source: Her name tends to comes up a lot, he still seems angry with her, or worse, he's kept hold of some of her stuff. These could all be signs he's not able to let go of the feelings he had for his ex yet. Of course, if you ask him, he won't admit to this. 

40. It’s okay, I'm tired anyway

(Image/ Source: You've both had a busy day, you're absolutely knackered. You want nothing more than to get in bed, cosy up and go straight to sleep. He will agree with you. When really, some great sex would have helped him to de-stress and ended his day perfectly. 

41. There’s no rush to text me back

(Image/ Source: Another example of guys wanting to downplay their interest and come across as laid back. He may tell you "have fun, don't worry about texting me back!" In reality, some men are dying to hear back from you and check their phone constantly for your reply. In fact, some even check your 'last seen' just like women do! 

42. You haven’t put weight on

(Image/ Source: You're getting ready, feeling a little insecure as your old dress feels much tighter than it used to. You ask him how you look and if it's obvious you've put weight on. He tells you that you look great and he hasn't noticed any weight gain! The truth is, he's noticed the extra takeaways and added fluff. That being said, he's likely in the same boat. 

43. I’ve just been to the gym 

(Image/ Source: This is mainly a lie told in the early stages of a new relationship. He can't text back to say he's played video games all day, only moving once to make a pot noodle for his lunch. Instead, he may tell a white lie that he's just got back from hitting a new PB at the gym. Sounds more appealing, doesn't it? 

44. I’ve never done this before

(Image/ Source: You try something new, whatever that may be, and you may ask "have you ever done this before?" your man wants to make you feel special, so he replies "no, this is the first time." The truth is, he has absolutely done this before. He just didn't want to ruin the moment or upset you. 

45. I’ve never cheated

(Image/ Source: When getting to know a new partner, it's natural to want to know a bit about their background. You may casually ask why their last relationship ended, or you may outright ask if they've ever cheated on a previous partner. Regardless of the answer, a man is likely to give you a rose-tinted version of his past where he is always the good guy. Unfortunately, this isn't always the truth! 

46. My ex was crazy

 (Image/ Source: Whilst sometimes, women can of course be very crazy, this is a great way to paint himself as the good guy or even the victim of the relationship. Sometimes, saying "my ex was crazy" is the perfect way to try and excuse and justify his bad treatment of her.

47. I love you

(Image/ Source: This is the big one! Now of course, I would be inclined to say most of the time, this is a truth. However, with some men, especially when backed into a corner, they feel they have no choice but to say they love you. Sometimes, they know this not to be the truth. 

48. Needing to stay late at work

(Image/ Source: You've been together a while, you know his work schedule as well as he does. Suddenly, he has to stay late at the end of the day. Whilst this could be worst case scenario and he's spending this time with another woman, the reason could be he wants a nag free drink at the pub. 

49. I got tested a few months ago

(Image/ Source: Now this is a cruel lie, but a real lie all the same. In the early stages, you're cautious and you may want to use protection. The classic "don't worry, I've been tested recently" is often a quick tale to get you to change your mind. Stick to what you're comfortable with! 

50. I usually last longer

(Image/ Source: You've got to feel for them in this department. It's the first time together, there's been a big build up on both parts, you're just getting started and then... it's over! In the word's of Lily Allen, it is not fair. He doesn't want to put you off, so he lets you know this is a one off. You're soon to find out that this was unfortunately not the case! 

51. I’m not scared

(Image/ Source: You're on holiday and you've taken a day trip to the water park. He's a gentleman and says he's happy to hold the bags whilst you go ahead and go down that huge slide. The truth is, the sight of the slide made his stomach turn. But, he's not about to admit that he's frightened. 

52. I’m sorry, you were right

(Image/ Source: This lie is for no other reason than an easy life. You've been going round in circles and he doesn't have the energy for a falling out. Sometimes, he recognises keeping you happy is more important than being right. In this case, he will apologise and agree, even though inside he thinks you're completely overreacting. 

53. You’re so funny

(Image/ Source: Don't take this one personally. Do you find the annoying videos on his phone that he plays on full volume funny? You're different people with different senses of humour. To make you feel good, he will laugh along and tell you that you're funny. Often, he's just being polite. 

54. You’re the best I’ve had

(Image/ Source: I feel both men and women tell this white lie. When you're asked the direct question, any nice person will say "of course you're the best I've had!" If this information is volunteered without asking, it could be true, however it's likely they're fishing for the same compliment back! 

55. I love your cooking

(Image/ Source: Tactical. If he tells you he loves your cooking, you're going to feel good about yourself and will want to continue to please him. Actually, he thinks your cooking is okay. What he really loves is that he can continue watching TV, you do the work, and he still gets fed! 

56. I am a great cook

(Image/ Source:  On the other hand, in attempt to impress you, he may spin a little lie about his cheffing abilities. Of course, he's likely to regret this when it comes to actually proving it. Still, he'll do his absolute best at cooking that oven pizza to perfection. 

57. How many partners he’s had

(Image/ Source: This could either be a downplay, or an over exaggeration. If he's worried you're more experienced than him, he's going to want to assert his dominance by adding a couple of numbers. On the other hand, he may not want you to know about his wild uni days. 

58. Where they were

(Image/ Source: It's six in the morning and your partner has just walked in after being out all night. You wonder where he's been for all this time. This may be innocent, but he doesn't want you to over-react if he's been with female friends. Sometimes, it's easier to give you the answer you want to hear. 

59. I’m fine

(Image/ Source: It's no secret that men aren't usually the best when it comes to talking about their feelings. You may notice your man seems down and ask him if he is okay. Whilst a woman may pour their heart out and have a good cry, men much prefer to handle things on their own. They don't want to risk looking weak, especially in front of their woman. 

60. Their income

(Image/ Source: A lot of men don't like to tell you how much money they make. It's kind of a lose-lose situation. They may be insecure about their salary being lower than they would like, in which case they may exaggerate this slightly. But, on the other hand, they may not want to appear flashy if they are high earners. This also puts them at risk of becoming a gold digger victim!