Inside The Home Of: Kim Kardashian

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Welcome to the glittering world of the one and only Kim Kardashian! Step past the velvet ropes and into the dazzling abode of the reality TV queen, where every corner whispers tales of opulence, style, and the quintessential Kardashian glamour. Brace yourself for a tour through the palatial estate that serves as the epicenter of selfies, fashion feats, and the occasional family drama—welcome to the exclusive insider peek into the home sweet home of the iconic Kim K!

1. The 'Minimal Monestary'

In collaboration with Axel Vervoordt, a maestro of design magic, and an ensemble of international design luminaries, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West orchestrated a metamorphosis, turning their mansion into an architectural ballet of minimalism.Recreate Kim Kardashian's minimalist and neutral home with these tips
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With the help from Axel Vervoordt and other international design luminaries, both Kim and Kanye turned this mansion into a minimalists dream. The home was transformed into a suburban Californian oasis of purity and light. In Kim's eyes, the home is perfection.Original content sourced from

2. Welcome to the Good Life

This exquisitely unique haven, once the shared domain of Kim Kardashian and her former husband Kanye West, unfolds like a visual sonnet, capturing attention with its breathtaking aesthetic allure. In a Vogue exclusive, the illustrious residence took center stage during the famed "73 Questions" segment.Inside Kim Kardashian's minimalist mansion with Kanye West | Minimalist living room, Dream home design, Dream house interior
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Once shared with hr ex-husband Kanye West, this incredibly unique aesthetically pleasing home featured on Vogue's 73 questions where Kim walked interviewer Joe Sabia through her neutral-toned colour schemed mansion - which features some pretty random things.

3. Clean living

In Kim Kardashian's expansive living room, a symphony of space unfolds—a sanctuary crafted for tranquility and elegant repose. Dominating the serene expanse are two colossal sofas, poised in symmetrical harmony, inviting intimate conversations and shared moments.Kim Kardashian's Unbleached Steinway | Fashion, Kim kardashian, Two piece skirt set
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Kim's large living room features two huge sofas facing each other, with a grand piano next to a floor to ceiling glass wall of windows looking out at the garden oasis. “Everything in my house is really minimal. I find that there’s so much chaos out in the world that once I come home, I want it to be really quiet and I want everything to feel calming,” Kim told Vogue during a February 2022 house tour video.

4. The private sitting room

In the private sanctum of Kim Kardashian's bedroom, an ethereal haven unveils itself—a pristine all-white sitting room cocooned within the confines of serenity. Here, amid an ambiance that whispers of tranquility, Kim finds solace from the whirlwind of her global endeavors, crafting moments of respite amidst the demands of her high-profile life.A Closer Look at Kim Kardashian's Sitting Room | Channel Kim Kardashian's Home Aesthetic For (Much) Less | POPSUGAR Home Photo 8
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Kim's bedroom features an all-white sitting room where she spends her time drinking tea and writing letters to her kids when she's not busy working and attending events all over the globe. Her private sitting room is just for her to rewind, relax and spending time away from the world.

5. Immaculate kitchen

In the sprawling expanse of Kim Kardashian's kitchen, functionality meets the pinnacle of chic elegance—an expansive domain that mirrors the pristine allure characteristic of her estate. Here, culinary creativity intertwines with minimalist aesthetics, offering a glimpse into a space where the art of cooking intertwines seamlessly with sleek design.Kim Kardashian's house has a second kitchen and a walk-in fridge – see her amazing tour | HELLO!
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Following the trend around this immaculate home, Kim's kitchen features a massive area, room for a huge centre island and empty countertops free of clutter. The kitchen includes appliances and other signs that indicate cooking goes on in this gorgeous room.

6. Dining space

In the seamless flow from the heart of Kim Kardashian's kitchen lies the expansive dining space—an elegant tableau where culinary indulgence transcends the act of eating, transforming into a communion of family and entertainment. At the epicenter of this convivial setting sits a substantial table, not merely a platform for meals but a stage for multifaceted interactions.Kim Kardashian's Home Tour on Vogue 2022 | Shopping Guide | POPSUGAR Home
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Following through from the kitchen, is the dining space which includes a big table (that we've seen Kim study at plenty of times on the show) and a large sofa and living space on the other side of it. That big black area is the TV. Yes, that is a TV for the family to spend time together catching up on shows.

7. No clutter

Within the expanse of Kim Kardashian's abode, spacious rooms and sprawling hallways emerge as serene canvases, painted with the ethos of minimalism. Round tables, flanked by unassuming chairs, punctuate the vastness, their understated presence inviting quiet conversations and intimate gatherings.Kim Kardashian Posts Photos Of Her Mansion And It's So Empty, People Start Hilariously Roasting It | Bored Panda
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The large rooms and hallways feature round tables, chairs and plain walls with the occasional sculpture. The minimalist home has literally no clutter which makes it the ideal calm and tranquil home - some would say it's almost too tranquil, eerie in fact. But each to their own!

8. Backyard basketball

In the expansive expanse of Kim Kardashian's backyard lies a surprising gem—a full-sized basketball court, an unexpected fusion of athletic enthusiasm and understated elegance. A hallmark of Hollywood estates, this court is more than just a recreational space.Kanye West shows off his and Kim Kardashian's impressive garden – with basketball court included | HELLO!
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A lot of Hollywood celebs have their own basketball courts in their backyards, its just a thing. Situated in Kim's backyard is a full-sized basketball court which has been decked out in black and grey colours to match the neutral tones of her home. Her four kids enjoy playing out here and the surface is made of a softer, sponge like material to avoid any injuries!

9. Spacious workout area

In the embrace of her lavish estate, Kim Kardashian has sculpted a fitness sanctuary—an expansive, glass-walled gymnasium that stands as a testament to her commitment to physical well-being. Within these transparent walls, the ambient glow of natural light interplays with sleek exercise equipment, creating an atmosphere where fitness meets luxury.Kim Kardashian shares her relentless exercise regime while in lockdown - OK! Magazine
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Without having to leave the comfort of her own home, Kim has a massive home gym that she used to stay fit. This glass-walled gym is where she does her "100 sit ups with the trampoline" and ball workouts to keep her abs toned when she isn't training with her personal trainer.

10. Time to keep fit

In the domain of fitness within Kim Kardashian's home, the gym stands as a pinnacle of exercise innovation and comprehensive training—a space where a multitude of equipment converges in a symphony of fitness options.Inside Kim Kardashian's massive home gym featuring treadmills, StairMasters and rowing machine in her $60M mansion | The Sun
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The home gym includes treadmills, stair masters and rowing machines amongst a million other things. Kim's sister Khloe spends a lot of her time in this signature monochromatic gym using everything from dumbbells to weight training equipment.

11. Welcome to the home

As you step into the Hollywood Hills mansion that embodies Kim Kardashian's essence, you're engulfed in an aura that transcends mere opulence—it's a palpable essence, an embodiment of her entire ethos. The very hallways themselves serve as an overture to the grandeur that awaits withinInside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Los Angeles home | House & Garden
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Entering the Hollywood Hills mansion, you instantly get a feel for Kim's whole vibe. The hallways set the tone and the foyer features a large table in the centre and what appears to be an office tucked away in the corner. The hallways is bigger than most peoples apartments.

12. Plenty of cozy spaces

In the sprawling expanse of Kim Kardashian's meticulously curated abode, a prevailing aesthetic of white, cream, and neutral tones exudes an air of pristine elegance. From the expansive rooms to the intimate corners, the palette paints a picture of refined opulence.Kim Kardashian Shares Silly Bedtime Photos with Saint, Chicago, Psalm
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With the whole house decked out in either, white, cream, off-white or neutral tones, you would thing it would be quite difficult to keep everything clean and tidy with four kids running around. Even the bed sheets are white which Psalm and Saint snuggled up before their bedtime.

13. There's always time to cook

Kim Kardashian's culinary haven stands as a testament to both functionality and artistic expression. The kitchen, adorned with stainless steel appliances that gleam with modern elegance, boasts an abundance of countertop space.See Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Massive, All-Beige Mansion
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The kitchen is to die for with it's stainless steel appliances with lots of countertop space. Japanese artist Shiro Tsujimura created the ceramic vases that take centre fold of Kim's kitchen work tops. But this isn't the only kitchen in the house, it's just her favourite!

14. There's room for everyone

In the heyday of Kanye's residence within this magnificent home, a peek into his world unveiled a shrine to footwear—his shoe closet, an ode to the artistry of sneakers, boots, and slides. Within the confines of this meticulously organized sanctuary.Inside stars' walk-in wardrobes from Kim Kardashian's closet like a designer shop to Kate Ferdinand's luxe dressing room | The Sun
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Back when Kanye lived in this home, he shared a glimpse into his shoe closet that featured a wall to wall rack of sneakers, boots and slides. Another room features a bed in a marble floor to ceiling room next to her dining room where her family spends their evenings.

15. It's also very artsy

In the grand expanse of Kim Kardashian's domain, nestled within the dining area, stands an awe-inspiring spectacle—a colossal, pristine white sculpture that presides over the expansive table. This monumental piece, a visual symphony in itself, captivates attention.Creature Soft Sculpture | ShEMOI DESiGNS
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Overlooking the large table in the dining area, is a huge white sculpture. After marrying superstar, Kanye West, Kim developed a love for all things art and minimal. Not only is her home full of minimalistic art, but she has a unique interactive Isabel Rowel sculpture that gets it's very own room.

16. High end taste

Kim Kardashian's penchant for extravagance and refined living transcends the conventional when it comes to dining spaces within her opulent abode. Beyond the kitchen table—a hub of culinary delights—and the charmingly cozy breakfast nook that exudes warmth and intimacy, lies the pièce de résistance: the dining table that stands as a testament to unparalleled luxury.Coronavirus: Kim Kardashian reunites with Kris Jenner on day UK bans seeing relatives - Mirror Online
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Kim Kardashian, being the extra lady that she is, obviously doesn't just have one dining table in her home. She has the kitchen table, and the cozy breakfast nook (that's just utterly adorable). And you guessed it, the dining table probably cost more than the average person's first home.

17. The GRAND piano

In the grandeur of Kim Kardashian's palatial residence, an iconic bleached Steinway grand piano commands attention, nestled within the resplendent expanse of one of her living rooms. This magnificent instrument, an embodiment of elegance and musical finesse, stands as a testament to the allure of artistic opulence that permeates her abode.Kim Kardashian hires pianist to wake kids up with Christmas songs
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Most A-listers, even if they don't play a musical instrument, feel the need to purchase a grand piano for their grand home and Kim Kardashian follows suit. This incredible bleached Steinway grand piano takes centre stage in one of her living rooms. But due to her hectic schedule she's yet to find time to learn how to play it.

18. Dinner and a show

In the realm of Kim Kardashian's illustrious estate lies a room that transcends mere function, evolving into a stage for grand gestures of love and unabashed displays of affection. This room, a witness to the extravagant narratives of romance, has become a canvas where love stories unfold in extravagant displays.Kim Kardashian on Twitter: "Best husband award goes to mine 🙋🏻‍♀️!!!! Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!!" / Twitter
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Anybody who follows the Kardashian on Instagram will have seen the extra displays of affection acted out in this room. From filling it full of roses to an Opera singer appearing on Valentine's Day, this room has seen it's fair share of shows over the years.

19. A spacious area to rest & sleep

Kim Kardashian's bedroom, a continuation of the overarching motif that defines her lavish abode, embodies a haven of serene elegance. Bathed in natural light and exuding a sense of airy spaciousness, this sanctuary whispers tales of minimalist sophistication—a tranquil oasis within the bustling grandeur of her estate.Kim Kardashian scolds North West for going Live on TikTok
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The bedroom matches the motif of the rest of the home. It's bright, sunny and spacious and screams minimalistic and opens right up to the stunning master bathroom which we'll get onto a little later...that needs a whole article on it's own!

20. Floating sinks

Kim Kardashian's master bathroom is a testament to avant-garde design, a realm where opulence meets innovation. As one traverses the grand hallway and steps into this unique sanctum, a breathtaking panorama unfolds—a space that defies convention with its striking features.Kim Kardashian reveals the mystery behind her sinks | CNN
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The unique bathroom see's  a grand entryway from the grand hallway, a seating area, a giant shower and bath and...floating sinks which has sparked a lot of confusion amongst viewers. These double sinks appear with faucets but no basin. Confusing right?

21. Always prepared to feed the kids

Kim Kardashian's culinary realm transcends the conventional, manifesting in an awe-inspiring walk-in fridge and an expansive pantry that redefine the notion of opulence and provision. Within the sprawling expanse of her mansion lie these epicenters of abundance.Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Pantry, 'Main' Refrigerator: Photos
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Fans have seen how outrageous Kris and Khloe's pantry's can be, but Kim knocks them both out of the park time and time again. Kardashian gave us a look into her huge walk-in fridge (one of five in the mansion) and the pantry - which is where she keeps all of her food for her family. Enough to feed the five thousand!

22. Taking over Kanye's closet

As Kim Kardashian navigated her new journey after parting ways with Kanye, she made a distinctive choice to repurpose and reimagine the cavernous expanse of his once-enormous walk-in closet. Instead of merely being a storage space, this grand area evolved into her personal haven.Go Inside Kim Kardashian's Closet Warehouse
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When the pair went their separate ways, the businesswoman and TV personality decided to take over Kanye's enormous walk in closet and use it as her 'place' to try on outfits and have fittings. (Not that they don't already have more than enough space elsewhere around the house).

23. The pool area

In the vast canvas of their shared estate, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West found common ground in their appreciation for the finer elements of life, culminating in the breathtaking renovation of their pool area. Amidst the grandeur of their opulent residence, this serene oasis emerged as a haven.Step Inside Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's Boundary-Defying Home | Architectural Digest
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The one thing Kim and her no ex-husband Kanye West had in common when they embarked on this humungous renovation journey was the pool area. The pair both appreciate the finer things in life and this breathtaking pool area looks like the ideal serene place to sit back and relax.

24. The breakfast corner

Kim Kardashian's expansive estate isn't just adorned with one breakfast table—it boasts a charmingly cozy corner known as the 'breakfast nook,' an intimate space that serves multiple purposes within the lavish confines of her home.Kim Kardashian's Minimalist Breakfast Nook | Banquette seating, Home decor, Home
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The Kardashian doesn't just have one breakfast table but also a perfectly cozy corner called 'the breakfast nook' - which is an ideal spot for gift wrapping at Christmas or a studying place for law homework. Kim's shared several snaps of this spot via her Instagram which looks especially cute at Christmas.

25. The lush garden

The meticulously designed gardens within Kim Kardashian's opulent estate stand as a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and nature. Spearheaded by landscape artist Peter Wirtz, this purposefully crafted all-green garden exudes an air of tranquility and sophistication.Inside Kim Kardashian's $60 Million Mansion
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Landscape artist, Peter Wirtz, oversaw the design of this purposely all green garden. Her lavish gardens include orange tree, an assortment of flowers, fruits and vegetables - in fact there is so much space that Kim doesn't even need to leave the grounds of her home to go on a stroll.

26. The soaring hallways

Kim Kardashian's relocation to her current residence in December 2017 marked the culmination of an extensive renovation endeavor—a transformative journey that spanned over a year. During this ambitious renovation phase, Kim and Kanye, along with their family, sought refuge in the welcoming embrace of Kim's mother, Kris Jenner.Kim Kardashian Wears Custom Balenciaga Outfit With a Cape
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Kim moved to the home in December 2017 after over a year of renovation in which the couple stayed with Kim's mom Kris. The soaring hallways are covered in off-white plaster with windows the whole way down the hallway providing the home with even more light.

27. The playroom of dreams

Kim Kardashian's revelation about her playroom unveils a realm of indulgence and extravagance that contrasts starkly with the minimalist aesthetics elsewhere in her abode. Within this dedicated space, luxury and entertainment converge, creating a playground that transcends the ordinary.Kim Kardashian struggling to 'entertain' kids during self-isolation | Metro News
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"You guys always say my house is so minimal — well, you guys haven't seen my playroom," Kardashian said while narrating a tour of the playroom in February 2020. There's everything in there from a ball pit to a slide setup to Murakami pillows that cost over $6,000. WOW.

28. Festively frosty

Kim Kardashian's approach to holiday decor diverges from traditional norms, especially when it comes to the quintessential Christmas tree. In a departure from the customary verdant green, Kim veers into a realm of sophistication and modern elegance.See Kim Kardashian's massive sustainable garden where she grows her own food on family's $60M LA estate | The Sun
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Green really isn't Kim's colour, even if it is very in at the moment. Following the trend throughout the house, she doesn't even break it slightly at Christmas. Rather than your typical Evergreen shade of tree, she opts for a sprayed white one with white lights. This isn't the only one in her house either...we all know how the Kardashians like to push the boat out!

29. The spotless shower & beauty of a bath

Kim Kardashian's master bathroom unfolds as a lavish sanctuary, epitomizing luxury and sophistication. Within this opulent expanse lies a bath that defies conventional notions of comfort, yet captivates with its sheer opulence.Kim Kardashian Gave Us A Rare Look At Her Bathroom Balcony And It's Just Another Detail About Her House That Has Me Feeling Poor
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The rather uncomfortable bath looks big enough to fit the whole family inside with a view of the floating sinks and spotless shower, that set Kardashian back a whole lot of money. The whole bathroom looks out at the lush gardens seen earlier in the article. Very 'zen' if you ask me!

30. The 'safe' house

Security at the Kardashian residence is akin to a fortress, designed to provide a level of protection that rivals the stringent measures of high-security establishments like the Pentagon. The formidable front door, described by Vogue's Jonathan Van Meter as resembling something that could be lowered over a moat, serves as the first line of defense.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hire 'armed guards' to watch their house '24/7' following Paris robbery | The Sun
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"I had to pass through layers of Pentagon-level security and hesitated at their forbidding front door, which looks like it might be lowered over a moat" says Vogue's, Jonathan Van Meter.It's no surprise that the Kardashian klan have next level security in their homes, especially Kim!

31. Her designer handbag collection

Kim Kardashian's handbag collection is more than just an assortment of fashion accessories—it's a veritable treasure trove that could rival the most opulent designer stores. As one steps into this dedicated space, the first impression might mirror that of entering a high-end designer boutique, complete with a familiar face that could easily be mistaken for a seasoned fashion assistant.
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At first glance, you might think you'd just walked into a designer handbag store here with a very familiar looking assistant, but nope - this is just Kim Kardashian's casual handbag collection. Not only does she have a lot, she displays them on very fashionable shelves, too!

32. The home that once belonged to Cindy Crawford

Kim Kardashian's property portfolio is an extravagant testament to her penchant for luxury real estate. Among her impressive holdings sits a stunning Malibu beach mansion—a property that once belonged to the iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford.
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Included in Kim Kardashian's property portfolio is also a Malibu beach mansion which actually used to be owned by supermodel Cindy Crawford. The home apparently cost 70 million bucks, but that's hardly a dent in the bank account when you're a Kardashian!

33. The mansion has an ocean view

Kim Kardashian's Malibu beach mansion is a departure from the extreme minimalism of her primary residence, embracing a different aesthetic that harmonizes with its coastal surroundings. Set against an absolutely breathtaking ocean view, this estate boasts an exterior that exudes a more dynamic and lively ambiance compared to Kim's renowned minimalist style.
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Aside from the absolutely incredible ocean view and the deck which circles the house, the mansion also has a busier exterior compared to the extreme minimalism we know of Kim's main home! The Malibu mansion also has floor to ceiling glass doors, and a gourmet kitchen.

34. What about the other Kardashians? Check out Khloe's Hidden Hills home!

Khloe Kardashian's Hidden Hills residence stands as a picturesque testament to her taste and lifestyle, featuring an expansive pool area adorned with elegant beige stone decking. This inviting space, captured with the quintessential Kardashian flair, boasts more than just its luxurious amenities.
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Because of course any shot of a Kardashian's property has to have the actual Kardashian in view, too! This is Khloe's Hidden Hills home, which here you can see has a huge pool area with beige stone decking, a seating area and a lot of privacy with the overhanging trees!

35. A Marilyn fan

Khloe Kardashian's penchant for art and admiration for iconic figures is on full display within her estate, notably portrayed in her curated selection of Marilyn Monroe artwork. Unlike her sister Kim's penchant for minimalism, Khloe's residence boasts a vibrant and art-adorned ambiance.
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Unlike her sister Kim, Khloe has a lot more art on her walls, and it seems she's a fan of Marilyn Monroe if that artwork is anything to go by. But who isn't? It looks like this room is her walk-in wardrobe based on the mirror, dressing table and seats - and Marilyn must be the style icon!

36. Let's hope the sauce doesn't splash on that dress

Kourtney Kardashian's culinary adventures are as impressive as her lavish Calabasas mansion. Within the expansive confines of her 12,000-square-foot estate lies a kitchen that's nothing short of spectacular—a culinary haven equipped to meet the demands of a discerning chef.
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It looks like Kourtney is cooking up something very serious in this amazing kitchen. Kourtney's home is a 12,000-square-foot mansion in Calabasas, California, which includes a cinema, six bedrooms, more than one huge living area and of course a massive kitchen!

37. Her sitting room includes an open-log fire

Kourtney Kardashian's design sensibilities diverge from the renowned minimalism associated with her sister Kim. Within her luxurious abode, Kourtney cultivates an ambiance that embodies a more layered and eclectic style, rich in intricate details and expressive accents.
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Kourtney seems to have a busier taste in design than Kim Kardashian, with a well-placed cluttered coffee table with books, as well as detailed artwork and an open-log fire. She's also gone for a lot of black accents rather than the white and creams Kim's abode is famous for!

38. Kylie Jenner's home in Los Angeles

Kylie Jenner's mansion in Holmby Hills, LA, serves as a showcase of chic elegance, characterized by a palette of muted greys and silvers that exude sophistication and modernity. Within the confines of her opulent estate, a squishy yet stylish couch becomes more than just a piece of furniture.
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Kylie seems to be a fan of muted greys and silvers for her mansion home, including this squishy-looking couch (perfect for Instagram posing) and a small desk area by the doors leading out to - you guessed it - a massive pool area. The mansion is in Holmby Hills, LA.

39. Speaking of the pool area..

Kylie Jenner's pool area isn't just an ordinary backyard feature—it's the vibrant heart of her sprawling estate in Holmby Hills, LA. Situated at the center of her luxurious complex, this pool oasis becomes more than just a place for a refreshing dip; it's a focal point for relaxation, socializing, and, of course, striking the perfect bikini pose.
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Modelled by Kylie Jenner herself, of course, the pool area can be found in the center of the sprawling house complex, so you could say it's the heart of the home - or it is if you want to pose in a bikini, anyway. It's complete with sun loungers and a pretty sociable space!

40. Her expensive spa bathroom

Kylie Jenner's spa-like oasis within her Holmby Hills estate transcends the conventional at-home pampering routine. Her bathroom exudes a sense of opulence and extravagance that's beyond comparison—an environment meticulously designed to elevate relaxation and indulgence to unmatched levels.
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We all try to have our own spa days at home with a discounted face pack and a lukewarm bubble bath, but you can't really compete with Kylie Jenner's massive freestanding bath, even bigger walk-in shower and enough room on all of her sinks for all her Kylie range products!

41. Kendall Jenner's Beverly Hills home

Kendall Jenner's estate, once owned by actor Charlie Sheen, boasts a captivating sitting room that exudes a serene ambiance and timeless sophistication. This inviting space, a picturesque blend of classic elements and modern comfort, becomes the epitome of relaxed luxury within her home.
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Kendall Jenner bought this home from actor Charlie Sheen, and here we can see a relaxing sitting room with a huge fireplace, white and beige walls, dark wood and a rather comfy looking seating area! It looks like the perfect spot for entertaining guests - which she probably has a lot of.

42. And Kendall has a pantry, too

Kendall Jenner's pantry, unveiled by Kourtney, stands as a testament to meticulous organization and impeccable taste. This well-structured space radiates a sense of orderliness and sophistication, elevating the humble pantry to a realm of curated elegance within her home.
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It seems like every Kardashian's pantry is just as famous as they are these days! Kourtney shared a sneak peak inside Kendall's pantry, which includes a very tidy and organized system, showing off dried foods, cereals, snacks, and shelving that reaches the roof!

43. The couch you wouldn't want to spill wine on

Kim Kardashian's pristine white home indeed stands as a testament to both her exquisite taste and the ongoing challenge of maintaining such a pristine environment, especially with energetic kids roaming around. Yet, amidst the struggle to preserve the immaculate aura of her residence, Kim's choice of a snuggle-worthy couch reflects her desire for comfort and luxury within her pristine abode.
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Seriously, how does Kim manage with this crystal white home and those kids running around? Then again, she could more than afford the cleaning bill if it came to that! Here's a look at the type of couch she likes to snuggle down and relax on - complete with white cushions, of course.

44. But is it any better to eat and drink at the white table?

Absolutely, the thought of enjoying a glass of red wine on pristine white upholstered chairs might induce a bit of anxiety! However, Kim Kardashian's dining space, while seemingly delicate with its white upholstered chairs, exudes an inviting and sociable ambiance.
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You'd still be very nervous about sitting on one of these white upholstered chairs, wouldn't you? We certainly wouldn't want to drink red wine on there! But it does look like a sociable dining space, so maybe white wine is the only permitted drink? And what do you think about that mannequin?

45. Bet you didn't think there was any color in Kim's mansion, did you!

Indeed, the sight of vibrant red garlands adorning the space within Kim and Kanye's predominantly white-themed home adds a surprising and captivating splash of color. This striking contrast against the pristine white background creates a visually captivating and festive ambiance.
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This was obviously back when Kim and Kanye were still sharing a home, and Kanye would offer some musical entertainment at the huge white grand piano in the huge white room. We don't know if this red garlands were for some sort of celebration or season, or if they were a permanent fixture, but it's sure surprising to see a splash of color!

46. Kendall's zen garden

Kendall Jenner's serene backyard oasis indeed emanates tranquility and serenity, appearing as one of the most idyllic and peaceful spots one could imagine. It's a landscape that beckons for moments of relaxation, reflection, and perhaps a few yoga sessions.
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You have to hand it to Kendall, this looks like one of the most peaceful spots on the planet. You'd want this in your own backyard, wouldn't you? Complete with Buddha statue, small fountain pool, rosy flagstones and lots of greenery, you'd definitely want to do a lot of yoga here!

47. A peek into Christmas

During the holiday season, celebrity mansions like Kendall Jenner's often transform into dazzling displays of festive cheer, and the centerpiece is undoubtedly the grand Christmas tree. Kendall's abode, captured during this celebratory time, showcases the essence of holiday glamour and seasonal charm.
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If there's one time that a celeb mansion is going to look particularly stunning, it's the holiday season. And you can always depend on a big Christmas tree! Here's a peek into Kendall Jenner's tree in one of her many rooms, which also reveals a simple looking dark couch!

48. The cozy fireplace

The armchair nestled beside the bookshelves in Kendall Jenner's home exudes an inviting and cozy reading nook. The combination of the comfortable armchair, adorned bookshelves, and the proximity to the fireplace indeed creates an ambiance that's perfect for immersing oneself in a good book while enjoying the warmth of the fire.
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This has to be a cozy little reading spot, surely? If the armchair and bookshelves are anything to go by. Reading by the fire is the epitome of cozy, right? And another peek into Kendall's taste in artwork for the walls, as well as more seasonal lights around the fireplace!

49. Kylie Jenner's home has 20 parking spaces

Kendall Jenner's opulent living space epitomizes luxury and sophistication, boasting an expansive layout that seamlessly blends dark and light greys, creating an ethereal and open atmosphere within her home. This lavish living area showcases her penchant for a chic color palette.
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I mean, kinda handy when you have so many visitors - and so many cars. Her home also includes this very lavish living space, showing once again that she's a fan of dark and light greys, and a very airy, open feel. Here you can see how the walls open out onto the pool area under the sky!

50. Kourtney's traditional dining table

The dining table in Kourtney Kardashian's residence stands as a centerpiece of gatherings, conversations, and, undoubtedly, the occasional family disagreement. In contrast to Kim's predominantly white-themed decor, Kourtney's table exhibits a warm and inviting tone.
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We're sure that the Kardashian/Jenner clan have certainly had one or two arguments around this table! But it's a nice table, less white than Kim's obviously, and matches the take wooden floor. Kourtney also seems to be a fan of more color in her chosen artworks.