Hottest Hunks In The NFL

By Sophie 7 months ago

1. Saquon Barkley

image source: reddit.comThe New York Giants running back was born in The Bronx started his career in high school, where he was involved in a number of sports including basketball and track and field. When he was 4, he and his family moved to a town in Pennsylvania, who celebrate the annual "Saquon Barkley Day" on March 14.

2. Jaire Alexander

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Alexander was a sought after player for the Green Bay Packers, as he was signed on a $12.05 million dollar contract back in 2018. To keep up his impressive build, he once admitted to "want[ing] steak every day", however his favorite food is chicken alfredo.

3. Christian McCaffrey

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The Colorado-born running back has professional sports in his blood, with his dad having also been in the NFL, and his mom a soccer player. He plays the piano and harmonica where he uploads videos to his social media. He once produced a documentary called "Unicorn Town", after he studied film in college.

4. Jalen Hurts

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The Texan supports women in sports by employing a management team made up solely of females! His impressive career has seen him sign a $255 million dollar contract this year, meaning he'll play for the Philadelphia Eagles for the next five years, whose players released the album A Philly Special Christmas.

5. Robert Woods

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Wide receiver for the Houston Texans, Robert Woods, followed in the footsteps of his NFL star father of the same name, after his older sister sadly passed away from cancer. She encouraged his football career and spoke of him being a "role model" to her as she got sicker. RIP Olivia Woods.

6. Justin Pugh

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At 6ft5in and 307lbs, it is quite fitting that Pugh plays for the New York Giants. He majored in finance which is a world away from his football career however it makes for an intelligent game. One scout said he's "like a coach on the field" - a great potential future for him when he retires from the NFL!

7. Mike Badgley

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Born in 1995, Badgley has had a colorful career playing for four NFL teams in the year he's been active. He currently plays for the Detroit Lions, where it is said that his net worth is between $15 million and $20 million. Not bad for a guy born in the 90s!

8. DJ Moore

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As of 2023, Moore is in his 6th season for the Carolina Bears, where he has been their wide receiver since 2018. He once said that he always drinks a Mountain Dew and eats a bowl of pasta before any game, which judging by his game, is a meal of champions!

9. Tom Brady

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Brady retired from playing professional football in 2023, after initially retiring the year prior but coming back for a final season. He has an interesting family history, with his great uncle being World War II's first prisoner of war from the states.

10. Odell Beckham Jr.

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Louisiana born Beckham excelled in sports during high school, playing football, soccer, basketball and track and field. When his home state was hit by the flood of 2016, Odell just had to help, donating half a million dollars from his jersey sales to help with reparations. 

11. Sauce Gardner

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The Detroit-born cornerback's real name is Ahmad, and he plays for the New York Jets. He's had the nickname since he was only six years old and it has followed him due to his style of football-playing. It's no wonder he made it to the NFL if he's been playing for that long!

12. Travis Kelce

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Another footballer standing at 6ft5in (you wouldn't want to be tackled by these guys), Kelce is also a charitable individual. Due to his upbringing in a very diverse environment, where the rich/poor divide was massive, he founded The 87 & Running Foundation, which offers the underprivileged youth programs to help them succeed.

13. Danny Amendola

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Amendola is a wide receiver-turned-coach, as he retired from professional football in 2022. He now coaches the Las Vegas Raiders after his career playing for multiple different teams. Danny once revealed that his voice didn't lower as he hit puberty, earning him the nickname "Squeaky" when he was in middle school.

14. Jimmy Garopollo

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It's likely that Danny Amendola coaches Jimmy, as he plays quarterback for The Las Vegas Raiders. He began his career as a back up player (only playing when other players couldn't), and became back up for Tom Brady who he idolized. His friends call him "Jimmy G" and he has a net worth of $88 million!

15. Julian Edelman

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Edelman retired from professional football in 2021, having played for the New England Patriots. Not only is he a sportsperson, he is also a writer having published two children's book which we think is very sweet. One of them is somewhat autobiographical and is based on his game.

16. Patrick Mahomes

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The quarterback for Kansas City almost didn't have a football career, as he favored baseball for much of his youth. You might recognize him from the documentary Quarterback which was released on Netflix in 2023, along with some of his fellow teammates.

17. Drake London

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Drake is just starting out in the NFL, having only played professional football for two years as of 2023. Great things are expected from the youngster, who is currently playing for the Atlanta Falcons. Like most football players, London played a number of sports in high school, including basketball.

18. Von Miller

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Von Miller has an interesting career; not only is he linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, he's also a chicken farmer! And his talents don't end there - in 2016 he came eighth on Dancing With The Stars and managed to bag $30,000 for his Von's Vision charity on Wheel Of Fortune. What a champ!

19. Joey Bosa

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Football in in Joey Bosa's blood, with his father, brother, cousin, uncle, great-uncle and grandfather, all having careers in the NFL. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Chargers and is one of the highest paid players in the NFL as his contract for the team was for $135million!

20. Tee Higgins

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Tee Higgins turned down multiple basketball scholarships as he decided to focus on a football career. He now plays for Cincinnati Bengals after signing an $8.6 million contract which will see him play as their wide receiver until at least 2022. We're glad he stuck with football!

21. Stefon Diggs

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Another Buffalo Bills star, Stefon started his career in high school, playing for the Maryland Terrapins. His father died when Stefon was just 14, forcing him to take care of his two younger brothers. He went to college nearby so he could still watch out for them, what a great big bro!

22. Mark Andrews

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Andrews has never let his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis get in the way of his dreams, as he signed for the Baltimore Ravens in 2018. He uses his experience to support others, by helping them to understand how to live with the condition which for some can be debilitating. Go Mark!

23. Justin Jefferson

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The Minnesota Vikings wide receiver has gained many accolades through his short career, including the Offensive Player Of The Year in 2022. A fun fact about Jefferson, is that during celebrations, he performs the dance move "The Griddy", which has been featured on the video game Fortnite.

24. Cooper Kupp

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Cooper has followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who both played in the NFL, as he signed for the Los Angeles Rams back in 2017. He is a family man and has three sons with his wife, Anna Crosskrey, who he lives with between California and Oregon, depending on whether or not football is in season.

25. Will Fuller

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Fuller's career has been short-lived, as he signed for the Miami Dolphins in 2021, but unfortunately broke his thumb one month into the season. He was absent from all the games in 2022 and hasn't been re-signed. We really hope this isn't the end for Will!

26. Adam Thielen

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A lifelong Vikings fan, Adam signed with the team back in 2013. He played for them for ten years before signing for the Carolina Panthers in 2023, where he is due to stay for at least three years. He is married to Caitlin Thielen, a lifestyle blogger who shares pictures of their family on social media.

27. Chase Young

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Many of Young's family members work in law enforcement, which is a career path he almost went down as he studied criminology in college. He now plays in a defensive position for the Washington Commanders, however missed much of the 2022 season due to a knee injury.

28. Rick Lovato

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Rick's family own a deli in New Jersey, where he worked for a time before becoming a professional football player. He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and boasts that he is the most flexible out of all of his teammates - we'd like to see him demonstrate!

29. CeeDee Lamb

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CeeDee Lamb moved to Texas after Hurricane Katrina, a twist of fate that seemed to work out for his football career. He signed for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020, which will see him as their wide receiver until at least 2024. He's sadly experienced lots of tragedy in his life, but honors those he has lost by working hard to be the best version of himself.

30. JJ Watt

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Watt retired from professional football in 2022 after experiencing a heart condition, however his younger brothers continue his legacy in the NFL. After playing for the Houston Texans, Texas has a very special place in his heart, which led him to raise and donate $37 million to the state after Hurricane Harvey.