Identical Strangers That Met In Real Life

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Prepare to be mystified by the unbelievable encounters of doppelgängers, the mirror images of fate that brought identical strangers face-to-face in the most astonishing ways. In a world of over 7 billion people, the odds seem astronomical, yet these tales of chance meetings defy logic, leaving us to ponder the inexplicable connections woven into the fabric of our existence. Step into the uncanny realm where reality blurs, and identical strangers find each other against all conceivable odds.

Shopping for clones

As the couple strolled through the labyrinthine aisles of IKEA, their minds fixated on finding the perfect furniture piece for their cozy abode. But fate, it seemed, had a peculiar sense of humor reserved for this particular outing.
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The only thing you want to do when you go into IKEA is shop for furniture, turns out the guy on the left got more than he bargained for! It was his girlfriend that pointed out his lookalike in the store, and they felt they couldn't let this event go amiss and had to get a snap.Original content sourced from

They really said copy and paste

The sight of these two girls, so strikingly alike, is nothing short of astonishing. At first glance, one might assume they're long-lost twins separated at birth, but the truth is far more mystifying—they share no trace of blood relation. Their resemblance is a marvel that defies explanation.
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It's shocking to see how similar these girls look yet there's absolutely no blood relation between them both. From their hair, eyes and toothy grins, the couple look like they really are twins. What's even more uncanny is their matching hair accessories too.

This is the same girl, right?

Absolutely mind-boggling, isn't it? In the realm of uncanny encounters and chance resemblances, this photo surely takes the cake for sheer incredulity. I mean, what are the odds? These two girls not only share an astonishingly identical appearance but also managed to synchronize their style.
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I mean, this has to be the craziest identical strangers photo on this list, right? These girls somehow managed to have the same dyed hair and the same t-shirt when they posed for a photo upon bumping into each other. Maybe they found one another on in the internet first.

Specsavers: buy one, get one free!

Picture this scene: a regular night out, nothing out of the ordinary, just friends gathering at a local bar for some laid-back conversation and a pint or two. But then, amid the casual chatter and clinking glasses, fate decides to pull off its most bewildering stunt yet.
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Imagine walking into the bar for a casual pint with your friends and just happening across your twin while you're in there. Well, that's exactly what happened to these two guys this night. I mean, how are they not related in the slightest? Look at their teeth.

These two had to be separated at birth

Imagine jetting off on a holiday to a distant land, eager to explore new cultures and sights, only to stumble upon the most unexpected sight of all—an exact replica of yourself. For these two gentlemen, that was precisely the mind-bending twist in their overseas adventure.
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While on holiday in a different country, the last thing you expect to see is an identical double of yourself. Yet, these guys managed too. With their bald heads and bushy beards, they really couldn't look more alike (well, maybe if one grew another couple inches).

Same old toothy grin

Imagine the sheer disbelief of a casual shopping trip turning into a surreal encounter with a carbon copy of yourself. One of these young women, immersed in the joy of browsing through racks of clothes and exploring the latest trends, suddenly found herself face-to-face with her mirror image.
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It looks like one of these girls was enjoying a lovely day out shopping when she came across someone that looked EXACTLY like her. It seems that she was working this particular day and I bet walking by her was just like looking in the mirror. Not many differences between these young women.

Not the Justin Bieber cut!

Ah, the iconic Bieber-inspired haircut that swept through the teenage male population like a whirlwind back in 2012! It was practically the unofficial badge of honor for those trying to channel the heartthrob's signature style. But what happens when two individuals not only adopt the same trendy hairstyle but also seem to share an uncanny resemblance in every other aspect?
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Listen, back in 2012, it was normal for teenage boys to have this hair cut because of the whole Justin Bieber craze at that time. But these guys have the perfect same shade of hair, same nose, same eyes... Who knows, maybe someone's dad is hiding a little secret.

Meeting your twin on holiday!

Can you imagine the sheer serendipity of two strangers boarding a plane, destined for the same destination, only to discover that fate had a grander plan in store for their chance encounter? These gentlemen, complete strangers to each other, embarked on a journey...
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Believe it or not, these guys had never met each other before they stepped foot on the same plane abroad! As it turns out, they were seated next to each other, and actually were checked into the same hotel. What are the odds?! They had to have a quick drink together to commemorate.

The beer fiends

Can you imagine the sheer disbelief of encountering your long-lost twin, except not biologically related? That's the jaw-dropping sensation the guy on the right felt when he stumbled upon Adam—a brother from another mother—right there at the bar.
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The guy on the right was shell-shocked when he bumped into his brother from another mother at the bar: Adam. What made the whole occasion even better was that Adam shared the same intense love for beer as well. I guess they enjoyed the rest of the night with a few more drinks.

Imposter syndrome

Coincidences are one thing, but stumbling upon someone who seems to be your fashion twin in the bustling halls of college? That's a whole new level of uncanny. These two individuals, seemingly separated at birth in terms of their attire, managed to cross paths in a display of fashion synchronicity.
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Okay, something feels a little off about this one. As much as they do kinda look alike, how can they bump into each other in college halls wearing exactly the same colors in clothes. I guess all the guy needs on the right is some musical instrument to hold.

Beard or no beard, they're still identical

What are the odds of encountering your lookalike in the midst of a casual shopping spree? Well, for these two jovial gentlemen, fate had a whimsical surprise in store as their paths converged in a display of astonishing similarity.
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These two cheery guys managed to bump into each other one day while shopping and couldn't resist getting a photo together. Between their bushy beards, receeding hairlines and matching jackets, I mean, they couldn't look more similar if they tried to!

Meeting yourself at a wedding!

Picture this: a joyful gathering at a family wedding, laughter mingling with the melodies of celebration, when suddenly, amidst the revelry, a startling revelation unfolds. The girl on the left finds herself face-to-face with her exact duplicate, a stranger connected through an unexpected twist of familial ties.
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The girl on the left here managed to get the shock of her life when she bumped into her identical stranger at her cousin's wedding. It turns out that the doppelganger wasn't blood-related to her at all, and was the sister of the husband. Wow! What are the chances?

Sharing drinks (and possible genes)

Imagine the jovial atmosphere of an Irish bar, the clinking of glasses, and the cheerful banter echoing off the walls when, out of the blue, two gentlemen stumble upon each other and are struck by a baffling sight. Their astonishment is palpable as they stand face-to-face, realizing they're a walking spectacle of doppelgänger magic.
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When these couple of guys bumped into each other while enjoying a few drinks in an Irish bar they couldn't believe their eyes. It even looks like they're wearing alternative colors and matching glasses. Very kindly, one of the guys bought the other a Jager or two to celebrate.

A retired priest and his double

Imagine Neil Richardson, a retired priest, embarking on a new chapter in a different city, looking forward to a fresh start. However, the air of anonymity swiftly evaporated as he encountered puzzled glances and curious whispers.
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When Neil Richardson moved to a different city in England after retiring as a priest, he was surprised that people seemed to already know who he was... and referred to him as John. Well, after a while, he finally found out that his identical stranger already lived there!

This one needs no cap

Picture this: a mundane afternoon, the air thick with anticipation as these two men, each lost in their own thoughts, await the arrival of their bus. Little did they know, a twist of fate was about to unfold before their eyes, turning an ordinary wait into a moment of bewildering synchronicity.
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What's better than meeting someone that looks exactly like you, even down to the beard? Them wearing the same cap as you, that's what. Looks like these guys were just waiting for the bus when they bumped into each other. It's amazing how closely alike they look.

Long time friends finally meet

Ah, the modern marvel of virtual friendships, where connections transcend borders and span the digital expanse. For these two bearded buddies, their friendship blossomed in the virtual realm, sharing conversations and experiences through screens until the day arrived for their long-awaited face-to-face rendezvous.
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These guys had been virtual friends for a long time before they finally managed to meet. When they were united at the airport, with their long hair and bushy beards, it's safe to say that they attracted some attention from the passers by. I mean, I'd stare too.

Which one's which?

Talk about a cosmic alignment of coincidences! The chance encounter of these two gentlemen at a restaurant took an astonishing turn as they not only looked strikingly alike but also shared an uncanny similarity in their sitting styles.
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These guys accidentally bumped into each other at this restaurant and as it turns out they sit exactly the same too! What made this case even more peculiar was that these pair actually share the same birthday. I mean, they're just twins at this point, right?

The awkward ginger mix-up

Ah, the classic case of mistaken identity—the kind that's so absurdly hilarious it could easily be a scene from a sitcom! Picture this: the guy on the left strides into the room with his girlfriend by his side, blissfully unaware of the whimsical twist awaiting him.
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When the guy on the left walked in with his girlfriend, he didn't expect that she would be walking towards another guy thinking it was him! Well, that's exactly what she did. It's a good job he's got a sense of humor and found the whole thing to be hilarious.

A case of stolen identity

Ah, the enchanting surprises that vacations can bring! For the girl on the left and her family, their trip to Subic Bay turned into a delightful encounter with an uncanny doppelgänger, a lookalike so striking that it sparked a case of mistaken identity within their own ranks.
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The girl on the left and her family were just on vacation in Subic Bay when they happened upon the best doppelganger ever. In fact, the girls looked so alike that her dad, cousins and brother mistook the girl on the right for being her! Her auntie thought it was so good it needed documenting.

Wait... who's who?

Ah, the serendipity of festivals, where vibrant energy and eclectic spirits collide, and where chance encounters can lead to the most amusing discoveries! These fellas, on their merry way to soak in the festivities, stumbled upon a sight that left them flabbergasted...
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When these fellas decided to take themselves off to a festival, they didn't realize they were gonna bump into their look-alike. Well, to prove how alike these two actually look, they decided to take a quick snap and use face swap to see how they actually looked. Wow!

The transatlantic doppelgangers

Picture the tranquility of a cruise, the gentle rocking of the waves, and the enchanting ambiance of a dinner hall as the backdrop for a mind-bending encounter. For the gentleman on the left, this idyllic scene transformed into a moment of sheer disbelief...
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The guy on the left was peacefully enjoying his cruise while on vacation with his wife when he caught a glimpse of himself from across the dinner hall. As it turns out, there was a Canadian version of himself just feet away from where he was sat. How amazing!

Twinning at work

What are the odds of landing a job in the same department with someone who could easily pass as your doppelgänger? For these two newcomers, the uncanny resemblance that greeted them on their first day at work felt like a stroke of both bewildering coincidence and curious amusement.
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These two were both hired to the same department with just three months between them. Either the hiring team has some preferences or this was just purely coincidental, but they look astonishingly similar. They even thought so two, which is why they needed to take a cheeky snap.

How Jenna met her doppelganger

Imagine the surprise rippling through the workplace chatter as whispers of a doppelgänger's arrival spread like wildfire. For the girl on the right, caught up in the rhythm of her shift, the notion seemed far-fetched until her colleagues persisted with the revelation.
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The girl on the right was just enjoying her shift when her co-workers started saying that her doppelganger had walked through the door. She didn't believe them until she saw Jenna for herself, then she couldn't believe her eyes. It's like looking in a mirror.

Born together, stationed together

Ah, the surprise twists that new postings can bring! For the guy taking the photo, his stint in Okinawa took an unexpected turn when a new colleague, the guy on the left, joined the station. Little did they know, fate had a quirky surprise waiting for them.
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The guy taking the photo was in for a shock when he got stationed in Okinawa. Shortly after, the guy on the left started, and they were taken aback with how closely-related they looked. I mean, these guys could be twins. I guess the same uniform doesn't help.

When in Rome...

The sheer odds of encountering one's doppelgänger in a bustling city like Rome might seem like stumbling upon a needle in a haystack. But as fate would have it, these two women found themselves face-to-face with their Italian lookalikes while basking in the splendor of the Italian sun.
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Imagine being in Rome and meeting your Italian doppelganger. Well, that's what happened to these two women while soaking up the Italian sun. In all fairness, with 8 billion people on the planet, there's bound to be a few copies of people aren't there...

The bald and beard combo feels all too common

Talk about a real-life plot twist! These grinning chaps stumbled upon each other during a casual night out, and their resemblance was so uncanny that it sent shockwaves through their moment of joy. The guy on the left, with a grin from ear to ear, couldn't resist capturing the moment and sharing it with his mom.
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Now this one really is uncanny. Look at these guys just grinning ear to ear after they bumped into each other while out for a few drinks. When the guy on the left sent the photo to his Mom, she asked him to ask his father why there was such a look alike out there...

Too close for comfort

Ah, the joys of a mistaken closeness! Sometimes, encounters with doppelgängers can lead to some unintentional hilarity. In this case, despite the guy on the right not quite relishing the unexpected proximity, their uncanny resemblance did add a hefty dose of amusement to the moment.
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While these two guys might look alike, I don't think the guy on the right was appreciative of how close he was getting. Nonetheless, they do look pretty similar and I bet many laughs were had after bumping into each other. They just get better and better!

I think I'm seeing double...

It's often said that seeing double after a night out is a sign of a good time, but for these two girls, their encounter with their doppelgänger was more thrilling than any night of revelry. As they crossed paths, it was like gazing into a mirror—each detail from their hair to their smiles and even down to the outfit.
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Listen, if you've managed to go out for the night and you end up seeing double, that's a night well spent! But in this case for these two girls, it wasn't alcohol that caused them to see double, it was bumping into their doppelganger. From the hair, to the teeth and to the outfit... remarkable.

The curious case of the identical colleagues

Imagine the bewildered expressions when the new kid on the block walked into the workplace and, to everyone's astonishment, looked like a carbon copy of our protagonist! The shock must have reverberated through the office, leaving coworkers and colleagues scratching their heads in utter confusion.
Image Source/ BoredPanda
This guy definitely had a shock when the new starter turned up at work... and looked exactly like him! That's going to be confusing for other workers and the colleagues. These guys found it hilarious though and just had to get a photo in to document the event.

Was this club night an event for doppelgangers?

It does seem like a plot twist ripped straight from a doppelgänger convention, doesn't it? These two gentlemen, amidst the pulsating beats and vibrant energy of a nightclub, crossed paths and discovered an uncanny resemblance that sparked a wave of amusement and disbelief.
Image Source/ BoredPanda
These two fellas were just out enjoying their night clubbing when they happened upon each other. What I need to know is whether there was any kind of doppelganger event that these guys went to, as it feels too often that people are meeting out in bars and clubs!

When you have the same hair

There's no way we're accepting that these aren't identical twins separated at birth. How do they even have identical hair, right down to the last curl and the color and even length of it? They even have the same curly bangs bit at the front of their forehead!
image source:
It does look like one of them might be taller than the other (or maybe just slouched down a little less) but apart from that, there's nothing that looks different between these two eerily similar dudes - apart from their choice in fashion, apparently! They even have the same eyes!

A sale on orange t-shirts

Okay, so we know that these definitely aren't the most identical looking pair we've ever seen - their eyes in particular, and their face shape, are definitely different. But these guys definitely got a shock when they bumped into each other based on their identical fashion choices...
image source:
- right down to the spectacles on their noses! Not only did they have the same orange t-shirt (though one of them obviously faded a little more in the wash) they also had the very same flat-cap, the identical glasses design and even the same beard choice!

It's all in the eyes

When these guys bumped into each other, they just had to grab a picture together - and it's easy to see why. Maybe at first they were just psyched they both had the same taste in hats, only to really realize their physical similarities whilst taking the picture!
image source:
They might have a different taste in t-shirts even if their hat taste is the same, but you can't deny those eyes look IDENTICAL, down to the shape, color and eyebrows, and even their noses and mouths are the same! The left obviously likes showing off a double chin more, though.

'You copied my goatee!'

Okay, so we know that in this big wide world, it doesn't mean you have a doppelganger if you have the same beard style as someone - because really how many people have a goatee and this similar hairstyle? But the chances of actually bumping into that person who looks EXACTLY like you is very slim -
image source:
- while that's exactly what happened to these two guys. Not only did they have the same goatee style, but they had exactly the same hair color, the very same hairstyle and even both chose the same pair of glasses at the store!

It's like looking in a mirror

It would be creepy enough bumping into a stranger who looks exactly like you as you're walking down the street, but how about when you're sitting down at a restaurant for a nice meal only to have the server come over and look EXACTLY LIKE YOU?
image source:
You wouldn't even be able to leave because you still gotta eat, so you just have to deal with the fact that the person topping up your drinks and bringing you the bill is a person who looks terrifyingly identical to you. At least we can tell them apart by the way they wear their hair.

Just had to grab a picture

Sometimes it's parents that spot their children's doppelganger while out and about, and mostly because they probably start talking to the stranger thinking it's their own kid only to realize it's not! That's exactly what happened here when these parents then just had to get a picture...
image source:
... of this person who looked like their own son. Luckily, he happily obliged! They have the same style when it comes to hats, fashion and the way to wear their goatee, but one of them definitely has a better sense of style when it comes to a tidy haircut... you decide!

When you think it's your daughter

You know how we just said about parents easily mistaking strangers for their own kids? Well it happened to this poor father, too, when he thought this woman was his daughter, only to realize it wasn't. But in his defence, how could you blame him when she's wearing the EXACT same outfit?
image source:
Seriously, it's not even sort of similar - it's the same. They both have leopard print cardigans, they both wear the same rings on different fingers, the same necklace style, the same hair color, the same makeup choices... and that hat with the pink flower! That's just spooky.

Beards to be proud of

These guys must have known they just had to get a photo together when they bumped into each other and realized the similarities. Sure, you can tell the guy on the left has a more reddish hair color than the guy on the right - and it looks like he has a better beard grooming routine, too -
image source:
- but there's no denying these guys look very similar due to their shaven heads and beard styling! Not to mention they're both lovers of graphic t-shirts, clearly. We wonder if one of them grew their hair back after this just to be different...

The same smile

What do you think about this one? Do you think they look like doppelgangers? When this pair bumped into each other, they had to take a picture because they were convinced they looked identical! While there are obvious differences, you can't deny they have the same beaming smile!
image source:
And that blonde hair that hangs in the exact same way with the bangs. They even have the same parting position for their hair, and we bet when the girl on the left takes her hair down it looks exactly the same as the girl's on the right!

One has better jacket taste

One of the best things about meeting your doppleganger has to be when you realize how good you'd actually look in clothes you don't usually wear. Maybe even that outfit you've had your eye on for a while but didn't think you could pull it off.
image source:
When this pair bumped into each other and realized that they looked exactly the same, they had to get a snap! We hope the guy on the right is now inspired to wear glittery red jackets instead of hoodies, because honestly, it looks good. They also have the exact same glasses and beard style!

Join the bandana club

So two strangers bumping into each other at a festival and both wearing sunglasses because it's a bright day, as well as bandanas because you know... festival attire, isn't so unheard of. But you can't deny they look eerily similar! They even have the same taste in bandanas down to the color and pattern.
image source:
- though they like wearing them a tad differently - the same taste in sunglasses, and the same conscious choice to have a slightly ruffled beard! They both share a love of simple black t-shirts, too, by the looks of things. Good for them!

When you're both tired

When this pair met each other, they were convinced they'd both met their doppelganger, and had to get a photo. What do you think? We suppose when you think about it, clones can have a lot of similarities more than just hair color and face proportion - because these two have got the same tired expression down to a T!
image source:
It's all in those eyes and the shape of the lips, too - they definitely look similar. What do you think? We're sure their hair would look the same if the girl on the left decided to straighten hers, too... or the girl on the right curled hers!

Both share a love of not smiling

Maybe they were taking the possibility of being doppelgangers very seriously that day, or maybe they were both so similar that they didn't even need to think twice about not smiling in photos. Either way, the physical similarities of these two men is seriously spooky!
image source:
They both decided to shave their heads, for starters - or maybe both lost their hair at the same time - and then decided to make up for that by putting all that hair on their beard instead. They even have the same glasses design with the black rim at the top.

They could be brothers

They could be brothers, but they don't look happy about it! At least the guy on the right doesn't, anyway... Maybe he's still in a state of shock about bumping into someone who looks so much like him on the street. It was actually his fiance that prompted him to take a picture with this dude...
image source:
... after realizing how similar they looked! They definitely have the same taste in cool shades, we just wonder if the guy on the left has matching tattoos hiding under that hoody, too! The black hoody guy also needs a few tips on beard trimming from his doppelganger.

Can dopplegangers be different ages?

Sometimes you might bump into someone who's a lot younger than you, or a lot older, and think 'wow that looks exactly what I looked like as a kid' or 'that's what I think I'll look like when I grow up'! This woman posted this picture from a kid in her neighborhood...
image source:
... because she was convinced that they look the same. What do you think? They look very similar, sure, and we can definitely see that the girl on the left could grow up looking exactly like the woman on the right. They have the same eyes and nose shape, too.

Sometimes it's just the glasses

To be honest, a full head of hair is one of the biggest things that can set people apart from looking the same. You can have all the same facial features but look like two different people when one has a bright purple perm and the other has long black straight hair!
image source:
That's why it's much easier to find your doppelganger when you have a shaved head and stubble, like these two guys did. There wasn't much for them to match with! Though it is strange how they have exactly the same taste in glasses - and both need them! They look pretty happy about it, anyway.

Doppelganger of a different race?

These two strangers decided to take a photo together because they couldn't believe how much they looked like each other - even though one's a black guy and one's a white guy, that didn't stop them getting excited about all the similarities!
image source:
In their defence, they have exactly the same style hats, the same curly hair in their beards (which are also the same length and style) the same moustache, and the same love for oversized glasses! We can see why they must have got excited to spot each other while out and about, not least because of their bonding over beards.

Big and small

Sometimes you might even find a doppelganger that's a completely different height and weight to you. Sure, it makes it easier to spot your clone when they have the same body shape as you, but it must still be weird to bump into someone in public like this who looks EXACTLY like you...
image source:
... even dressed the same, just bigger/smaller. They definitely look like Mini Me! The guys have the same taste in shirts - even bow ties, what are the chances! - as well as identical glasses, hairstyles and similar beards. They even look like they have the same happy smiles!

Not too impressed

There are so many questions about this photo! Did the guy in front know that his doppelganger was behind him when he took it, or did he only find out later when he was looking back at the photo? Does he look unimpressed by having his picture taken...
image source:
... or less than impressed that there's another dude thinking he can pull off the same look and style? Has the guy in the back just thought he might have walked past a mirror? Either way, these guys have obviously been sharing tips on grey vests and how to wear your beard!

Big grins

But for some people when they bump into their twins out in public, it just be a joyous occasion where the only solution is to take a big beaming snap! These two strangers bumped into each other while out and realized they look very much like each other - they had to laugh about it.
image source:
It looks like they have a similar fashion sense, while definitely shopping at the same glasses place, as well as having the same smile and the same preference for how to wear their beard! They even have their hair swept to the side the same way!