Here Is Why We Should Never Let Our Dogs Share A Bed With Us

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Picture this: it's the end of a long day, and you finally crawl into bed, ready to catch those precious Zs. You've got your cozy blanket, your favorite pillow, and the promise of sweet dreams ahead. But wait, who's that hogging the covers? Is it your significant other? Nope, it's your furry friend, who somehow managed to sneak into your bed without you even noticing. Now, before you start thinking, "What's the harm? We're just sharing the love," let me hit the pause button on your canine cuddlefest fantasies. In this article, we're about to uncover the reasons why letting your four-legged pal snuggle up in your bed might not be the dreamy experience you imagine. I get it – the idea of having your loyal companion by your side, sharing the same sleeping space, sounds like the plot of a heartwarming Disney movie. But as much as we adore our fur babies, there's a fine line between cozy companionship and a full-blown fur invasion.

Allergies Abound

Fido's fur may trigger allergies or worsen existing ones, leading to sneezing fits and itchy eyes at bedtime. The innocent cuddles you share during the night could leave you feeling more like you're camping in a pollen-coated forest than snoozing in your own bed.

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The last thing you need is a nightly struggle between a good night's sleep and a battle against the sniffles. Things are hard enough as they are without making ourselves feel unnecessarily ill.Original content sourced from

Tick and Flea Trouble

Sharing a bed increases the risk of these pesky parasites finding a new home on both you and your pup. While Fido's unwavering loyalty is heartwarming, sharing a bed might unknowingly invite a small army of ticks and fleas to establish a basecamp beneath your sheets.

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Don't be surprised if you find yourself in the middle of an unintended wilderness adventure right in your own bed. Things aren't going to feel too good for you if you're infested with ticks!

Unwanted Shedding

Wake up looking like you've grown a fur coat? Your pup's shedding might be the culprit. It's not a fashion statement you signed up for: waking up with a stylish ensemble of dog hair clinging to your sleepwear.

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Your pup's shedding season might turn your bed into a furry fashion runway, complete with tumbleweed-like tufts of fur tumbling across your sheets.

Snoring Serenades

Dogs, like humans, can be snorers, turning your sleep haven into a symphony of snores. That once tranquil bedroom ambiance now features an unexpected duet — your melodic pup providing the bass to your nocturnal symphony.

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The challenge lies in deciphering whether your pup's snoring is an ode to slumber or a gentle reminder that silence might just be a dream. Things can be a little awkward with a snoring dog!

Nighttime Nudging

Midnight nudges, paw taps, and face licks can disrupt your sleep cycle. Just as you're about to embrace the soothing embrace of slumber, your canine companion decides it's time for a late-night rendezvous.

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An enthusiastic nose nudging your arm or a playful paw tapping your shoulder shatters the serenity, leaving you wondering whether it's sleep time or playtime. Your cozy haven transforms into a whimsical realm where dreams and doggie desires entwine.

Sleep Disruption

Pooches can be restless sleepers, hogging the covers and causing you to wake up bleary-eyed. Your once peaceful sleeping haven morphs into a chaotic battleground as your furry friend performs acrobatics worthy of a circus.

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The covers become a coveted prize, snatched and tugged at with unrivaled determination. Your sleepy self, tangled and befuddled, emerges into the morning light, a testament to your valiant struggle against the forces of canine sleep warfare.

Sleep Posture Predicament

As you attempt to maintain your slice of the mattress, your canine companion turns bedtime into a yoga session. With legs akimbo and paws splayed, your four-legged friend claims dominance over the sleeping space.

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Your dog's sprawling sleep positions might force you into contorted shapes. You, on the other hand, contort yourself into positions reminiscent of a human pretzel, all in the name of accommodating your furry co-sleeper.

Dirty Paws, Dirty Sheets

Muddy paws and outdoor germs can soil your sheets, requiring more frequent washing. Your otherwise pristine bed linens suddenly bear the marks of outdoor escapades, thanks to your pup's enthusiastic romps through nature's playground.

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As you crawl under the covers, you're greeted by an unexpected assortment of paw prints and dirt smudges. Get ready for an unintentional initiation into the "wash, rinse, repeat" cycle of bedtime hygiene.

Dander Dilemma

Dog dander can settle into your bed, contributing to allergies and skin irritations. While your pup's cuddles are heartwarming, their microscopic gift of dander may not be so endearing.

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As you snuggle up for a night's rest, you're unknowingly inviting this invisible irritant to share your sleep space. The result? A symphony of sneezes, itches, and discomfort that puts a not-so-pleasant spin on bedtime coziness.

Temperature Tango

Your dog's' body heat can disrupt your sleep comfort, especially during warmer months. While your furry friend's warmth is welcome on a chilly evening, it becomes less charming when the mercury rises.

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As the night wears on, your bed transforms into a sauna, and your cozy sleep cocoon feels more like a heat trap. The temperature tango between you and your pup could leave you tossing and turning, searching for the elusive cool spot.

Drool Drama

A nighttime drool fest might not be the most appealing sleep experience. Your pup's dreamscape might include visions of chasing rabbits, leading to an unexpected and unsolicited drool shower.

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Waking up with a damp pillowcase or a wet spot on your arm is far from a dreamy morning scenario. Suddenly, that drool-free zone around your pup's water bowl seems like a priceless oasis of dryness.

And Allergenic Accidents

If you're prone to allergies, close contact with your pup's saliva can trigger reactions. While your pup's affectionate kisses are heart-melting, they can unwittingly introduce allergens into your sleep sanctuary.

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Your immune system, ever the vigilant sentinel, might perceive these drool-laden gestures as a threat. Cue the sneezes, sniffles, and itchy eyes — your pup's loving embrace might come with an unexpected side of allergenic mischief.

Potty Predicament

Nighttime bathroom trips for your dog can disrupt your sleep pattern. Just as you've achieved the perfect slumber, your pup's urgent calls of nature become your unexpected wake-up call.

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The midnight dashes to the door or the sound of restless pacing can leave you bleary-eyed, longing for the uninterrupted dreamscape you were just beginning to explore.

Bed Territory Battles

Sharing a bed might lead to territorial disputes, impacting your sleep quality. Your bed, once a peaceful sanctuary, becomes a battleground of invisible boundaries.

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Your pup's territorial instincts can transform your sleep oasis into a diplomatic negotiation zone, complete with subtle shoves and nudges to assert dominance over the prime sleeping real estate.

Sleep Talker, Meet Sleep Barker

Your dog's nighttime barking could join your dreamtime conversations. Just as you're immersed in an otherworldly dream conversation, your pup decides to chime in with an unexpected serenade of barks.

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Your subconscious tête-à-tête takes an unexpected detour, courtesy of your four-legged sleep-talker who adds their own canine commentary to your nocturnal imaginings.

Furniture Folly

Sharing a bed could encourage furniture hopping, leading to a chewed-up headboard or scratched mattress. While your pup's acrobatics are amusing, their bedroom antics could spell trouble for your cherished furniture.

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Your bed could turn into a launchpad for airborne leaps or an impromptu chew-toy, potentially transforming your cozy sleep haven into an unintended playground of destruction.

Sleepwalking Safety

If you're a sleepwalker, a dog in bed could pose tripping hazards. As you navigate the realms of dreamland, an unexpected obstacle in the form of your peacefully snoozing pup could lead to a nocturnal collision.

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The path from dream to reality becomes a potential minefield, where the innocent presence of your furry companion might inadvertently become a sleepwalking hazard.

Early Riser Routine

Dogs often wake up with the sun, potentially robbing you of precious sleep hours. While your pup embraces the dawn with enthusiasm, your own sleep-deprived self might have a different opinion.

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The rhythmic rise and fall of your dog's tail becomes a silent alarm clock, gently nudging you from slumber before you're ready to bid adieu to your dreamscape.

Dreamland Disturbances

Your dog's twitching and running in their sleep could jolt you awake. Just as you're drifting into dreamland, your pup's dream adventures might take them on a nocturnal sprint.

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Their sudden muscle twitches and paw paddling could transform your tranquil slumber into an unexpected wake-up call, leaving you wondering whether you're in a peaceful bedroom or the front row of a puppy-paced marathon.

Morning Breath Woes

Doggie morning breath might not be the most pleasant greeting. As you open your eyes to a new day, your loyal companion greets you with an enthusiastic good morning kiss.

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However, their morning breath, reminiscent of the finest doggy delicacies, might not be the refreshing start you had in mind. You quickly learn the art of strategic dodging as you navigate their affectionate advances.

Sleep Space Squeeze

A large dog might make you feel like you're sleeping on a postage stamp. Your once spacious bed becomes a premium real estate that's increasingly hard to stake a claim on.

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Your large and lovable pup's propensity for sprawling turns your bedtime experience into a cozy arrangement of limbs and fur. You're left to master the art of contortion, seeking refuge in the tiniest corner of your shrinking sleep domain.

Pillow Predicament

Your pup's fascination with your pillow could lead to a fluffy tug-of-war. The cozy allure of your pillow doesn't escape your pup's discerning eye. Their playful fascination turns bedtime into a game of tug-of-war, with your fluffy sanctuary caught in the crossfire.

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What was once your serene sleep retreat becomes a battlefield of tugs and pulls, a testament to your pup's determination to claim a share of your sleeping comfort.

Dust Mites in Bed

Dust mites, carried by your dog, could exacerbate allergy symptoms. While your pup's companionship brings joy, it might also introduce an army of microscopic irritants.

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Their outdoor excursions inadvertently invite unwanted guests in the form of dust mites into your bed. These uninvited lodgers can trigger allergies, turning your peaceful sleep into a battleground of sneezes and sniffles that disrupt your quest for restful slumber.

Late-Night Snacks

Midnight munchies might turn into midnight dog treat sessions. Just as you're about to satisfy your own late-night cravings, your pup's imploring eyes tug at your heartstrings.

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What starts as a solo snack fest quickly transforms into a duet, as you find yourself reaching for treats to appease your four-legged companion's nocturnal appetite.

Sleep Schedule Shifts

Your dog's sleep patterns might clash with yours, leading to restlessness. While you're keen on adhering to a consistent sleep schedule, your furry friend might have a different agenda.

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Their nighttime energy bursts or sudden bouts of restlessness might leave you tossing and turning, caught between a desire for peaceful slumber and the reality of accommodating your pup's unpredictable sleep rhythm.

Blanket Burglar

Your pup might have a penchant for swiping the covers, leaving you shivering. As you settle in under the cozy cocoon of blankets, your pup decides it's prime time for a bit of undercover work.

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The gentle tug and pull you feel are the subtle signs of a master thief in action. Before you know it, you're left with a chilly awakening, wondering when your once abundant blanket fortress turned into a battlefield for canine cover conquests.

Partner Protest

If you share your bed with a human partner, your pup's presence might not be welcome, stirring relationship tensions. While you may have found your canine companion's nocturnal escapades endearing, your partner might have a different perspective.

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The shared bed space becomes a focal point for a silent battle, as your pup's proximity stirs unspoken tensions and challenges the dynamics of peaceful co-sleeping between humans and canines.

Heartfelt Healer

Their warm and reassuring presence provides a sense of security, and you'll never feel alone if you spend the night wrapped up with your lil pooch. Doesn't sound so bad does it...

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This helps to alleviate nighttime worries and anxieties, and turning your sleep space into a haven of emotional solace. Their ability to sense and respond to your emotional state creates a bond that transcends the challenges of co-sleeping.

Cuddle Crusader

Your dog's cuddle cravings might lead to midnight cuddle sessions that disrupt your sleep. As you navigate the dreamy realms of sleep, you suddenly find yourself enveloped in a warm, furry embrace.

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Your pup's late-night cuddle cravings might lead to an intimate sleep affair that, while heartwarming, inadvertently disrupts your own sleep patterns. The battle between your desire for uninterrupted sleep and their persistent need for affection becomes a nightly dance of compromise.

Undercover Burrower

If your dog is fascinated by burrowing, this could lead to unexpected disturbances under the covers. As you curl up under your cozy blanket, you might suddenly feel the rhythmic motion of something tunneling beneath.

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Your pup's affinity for digging and burrowing transforms your sleep cocoon into an interactive adventure, as you try to predict where their next subterranean exploration will lead.

Why you probably shouldn't be letting your dog sleep in the bedroom at all!

If you're thinking you're making a fair compromise by not allowing your dog to actually sleep in the bed with you, but still letting them sleep in the bedroom, there are quite a few reasons why this might not actually be much better... here's all you need to know about that!
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There might be a few things you don't realise are causing you troubles and these should be fairly simple to avoid if you just make some small changes to your pooches night routine.

Allergies can still affect you

Sure, you might not be getting hairs directly in your nose if they're not lying on top of you, but just having a dog in your general vicinity is enough to trigger allergies.
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So even if they're on the floor, they still might trigger allergies that can make it difficult for you to sleep. Put yourself first and find them somewhere else to feel comfy at night time.

They will get hairs all over the room

If you want to do yourself a favor when it comes to chores, give yourself the bedroom as one less thing to tackle when it comes to pet hairs. No one wants to have the vacuum out so often!
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If you're dog is sleeping in there every night, it's going to be harder to keep your bedroom clean and hair free - which are likely to get on the covers anyway! They won't help your allergies either.

It'll no longer be your 'sanctuary'

For a good night's sleep for your health and wellbeing, your bedroom really should be a sanctuary and retreat, so somewhere that's set up perfectly to be a clean, welcoming space with nothing to stress you.
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A dog - no matter how much you love them - can disrupt that by making noise and mess. Although they might give a good cuddle, the noise might just make your night a little difficult.

They might disrupt your sleep by waking

They might also wake you up in the middle of the night - or even a few times a night - if they get up and decide to wander over to you, try to get your attention or even if they wake up and start moving around trying to get comfortable again.
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This is worse if you're a light sleeper! You might never be able to get a good nights sleep if you're more bothered about letting your furry friend sleep with you!

Or by making noises or snoring!

And even if your pooch is capable of sleeping straight through the night in a deep dream, it doesn't mean they still can't disturb you if they're the snoring kind of pup.
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If they're snoring or making noises in their sleep, dreaming they're chasing their favorite ball, it might wake you. But you can never really get angry at them, can you?

They might become dependent on being close to you

If you're trying to teach your dog good habits, it might also backfire if you already have a clingy dog with separation anxiety. They might become completely dependent on being near you no matter what!
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This includes the times during the night hours, which might make it harder to make them sleep elsewhere if the need arises. You don't want to be pawed awake do you?

It lessens the security of them being in other rooms

If you have a dog for the purpose of being a guard dog, too, then it's more likely they can alert you of anything wrong if they're in the other room. If you're all in the bedroom, they might not pick up on anything else going on. If
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If they're in the living room or the main part of the house, they'll more easily sense or wake up to any issues. You probably won't mind having some additional protection in your house... right?

It's good practice to make them sleep in their own bed in another room

This is a good thing for teaching them good behavior and a good routine. Dog beds are there for a reason - and yes, you can have their bed in the bedroom with you. Just make them stick to it!
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But it might be good practice to first have them get used to sleeping in their own bed in a different room, so they can get used to it and feel confident with it.

You can set up boundaries of where they're allowed to go

There might just be certain rooms you don't want your pooch to venture in, including the bedroom, so that they learn discipline, but also to keep the rest of your house tidy.
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That's what the puppy gates are for, after all, so having some rules about where they can and can't go might help! It's a good way to keep them trained for the forseeable.

If you're single, it might cause a problem if you get into a relationship...

That's not to say you should be with someone who has a problem with you having a dog (because that's a red flag) but if you usually have your dog sleep in the bedroom with you and then start sleeping with a new partner who moves in with you, there could be a couple of things that happen..
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Including running out of space, having the dog be confused or even more excited at a new person when you're trying to sleep, or even having your partner be disrupted by the dog if they're a light sleeper when you're not!

You might stand on them!

We all like to think we wouldn't, but if you're someone who needs to sleep in a pitch black room with blackout blinds and also happens to be someone who wakes up for a pee every night.
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The chances are always high you could stumble into them or stand on them when you're half asleep and they've decided to move position during the night!

You might need to train a puppy to behave

It can be especially problematic if you have a puppy that's still learning. Just like you need to have a newborn baby get used to being in their own room eventually.
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It's important to teach a puppy to sleep in its own bed at night, and to learn that you won't come because it's whining (it's tough love, but it's for a good reason!).

It might cause problems when they're older

If you have a home with the bedroom upstairs and your dog has always slept in their with you, it might become an issue when they reach senior years if they're not as mobile or can't get up stairs comfortably.
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They might become confused if you can't have them sleep up there with you anymore! You don't want to make them feel too upset as their age increases and increases.

They might wake you too early

If you're someone who enjoys a lie in or if you work shift patterns, you might find having your dog in the bedroom with you results in your being woken up way too early for their morning walk!
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So you might get less sleep than you should be doing, or be pretty grumpy about it. None of us want to be forced awake before any of us are really ready to throw the duvet off our bodies.

It might cause a problem if they stay in kennels

Even if you're happy to have your dog stay in the bedroom with you when you're together, there will inevitably be a time you have to put them in kennels if you're going on a vacation or on a business trip.
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If they've never slept alone before, they might become distressed in their kennel bed. And no one wants to have to sit by and watch their pooch go through periods of distress.

Or even if someone else is dog sitting for you!

It could also make it difficult for someone pet sitting for you, whether someone you've hired or a friend or family member. It's all a little too much for someone who's not used to it!
image source:
If that person isn't open to a dog sleeping in the bedroom with them, it might cause an issue if the dog is told it can't - or it might make the person uncomfortable about the situation!

If you choose to get another dog, it might get crowded!

If you choose to add to your fur family, you're obviously going to have that dog sleep in the bedroom, too - but if you have a small place, it might get a little crowded, and they might not have enough room to comfortably spread out.
image source:
With more than one dog, you might want them to keep each other company in another room instead. Our furry friends probably want nothing more than a friend to spend their time with.

They might try and sneak on the bed when you're asleep

You being firm and telling your dog to sleep on the floor in your own bed, instead of yours, is all well and good... until you're asleep! Your dog might be a sneaky one and end up climbing on the bed anyway to sleep on there,
image source:
And if you don't wake up, you're faced with all the reasons we listed earlier about why you shouldn't have the dog in the bed with you! It's a real lose-lose situation in the end.

They might cause a mess in the bedroom

Accidents happen, and if your dog gets sick in the middle of the night - from either end - you're then faced with having that in your bedroom. That's not what anyone wants to see after waking up!
image source:
If you have carpet in the bedroom and wooden floors in the rest of the house, you know which would be easier to clean up! It's not going to be fun either way you do it...