Images That Michael Jackson’s Lawyers Don’t Want You To See

By Juliet S 2 years ago

1. This Is Michael Jackson's Actual Mugshot...

(Image Source/ course, the police collect information about somebody who is on trial. And so this picture shows Jackson's mugshot against his details held in the police file. The case was revolved around the accusations from Gavin Arvizo a 13-year-old boy at the time.Original content sourced from

2. The Singer Greets Fans Waiting At His Trial

(Image Source/ Michael Jackson is waving to his fans as he arrived for his trial. As we know, his trial was due to the accusations of child molestation and it was held at the Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria.

3. Many People Don't Know That He Had A Casual Girlfriend!

(Image source/ Michael Jackson is with Brooke Shields who he was casually dating at the time. The two of them were attending the Grammys together. Not only is he pictured with Brooke, but also the very young actor Emmanuel Lewis who he is carrying in his arms.

4. The Singer Looks Super Stressed

(Image Source/ MichaelJacksonpictures)This is the only photo during the trial where he actually looks stressed. you can see in his facial expression as he adjusts his glasses to his face that he is not as calm as his entry to the court made him appear.

5. Michael Jackson looks SO Different Before Surgery

(Image source/ fanpop)Here is Michael on a plane journey, he is sat next to this young girl. This photo was before Michael's transformation and many, many operations that totally changed his appearance forever. A lot of people questioned this move and thought it was very strange.

6. He Fist Pumps The Camera

(Image Source/ MichaelJacksonpictures)Here again, he is walking into the court. he's wearing a white suit which most people will recognise. he's making a fist at the camera whilst smiling. It's a symbol of strength as though he is signaling to his supporters that he will be fine.

7. He Had Peter Pan Bedding

(Image source/ this was found by the investigation team after his death, people thought it was a bit suspicious. There was a room with Peter Pan bedding and toys laid out, clearly meant for children.

8. Awkward Security Checks...

(Image Source/ MichaelJacksonPictures)Here we can see him being checked by security as he enters the building. He is entering the court with his father by his side. his family stood with him throughout all of the allegations and pleaded his innocence.

9. Inside His Neverland Ranch...

(Image Source/ thetimesofnorthwestindiana)This is a picture of Michael Jackson's ranch 'Neverland' as it was at the time. he named it after Peter Pan, the place where young boys never grow up. It was designed of course for him to have fun and for his young visitors. There was a ferris wheel and various fair rides and even a rollercoaster.

10. He Had SO Many Fair Ground Rides in Neverland

(Image Source/ fanpop)This is a picture of him on one of his rides with two young girls. He's staring up at the camera smiling. Pictures such as these now were photos that his lawyers did not want people to see.

11. Michael Jackson With A Line Of Boys

(Image Source/ fanpop)Again, photos such as these are now questioned. this is Michael Jackson with a line of young boys behind them with their arms outstretched and faces towards to sun. Jackson of course due to his media businesses, worked closely with young boys.

12. Michael Jackson And His Accuser Wade Robson

(Image Source/ is Michael Jackson with Wade Robson. Who, accused Michael Jackson of abusing all throughout his childhood, right until he hit puberty. He also says that he has formed the most sophisticated child abuse operation ever because of his two cover businesses.

13. The Pair Had A 'Close Relationship'

(Image Source/ fanpop)Here is Michael Jackson with Wade Robson again. It is clear that the two of them are close as they have many photos together and the two of them spent a lot of time together.

14. The Two 'Friends' Strike A Pose

(Image Source/ rockandpop)Here he is with Wade again. When he came out with the accusations he said that Neverland had been built specifically to appeal to kids to lure them in and trap them. He said he was abused by him. And the housekeeper claimed that she saw them in the shower together naked.

15. Michael Jackson and Safechuck

(Image source/ was another boy who was extremely close to Michael Jackson in his youth. Safechuck described his experience as a 10 year old boy: "There was a castle in the theme park, and upstairs there was a bedroom.' "There were bells, so you would have a moment of hearing them chirp'.

16. Under Oath

(Image Source/ housekeeper also described how Michael and Wade would avoid her, the place was so big that they would go far away so that she couldn't find them even if she tried looking all day. He said that the place was full of secret rooms where they could hide and have relations.

17. He Stands Outside Court Posing For The Press

(Image Source/ MichaelJacksonpictures)Here he is back to his usual energy. Here he is stood outside of court posing for his fans and for the press. The press went mad for this case and every little thing was being followed. Jackson was one of the most popular pop artists in the world and so the media coverage was immense.

18. His Friendship With Macauley Culkin

(Image Source/ usmagazine)This is Michael Jackson with Macauley Culkin, the well known star of Home Alone. These two also spent a lot of time together, he was one of the boys that Jackson was the closest together. They remained close from Macauley being a very small boy until he was a teen and even then into adulthood.

19. They Were Apparently The Best Of Friends

(Image Source/ TheMirror)Here the two are pictured together again. The pair spent a lot of time with one another. He was one of Jackson's favourite boys. The pair could also be seen together in adulthood.

20. Safechuck and Michael Looks Close As They Are Snapped Together

(Image Source/ is Michael Jackson with Safechuck. Safechuck was one of the closest boys to Jackson and the pair were inseparable for some time. You can see in this photo how close they were and it is definitely a photo that Michael Jackson's lawyers did not want the jury to see.

21. They Are Joint At The Hip

See the source image(Image Source/ they are again, Michael has his arms around Chuck and Chuchsafe also has his arms around Jackson. Their relationship was definitely unusually close considering the two had no family relations between them. By the looks of things, the two of them were extremely close.

22. The Look of Adoration

(Image Source/ thetimes)Chucksafe here in this photo is looking up at Michael Jackson with a look of adoration on his face. You can see the bond that has been built between the two clearly. If we didn't know the subjects of the photo it would look definitely like father and son.

23. The Friendship Was Not Purely Business

(Image Source/ DailyMail)Of course, the relationship between them wasn't purely a business transaction. The two of them spent hours and hours together in Michael Jackson's home. Here we can see the two of them walking hand in hand. Chucksafe now accuses Jackson of grooming him.

24. Chuck Saw Michael As A Trusted Confidant

(Image Source/ they are again. Chuck is whispering something into Jackson's ear as he bends down to hear him. We can tell that Chuck trusted Jackson and probably became somewhat of a father figure as well as a friend to him. Jackson's lawyer really did not want this series of photos.

25. Michael Was In A Child's World

(Image Source/ is Chuck sat with Jackson in his bedroom. They are playing with some kind of toy and Chuck is holding it proudly up to the camera. Chuck as an adult claims that this is how Jackson gained their affection because everything was designed to appeal to children.

26. The Friends Went Out SO Much!

(Image Source/ is him with Wade again. The pair are out and about together. Of course, there are not many photos of inside his mansion with the boys, and so the photos we do have are often taken by paparazzi when he is out and about with the young boys. Here he is again with Wade.

27. He Helped With Bed Time

(Image Source/ is him with another one of his befriended young boys called Emmanuel Lewis. He is behind him whilst the boy is on top of who is assumed to be his dad. This shows how involved he came with this young boy's life and even family.

28. Brett Barnes Was Snapped With Jackson Between 1991 to 1996

(Image Source/ is another photo that his lawyer would definitely not want the jury to see. This is Brett Barnes, who was taken in by Jackson from the years 1991 to 1996. We can see in this photo how close the pair are, Brett is leaning back into Jackson with his hand placed on his knee.

29. Their Friendship Lasted 4 Years

(Image Source/ is him with the same boy, Brett Barnes. He is a little bit younger in this photo. The relationship between them spanned 4 years, within which they spent a lot of time together. Here Brett is sat on Jackson's knee as he poses for the camera.

30. Jackson and Juju Elatab

(Image Source/ he is again with yet another boy sat on his name. This child is called Juju Elatab. He was one of Michael Jackson's closes boys for a couple of years. Again, his lawyers did not want the jury to see these numerous photos with the boys because many thought that it was suspicious.

31. Jackson Owned This Illicit Book

(Image source/ is not a photo of Michael Jackson himself, but apparently this was a book that was found in his book collection at his mansion. It is a book called 'Boys Will Be Boys' and includes a series of photos of young boys that are barely dressed.

32. His Monkey Bubbles Was His Best Friend

(Image source/ there is nothing inappropriate or suspicious about having a pet monkey. But, it does establish his character, considering the previous facts we know about Jackson, as a little strange.

33. The Look of Relief After Being Found Not Guilty

(Image Source/ MichaelJacksonpictures)Here he is leaving the court after he had been acquitted of all charges. After a very long deliberation, and one lengthy trial he was found not guilty. June 13, 2005 marks the day Michael Jackson walked free of his 14 charges as he was found not guilty on all accounts.

34. His Wife Lisa

(Image source/ pinterest)This picture shows him with his wife at the time, Lisa Marie Presley. The whole marriage was a little bit odd and it all happened rather quickly. This photo was a snippet into their life together and they look so happy... that was until it all ended.

35. He Slept In A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber...

(Image source/ dailymail)Michael Jackson started sleeping in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber. In isolation, this may not be seen as very odd. However, there was no known reason for this, although he did suffer from health problems. So perhaps it was a way Jackson tried to alleviate his conditions.

36. He Wore A Mask BEFORE People Started Wearing Masks

Wearing a mask in recent times has become the norm. And so, if we saw someone wearing a mask today it wouldn't be questioned or seen as bizarre at all. In fact it is expected if anything. Yet, many years ago this was not the case.

37. Dangling A Baby

(Image source/ is a photo which shocked the world at the time. Michael Jackson was at a hotel, with his baby. There were a huge crowd of fans outside his hotel and Jackson went out on his balcony to greet them. He got so carried away that he dangled his own baby with one arm.

38. He Made His Children Wear Masks

Michael Jackson started making his children wear masks in public. We are not sure whether this was for privacy and safety reasons or whether he had other reasons of his own. However, people at the time thought it was strange. As we can see in the last photo, he had a towel over his baby's head.

39. Accusations and Payouts

(Image source/ is a photo of Michael Jackson with another young boy. This was in 2013, when he was accused of sexual abuse. The claim was going to go to court but the two sides managed to come to a settlement that kept the goings on out of court.

40. Confessions

(Image source/ is a photo around the time when Michael Jackson invited TV crew members and a journalist to his home, the Neverland Ranch. While they were there, they saw all around the place including the kid's amusement park and all of the other child focused eccentricities.

41. He Had A Toy Castle

(Image source/ is a photo from inside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch mansion. As we already know there was a theme park for children in his garden. And, here is a photo of a toy life size castle in his home.

42.  Children's Toys

(Image source/, we know that his whole ranch was themed around children's enetertainment but it was to an extent that we never even realised before. After his death, the FBI investigated his home and found a whole host of children's toys ect.

43. Dolls Everywhere

(Image source/, here is the side of a different room which is stacked with numerous dolls. There were more toys found in this house than in any normal child's room. There were lots of them, in many different places.

44. A Signed Photo

(Image source/ admittedly is a strange collection. Here is a signed photo of Macauley Culkin. It's not only strange to have a picture of a child (when you aren't related to them) but it was signed by him too. And, it said ''Don't leave me alone in the house''.

45. A Sea of Supporters Rally Round

(Image Source/ fanpop)Here is Jackson being walked again into the courtroom. This time we can really get a visual representation of the amount of support he had. his fans actually made placards that said 'Innocent'. Another tells him God is with him.

46. He Liked Bondage

(Image source/, Michael Jackson had collected many images of bondage. In the photo it shows a lady wrapped up in tape. Whether the claims are true as to whether he was found with multiple pictures of bondage is unknown. This photo however does belong to Jackson.

47. He Had A Lot Of Strange Images

(Image source/ photo was found in a book owned by Michael Jackson. And, it could well have been a coincidence or an accident that Jackson never realised. However, there were other inappropriate child based books and also other conventional pornographic books too.

48. All About Children

This weird image, has a child's face morphed onto an adult's head who is holding a dead sheep. This was another image from a book he owned. Apparently, when the police raided his house there were multiple inappropriate children's books stored in multiple places.

49. Toys Were Found In His House

(Image source/ is another image that reveals even more toys found in Jackson's house. Now, considering we know the kind of material he kept in his house, and the material that was especially found in his bedroom and bathroom, the amount of toys alongside this seems undoubtedly perverted.

50. Image Of The Police Raid

(Image source/ is another photo lawyers would not want us to see. It shows the police raiding his house, and in front of them are lots of children's toys. There are lifesize super heroes. It makes Jackson look as though his house was a kind of children luring tool.

51. Edward Scissorhand

(Image source/ were something that Jackson kept at his Netherland ranch, found in the particular glass case. They were worth over 5 thousand dollars. This is not a mimic, it's the very same pair that Johnny Depp wore in the iconic movie. Why he has Edward Scissorhand's hands nobody knows...

52. He Collected Life Sized Dolls

(Image source/ has to be one of the creepiest things Jackson had at his ranch (and there was a few things). He collected life sized dolls which he dressed in normal children's clothing and he even positioned them to look real. In 2003 when the FBI raided the house they found the dolls looking at each other as though in conversation.

53. His Door Knocker Was Two Boys Kissing

(Image source/ all the strange things Michael Jackson had, this definitely wasn't the worst. But, havign a door knocker as two young boys kissing isn't something his lawyers would want you to see. Especially considering the reason he was taken to court in the first place.

54. The King Of Pop

(Image source/ called the king of pop clearly was not enough...Michael Jackson needed the throne to go along with it. It's a pretty extra item to have in your own home - for yourself. But, the throne had no real gold it was valued at around 2 thousand dollars.

55. He Had An Animatronic Grandma

(Image source/ the FBI revealed some of the items in Jackson's home, this was one of them. He had an animatronic fortune telling grandmother in his house. It's a very niche item to have in your own home. We'd love to know the story behind this one. It looks scarily realistic and it actually worked.

56. The Pied Piper

(Image source/ is definitely an image that Michael Jackson's lawyers do not was the jury to see. It's Michael Jackson himself as the pied piper. He's clearly asked for this piece of artwork to be made. And, considering the accusations of molesting children it's was something they wanted to keep quiet.

57. He Has Macauley Culkin's Finger Painting

(Image source/ is a picture that was done by Culkin, clearly at a very young age as the picture is merely finger painting. Yet, this was exhibited at Jackson's home. When Culkin was questioned he said: "You have to remember, Michael Jackson's bedroom is two stories," he said. "It has three bathrooms...You have to understand the whole scenario. I talked to him like he was a normal human being...He's just a guy, who's very kid-like himself."

58. He Had His Own Head Made Of Metal

(Image source/ lot of Jackson's artwork centered either around himself or children. He even had a sculpture of his own head made out of metal. It was worth around 2500 dollars. It's not something you expect to find in someone's home - even if you are Michael Jackson.

59. He Had A Full Batman Costume

(Image source/ who speaks of Jackson will tell you that he was pretty much an adult version of a child. And, his belongings definitely make it appear so. He was a massive fan of Batman and he had this full Batman suit in his house - for an adult - most likely himself.

60. He Had Moulds Of His Face In Agony

(Image source/ lawyer would want the jury to find this in their clients house. These are mould of his own face, with different expressions. But, the worst but is that each expression looks like he is in complete pain. This is definitely not a normal thing to have in your house - or to even make in the first place.

61. He Had Fairy Children Souvenirs

When we consider all of the other strange things in his home, these are just the cherry on the cake. These are some kind of elf/ fairy creatures...but again they are children. They are probably a continuation of his Peter Pan theme. But perhaps he took the theme too far.

62. His Scalp Was Scorched

(Image source/ is Michael Jackson after filming for a Pepsi advert. It is not a picture that has been widely seen, probably because Jackson himself did not want people to see it. But, this apparently was the start of him wearing a wig that he never took off again - and he glued it to his head.

63. He Had A Giant Set Of Underwear

Okay, so we know by now that Michael Jackson is a highly unusual guy (an understatement). And here's more proof if we needed it. First of all, he's holding up a giant pair of underpants. And, to make it more random he has a real life dove sat on each of his hands.

64. He Paid Millions To Drop The Charges

Here he is again holding a child and alongside another young This boy is Jordy Chandler, one of the boys who accused Jackson of molesting him. He denied it, but he paid out 11.5 million to the boy, and just over 1 million each to his parents, and then another 3.2 million for their lawyer charges. After this, the charges were dropped and settled.

65. His Young Friend

This is a photograph of Michael Jackson with Jonathan Spence. Spence was another boy who Jackson spent a lot of time with and grew particularly close too. This relationship lasted around 3 years. In that time the two became quite inseperable and he spent a lot of time at the ranch.

66. Another Of His Boys

(Image source/ is Sean Lennon, he was around 10 years old. The two of them only spent one year together. Often Jackson would have multiple young boys but only for a short period of time. This was because he helped them under his agency which was a drama school for young boys.

67. As Close As Family

(Image source/ is Michael Jackson with the Cascio's family. This was a family who knew him very well - the whole family spent a lot of time together. After he died, the family talked about how close they were and how good Jackson was with the children, in a strictly innocent manner.

68. The Cascio Boys

(Image source/ he is with Frank and Eddie Cascio again. Not only did the boys stay at the Jackson's house he also stayed at the family home a lot of the time. According to the mother he would wake up a lot in the night due to his insomnia and wake up the children to play.

69. In His Arms

(Image source/ Elatab, one of the boys that has long been associated with being involved with Michael Jackson. Here we can see how close they are. He seems to act as a parental figure to the young boy who is clinging on to him. He was often seen with the children in his arms.

70. Side By Side

(Image source/ Elatab was one of Michael Jackson's youngest boys. Although not the youngest boy he was only a few years old when he met Jackson. Jackson had many pictures taken with him as they were often seen together. We can see Jackson leaning over him smiling for the photo.