Instant Ways To Make You Look More Attractive

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Are you ready to transform your attractiveness in the blink of an eye? Forget hours at the gym or pricey beauty treatments—welcome to the world of instant allure! In this article, we're unlocking the secret vault of quick-fix tips that'll have heads turning and hearts fluttering faster than you can say 'wow.' Get ready to unleash your inner magnetism with these lightning-fast strategies designed to make you instantly, irresistibly attractive!

1. Add a pop of red to your outfit

Isn't it fascinating how something as simple as a color choice can wield such a powerful influence on attraction? Research has unveiled an intriguing phenomenon—enter the captivating realm of red. Studies have shown that this fiery hue holds an almost magical allure.A classic red lip and everything else left very natural. : r/MakeupAddictionimagesource: redditWho knew that wearing a certain colour could make such a difference in your level of attractiveness? A study found that women loved it when men wore red and the same goes for men finding women more attractive in red. Men also find it attractive when women wear red lipstick.Original content sourced from

2. Demonstrate your kind side

Absolutely, the adage "beauty is more than skin deep" holds a profound truth when it comes to attractiveness. While looks may catch the eye, it's the goodness within that truly captivates and leaves a lasting impression.
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One of the easiest ways to look more attractive is to demonstrate the good side of's not all about looks after all! People who are perceived to be good and kind enjoy the "halo effect", meaning that their kindness helps make them look more physically attractive.

3. Fresh haircuts are key!

Mindy Green, a seasoned expert in the world of style and self-expression, raises a crucial point about the often underestimated power of hair in defining our identities. Our journey through life isn't just a series of milestones; it's a metamorphosis, an evolution of who we are at our core.Fresh haircut after letting it grow out for a bit. Any advice for the beard? : r/malehairadvice
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"As you discover more about who you are and achieve different milestones in your life and career, you should make sure the hair still suits you," expert Mindy Green explains. Your haircut says so much about your personality, and hair trends change so it is important that your hair reflects who you are on the inside.

4. Highlight the left side of your face

It's intriguing how many of us harbor a preference for one side over the other, especially when it comes to our appearance. The notion of a 'favorite' side isn't just a whimsical fancy; it's a phenomenon that's deeply ingrained in our subconscious.Anti-Aging] Me (23F) one side of my face is looks much older than the other. How can I potentially fix this? : r/SkincareAddiction
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A lot of people have a 'favorite' side, and most people prefer their left side over their right. Turn your head slightly to the right to show off your left side, especially in pictures to showcase your best side - see how that makes you feel and if you notice any difference.

5. Travel in groups - the cheerleader effect

The "Cheerleader effect" is a fascinating psychological phenomenon that adds a quirky twist to our perceptions of attractiveness. This intriguing concept, popularized by the TV series "How I Met Your Mother," isn't just a sitcom quip...
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If you've ever watch How I Met Your Mother, you'll know about the 'Cheerleader effect' and it's actually legit as well! Studies have shown that people typically look more attractive when they're in groups rather than when they're on their own.

6. Fill the brows

Ah, eyebrows—the unsung heroes of facial features! They hold the power to transform and elevate your entire look. And oh, how eyebrow trends have danced through the decades, from the thin, penciled lines of the '90s to the bold, lush brows that reign supreme today.Tried out the Wet N Wild brow pencil and seriously so shocked by how good they came out! : r/MakeupAddiction
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Eyebrows are the frames to your face, thin brows were the in thing in the 90s but bolder ones make you look younger and more attractive. If you learn to fill your brows in correctly, they can really make a difference to your face! Keep them natural looking but defined!

7. Sunglasses should be your favourite accessory

Ah, the allure of sunglasses—the ultimate accessory that not only shields the eyes but also adds an enigmatic charm to any look. Celebrities have long mastered the art of donning shades, and there's more to it than just a style statement.My Personal Collection of Sunglasses : r/sunglasses
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There's a reason why celebs wear sunglasses all the time. Experts say that there's science behind it - people tend to look more attractive when they're wearing dark shades because they make your face look more symmetrical, they add mystery and they apparently make you look cooler. You've just got to find the right pair for you!

8. Whiten your gnashers

Indeed, the power of a dazzling smile knows no bounds. Our teeth, often considered the pearls in the crown of attractiveness, play a significant role in how we are perceived by others. Research and social observations alike underline the undeniable correlation between dental aesthetics and overall attractiveness.Do LED teeth whitening kits work? I tried teeth whitening at home.
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The condition of someone's teeth is very often associated with their attractiveness. Lightening your teeth or making sure that any colour imperfections are changed will likely cause others to perceive your teeth as attractive and in turn perceive you as attractive.

9. Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately isn't just about fashion—it's a powerful communication tool that speaks volumes about your personality, professionalism, and social acumen. Patrick Kenger's advice rings true: understanding the dress code for different situations reflects not just style but intelligence and adaptability.A dress code i can get behind : r/jerseycity
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"Always dress appropriately for the situations you're in," suggests stylist Patrick Kenger. "This shows that you have intelligence by being able to put together something appropriate". Some say that you're never overdressed, everyone else around you is underdressed, however there is a line... don't ever cross it!

10. Always try to keep your arms uncrossed

Certainly, our body language often speaks louder than words. The way we carry ourselves can significantly influence how others perceive us, and posture plays a crucial role in this silent conversation. Consider the simple act of crossing your arms.Arms crossed : r/EmmaWatson
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This can become a bit of a bad habit for some people and it can make you look very standoffish. In 2016, a study was taken that showed people with an open posture were viewed as more attractive than those with their arms crossed - especially when first meeting someone.

11. Pick a signature scent

Our sense of smell holds a profound connection to our perceptions of attraction and memory. Fragrances have a remarkable ability to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and even influence how others perceive us. The International Journal of Cosmetic Science's findings shed light...MY PERFUME COLLECTION! : r/Perfumes
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We've all got our favourite fragrance. "There is an incredibly strong link between attraction and scent", says the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. When you smell good, it can reflect how you feel on the inside, and it can remind those who are attracted to you about you when you're not around.

12. Always make eye contact

Eye contact is a potent tool in human interaction, capable of forging connections and influencing perceptions of attractiveness. The study from 2018 sheds light on the fascinating dynamics of eye contact, particularly when it comes from someone considered good looking.Eye contact : r/alexandradaddario
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A quick and easy way to make yourself more attractive to people is to look at them in their eyes. In 2018, researchers confirmed that eye contact from someone good looking can actually activate reward centers in the observer's brain, making the person giving good eye contact even more attractive.

13. Add a pop of color to your makeup

Sandra Jones's advice hits the nail on the head when it comes to adding a dash of vibrancy to your look! The power of a bold lip color, especially a classic red, is indeed unparalleled in transforming any ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary.Decided to add a pop of color to a basic look! : r/MakeupAddiction
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"Add some vibrancy with a pop of color. Clear skin, black mascara, and a killer red lip is sure to elevate any look." says researcher Sandra Jones. Research even shows that red lips and darker colours of lipstick were perceived as more attractive that pink or nude. It's time to raid MAC cosmetics I think!

14. Legs 11

The fascination with leg length and its correlation with attractiveness spans across both genders, as revealed by studies exploring the intriguing dynamics of physical attributes in perceptions of beauty. In the realm of female attractiveness, leg length has emerged as a significant factor.Victoria Secret limits its 'Victoria Angels' to stay at precise weight and height or get fire. Yet, its fashion show breaks view record of 100 billions. Leaving PSY style 3 laps behind. :
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Studies have shown there to be a link between leg length in women and their perceived attractiveness. This goes for men too actually! In 2018, a study found that women view men as more attractive when they have longer legs than those with shorter muscular legs.

15. Get a sunless tan

The allure of a sun-kissed glow has often been associated with attractiveness, and studies suggest that there might be an inherent inclination for darker shades of skin among women. However, the pursuit of a tan shouldn't entail sacrificing skin health or resorting to excessive tanning methods.
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Women are apparently, "predisposed to finding darker shades of skin more attractive" but rather than going for the oompa loompa look and covering yourself with tan, get yourself outside for a few hours during summer & catch some rays. But don't forget to get your SPF on of course!

16. Think about skipping your shaving routine

It's fascinating how perceptions of facial hair have evolved over time, revealing a preference for stubble among women, as highlighted in the 2016 study. The allure of a bit of ruggedness or stubble seems to have surpassed the appeal of a completely clean-shaven face.I finally decided to get a saeery razor a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It's amazing since I don't shave my legs often and normal razors get clogged pretty fast
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According to a study taken in 2016, women "find facial hair more attractive than a clean shaven face." A bit of stubble was voted most attractive overall. Ditch the razor if you're one of those men who goes for the sharp and clean look and give yourself the chance to grow a bit of stubble.

17. And don't go overboard with your body hair grooming either

It's intriguing how perceptions of body hair have taken a turn, with recent studies indicating a shift in preferences towards a more natural look. The revelation that men with chest hair are perceived as more attractive by women compared to those with hairless bodies might just prompt a rethink on the grooming habits of many.Do I trim my chest hair? How? : r/malegrooming
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Before you go wild this summer waxing, epilating and lasering all of that body hair off, you might want to rethink. A study recently showed that men with chest hair are viewed as more attractive by women that those with hairless bodies. Some men can't help not having much body hair - thats a different thing entirely, but if you're getting rid of your natural body hair...stop! Go au naturel!

18. SMILE!

A smile is like a universal language—it transcends barriers and communicates volumes without saying a word. The act of smiling is a powerful tool that not only reflects happiness, confidence, and approachability but also has the incredible ability to influence how others perceive us and how we feel about ourselves.A history of male journalists fetishizing their famous female subjects, in 8 profiles - Vox
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People are naturally drawn to others who smile because it indicates happiness, confidence, and approachability. Smiling creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere, which can help to strengthen relationships with others and build new connections - in turn you just display happiness which makes you more attractive.

19. Always be clear about how you feel

The ability to communicate and understand emotions effectively is a cornerstone of human connection and attractiveness. Studies highlighting the correlation between emotional communication and attraction shed light on the profound impact of emotional intelligence in relationships and social interactions.Jennifer Lawrence on the set of R-rated comedy 'NO HARD FEELINGS' in New York. : r/MovieLeaksAndRumors
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This may not come as much of a surprise but if you're someone who can communicate your feelings well, then it instantly makes you more attractive to others. Studies show that the degree of attraction people feel directly related to how well they understood other people's emotions.

20. Get a dog?

The allure of a man with a dog isn't just a whimsical notion—it's backed by scientific findings and a whole lot of heartwarming anecdotes! There's something undeniably endearing and attractive about the bond between a man and his furry companion.Keanu Reeves is the Puppy King : r/aww
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This one actually makes sense! It may sound silly, but hear us out! It's been scientifically proven that men instantly look more attractive when they're holding or hanging out with their dog. How many times do you walk past a dog walker and instantly find them adorable when they have a cute dog with them? All the time!

21. Stop trying to look model thin - or look like something you're not!

The evolution of beauty standards has indeed undergone a significant transformation, with a welcomed departure from the once-revered "heroin chic" aesthetic of the past. The shift toward celebrating diverse body types and embracing curvier figures is a testament to the changing ideals of attractiveness.Throwback to when Kate Moss was the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen except she's still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen n I wasn't even born in the 90s lmao :
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Times are changing, the heroin chic look went out the window after the noughties, but women always seem to be beating themselves up when they gain that extra bit of weight. Studies show that men aren't actually into that super skinny model look and it's been proven with the rise of curvy, beautiful women appearing on fashion campaigns and magazines.

22. Rock the dad bod

The era of the 'dad bod' is here to stay, and it's gaining recognition as a confident and attractive physique. The perception of attractiveness has indeed evolved, and the days of glorifying only chiseled six-packs are gradually giving way to celebrating diverse body shapes and sizes.La mode du Dad Bod, c'est cool
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Men should not be self-conscious about their dad bods! In fact, they should embrace then! Be confident about that extra bit of weight, enjoy yourself, be healthy but don't stop yourself from having fun either. Yale researchers actually found that women prefer that bit of 'podginess' meaning those men with six packs are so 2006.

23. Wearing heels has been proven to make women more attractive to men

Heels have this incredible ability to elevate not just your height but also your confidence and attractiveness. The allure of heels goes beyond mere footwear; it's a transformative accessory that can make a significant difference in how you look and feel.Do these high heels make my feet look prettier to you?❤️ : r/HighHeels
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Heels can help make you look and feel a little sexier and it has been proven to make you look more attractive too. But why? Well, studies have found that when women wear heels, they appear more feminine, particularly when they walk in them. The addition of a heel can make your legs appear longer, adding to your attractiveness!

24. Keep your denim looking good - or upgrade it

Jeans are a staple in most wardrobes, and their style and fit can significantly impact how you're perceived. Patrick Kenger's advice highlights the versatility and impact of well-chosen denim. The type of jeans you wear can convey a lot about your style, personality, and even the occasion.
Hello! Can you please help me find which exact model/fit is this Levi Jean? I am dying for it!! : r/findfashion
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The right pair of jeans can have an affect the way people perceive you. "The baggy light wash jeans that you use for outdoor work won't cut it anywhere else," says stylist Patrick Kenger. "A slim pair of dark wash denim is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing [one] can own and looks great dressed up or dressed down."

25. Show off your hips

Celebrating and highlighting your natural curves can be a powerful style statement! Embracing pants or outfits that accentuate your hips not only showcases your figure but also exudes confidence and allure. Studies validating the attractiveness of women when their hips are accentuated.Those abs : r/shakira
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Don't try to hide your hips - flaunt them and show them off! Wear pants that show off your figure and strut your stuff. Studies have actually found that the attractiveness of women went up a whopping 50 percent when they walked about with their 'hips on show'.

26. Amp up your skincare routine

A consistent skincare routine, especially during winter months, can work wonders for your skin's health and appearance. Moisturizing is indeed a crucial step in maintaining healthy, glowing skin, and incorporating facial oils into your nighttime routine can be a game-changer.Skin care routine that finally works for me! (before & after linked in comments too) : r/beautytalkph
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Start the day off and always end the day with a good skincare routine. Moisturising your face is a MUST. Incorporating facial oils every night after cleansing can help your skin and bring out that glow you're often desperate for in the winter months. Your skin will thank you - trust me!

27. NO slouching!

Posture plays a significant role not just in physical health but also in how we are perceived by others. Dr. Liza Egbogah's insights shed light on the profound impact good posture can have on attractiveness and even hormonal levels.Sloucher Needing Help! : r/Posture
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According to Dr. Liza Egbogah, a health and wellness expert focusing on body and posture, "good posture can boost our attractiveness to potential partners, helping to induce romantic attraction in potential mates." Good posture can actually help increase levels of testosterone which is the hormone associated with confidence.

28. Wear mascara whenever you can even if you're not a makeup person

Black mascara is like a magic wand for your lashes—it has this incredible ability to transform and enhance your eyes, regardless of your makeup preferences. Sandra Jones is right on the mark—black mascara is a universally flattering beauty essential.Why I love maybelline mascaras : r/MakeupAddiction
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"Black mascara is universally flattering," says expert Sandra Jones. "No matter what the natural lash color may be, a quick coat of black mascara will open the eyes, lengthen and lift lashes, and define the eye shape." Even if you're not into wearing makeup, a lick of mascara will instantly open up your eyes.

29. Get the head tilt right

The impact of head positioning in photos on perceived attractiveness is quite intriguing! Studies have indeed delved into how something as subtle as tilting the head can influence perceptions of attractiveness when it comes to taking photos.This girl is the master of head tilts. : r/Eyebleach
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Studies show that when women have their photo taken, if they tilt their head slightly to one side, they're deemed as more attractive. 60 percent of people who took part in these studies reviewed photos of different women with their head straight on and others with their heads tilted.

30. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart

The way we stand and present ourselves indeed communicates a lot about us, and certain postures can subtly convey signals of confidence and attractiveness. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart is often associated with a confident and assertive stance.Hip Width Stance vs. Shoulder Width Stance & When To Use Them — Digital Barbell - Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
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Standing with your feet shoulder width apart shows signs of virility and fertility and has been proven to be a huge turn on for women. Dating experts recommend using this pose in pictures for dating apps and other profiles to really catch someone's eye.

31. Get your body to a shape you feel happy with

Confidence is undeniably attractive, and feeling comfortable and content with your body plays a significant role in projecting that confidence. Your statement highlights a crucial aspect of attractiveness—it's deeply connected to how you perceive yourself.
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Confidence is what makes someone immediately attractive - and you can't be confident if your body isn't the way you'd like it to be. What's important is getting to a size and weight you feel happy with - not what society tells you to be happy with! So focus on your own goals.

32. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in

The impact of feeling comfortable in your clothes goes far beyond just physical comfort—it significantly influences your confidence and overall attractiveness. When you wear clothes that don't fit properly or don't align with your style, it can affect your comfort and, consequently, your confidence.
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It's amazing the difference that actually feeling comfortable in the clothes you're wearing can do. Wearing an outfit that's too small, too tight or something that's not your style is only going to make you shrink into yourself and not feel confident. Clothes that you feel 100% comfortable in are the key to looking and feeling attractive!

33. Wear monochrome colors

Monochrome outfits, especially in a single color, have this fantastic ability to create a visually elongated and streamlined silhouette, giving the impression of height. This optical illusion not only makes you appear taller but also exudes an elegant and sophisticated vibe.
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Wearing an outfit that's all the same color can actually make you look taller - which is more attractive to a lot of people! While you absolutely can't beat an all-black outfit for looking killer, you can wear a monochrome outfit in any color you fancy! It'll also look classy.

34. Walk with 'swagger'

Swagger isn’t just a stylish walk; it’s an embodiment of confidence and self-assurance. While often associated with a particular masculine gait, it’s more about exuding confidence and charisma in your stride. When a guy walks with a bit of swagger, it’s akin to a display of confidence.
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This one is for the guys, because apparently if you walk with a bit of a 'swagger' it can be the same as a woman swaying her hips when she walks. Swagger is something like moving your shoulders and arms when you walk tall with your head held up... but don't be flapping your arms around too much!

35. Show off some arm skin

The allure of showing skin isn’t limited to just legs; it extends to arms as well. Studies have suggested that men can find long, bare arms particularly attractive. While the focus on legs is well-known, showcasing long, bare arms can be an equally appealing choice.
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Some studies have shown that men are particularly attracted to long, bare arms as much as they are long legs. So the next time you're looking to show a bit more skin, think about wearing a sleeveless top instead of a short dress or skirt, and see how that makes you feel!

36. And show off your jawline, too

A well-defined jawline is often considered an attractive facial feature. While facial hair can be appealing, it can sometimes conceal the definition of a striking jawline. For men with a prominent and well-defined jawline, opting for a clean-shaven look can indeed highlight this attractive feature.
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Although facial hair has been known to be attractive on men, the shape of a killer jawline is actually very attractive - and if it's hiding behind a bushy beard, nobody is going to be able to appreciate it! If you have an amazing jawline, consider going clean shaven to show it off!

37. Go for the 'hourglass' shape

The concept of an hourglass figure isn't confined to a specific body size or shape. It's more about the proportion and silhouette that emphasizes the waist-to-hip ratio. An hourglass figure typically features a well-defined waistline with hips and bust measurements of similar width.
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One thing that's important to remember here is 'hourglass' doesn't mean 'skinny'. You can have an hourglass shape as a curvy plus sized girl. Not everyone has a natural hourglass shape, of course, but you can do what you can with tighter clothes and a belt cinched in at the waist to bring that bit in!

38. Stand up tall

Good posture is a universal sign of confidence and vitality. Regardless of gender, standing up straight communicates assurance, engagement, and a positive attitude towards the world around you. Maintaining proper posture isn’t just about physical health; it also impacts how others perceive you.
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Standing up straight, no matter your gender, oozes confidence and surety. Standing up straight is associated with youth, and it also gives off the sense that you're interested in what's going on around you with confidence, instead of being withdrawn. It'll also help you to look taller!

39. Don't look down at your phone

Being present and engaged in your surroundings can be more attractive than being constantly glued to your phone, especially in public settings. When you lift your head, maintain eye contact with the world around you, and remain present, it exudes confidence and openness.
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Apparently some men don't find it attractive when women look down at their phones all the time, especially walking around in public. You'll look more appealing if you ditch the phone and hold your head high, facing forward, to take in what's going on around you.

40. Wear contacts

The debate around glasses and attractiveness has been ongoing, and it often varies based on personal preferences and societal perceptions. Glasses can indeed be a fashion statement and can enhance one's look, but there's also a longstanding trope in media where removing glasses transforms a character's appearance.
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Now there's obviously some debate about whether glasses or attractive or not - some people have a kink for them, but then the teen movies tell us that the 'average girl wearing glasses' is considered a Prom Queen just because she's taken her glasses off. So you might want to go for contacts instead.

41. Lean trumps muscles

While preferences for body types can vary significantly among individuals, it's important to recognize that there isn't a one-size-fits-all standard for attractiveness. Contrary to the belief that huge muscles are universally appealing to all women, many find a lean and toned physique equally attractive.
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Most guys think that what makes them attractive - and what women want - is huge muscles, but it's not the case. Some women might like muscles, sure, but the more preferred body type - if not the dad bod - is a more lean and toned physique without too much focus on looking like Arnie Schwarzenegger.

42. Wear brighter colors

The concept of "peacocking" has been adapted from nature and applied to human behavior. Just like peacocks attract attention with their vibrant and eye-catching feathers, wearing bright and colorful clothing can make you stand out in a crowd.
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The term 'peacocking' comes from a peacock attracting the attention of a making using its gloriously colorful feathers! And the same goes for people. If you want to appear more attractive and get attention more easily, opt for brighter colors that are going to better catch the eye!

43. Pull your shoulders back

Improving posture by consciously engaging and aligning the shoulders is fundamental to maintaining an upright and confident stance. The act of pulling the shoulders back involves retracting the shoulder blades gently, which helps in opening up the chest and broadening the upper body.
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We've mentioned about how standing tall and straight and avoiding slouching is more attractive, and pulling the shoulders back is key for this. Pulling your shoulders back by squeezing together the shoulder bones and rolling your shoulders back helps you stand straighter.

44. Surround yourself with attractive people

Known as the "contrast effect," suggests that being around individuals perceived as less attractive might make you appear relatively more attractive. However, attractiveness is a subjective and complex perception influenced by various factors beyond just comparison within a group.
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It's often said that to appear more attractive, you need to surround yourself with less attractive people - but it's not the case. This is because apparently, when looking at a group of people, it's all about the 'average' - so less attractive people can even you out to look more average. Being surrounded by attractive people means the 'average' is still attractive!

45. Don't wear clothes that are far too big

Finding the right fit in clothing is crucial for looking stylish and feeling confident, regardless of whether you prefer tighter or looser styles. While skin-tight clothes aren't necessary for attractiveness, excessively oversized or ill-fitting garments can indeed detract from your overall appearance.
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You don't have to wear skin tight clothes to be attractive, but if you wear clothes that are badly sized and fives times too big, it's just going to look odd and not attractive. It's better to go for loose clothing (if you don't want skin tight) that still has a fitted shape around your body type.

46. Mimic body language

Mirroring someone's body language, when done subtly and naturally, can indeed foster a sense of connection and rapport, particularly in social situations like a date. Mirroring involves subtly mimicking or aligning your body language with the person you're interacting with.
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When you're talking to someone, mirroring their body language could make you seem more attractive to them - so this is a perfect tip for a date! We don't mean mimic them to the point they think you're making fun of them, but more subtle things like resting your chin on your hand if they are while they're talking.

47. Pick your favorite features and accentuate them

Accentuating your favorite features is a fantastic way to highlight what you love most about yourself and boost your confidence. When you embrace and accentuate your favorite attributes, it allows you to feel more empowered and confident in your appearance.
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Being more attractive can be as simple as accentuating what you already have! You need to pick your favorite parts about yourself (so hopefully all you've got!) and accentuate them. Love your eyes? Put on more eyemakeup! Love your hair? Do something with it! Love your hips? Wear hip-hugging clothes!

48. If you have to wear glasses, rimless are the way to go

The great glasses debate indeed continues! Glasses, in various styles and forms, can indeed influence perceptions in many ways. The perception that glasses can make a person appear more intelligent is a long-standing stereotype.
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Ah, the glasses debate continues! Apparently glasses can make people seem more intelligent, which is linked to attractiveness, but rimless is some form of compromise between glasses and contact lenses if you have to wear them! People with rimless glasses can also appear more trustworthy.

49. Put in some effort

Taking care of yourself and presenting yourself well can indeed communicate a lot about your self-esteem and how you perceive yourself. Simple habits like maintaining personal hygiene, washing your hair regularly, and keeping your clothes clean can significantly impact how others perceive you.
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You don't have to go completely overboard, we don't mean dress up in a ballgown for answering the front door. But taking care of yourself - like washing your hair regularly, keeping your outfits clean and even just brushing your hair - can make you more attractive because it tells people you have self-esteem.

50. Stop trying to attract someone

That scenario sounds straight out of a rom-com, but it's not uncommon for unexpected moments to lead to meaningful connections! There's truth in the idea that love often happens when you least expect it. The pressure of constantly dressing up or trying too hard to find a romantic connection can sometimes be counterproductive.
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It may sound stupid, but we all know how it works when you go on a million dates, get dressed up every single day, to never find 'the one'. Then when you least expect it in your loungewear after you've popped out for some milk, you bump into your soulmate. Don't try too hard!