Here’s How Often You Need To Replace These Household Items

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. Fridge - It Should Last You 12 Years... AT LEAST!

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According to the United States Department of Energy, your fridge will last you approximately 12 years. There are numerous signs to show that your fridge is dying; these include, food going bad too quickly, excess frost and the level of noise that comes out of your fridge; too much or too little can be signs that a replacement is needed.Original content sourced from

2. Dishwasher - A Decade Of Your Dishwasher

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The average life expectancy of a dishwasher is 10 years. From the 7 year mark, if your dishwasher needs repairing it may be more cost effective to get a new one all together. Newer models are more eco-friendly and will help reduce water and energy bills so if your dishwasher is on the brink, upgrading will be nicer on the environment and the purse strings.

3. Microwave - 10 Years Old and Unheated Food Will Indicate Replacement!

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When your microwave hits the 10 year mark and hasn’t already died, it is probably nearly there. This is case for most other smaller electrical items found in the kitchen. The biggest indicator to replace your microwave is if your food doesn’t cook/heat through properly in the recommended timings, this is a huge health risk as well as indicating a broken appliance.

4. Herbs and Spices - It’s All In The Taste

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Herbs and spices are definitely overlooked when it comes to expiration dates. Although they do not necessarily go bad or make you sick, they can lose their potency and flavour overtime, so depending on the type, should be replaced every 1 - 4 years. With sufficient storage (in a cool dry environment with no direct sunlight), you should be able to maximise your herbs and spices.

5. Cutlery - Can Last A Lifetime!

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How often you should replace your cutlery is all down to you. Proper care and TCL can allow your cutlery and other small kitchen utensils to last a lifetime. This can be achieved by using gentle cleaning products, not soaking your cutlery in water for too long to avoid rusting or eroding, and an occasional polish which will help maintain perfect shiny silverware.

6. Tupperware - Glass Is The Way Forward

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The lifespan of your food containers depends on the types of material they are made from. Plastic tupperware presents very clear signs of needing replacing; the scent of the food previously stored in them or the stains of any tomato based sauces are the most common signs of needing a replacement, as well as any cracks that may appear overtime. Glass tupperware/containers will last you much longer, along with being much more eco friendly.

7. Chopping Board - Material Dependant, 1 - 10 Years!

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Similarly to your food containers, the material of your chopping boards depends on how long it will last before needing a replacement. A wooden chopping board, with proper care, can last up to 10 years; however, a plastic chopping board should be replaced on average, every year. This is due to bacteria surviving better on plastic compared to wood. It will become visible when a chopping board needs replacing (knife markings making it harder to clean, discolouring and warping of the material).

8. Dish Sponge - Regular Replacement Needed!

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We use dish sponges daily, for a variety of different objects that carry a variety of different bacteria’s. For this reason, it is recommended that you replace these every 2 weeks, or before they develop an odour or begin to fall apart. A dirty sponge will not complete the task of cleaning your dishes so make sure you replace them regularly.

9. Non-Stick Pots and Pans - Should Be Replaced Every 5 Years

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Your non-stick pots and pans should be replaced, on average, every 5 years. This is a strict time frame as left any longer too deteriorate can pose as a huge health risk. To make a pan non-stick, a coating of Teflon is added and when this starts to break down, it releases toxic chemicals that are very dangerous. Signs that your pots and pans have got to go is if they discolour darker or warp.

10. Tea Towels - Multi-Use But High Maintenance

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Tea towels (or kitchen towels) are so widely used on a day to day basis whether that’s to dry your dishes, wipe down surfaces or integrated into cooking. This means that they get exposed to so many different bacterias and have a high chance of being passed over to other objects and surfaces. You should switch out and wash your tea towels every day to limit bad smells, mould, and the transmission of nasty bacteria.

11. Bath Towels - They Stop Doing Their Job After 2 Years!

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The main purpose of a bath towel is the dry us once we’re clean, so it is vital that our towels are clean too. It is recommended that after every 3 uses, you wash you’re bath towels. After around 2 years, your bath towels should be replaced completely as they are less likely to thoroughly dry you, and can be home to invisible germs.

12. Toilet Brush - Breeding Place For Bacteria, Watch Out!

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Due to the nature of a toilet brush, it is vital that they are thrown out and replaced every 3-6 months. This is so that when it is in use, bacteria isn’t being spread around your toilet. You should stick to this time frame so that your toilet brush is replaced before it starts to smell or discolour.

13. Bath Mat - Quality is Key!

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Your bath mat is something that soaks up water day in, day out and in a humid environment, can cause bacteria to fester in your bath mat. It is recommended that you wash your bath mat once a week, but replace it once every 2 years. In this case, you get what you pay for! A good quality bath mat with regular care will show significant difference to a cheap one.

14. Loofah - Replace Every 3 Weeks For Maximum Cleanliness

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As we know ladies, our bodies don’t mix well with unwanted bacteria and loofahs and other cleaning sponges can be a breeding ground for them if not replaced regularly. If you want to avoid an infection or rash, it is advised to change out your loofah for a new one every 3 weeks; if it becomes smelly or discoloured before this time stamp, discard immediately and replace with a new one.

15. Shower Curtain - 2 Changes A Year Will Do!

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The beauty of a shower curtain is that you can interchange them to suit your style and switch up the aesthetic of your bathroom. However if you’ve had the same shower curtain up for 6 months or longer, it’s definitely time to interchange for a brand new one and get rid of your old. This is due to the humidity of the environment your shower curtain lives in; if not replaced frequently enough, mould and mildew can build up with the lack of ventilation in our bathrooms.

16. Toothbrush - Replace Every 3-4 Months For Your Pearly Whites

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To maximise the effectiveness of the average toothbrush, they should be replaced every 3 - 4 months. At this stage, the bristles of a toothbrush will start to become worn out, thus losing effectiveness. Your toothbrush sat in a pot in the bathroom will also gather bacteria overtime so should be replaced regularly. Other reasons to replace your toothbrush is if you’ve been unwell; bacteria from your illness will linger on your toothbrush, so be wary of that next time you feel poorly.

17. Makeup Brushes - Wash Regularly And Replace Every Few Years

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The daily use of makeup brushes on your face will build up bacteria very quickly, so should be washed weekly; unwashed makeup brushes are linked with acne prone skin, as the germs that live in your brushes are transferred onto your face and into your pores. After the 2/3 year mark, your brushes will lose their structure and density and will need to be replaced. After this time, there will be stubborn dirt that will be impossible to fully remove, so replacing your brushes will be necessary.

18. Mops - Floors Are Only As Clean As Your Mop

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Your floors are only as clean as your mop head, so as soon as it’s looking dirty, its time to replace your mop head for a new one. If your mop is too worn and overused, it will not clean your floors effectively. Aim to replace your mop head every two months to get the most out of it.

19. Pillows - When They Don’t Fluff Like They Used To...

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The blanket rule for how long you should have your pillows before replacing them is 1 - 2 years, and there are many signs you need to ditch your pillows. When your pillow doesn’t look, feel, or fluff the way it did when you first bought it then it’s time to go. Other signs  that its time for new pillows is when they discolour.

20. Pillow Cases - Multiple Signs That Your Pillow Cases Need To Be Replaced

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A pillow case should be switched out and washed weekly, but should be replaced completely when you see fit. General signs of wear such as discolouration and thinning of the material are all signs to replace your pillow cases. Using the same pillow case for longer than a week can have effects on your skin; built up sweat and oils from your hair and skin will build up on your pillow case and when transferred onto your face, can have negative effects on the health of your skin.

21. Bedding - You Get What You Pay For

Image Source / John Lewis Image Source / John Lewis

Similarly to your pillow cases, good quality materials will last you longer in the bedroom! Paying out for your bed sheets will last you up to 5 years if you take good care of them; all variation of bed sheets show the same signs of wear so keep an eye out. If you have extra activity on your bed such as pet cuddles, this will shorten the life expectancy of your bedding.

22. Mattress - A Bad Nights Sleep Is The Biggest Sign

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No one mattress has the same life span, but as an average, your mattress should be replaced every 8 years. The signs that your mattress is in need of a refresh is when it starts to sag or smell; or if simply your sleep is insufficient. We spend much of our lives on your mattresses, so it is vital that its a good one.

23. Rug - Foot Traffic Is The Biggest Factor In Replacement Time

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The typical lifespan of your rug is varied from 5 - 10 years and is heavily dependant on many different factors. The foot traffic on your rug will determine how long your rug lives for; a shoes off house will have longer lasting rugs. Proper maintenance will allow your rug to live to its maximum; stubborn stains, and bad smells are the most common signs that a rug replacement is needed.

24. Couch - You Can Double The Lifespan Of Your Couch With Correct Care

Image Source / The New York Times Image Source / The New York Times

The common couch should last on average around 7 years but will a study structure and great care could last you double that. With lots of sitting, your sofa will eventually start to sag, and materials will show signs of wear such as fraying and cracking of leather. Aesthetics and comfort levels will indicates when your safe needs to go.

25. Office Chair - It Should be Replaced Every 7-8 Years

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Although every chair is different, they should all see you through 7 - 8 years. Wear and tear, like most other household items is the biggest indicator that they need to be replaced but office chairs that are past their best can start to effect your posture. Aesthetic reasons will also encourage replacements but this is not necessary unless there is a problem.

26. Curtains - A Change In Style, Smell And Colour Means They Have To Go

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Curtains are pretty low maintenance and should last at least 10 years.  Just switch them out as your style changes or if they’ve overstayed their welcome; stains and bad odours are a sign of a curtain replacement. Clean twice yearly and upkeep their cleanliness with fabric sprays to leave your house smelling fresh.

27. Throw Pillows - You Can Get 1-2 Years Out Of Them

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The amount of life you can get from your throw pillows is dependant on how (and what) they are used for. Throw pillows that are used solely for decorative purposes will last much than those used more frequently as a typical pillow would be used. Your cushions will last 1 - 2 years if used frequently as it will begin to lose shape and fluffiness.

28. Smoke Detector - Safety Is Key, Replace After 10 Years

Image Source / The Washington Post Image Source / The Washington Post

Much research has been conducted into the longevity of the average smoke detector and has concluded that a replacement should occur every 10 years regardless of weather it is a hard-wired or battery operated device. Regular tests should be carried out on your smoke detector to eliminate health risks; this is an important one, and should not be overlooked.

29. Bra - Keep Supported With A New One Every 6 Months

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It is recommended that you replace your bra every 6 months, however with proper care they can last much longer. Putting your bra on improperly and harsh washing methods can cause the band to over stretch and become unsupportive. The same size bra isn’t always sufficient over a long period of time, so it is vital to get frequent measurements and replace your bras where necessary.

30. Door Mat - A Long Lifespan Of 6 Months - 5 Years

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It is recommended that you should replace your door mat every 6 months to a year; obviously foot traffic dependant, the bristles of your door mat will break down if it sees a lot of footprints so will eventually stop doing its job in keeping dirt out. More durable door mats such as urethane mats can last up to 5 years.

31. Fire Extinguisher - Make sure you're safe, replace every 5 years

Image Source / liveenhancedA fire extinguisher is one of those household items that you cannot just replace when it looks to be getting a little old. A fire extinguisher is there for safety and is a lifesaving object. Therefore, it is very important to have it checked every five years - no less.

32. Water Filters - Keep it clean for clean water

Image Source / fixwaterWith a water filter, if it is not clean then it means the water you are drinking is also not clean. So, it's very important to keep on top of it. You should replace it every 6 months. And, if it is a water filter jug or a free-standing water cooler then these inevitably need replacing more frequently.

33. Cosmetics - When they're no longer caring for your skin

Image Source / blogs.siemensCosmetics are often something that people keep in their makeup case or drawer and completely forget to check the dates - just replacing it when it funs out. But it is good to change it every year or sometimes 24 months. Check the dates otherwise the product you are putting on your skin may not have the right effects.

34. Reed diffusers - Need changing regularly

Image Source / The IndependentReed diffusers are a lot easier to know when to change it because they will run out, the liquid will be used up and they will stop emitting a smell. But it's important to keep the reeds clean as they can attract dust and bacteria because they are damp. Then, change every 3-4 months.

35. Air filters - To keep your air clean change every 3 months

Image Source / shiftperformanceAgain, air filters are important for keeping our air as clean as possible and so after some time it is important to change it. After every couple of months, you should replace you air filter. Living in places with heavy pollution it will get much dirtier much faster and so it also depends on where you live.

36. Air fresheners - Smell fresh and change every couple of months

Image Source / blogspotWith an air freshener it is easy to have them lying around in your cupboard for years and forget to check the date. However, it will no longer work effectively after this time. If you want an air fresher to do its job properly then you should do it every couple of months.

37. Washing machine - After 10 years it could cost more to keep it

Image Source / hrenedaydomesticsWashing machines after around a decade will start to run less effectively and less efficiently. So, they won't be doing the job as effectively anymore and also may be costing you more to run because it is not as efficient as the later models which constantly improve. Therefore, changing after a decade is recommended.

38. Shower liner - Wash regularly and change twice a year

Image Source / homesfeedShower liners harbour a huge number of bacteria because they are continuously damp making it a breeding ground for bacteria. So, it is recommended that you wash the liner regularly around every month and disinfectant. Then, every six months it is time for a new liner.

39. Bath toys - Disinfect and change often to keep your little one safe

Image Source / FarmhousemamaWhen it comes to your little one's toys it is important to clean them weekly.  Again, a damp environment can harbour bacteria, however the surface of the toys mean that they are easy to keep clean. So, replacing them years is recommended with regular cleaning in-between.

40. Running shoes - After running 300 miles they are due a change

Image Source / sportworldreviewRunning shoes are great for a while but then the comfort as well as the support goes. It is recommended that after around 300-500 miles it is time to replace them. Once the interior support goes, it can actually damage your feet and joints if you continue running without the correct support structure.

41. Carpet - Carpet can last up to 15 years with good keeping

Image Source / auburncarpetCapet's can last around 5-15 years depending how well you take care of them. If you consistently clean the carpet, then it will stay good for longer and can last up to 15 years. Sometimes they start to show signs of wear and tear, especially if you have pets or children, and then it is time for a replacement.

42. Medicine - Make sure you stay in date!

Image Source / healthnewsIf the date has rubbed off and it has been more than a couple of years, it is definitely time to replace the medicine rather than to use it until it is all gone. It is very important to look at the dates to check whether the medicines are still safe to take.

43. Polishing rags - After a couple of years it's better to get fresh

Image Source / wikiPolishing rags are used consistently to get up all of that dust and grime around the house. So, they need washing weekly to make sure that they stay safely clean and not too unhygienic. Then after a couple of years it is time to replace them with new ones.

44. Yoga matt - It needs changing more often than you think

Image Source / MattswazzYoga matt's do not last for a very long time and actually need replacing around every couple of years. First of all, they will start to lose grip. Second of all, they are used with feet standing on them frequently as well as having sweat transferred to the matt, and so is better to keep them for 2 years only.

45. Vacuum bag - It's better to change it every 6 months

Image Source / AliexpressIf you do not replace your vacuum bag so regularly then you will notice that your hoover is not picking up dirt effectively. They need replacing around every six months for efficient vacuuming. And, to keep the vacuum bag from getting too dirty.

46. Hairbrush - Get rid of bacteria regularly

Image Source / Ruby LaneHairbrushes are brushing our heads every day and they can get full of product as well as bacteria which form from the skin on the brushes. Keep them clean by disinfecting with some soap or lemon water. Then change the brush after 6 months to a year.

47. Garbage disposal - After a decade you need a new one

Image Source / masterplumbingGetting a new garbage disposal is a big instalment. It is not needed frequently, after as long as 10 years it is recommended that you replace it because they can begin to clog and after some time you will start to notice that they do not function so effectively anymore.

48. Coffee maker - It's time for a new one after five years of use

Image Source / wayfairCoffee makers need replacing more often than you probably might have thought. It is recommended that you replace the machine after five years. And to keep it clean and working well you should decalcify it every two months as well as also clean it weekly.

49. Wooden spoon - Get new ones every five years!

Image Source / RobertelliswoodworkingWooden spoons are easy to clean and are of course cleaned after every use. Yet because of the wooden material it is good to replace them after every five years because of the fact that wood can absorb liquid, and it forms little cracks which cannot properly be disinfected.

50. Cups and mugs - They can last around 20 years or more

Image Source / shinodadesignCups and mugs can pretty much last as long as you want because of the material they can be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. And so, there is no need to regularly replace them. In fact, it's probably more likely that they will break before it is the necessary time to replace them.