If You have Done 25 Out Of These 30 Things You Are Going Hell

By Nick Hadji 8 months ago

1. You use the last of the toilet roll and don't replace it!

Image source/ RedditThis can leave you in a very tricky situation. If you've ever been there, you'll know. You sit down on the loo, do your business, and only THEN do you realise that the person before you has stolen the last piece and not bothered to replace. Well, what do you do? The dangerous dash? Or, shout until someone can come to the rescue...Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. You've 'borrowed' something without asking

Image source/ RedditWell, we hate to break it to you (although it doesn't take a genius) - but borrowing without asking is not borrowing at all. It's technically classed as stealing. Yes, it may just be a drop of milk or an onion for your stew - but it's annoying. So ask first.

3. You chew loudly with your mouth OPEN

Image source/ RedditOkay, there's no beating around the bush here. It's nothing less than repulsive when people do this. If this is you - you seriously need to stop. Nobody wants to hear you loudly chomping your way through your food...especially if it's sloppy. It has to be the WORST habit of all time.

4. You put your bag next to you on the bus so nobody else can sit there!

Image source/ RedditIs there anything more selfish than this? We get it, it's nice to have both seats for yourself. Everyone loves personal space. But it's public transport and everybody's entitled to that seat. Especially if they're stood up with nowhere else to sit - it's not for groceries.

5. You take your shoes off on the airplane

Image source/ RedditPlanes have circulated air, and they already smell bad. So, does anybody really want to smell your feet round and round in the air system for the entirety of the flight? The answer is a firm no. So don't do it. Wait till you arrive to air out your sweaty socks instead...

6. Taken up the last two of the parking spot places with your one car

Image source/ TorontoWhen you're driving round the car lot for a space for your car and you can't find one because it's full - that's annoying but understandable. When you're driving around and find the last space taken because someone has used TWO - that's another matter altogether.

7. You manspread on public transport

Image source/ RedditMen...this one's for you. Is there any need for a man to spread out SO much on public transport? Absolutely not. Which means there's no excuse for it. And why should a woman have to sit there squashed next to you. Be aware before you manspread next time.

8. You are the person who puts your feet up on public chairs

Image source/ RedditWould you like to sit on a seat with your clean clothes where someone has had their dirty shoes? No? Then why be one of those selfish people who think that somebody else's space should be used as your personal foot rest. In your own home do what you like. In public spaces have some consideration!

9. You put the empty packet/container back in the cupboard...

Image source/ RedditThe sheer disappointment when you go to the cupboard and reach for a pack of crisps that you've really been craving or a biscuit you set your mind on but you go to get it and realise the packet is empty. Is it really that hard to just put it in the bin? It would save a lot of heartache...

10. You've microwaved fish in your SMALL office!

Image source/ RedditFish has to be one of if not THE most pungent foods you could possibly eat. So, instead of packing it in your lunch box and microwaving it in the tiny office with no fresh air. That will make the day even longer because no matter how hard you try that stench will not shift.

11. You talk loudly all the way through movies

Image source/ RedditYou're sat down with your popcorn, the lights have dimmed...the films about to start and you're excited to see your long awaited movie. And then, someone opens there mouth and decides to talk loudly the entire time. And even if you can still hear the movie you can't concentrate due to pure annoyance.

12. You don't signal when you turn...

Image source/ RedditWhy is this so common? If you're reading this and thinking that this may have been you once or twice, or you don't see the point in signalling - then this point is aimed at you. Signalling is there for a reason, and it's also dangerous when people don't signal because nobody knows where you are going next!

13. You've wolf-whistled at someone passing you on the street

Image source/ The MirrorWolf whistling...how can anybody still do this? Thankfully, it's becoming more unacceptable and in some countries it's now illegal. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Wolf whistling can be really intimidating, not to mention you are sexualising and objectifying a person.

14. You mansplain things to women...

Image source/ mashableSo this one is just for the men. Because 'mansplaining' is when a man explains something to a woman in a very condescending, patronising and obviously over simple terms. Does this sound like you? There's nothing more irritating for a women than THIS.

15. You've been that person to tell someone to smile more...

Image source/ Reddit'You should smile more!' Oh no. We've all been there...  You're at some kind of party or event and someone comes up to whilst you're minding your own business and they tell you that you should smile more. How about actually you just leave me alone instead?

16. You listen to music out loud with NO headphones

Image source/ RedditYes you might have great music taste, on the other hand you may not... And regardless, nobody still wants to listen to YOUR music. Use your headphones or earphones and if you don't have any with you or you forgot them, then i'm afraid you have to wait until you're home to play your music out loud.

17. You've left a mess in a toilet and not bothered to clean it up...

Image source/ RedditThis is just completely disgusting. Nobody should ever be subjected to anybody else's toilet mess. And really, is it that hard to flush a toilet or just wipe a seat after you've been? Think about the poor person who has to clear up your mess after you've left the toilet a complete state.

18. You didn't hold the door for someone walking behind you

Image source/ RedditThis is just plain bad manners. It's very simple manners just to stay that extra second longer. It takes nothing, no effort and pretty much more time but it's the difference between being a polite person and being rude. It's no wonder they say chivalry is dead...

19. You hold up the traffic on the green light because you weren't paying attention

Image source/ RedditCome on, we all have places to go. We're on tight schedules, rushing around. And even if we aren't, the last place we want to spend our time is hanging around in a car queue waiting for the person in front to move. Plus, if you're looking down at your phone that's even worse!

20. You push in front in queues

Image source/ RedditDo you think that everybody else is standing in line just for fun, waiting for something to happen? Or, do you think you're better than everyone else so you don't have to queue? Join the queue like everybody else and wait your turn in line - don't queue jump!

21. You leave your mess for other people to clear up

Image source/ RedditLeaving your mess in your own personal space where nobody else has to see it is one thing. Yeah, maybe it's gross but that's up to you! But in a shared space, it requires somebody else cleaning up your mess for you. Or, everyone else having to live in your mess...

22. You are super loud when people are trying to sleep

Image source/ RedditSleep is so important, and there's nothing more annoying than having somebody keep you awake at night, ruining your well needed sleep and making you tired. Whether it's playing music or shouting on your Xbox, just keep the noise to a minimum after 10. Or, face the wrath of a grumpy sleep deprived person - it's your own fault.

23. You've cut someone off the road

Image source/ RedditCutting someone up on the road is actually really dangerous and scary not to mention completely rude and annoying. There's no excuse for this one. And if you've done this as well as another 24 things on this list then you can be sure you're going to hell...

24. You've started texting on your phone whilst someone is speaking to you

Image source/ RedditPhones now have become an addiction amongst many. In fact, for some, manners have gone through the window because they are so attached to their phones. If someone's speaking to you then have the decency and respect to listen, not reach for your phone mid convo!

25. You've gone to work full of a cold and spread it to EVERYONE

Image source/ RedditPlease no, nobody wants you in the office if you're sneezing all over everyone. They'd much rather you took the day off or work from home to avoid spreading your virus to the entire office. Because if you're in a small space, there really is not getting away from it.

26. You leave your dishes to 'soak' for more than a day

Image source/ Reddit'Why are those dishes on the side still?', 'Oh, they're just being left to soak...'. Are they really? Or are you procrastinating? Washing the dishes isn't fun, but instead of letting the filth stew for a few days just take the scourer instead and clean it up.

27. You litter

Image source/ Redditis a selfish, lazy and horrible habit. And there's no excuse for it. Not only is it an eye sore, it's also extremely bad for the environment AND it relies on another good person cleaning up your mess! If you do this amongst other things...you're going to hell.

28. You lie on the bed with shoes on....

Image source/ RedditNobody wants dirty shoes lying on the place where you sleep every night. So why would you lie with your shoes on. Even if they look clean, they're really not. You could have trod in anything and you may never even know. So save yourself a sheets wash instead.

29. You've read a text and ghosted them

Image source/ RedditIt's not hard to reply to a text. Even if your reply saying 'sorry I've been so busy, will reply properly later'. But nobody likes to be ghosted. No matter who it is you're speaking to. So next time just send a quick text back. And if it's your date you don't want to see again, just have some courtesy and let them down gently.

30. You've taken the last of the shared platter without seeing who else wants some

Image source/ RedditNow if you've opted for a SHARING platter, the clue is in the name. You have to share. And, in polite society the general rule is to not just grab the last couple of items from the patter. Instead, it's good to politely check 'does anyone else want the last one?', even if you really hope they don't and fully expect them to say no.

31. You've Laughed At Someone Falling Over In Public

Image source: knowyourmeme.com
We've all fallen over in public at some point, so we know how mortifying it is - you'd think, then, that would make us not laugh at someone else doing it, but that's easier said than done. Sometimes it's a nervous reaction you can't help, but too late - they've heard you laugh and the damage is done.

32. You've Made Yourself A Coffee At Work Without Asking If Anyone Else Wants One

Image source: reddit.com
One of the downsides of working in an office is that you can't do anything just for yourself or you end up looking like you're not 'a team player'. The worst sin you can commit in an office is going back to your chair with a freshly brewed cup o' Joe, while 10+ people stare at you in shock because you didn't ask if they wanted one.

33. You've Eaten The Last Biscuit Out Of The Communal Packet

Image source: reddit.com
This is probably the next worst sin you can commit in a working office. To go with the hot cups of coffee that you definitely should have brewed up for everyone, there's usually a nice tasty pack of biscuits knocking about. So if you've eaten the last one without telling anyone or replenishing supplies, someone is in for a nasty surprise when they go to reach for one.

34. You've Taken Something Smelly To Eat At The Movie Theater

Image source: reddit.com
There's nothing wrong with sneaking in snacks to a movie theater - we all do it, because those prices are ridiculous - but there's an unspoken rule that anything you take in shouldn't stink the place out. Are you someone who usually gets out last night's spicy takeout, leftover pizza or the spiciest meat sandwich from the deli?

35. You've Sexted Someone In Public - In Plain View Of Someone Sat Next To You

Image source: reddit.com
Okay, so maybe you can blame them for looking at your phone screen in the first place - but if the poor person is mashed together so close to you on busy public transport and can't help but look at what you're typing because you're holding the phone up close to their face, you're really the one to blame here aren't you?

36. You've Sent A Nude When Absolutely No One Asked

Image source: reddit.com
Speaking of sexting - is there anything worse than getting an unsolicited nudey pic? Especially when you open your phone in public expecting an innocent message and THAT'S what you see. So if you're that person who sends those, shame on you! Even if it's someone you know well, it's not the point. Ask first!

37. You've Farted In An Elevator

Image source: reddit.com
Why does it always seem to happen in an elevator? We know it's better out than in and all that, but you just know that you should at least try and hold it in until those doors open and you're free to walk onto your chosen floor. If you've let the worst one possible rip on an elevator, you're definitely not going to heaven.

38. You've Brought A Pile Of Dirty Dishes From Your Room When Someone's Just Finished Washing Up

Image source: reddit.com
Are you someone who stockpiles plates, dishes and cups in their room from when they've been snacking in bed or watching TV? Whether it's your parents, siblings or roommates, do you usually arrive at the sink with your dirty offering the second they've just finished cleaning everything up?

39. Or, A Pile Of Laundry When The Basket Is Finally Empty

Image source: reddit.com
Your mom, dad or roommate have just pulled out the final load of clean washing and are smiling in relief at that laundry basket that's empty for the first time in months. Is now the time you decide to plonk a boat load of dirty laundry down into it you've been hoarding in your room? Worse - after you told them you didn't have anything to go in the machine when they asked?

40. You've Put Something Colored In With A White Load

Image source: boredpanda.com
Maybe you're not faring any better if you're the one that actually does the laundry for your household - and then haven't bothered to check if there are any colors in the white load by accident before you press start. Have you then proceeded to dye every piece of clothing your roommates have a nice shade of pink?

41. Or You've Ruined Someone's Clothes By Using The Wrong Wash Setting

Image source: reddit.com
Your roommate told you a thousand times to read clothing labels and be careful of delicate items when you're washing them - only for you to go and shrink or ruin every single item of clothing they possess because you didn't bother to check the instructions or the washing machine settings. Oops.

42. You've Knocked Someone's Takeout On The Floor During A Night Out

Image source: reddit.com
Everybody knows how sacred that 3am takeout is after a night of heavy drinking, and if you're walking round with a pile of fries or stodgy kebab, you feel like a winner. The worst thing that can possibly happen in that moment is for a friend to think it's funny to slap the food out of your hand onto the floor and watch your face of total shock and heartbreak.

43. Or You've Bumped Into Someone And Made Them Spill Their Whole Drink

Image source: reddit.com
Down themselves or all over the floor, it doesn't matter - the fact is, that overpriced cocktail they didn't even get a chance to sip is now anywhere but the glass they bought it in, and you find it hilarious that you bumped into them on purpose - and then proceed to walk off and not offer to buy them another one.

44. You've Taken A Swig Straight Out The Carton And Put It Back In The Fridge

Image source: reddit.com
Even if you live alone, other people are going to be drinking that when they come round to see you. So if you're chugging orange juice, milk or anything else straight from the carton and putting it back in the fridge, you're gross. And even more so if you have a ton of roommates who need to use the same container!

45. You've Eaten Someone Else's Leftovers From The Fridge

Image source: reddit.com
Someone you live with has stored their leftovers in the fridge with the knowledge that they're going to be so excited to tuck into that the next day and enjoy the leftover stodge - especially if it's a takeout they treated themselves to. Only when they get to the fridge, it's gone - because you've already eaten it.

46. Put The Wrong DVD Or CD Back Into The Wrong Case

Image source: neogaf.com
The problem with this one is a domino effect - if you're putting the wrong disc into the wrong case to start with, that means there's an empty space in the right case somewhere that you now have to put another wrong disc into... and so on. And biggest sympathy to the person you live with who then wants to watch a movie or listen to a CD only to open the case to see the wrong disc...

47. You've Left Your Shopping Cart In The Middle Of The Parking Lot

Image source: reddit.com
It doesn't matter that the designated spot for putting back your shopping cart is literally right next to where you've parked - you just leave it in the middle of the road. Or, worse, behind somebody's else's car so they almost back into it. You're the person everyone hates on a particularly windy day when they're getting taken out by shopping carts speeding towards them.

48. You've Ordered Food At A Restaurant 5 Minutes Before The Kitchen Closes

Image source: reddit.com
Sometimes it can't be helped if you've had to make a stop somewhere for food and you've arrived just in time. But if you could have gone to the restaurant at absolutely any time - like a reasonable few hours before the kitchen closes - and you still choose to order when it's likely the entire kitchen has cleaned down by that point...

49. You've Borrowed A Friend's Book And Bent It Every Which Way

Image source: reddit.com
Your friend lent you their favorite copy of their favorite book - and yes, that was their risk to take, but they might not have expected you to fold pages back instead of using a bookmark, or break the entire spine by bending it back! This is the worst thing you can do to a book if it's your own - worse if it belongs to someone else!

50. You've Used Your Phone During A Movie

Image source: bbc.com
You're that person everyone hates when they go to a movie theater - you've either got your phone out throughout the entire movie so everyone has had the bright screen in their face while you scroll social media, or they've had to listen to your phone bleeping or vibrating every time you get a message or call!