Here Is What Our Favorite Childhood Movie Says About Our Personality

By Jessica O'Neil 8 months ago

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: You’re a fan of shenanigans

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Ferris was committed to making the most of his day, and he wasn’t afraid to get into a little bit of trouble. Those who can’t get enough of this movie probably love breaking the rules and can’t wait to find a reason to blow off work or school. Though Ferris is a slacker, this doesn’t mean you are – you just like a little fun!

Beetlejuice: Halloween is a year-round affair for you

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This is one of the most quintessential Halloween movies around. For you, this holiday doesn’t end in October. Though the premise is a little sad, this quirky film has all the themes that make you so amped for the spooky season: horror, grief, ghosts, and incredible costumes.

Back to The Future: You still believe in the possibility of time travel

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Science is always making leaps and bounds throughout the years, and you still 100% believe you’ll be able to go back and see the dinosaurs for yourself someday. If you love Back to The Future and the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, you’re probably anxiously waiting for the arrival of your own personal Delorean.

E.T.: An alien invasion doesn’t scare you one bit

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E.T. is a classic film that everyone loves. It’s a feel-good sci-fi tale full of wonder and whimsy. This is the favorite movie of those who believe there is definitely life on other planets. Though you probably won’t get to cart around an alien on your bike any time soon, it doesn’t stop you from dreaming.

Top Gun: You’re never getting rid of that leather jacket

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Tom Cruise, a killer soundtrack, and all the action you can handle. Top Gun is a movie for those who prefer to live on the edge. You’ve probably even considered joining the Navy after watching this for the first time. Mostly, though, you loved this movie for how hot Tom Cruise looked in that bomber jacket.

Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts you (or Baby) in a corner

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You are a free spirit and a romantic, and Dirty Dancing checks all these boxes for you. Lovers of this film simply want to pursue their passions untethered, whether that be dancing or dating Patrick Swayze. You’ve never been the type to follow all the rules, and you’re also not the type to turn down a tryst with a hunk.

The Breakfast Club: You were probably an outcast in high school

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A group of unlikely friends bonding over boring circumstances is a story anyone can get behind. If you adore this movie, you probably felt misunderstood as a teen and were always on the lookout for a group of friends who really understood you, even if you guys didn’t have all that much in common.

Footloose: Your dance moves are unmatched

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Even if dancing did not become a career for you, you still can’t help but bust a move every time you hear that Kenny Loggins song. Kevin Bacon’s footwork and dedication to sticking it to the man is what made you enamored with the film, but your love for shaking what your mama gave you is what made this movie a not-so-guilty pleasure.

The Outsiders: You have a soft spot for bad boys

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Whenever you hear the line, “Stay golden, Ponyboy” you totally burst into tears. There’s something about a sexy group of greasers with a heart that really gets you going. You definitely love a no-nonsense type of fella, but if you were to come across a group of them like these boys? It would be super hard for you to choose which one to take home with you.

The Color Purple: You love a good cry

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This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Alice Walker. It’s about the struggles women face and how honest storytelling can be an amazing tool for resistance. It also serves as the perfect reason to cuddle up on your couch on a rainy day and let the tears flow.

The Karate Kid: You had a teacher that changed your life

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As a kid, it is hard to maintain your confidence, and a lot of the time it takes a strong mentor to pull you out of your shell and teach you how to love yourself. If The Karate Kid moves you, you likely resonate with the story and have someone in your life who gave the little you a chance to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Hairspray: There isn’t a musical you can’t enjoy

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Hairspray is one of those movie musicals you can watch over and over and never get tired of it. A film about racism and overcoming the powers that be with perseverance and creativity, Hairspray addresses a variety of social issues that may be hard to digest for some, but not for you. You love any reason to get up and sing.

National Lampoon’s Vacation: Your dad was a total goofball

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This is definitely one of those movies where you were constantly giving your silly father the side-eye the whole time. Clark had a singular goal throughout the film, but it just seemed like any and everything was bound to get in his way. Sounds like someone you know, right?

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back: Yoda gives you life

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This is the first movie in the franchise where Yoda appears. When you were a kid, you were totally obsessed with that wise green guy, and to this day you have the fondest memories of watching it over and over again on VHS. With Baby Yoda being all the rage in the 21st century, it’s also a great way to bond with your kids over something that gave you joy as a child.

The Terminator: Action is your middle name

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How many times did you quote, “I’ll be back” before your parents got sick of you? Probably too many times to count. The Terminator is the ideal action film. It has violence, futuristic tech, and a towering Arnold Schwarzenegger to gawk at. You even have your old VHS tape and the deluxe DVD with special features to enjoy whenever you see fit!

The Shining: You’re a horror fanatic

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Shelley Duvall is a cinema icon, but she isn’t the only reason why you love this film so much. The Shining is one of those films that horror connoisseurs revere in a religious manner. It’s psychologically thrilling, sad, and a little weird, which checks all of your boxes.

Ghostbusters: You believe in the supernatural

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When you hear a noise in the middle of the night, you’re not the type of person to immediately blame it on your roaming cat. Ghosts are the first culprits you can think of. Ghostbusters allows you to get your supernatural fix in, minus the fear and shadow people in your room at night. Just kidding!

Raiders of the Lost Ark: You are an adventurer at heart

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You don’t mind getting into some trouble as long as the outcome works in your favor. You want to be brave and inquisitive and use your natural talent for good. If this sounds like you, then your favorite movie is definitely this Steven Spielberg film.

Die Hard: You work well under pressure

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John McClane had to fight for his life in the most unthinkable of situations, and you’re the type of person who just knows you could do the same if need be. You feel as if there’s nothing you can’t handle, and you might be right! But can you save a Christmas party full of hostages? Let’s hope you never have to find out.

Stand By Me: Your childhood friends mean more to you than anything

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Stand By Me is a film about a group of boys who are on the pursuit of witnessing the remains of a man who was accidentally killed near their town. During the journey, they understand more about each other than they could’ve expected. You love your childhood friends, and you look back fondly on all the trials and tribulations you experienced together.

Poltergeist: You’re definitely scared of the dark

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A nightlight is a must in your house. In fact, you need a few just to be able to get through the evening. Poltergeist is a pretty unnerving movie, and those who love it probably watch it as a how-to in case they are ever confronted with an unsatisfied spirit of their own.

Fatal Attraction: A steamy romance is your idea of a perfect night in

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You aren’t the type to have an affair, but you sure love watching it play out on camera. For you, there’s nothing like lighting a few candles and watching Glenn Close and Michael Douglas cozy up to each other on the TV. This movie has everything you love – thrills, chills, and forbidden lust.

Heathers: Nobody does revenge like you

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Have you ever wanted to get back at all those terrible girls who used to bully you in high school? Did you imagine all the ways you’d humiliate them, only to just let it slide for years? Heathers was the accidental revenge film you couldn’t stop watching and still love to rewatch all these years later.

RoboCop: You’re fascinated by artificial intelligence

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AI is developing at lightning speed, and who knows how it will evolve in the next few years? Though you may not be on board with privatizing the police any time soon, you do love how RoboCop isn’t down with the oppressors either. Mostly, though, you love witnessing how far technology can go if we let it.

Airplane!: You’re not taking life seriously any time soon

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This is one of those goofy disaster movies that paved the way for other spoof films like Epic Movie and Scary Movie. You love light hearted movies that do not require much thought and have the sole goal of making you laugh hysterically. Arthouse films and thoughtful pieces just aren’t your thing.

Scarface: You’re one tough cookie

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Tony Montana doesn’t play games, and neither do you. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, no matter who you have to tread on in the process. You mainly love how sickening Al Pacino looks in this film, but you also loved screaming, “Say hello to my little friend!”

When Harry Met Sally: You’re a fan of classics and tradition

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This is one of those movies that you can’t escape even if you try. Everyone and their mother has seen it, and if you didn’t, you probably did and just didn’t pay attention. If you love it, it’s because you adore traditional romantic comedy tropes and find comfort in them.

Dead Poets Society: You’re the brooding, artsy type

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Robin Williams’ performance in this film brought him much acclaim, but you're not the type to watch a movie simply for one actor. This movie makes you feel seen. You are an artist who was starved of creativity in school and looked for any reason to showcase your talents in a meaningful way.

Spaceballs: You’re the jokester of your friend group

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Spaceballs is a sci-fi parody that provides endless laughs for people of all ages. If you love this movie, it’s because you are the funniest person in your friend group. People love inviting you out because they know you’ll have everyone doubling over with laughter.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Gore doesn’t faze you

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Freddy Krueger makes any kid scared to go to sleep at night, but not you. You loved this movie as a child and even begged to stay up late to watch it on a stormy night. You don’t mind a little blood spatter. Actually, you LOVE the gore and welcome any slasher movie you cross with open arms.