Hilarious Knock Off Stores You Won’t Believe Exist

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Welcome, savvy shoppers and connoisseurs of the comically bizarre! Prepare to embark on a retail rollercoaster through the wacky wonderland of knockoff stores—where imitation isn't just flattery; it's an art form! Picture this: a world where "Brands" meet "Blands," and "Designer" becomes "De-signer…-ish." Yes, folks, we're diving headfirst into the realm of hilariously eccentric knockoff stores that defy the norms of imitation with a flair for the ridiculous.

1. KKFC - not quite Colonel Sanders' recipe!

Ah, the tantalizing aroma of fried chicken! In the vibrant streets of Nepal stands a beacon of poultry temptation, a store adorned with a bird logo and vibrant red packaging that triggers an immediate sense of déjà vu. At first glance, it's easy to mistake it for the renowned Colonel Sanders'...
Image source: YouTube
This fried chicken store in Nepal, with the bird logo and the easily recognisable red packaging, might look familiar and get those taste buds going.  However, it's more a case of "fraud" chicken rather than fried as, if you look again, it's not the Colonel Sanders fast food place we love.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. King Burger - a mix up with the original brand

Picture this: you're strolling down the bustling streets, hunger pangs gnawing at your insides, and the mere thought of sinking your teeth into a succulent Burger King Whopper sends your taste buds into a frenzy. Your eyes land on a familiar sign...
Image source: Insider
So, when you're yearning for a burger and fries, wondering whether to go large because Burger King's food always hits the spot for a hungry tummy, stop right there.  All is not as it seems and you could end up bitterly disappointed.  This copy cat store has taken the trouble to re-arrange two words and fool everyone!

3. MaDonal - sign writer has gone MaD

Ah, the golden arches beckon—a symbol of comfort, satisfaction, and the promise of a familiar, delightful meal. MacDonald's, the haven for those seeking solace in a double cheeseburger, the satisfying crunch of salty fries, and the sweet indulgence of a banana milkshake.
Image source: Insider
You might treat yourself to a MacDonald's meal deal when you're happy, when you're sad or when you're hungry!  The taste of those crispy, salty fries are a perfect side to a double cheeseburger and banana milkshake.  Not quite - you could end up with something that tastes very different.  Read the signage again!

4. Pizza Hat - hat's off for almost fooling us!

In the bustling streets of Iran, amidst the lively tapestry of culture and cuisine, lies a treasure trove of fast-food establishments—favorites among the locals, bustling hubs of flavors and fervor. Imagine yourself wandering through the vibrant alleys, craving a slice...
Image source: Quora
Iran has a whole host of famous fast food chains and they are extremely popular - with Iranians!  If you happen to be passing one, whilst you are in the country, with pizza on your mind, don't expect the stuffed crust delight to taste the same as the one from your neighborhood Pizza Hut.  The menu may be similar but that is where it stops!

5. Stars & Bucks - making big bucks from the name!

Ah, the familiar dilemma at the heart of every caffeine aficionado: the caramel latte, the classic Americano, or perhaps the frothy delight of a cappuccino? The size conundrum looms large—regular or large, the eternal quandary of coffee lovers.
Image source: Business Insider
What's it to be - caramel latte, Americano or cappuccino?  What size do you want - regular or large?  Starbucks in the States may be your second home and you know the drinks menu off by heart but here, in Bethlehem (of all places!), forget sacred coffee house and think knock off alternative.

6. Duffin Dagels - same initials but same donuts?

Ah, the irresistible allure of Dunkin' Donuts—a haven for those unable to resist the siren call of delicious, freshly baked pastries. Picture this: in America, millions find themselves helplessly drawn to the mouthwatering aroma and colorful displays of delectable treats.
Image source: Duffindagels.es
If you are partial to a Dunkin' Donut, then join the club.  Millions of Americans are unable to control their cravings when they pass a store.  The donuts are literally inviting you in to buy them.  Spain has invented it's own version.  The donuts have been replicated and the name of the store has only used Dunkin's initials to entice us in.

7. Subday - when everyday is a foot long!

Ah, the quintessential Subway—a sanctuary for those seeking a hint of health in their fast-food indulgence. The allure lies not just in the promise of footlong sandwiches but in the freedom to customize, to embellish that breaded canvas with an array of vibrant, crisp salads.
Image source: The Sun
This can only be described as "sub" standard branding in an attempt to get you to your familiar Subway outlet.  We like Subway because you can have a partially healthy lunch by adding various salads on to your foot long roll.  Not sure you'll get the same taste and freshness at this knock off food store.

8. Nibe - cross that tick off the list!

Ah, the compelling allure of brand names—their logos emblazoned on clothing, handbags, and footwear, signaling status, quality, and a sense of belonging. In a world where our choices often reflect our desire to fit in, the idea of striding confidently in a pair of Walmart-branded trainers...
Image source: Business Insider
We are all aware that you pay more for a branded item, whether it clothes, handbags or footwear.  In a society where we want to fit in with our peers, we wouldn't dream of wearing Walmart's trainers and would probably go for Nike.  What you don't want to do is buy a pair from "Nibe" in China!

9. Dolce & Gabbana - with a side of Banana Republic!

Ah, the allure of designer indulgence—a well-deserved treat after a month of hard work, a tangible reward for the toil and dedication. In the realm of haute couture, names like Dolce & Gabbana stand as beacons of elegance, offering beautifully crafted, high-quality products.
Image source: Quora
Treating yourself to a designer item, when you get your monthly pay packet, is quite acceptable.  After all, you've worked all month and want something to show for it.  Dolce & Gabbana offer beautiful, well made products.  Not sure if Dolce & Banana offer the same quality!

10. 5 -Twelve - when 7-Eleven is too inconvenient!

Ah, the lifesaving oasis of convenience stores—a beacon of hope in the wee hours, rescuing us from the clutches of hunger pangs and last-minute cravings. Picture this: it's 10 p.m., and the yearning for a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream strikes. Fear not, for a nearby 7-Eleven stands ready.
Image source: The Sun
If we didn't have convenience stores, we'd starve!  What would we do if we needed Ben and Jerry's at 10pm?  Lucky for you, you'll find a 7-Eleven store not far from your home but what if you are desperate for cookies at 11.30pm?  No problem at this chain of stores who have taken the original idea and expanded it!

11. Google Store - but not as you know it!

Ah, the omnipresence of Google stores—an expanding empire that has become a magnet for the tech-savvy populace, especially the younger generations. The mere mention of a Google store conjures images of cutting-edge gadgets, immersive tech experiences, and the promise of innovative products.
Image source: Business Insider
Google stores are popping up all over the world and it's no surprise as they are really popular, especially with younger age groups.  There may be a sense of disappointment if you are using google maps to get to this store.  Never mind - you can pick up some broccoli for dinner!

12. Apple Store - electronics and healthy eating combo

Ah, the illustrious Apple store—a bastion of sleek gadgets, cutting-edge technology, and an unparalleled customer experience. Despite its premium price tags, this haven for all things Apple has maintained an unrelenting momentum, drawing in crowds seeking the latest in innovation and design.
Image source: Insider
The Apple store, despite retailing expensive electronic products and accessories, has never lost momentum and you usually have to make an appointment to speak to a technical person.  The healthy business featured here can offer you cut prices, right down to the core!

13. Binbows software error?

Ah, the colossal presence of Microsoft in the realm of software products, reigning supreme with their widely used Windows operating system. Their dominance in the market is undeniable, their name synonymous with the very fabric of personal computing.
Image source: The Sun
Microsoft seem to have the majority of the market when we speak about software products, particularly Windows.  If you are experiencing an issue with this program, rest assured that Michaelsoft Binbows (are they taking the mickey?) will do their best to sort you out.

14. Adomino Pizza - getting a slice of the action!

In the cutthroat world of fast-food dominance, there's a pizza giant that reigns supreme—Domino's, capturing a significant chunk of the market and leaving rival companies green with envy. For those struggling to lure pizza enthusiasts through their doors, there emerges a cunning strategy.
Image source: Business Insider
When a fast food chain gathers up so much of the pizza market, there can be a sense of jealousy from other companies that struggle.  Sometimes there's only one thing to do to get pizza lovers through the door and that is to pose as Domino's but with a little extra on the wording.

15. Mike - fits like a glove!

Ah, the eternal struggle of parents contending with their kids' demands for branded clothing and footwear—a relentless cycle of fashion trends and growth spurts that can drive even the most patient guardians to the brink. Enter the common scenario: children clamoring for famous names.
Image source: Reddit
Kids can drive their parents mad when it comes to demanding famous names for their clothing and footwear.  On top of that, they grow out of stuff all too quickly and you have to rebuy.  I know of a discount store, Mike, who are competitively priced but, hang on, what's amiss?

16. Fony - get the picture?

Ah, the marvels of modern technology—the mobile phone, a miniature powerhouse that fits snugly in our pockets, doubling as a sophisticated camera capable of capturing stunning photos. With its prowess and the ability to edit images to perfection using various apps.
Image source: Reddit
Mobile phones are awesome at taking great photos and you can photoshop them so they look perfect.  If you are really into photography though, then you may prefer to use a camera.  They are expensive but last for years.  Not sure this one will stand the test of time!

17. Kat Kot - give us a break!

Ah, the irresistible allure of a Kit Kat—a classic wafer biscuit that has been a beloved treat for many, offering a delightful crunch and a moment of indulgence. Yet, in the face of rising costs of living, the price of this cherished snack has soared, while its size has dwindled, leaving consumers pondering.
Image source: Reddit
Who doesn't love a Kit Kat at any time of the day?  With the cost of living, the price of this classic wafer biscuit has risen and the size of it has shrunk.  If you want value for money and don't mind a second rate snack, go for a Kat Kot - it doesn't quite roll off the tongue!

18. Meats- can you Beat it?

Ah, the era of the giant headphones—those conspicuous audio companions that adorned the heads of music lovers, becoming almost an extension of their persona. Some individuals seemed inseparable from these heady audio devices, prompting playful jests about the need for a near-surgical detachment.
Image source: Reddit
A few years ago, everyone was going around with giant headphones and some individuals had to be almost surgically detached from theirs!  Then bluetooth earbuds broke onto the scene but unless you bought a decent pair, they didn't last long.  Beats by Dr Dre were the ones to go for but we found some cheaper ones right here!

19. I Think It Tastes Like Butter - can you believe it?

In the bustling aisles of the grocery store, the chilled section stands as a sanctuary of choices—a myriad of brands vying for attention, each presenting its version of the same product, beckoning consumers with promises of quality at varying prices.
Image source: Reddit
Visit the chilled aisle in your grocery store and you will be bombarded by different brands of the same product.  We often go for a cheaper option if we are watching the cents.  The product in this image isn't so much asking to be purchased as speaking its thoughts out loud.

20. Prongles - get your teeth into those!

Ah, the undeniable allure of Pringles—the quintessential snack that has an uncanny ability to captivate taste buds and create a craving that's hard to resist. Whether you find solace in the tangy delight of sour cream and chives or revel in the smoky richness of BBQ flavor, Pringles have a knack.
Image source: Reddit
Pringles are addictive and I know I'm not alone in saying this.  I'm a sour cream and chives kind of person although my other half swears by bbq flavor and can polish off a whole tub of them without offering them around!  If you are getting through Pringles like there's no tomorrow, then stock up (maybe) and save by purchasing it's knock off sister, Prongles!

21. My Little Fashion Horse?

Ah, the nostalgic wave that washes over us when reminiscing about childhood toys, like the cherished memories of playing with My Little Pony—a magical world of colorful equines that captured the hearts and imaginations of many youngsters.
Image source: Reddit
Now that takes me back.  I remember playing with My Little Pony when I was young and my mom used to say it was the only thing that kept me quiet and stopping me arguing with my siblings.  You'll have something to shout about when you see the special offer at a fraction of the cost.  Welcome to Fashion Horse.

22. Soda Scam!

Ah, the eternal debate on soda's divine taste—why does it seem to reach its pinnacle of deliciousness when sipped from a bottle? The icy refreshment of a Coca-Cola or the zesty burst of a Sprite, each satisfying the palate with a unique fizzy sensation.
Image source: Reddit
Why is it that soda tastes so much better out of the bottle?  An ice cold Coke or a zingy Sprite always hits the spot.  The bottles are more costly than cans but it's worth it.  It can be even more cost effective if you go for an alternative - looks the same but doesn't taste the same.

23. Movable Stick -if only there was proper name for it!

In the world of culinary tools, the rolling pin stands as a quintessential item—a seemingly generic tool known for its ability to flatten dough and assist in creating delectable baked goods. Traditionally perceived as a nameless, utilitarian device, one might assume that such an everyday item would be free from any branding or association with a specific brand.
Image source: Reddit
Surely a rolling pin is a generic name and not associated with a brand.  The makers of this knock off copy had other ideas and thought there could be a patent on the words so they had to come up with another punchy name.  They hit it big time when they called it a moveable stick.

24. The Huge Mountain - Is that the best they could do?

Absolutely, creativity has a way of dazzling us, especially when it comes to innovative branding and nomenclature. It's almost enviable how some individuals possess that knack for crafting names that not only catch our eye but also cater to our budgetary considerations.
Image source: Reddit
Some people are so creative, it's easy to become envious of them.  They can impress us with coming up with names to catch our attention and be kind to our bank balance.  When looking to  buy a sweatshirt, instead of The North Side, dress with confidence and get The Huge Mountain.

25. Game Child - to be politically correct!

Ah, the intricacies of navigating a world where sensitivity and inclusivity are paramount—where the beloved Gameboy, a once-revered handheld gaming device, might be perceived as exclusionary in its nomenclature.
Image source: Daily Mail
These days we have to be so careful not to offend anyone or anything!  The era of the Gameboy may be well and truly behind us because some over sensitive beings might say it's not just for boys.  The problem was well and truly solved with the name Game Child!

26. Adidos -something's not quite right!

Ah, the enduring legacy of Adidas—an iconic brand that has woven itself into the fabric of fashion and athletic wear over the years. From its meteoric rise as a symbol of style to its slight decline in popularity, only to re-emerge stronger than ever, the brand's journey through the fashion landscape has been nothing short of remarkable.
Image source: Daily Mail
The brand Adidas has been around forever.  From being the height of fashion, then dropping down the ranks but making a resurgence some years later, it's no wonder that the knock off brands worked until midnight on their latest range - just a vowel out of place.

27. Snipers - dangerous chocolate

Ah, the nostalgia-inducing Marathon bar—a beloved treat that adorned the candy landscape of the '80s, enthralling the taste buds of many with its deliciousness. As time progressed, the confection underwent a transformation, a rebranding maneuver that saw it emerge under a new name—Snickers.
Image source: Flickr
I'm young enough to have been a fan of the Marathon bar in the eighties.  Rebranding it to attract a different audience, the makers decided on Snickers.  It tasted the same so we weren't concerned.  We were a tad put out though when we saw you could get the equivalent, Snipers!  Doesn't have that same pull.

28. Crust - mouth watering!

Ah, the realm of toothpaste—the domain typically free from the intrusion of knockoff brands, where store brands often opt for unique names and designs to distinguish themselves. Yet, in a surprising twist, there emerges a peculiar deviation from the norm—a knockoff.
Image source: Daily Mail
It's unusual to see a knock off brand when we are talking toothpaste.  If there is a store's own make, they would probably make up a completely different name.  To go to such lengths as to copy the design of a well known toothpaste and make it sound disgusting might not have been the plan but they succeeded - crusty!

29. S & M's - for adults only!

Ah, the colorful and delightful world of M&M's—a beloved treat that has charmed taste buds for generations, each vibrant color carrying its own allure and flavor preference among enthusiasts. However, in a peculiar turn of events, Iran seemed to have missed the memo...
Image source: WorldWide
What's your favorite color of M & M's? Everyone has one!  Iran may not have received the memo when they decided to invent their take on the delicious M & M's that we all enjoy.  The best they could do was the "after the watershed" version which was S & M's.  Very inappropriate!

30. Hoed & Shoulders - not a typo

Ah, the curious world of personal care products—where a glance at the label can sometimes lead to perplexing discoveries. In this instance, encountering a bottle of shampoo labeled as "shampoo control" prompts a moment of pause and bemusement.
Image source: DeMiked
At first glance, we think there's been a typo but that's not the strangest thing about this product.  It is advertised on the bottle as "shampoo control" whereas we thought the aim of it was dandruff control.  I suppose you could use it as bubble bath instead if you wished!

31. Red Labial - maybe NSFW

Ah, the esteemed Johnnie Walker's Red Label Whisky—a renowned and respected brand cherished by alcohol aficionados for its quality and heritage. However, in the realm of knockoff brands, the attempt to replicate this iconic whisky takes an unexpected and rather amusing turn...
image source: boredpanda.com
Johnnie Walker's Red Label Whisky is a famous brand among the alcohol connoisseurs, and this not only insults the brand itself by thinking 'labial' is an appropriate replacement, but then goes the whole hog by including the 'Johnnie Worker' - maybe the original's long lost cousin?

32. Specialman - he sure is

Ah, the iconic Superman—arguably one of the most revered and admired superheroes known for his extraordinary abilities and unwavering strength. The mere mention of "Specialman" indeed brings a whimsical notion, a delightful reinterpretation that could serve as an endearing and adorable nickname for the Man of Steel.
image source: boredpanda.com
I mean, they're not wrong - Superman is special in many ways, mainly because of his super duper powers and incredible strength. So 'specialman' could definitely be an adorable nickname for him. It seems that special man is a fan of a little Danny Zuko style quiff.

33. The Holy Trinity

Ah, the whimsical and surprising world of knockoff brands, where the familiar and renowned names of fashion brands take an unexpected and amusing turn. The encounter with the Play Store, Google, and WhatsApp menswear in close proximity, be it on a street or a market, prompts a moment of incredulity and amusement.
image source: boredpanda.com
This has to be a joke to have the three of these right next to each other... or maybe it's a whole street dedicated to hilarious knock-offs. Here we have those well known fashion brands: Play Store (and you thought they just sold games!), Google and WhatsApp menswear.

34. iPhone Shoes - a different kind of pairings

Ah, the ubiquitous presence and sleek design of Apple devices, often celebrated for their seamless synchronization and the delightful 'pairing successful' notifications that accompany them. However, encountering a pair of shoes emblazoned with the unmistakable Apple logo takes the concept of "pairing" to an entirely unexpected realm.
image source: boredpanda.com
We know how great it is to sync up your Apple devices and get that 'pairing successful' notification - but you might not have expected to ever have a pair of shoes thrown into the bargain. They're not even subtle about this one, are they? They've got the apple logo to boot.

35. Burger Madam & Sir - no more royalty

Ah, the delightful world of fast food—a realm where branding and identity often dictate the appeal and perception of menu items. In this intriguing departure, a renowned burger brand seemingly shifts its focus from catering to burger royalty to embracing the more commonplace "everyday man and woman" with its offerings.
image source: boredpanda.com
Here the brand is branching out and deciding to include the everyday man and woman in its burgers rather than burger royalty. We wonder if their menu items are still fit for a king, or if this one is now peasant food. Imagine ordering a Madam & Sir Whopper off the menu...

36. MasterBeef - taking your meat out on credit

Indeed, the name "MasterBeef" for a store specializing in meat might carry an air of professionalism and expertise, suggesting a mastery of the craft of butchery. This name exudes a sense of trust and proficiency, hinting at skilled artisans and their dedication to delivering top-quality meat products.
image source: boredpanda.com
To be fair, MasterBeef isn't the worst name for a store selling meat - it sounds professional, it makes you trust in the brand... bonus points if their butchers are actually masters of their craft. But then you have the clearly ripped off MasterCard logo...

37. Pimp - that one isn't even subtle

The world of knockoff brands often presents amusing surprises, and encountering a confident individual sporting what seems to be a deliberate Puma knockoff adds another layer of amusement to the mix. The self-assured expression, coupled with the strategic backdrop of an opulent boat, hints at a conscious decision to flaunt this cleverly crafted imitation.
image source: boredpanda.com
Based on this guy's self-confident expression and the convenient shot in front of a very expensive boat, we're willing to bet this one was very much intentional. But it's still hilarious that you can easily have such a 'Puma' knockoff - and we don't know if it's the fold of the hat or is the cat logo extra-thin?

38. Sunbucks Coffee -

Ah, the world of Starbucks knockoffs—a realm where imitation often ventures into amusing and unexpected territories. This particular iteration seems to embrace the iconic green and white color scheme, along with the familiar font, in an attempt to replicate the renowned coffee chain.
image source: boredpanda.com
The funny thing about this is it's not even the first or only Starbucks knock-off to be found - but this one takes the iconic green and white color combination, as well as the font, to give it a pretty impressive go. The new logo here looks something like a door knocker, doesn't it?

39. Sun Care Explorer.exe has stopped working

Ah, the intriguing world of branding and logos—where visual cues and symbols often convey messages and associations. Encountering a sunscreen bottle adorned with a logo reminiscent of a computer or internet symbol becomes a puzzling and unexpected experience.
image source: boredpanda.com
Does that logo look familiar? Would you trust this SPF? Would you even expect it to be sun lotion at all? We're not really sure why someone would pair together this particularly symbol and sun screen, though... or is it the screen link? Internet, computer screen... sun screen?

40. PolyStation - from... Nintendo?

Absolutely, encountering knockoff products often leads to an amusing journey filled with curious discoveries. In this case, the box boldly showcases the established Nintendo brand without any attempt to conceal or deviate from it.
image source: boredpanda.com
There's so much to unpack here - quite literally. The box clearly states the established brand Nintendo without any attempt to cover it up - and the shout out to Namco, too. Then there's the PolyStation rip off, not only in text but the clear PlayStation logo in the corner... you got to respect them for trying.

41. Harry Potter... the hedgehog?

Encountering a mashup of beloved characters like Harry Potter and Sonic the Hedgehog indeed prompts an intriguing journey into the world of knockoff products. In this curious amalgamation, the fusion of these iconic characters, albeit with altered colors, sparks a plethora of questions and raises eyebrows.
image source: boredpanda.com
We understand why they might want to combine two popular kids characters: Harry Potter and Sonic the Hedgehog. But... why? And why change the colors? Why does it say OBAMA down the side? So many questions. If you want to buy Harry Potter merch, people, you're probably best doing it from the official store...

42. Pizza... Huh?

Encountering a knockoff establishment attempting to emulate the renowned Pizza Hut but stumbling into a linguistic conundrum becomes a source of amusement and curiosity. The playful attempt to imitate a popular brand often leads to creative deviations.
image source: boredpanda.com
We understand why you couldn't directly rip off the name 'Pizza Hut' - so what's the next best thing? Apparently this placed was a bit stumped when it came to Pizza.... something. Depending on what accent you have, too, 'huh' could still sound like 'hut' if you say it really fast.

43. Google - for when you want to browse the internet on the toilet

Encountering a restroom named "Google" invokes a whimsical and unexpected twist in the realm of branding, especially within a bathroom setting. The association with the renowned search engine giant might suggest a playful nod to the modern trend of using smartphones for quick inquiries.
image source: boredpanda.com
Maybe this place wanted to jump on the trend of people using their phones on the toilet. Google being the most obvious choice for those really deep toilet questions that pop into your brain - sort of like shower thoughts but with the risk of dropping your phone in the toilet bowl.

44. Kentucky Fried... Gicken?

Encountering a knockoff of the renowned Colonel Sanders and the familiar KFC brand leads to a blend of amusement and curiosity. In this intriguing imitation, the altered rendition of the Colonel, sporting a slightly unsettling appearance, prompts a cascade of questions and contemplation.
image source: boredpanda.com
What's more disturbing - the clear rip off, or that particular rendition of Colonel Sander's slightly terrifying cousin? We really, really want to know what the G stands for... or the K and F, too, for that matter. What do you think - would you eat here? It's red, white and blue after all.

45. You wouldn't be able to Hike in these...

Encountering a knockoff of the popular Nike brand always leads to a blend of amusement and intrigue, and this imitation takes the humor to new heights. In this particular case, stumbling upon sliders labeled with an alteration of the Nike brand name adds a layer of whimsy and curiosity.
image source: boredpanda.com
We've had 'Mike' which was funny enough, but apparently the knock offs never end with the Nike brand... and here we have some comfy sliders you might be interested in, not least because of the brand name. And they've waved copyright on the tick logo by making it look more like.. a ladle, we guess?

46. Pizza Roof - for when the hut itself isn't enough

Encountering knockoff names for popular brands often leads to whimsical discoveries, and the journey of finding an alternative to the well-known "Pizza Hut" certainly takes a creative turn. In this instance, the attempt to reimagine the brand name by using elements of a hut in different forms generates amusing contemplation.
image source: boredpanda.com
So you need a knock off name, and you can't have 'hut' - so how about any other part of the hut itself? Pizza Wall? Na. Pizza Door? Doesn't cut it. How about Pizza Roof? Also, just a note - Pizza Roof is definitely not edible, and instead seems to be a Friday night treat for your Barbie doll.

47. The doctor will see you now

Encountering numerous knockoff versions of Dr Pepper indeed leads to a humorous and intriguing exploration into the world of imitation brands. Each unique attempt to replicate the renowned beverage sparks curiosity and invites playful contemplation about the various imitations and their peculiar names.
image source: boredpanda.com
Just how many Dr Pepper knock offs can you get?! Do they all taste the same, too? Take a close look... what's your favorite name? You can't really be more convinced than 'Dr Perfect' - the clue's in the name. But of course there's the 'Real Dr' - so that must be reliable, right?

48. The Secretive Goo...

Encountering a spin on the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles leads to a whimsical and intriguing journey into the world of knockoff brands. The attempt to replicate these beloved characters takes an unexpected turn with the emergence of the "Mighty Mutant Power Turtles".
image source: boredpanda.com
These guys wanted a knock-off, but they weren't prepared to give up the turtle - or the mutant part, for that matter. So what's the next best thing? Mighty Mutant Power Turtles, of course! Props for a bit of alliteration. But the Secretive Goo is where it gets really interesting... or worse.

49. Nokla - the nok-off

Absolutely, navigating the world of knockoff technology, especially when it comes to mobile phones, can be a daunting task. The brand Nokia holds a significant place in the history of mobile phones, notably known for its reliable handsets and the addictive Snake game.
image source: boredpanda.com
If there's one thing you need to watch out for when you're trying to not get ripped off, it's with technology - and knock-off mobile phones are definitely big in the market. Nokia is one of the more notorious and reliable older phones - we all played Snake, right? - but it doesn't compare to a genuine Nokla!

50. Learn your abc's

Encountering knockoff brands often leads to amusing and curious discoveries, especially when it involves renowned brands like Adidas. In this instance, stumbling upon the brand "Abcids," which appears to echo elements of the original Adidas brand, prompts playful contemplation...
image source: boredpanda.com
These guys were really going through the whole alphabet to try and come up with another name for adidas, weren't there? We just don't know why they stopped at abc and then just decided to add 'ids'. 'Ab-sids?' 'A-b-c-i-d-s?' We need to know the thought behind this!