Laughter Strengthens Our Soul, Here Are 12 More Natural Boosters

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

Get Some Exercise

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One of the most common natural ways to do anything positive with your body is to do some exercise! It's great for every single part of your body from the physical to the mental and the best part? No one is limited from doing some form of exercise whether you're a child or you're 80 years old. Find something that works for you and see how much better your feeling in just weeks!

Sleep More

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It's completely natural for a person to feel overly run down and also overwhelmed if they don't give themselves an opportunity to get enough sleep at night. Its scientifically proven that a good, lengthy (not too lengthy) sleep will set you off on the right way for a great day. Not only will you feel mentally happier in yourself but you might feel less stressed and less likely to become ill.

Appreciate Life

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I know this can be difficult for some of us, many of us have life a lot harder than others and writing it down here is much easier than actually being able to put it in to practice. But really, if you want to feel happier then you might want to consider listing the things that you're grateful for within your own life. Not only does this improve your mood but it can also improve your feelings towards others.

Try Meditating

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A lot of people tend to associate meditating with the hippies of the 80's or in some cases the elderly; but it can actually be a great way to ease your mind! You don't have to put too much time or effort in to it either, just 5 minutes or so a day can be a great start. Obviously if you can commit to longer you might feel the effects better, but you should notice an improvement to your memory, mood and sleep.

Get Yourself Outside

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It seems like quite an obvious way to feel better about yourself, but getting yourself out of the house can be a great way feel so. Maybe you could consider setting a certain time period of every day out in order to get some fresh air or even once every couple of days if that suits your schedule better. That fresh air and the sunshine (if you're lucky enough to get it) will go a long way in refreshing you.

Enjoy Your Hobbies

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I have to implore everyone reading this to always take time for yourselves and enjoy the hobbies and activities that truly make you happy for at least a small period of every day. It can become easy to focus solely on work which actually disrupts our mental balance and makes us more stressed and sometimes depressed. Get out in the garden, head to the field or the cafe's and enjoy yourself.

Cut Out Some Meats

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You don't even need to cut out all of the meats, or even cut them at all if you don't want to, you just want to start incorporating some more veg or plant-based foods in to your diet. Veg can be a great way to improve the amount of nutrients and support the health of your gut (which can be ignored in many people's diets). They taste great as well, don't be fearful of adding some veg in to meals you usually don't!

Allow Some Treats

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I'm sure you remember those stages when you were a child when you really wanted a treat, some chocolate or some ice cream, but they told you no. It can be important to moderate these unhealthy items but a little indulging every now and then can do great things for relieving stress. Just don't allow this one little treat to become an unhealthy obsession that creates further problems down the line.

Get Rid Of Your Trash

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No, I'm not talking about taking your actual trash out for the garbage man (although you should remember to do that!) but I'm actually suggesting that you get rid of items that might be holding you back in some form or another. These can be materialistic items like ill-fitting clothes or items you're hoarding; trust met you'll feel a whole lot better after you do so.

Drink More Water

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Although every single health and body list will contain this exact point, it has to be exaggerated over and over again. Cutting out all of the soda's and sticking to water will do you a load of favours. Water is scientifically proven, when drank in moderation, to help remove toxins from your body and if you're hydrated then you'll be more likely to achieve better results in life.

Breathe Consciously

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Okay, so this might sound a little odd but it can be very important for us to take time to breathe a little more consciously within ourselves sometimes. We obviously breathe constantly throughout the day, but forcing ourselves to do it can be a great way to alleviate yourself mentally. There are a load of techniques for you to try online and it can really improve your focus and relieve some stress.

Remove Toxic People From Your Life

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As a child, most of us will have quite a large group of friends, but as we continue to grow older these friend groups can begin to diminish and we find our circle becomes smaller and smaller. For that reason, as an adult, many of us can be afraid to get rid of people who claim to be our friends. However, if they can appear toxic in nature getting rid of them will soothe your mind endlessly.

Put Your Phone Down

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I suppose you could say this one might go hand-in-hand with getting outside, as whilst you're out in nature you might want to leave your phones behind. Spending too much time scrolling through our social media pages can only be a negative for us and have been found to often cause people to feel depressed or anxious. Make someone take it off you if that's what needs to be done!

Try Out Yoga

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Just like Meditation, Yoga has quite a negative connotation in the world, which is weird considering its actually one of the best things you can do for the health of your soul and mind. Not only does it count as exercise for the day but its also known to be great in calming your mind and improving the mind, body and control trio that people speak of so often.

Purge The Bad Stuff

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I've already mentioned that it can be great for the soul to remove useless things and negative people from your life, but one of the most important things to avoid are alcohol and drugs. Although many of these can give us a small period of adrenaline or happiness, all they will do in the long run is impede your mind, stress you out and leave you in a much worse place than where you started.

Spend Time With Your Friends

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One of the easiest ways to ensure that you'll feel happier in a day would be to spend time with your closest friends or family; they're close for a reason! You don't even need to be doing anything too taxing, just a walk or watching a movie will do. This will offer you the opportunity to feel and give the love that only two friends are able to support each other with!

Start An Emotions Journal

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Okay, so this might seem more relevant to younger girls in teen movies or shows, but that's just a stereotype and it can be great for everyone. Although we might be scared of revealing our true feelings, writing them out on a piece of paper can make them realistic and also something physical. Having them in physical form might make it easier for your mind to control and most importantly, overcome

Watch Something Inspirational

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If you choose to watch something with your friends then you might want to consider watching something deemed inspirational. Think about it, TV and film offer us an escape from our lives for the brief period we're watching and many display fictional stories filled with inspiration that will only make you feel relaxed and hopefully fill you with motivation of your own!

Read A Book

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If watching endless episodes of TV or hours of films isn't your cup of tea then you might want to consider reading a book instead. They also allow you to escape reality and also connect to the stories of the fictional characters you'd be reading about. It's also MUCH better for your mind than watching TV as its an active activity for you, meaning your mind will be focused.


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I know many of us are busy with our jobs and that means we don't all have the time or opportunity to go and volunteer; but if you are able to it can be great for your mind. I'm sure there's a charity that comes to your mind when you talk about volunteering and it can be very pleasing to somebody's mind to be able to give back and help others with their troubles.

Make Yourself Laugh

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Okay, so don't go around laughing about the city like the Joker, you'll look a little bit like a maniac! But you might be amazed to hear that laughter has actually been proven to help relieve stress and increase the chances that you'll feel relaxed. Not only this, but if you can get yourself laughing around your friends your relationships will only be improved as a result too!

Enjoy Some Music

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You probably don't go a long period of time without hearing some form of music during your daily life, and it turns out that this can be great for soothing your soul! In some cases your favourite music might be suitable to ease your mind, but if you're in to the heavier stuff then it might be best to try something new! Relaxing music will really stimulate your mind and calm you down.

Have Some You Time

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As much as it can be very important to spend time with our friends and family, its also just as important to make sure that we all give ourselves time alone too. It can be extremely stressful and overwhelming having to consider others, especially those that depend on us like our children after a long and busy day at work. It gives your mind and soul a chance to have a refresh.

Try Out Armoatherapy

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Many people are quite dubious about the qualities of Aromatherapy and whether its as good for the mind and body as some people might suggest. The essential oils that you use during this process are great for ensuring that we feel relaxed and at ease with ourselves. The scents that go through your nose travel to the brain and are believed to reduce our anxiety and pain levels.

Have A Bath

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Supposedly, in times when we are considerably stressed we actually lack a load of magnesium and one of the best ways to re-introduce them in to our bodies is by taking baths. Most people choose to add things to their bath water like Epsom salts or Lavender which can help allow us to relax. They also feel generally relaxing and help soother our muscles as well as our minds.

Play With Your Pets

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There's nothing more adorable (that might be an exaggeration) than seeing the love and affection your favourite four-legged friend will show you at the slightest of tasks. You might instantly notice your dopamine levels increase around dogs and its actually been proven that spending time with them can alleviate stress and calm you down more than you might think is possible.

Get A Massage

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Although it can be a little awkward to go out and get a massage for ourselves, they are actually really good for our minds, for our bodies and most importantly for our soul. If you've never had a professional massage I really suggest you go and try one, its one of the most relaxing experiences that you will experience and you'll leave with only positive thoughts.

Drink Some Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile has long been used throughout the world as a way to help people get to sleep at night, usually in the form of a tea. Its widely known to be able to help reduce levels of anxiety in people as well as helping people relax in general. There are other ways to use the herb in your everyday life but this is known to be the most common and efficient way to do so.

Try Out Stargazing

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Nothing can make you smaller than comparing yourself to the billions and billions of stars that surround the planet earth. The thing is, many people have claimed that this has actually made them feel better and lucky to be alive instead! Not only might you begin to feel happier, but you'll also feel a sense of accomplishment if you find something crazy through your telescope.

Train Your Brain

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This can be one of the hardest things to master as a human, but if you're able to strengthen your mind and avoid letting your brain taking you to the darker places you're on the right track. All of the things in this list can help you get to that stage in life; so honestly, stick with it and if you try everything in this list then you might feel as though your soul is as strong as its ever been.