If You have Done 25 Out Of These 30 Things You Are Going Hell

By molly atherton 6 months ago
Hey there, thrill-seekers and mischief-makers! Ever wondered if your life's choices are leading you straight down the highway to Hades? Well, buckle up, because we've compiled a devilishly delightful list of 30 questionable activities. If you find yourself nodding along, having committed 25 or more of these, you might want to start shopping for a fireproof suit – you know, just in case the underworld has a strict dress code. After all, who said hell couldn't be a little bit fun?

1. You use the last of the toilet roll and don't replace it!

Picture this: you're perched on your porcelain throne, minding your own business, contemplating the mysteries of life, and suddenly, a shocking revelation! The toilet paper holder, once a beacon of comfort, is now bare, stripped of its duty like a stage without a spotlight.Image source/ RedditSo, when faced with the bare roll challenge, remember: you're not alone in this bathroom battlefield. Whether you opt for the daring dash or the vocal SOS, it's a shared experience that adds a touch of humor to the everyday trials and tribulations we all face. May your rolls be plentiful, and your bathroom adventures be filled with unexpected solutions!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. You've 'borrowed' something without asking

Borrowing without a heads-up is basically the sneak attack of neighborly courtesy. Hate to drop the truth bomb (well, not really), but it's not borrowing; it's straight-up classified as the "S" word – stealing. Sure, it might seem innocent, like pinching a drop of milk or liberating an onion for your stew, but here's the kicker – it's annoying.Image source/ RedditWe're not trying to be the fun police here, but common decency is knocking on the door, and it's asking for a little courtesy RSVP. So, next time you're eyeing your neighbor's pantry for that missing ingredient, do yourself a solid – ask first. It's not rocket science; it's just neighborly love.

3. You chew loudly with your mouth OPEN

It's just downright repulsive when folks crank up the volume on their food. I mean, seriously, if you're guilty of this, it's time for a reality check; nobody, and I mean nobody, signed up for a front-row seat to the symphony of your munching. And let's not even get started on the sloppy eaters out there!Image source/ RedditLoud chomping? That's got to be the grand champion of cringe-worthy habits. It's not just a pet peeve; it can really be infuriating more than anyone else knows. So, if you find yourself guilty of this cardinal sin of table manners, it's time to hit the brakes. Invest in some self-awareness, grab a mute button for your munching.

4. You put your bag next to you on the bus so nobody else can sit there!

Is there anything more selfish than the classic "seat hogging" move on public transport? I mean, seriously, we all appreciate a bit of personal space, but we're not riding around in private limos here. It's a shared space, folks! Just move your bags out the way guys, it's not difficult.Image source/ RedditSo, to all the seat hogs out there, let's try a little experiment called sharing. It's a novel concept, I know, but trust me, the collective sigh of relief from your fellow passengers will be music to everyone's ears. After all, personal space is a luxury, but so is common courtesy.

5. You take your shoes off on the airplane

Let's be real – airplanes are not exactly known for their fragrant atmosphere. The recycled air is already doing its best impersonation of a gym locker room, so subjecting your fellow passengers to the ol' foot aroma marathon is a big no-no. I mean, seriously, does anyone want to inhale the scent of your sweaty feet for an entire flight?Image source/ RedditWe get it – those cramped seats are not exactly a spa day for your feet. But here's the deal: the airplane ventilation system is not your personal deodorizer. Spare us from the horror of your sock symphony circulating round and round like a twisted air freshener.

6. Taken up the last two of the parking spot places with your one car

It's one thing to circle around, desperately hunting for an open parking spot, only to realize that the lot is jam-packed – annoying, but hey, it happens. Now, add a whole new layer of irritation when you finally spot that one last glimmer of hope, only to find it occupied by a single car greedily gobbling up two spaces.Image source/ Torontomean, come on! It's a classic case of parking selfishness, a move that transforms a simple annoyance into a full-blown grievance. We're all in this parking space game together, right? One car, one space – it's not rocket science. But oh no, there's always that one individual who decides their car deserves a little extra room to breathe.

7. You manspread on public transport

Alright, fellas, let's talk about a little something called "manspreading" on public transport. Now, we get it – comfort is key, and sometimes a bit of legroom is necessary. But here's the deal: there's a fine line between spreading out for comfort and turning into a human octopus, claiming territory that rightfully belongs to others.Image source/ RedditConsider your fellow commuters, especially the women who might end up squashed next to you because of a one-man space takeover. It's not about pointing fingers; it's about spreading awareness (pun intended). Before you embark on the next manspread mission, take a moment to check if you're encroaching on someone else's comfort zone.

8. You are the person who puts your feet up on public chairs

Let's cut to the chase, folks. Picture this scenario: you find a seat, thinking you're about to settle into a moment of comfort, only to discover that the person before you has transformed it into a makeshift footrest, bringing their dirty shoes into the equation. Not exactly the picture of relaxation you had in mind, right?Image source/ RedditIt's a simple matter of consideration. Just as you wouldn't want to cozy up to a seat adorned with someone else's footprints, why subject others to your own personal foot spa session in public spaces? Your home might be your kingdom where you can kick off your shoes as you please, but when you step into shared areas, a touch of mindfulness goes a long way.

9. You put the empty packet/container back in the cupboard...

Oh, the profound disappointment that washes over you when you eagerly reach for that coveted bag of crisps or the perfect biscuit you've been daydreaming about, only to discover an empty packet. Seriously, is it such a Herculean task to toss the empty wrapper into the bin?Image source/ RedditI mean, we get it – the allure of a snack is undeniable. But let's not make it a game of "empty or full" surprise every time we open the cupboard door. It's not that complicated, folks. A simple toss into the bin can save us all from the depths of snack-related despair.

10. You've microwaved fish in your SMALL office!

Let's talk about the undeniable truth: fish, while delicious, can be the heavyweight champion of pungency when it comes to office lunches. Now, we're all for enjoying your favorite seafood, but let's consider the consequences, especially when it comes to microwaving it in a confined office space.Image source/ RedditUnless you want to turn your workplace into a seafood-scented sanctuary, perhaps consider saving the fish feasts for a more open-air setting. Your coworkers might appreciate it, and you won't have to endure the lingering scent that seems to follow you like a culinary shadow. No one wants to

11. You talk loudly all the way through movies

There's something like a betrayal when you've finally settled down to watch a film with some popcorn and then, out of nowhere, someone decides to be the unsolicited narrator, talking loudly as if the movie is merely background noise. Really?Image source/ RedditIt's a special kind of frustration when you're trying to immerse yourself in the storyline, and there's this constant commentary, as if the person has taken it upon themselves to provide an alternative audio track. Even if you can still hear the movie, concentration becomes an impossible task because annoyance has taken center stage.

12. You don't signal when you turn...

Turn signals aren't just flashy accessories on your car; they're a communication lifeline, a way of saying, "Hey, world, here's where I'm headed next!" It's not some optional feature for the overly cautious; it's a shared language on the road. When you don't signal, it's like navigating blindly!Image source/ RedditSo, to the non-signallers out there, let's break it down: signaling is not just a courtesy; it's a safety measure. It helps everyone around you anticipate your moves, preventing the chaos of sudden surprises on the road. It's like saying, "Hey, I'm turning left, so give me a moment here." Simple, right?

13. You've wolf-whistled at someone passing you on the street

Wolf whistling is a behavior that feels like it should be a relic of a bygone era, yet somehow manages to persist. Thankfully, society is waking up to the fact that this kind of behavior is not only unacceptable but downright disrespectful.Image source/ The MirrorThe good news is that in some places, it's now recognized as more than just a social faux pas; it's straight-up illegal. And why shouldn't it be? Wolf whistling isn't some harmless form of flattery; it's a form of harassment that can make people feel uncomfortable, intimidated, and objectified.

14. You mansplain things to women...

Mansplaining is a special brand of communication that's a sure-fire way to irk anyone on the receiving end, especially women. If you find yourself explaining things to women in a condescending, patronizing, and overly simplistic manner, it's time to hit the brakes and reassess your approach.Image source/ mashableJust imagine, you're engaged in a conversation, and suddenly, the man in the room feels the need to drop knowledge in a way that implies the other person couldn't possibly grasp the concept without his enlightening explanation. Newsflash – it's not a good look.

15. You've been that person to tell someone to smile more...

Ah, the classic "You should smile more!" line – a timeless gem that never fails to elicit an eye roll. We've all been there, minding our own business at a party or event, when someone decides to play the unsolicited happiness police. It makes us want to do something different to smile!Image source/ RedditSo, to those advocates of the "smile more" campaign, here's a friendly suggestion: instead of dishing out unsolicited advice, maybe just let people be. Personal expressions are not up for public critique, and sometimes, the best way to spread positivity is by respecting someone.

16. You listen to music out loud with NO headphones

While your music taste might be top-notch (or not), the reality is that nobody signed up for an impromptu concert of your personal playlist. It's like having a front-row seat to a musical experience you never asked for. Just keep it to yourself instead guys.Image source/ RedditNow, if you find yourself without these sonic accessories, it's not a license to turn public spaces into your personal soundstage. The world doesn't need to hear your music on full blast, and you certainly don't want to be that person contributing to the symphony of noise pollution.

17. You've left a mess in a toilet and not bothered to clean it up...

This is just completely disgusting. Nobody should ever be subjected to anybody else's toilet mess. And really, is it that hard to flush a toilet or just wipe a seat after you've been? Think about the poor person who has to clear up your mess after you've left the toilet a complete state.Image source/ RedditSo, here's a simple plea to everyone out there: let's collectively embrace the golden rule of restroom etiquette – flush, wipe, and leave the bathroom in a state that you'd be happy to find it in. It's a small gesture that makes a big difference in creating a more pleasant experience for all restroom users.

18. You didn't hold the door for someone walking behind you

This is just plain bad manners. It's very simple manners just to stay that extra second longer. It takes nothing, no effort and pretty much more time but it's the difference between being a polite person and being rude. It's no wonder they say chivalry is dead...Image source/ RedditChivalry might seem like a bygone concept, but it doesn't have to be. It's not about grand gestures; it's about the accumulation of small, considerate acts. So, the next time you find yourself approaching a door, think of it as an opportunity to revive a bit of chivalry. Hold the door, share a smile, and let's keep those simple manners alive and well in our daily interactions

19. You hold up the traffic on the green light because you weren't paying attention

Come on, we all have places to go. We're on tight schedules, rushing around. And even if we aren't, the last place we want to spend our time is hanging around in a car queue waiting for the person in front to move. Plus, if you're looking down at your phone that's even worse!Image source/ RedditLet's face it, being caught in a line of unmoving cars can test the patience of even the calmest individuals. So, to everyone out there, let's be mindful of the traffic flow. If you're in a queue, keep the phone on standby, and when it's your turn, let's keep things moving.

20. You push in front in queues

Do you think that everybody else is standing in line just for fun, waiting for something to happen? Or, do you think you're better than everyone else so you don't have to queue? Join the queue like everybody else and wait your turn in line - don't queue jump!Image source/ RedditIt's not a matter of thinking you're better than everyone else or assuming the rules don't apply to you. In the grand scheme of shared spaces, joining the queue is a basic act of respect for everyone's time and patience. We're all in this world together right?

21. You leave your mess for other people to clear up

Ah, the eternal struggle between personal space and shared spaces, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Leaving your own space in a state of chaos might be your prerogative – after all, to each their own. But when that chaos spills into shared areas, it's a whole different ball game.Image source/ RedditSo, a gentle reminder to those who may have forgotten: shared spaces require a communal effort in maintaining order and cleanliness. Your personal chaos is your business, but in shared spaces, it becomes everyone's business.

22. You are super loud when people are trying to sleep

The sacred act of sleep should be respected by all, and nothing can throw a wrench into the pursuit of a good night's rest like an inconsiderate noise-maker. Whether it's a neighbor playing music, a roommate engaged in late-night Xbox battles, or anyone disrupting the peace after the clock strikes 10, it's a recipe for a grumpy, sleep-deprived individual.Image source/ RedditLet's be real – after a certain hour, the world should transition into a quieter, more serene state. Everyone deserves the chance to recharge and wake up feeling ready to conquer the day. So, if you find yourself on the other side of the decibel scale, be warned: the wrath of a sleep-deprived person is not to be taken lightly.

23. You've cut someone off the road

The roads are meant to be shared spaces where everyone navigates with a collective understanding of traffic rules and basic courtesy. When someone decides to weave in and out of lanes, disregarding the safety and space of others, it's not just a traffic violation; it's an act that can lead to accidents and put lives at risk.Image source/ RedditThere's no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Whether it's impatience, recklessness, or just plain disregard for the safety of others, cutting someone off is a road sin that's universally frowned upon. You're only going to end getting yourself hurt or getting yourself into trouble!

24. You've started texting on your phone whilst someone is speaking to you

Phones now have become an addiction amongst many. In fact, for some, manners have gone through the window because they are so attached to their phones. If someone's speaking to you then have the decency and respect to listen, not reach for your phone mid convo!Image source/ RedditThere's a time and a place for everything, and when someone is taking the time to engage with you, the least you can do is reciprocate by giving them your full attention. Interrupting a conversation to check your phone sends a clear message: the virtual world takes precedence over the real one.

25. You've gone to work full of a cold and spread it to EVERYONE

Please no, nobody wants you in the office if you're sneezing all over everyone. They'd much rather you took the day off or work from home to avoid spreading your virus to the entire office. Because if you're in a small space, there really is not getting away from it.Image source/ RedditIf you find yourself in the grip of a sneezing fit, here's a suggestion: consider taking the day off or, if possible, work from the comfort of your home. Subjecting your colleagues to a sneeze symphony in a confined office space is a surefire way to turn you into the uninvited guest of the day.

26. You leave your dishes to 'soak' for more than a day

'Why are those dishes on the side still?', 'Oh, they're just being left to soak...'. Are they really? Or are you procrastinating? Washing the dishes isn't fun, but instead of letting the filth stew for a few days just take the scourer instead and clean it up.Image source/ RedditThe truth is, a little elbow grease with a scourer goes a long way. Procrastination only allows the filth to stew and solidify, making the eventual clean-up even more of a daunting task. So, to all the dish procrastinators out there, here's a nudge in the right direction

27. You litter

Littering is undeniably a selfish, lazy, and utterly inconsiderate habit. There's really no excuse for it. Not only does it create an eyesore in our shared spaces, but it's also a significant environmental hazard. It's like leaving a visual scar on the landscape, and the consequences extend far beyond just the immediate visual impact.Image source/ RedditLet's not forget the impact on wildlife, ecosystems, and the overall health of our planet. So, if you find yourself tempted to casually toss that wrapper or cigarette butt aside, think twice. Take a moment to be considerate, find a proper receptacle, and contribute to the well-being of our shared spaces.

28. You lie on the bed with shoes on....

The sacred space where you sleep deserves better treatment than being the designated resting spot for your shoes. It's not just about the visible dirt; it's the unseen residues and potential contaminants that make lying down with your shoes on a questionable choice.Image source/ RedditShoes tread on a multitude of surfaces, and who knows what kind of microscopic hitchhikers they carry. By bringing them onto the bed, you're essentially inviting these unwelcome guests into your sleeping haven. So, let's make a pact: keep the shoes off the bed. Save yourself the hassle of an extra sheet wash and preserve your sleep sanctuary.

29. You've read a text and ghosted them

Replying to a text, even with a brief acknowledgment, is a simple courtesy that goes a long way. The agony of being ghosted is a universally unpleasant experience, and it doesn't discriminate based on the relationship or connection.Image source/ RedditWhether it's a friend, family member, or a potential romantic interest, the golden rule of communication remains: a timely response is a mark of respect. Even if you're swamped with tasks, a quick acknowledgment can alleviate the uncertainty and show that you value the person on the other end.

30. You've taken the last of the shared platter without seeing who else wants some

Now, the tricky part comes when there's just a morsel or two left on the platter. Polite society dictates that you don't simply snatch the last couple of items. Oh no, that would be far too uncouth. Instead, a genteel inquiry is in order: "Does anyone else want the last one?"Image source/ RedditThis seemingly innocuous question is a dance of manners, a display of courtesy that hides the underlying truth – you secretly hope they decline, allowing you to claim that final bite guilt-free. I'm sure you'll probably be able to get your hands on the bite anyway!

31. You've Laughed At Someone Falling Over In Public

Ah, the universal experience of the public stumble – a moment so mortifying, we've all likely been there at some point. The empathy we should feel for someone else going through it clashes with an unexpected and often uncontrollable response: laughter.
Image source: knowyourmeme.com
It's like a nervous reflex, an involuntary burst that escapes before we can rein it in. The irony is palpable. You, the empathetic witness to someone else's misfortune, end up adding a layer of embarrassment with an untimely giggle. They've heard the laughter, and there's no taking it back!

32. You've Made Yourself A Coffee At Work Without Asking If Anyone Else Wants One

The aroma wafts through the office, a beacon of personal enjoyment. But, oh no, there it is – the collective gasp as 10+ pairs of eyes fixate on you, their unspoken expectation hanging in the air: "Did you offer to make us one too?". They will all want one!
Image source: reddit.com
So, the next time you embark on a solo coffee adventure, consider the unspoken expectations that linger in the air. Being a "team player" in the office sometimes means sharing not just your workload but also your coffee breaks. After all, in the world of office dynamics, even a cup of coffee can be a communal affair.

33. You've Eaten The Last Biscuit Out Of The Communal Packet

magine the scene: you reach for the biscuit tin, your eyes gleaming with anticipation, only to discover that it's been ravaged, and not a crumb remains. The shock sets in, followed by a sinking feeling of betrayal. Someone has committed the cardinal sin of office snacking – devouring the last biscuit without a warning or, at the very least, a plan for replenishment.
Image source: reddit.com
It's not just about the biscuit; it's about the shared joy that comes with a delightful office treat. So, next time you find yourself eyeing that last custard cream, remember the collective spirit of the office biscuit tin. Consider sending out a subtle office-wide alert or, better yet, ensuring there's a secret stash ready for such emergencies.

34. You've Taken Something Smelly To Eat At The Movie Theater

The exorbitant prices at the concession stand have turned many into stealthy snack-smugglers. However, there's an unspoken agreement in this clandestine operation: whatever you bring in shouldn't transform the theater into a culinary adventure.
Image source: reddit.com
To all the movie snack enthusiasts out there, a gentle reminder: there's nothing wrong with sneaking in treats, but let's keep it considerate. Opt for snacks that don't transform the theater into an olfactory buffet. After all, the goal is to enhance the movie-watching experience, not turn it into a culinary guessing game.

35. You've Sexted Someone In Public - In Plain View Of Someone Sat Next To You

Alright, imagine this: you're crammed in on public transport, and your phone is practically in your neighbor's face. They're just trying to breathe in this sardine can, and bam!—your screen is like a front-row ticket to your digital life. Maybe they shouldn't be snooping, but if you're practically shoving your phone in their face, who's the real culprit here?
Image source: reddit.com
Hold that phone a bit more discreetly or tilt the screen away if you don't want your neighbor accidentally reading your messages. It's not about blaming them for looking; it's about creating a tiny bubble of personal space in the chaos of public transit. Or just do it somewhere private if you have too!

36. You've Sent A Nude When Absolutely No One Asked

Oh, the unexpected horror of opening your phone in public, expecting a regular message, and getting an unsolicited nudey pic instead! It's like a jump-scare, but in real life. If you're the kind of person who sends those uninvited, well, shame on you!
Image source: reddit.com
Whether it's from someone you know well or not, the golden rule here is pretty straightforward: ask first! A little consent goes a long way, especially when it comes to, let's say, intimate visual content. Nobody wants an unexpected eyeful when they're just trying to check their messages at the coffee shop.

37. You've Farted In An Elevator

Letting the worst one rip in an elevator is like playing with fire. You're in close quarters, and there's no escaping the aftermath. It's the unspoken agreement among elevator passengers: hold it in until those doors open, and then unleash your chosen fragrance on the floor of your choosing.
Image source: reddit.com
So, the next time you find yourself in an elevator with the urge to, ahem, express yourself, remember the golden rule: save it for the open air. Your fellow passengers will thank you, and your elevator karma might just get a boost. After all, good elevator manners can elevate your status in the eyes (and noses) of those sharing the ride.

38. You've Brought A Pile Of Dirty Dishes From Your Room When Someone's Just Finished Washing Up

Ah, the hidden treasures of the bedroom – a collection of plates, dishes, and cups that seem to multiply when you're snacking in bed or watching TV. If you're the type who's been stockpiling this clandestine dishware stash, waiting for the opportune moment to reveal your dirty offering, well, you might be in for an eye-roll or two.
Image source: reddit.com
Whether it's your parents, siblings, or roommates who've just finished their  effort of cleaning up, you make your grand entrance into the kitchen with your collection of used dishes. Timing, they say, is everything, but arriving at the sink the second they've wrapped up their cleaning marathon? That's an art form in obliviousness.

39. Or, A Pile Of Laundry When The Basket Is Finally Empty

Just as your mom, dad, or roommate revels in the victory of the last load, there you come, ready to make your grand entrance with a boatload of dirty laundry you've been harboring in your room. It's always the same isn't it we always pick just the wrong time!
Image source: reddit.com
The timing couldn't be more impeccable, right? Their joy at an empty laundry basket is quickly overshadowed by the reality that, apparently, the laundry monster in your room has been amassing quite the collection. What's worse is the memory of you claiming, just moments ago, that you had nothing to contribute to the laundry load.

40. You've Put Something Colored In With A White Load

Picture this: you, the laundry hero, diligently loading up the washing machine, only to realize, too late, that you haven't bothered to check for any rogue colors in the white load. And then, the catastrophe unfolds – every piece of clothing your roommates own is now sporting a lovely shade of pink.
Image source: boredpanda.com
It's a laundry mishap of epic proportions, a moment where good intentions pave the way to a rainbow-hued wardrobe for everyone else. The accidental dye job turns your laundry duties into a colorful spectacle, one that leaves your roommates questioning whether they've just stepped into a retro fashion trend!

41. Or You've Ruined Someone's Clothes By Using The Wrong Wash Setting

Your roommate warned you a thousand times about the importance of reading clothing labels and handling precious garments with care. But, alas, you ventured into the realm of laundry without a second thought, and now every single item of their clothing has undergone a tragic transformation
Image source: reddit.com
Oops, indeed. It's the laundry faux pas to end all laundry faux pas. The delicate fabrics that once graced your roommate's wardrobe with grace and elegance are now mere remnants of their former selves, victims of a washing machine setting gone rogue.

42. You've Knocked Someone's Takeout On The Floor During A Night Out

There you are, strolling around with a pile of fries or a hefty kebab, reveling in your post-drinking feast. Life couldn't be better. But then, the unthinkable happens. A friend, thinking they're hilariously clever, slaps the food out of your hand, and you watch in total shock and heartbreak as your late-night treasure hits the floor.
Image source: reddit.com
It's a betrayal of the highest order, a crime against the sanctity of post-drinking munchies. The joyous moment of triumph turns into a tragic comedy, and all you're left with is a face of disbelief and a yearning for what once was. You're always going to be fuming in this situation.

43. Or You've Bumped Into Someone And Made Them Spill Their Whole Drink

Down themselves or all over the floor, it doesn't matter - the fact is, that overpriced cocktail they didn't even get a chance to sip is now anywhere but the glass they bought it in, and you find it hilarious that you bumped into them on purpose - and then proceed to walk off and not offer to buy them another one.
Image source: reddit.com
It's a moment of unbridled mischief, where laughter rings louder than responsibility. Your friend, now adorned with a cocktail sheen, stands in shock, and you, the instigator of chaos, find humor in the unexpected collision.

44. You've Taken A Swig Straight Out The Carton And Put It Back In The Fridge

Whether you live alone or with a horde of roommates, the act remains universally cringe-worthy. If you're downing orange juice, milk, or any liquid of choice straight from the container, you've entered the realm of grossness. And, if you happen to have a squad of roommates sharing the same beverage haven, the level of unspoken offense is cranked up a notch.
Image source: reddit.com
So, to all beverage bandits out there, heed this gentle reminder: invest in a glass, a mug, or any vessel that doesn't involve direct lip-to-carton contact. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about maintaining a semblance of shared dignity in the realm of shared living spaces.

45. You've Eaten Someone Else's Leftovers From The Fridge

Your roommate, brimming with anticipation, has stored away the remnants of a delectable takeout feast, eagerly looking forward to savoring the leftover stodge the next day. Little do they know, when they swing open the fridge door with anticipation, their culinary dreams will be shattered – because you've already devoured the coveted leftovers.
Image source: reddit.com
Before you indulge in someone else's leftovers, think about the dreams you're crushing and the hunger pangs you're awakening. A little courtesy in the realm of shared fridges goes a long way, and the joy of savoring your own treats is far more satisfying than the fleeting satisfaction of pilfered leftovers.

46. Put The Wrong DVD Or CD Back Into The Wrong Case

Ah, the chaotic domino effect of mismatched discs and cases – a tale that starts with the innocent act of putting the wrong disc into the wrong case. Little do you realize, this seemingly minor misstep sets off a chain reaction, creating an empty space in the right case that now requires yet another wrong disc to fill it.
Image source: neogaf.com
The real tragedy unfolds when an unsuspecting soul, perhaps the person you live with, eagerly anticipates a movie night or some music therapy. They excitedly open the case only to be met with the cruel revelation – the wrong disc stares back at them, mocking their cinematic or musical aspirations.

47. You've Left Your Shopping Cart In The Middle Of The Parking Lot

You know those people that leave their carts in random places despite the designated spot being mere steps away, or they opt to leave the cart stranded in the middle of the road or, worse, cunningly position it behind someone else's car, turning the parking lot into a cart obstacle course.
Image source: reddit.com
You've become the character everyone secretly despises, especially on those windy days when unsuspecting souls find themselves in a high-stakes game of dodging runaway shopping carts. Just take your cart back or people are going to look at you in a very negative way!

48. You've Ordered Food At A Restaurant 5 Minutes Before The Kitchen Closes

Sometimes it can't be helped if you've had to make a stop somewhere for food and you've arrived just in time. But if you could have gone to the restaurant at absolutely any time - like a reasonable few hours before the kitchen closes - and you still choose to order when it's likely the entire kitchen has cleaned down by that point...
Image source: reddit.com
While flexibility is the spice of life, consider the lives of those behind the kitchen doors. A little awareness can go a long way in ensuring your dining experience is met with enthusiasm, not a collective sigh from the hardworking kitchen crew.

49. You've Borrowed A Friend's Book And Bent It Every Which Way

Your friend lent you their favorite copy of their favorite book - and yes, that was their risk to take, but they might not have expected you to fold pages back instead of using a bookmark, or break the entire spine by bending it back! This is the worst thing you can do to a book if it's your own - worse if it belongs to someone else!
Image source: reddit.com
The dog-eared pages and the cracked spine become silent cries of anguish from the book itself, mourning the ill-treatment it's endured in your possession. What might be a well-loved and well-read book for one person can quickly transform into a heartbreaking sight for the lender.

50. You've Used Your Phone During A Movie

You're that person everyone hates when they go to a movie theater - you've either got your phone out throughout the entire movie so everyone has had the bright screen in their face while you scroll social media, or they've had to listen to your phone bleeping or vibrating every time you get a message or call!
Image source: bbc.com
It's like a dance, you know? A dance between your personal screen time and not being "that guy" who ruins the movie for everyone else. But, oops, you've accidentally stolen the spotlight as the disruptor. The glow of your screen turns the theater into a DIY social media hub, and every ping becomes a party crasher in the midst of cinematic storytelling.