Here’s What Happens When You Eat Oats Everyday

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. Some studies suggest it lowers bad cholesterol!

Image source/ AIAThere have been many studies over the years which have suggested that eating oats may actually help to lower your bad cholesterol. It is said that we have two kinds of cholesterol - HDL 'good cholesterol' and LDL 'bad cholesterol'. Oats may help to reduce the LDL in our bodies.Original content sourced from

2. It could help with your digestive system

Image source/ CBSIf you struggle with your digestive system then oats may be the thing for you to try! It may help get things moving along your digestive tract. This is in part due to the high content of fibre in oats, which is said to be very good for your digestion!

3. You may reduce your risk of lung disease

Image source/ Times of IndiaLung disease is a disease which may be caused by multiple factors. In the picture it is displayed what a healthy pair of lungs looks like in comparison to a pair of lungs with lung disease. It is thought that the beta-glucan in oats is the thing that may help prevent lung disease.

4. It could boost your energy

Image source/ PinterestOne thing we could all use from time to time is an energy boost! So, if you want an easy and relatively inexpensive was to do this, grab yourself a bowl of porridge, it may give you that energy boost! Oats release slowly, meaning the energy will continue to be released for some time rather than all in one go.

5. It could help manage your weight

Image source/ blogspotIf you are struggling to maintain your weight, or stabilise your weight, then perhaps try eating oats daily for breakfast. It is thought that oats may be good for a variety of weight reasons, because oats are very filling but contain few calories (unless we load them FULL of syrup).

6. You could increase your mineral intake

Image source/ dreamstimeMinerals are essential for us and our overall health. Our bodies require minerals to start healthy, and so increasing your mineral intake has a positive effect on our bodies! An easy way to increase your intake of minerals may be by regularly eating a bowl of oats.

7. You may notice your skin glowing

Image source/ PinterestWho wants glowy skin? Yes please... And, apparently there could be a more simple treatment than spending too much money on the latest crazily expensive face cream. Try eating oats instead. It may give you that clear, glowing skin effect that we are all after,.

8. It may contribute to a healthy heart

Image source/ IndiMedoOur hearts are crucial for our bodies and out health. So, it is super important to look after our hearts. And, oats have been deemed 'heart healthy' by some experts. So amongst other things try adding oats into your everyday routine for a healthy working heart.

9. You could get stronger

Image source/ gymfreakOats may actually also help us get stronger. This is because of the protein, minerals and vitamins which oats contain may contribute to the strength in our bodies. Start eating oats and see whether you notice a difference in the strength of your body.

10. Some research claims it can help control blood sugar

Image source/ 9nowEating too much sugar and sweet foods and drinks may 'spike' our blood levels which is thought to be bad for you. But, research claims that eating oats regularly may help to control out blood sugars so that they stabilise rather than going up and down.

11. It may increase your antioxidants

Image source/ blogspotSome health experts have claimed that oats are packed FULL of powerful antioxidants, making it a very healthy choice. In particular, oats m ay contain polyphenols and avenanthramides which are two types of antioxidant which may be very good for us...

12. It may help you focus

Image source/ BBCWe often think our focus is down to our motivation and attitude. But it may also be down to our diets. Like we said previously, oats are a slow source of energy. And so, oats may be helpful in our focus. Try eating them every morning and see if it improves!

13. You could get more vitamins in your diet

Image source/ bbcgoodfoodSometimes, keeping up a diet which contains enough vitamins can be difficult. Especially at busy times of the year when you end up eating for convenience, rather because it is the healthy choice. But a quick way you may get your vitamins in the morning is to grab a quick bowl of oats.

14. It may speed up your metabolism

Image source/ RedditSome experts and research have claimed that one way to boost or to speed up your metabolism is by eating oats. It may speed up your metabolism, meaning that your body burns through your food - breaking down the cellular molecules - at a quicker rate.

15. The health of the colon could improve

Image source/ wikiOur colons are something which rarely get attention - yet it is another vital aspect of our health because each part of our body serves a crucial function for our overall health. And, eating oats may help our colons due to the high fibre, meaning the tract may clear itself quicker.

16. It may help against tumours

Image source/ healthfactsNobody's saying that oats can prevent tumours - but some experts think that some of the ingredients in porridge may actually help us against tumours. This may be due to the fact that they are good for us overall or because there is something specific within the oats which is deemed helpful.

17. You may feel generally better in yourself!

Image source/ InstagramWe've pretty much established that oats are great all round. And so, if you do start eating oats daily or regularly then you may notice that you just generally feel better overall. It's definitely worth a go. Especially when oats are so simple to make and they take no time at all!

18. It could help with your IBS

Image source/ BlogspotIBS - Irritable Bowel Disease is a disease which affects a huge number of people. It can cause pain and discomfort in your stomach and make you bloat amongst other things. It is thought that oats may help relieve the symptoms of IBS and actually help quell the irritation in the bowels.

19. You may bloat slightly

Image source/ InstagramWe all bloat from time to time, and you may even notice when you start eating regularly that you do start to bloat initially. This is because your bodies are digesting the oats. But, this bloating if it is caused by oats should not last long and it may stop once your body adjusts to them over a period of time.

20. Your acne may clear up

Image source/ YouTubeIf you've suffered from acne you've probably googled every single acne remedy under the sun. Well, here's another one for you tot ry. Because it turns out that oats may actually be helpful when it comes to your acne. This is because of the internal health benefits which may reflect on the outside.

21. You might feel more energetic and motivated

Image source/ sportsworldFancy some more energy and motivation? Oats are a simple thing to try. They may help you in this area, so a good time to consume them would be in the morning. And, if you want to see these benefits then you should try them every day or every other day for a period of time before you can see.

22. You may crave more healthy things

Image source/ cookingwithmeblogOnce we start making healthier choices, it may start to become a more habitual practice. So when we start looking after our bodies and choosing one healthy food, it can often lead to us craving more healthy foods. The effect of healthy foods on our bodies in comparison to unhealthy foods is incomparable.

23. You could balance your gut's microbiome

Image source/ researchgateThe microbiome in our gut is what helps us to digest, amongst many other things, it is also a fragile balance and it is great to have a very diverse gut microbiome. Oats may help with this, and it may mean that you actually notice an improvement in your gut health.

24. It could reduce your asthma symptoms

Image source/ MetroDo you suffer with asthma? Asthma is a very common illness, with a considerable portion of the population suffering from it. Some health experts have suggested that there are links with eating oats and the ingredients oats contain, and the symptoms of asthma. It may help to alleviate them!

25. It may boost your iron

Image source/ healthnewsIron is a crucial part of our diet and we can take it in many forms. But, many people do not consume enough iron, or they suffer from low iron which may affect things such as your energy as well as you immune system. An easy way to get iron into your diet may be by consuming oats.

26. It could boost your immune system

Image source/ MumsnetOur immune systems put up with a LOT. They are constantly responsible for keeping us healthy and fighting off anything we do not want to get - such as infections or viruses. It is important to help you immune system so that it can do its job. Eating oats may be one way to help it!

27. You may live longer!

Image source/ BBCWe all want to live longer, and if there was a secret method to doing so we'd all love to know. While we don't have the answer to that, one way to help may be by eating porridge every day. Because of all of the health benefits we've covered, it may just help us to live longer!

28. You may save time

Image source/ PBSAvocados, poached eggs and bacon may be nice, and when you see people's nice laid out breakfasts on Instagram it does look good. But at the end of the day, porridge is healthy and best of all it's also quick and easy! So, save your time and fuel your body with oats instead.

29. It may reduce blood pressure

Image source/ TelegraphHigh blood pressure has become an increasing issue all over the world. It can be due to stress or our diets amongst other factors. But experts think that one way which may help is by eating oats regularly. It's definitely worth a try if we can do something so simple which could possibly help us!

30. It may help you sleep

Image source/ MetroThat feeling when your lay in bed and your mind won't switch off, you can't get to sleep but the hours are ricking away and you're counting down thinking I've only got 5 hours left... We've all been there. Try eating a bowl of oats before you sleep. It will make you feel full and it could help you sleep!

31. You'll Get A Great Source Of Nutrients

Image Source / RedditWhen it comes to day to day food, you need to know that you're getting a healthy dose of everything you need: vitamins, minerals and nutrients. With eating oats every day, you're going to get a dependable source of nutrients that can help you stay healthy day after day - so it's a great choice for a daily meal!

32. You'll Get That All-Important Zinc

Image Source / RedditZinc is a key mineral that you should be including in your diet every single day if you can - and luckily, eating oats can help with that without you having to worry! Zinc is key for the healthy function of many of the body's properties, including cell growth, DNA and the immune system. So if you're eating oats, it's great news for your zinc intake.

33. Tissues In Your Body Will Repair More Easily

Image Source / RedditOats are a fantastic source of protein, and protein is what your body needs to carry out key functions, which includes work on the tissues of the body. With more protein and more oats, you're giving your body help when it comes to building and repairing the body's tissue.

34. You May Find You Can Drop The Pounds More Easily

Image Source / RedditAfter all, weight loss is about eating the right foods, and not stopping eating all together - so oats are actually a diet-friendly meal you can incorporate. Oats can be very filling, but also low in calories, making them the perfect diet snack if you're looking to shed the pounds!

35. You May Have Found Your New Favorite Pre-Gym Snack

Image Source / RedditIt's always great when gym fiends find something healthy and easy to eat before or after the gym (or maybe even during if you're someone who does that). With oats, you're getting a fantastic source of energy which means your physical performance and endurance gets a big high five - perfect when you're working out.

36. You Might Prevent A Stroke

Image Source / RedditBecause oats are so high in potassium, they're great at helping to regulate the blood pressure in the body. In turn, this could help to make it less of a risk that you might suffer a stroke. It's always going to be a positive for your health if your blood pressure is more regulated!

37. Enjoy Healthier Bones

Image Source / RedditWhen thinking about body health, many people forget about bones, because it's more about trimming that fat and keeping those muscles in shape. But bone health is so important for movement and for life, and the good news is that oats contain magnesium, which is perfect for healthier bones.

38. And Healthier Teeth!

Image Source / Callister DentalAnd this means that the good source of magnesium that comes from oats for great bone health can help your teeth, too! While teeth aren't technically bone (even though they look similar), they can still benefit from a healthy dose of magnesium, so oats are great news for dental care, too (as long as you pick them out of your teeth when you're done).

39. You May Have Better Thyroid Function

Image Source / RedditThe thyroid is important in hormone balance, and also regulating the body's metabolism. One thing that can help to promote this in a better way is selenium - which, happily, oats have plenty of! So if you're eating oats, it's more likely you have improved thyroid function and a healthier metabolism.

40. Improved Brain Function

Image Source / RedditWe all want to be smarter, right? While oats won't make you solve that crossword puzzle that much easier, they may be able to help for better brain function by supplying a high dose of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is crucial for good health and in particular, good brain function.

41. It May Also Improve Your Nervous System, Too

Image Source / RedditGood news for both your brain and your nervous system - the vitamin B1 that's included in oats can actually help your nervous system to function in a better way, too. The nervous system is vital for healthy function and pretty much most things that your body does on a daily basis - so it's a big deal.

42. Enjoy Better Eye Health

Image Source / RedditOats are a big source of healthy vitamins and minerals, and one of these vitamins is E. Oats provide a healthy dose of Vitamin E, which is great news for your eye health. Vitamin E is crucial for both healthy skin and healthy eyes, so you'll only be doing your eyes a favor if you eat more oats on the daily!

43. Stop Being So Constipated

Image Source / RedditUrgh, there's nothing worse than trying to go about your day feeling clogged up. Of course, what you eat can always affect your digestive system and becoming constipated. With oats, you're actually lessening the risk of getting all plugged up because they're so high in fiber, which is a bonus for digestion and bowel movements!

44. Oats Can Help With Pregnancy

Image Source / RedditIf you're looking to switch up your diet to be healthier during pregnancy, then oats are the way to go. Oats can be a great source of folate, which is something that pregnant women definitely need during those 9 months to help with their health and the baby's development.

45. Oats May Help Reduce The Risk Of Particular Diseases

Image Source / RedditOats are an all-round good option for better health and reduced risk of certain problems. That's because oats are high in phytochemicals, which are great at reducing inflammation in the body, along with a host of other benefits. Phytochemicals can therefore also help reduce the risk of certain diseases.

46. Oats Will Make Healthier Meal Planning So Much Easier

Image Source / RedditTrying to think of what to eat every day and plan healthy meals for the week can be a challenge, and especially if you hate cooking. But oats are so versatile that they can easily be put into pretty much any meal so that you can always enjoy the benefits. That means no matter what else you're eating through the week, you can always find an oat-friendly dish!

47. You Might Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Image Source / WikipediaAnything you can do to reduce your risk of developing diabetes is good news for your health overall, and diabetes can be dependent on what you eat in terms of making sure you don't put on dangerous amounts of weight and eat the wrong things. With oats, you're getting a low-glycemic index food which helps to regulate blood sugar and, in turn, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

48. Oats Are The Perfect Food For Athletes

Image Source / RedditIf your New Year's resolution has been to become a pro athlete, or you're just an extremely athletic and active individual, then the good news is that oats are here to help your energy levels. Because they're such a great energy-boosting food stuff, they're the perfect diet-plan option for those people who like to move around a lot.

49. Reduce The Risk Of Kidney Stones

Image Source / RedditNobody wants kidney stones - they're made up of hard deposits of minerals and salts that build up inside your kidneys. Your body weight and what you're eating can affect the risks of kidney stones. Because oats are high in fiber and rich in important minerals, they could help to reduce the risk of these painful stones.

50. And Reduce The Risk Of Gallstones, Too

Image Source / RedditUnfortunately, painful kidney stones aren't the only problematic stones that can form in the body - small stones which are usually built up of cholesterol can form in the gallbladder, too. High cholesterol in bile could be a risk for gallstones forming. Oatmeal is rich in good stuff that can help to prevent gallstones from forming.