How To Get An Intruder To Leave The Home

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Picture this: It's the dead of night, and you're cozily nestled in your bed, blissfully unaware of the shadowy figure lurking in your living room. But then, a creaking floorboard or the eerie rustling of your belongings wakes you from your slumber. Your heart races, and panic sets in – there's a burglar in your home! Now, we're not suggesting you welcome these uninvited visitors with a cup of tea, but there's a unique skill set that comes in handy when it's time to bid an unwelcome intruder adieu...

Put the lights on

The first thing you should do if you hear that there is an intruder in your home is to put the lights on. Put on as many lights on as possible so that the intruder immediately knows the house isn't empty. It will also mean that there are fewer hiding spots for the intruder to hide in.
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When you flood your home with light, it's a signal to the intruder that their cover is blown. The sudden brightness can startle them, forcing them to rethink. Intense lighting can also draw the attention of neighbors, who may have wondered why your home suddenly resembles a Hollywood movie set.
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Lock the door

Of course, the most important step to do as SOON as you hear any unusual sound or any sign of an intruder is to stay in your room and lock the door to protect yourself. Locking the door to your room serves as a physical barrier that can deter the intruder!
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If you have somebody with you, make sure that they are also in the same room as you and that nobody under any circumstances opens the door and exposes themselves to the intruder. There are strength in numbers, so ensuring that you're together adds an additional layer of safety.

Audibly call the police

When your cell phone is within reach, it can be your lifeline. Don't hesitate to dial the police, ensuring they're aware of the intruder's presence. This audible call serves two vital purposes: first, it initiates a faster police response, which is essential for your safety.
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Second, it broadcasts the impending arrival of law enforcement, potentially startling the intruder and increasing the likelihood of them retreating. Remember, in these situations, every moment counts, so prioritize your safety and act swiftly.

Stage a conversation

Another technique to scare away an intruder is to stage a conversation. Pretend that you are talking to somebody else so that they do not think that you are alone, as when there are multiple people in a house it is more likely to deter the intruder sooner, than if there is just you alone.
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Or, if you really are with somebody else make it known! Have an audible conversation to make them aware of whether you are alone or not. This not only increases your collective sense of security but also sends a clear message to the intruder that they are outnumbered.

Shout and make noise!

Creating a commotion by shouting and making noise is a powerful strategy to thwart an intruder. In this context, noise serves a dual purpose: it not only deters the intruder by attracting attention and potentially help but also signals to the intruder that their presence has been discovered
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This makes them more likely to flee. The more chaotic and noisy the situation, the riskier it becomes for the intruder, forcing them out. However, while making noise is a valuable tactic, always prioritize safety and avoid direct confrontation with the intruder.

Use a security app to alert people

Leveraging security apps on your smartphone is a modern and invaluable means of enhancing your safety. These apps enable you to alert designated contacts when you're in trouble, providing a crucial lifeline for assistance. In today's technology-driven world, they serve as an extra layer of protection!
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This is because they can quickly notifying trusted individuals of your predicament, allowing them to take immediate action to help you. Embrace the power of technology for your security, and use these apps to ensure that in times of need, you're never alone, and help is just a few taps away.

Use a loud instrument

Utilizing any noise-making device within close reach can be a powerful tool to unsettle an intruder and encourage their swift departure. An instrument is perfect for this, and such a tactic can be incredibly disconcerting to the intruder, increasing the chances of them fleeing your home.
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By creating a commotion through unconventional means, you not only alert potential help but also disrupt the intruder's sense of control and comfort, making it more likely they'll rethink their presence and opt for a hasty exit.

Walk loudly with heavy footsteps

To disrupt their sense of security, consider making your presence known by pacing your room with heavy, deliberate footsteps. This not only signals that someone is inside the house but also sends a clear message to the intruder that their actions have not gone unnoticed.
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It can trigger a sense of urgency, increasing the likelihood that they will choose a swift exit rather than risk getting caught. If you fear that it's not safe to make yourself known, then DON'T and contact the authorities!

Use a smart device to create noise or speak

Today, we can seamlessly communicate from our phones to our smart devices, from TVs to voice-activated assistants like Alexa. Leveraging this tech, you can remotely switch on a device or use your voice to trigger actions in your home.
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When an intruder hears a TV suddenly spring to life or your voice emanating from a speaker, it can be an eerie and spine-tingling experience for them. This unexpected intervention can be a powerful tool to startle and unsettle the intruder, often encouraging an exit.

Tell them you have a panic button

Engaging in a conversation with an intruder is strongly discouraged, as it can be risky. Instead, maintain a safe distance and make a clear, loud announcement that a panic button has been activated, alerting the police to your situation.
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Expressing that law enforcement is on the way can be a potent deterrent, as the last thing an intruder wants is to encounter the authorities. This can effectively prompt them to flee, prioritizing their escape over any potential confrontation with the police.

Create a loud bang or commotion

Creating a significant commotion is a formidable strategy against intruders, as noise is a strong deterrent. Furthermore, most property intrusions occur when the intruder believes no one is home, and there's a good chance they are unaware of your presence.
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To assert your presence and awareness, make a considerable ruckus, signaling to the intruder that they've been discovered. This not only alarms them but also increases the likelihood that they will decide to flee. The element of surprise can also scare them off!

Use a voice recording if you feel threatened

Many people who are home alone feel super vulnerable and are terrified at the thought of an intruder. Surveys have shown that women who are home alone tend to feel more vulnerable than a man, and more unable to deal with an intruder.
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And, generally, intruders may feel more threatened when they hear a male voice. And so, for people in this situation, one method is to play a male, imposing-sounding voice from your phone so they think that you're a man! Pretty smart don't you think?

Call your dog

Police authorities often emphasize the effectiveness of dogs as intruder deterrents. Dogs not only create a lot of noise but also introduce an unpredictable element, as intruders cannot predict how a dog will react to their unauthorized presence.
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If you have a dog, calling them can immediately signal to the intruder that something is amiss, prompting your furry friend to bark, which can be a significant source of alarm for the intruder. The combination of factors regarding the dog's response can drive the intruder to leave.

Speak confidently and assertively

In the event that you need to communicate with the intruder to assert your presence, it's essential to do so confidently and assertively. Speaking with a strong and steady voice is crucial, as it conveys a sense of authority and can make the intruder feel threatened by you.
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If the other way around, then the intruder will feel they have the control and take advantage. Keeping your voice from shaking and sounding imposing, even if you may feel the opposite, is vital. This approach can potentially disrupt the intruder's sense of control.

Stay on a phone call

Alerting someone on the outside, alongside your trusty call to the police, can turn the tide in your favor with a touch of theatrical flair. Keep them on the line, engaging in a dramatic dialogue that the intruder can't help but overhear.
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As they eavesdrop, the realization dawns that their uninvited appearance is no secret. Multiple sets of ears are now tuned in to their misadventures, and the cavalry is on the way. The thought of an impending rescue mission becomes an enticing exit strategy that many intruders simply can't resist.

Avoid confrontation!

Here's the golden rule: when you've got an unwelcome guest in your home, the last thing you want is a dramatic showdown worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Seriously, we're talking about someone who thought it was a good idea to crash your place unannounced, and that's already a red flag.
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You're no mind reader; you can't predict what this intruder is capable of – they could be a wannabe burglar, or just plain lost. So, steer clear, maintain a safe distance, and let's avoid any impromptu choreographed action sequences. You don't want to infuriate this person if they've got a temper!

Use an automated speaker system

When you've got an intruder on your hands, whip out your smartphone, and let the show begin. Activate your voice to emanate mysteriously from a speaker, leaving the intruder baffled and on edge. They won't have a clue where you are, whether you're right behind them, or lurking in the shadows.
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The element of surprise and the disorienting effect of your voice emanating from seemingly nowhere can give them a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. So, with a sprinkle of technological sorcery, you can send that intruder packing! Use it to your advantage.

Play a recording of an alarm

You may not have an alarm system, or you may not have an alarm close to you that you can press - but they don't need to know that! In fact, fool them into thinking the opposite. Google a security alarm on your phone and play it as loud as you can.
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If you can connect it to a louder device, like your Alexa, even better! Hopefully, it will have the intended effect! Even if the intruder questions it it isn't real, the element of doubt and the sound alone will spook them, and no doubt send them on their way!

Set off your smoke alarm if you don't have access to your home alarm

Another possibility to make your intruder leave is to set off your fire alarm! You may not have a house security system, but each room SHOULD have a fire alarm or a smoke alarm. And of course, in the absence of fire, they will not be sounding but you can press the button manually.
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This loud alarm will make the intruder think that they have triggered your security. If this is your method of choice, avoid the use of actual fire and look for alternative methods... you don't want a house fire as well as an intruder!

Express that you're armed

This tip to try and make your intruder leave is only something you should even consider doing if you are truly safe, in a safe room or a room with a secure lock. Otherwise, you could aggravate them and make things a lot worse.
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If you are safe you could try alerting the intruder to the fact that you are armed in an attempt to scare them off your property - even if it's not true! If this still doesn't scare them off (it definetly should) then explore other alternatives to get rid of your intruder!

Pretend that you have CCTV

Usually, intruders now come covered up with hoods or masks to avoid the possibility of cameras, yet they do not usually think that there will be cameras inside, and they do not like it if they cannot see where the cameras are.
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They will of course be scared if you tell them you have CCTV because while they know you could be bluffing, they'll also know that it would not be uncommon for people to have today. This is a slightly safer alternative to pretending you have a weapon...

Pretend that you're sick

This one is a little bit far-fetched but it's worth a try. You could pretend to be super sick or infectious by staging a loud cough or fit of sneezes in the hopes that they are scared to catch something from you, thinking that you are contagious.
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It's definitely not a guaranteed method, but you never know, your intruder may be scared of catching a horrible cold or virus! Now that we're in our Coronavirus era, it might not be a bad idea as an intruder might not want to take the risk...

Inform them that they're being recorded

Consider this scenario: you find yourself confronting an unwanted visitor in your home. In a firm and clear tone, you let them know that they're under observation and being recorded. The feeling of being watched is unnerving, even for the intruder.
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Being documented, coupled with the fact that police is already in the loop, they will likely distance themselves from your property. After all, no criminal wants to face the legal repercussions of their actions, and they'll do their best to avoid it.

Don't reveal yourself

When you have an intruder it is hard to know the intention behind why they are in your home in the first place. Are they there randomly? Was it targeted or is it just an opportunist? Never take the risk of showing them who you are, as they could be in your home for a more sinister reason...
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Do they want to take your valuables or are they there because of some personal disagreement they have had with your or someone who lives in your home? For this reason, it's safer NOT-to reveal yourself! This is a job for the law enforcement, leave it up to them!

Pretend to call your neighbor and say they're arriving soon

One of the benefits of the majority of houses is that they have a close neighbor. This often puts intruders off or makes them more wary and skittish because they realize they are surrounded. However, even in the case of not having a neighbor, you can still pretend that anyone is on their way.
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This could be a family member, your spouse, or your friend, just make it believable that they are actually on their way. If the intruder is made to believe that someone is on their way over, it will force them to leave as the chances of them being caught in the act will increase greatly!

Play a recorded conversation or dog barking

Sometimes it may not be wise to speak if you have an inkling that this intruder knows you personally and may recognize your voice, it could be safer to play a recorded conversation on a random voice changing/ masking app!
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We've already established that a dog is the perfect intruder deterrent, but if you don't have one, playing a recording of a dog barking to alarm them is another great alternative. This way you can make it sound threatening even if it is just you alone in your room!

Follow the law requirements

Even though you have an intruder in your home and they are breaking the law, don't break the law yourself. Make sure that you do not break law requirements! While it might be tempting to take matters into your own hands, the repercussions of it are not worth it... AT ALL!!
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If not, no matter how unfair it may seem (they broke into YOUR home) you could find that you face repercussions. So stick to the lawful advice to ensure that you are protected physically, but also by the law! Remember, the experts can handle the situation, and you can rest assured that justice will be served.

Never unlock your door!

Our responses can vary when an intruder is present in the home, from the instinct to flee to the inclination to confront the threat head-on. However, in this case, the latter is a course of action you should never pursue. Under no circumstances should you unlock your door or open it to investigate!
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The reason is simple: you cannot predict the intentions or actions of an individual who has unlawfully entered your home. It's far safer to prioritize your personal security by staying behind locked doors and windows while contacting the authorities for professional intervention.

Stay calm and try not to panic

Staying calm in the face of an intruder may seem like an oversimplified piece of advice, especially when your heart is racing and adrenaline is surging through your veins. But, in reality, it's crucial. When your surroundings feel like they're in turmoil, maintaining composure is your greatest ally.
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Why? Because it's during moments of panic and emotional turbulence that hasty, ill-considered decisions are more likely to occur. By keeping a level head, you're better equipped to think clearly and make rational choices that prioritize your safety.

Wait for emergency help

When an intruder invades your personal space, your top priority should be ensuring the safety of yourself and anyone else in the house. While it's essential to make the intruder aware of your presence as a deterrent, it's equally crucial to avoid exposing yourself to potential danger.
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Instead, remain in the secure location, making clear that you're inside and that the authorities have been alerted. By letting the intruder know that you're not alone and that help is on the way, you send a strong message that their unlawful actions won't go unchallenged.

The best ways to keep your home safe against intruders: get lights for your drive or garden

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Keeping your home safe inside is very important, and the interior is what most people focus on in terms of locks and upgrades - but remember about lighting up the outside of your home, too! The more lights you can put outside your home - especially motion-detecting lights around blind sports - the more this will serve as a deterrent for anyone trying to sneak up.

Keep eyes on your home even when you're not there

With cameras that beam live video feeds straight to your smartphone, you can become the ultimate guardian, even from miles away. These smart security cams detect motion and alert you when something's afoot – talk about futuristic!
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Plus, you've got the power of cloud storage to store all the action and can create cool automation tricks, like lights turning on when trouble's brewing. It's a high-tech security sidekick that not only watches over your fortress but lets you play the hero!

Have a security alarm that's visible

Having a security alarm in general is a key step to limit your chances of an intruder, but having one that's very visible is a great deterrent for people eyeing up your home. This is an added layer of protection you may not have thought of before.
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If wannabe thieves can see that you have a security alarm installed, they're going to be less likely to try and break in in the first place, rather than trying it and then having the alarm go off! So the more visible you can make it, the better.

Don't forget about security around your gates or fences

When securing your home, you might focus a lot on the front door and windows - and rightly so - while forgetting about the entry points to your property further afield, especially if you have a huge garden or yard, when it comes to the outside gates, fences or hedges.
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If they're not secured properly, or built high enough, someone could easily get in. Make sure there are no gaps in your fences as they could make for an entrance. Once the inside of your house is protected, it's vital that you factor in the outside too!

Be careful with your spare keys!

We know that most people like to keep a spare key outside their house as a backup, like under the mat or in a flowerpot, and it's nice to think you live in a safe enough community to do this. But unfortunately, real life isn't quite like the movies...
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If you care about home security, you probably shouldn't be hiding your spare key anywhere a passerby could look for it - especially because they're likely to look in those places! If you never have a neighbor you trust, leave your spare key with them for emergencies.

Always find a way to see who's at the door first

Never open the door when you're not expecting anyone, or even if you are expecting someone and you haven't checked if it's them first! Video doorbells are the most obvious choices these days for front door security to check who's knocking.
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Failing that, you can get glass fitted somewhere on your door to see through, get a spyhole, or even poke your head out of a window first to see who it is! Without it, it's a very easy way for intruders to make it into your home... it's scary, but true!

Make sure any outbuildings are secured, too

If you have any sort of building outside your main home, like a garage, shed, summerhouse or storage, then make sure all of this is properly secured too. This is not only because of securing the valuables that you store in them from theft...
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...but also because if someone can get inside them, they might decide to hide and wait for an opportunity to get into your home. Certain intruders won't feel comfortable entering your home due to its high risk, so will opt for smaller, outdoor storage instead.

Secure your garden items

If you've spent a lot of time and money on creating a relaxing garden space, complete with chairs, sofas, tables, accessories, fairy lights... anything at all, then you also need to think about securing these items, too. You're obviously just going to leave them outside when you're in the home...
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...but these are still valuables that could be storing, so you might want to think about packing them away or securing them down to the ground. If an intruder sees the opportunity to take things, a rolex or a sunlounger, they will; you must consider EVERYTHING.

Get bike storage, too!

If you're a cyclist and have expensive bikes kept at your home, too, these can also catch the eye of wannabe thieves, especially if you usually just leave them outside your home, in your garden or in view. If you do, you're asking for someone to help themselves!
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Bike storage is a great thing to have in your garden if you're serious about having (and keeping) bikes. It can be a specific bike store, or just put them in your garage or shed. Having proper precautions in place for your bikes will deter the intruder away.

Don't forget to secure your car

If your car is parked outside your home, whether on the street or on the driveway, this can also be a beacon to wannabe intruders. Not only can the make and style of your car draw attention to your property (if it's showy and flashy)...
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...but if you keep valuables in it, this can make it more likely to be a target for thieves breaking in - and they may want to get into your home, too. Take the extra time each evening to double check that the doors are locked and no valuables are on show!

Gravel is a great thing to have

Using gravel in your outdoor space can play a role in enhancing security by creating a surface that is loud and crunchy underfoot, which can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. The distinctive noise made when someone walks on gravel can make it difficult for individuals to approach your property quietly or stealthily, thereby alerting you to their presence.
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However, it's essential to recognize that gravel should not be the sole or primary security measure. It is most effective when combined with other security elements, such as adequate outdoor lighting, fencing, gates, security alarm systems, participation in neighborhood watch programs, and the installation of security cameras.

Use plants as your home's bodyguards

When landscaping around your home's front and back doors, consider using "aggressive" plants like holly bushes or cacti, which feature spiky or thorny characteristics. These types of plants can serve as natural deterrents for potential intruders, as their presence makes it unappealing for thieves to hide or approach your property.
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Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to your front and backyard, but they also contribute to your overall security strategy by creating physical barriers and discouraging unauthorized access.

Try to keep valuables out of sight

While it's natural to take pride in your hard-earned possessions and want to display them, it's essential to exercise caution when placing very expensive items near windowsills or in proximity to your front door, where they might be visible through a letterbox.
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Doing so can inadvertently tempt potential intruders who can easily spot what you have, creating an enticing target for theft. To maintain both security and the enjoyment of your belongings, consider alternative, less conspicuous display options!

Keep your keys away from the front door

Many people habitually keep their keys near the front door, often in a bowl or on a hook, given its practicality. However, it's important to recognize that intruders have become increasingly inventive, even using magnets to access keys through the letterbox.
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Even if you believe your key hook is positioned out of reach, the risk remains. Therefore, it's advisable to consider alternative key storage locations to enhance your home's security. Keeping keys elsewhere can mitigate the potential vulnerability of your home to such creative intrusion methods and safeguard your property.

Always make it look like someone is home

To create the illusion of being at home when you're actually not, it's crucial to avoid leaving your home in complete darkness, as it can signal your absence. Instead, keep lights switched on in various rooms, vary their timings, and consider using timers or smart lighting systems to simulate activity.
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Closing blinds or curtains can prevent outsiders from peering inside and deducing your absence. Additionally, playing music at a low volume or keeping the TV on can further reinforce the impression that someone is present, enhancing the security of your home and deterring potential intruders.

Upgrading windows and locks is a worthy investment

Upgrading your home's windows can be a significant investment, and it might not always seem like a priority. However, if you have outdated windows, particularly single-pane ones without secure locking systems, they represent a vulnerable entry point for potential intruders.
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Upgrading your windows, offers the advantage of improved security through options like double glazing, enhanced locking mechanisms, and the addition of other features. This not only bolsters your home's protection against break-ins but also provides benefits in terms of energy efficiency!

Survey your own home for possible vulnerabilities

Regularly inspecting the exterior of your home is a crucial security practice. When you do so, try to shift your perspective from being a resident to that of a potential intruder, identifying vulnerabilities and issues.
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This includes assessing the absence of security lighting outside or any malfunctioning windows or doors. This proactive approach allows you to address security weaknesses, ensuring your home is less appealing and more resistant to potential threats while also enhancing your overall safety awareness.

Don't forget about your attic

Homeowners often overlook the security of their attic space, and some unsettling stories involve individuals breaking in and secretly residing there. This is especially concerning if you have a large attic with potential access points like attic windows or holes in older structures' walls.
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To safeguard your home, it's crucial to inspect your attic thoroughly, sealing any unneeded openings, ensuring windows are secure, and considering additional security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Maintaining vigilance regarding this helps protect your home from potential intruders!

Think ahead about deliveries while you're away

When you're away for longer periods, it's important to think about what's regularly delivered to your door, whether it's food, subscriptions, or even old-fashioned milk deliveries. Having packages piling up outside is like a big sign saying, "Nobody's home!"
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To avoid this obvious indicator of your absence, consider putting your subscriptions on hold. It not only keeps your home secure but also prevents the telltale signs of vacancy from accumulating on your doorstep.

Get to know your neighbors

Building a rapport with your neighbors can significantly enhance neighborhood security. Establishing a relationship with those next door increases the likelihood of them keeping an eye on your property as part of their daily routine.
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As they get to know you better, they become familiar with your normal schedule, making it easier to identify unusual or suspicious activity. Additionally, when you're away on vacation, you can ask them to watch over your home, creating a network of trust and support that bolsters the overall security of your community.