Images That The King Will Not Want You To See Of Princess Diana!

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Sitting by the pool:

Image SourceWe love this picture of Diana. It is not like anything we usually see of her, looking serious,  in her formal dresses. Here she is on holiday in a bathing suit and she looks extremely happy. This is an extremely candid photograph and we can all wonder who it was who took the photograph!Sourced from Femanin.

2. Mid Kiss

See the source image(Image Source/ is a rare picture of the couple showing passion toward one another and actually kissing. Although, it's a very awkward photo. Prince Charles has seemingly spontaneously grabbed Diana and landed a kiss on her face. Her eyes are open and she doesn't really know how to react to the kiss!

3. Oops! Something went wrong here!

Image SourceShe's clearly trying to make everything run smoothly but then this happened. It is clear what is going on here, and her look of panic makes total sense as she holds the baby. She's trying to keep the baby happy and then the two of them grab the toy to distract him!

4. Wet Hair

See the source image(Image Source/ anyone could pull of the wet hair look it was Diana. She has many photos with wet slicked back hair and she suits it. Again, she set the trend way before it was considered a look. She has a towel draped casually around her shoulders, she's clearly just been for a swim.

5. Getting out of a jam!

Image SourceDiana here is in an army truck and she looks like she might have trouble getting out of this. She is laughing whilst bracing herself to squeeze out. She has to pull herself up with two arms to get out and we can see one of the army guys watching her at the back of the photo.

6. A Whale of a Time

(Image Source/ is Diana, sadly in what were some of her last days and last photographs. Here she is with Dodi Fayed, son of ­Harrods owner Mohamed Fayed. She is on his 10 million pound yacht in the Mediterranean where he whisked her away for a romantic trip together.

7. Drinking it up!

Images SourceThis is her at a party, she has a glass of champagne in her hands and she looks to be enjoying herself. It looks as though she was talking before she started to smile for the photograph. Either that, or she was mid sentence when someone got the snap of her!

8. A secret smile:

Images SourceThis woman is full of stolen moments. Here she is with the army again and it looks like she's in her element. She casually glances back to someone with a smile on her face and this has to be the best candid at all. She is so comfortable and loves to get involved!

9. Her overbite is back!

Images SourceWe have now established that she is very competitive and she does not let anything get in her way. It is the one time where she lets her composure slip as she gets completely wrapped up in the moment. She was always known for getting involved in absolutely everything!

10. Going For A Jog

See the source image(Image Source/ she is again defying expectations, going for a casual jog through town. If there's one thing you don't expect on your daily trip into town, it is a Princess running past you. But, she didn't care what anyone thought and if she wanted to go out jogging then she did!

11. Drowning out:

Image SourceWe love this photo, it is another holiday photo of her playing with her friend. Her friend has taken a hose and is pouring it right over Diana's head. We can see Diana is clearly happy and amused by this.

12. The flying princess!

Images SourceShe loves to get involved with everything, she never said no to activities. It is clear that she loved sports, games and activities. Everyone is enjoying watching the show here as she jumps off the pier of the boat.

13. 80s Sports Look

See the source image
(Image Source/ Pinterest)You don't get anymore 80s/sports vibe than this. Everything about this screams the 80s - lycra, flowers, cycling shorts, leotard - this photo is iconic. In this photo she is in a gym on one of the weight machines.

14. Trying to Hide

(Image Source/ is an upsetting photo of Diana at one of her lowest times. She is desperately trying to hide from the paparazzi who were relentless in the back of a black taxi cab. She is clearly in despair and this moment should have been private for Lady Diana.

15. Toothy smiles!

Images SourceIt's all smiles in this photo. Only this guy can make her laugh so much. She is with her friend and both of them are having a great time in this moment as they both laugh.

16. She disapproves of what she sees here:

Image SourceIt's hard to keep your emotions from running rampant on your face. Clearly something had disgusted her, and not just slightly. I don't know what was going on here but Princess Diana was obviously not happy about it. She definitely was disgusted by something.

17. Laughing at a drag queen!

Images SourceShe's clearly having a good laugh with this person and we can see here that she loved meeting all kinds of different people. She was definitely a people person who thrived off social interaction.

18. One of the Lads

(Image Source/ are a few pictures of Diana in a bikini and on a boat. But this one is one of the best, she has a glass of something in her hand and she's with three male friends looking extremely relaxed and content.

19. The look of interest

Image SourceHere she is certainly not camera ready and she's pulling a face that says it's probably not an interesting conversation at all but she's going to look like it is one. It's not her most glamorous photo but it is a moment of reality where she unprepared for the press.

20. Making funny faces:

Image SourceWell, she was definitely a funny woman who didn't mind making a funny face from time to time. She had a sense of humour and it has been captured here. She's preoccupied listening to her music, you can tell she's in a world of her own and she's pulling a kind of jokey pouty face.

21. The bad relationship:

Images SourceHere we can see Diana with her husband Charles. Some of these photos are awkward because they just don't appear happy together at all. And, as we know their marriage together was not a successful one or a happy one.

22. The harsh whisper:

Images SourceWe can never be sure what's going on during these moments. For all we know he may be whispering sweet nothings into her ear. but it doesn't appear that way. It doesn't look very affectionate at all it looks more of a harsh whisper.

23. She's happy but he's not.

Images SourceShe looks very happy in this photo, and a little bit smug. Perhaps she's taking some pleasure in his pain. . . Charles on the other hand looks less than pleased. He has his arm in a sling and he is clearly not enjoying it.

24. Another public gathering!

Images SourceAnother public outing for the royal couple, Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Again, they both look a little bit uncomfortable here and are not engaging together in this photo. They also seem to have pretty much matching skirts on here.

25. The laughter never ends!

Images Source

Although this is not the most flattering photo of the princess, it is a good indication of her character which was quite amazing and those kids seem to be having a great time with her. She probably loved these moments of her life the most.

26. No more tan lines!

Images SourceWell, she wasn't shy about being in her bathing suit. There are multiple photos of her in her swim suit and every time she looks great. Here she is removing her strap lines because nobody wants tan lines, even Lady Diana worried about getting tan lines.

27. The hair full of fun!

Images SourceHere again she is seen having fun, not caring how she looked to anyone else. She's on the water slide with her son Harry and you can see the pure joy in this moment where nothing else matters.

28. She's at it again!

Image SourceWith this one we have to wonder if she's doing this deliberately for the paparazzi. She knows that as one of the most iconic women ever, that there is never a moment a camera isn't on her.

29. Absolute angst:

Image SourceShe looks very young again here, but still more of the recognisable Diana look we all recognise. It's hard to know what kind of thoughts she is having here in this photo. It seems that she is anxious about something.

30. Buck teeth:

Image SourceHere she has been captured at the slightly wrong moment as we're sure that she didn't intend for this to look like she has an overbite. She's laughing and not exactly prepare for a photo. Perhaps she is about to laugh, or maybe say something and it has been caught just before the moment.

31. Indifferent:

Image SourceHere she looks super sassy. She is doing a kind of shrug and nonchalant expression. But, she is clearly half laughing too so she is playing around perhaps wither with the camera or with the person she is looking at and walking with.

32. Fixing her skirt:

Images SourceNo woman wants to be photographed adjusting their hemline, particularly when possibly the objective was to fix her skirt just in time for the photos. But of course the relentless paparazzi manage to capture her in the moment before.

33. Look of disgust:

Image SourceHere is another iconic look of complete disgust. Lady Diana does not hide her disapproval well. Whilst most of us can pull our face with no one noticing, as the most photographed woman in the world of course the paparazzi catch it.

34. Biting the lip:

Images SourceShe is often found to be biting her lip, it is one of her most recognisable candid looks. She is certainly unaware of the camera here and she is looking at something looking very intent and anxious.

35. A nervous habit?

Images SourceAgain, here she is biting her lip again in Diana style. This seems to be her nervous habit, to bite her lip when she is worried about something. She looks less anxious here than in the last photo, perhaps she is more preoccupied here.

36. No paparazzi!

Images SourceWe rarely see her lose her temper with the paparazzi. Usually, she looks in good spirits or she looks like she hasn't even noticed them at all. But in this case, she's had enough. On some days, she just didn't want to have to deal with it.

37. Peering from above:

Images SourceYou have to wonder if she's got a sixth sense about the cameras by now. I mean, here is someone trying to hide out from above and snatch a photo but she was still able to spot him out.

38. What up, princess?!

Images SourceDiana looks like she's on holiday here enjoying her free time. It's hard to recognise her here and she looks much more free hearted than in the later photos when she is hounded by press and has all her royal duties to contend with.

39. A Young Girl

(Image Source/ haven't seen many photos of Diana as a child. And for someone so well publicised in her lifetime as an adult, it's difficult to image her as a little girl. Here she is as a bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding looking very cute and pleased with herself in her white gown clutching her bouquet.

40. Horse Lover

(Image Source/ was always a lover of animals she has been pictured with horses, dogs, guinea pigs... Here she is photographed with her Shetland pony. She had an extremely privileged childhood growing up and she didn't want for anything.

41. Bridesmaid

(Image Source/ is Diana at the age of 16 years old, when she was a bridesmaid for her oder sister. Her older sister had actually previously been on a couple of dates with Charles before suggesting that Diana dated him instead after the pair of them had not clicked successfully.

42. Totally Shocked

(Image Source/ looks extremely shocked in this picture after she stalled her new red Mini Metro. At the time she was outside her Earls Court flat in London. Her gasp of horror has a slightly amused look too. of course, most people can stall with very few people watching.

43. She can never hide anything!

Images SourceAgain, here she clearly does not want to be photographed at this moment. These photos are difficult to see because you can tell that she doesn't want to be photographed as she hides behind her hand.

44. The slicked back hair.

Images SourceShe has pretty much perfected the slicked back hair look here. I'm not sure what her thought process is here but it seems she is happy. Or, she is fed up of something and is sweeping her hair back in exasperation.

45. The awkward photo:

Images SourceThere are probably plenty of these photos that she might not like to see. This is probably one of them. The two of them are stood quite awkwardly together. Tt's not a couples photo that exudes affection.

46. My smile is bigger than it seems!

Images SourceShe's trying holding back her laughter here, she is walking past a crowd and smiling at someone but she is still trying to contain herself. At one time, she was the most photographed woman in the world and still, hardly any bad photos have surfaced.

47. Am I a banana yet?

Images SourceThis is an iconic photo. She is definitely rolling her eyes. Perhaps she's regretting her fashion choice here. With the all yellow look she is certainly out to make a statement. It's not one of her more modern looks, but it's still a great look.

48. Early Days

(Image Source/, this shows the pair together one of the first times, in the very early stages of their courtship. She described how it was all a little bit odd, or very odd. She said when he would contact her and disappear for a few weeks when he rang her the next time she felt the excitement deeply. She said it made the whole thing a lot more intense because she didn't fully know what he was thinking in regards to their situation.

49. Can't Look At Each other

(Image Source/ is when the couple were married. They are attending a ceremony together. This is another photo the Queen would not want in the public eye because there is a consistent theme with their photographs of the pair together.

50. The Worst Day

(Image Source/ is Diana on her wedding day, what should have been one of the happiest days of her life. But, as we know it was anything but. Diana pretty quickly felt as though she was making a mistake. The loneliness set in very fast.

51. Honeymoon

(Image Source/ was 1981, and she's wearing a floral wrap dress looking as elegant as always. Diana is waving as she is about to leave on the private jet for her honeymoon. She looks completely full of hope here.

52. Pregnant with Prince William

(Image Source/ Diana stunned everyone with this look. The pastel off the shoulder dress is extremely fitting for a princess. She's paired the look with a thick choker. This was the day before it was announced to the world that she was pregnant with her first baby, and the royal family's next Prince.

53. New Born Son

(Image Source/'s definitely got that new mum glow in this photo. And, she looks happy here with Prince William in her arms. He's swaddles in a white blanket and she's wearing a green polka dot dress. Diana didn't let a pregnancy bump or a baby affect her style.

54. The big feathered hair:

Images SourceShe is very happy on this. The smile on her face is almost as big as her hair. Which, has a very bouffant look, but that must have been exactly what she was going for. In later years she keeps it in a similar style, however with slightly less volume.

55. The Donald Trump:

Images SourceThis is an unfortunate consequence of the wind on hair that's supposed to stay in place. Or, is it meant to look like this.  She's a lot younger here than in the later photos and apparently her style is very different too.

56. Teaching Duties

(Image Source/  used to be a teaching assistant before she married into the royals. Here she is walking with two of her students holding onto her hand. They've gone out from school on a little trip. She always loved children even before she had her own two sons.

57. Pure Laughter

(Image Source/ is one of those rare moments where Diana is caught in the middle of a purely happy moment. She has a glass in hand and she is socialising with friends. This photo was taken in 1997, around a year after the divorce between her and Charles was finalised.

58. Jumping Down

See the source image
(Image Source/ reason people loved Diana so much is because although she was a princess, she was very relatable. When we think of stereotypical princess behaviour it is someone who is always careful of what they are doing, always composed and dignified.

59. Retaining Modesty

See the source image(Image Source.
As we saw previously Diana created this cleavage bag trick. And she used it every time she had an event and had to wear a dress whilst exiting a car. We appreciate the fact that even as a Princess she does not make it look easy, because it is not.

60.  Captain Diana

(Image Source/ was August 1986, Diana was onboard the nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar. Whatever Diana did, she got properly involved, hence the sailors hat. For example regardless of what it was, whether it was for the army, or sailing, she would get fully stuck in and even dress for the occasion.

70. The Lip Bite

(Image Source/ GettyImages)Whether Princess Diana was at a grand event, tying her laces, having a cup of tea...she would be photographed regardless. Here Diana has a very cheeky grin and maybe even a lip bite?

71. Another camera trying to catch her off guard.

Images SourceShe may not have been prepared for this photo but of course as always she still looks glamorous and perfectly composed. She's accustomed to this. She's spotted the camera at the last moment.

72. The finish line!

Images SourceThis is the best photo of Diana. There's not many times you see someone who is part of the royal family sprinting in bare feet and a skirt. She's clearly not dressed for sports day as she is wearing a long skirt and a formal top.

73. Before Prince Charles:

Images SourceThis is a very early photo of her with someone else. This is a photo we have never seen before. Seeing or hearing about the past of someone connected to the royal family is generally not common as it's not wanted to be public.

74. So casual!

Images SourceHere we can see dressed in horse riding gear, she is stood with a man from the army looking really relaxed as she leans her elbow on the box and holds her hand in her face. She was so simple and yet, so beautiful.

75. Crying:

Image SourceThis is another photo of Diana when she was crying. She looks more controlled here as she knows she is being followed by multiple people taking pictures. She is covering half of her face so that she can regain some decorum and stop people taking photos of her when she's at her most vulnerable.

76. Unconventional Dress Code

(Image Source/ popsugar)Diana never followed the rules, and there are no more rules anywhere than within the royal family. But, did she still do her own thing? Of course she did. This was what gained Diana even more love and respect from the rest of the world because she was her own person who followed her own mind.

77. Power Woman

(Image Source/ here looks like the complete boss/power woman. She's casually glancing to the side with a smile whilst clutching a purse and some papers. She's got a tux on and even a bow tie. This was certainly not usual in those days because this kind of outfit was expected only on men.

78. Backless Dress

(Image Source/ became a style icon. And we can certainly see why. Backless dresses were considered daring at this point in time for a normal woman, never-mind for a member of the royal family. For the royal family it was considered inappropriate.

79. Casual Day Out

(Image Source/ popsugar)This just looks like Diana and baby William are out for a casual stroll together. She looks like a very cool mother here. But, we are pretty sure that the queen would not have accepted this casual look of jeans, boots and sports cap.

80. Not Covering Up

If you think of how the Royals dress, one of the first things that springs to mind is modestly. The royal family always cover up and rarely even show a shoulder. But, this was something Diana totally ignored. She knew she was glamorous and she flaunted it. In 2018 Meghan Markle faced major backlash for wearing a one shoulder dress. Diana was doing this back in the 80s.

81. Necklace Tiara

(Image Source/ is a different photo of the same outfit as before. This time she is dancing with Charles. And as usual, their is no feeling of closeness between the two even though they are dancing together. The pair always seem to have distance and a sense of detachment from one another.

82. Straight From the Gym

(Image Source/ love this look. The queen, perhaps not so much. Cycling shorts, oversized baggy sweatshirts, sports socks and chunky trainers: Diana set the trend that we all wear today. She was the one to make this look cool and it is literally a look that is replicated still to this day.

83. Cleavage Bags

(Image Source/ picture shows Diana getting out of a vehicle ready for an event of some kind. We all know how tricky it is to exit a car with a fitted dress and heels on in a dignified manner. And, Diana struggles with this too. In fact, she invented what we call 'cleavage bags' for this exact purpose.

84. Cuddling the Baby

(Image Source/ is not Diana with one of her own sons. She is holding a swaddled little boy here. She was visiting her close friend at the time who had a little boy named Jack.

85. Mother and Son Moments

(Image Source/ in Kensington palace are rare to find, of course, because the media had no access to the palace. So, it was the one place when she was inside where she was free form them.

86. Recording Voice Tapes

(Image Source/ was a picture shot from the tapes that were recorded when Diana met with her voice coach. it's a very unflattering picture of the usually very glamorous Princess. But, it's nice to see laughter on her face.

87. Initial Meetings

This photo shows one of the first days the couple spent together. Diana recalls how when she met Charles he was following her around like a puppy. At first, she described how he was very full on with her. But, even the courting stage was not simple.

88. Holiday-ing Together Source/ is Diana and Charles both in beach wear as they go in the sea together. Usually, when we see pictures of Diana on holiday she is spotted with friends or with her children...but rarely with Charles. This is a rare photo of the two of them in the sea together.

90. Deep Sea Dip

Diana swimming in the bay of St Tropez in the summer of 1997.(Image Source/ is not a photo the Queen does not want to see because it in inappropriate. No, this photo is just not Diana's best look. Everyone does the same after they've been under water - everyone wipes their nose. But, usually it is not captured on camera.

91. Squatting

See the source image(Image Source/ is unclear what she is doing here. She is squatting in between cars in this photo. Perhaps she has dropped something or is looking for something. Who knows? What we do know, is that this again is not a photo the Queen would want of her princess.

92. Another pouty teenager face:

Images SourceNot sure what she was going for in this photo shoot but it captured her being quite shy and reserved. But, it also shows a little bit of a mischievous side as she has a slight smile on her face while looking quite coy into the camera.

93. Candid shot:

Image SourceThis is an old picture that shows her before her polished look. But here she manages to look even more beautiful than usual. This is the candid photo that we all aspire to do, usually it takes us hundreds of shots to get it.

94. Who knows what she's thinking in this photo?

Image SourceShe seems to be looking right at the camera even when she has no idea that a photo is being taken. She seems to be thinking deeply here and we wonder what about. She is gazing into the distance.

95. Diana crying:

Image SourceThese moments can't be easy when you are in the public's eye all of the time and having your photos taken. Lady Di is clearly very upset here, yet the paparazzi still will not leave her alone and take her pictures even in her moments of grief.

96. Lifting Weights

See the source image(Image Source/, is this photo what we expect of a Princess? Definitely not. And for that reason, the Queen would hate to see this photo. But, for everyone else it makes us appreciate her more.

97. Embarrassed?

Images SourceShe is hiding inn this photo, from what we cannot see but it is most likely from the paparazzi who followed her constantly. It is unclear whether she is simply hiding from the photo or if she is upset.

98. On the phone:

Image SourceThis woman really could never get a moment of peace from the spectators. She is clearly not camera ready here and she is not even out and about in public. She is in her own private building wearing her dressing gown, having a private conversation on the phone.

99. She continues the conversation:

Image SourceThis is probably the most casually human photo we have of Diana. For most people, they can pick their toes in peace because who on earth would want to take a photo of that? For Diana, she can't even pick her toes without the press picturing her.

100. She looks nervous in this pic:

Image SourceHere she is heading somewhere, into a building whilst being escorted by someone. She looks nervous. Some of these later pics of her are never easy to see of her so we cannot see her face but we can tell by the body language that she is not as relaxed as in the usual photos we see of her.

101. An early photo:

Image SourceThis is a rare glimpse of her when she was younger. This is another truly candid photos and it has captures her deep in thought about something. She looks slightly pensive as she gazes downwards whilst completely absorbed in thought.

102. Sprinting!

Images SourceIt's not often that you see a member of the royal family sprinting away. If we didn't know this was Diana we would assume it was a normal person who is late or has to run an errand.

103. An early bathing suit pic:

Image SourceThis is a very young picture of Diana and again, she is in her bathing suit. She's wearing a flattering stripy two piece that shows off her enviable figure. She looks very relaxed at this moment and it appears that she seems to be sitting next to her friend.

104. Don't look at me!

Image SourceHere is another comical photo of her as she hides from the camera. She is holding her hand in front of her entire face so that she reveals only an eye. You can see in her eye that she is smiling so she is definitely playing with the person holding the camera here.

105. Tennis shoes:

Images SourceHere Diana is showing off her sporty side as she is pictured about to get into a car, most likely on the way to some kind of sports practice. For example, perhaps tennis as she is wearing all white.

106. Rolling her eyes:

Images SourceHere she is rolling her eyes at something. She must be working on something as she has a bunch of papers in her hand and she is definitely in mid conversation, chatting to someone.

107. She hasn't quite mastered it yet!

Images SourceThis must be it, because she clearly hasn't managed to master it yet. Something that she was learning has definitely not been remembered, or she has said something wrong.  Something has gone awry and it looks like she is internally berating herself for it in this moment.

108. Her bikini body:

Images SourceHere she is playing with one of her children, it looks as though it may be Harry. Whichever of the princes it is, they are very cute. They are on holiday as a family and the pair of them are trying out body boarding.