Here’s Why We Should All Be Smudging Our Homes

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

It's A Native American Tradition

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If you like to believe the Native American's knew what they were doing then you might want to consider smudging your house as it's traditionally originated by them. They are long time believers, the Chumash and the Lakota amongst others that smudging the home by burning sage would only cause you to reap benefits related to your well-being and your future.

It Can Keep Infections Away

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Burning sage is believed to be very purifying to the human body, this is because almost all sage varieties actually have the ability to help fight some dangerous and infectious bacteria and viruses. Therefore, if you're the sort of person that always seems to be suffering from some form of illness, choosing to smudge your house might be exactly what you need to help improve your overall health.

It Neutralizes The Bad Things

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Supposedly, if you burn sage within your home you might be able to clear out a range of negative things within your home. It's believed that burning sage can release something known as a negative ion which can be used to attack things that can cause allergen problems like dust and mold! So if you're a hay fever sufferer or maybe even an asthma suffer it might be worth giving this a go.

You Can Connect To Spirits

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If you believe that there is some form of life after death, then you might want to begin the process of smudging your home. Healers from a whole range of historical cultures have long used sage as a way to help people achieve something known as the healing state. This supposedly means that people feel as though their dilemmas relating to lost friends or families disappear.

Lavender Relieves Pain

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It isn't just sage that's used within the process of smudging your home, Lavender is another popular herb that has been used for centuries too! Lavender is actually known to have some anti-inflammatory properties and so burning it and then breathing in the vapour acts as a sort of form of aromatherapy helping to relieve some physical pain and inflammation within the body.

Sage Contains Thujone

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You might want to avoid taking any sorts of drugs, but sage is one that is widely accepted around the world as not being dangerous at all. Not all sages contain thujone, but those that do mean that they are actually psychoactive. Something that's psychoactive means that it can affect a person's mental processes and that can improve your moor and your perception on life!

It Can Remove Negative Energy

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Life can get the better of us sometimes and people who believe in the art of smudging their homes actually believe it can help them in terms of their happiness. Supposedly the burning of sage can help remove the negativity from your brain which could come in a whole range of ways like traumas or the loss of friends or family. It's probably worth a try right?

It Can Help You Meditate

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If you're just starting your journey in to learning how to meditate or introduce it in to your daily life, then smudging your home might actually help you with that. Many people choose to burn sage as they meditate as it's supposed to create a more positive environment and helps you want to improve yourself. There's not harm in giving it a go at least once, you might help start a new routine.

You Can Cleanse Objects Or Rooms

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If that you believe that objects or rooms can carry negative energy, then you might want to consider burning sage as that has been suggested to cleanse objects. It's the fragrant vapor that comes from the burning sage that is believed to help dispel the negative energy that might have come with a new purchase or maybe something bad happened in a room in the past!

You Might Feel Happier

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As I've already mentioned, burning sage has been used for centuries as a way to remove the negative energy from a room, object or even yourself. For that reason, surely you can only believe that it will generally improve your mood as a result of this too right? This must have some sort of relevance as remedies containing sage are known to help treat depression and anxiety in many cultures.

Feel Less Stressed

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Not only could burning sage help rid yourself of negative vibes and a number of issues like depression and anxiety, it might also be able to help you destress, especially if you've been overworking recently. White sage is believed to contain a whole range of items that can help activate the brain. Theoretically, this will help you destress as well as boosting your overall mood.

It Can Help You Sleep

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Many of us struggle with getting the right amount of sleep and this can be really degrading to our overall health as well as our daily lives inside and outside of work. So what would the harm be in trying to improve our opportunities to sleep by burning sage in our homes? Some studies have shown that sage actually contains substances that can help cure insomnia!

You'll Be More Focused

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It turns out that burning sage can be extremely beneficial within our homes, not only can it boost our mood and help us sleep, but it's even believed it could help us focus more. We've all been there when we're at work or even at home and we just can't seem to set our minds straight; maybe you should set up a sage burning area within your office to see if that boosts your focus times.

It Can Help Jog Your Memory

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In addition to being able to help make your feel more focused within your daily life, it's also believed that the sensation of burning sage can actually help you bring back memories that just seem to be avoiding you. Can you remember a scenario where you just couldn't remember what it was you were doing or you couldn't remember a song? Sage burning could bring that back to you.

It Might Help Against Brain Issues

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Watching degenerative brain problems in reality can be extremely terrifying and very depressing, especially when its happening to someone you dearly loved. There are some hopes within the scientific community that the sensation from burning sage might be able to affect the symptoms of both dementia and Alzheimer's. Don't get your hopes up yet though, there's plenty of research to be done.

Rosemary Might Attract

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In many cultures, rosemary is something that is seen at weddings fairly commonly and that's because its believed to attract love and remove jealousy. If you're already in a relationship though don't worry, it's believed that burning rosemary within your home can be a great way to protect marriages from falling apart; so why not try and strengthen the bond you have!

Peppermint Can Clear Your Nose

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I'm sure you've all smelled peppermint before, or maybe you've eaten a peppermint at sometime to make your breath smell a little better. You might have realised that the smell assisted your blocked nose (if you had one). Burning peppermint as part of smudging can actually help when it comes to relieving a blocked nose and helping you breathe easier in the long run.

Juniper Can Clear Your Airways

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Just as burning peppermint can help unblock your nose, burning juniper as part of the smudging process can actually help clear any congestion you have within your airways. Besides this, it's also been used for centuries as a way to help mitigate and cure against other issues in the body including kidney stones and low blood pressure! Who knew all these herbs were so great!

It Smells Great

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Above all of the various improvements that burning sage might be able to bring to you, it offers something different in simply smelling great. Obviously we all have the availability to use an air freshener but sage acts as a natural and chemical-free one that also offers an aroma that smells wonderful in the home. And when you take in all the benefits it becomes obvious you should try it.

It's Not Hard!

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It might seem as though it could take a lot of time and effort but the whole practice of sage burning is extremely simple. You'll obviously need to supply yourself with some sage; there are a whole range of varieties and they aren't too expensive! And you might want to find a suitable bowl and the right variety of matches to make sure you feel the full effects.

The Sage Is Reusable

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One of the best things about using sage is that you can usually rehash the bundle that you've bought and burn it more than once! That means you can save a bit of cash between each use. In order to do so, you should avoid extinguishing your sage with water and instead, you should actually dip the sage in to some sand to ensure the embers stop burning anymore.

Always Have Intentions

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As this is a historical and cultural tradition, it's important that you take the whole process seriously and choose to do so with the right intentions. There are specific ways in which you complete the smudging too! If you choose to smudge your entire home then you might want to consider following the traditional rule of circumambulation where you walk clockwise around your entire home!

There's Lots Of Different Types

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Although white sage is the most common and supposedly best variety of sage to burn when smudging your home, there are some ethical concerns around the way some people procure it Luckily there are a whole range of other types of sage as well as the fact you can actually use both loose-leaf and other plant medicines as part of the process too. Some rose petals would surely smell great!

It Can Make Your New Home Fresh

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Many people moving in to their new home that they've just rented or bought often tend to smudge the entire house. This is done as its supposed to remove any energy left behind by the previous tenants and therefore allow the place to become your own. Instead of being filled with other people's energy it can then be completely your own and who doesn't want that.

You Can Make Your Own

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Although you'll be able to get your hands on smudge sticks in a number of stores near you, if you want to make your own it might feel even better for you! You'll feel the success of creating this cleansing energy yourself! They aren't too hard to make either; you use dried herbs and then hand-wrap them, you could even grow all of the herbs and plants like rosemary, sage and lavender yourself.

You Might Find A New Hobby

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Like I just mentioned, if you'd like to create the smudging sticks yourself, then its actually very easy to get into! Not only that, but you might find a new desirable hobby in getting into gardening and getting those green fingers! If you can, you could plant a whole range of these plants in your yard and cultivate your own little smudge stick factory right from the comfort of your own home.

You Can Get Some Fresh Air

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And for those of you who don't have the option of planting your own medicinal herbs, fortunately you'll probably be able go out and forage them from a local forest instead! You obviously want to clue yourself up on what it is you're looking for but its very realistic that they'll be out there. This can be a great excuse to get out of your home and get some fresh air for a couple of hours.

You Can Be Creative

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One of the best parts about structuring your own smudge sticks is that you can be very creative with your choices of herbs and the way they look. This might seem superficial in a way, but having the control over what your sticks look like, the way they're tied, what's in them and how they're going to smell can often give you  sense of success, especially if the whole process goes well.

Rosemary Can Help Understand Dreams

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For centuries, people have been using rosemary as a way to help people avoid having nightmares and also be able to understand their dreams clearly. I'm sure we've all woken up confused after a dream but maybe this could help. Traditionally this rosemary isn't burned but it's still believed that it would be able to help, although it might make them a whole lot more vivid.

It Might Bring Good Luck

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Some of the herbs often found within smudge sticks, particularly rosemary, are believed to be one of the best ways to ensure that you have good luck within your life; this could be in both the short-term or the long-term. I'm sure none of us would be opposed to trying to improve our luck, some of us just don't get the rub of the green sometimes, so anything to improve it might help.