Here’s What Your Dreams Mean

By molly atherton 6 months ago
Dreams always have meaning, and you might be dubious about this if your dreams are so ridiculous that you don't quite understand why an eight-legged dinosaur eating cookies chasing you through a forest is supposed to mean anything at all. But trust us - even down to the cookies, that dream is going to symbolize something (even if it's just your love for baked goods!). Because dreams are so crazy, though, it can be difficult to pinpoint what they're supposed to mean. We can help!

1. You Dream Your Teeth Are Falling Out - Lack of Confidence

We've probably all experienced this dream at some time or other and it's awful!  We are always glad to wake up with a full set of choppers.  Dreaming your teeth are falling out tends to mean something in your life is out of control or you don't have the confidence to deal with an issue that's hanging over you.Image source Daily ExpressDreaming that our teeth are falling out commonly reflects a sense of things spiraling out of control or a lack of confidence in addressing a pressing issue. The teeth serve as powerful symbols that represent our ability to communicate, assert ourselves, and maintain our self-esteem.Original content sourced from

2. Dreams That You're Falling - You Need To Relax NOW!

It's a weird one when you dream you are falling as you can actually feel your stomach go and it seems so real.  Sometimes it can even wake you up. The meaning tends to be that you are hanging on too tightly to a particular situation and you need to relax and let it go.Image source HealthlineThe significance behind such dreams typically suggests that you are tightly gripping onto a specific situation in your life, causing you stress or anxiety. These dreams serve as a reminder that it is crucial for you to loosen your grip, unwind, and release your hold on this matter.

3.  You Dream You Are Bald - Helplessness

This is a dream that often feels like a nightmare, especially as a female losing her hair. It can signify a sense of helplessness or exposure but, on the positive side, it can indicate a clean mind if the head is shiny and spotless. It may connect to a sense of feeling lost in a large corporation.Image source Dreamstime.comIn addition to the personal implications, this dream may also have connections to a broader sense of feeling lost or overwhelmed within the context of a large corporation. It could be indicative of an individual's struggle to find their place or make their voice heard.

4. You're In An Out Of Control Car - No Control

If you've got an out of control car in your dream, either one coming towards you or one you are trapped in, then this could signify you not having enough control in your life and stopping yourself succeeding in whatever it is that's the issue.  Use the dream as a positive and allow your instincts to steer you.Image source PinterestInstead of viewing this dream as a negative occurrence, it presents an opportunity to perceive it in a positive light. By recognizing the underlying message, you can use it as motivation to tap into your instincts and intuition. Trusting your gut feelings can guide you.

5. You Dream That You Die - Something Is Ending...

If you die in a dream, or feel like you're dying, don't assume it's going to happen.  It may mean that something in your life is coming to an end. If you feel relieved about your demise it's likely to be that you're glad to see the back of something/somebody.Image source GlamourDying in a dream can be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of something coming to an end. It could signify the conclusion of a phase, a relationship, or a particular situation. Dreams about death can signify the natural progression of events.

6. Dreaming About Someone - Lack Of Passion...

If you dream about someone you like or love, it could just confirm in your own mind how strong that affection is.  If the dream is about your partner being with someone else don't assume its true.  It could mean you no longer have the passion for life that you used to when you were younger.NYPost.comOn the other hand, dreams that depict our partner being with someone else may evoke feelings of anxiety and insecurity. However, it is crucial not to jump to conclusions or assume that these dreams reflect the truth. Instead, they could indicate something entirely different.

7. Dreams That You Are Scared Of Dying

If you feel a pang of anxiety or even panic at the thought of death in your dream, then that could mean you are frightened of letting someone go or giving up on an idea you have had for a while.   It could signify that you're not yet there in your mind to make the final decision.Image source Daily MailThese feelings of anxiety or panic in relation to death within a dream may be a reflection of your subconscious mind's resistance to fully accepting and embracing the concept of letting go. It could signify that you are not yet mentally prepared to take the necessary steps to move forward.

8. You Dream About Having An Affair - Escape!

Dreaming that you're cheating on your partner doesn't mean it's in your mind to be unfaithful as soon as you get the chance!  The dream is likely to be about wanting to escape something like your job or the area you live in.  It could also mean the start of a new artistic project.Image source LoveDevani.comWhen you dream about cheating on your partner, it does not necessarily indicate a desire or intention to be unfaithful in reality. Instead, it may symbolize other underlying meanings. For instance, the dream could signify a desire to escape from certain aspects of your life.

9. You Dream About Birds - Get In Touch With Someone!

This dream could mean you're hoping to hear from someone important in your life.  Birds, especially ravens, have long been a symbol in Nordic mythology of receiving a message or a person trying to get in touch with sensitive news. It can also be a sign that you should get back in touch with someone.Image source QuoraIt all depends on the kind of bird you see in your dream, and what the bird is doing, as each bird can symbolize something different in real life. The birds most associated with different omens are owls, ravens and robins, but they can all represent something different.

10. You Dream You've Lost A Limb - It's SO Common!

Dreaming you've lost an arm or leg is in the top ten themes in the dreams chart.  It indicates a lack of ability to carry out a specific task.  If it's your foot that's missing that would denote a lack of being grounded and sticking to your guns, being too easily persuaded to change your mind.Image source Dreams MeaningPay attention to which limb it is that you've lost, and what that could signify. A common one can be a hand, or both hands, because we depend on them so much for everyday tasks. You might feel like your 'hands are tied' in certain situations in your life.

11. You Dream About Dogs

Dreaming of dogs generally symbolizes friendship and good times to come.  However, a snarling dog may indicate someone close to you is being two-faced and cannot be trusted.  If a dog bites you in your dream it might be a sign of danger or bad news with regard to a legal matter.Image source Daily MailDifferent dog breeds can also represent different characteristics, such as guard dog breeds which might be a reflection of the guarded or aggressive behavior of someone in real life. You might also see dogs you've actually known in real life, like a family pet.

12. You Dream About Cooking Or Baking

If you are someone who cooks and bakes regularly then dreaming about it might not mean all that much.  It could, however, have a deeper meaning such as being ready to put a new plan into action but being apprehensive.  Baking might even indicate that you are pregnant or thinking about it.American Home ShieldBaking and cooking both hold a lot of symbolism, because it all involves measuring out ingredients, getting your timing right, sharing the food with others or being disappointed with the results! This could all be a reflection of feelings about things happening in your everyday life.

13. You Dream Your Car Is Missing

Have you ever had a dream where you can't find your car or it's not where you left it? This often means you have lost the ability to get where you want in life and you don't have the ambition to makes things happen.  Use this dream to get on the right track to continue your life's journey.Image source Best LifeA car can also symbolize a lot, including both freedom or feeling trapped inside (like if the locks aren't working in your dream). Car dreams can symbolize a lot about travel, how in control you are, how much freedom you have and a journey you're taking.

14. You Dream There Are Animals Nearby

Animals can vary in their significance and how they make you feel.  The general rule is that dreaming about animals close to where you are standing is a way of asking you to stop thinking through a situation and turn towards your instinctive nature for an answer.Image source Reader's Digest AustraliaYou should also pay attention to the type of animal you're seeing in your dream, or whether there are many different kinds around you, because different animals can symbolize certain things. You may also be getting visited by your spirit animal in your dream.

15. You Dream You're Having A Baby

This is another very common dream and usually a sign of a new chapter in your life that has yet to unfold.  The dream can also refer to the responsibilities you face and might worry about.  A baby is helpless and you may feel the same because you can't complete every task you have set yourself.Image source InStylePeople who don't want children can feel very perturbed by dreams that see them having kids because they see it as something they don't want, or don't want to feel, but just remember that this dream isn't any sort of sign that you should have a baby, or that you're pregnant!

16. You Dream You Can't Find Your Shoes

If your dream consists of you literally  looking everywhere for your shoes and in unusual places, the chances are that you are having difficulty making decisions.  If you are asking someone in your dream if they have seen your shoes, this is a sign that it's fine to ask advice or run an idea past a trusted friend or colleague.Image source Miller's GuildShoes can also represent comfort and journeys in life. As we know, wearing uncomfortable shoes can be painful and stop you from going places. Shoes matter in a comfortable journey in the long run, so it could symbolize certain paths you're taking - and whether they're the right ones.

17. You Dream You've Lost Something Valuable

If you've misplaced something of value in your dream or you spend the dream trying to find something but failing to do so, it may be that you don't have the confidence to value your skills and suffer with low self-esteem. Use the dream to think about the positive aspects of your life.Image source Quora
It might also directly relate to something you're worrying about losing, or that you've already lost. Losing something valuable doesn't have to mean physical objects like jewelry - it can also mean losing valuable friendships, or relationships ending with someone you love.

18. You Dream You've Become Wealthy

What a nice dream!  If you have won the lottery in your dream or come into an unexpected sum of money, this can mean you are rich with wisdom and you should accept that others value your advice.  You should realise that richness can be found anywhere and being rich with money isn't everything.Image source Save The StudentDreaming about wealth and money can often symbolize everything but - it can be a message about your values in life, or maybe even worries about your career. It could reflect the 'wealth' you feel - or don't feel - in other ways, based on relationships with those around you.

19. You Dream That You've Fallen In Love

If you dream of falling in love or being intimate with either your partner or someone else, this usually means you are lacking this passion in your waking life. It can also signify that you are giving out a lot of love to your other half but it is not reciprocated.Image source BridesDreams like this can also directly relate to someone you've had your eye on in real life, or maybe even a sign from the universe about a potential partner or your soul mate. It might also signify you're ready to start dating again or open yourself up to love.

20. You Dream About Cats

Cats, particularly black cats, are seen as bad omens so if you dream about one it could be a sign of disloyalty or deception around those closest to you.  Black cats may also refer to signs of illness to come.  If you chase a cat away in your dream, you could be in for some good luck.Image source Reader's DigestCats in real life also symbolize a lot of things, like independence and confidence. You could therefore be dreaming about cats because you either feel independent in certain circumstances, or you feel like your independence is being taken away in certain areas of your life.

21. You Dream You've missed Your Train Or Plane

Panic dreams can be quite distressing and can cause us to wake up in a cold sweat.  If you dream you miss a train or plane and are left waiting on the platform or tarmac, the meaning is often that you are being weighed down by too many commitments.Image source OneTravelMuch like a suitcase bursting at the seams, your dream is telling you that the load you're carrying—be it work, relationships, or a to-do list longer than a CVS receipt—is taking a toll on your mental baggage allowance. The platform or tarmac becomes a symbolic stage for your subconscious.

22. You Dream You're Naked In A Crowd

You're standing in the middle of a crowd and you're naked.  It's a very common dream which suggests there is a situation in your life where you feel vulnerable and exposed.  Think about what it might be and open up to a trusted family member or friend to discuss your feelings.Image source Daily StarThe stark nakedness becomes a visual representation of the emotional nakedness you might be experiencing in certain aspects of your reality. It's like a spotlight on those situations where you feel stripped of defenses, whether it's in your professional life, relationships, or even within yourself.

23. You Dream You've Gone Blind

Suffering blindness in a dream often means you are overlooking something in your life that you should be addressing.  The saying 'you can't see the wood for the trees' may apply where you concentrate on smaller, unimportant issues without looking at the bigger picture.Image source Daily MailIn the dreamscape, losing sight isn't a mere visual glitch; it's a symbolic unraveling of a deeper truth—that there might be facets of your life obscured by the shadows, waiting for your attention. The saying 'you can't see the wood for the trees' takes center stage.

24. You Dream You Haven't Prepared For An Exam

This is another classic dream, showing up for an exam and not having revised for it.  The dream might incorporate panic because you prepared for a different subject to the one you are being tested on.  The meaning of this dream can be that you are critically examining your own performance.VeryWell MindThis isn't just a quirky manifestation of test-taking trauma; it's a symbolic voyage into the recesses of self-evaluation. The dream isn't merely a manifestation of academic insecurities; it's a nuanced reflection of how you perceive your own performance and capabilities.

25. You Dream Someone's Chasing You

If you're running away from someone or a group of people in your dream then there could be an issue in real life that you feel you should confront but you don't know how to do so.  The dream is telling you to face your fears and pursue what you have been putting aside.Image source The SunThe dream serves as a not-so-subtle memo from your inner self: there's an issue in the waking world that demands your attention, a challenge you've been evading like a masterful game of hide-and-seek. The act of running becomes a visual metaphor for your reluctance to face these concerns.

26. You Dream You're Climbing Something

If you're climbing in your dream and struggling to get up a mountain, moving inch by inch, this may be a sign you are someone who loves a challenge or the opportunity to take a difficult journey in life.  Go for it as you know there will be a reward at the end, waiting for you.Image source MediumAs you inch your way up, the dream whispers a subtle truth: you're someone who thrives on challenges, who relishes the opportunity to embark on the arduous paths less traveled. It's a testament to your resilient spirit, and an acknowledgment of your appetite for difficulty.

27. You Dream You're Getting A Divorce

Dreaming of divorce is highly likely to mean you have taken too much on in real life and you are feeling overwhelmed.  You need to balance your commitments and make a list to prioritise.  The dream does not mean you are going to get divorced.  It's about honouring promise you have made to people.Image source Marriage.comIn this dream narrative, divorce becomes a visual metaphor for the emotional and mental separation caused by the burdens you've shouldered. It's a cryptic commentary on the weight of commitments, responsibilities, and promises that might be stretching the seams of your emotional bandwidth.

28. You Dream You're Getting Married To A Stranger

You may think this is a weird dream.  It can signify that if you've taken on a new job or agreed to attend an event, you aren't sure exactly what is expected of you.   You are unsure of your commitments and this can manifest into dreaming about marrying a stranger.Image source iNewsAs you traverse the dream's matrimonial landscape, the symbolic marriage ceremony becomes a stage for the uncertainties surrounding your commitments. It's a visual representation of the doubt that lurks in the shadows, the questions that dance on the periphery of your consciousness.

29. You Dream You're Unable to Speak

If you find yourself unable to speak in your dream, it may point to an unresolved tension in your life where you want to speak your mind but haven't the courage to do so.  You can feel your opinions are not taken seriously.  Take the dream as a positive and think of a better way to communicate.Image source DreamsAstroThe dream guide suggests interpreting this nocturnal episode as a positive signal, a gentle nudge from your subconscious to reconsider your approach to communication. It's an invitation to reflect on alternative and more effective ways to express yourself.

30. You Dream You're Accused Of A Crime

Dreams can sometimes torment you by showing you being accused or actually committing a crime. In real life you may be hiding something from yourself and not being honest with your own being.  You may tend to feel negative about various stuff and choose to bury your head in the sand.Image source QuoraConsider the dream a not-so-subtle psychological interrogation, urging you to unearth the buried emotions, negative thoughts, or undisclosed aspects of your existence. The accusations may be a metaphorical spotlight, illuminating the corners of your consciousness where denial prevails.

31. You Dream You've Been Abandoned

If you feel, or have physically been, abandoned in your dream, it could be a sign to 'abandon' past feelings that are preventing you from moving forward. This could be a key time to let go of an old attitude or viewpoint and look to the future instead.Image Source / Travel.EarthAs you traverse the dream's emotional terrain, the feeling of abandonment becomes a mirror reflecting the shadows of the past, the lingering emotions that may be holding you hostage. It's a whispered message from your subconscious, urging you to 'abandon' the emotional baggage.

32. You Dream You're Wearing Fake Nails

If you dream that you are wearing huge acrylic nails, or having a nail appointment for fake nails to be applied, it could indicate that you are reaching out to others but are perhaps being disingenuous and 'fake' with other people, even if you don't think you are.

Image Source / eBay

The dream guide proposes a moment of introspection, encouraging you to scrutinize the motivations behind your social interactions. Are you, perhaps unintentionally, donning a veneer of inauthenticity? The dream suggests that, even if you don't consciously recognize it, you're disingenuous.

33. You Dream About A Neighbor

You might be dreaming of a neighbor you know and like, or just a faceless neighbor figure. This could all point to your feelings about home, and a safe home environment. If you dream about a bad neighbor, this could be a reflection of a real life issue with those next door.

Image Source / Van Deventer & Van Deventer Incorporated

Dreaming of a familiar and liked neighbor becomes a visual manifestation of the positive feelings associated with your home environment. The dream whispers that, like a comforting presence next door, you may find solace and security within the walls of your abode.

34. You Dream About An Octopus

If you see an octopus in your dream, those many arms may indicate you're entangled in a problem or something that's worrying you. It could mean you're not sure how to wriggle out of it. Alternatively, an octopus could symbolise feelings of possession and clinginess.

Image Source / BBC

Consider the dream an invitation for introspection. What complexities are you grappling with in your life? Are there situations or problems that have wrapped their arms around you, leaving you feeling entangled? The dream serves as a mirror reflecting the need for a strategic approach.

35. You Dream Of Your Office

To dream of the office you work at indicates that you're far too preoccupied with work, and you can't seem to leave your work where it belongs - in the office. You might be overworked or constantly worrying about job responsibilities or feeling as though you should longer at the office.Image Source / ForbesThe dream suggests that work has become a constant companion, a shadow that refuses to stay confined within the office walls. Perhaps you find yourself overworked, shouldering an excessive load of job responsibilities that spill over into your thoughts even during moments of supposed respite.

36. You Dream About Your Old Job

You left an old job and you haven't even given it a second thought - and now you find you're dreaming about a job you used to have. It doesn't have to mean that you're missing an old job - especially if it's a job you hated. It could symbolise that you're worrying about your current job.Image Source / Good HousekeepingThe dream may be a signpost pointing to the worries that have set up camp in your mind regarding your current job. It's as if the subconscious is casting a spotlight on the concerns and anxieties that may be lurking beneath the surface of your waking thoughts.

37. You Dream You're On Vacation

This is a given for most people though, right? Dreaming of vacation even when we're awake. To dream about a vacation is a no brainer - it means you need a break to recharge, and you're probably long overdue for a trip away. It could also indicate that you're long overdue for a reward.Image Source / Inc. MagazineThe dream's message is straightforward: you're long overdue for a mental recharge, a moment to step away from the hustle and bustle of routine. The sandy shores and distant horizons become metaphors for the untapped reserves of relaxation that await your exploration.

38. You Dream You're Watching YouTube

If you love the streaming channel that much that you're even dreaming about it (or maybe you don't even watch YouTube so you're confused) it could signify that you have a lot of thoughts and ideas running through your mind. It may suggest that you're open to new ideas and experiences.

Image Source / Somag News

If you're perplexed because you don't typically indulge in YouTube or a similar platform, the dream takes on an even more intriguing hue. It becomes a symbol of your receptivity to new ideas and experiences. It's as if the dream is an open invitation from your subconscious.

39. You Dream About A Garage Sale

Whether you're hosting a garage sale in your dream, or just attending one, it can suggest that you're looking to get rid of your past and move on and find a new path. You could be learning from past experiences and being productive about what you've procured.

Image Source /

On the flip side, if you're a spectator in the dream, perusing the items up for grabs, it suggests a keen awareness of the need for learning and growth from past experiences. The garage sale transforms into a curated exhibition of life lessons and memories.

40. You Dream You've Fainted

To dream that you've fainted could be a suggestion that some situations are out of your control, or you're struggling to control or confront some issues or feelings that are going on in your life. It could be a hint to tackle them and sort through them.

Image Source / The List

As you navigate the dream's landscape, the subtle message emerges: it's time to confront, control, and sort through the issues that may be causing this symbolic collapse. The act of fainting becomes a cue to address those aspects of your life that have been eluding your conscious attention.

41. You Dream About Eagles

Eagles are fiercely proud creatures that symbolize freedom and courage - and the same applies if you see them in your dream. It could represent your own pride and courage, or it could be suggesting you're looking for more of it. It could also mean a connection to your spirituality.

Image Source / National Geographic Kids

On another interpretive strand, the dream of eagles may be a subtle suggestion that you're actively seeking more of these qualities in your life. It becomes a symbolic call to embrace your own inner eagle, to foster a sense of pride and courage in navigating the currents of your waking reality.

42. You Experience An Earthquake In Your Dream

If you dream of an earthquake, it could suggest something threatening the stability of your life, or the stability of something very specific, like a situation or relationship. It could be reminding you of fears you've repressed or a self of helplessness you have.

Image Source / Nature

As you navigate the dream's tectonic landscape, the subtle message emerges—something is threatening the stability of your life. It could be a sweeping uncertainty that casts shadows over your path, a situation or relationship teetering on the brink of upheaval.

43. You Dream About Backpacking

Have you been dreaming of that perfect backpacking vacation you've always wanted? Or are you just randomly dreaming about backpacking? This could symbolise your sense of independence as well as survival skills. It could indicate obstacles and the journey you've taken to overcome them.

Image Source /

The dream whispers that your desire for that perfect backpacking vacation may transcend the realms of wanderlust. It may symbolize a yearning for independence, a quest for self-reliance, and the innate survival skills you've honed along the way. The backpack becomes a metaphorical vessel.

44. You Dream You're A Zombie

If you dream you're the latest cast member of The Walking Dead, this could suggest that you're both emotionally and physically detached from other people, or even situations in your life. You could literally be walking around like a zombie in real life, failing to connect to anything or anyone.

Image Source /

Consider the dream a visual metaphor, urging you to examine the quality of your connections and engagements. Are you, in essence, walking through life like a zombie, failing to connect with the vibrancy that surrounds you? The dream invites you to ponder whether detachment has become a theme.

45. You're Stuck In A Labyrinth In Your Dream

To be trying to navigate a labyrinth in your dream could indicate a goal that you're trying to reach, or the center of a problem that you're trying to find. It could also suggest that feeling of being trapped with no clear way how to get out and stopped at every turn.

Image Source / Goodreads

As you navigate the dream labyrinth, each turn becomes a metaphor for the challenges and obstacles that pepper your path. The dream whispers that you may be in the midst of a journey, be it towards a specific goal or the heart of a rather perplexing issue.

46. You See A Ladder In Your Dream

If you're dreaming of a ladder, and specifically climbing up a ladder, it could be a good thing - representing something you're working towards or have achieved. Moving up a ladder is a symbol of hard work and the goals you're reaching. This could apply to anything - your work, or your personal life.Image Source / BPS Access SolutionsThe dream whispers that the act of climbing is a positive sign, a reflection of the hard work and dedication you're channeling into various aspects of your life. Whether it be your professional endeavors or personal milestones, each upward step represents a triumph.

47. You Dream About Cake

And no, you're not just hungry. If you dream about cake, it can symbolise more than one thing - it could mean you're ready to share or delegate, or it could mean you've a habit of being selfish and keeping everything (every slice) to yourself. It could also represent an achievement of yours.Image Source / WikipediaIf, in the dream, you find yourself ready to share or delegate slices of the cake, it becomes a visual metaphor for your openness and generosity. The act of sharing signifies a willingness to distribute the sweetness of success or joy with those around you.

48. You Dream You're Dancing

Dancing in real life comes with a feeling of freedom, and the same can apply to dreams. It could suggest everything is fun, free and in balance. It could suggest you're happy. It can also suggest something a bit more intimate, whether sex or romance, if you're dancing with a partner in your dream.

Image Source / Energetiks blog

If, in the dream, the dance exudes a sense of freedom and joy, it becomes a mirror reflecting the balance and fun in your life. The rhythmic movements on the dream dance floor signify a harmonious interplay of elements, a celebration of equilibrium that echoes in your waking hours.

49. You Dream About Your Ex

This one can all depend on how you left things with your ex. It might not usually mean 'you're still in love with them' or something that obvious. To dream of your ex might mean you still need closure. It might mean that you're ready to start a new journey or make a change.Image Source / CosmopolitanIf, in the dream, the encounter with your ex evokes a sense of unresolved emotions, it becomes a visual cue for the need for closure. The dream becomes a portal into the corridors of the heart, suggesting that certain chapters remain open, awaiting the gentle touch of closure.

50. You Dream You're Sailing

There are lots of things that steering a boat and hitting the open waves can represent. Depending on whether the water is rough or easy, it could mean everything is going smoothly - or you're struggling to say in control. It could suggest you're in control of your life.Image Source / BOAT InternationalIf the dream unfolds on turbulent waters, it unveils a more nuanced narrative. The stormy seas become a metaphor for the challenges and struggles you may be facing in your waking life. The act of steering the boat becomes a visual commentary on your efforts to maintain control.