Images That The King Will Not Want You To See of Meghan Markle

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Posing for a Men's Magazine

(Image Source/ Megan met Harry, she was involved in many photoshoots and of course, being an actress she was in the limelight. This shot was taken for a men's magazine, hence her being lay across the sofa in a seductive pose with a pair of lacy black tights on.Originally sourced from Femanin.

2. Selfies in Bed

(Image Source/ is definitely something Meghan Markle does not do today, take selfie's in bed. And, most of us have taken selfies of a similar sort at some point, but for the majority of us they don't come back to haunt us when we're trying to become royal. And it seems she was quite the fan of doing so.

3. Deal or No Deal

(Image Source/ it or not, Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex was a part of the show Deal or No Deal. She was one of the glamorous women who holds the briefcases on the show. It's definitely not the highlight of her career. But at this point, she was starting out and could not refuse any TV appearances.

4. Steamy Selfie

(Image Source/ seems that Meghan was the queen of selfies. She has many old selfies but this is one of the most seductive. The hands around the face and the ruffled hair make this selfie quite seductive. At the time she will never have known that having this kind of photo circulating could damage her image because the photo is not compromising.

5. Her Previous Marriage

(Image Source/ is public knowledge that Meghan Markle was married previously before she got married to Prince Harry. She had been dating Trevor Engleson for 6 years before they decided to tie the knot, but after a huge marriage and celebration, it started to go downhill fairly quickly. And before they had even hit the two year mark the pair had officially divorced from one another.

6. Up Close and Personal

This is not a photo of Meghan in a compromising position with a lover or a partner. It is actually a lot more innocent than it looks. Not many people know that Meghan is actually a yoga practitioner. So, this shot was for a health magazine, and the man in the photo is another yoga instructor assisting her yoga position. A hidden talent that we never knew about.

7. Mirror Pyjama Photo

(Image Source/ seems that even Meghan Markle didn't get past the mirror selfie phase without doing a few of her own. Here she is sitting on her bed in her pyjamas, taking a photo of her reflection in the mirror AND she's even pouting. Apparently, Markle was as much a part of the trends as everyone else.

8. Awkward Teenage Phase

(Image Source/ Pinterest)Nobody wants to be reminded of their awkward teenage, middle school phase. And that is exactly what is captured in this photo. She poses kind of awkward and embarrassed with her friend standing next to her. It looks as though the two of them may be having a sleepover. Thankfully for Meghan, this phase of life is long gone.

9. In the Arms of an Ex

(Image Source/ wants old photos surfacing with their ex-boyfriend... never mind when you are now a part of the royal family. It's usually something we like to forget, and yet for those in the limelight these photos never go away and they always manage to resurface at some point.

10. Lingerie

(Image Source/ first, this looks like a very intimate photo of Meghan stood in sexy lingerie. But in reality, it is just a photo from a movie Meghan once starred in. The movie was one of her first and it was not very well known even at the time. Again, this is just a reminder of the beginning of her career as a budding actress.

11. Some DIY

(Image Source/ she has taken a paintbrush and she's clearly about to do some DIY. Her hair is scraped back so that she doesn't get paint on her and she'd in an old T-shirt ready to get stuck in. She looks extremely normal here, just a woman about to do some home decor. Of course, it's not her most flattering photo but it shows she is just a normal woman at the end of the day.

12. A Cheeky Kiss

(Image Source/ is probably a very innocent and friendly photo with a friend. In fact, her social media used to be full of photos just like this being close with her friends. But, before she married the Prince she deleted everything that looked less appropriate. So if you are looking through her photos now it is a very different story.

13. Cool Kid

(Image Source/ photo is a throwback to her childhood days. And, she looks pretty cool here in her red oversized glasses. This is a cute photo and there is nothing embarrassing or inappropriate about a photo being a child. But, let's face it, none of us love to have our baby photos for the whole world to see. These things are best kept private.

14. Out Out

(Image Source/ Duchess is Sussex is no exception, she loves to socialise with her friends, get dressed up and have a few drinks and go OUT out. This looks like a normal photo that we all have with our friends. This is back when she was younger and she was a bit of a party girl (as was her husband Harry).

15. Promo Shoots

(Image Source/ in Red. This is from a photo promotion shoot for Deal or No Deal when she was one of the brief-case women. It's not her finest hour and I'm pretty sure she'd want to keep this under wraps. But, she had to start out somewhere so props to her. She's wearing a little red dress which is way above the knee. Nowadays she is rarely spotted wearing anything way below...

16. Seductive LBD

(Image Source/ dailystar)Meghan has her fair share of sexy shots, she has done many a seductive photo shoot in the past. This one she is wearing a little black dress (LBD) and her hair is ruffled sexily over her face. She has her eyes closed and her knee bent in a classically seductive pose. Considering her position in society today and her associations with the royal family, it's not what we expect. 

17. Ugg Boots

(Image Source/ hair, Ugg boots, legs up...Meghan is very chilled in this mirror photo. And, there's the pout again. Everything about this photo, the outfit, the position, the something the Queen would not love to see or, even Meghan herself now. She's definitely changed a lot since this photo and it's almost unrecognisable.

17. Enjoying a Pimms

(Image Source/ Blogspot)We know Meghan enjoys a tipple or two. Here she is sipping on a Pimms whilst looking into the camera. Who doesn't have a photo just like this? We all love a picture with a cocktail. But, it's not exactly something the Queen would approve of. And she's not doing anything wrong here, it's just not exactly expected Duchess behaviour. However, Meghan had a life before the royal family and this is a glimpse into how normal she really was.

18. Little Cropped Vest

(Image Source/ Pinterest)This is definitely not a photo we expect to see of Markle as the wife of the Queen. She is posing in a very cropped white vest, the kind of vest that you can wear under something. She is showing a fair bit of flesh here. And, she's sticking out her stomach to show off her flesh. She would never be seen showing so much skin nowadays and we are certain the Queen does not want these pictures to appear anywhere for the public to see.

19. Pictures With Her Dad

(Image Source/

This is a photo of Markle standing with her dad, who has his arm around her. While this is not a photo that is in any way bad, considering her relationship with her dad it is not a photo that she would want. Because of everything in the media regarding their feud and the letter she wrote him that was made public, this is not something she would want publicised.

20. A Sexy Shoot

(Image Source/ dailystar)This is another shot from the sexy shoot that she is posing for here in this photo. This photo is even worse than the previous one, the look on her face is very seductive and she has her hand placed over the button on her pants. What really tops off this photo and makes it the most scandalous is the fact that we can see her nipples through her top. This is a huge no no from anyone involved in the royal family.

21. Little Yellow Bikini

(Image Source/ clearly loves a bikini pic, she has many from the past. Now, however, catching her in a bikini is definitely less regular since marrying Prince Harry. Or at least posing for a bikini picture. here she's in a little yellow polka dot halterneck bikini. She's on holiday with her friends at the time and she's sat next to someone where the picture cuts off.

22. Sun Bed Selfie

(Image Source/ is another bikini holiday picture. And, it's quite a booby one as she's lay posing on her sun lounger. She is lying on her side with her friend in the background. She looks great but, of course, she has a lot more on show than the queen would approve of. She would definitely not be caught taking pictures like this now.

23. Lady in Red

(Image Source/'s another photo in a little red dress. This is a very sexy shot of the former Duchess of Sussex. She's doing a photo-shoot here and she's crouched on the floor with a red dress and matching red stilettos. Considering her former acting career these shots are totally normal expected.

24. Pool Side Picture

(Image Source/ she is in another holiday photo with another bikini top. She's looking very glam here with her big shades. This time she's wearing a crochet watermelon top and she's standing in the pool while she poses for her photo. She looks great in her sun hat and big glasses but again, it's far from the type of photo she takes today.

25. Looking Sexy

(Image Source/ she is in another promotional shoot. It's not a revealing photo in any way and the pose is not risque at all. But, there's something about the vulnerability of the pose and the expression on her face that makes the photo look quite sensual. It definitely doesn't look like a photo Markle would have framed and sitting on the mantle-piece of the palace anyway.

26. Nothing But a Towel

(Image Source/, this one is definitely a photo that she does not want the queen to see. She's lying on a bed with a sexy pout in nothing but a towel. This is one of those photos that emerge from Meghan Markle's past that she would much rather it did not. The bed, the towel, the pout, the pose... it's not exactly the usual custom of an associated member of the royal family.

27.  No Shirt

(Image Source/ she looks like a powerful businesswoman. She looks very strong in this photo and her hair and dramatic eye makeup make her look very fierce. For anyone else, this would be a great photo. But, for the Duchess of Sussex perhaps not. It would be completely fine it wasn't for the fact that she had no shirt under the blazer. That changes things. Her modesty is being held together by a single button.

28. Bra on Show

(Image Source/ she's going for a 'down with the kids', grunge kind of vibe as she poses in front of some colourful graffiti. Her hot pants and crop top don't cover her much as she is crouched down. She's definitely pulled off the cool look, but she hasn't quite mastered the look of a Duchess.

29. Laid Back

(Image Source/ photo is probably one of the worst. It's all about the pose. She is lying on the couch with her arms out and her feet up in a very sexual manner. I'm not sure who took this photo, but it does not look like a photo shoot. The house and pose look like a more intimate setting. It completely goes against her new reputation.

30. Ready To Go out

(Image Source/ she is dressed for some kind of event as she's been pictured in front of a photograph wall at a celebrity event. This is a blast from her past and a throwback to the celebrity life she once used to lead. Although she is a celebrity still, it is a far cry from her Hollywood status back in the day. In this photo she looks like a girl ready to go out and party.

31. The Last Ex

(Image Source/ Imagetolove)This was her relationship before she found Harry. And, at the time it was pretty serious, so I don't think she or anybody (including Harry) wants to see this picture. It was quite serious at the time and she even featured him in her blog that she used to write. He also featured her on his Instagram. The pair were in love until things started to go downhill for the couple. 

32. Ice Bucket Challenge

(Image Source/ Imagetolove)We know she wasn't above following the trends, after all, we've seen her with a Snapchat dog face filter. And, we've witnessed her selfies and pouting. Now, it turns out that she also did the Ice bucket challenge. And, not only that but she did it with the famous golfer Rory McIlroy. There were actually rumours circulating about these two and then when they posted this flirty video together things turned up a notch.

33. Cosy Date Nights

(Image Source/ blogspot)The pair might have denied all the rumours that there was a budding romance but this is undeniably a date. In fact they were spotted several times together. We are fairly sure that this is something she would rather keep in private. Who likes to see their dating history and be reminded of the past when it's been and gone?

34. All Over the Place

(Image Source/ Pinterest)How can you have decorum and maintain a cool composure when the wind has completely different ideas for you? She is trying to shield her face and save the weather from ruffling her too much. But, she's not succeeded because she's unfortunately been photographed with her hair literally everywhere. It's not her most flattering look, but of course there's nothing she can do about it. And she looks very displeased about it.

35. Dreams To Be A Princess

(Image Source/ pagesix)This is a picture she really wanted to make disappear. Here she is posing with her friend, with a magazine of Kate Middleton on it. She faced massive backlash for this when it resurfaced because it was just two years before she met Harry. People said that she had always wanted to join the royal family and that it was her plan all along.

36. Awkward Photo

(Image Source/ thedailymail)There's nothing wrong with this in terms of being inappropriate or anything like that, it's just a terrible photo. And, when someone takes a picture mid-interview what can you expect? She's clearly talking passionately here with mouth gestures and facial expressions and somebody has unfortunately decided to capture the moment. Perhaps a second before or after might be okay. But, it was just bad timing and totally not Meghan's fault.

37.  Hand Gestures

(Image Source/ she is clearly speaking to the waiter. This photo was taken in Jamaica when the pair attended a wedding. But, the hand gestures and the look on her face make the photo quite unflattering. And, the fact that in the photo here she looks to be being slightly rude to the waiter.

38. Fixing Her Hair

 (Image Source/ she is on the very same day wearing the same dress at the wedding in Jamaica. Again, this photo is all about timing. Perhaps she was fixing her hair, it seems most likely. But of course, being pictured in that second is unflattering and it also looks as though she is totally turning her back on the conversation.

39. Blast From The Past

(Image Source/ nowtolove)Here she is again with her ex hubby, who of course she does not want to resurface in photos. The Queen of course would not approve of this photo as it shows her in a marriage before her grandson. Divorces are not seen as acceptable in the royal family. And of course there has already been a previous divorce between Charles and Diana however, when it came to Harry marrying a divorcee it wasn't something that the family were pleased about.

40. Cry Face

(Image Source/ dianalegacy)Okay, nobody wants to see a picture of themselves crying. Is there such thing as a pretty cry face? Definitely not. And, let's face it Meghan Markle still manages to look good here which is some achievement when your face is screwed up pouring with tears. But, it actually makes for a very romantic photo because she looks overcome with emotion.

41. An Unflattering Photo

(Image Source/ Pinterest)She usually is the queen of glam, completely stylish and she never has a hair out of place. But, I'm not sure what happened here but it's certainly not her best look. It's just a bad photo, there's no denying it. First, the angle is off, and the expression is totally not good. Them, there's the fact that she pretty much looks like she's been pulled through a hedge backward...

42. A Look of Disgust

(Image Source/ Pinterest)We all pull faces from time to time, or pretty frequently. But when you're a high profile woman who is followed by the press it's not so easy to get away with. And, something has clearly disgusted Markle here. We do not know what it is but what we do know is that she'd much prefer this photo to be buried. It's not flattering by any means.

43. Something's Tickled Her

(Image Source/ Pinterest)Here she is looking highly amused by something that we cannot see. It's nice to see her smile, but this isn't her usual glamourous Hollywood smile. This time it's an unfortunate toothy grin. She's been caught off guard for a moment and she's been pictured just as something has clearly humoured her. The woman can't even laugh in peace without it being captured in a photo.

44.Glamorous As Ever

(Image Source/ knewz)Back to her glamourous shots, Here she is lying casually against a wall while she has one knee up to make the pose more sexy. She's in a fitted mid-length dress in a nude/ beige colour. This is the kind of elegant style we have come accustomed to from Markle. Yet, although it's not very revealing it is definitely a bit too seductive.

45. Moment of Pause

 (Image Source/ knewz)Meghan here is at an event, and as we know if there is ever a public appearance or social event that she is attending - it's all eyes on Meghan. Here she is blinking for a moment or just taking a pause and closing her eyes for a second, she's still smiling at something. And, at that very second one of the press has captured her.

46. Sticking her Tongue Out

(Image Source/ insider)I don't know what she's doing here. She could be pulling a cheeky face at someone, or she could be listening avidly to a story and sticking her tongue out in concentration (we all do it). Either way, she looks very happy in this photo, probably more happy than when she saw this picture herself.

47. Say Cheese(Image Source/ livingalot)

This is Meghan with her friend Cecilia Donnellan back in 1998. It's just a picture of two girls having fun at the Christmas do. But, the low-cut cowl neck and cleavage on show is not something the Queen is accustomed to - nor is it something she'd like to see on Meghan Markle.

48. Smize

(Image Source/ livingalot)We all know by now that Meghan Markle before she stepped into the royal shoes (and back out of them again) that she was the queen of the sultry face and the smize - smile with the eyes look. Here she is posed in a library sitting sexily on the table with a sultry-eyed look on her face.

49. Sunset Silhouettes

(Image Source/ pinterest)We all love a silhouette picture in front if the setting sun. Beach, bikini, and a sunset...what more can we ask for. But, it's not exactly what people have come to expect from Meghan Markle. Despite the fact that this photo came from before she was married to the prince.

50. Sultry in suits

(Image Source/ livingalot)Here she is with her ex-husband again - Trevor Engleson. These two are looking very cozy at some kind of busy party. And yes, Meghan Markle had a life before Harry and even a husband, which is not something the Royal family care to remind themselves or us.

51. Millionaire Home

(Image Source/ livingalot)People claimed that Markle was hunting down the crown even before she had met Harry. Yet this is her 1.8 million dollar home that she bought herself, from the money she earned during her acting career. So actually, she'd made it on her own two feet and did not need a prince's help.

52. Mini Skirts

(Image Source/ livingalot)Meghan Markle loves a mini skirt, at least she did before she married Prince Harry. Now, she's criticised for revealing a bit of shoulder or a little bit of knee. These were the days before the royal family. And, she looks great - even if it's not something the Queen would approve of.

53. Beach Pose

(Image Source/ dailystar)Meghan Markle is no different from the rest of us - she loves a beach day and she certainly loves a beach photo in a bikini. Here she sits before the water as someone is taking an artsy shot of her. But, is it the kind of photo you want to see as a lady married to the prince? Probably not.

54. Mrs. Claus

(Image Source/ livingalot)This is a photo during a Deal or no deal Christmas special The sexy Mrs. Claus style dress the three girls are wearing makes us think of the Jingle Bell Rock Mean Girls scene. And, this image is definitely not considered very 'proper' at all. Nonetheless - she looks very glam indeed.

55. Raspberry Fingers

(Image Source/ livingalot)Markle is not a serious person, in fact, she has a sense of humour. Her best friend claims that she is down-to-earth, loving and is completely laugh-out-loud kind of funny. Here she has raspberries on each finger as she poses cheekily for a photo. It definitely doesn't give off royal vibes...

57. Sexy Slumber Party

(Image Source/ livingalot)This is a scene from suits, which ever since Meghan stepped into the royal family these have been resurfacing again and again because there are many scenes that are not appropriate for the eyes of Queen Elizabeth. This one is a little more modest thankfully.

58. Steamy Shots

(Image Source/ livingalot)This on the other not. She's in bed with another man with (actor Patrick J. Adams) and she's VERY close, it looks as though the two of them are going to kiss. It may all be fictional but the image is still something we don't associate with the royals.

59. Hot Yoga

(Image Source/ livingalot)We all know that yoga is Markle's sport and the way that she has kept her amazing figure so well all of these years. The backbend, leg point, and holding herself on elbows, we've got to admit this pose is impressive, but whether Queen Elizabeth would think so is another matter...

60. Kissing Scenes

(Image Source/ livingalot)Again this is from the TV show Suits, it's not her ex-husband or an ex-boyfriend - she's acting in this scene. Yet, still, this kind of image will never be able to fit with her new image. And so, even though we know it is from Suits it still shocks people to see.

61. Strike Me A Pose

(Image Source/ radaronline)Meghan Markle's cheeky smile here shows she is pretty happy. She has her stomach out on show with her low-rise jeans and a cropped white vest top. It's not one of her sexy posed shots, but she's still revealing far more than the Queen wants to see of her.

62. Bay Watch

(Image Source/celebnewsweek)Meghan Markle is certainly turning heads in this red cut-out bikini - and it's giving us Bay Watch vibes. She's posed with her bikini and her body on show. There is nothing demure about this photo but there's no doubt she looks amazing. Does the Queen want to see this? Absolutely not.

63. Reclining

(Image Source/ radaronline)We've seen Meghan Markle in this kind of pose before, lying down on the couch with her arms wide. It's not as though she's showing much as she's covered with clothes...but the pose is very sexy, the hand draped behind her head, the eye contact with the camera. Markle does not want us to see this.

64. Baring All

(Image Source/ starmagazine)Here is Meghan Markle baring all in her little bikini. And, she looks great. She's standing proud at the side of the pool while unknowingly to her, someone is taking a picture of her. Let's face it no matter how great she looks, she doesn't want the Queen to see this.

65. Prom Night

(Image Source/ dailymail)Here's the prom queen with her prom date. These two look pretty cute together. It looks like Markle always wanted to be a queen, here she's got a tiara on to finish off her prom outfit. She's even got the fancy flower bouquet that her date bought for her.

66. Beer With The Boys

(Image Source/ pinterest)We love Meghan's new sophisticated style, but we also loved her old cool style. The way she can rock a cap and bikini and casually pull off any kind of appearance. Here she is, one of the guys and she's also enjoying a tipple - a beer with the boys to be precise.

67. Highschool Graduating

(Image Source/ thefrisky)We love this picture of Megan as a child...high school Megan graduating during her last year before college. Look at the big toothy grin on her face, she's definitely proud. She's much more glamorous now - but she was much cuter here. This seems a long way from the Markle we see today.

68. Prom Girls

(Image Source/ dailymail)

Here Meghan is again as a young girl in party gear. Here she is all ready for the homecoming dance...and she's certainly not afraid to stand out stood in the middle in a white sequin dress compared to her two friends dressed in navy. It's a reminder of life before meeting Harry.

69. Get The Shot

(Image Source/ pinterest)Is Meghan Markle a secret social media influence because she has certainly perfected the poses. She's got the sea in the background and she's posing to show off her legs and her golden holiday glow. We don't think this is the kind of photo she wants from her grandson's wife.

70. Girl Gang

(Image Source/ dailymail)Out with the girls, these three look very excited as they crowd in the back of the car perhaps on the way out out. There's nothing harmful about this picture - just three girls having fun. But it's perhaps not royal etiquette. We can't imagine the Queen joining this group night out.

71. Wind In Her Face

(Image Source/ dailyepress)When the wind blows, there really is nothing at all that we can do about it. Not even a former royal can stop the wind from ruffling their hair. But still, it's not the look you want, especially when there's someone waiting with a camera capturing every moment.

72. Ruffled

(Image Source/ dailyexpress)This looks even more uncomfortable now. She's trying to get it from her face to no avail. It's not moving from her eyes and it looks like it is quite a powerful gale blowing in her face. There's no room for decorum when the wind is involved, it's pretty impossible.

73. Close Ups

(Image Source/ pinterest)There is certainly nothing wrong with a closeup of Meghan Markle. But this is definitely not her most flattering shot. It's not down to her - just a little makeup mishap. It kind of looks like that end of the day look when your makeup has gone a little bit patchy and it's kind of smudged around a bit.

74. Car Park OOTD

(Image Source/ pinterest)Car park photoshoot? Why not? It may not be grand and we definitely wouldn't catch her posing for her OOTD in a busy car park now. But, we've all tried to get a last-minute photo before somewhere a little impractical. I'm not sure she'd be too proud of this today however.

75. Curly Finger Nail

(Image Source/ fire4hiresound)There is nothing inappropriate about this photo - but Markle has the ability to make a photo look sexy with merely her eyes. And, we are not sure what is happening with that finger nail but it looks very odd indeed the way it curves unnaturally up at the end.

76. Unconventional Piercings

(Image Source/ pinterest)Now, this is definitely not royal protocol. Yes, ear piercings are fine...but multiple piercings are a massive no no. Yet, Markle never has been one to follow the rules and so here she is flaunting them with her fancy earrings and tied-up hair - just to make it even more noticeable.

77. Meeting Cute Babies

(Image Source/ torontostar)

This is a cute picture of the way Megan Markle has been caught off guard, overwhelmed by this cute baby who she has stopped from what ver event she is at to meet and show her appreciation. It's a wholesome moment, despite the fact that royals are never supposed to drop their guard like this.

78. Big Hugs

(Image Source/ pinterest)This is a huge hug. We are guessing she's congratulating a friend on their game success as she's wearing a sporty T-shirt in support. But, we do not know who this guy is...all we know is it is not Harry. And so naturally, the Queen does not want to see this.

79. Insagrammer

(Image Source/ pinterest)Here she is again with her Instagram-style poses. We can see that she knows how to work her moves. And who can blame her, the backdrop is amazing. We can't see her posing for her holiday pictures in the same way now as she once did here. We aren't sure that the Queen would approve.

80. Lazy River

(Image Source/ celebzz)Here is Meghan Markle in what looks like a lazy river...with another man. The two of them look very relaxed as they casually float down the pool. The Queen does not want Meghan Markle being taken down the lazy river with her mystery man...even if it is in the past.

81. Holiday Romance

(Image Source/ gotceleb)And here they are again but a little bit closer together this time. The two of them look as though they are thoroughly enjoying their time with one another. Sorry Harry, Meghan had a life before and it included a lot of luxurious vacations, and apparently a holiday romance too.

82. The Running Beach Shot

(Image Source/ meghansmirror)Take a picture of me while I walk to the sea...we've all said it and we are pretty sure this was Markle's request at this moment in time. This was way before the days of Harry, when she was just enjoying her vacation time free and easy without the constraints of royal rules.

83. Fixing Her Heel

(Image Source/ hellomagazine)The poor woman cannot even sort her shoe in peace without being snapped by the paparazzi. Of course, it's not the best shot when you are in the middle of adjusting your heel strap - but we've all got to do it, even if it doesn't make the most glamorous of shots.

84. Wine Time

(Image Source/ pinterest)We know Meghan enjoys a drink and here she is looking very engrossed with her glass of rose. She looks as though she's just about to take her first sip the lips are pouted and ready, and the glass is raised. It's not the way a royal is supposed to sip a drink but she's certainly enjoying it.

85. Getting Down In The Sand

(Image Source/ pinterest)She's definitely not afraid of having a good time and getting down and dirty right in the sand. In fact, she looks like she's in her element here enjoying her time at the beach. We love this photo, it's pure enjoyment

86. The Melons Again

(Image Source/ dailyexpress)With a little bikini and a sunhat, her face can't be seen but we love the outfit. It seems like Meghan Markle had her own personal photographer friend on this vacation - this was before she was followed by the paparazzi. And, we all love a holiday snap - well some more than others.

87. Sticking Her Tongue Out

(Image Source/ dailymail)Sticking her tongue this really isn't something we expect as she has her arm around the Prince. Perhaps the Queen was even there at the time. Sticking one's tongue out is certainly not recommended in the royal rule book on how to behave like a royal family member.

89. Baby Meghan

(Image Source/ femmeactualle)Here is a very young Meghan Markle. And, while the Queen would probably have no problem with this photo whatsoever we had to include it as Meghan herself might have had another idea. She is young and cute here but no-one enjoys their photos during that awkward phase of youth.

90. Flowing Skirts

(Image Source/ eBay)This picture is pretty elegant. Despite the fact that her bra straps are on show and the pose is a little extravagant the Queen wouldn't HATE this picture, she just wouldn't love it. It is not as composed as she would truly like. We love the outfit despite this!

91. On The Floor

(Image Source/ Indiatimes)Princesses or royalty don't often lie on the floor. but Meghan Markle looks more than happy here lying with her head resting in her hands as she happily relaxes. Then again, this was before she knew the Queen and the kind of behaviour that she has to follow.

92. Crouch and Pout

(Image Source/ radaronline)Well, this is certainly a seductive pose from Meghan, and her little white top is showing off her assets. It's not the kind of modest dress that we have come to know Meghan for nowadays. Even now she's disassociated from the royal family, she still maintains a more reserved look.

93. Jingle Bell Rock

(Image Source/ radaronline)Here we have the girl group again sporting the sexy little Santa numbers for the festive version of the TV show. Meghan Markle would never be caught in public wearing this now and she would hate to think that the Queen had seen her wearing this on Deal Or No Deal.

94. Posing For Phonecalls

(Image Source/ radaronline)Here she is again, rocking the sexy poses. She's stood casually against the phone box whilst her hand is placed lifting her top slightly. And, her top is draping off the shoulder. It's not something Meghan would do now that's for sure.

95. LBD

(Image Source/ radaronline)This picture is really accentuating her tiny frame...and her curves.The figure-hugging leather skirt is really making her shape stand out and the way she is standing is perfectly making her assets pop. She knows how to pose...yet we definitely don't see her posing like this anymore.

96. Bed Time Chats

(Image Source/ radaronline)Here we are again, Meghan in bed with her on-screen partner. This time she is not about to kiss him at least, yet it's still pretty intimate nonetheless.  It's another scene taken from Suits. We have to remember that she was a successful actress before giving all of that up.

97. Cosying Up

(Image Source/ radaronline)We can understand why the Queen does not want to see this type of picture of Meghan Markle - her daughter in law. Especially considering this is not her grandson - it's another man entirely, even though he is only an actor it's still not ideal to be seen.

98. Getting Closer

(Image Source/ radaronline)Another steamy shot between the fictional couple from the popular TV show Suits. This is even closer than the others, the couple is embraced and it looks as though the pair are about to kiss. TV or not...this is not something for Queen Elizabeth to lay her eyes on.

99. Bodycon And Blazer

(Image Source/ radaronline)White dress, pointed stiletto heels, black blazer...this looks like Meghan is off on a girl's night out. Perhaps she was, this was taken way before Harry was on the scene. It's not so much about the outfit but more the amount of leg on show. Then again, she has great legs. Sorry Queen.

100. Laughing Out Loud

(Image Source/ Nikki Swift)There's nothing bad about this photo, in fact it actually captures a sweet moment between husband and wife. She's caught mid laughter which is nice, but it's probably not her favourite look. After all, not many people can pull off the look when you are caught midway through laughing.