Health Warnings Your Skin is Trying to Tell You

By molly atherton 7 months ago

1. You’re having more breakouts

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If you are experiencing more breakouts and your skin is really suffering, this could be a warning sign you are not looking after your body. Unhealthy habits like smoking or having a poor diet can make it worse. Although it is not a serious condition, it can be sore and impact your confidence.Original content sourced from

2. You have discolouration on your legs and feet

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Varicose veins are swollen enlarged veins which are blue or dark purple in colour and typically occur on the legs and feet. They can be a normal occurrence in older age, but if you are young and they cause the skin to become discoloured it could be a sign you are diabetic.

3. You’ve noticed small bumps around your eyes or nose

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Have you noticed small yellow bumps that have appeared around your eyes or nose? The medical term for these bumps are ‘xanthelasma’ and they are deposits of cholesterol which could be a sign you need to get your cholesterol levels checked out in case they are too high.

4. You have sore hands

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Although sore hands can be a common issue during the cold weather and for people who frequently wash their hands, there is a more serious condition called ‘dermatomyositis’ which can mimic this harmless problem. It is an inflammatory autoimmune disease which is similar to lupus.

5. You have patches of hard skin

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It is normal to get hard patches of skin every now and again, but if this is a common issue for you it could be a sign you have a skin condition called ‘scleroderma’.  It is quite a rare condition which occurs when the body accumulates too much collagen resulting in patches of hard skin.

6. You have noticed a new or strange looking mole on your body

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Most of us have moles on our skin and they are usually nothing to worry about. However, if you have noticed a new mole or an existing mole has changed you may want to get it checked out as it could be a sign of melanoma which is a common form of skin cancer.

7. You have dry skin you can’t get rid of

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Although pretty much all of us will experience dry skin at some point in our lives, it can usually be soothed by using moisturisers and ointments to keep our skin healthy. If this still doesn’t work, it could be a sign your body is dehydrated and you may need to drink more water.

8. You’ve noticed a rash appear over your face

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One of the first signs of lupus is a red butterfly shaped rash over your nose and cheeks. Lupus is a chronic condition that causes joint pain, skin rashes and fatigue. There is no cure for it but the condition can be managed if treatment starts as early as possible.

9. Your lips are badly chapped

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Chapped lips are a common symptom people experience in the cold weather, but if you always have chapped lips and have become addicted to your lip balm, it could be a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency. This can make you more susceptible to other conditions like anaemia. 

10. Dark patches have appeared on your skin

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If you have noticed dark patches appear on your skin, this could be a sign of hyperpigmentation. Although this common condition can be caused by prolonged sun exposure, it may also be a sign of Addison’s disease which is when your adrenal glands don’t work properly to produce hormones.

11. Red or purple lines under your nails

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Have you noticed red or purple lines under your nails? Although this is a common symptom after you have injured your nail in some way, if this isn’t the case you may want to seek medical attention. These lines could be a sign of a more serious condition like heart disease.

12. You’ve noticed red scaly patches of skin

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Have you noticed red patches appear on your skin with shiny silver scales? This could be a sign you are suffering with a skin condition called ‘psoriasis’. People with this condition have an increased production of skin cells which results in these itchy sore patches.

13. You have smooth waxy lumps on your skin

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These smooth waxy lumps may appear anywhere on the skin but could actually be a warning sign of what is going on inside your body. The medical term for these lumps are “nodules of systemic amyloidosis” which could indicate you have protein deposits in your heart or another organ.

14. Your skin looks yellow

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Most of us are aware that yellow skin is normally a warning sign of something quite serious. If you have noticed that your skin and eyes have a yellowish tint it could mean you have jaundice, liver disease or hepatitis - make sure you seek medical advice.

15. A purple net-like pattern on your skin

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Some people will notice this pattern appearing on their skin when they feel cold and it will then disappear once they have warmed up. It can also appear when taking certain medications, but the more serious possibility is the sign of a blocked artery.

16. You have a non-itchy rash with a fever

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Even if your rash is not itchy, it could still be a warning sign for a more serious problem…having a non-itchy red rash on your body as well as a high temperature could indicate you have rheumatic fever which can lead to other conditions like heart disease.

17. You have yellow or brown patches on your skin

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Although bruises can often leave yellow or brown patches on your skin after an injury, if this wasn’t the case these patches could be a sign you have necrobiosis lipoidica. This is a skin condition which starts with small raised bumps which then turn into patches of hard skin.

18. Darker areas of skin that feel like velvet

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Have you noticed a dark patch of skin that feels like the texture of velvet? This could be a sign that you have too much insulin in your blood and could be a warning sign of pre-diabetes. It will often be found on the back of your neck, armpit or groin.

19. Large blisters have appeared on your skin

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Although we can all get blisters every now and again due to our shoes rubbing or minor burns, they are usually not this big! You may want to seek medical attention if large painless blisters start to appear on your skin, especially if you are diabetic.

20. You have wrinkles in unexpected places

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Although getting wrinkles is a normal part of getting older, if you are getting them in unusual places on your body it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Wrinkles on your inner arm could be can indication of high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease.

21. You are covered in red patches

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If you’ve noticed itchy red patches on your skin, which could occur on any part of your body from head to toe, it could be a sign you have eczema. This common skin condition can be very uncomfortable and quite noticeable if it appears on your hands or face.

22. You have open wounds on your feet

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Open wounds on your feet are more common amongst those with diabetes, as having high blood sugar levels can lead to poor circulation and nerve damage. If your diabetes is not well controlled, this can mean your body struggles to heal wounds especially on the feet. 

23. Lots of skin tags on your body

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You have skin tags: Skin tags are growths of skin that hang from a stalk and are commonly found on the eyelids, neck, armpit and groin. They are usually harmless but sometimes they are removed if they are getting in the way. Lots of skin tags can also be a sign you might have too much insulin in your blood. 

24. Your cheeks are a little too rosy…

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Although a rosy complexion is typically a sign of good health, this is not always the case. If you find that you always look quite red in the face and your blood vessels are visible, this could be a sign you have rosacea. It is a common condition which can flare up for weeks and then disappear. 

25. You have dark bags under your eyes

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If you have noticed sunken dark bags under your eyes, this is probably a sign of fatigue and you might want to get more sleep at night. However, it could also be a sign of dehydration and your kidneys may be suffering. Staying hydrated is important to keep our skin healthy. 

26. You have noticed more lines on your forehead

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Although wrinkles on your forehead is a normal sign of ageing, if you young and have noticed a rapid increase in the number of lines it could be a sign you are not looking after your body. Poor nutrition, dehydration and stress can all result in more wrinkles.

27. There are spots on your shins

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Although it can be normal to get spots on your shins, it could also be a sign you have ‘diabetic dermopathy’. This skin condition only usually occurs in people with diabetes and it causes subtle spots or lines to appear on the skin which are hardly noticeable. 

28. You keep getting pimples on your chin

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Although it is normal to get pimples on your chin due to fluctuating hormones, there could be another reason for it. Research has show that yeast levels can have something to do with increased spots on your chin and reducing sugar intake could subsequently help this problem.

29. You have yellow waxy growths in the corners of your eyes

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Have you noticed painless yellow waxy growths in the corner of your eyes? These could be deposits of cholesterol under your skin, which could indicate an unhealthy level of cholesterol in your body. You might want to speak to a medical professional if you notice strange growths.

30. You have relentless itchy skin

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Itchy skin is usually a sign of a reaction or allergy to something which irritates the skin and causes unbearable itchiness. However, in some rare cases itchy skin can be a symptom of liver disease which is often referred to as a ‘silent’ disease because there are often no signs.

31. Hyperpigmentation (Your Skin Looking Darker)

Image Source / InsiderIf your skin is looking darker as though it's been darkened by the sun after a day out, for example, it could be hyperpigmentation - and this could in turn be caused by Addison's disease, a side effect of which is lack of cortisol and other hormones. Or, it could even be you have spent too long in the sun!

32. Dull Skin

Image Source / InsiderIf your skin is looking anything but glowing and you're suffering with long-term dull skin, it could be your skin telling you that other unhealthy habits of your life may be causing it. Dull skin could be a result of an unhealthy diet, smoking or even stress.

33. Scleroderma (Tough And Tight Skin)

Image Source / InsiderThis rare condition which results in very thick, tough and tight-feeling skin is caused when the body produces way too much collagen. This results in patches of hard skin, which could be any size and in any place on the body.

34. Varicose Veins

Image Source / InsiderVaricose veins on your legs could just be a natural result of aging, but it could also be your skin trying to tell you something. If the skin on your legs is darkened or discoloured (whether through circulation problems or visible varicose veins) it could be an indication of diabetes.

35. Butterfly Rash

Image Source / HealthlineThere are many reasons you could have an itchy red rash, especially on your face - it could be a sign of allergies, infections or a reaction to something. A 'butterfly rash' in particular, though, could be a sign of lupus. The butterfly rash spreads across both cheeks.

36. Dry Skin As A Sign Of Dehydration

Image Source / American Academy of Dermatology AssociationWhile there are lots of causes of dry skin, one of the most common is if you're dehydrated and not drinking enough fluids. Water and fluids are key to keeping your body - and skin - hydrated, so if your skin is way too dry, it could be telling you to drink more water.

37. Dry Skin As A Result Of The Environment

Image Source / Cambridge NewsYour overly dry skin could also be a result of certain harsh environments. This could apply to both warm and cold, as you could get dry skin from too much sun exposure. Or, as is most common, dry and cold environments. It's a good idea to use a humidifier if you have a dry home.

38. You're Exposing Your Skin To Too Much Hot Water

Image Source / NHSAnother reason for dry skin can be too much hot water and washing exposure. If you're constantly washing your hands, it can lead to dry skin on your hands, but if you're also using extra-hot water to wash - including the rest of your body when you're in the shower - this could also be stripping your skin of moisture.

39. Wrinkles Due To Sun Exposure

Image Source / Thomson MedicalWrinkles on your skin are a natural sign of ageing, but more wrinkles could be your skin telling you that you're exposing yourself to too much sunlight. If you don't protect your skin against UV light then it can cause your skin to age much faster and result in wrinkles.

40. Deep Wrinkles On Neck And Face Could Link To Bone Fractures

Image Source / Coco Ruby SkinAccording to a study done on postmenopausal women, if you have a lot of deep wrinkles on both your face and neck, it's likely you have low bone density - specifically in the hips, spine and heels - which means a greater risk of bone fractures, too.

41. Gray Patches Of Skin That Look Like Velvet

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If you have discolouration on your skin that's of a brown-gray colour and feels thick like velvet, this could be an early warning sign of diabetes. These skin patches are most likely to appear under the arms, around the groin and around the neck.

42. Dull And Dry Skin Due To Omega-3 Deficiency

Image Source / Vie AestheticsOmega-3 is a key fatty acid that you need as part of a healthy diet, and if you're not getting enough, it could also reflect through your skin. A deficiency in Omega-3 could result in dull and dry skin, due to you not reaping the benefits of Omega-3's ability to strengthen cell membranes and hydrate the skin.

43. Extremely Itchy Skin

Image Source / Cleveland ClinicIf you're having a relentless itching sensation on your skin that happens all the time, in extreme cases this could be a sign of Hodgkin's or non-Hodgkin's lymphona, as itching could be triggered by too many abnormal cells in the bloodstream as it moves around your body.

44. Swelling Of Lower Legs

Image Source / Veincare Centers of Tennessee If your skin has swollen in the lower part of your legs (or discoloured), it could mean a condition called venous insufficiency, where the veins can't pump the blood in your legs sufficiently enough back up the body so they pool there and cause swelling.

45. Sores Around The Mouth

Image Source / Aspen Dental Sores around the mouth can be caused by the herpes virus, which - contrary to popular belief - can be caught from saliva as kids or adults, and not through sex. The sores can be triggered when you've been out in the sun too much, because you're sick or when you're tired.

46. You're Growing Hair In Unusual Places

Image Source / YouTubeIt's common to have hair suddenly growing on your face where you don't usually have it (or want it), for any gender - this could be on the chin, ears, eyebrows, nose etc. But in women, growing facial hair could also be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome, so it's always worth paying close attention to sudden hair growth.

47. Drooping Eyelid

Image Source / Lions Eye InstituteIf the skin around one of your eyes is drooping when the other isn't, it could be something you were born with or has happened naturally. But drooping eyelid skin could also be a sign of other problems, like with your nerves or brain. If it's something you've never had before and it's suddenly drooping, be sure to see a doctor!

48. You Can't Move The Skin Or Muscles On One Side Of Your Face

Image Source / MUSC HealthIt's always the case that if there's any part of your body you can't move, get medical attention ASAP. If you have one side of your face you can't move without any other symptoms at all, it could be a sign of a virus pressing a nerve on the face muscles and makes the skin look swollen.

49. Facial Paralysis (With Other Symptoms)

Image Source / Business InsiderIf you have a part of your face you can't move but coupled with other symptoms, such as slurred speech, difficulty swallowing or double vision, then this is a whole other story. This could be signs of a stroke, so you - once again - need to get medical attention straight away!

50. Puffy Eyes

Image Source / Medical News TodayIf the skin around your eyes - particularly underneath where you'd call the 'bags' - is very puffy, this is a result of the space filling with fluid and this could be a result of your body trying to keep hold of more water in response to something, such as lack of sleep or too much salt in your food.

51. Grooves in the finger nails

Image source/ RedditFinding grooves in your finger can be very common, nails appear as though the nail has a dent in them. This may be a sign that you have a  zinc deficiency or some kind of nutrient deficiency in your body. On the other hand it may also be a result of the circulatory condition Raynaud's.

52. Severe acne

Image source/ RedditAcne is one of the most common skin conditions, it can be caused by a variety of things and essentially it happens when the pores get clogged and the oils under your skin get trapped resulting in acne. It can also be caused hormones or from having a family history of acne.

53. LOTS of blisters on the bottom of your feet or hands

Image source/ RedditIf you find lots and lots of blisters on your hands and feet that are painful to touch or to walk on, this may be a symptom of hand foot and mouth disease. Hand foot and mouth disease is a virus which is most commonly found in children. It is usually not serious and can go away on its own.

54. Swollen jaw line

Image source/ BBCIf your jaw swells up, either one side or another is could be a sign of your lymph nodes swelling due to fighting infection. It could also be due to mumps, which can go on its ow,  however it should be monitored. In some cases, it can cause long term health problems.

55. Itchy, raised patches

Image source/ RedditIf you've notices any darker or lighter patches or red patched on your skin it could be used by a variety of things such as a reaction to something you have an allergy against. Or it could also be hives. The patches should go away with time or with medicated creams.

56. Thick and scaly skin patches

Image source/ RedditTick and scaly patches may appear on your skin. If you have been exposed to the sun a lot, it could be a symptom of something called Actinic Keratosis. These patches could look perhaps darker in colour than your original skin tone. These patches may go away without treatment, but it is a good idea to get these patches of skin checked by a professional.

57. A rash after wearing latex

Image source/ RedditA rash like this can signify multiple things. One reason may be a latex allergy. If you have worn latex, the rash can appear hours later or immediately and it will appear red and itchy and it may feel warm to touch. It can also cause cold like symptoms as well as puffy eyes and difficulty breathing and you should seek medical assistance immediately

58. Yellow or white flaky patches of skin

Image source/ RedditThese patches of skin, red, inflames or itchy can be a result of the common skin condition called eczema. There may even be hair loss on the patch of skin. Eczema can be helped by certain medicated skin creams which may lesson the severity of the symptoms or the appearance of the skin condition.

59. Swollen and painful skin

Image source/ RedditSwollen and painful and skin may or may not be serious. But this could be a condition called cellulitis which occurs when fungi gets in to an existing cut or a crack in the skin. It may feel warm to touch. If you notice skin affected in this way, you should seek outa medical professional as this could lead to a serious infection.

60. Red circles/rings

Image source/ RedditThere is a skin condition which is commonly called Ring worm and medically called dermatophytosis. It is caused by fungus. But it appears in these characteristic ring like appearance which is where it name is derived from, despite there being no link to worms.

61. Blisters on the top of the head

Image source/ RedditBlisters may appear on any part of your body, like this rash here. It could be on your head, your back or even your genitals for example. It will be red and irritated in small raised areas. If it is also accompanied by flu like symptoms it could be that you are suffering from measles.

62. Scar-like raised patches of firm or pale skin

Image source/ RedditThese patches of skin which may seem like a scar like texture may be a symptom of basal cell carcinoma. It is a form of skin cancer. If you notice something like this on your skin that has not been caused by an ordinary minor injury, then seek medical help.

63. A growth on your skin

Similarly, if you notice a mark on your skin that forms a kind of growth, it can be a sign of squamos cell carcinoma which is also a kind of skin cancer. It may happen in areas which are exposed to UV light. The growth may regrow again after it disappears.

64. Warts

Image source/ RedditWarts happen due to various forms of the HPV (Human Papillomavirus). There are so many strains of HPV. And, some ways it presents itself are through warts. Warts can be transferred skin to skin and occur on any bodily region, they can also occur at any age.

65. No pigment in areas of your skin

Image source/ RedditPatches of no pigment in your skin may be caused by a condition called Vitiligo. It is a skin condition where the melanocytes (skin pigment) are destroyed, leaving no pigment left in that area of the skin, leaving characteristic differences in skin tone.

66. Itchy red or brown spots

Image source/ nbc newsItchy or brownish coloured patches on the skin may be a result of chicken pox. They are usually quite easy to spot due to their blistering look and feel, and the fact that the spots occur all over the body. It is a common condition amongst children and it is highly contagious.

67. Bumpy or rough patches of skin

Image source/ RedditThese bumpy or rough patches of skin could be due to a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris, which is a very common skin condition and it should go on its own after some time. The spots are usually red or white in appearance and there may be medicated creams which can help reduce the appearance faster.

68. Dark patches of skin on the face

Image source/ Victorian cosmetic companyIf you find patches of skin on your face such as this, his is may be a condition called Melasma. It may almost look like a birthmark in some cases and it could be browny/purple in colour. But it may not be dangerous, it can occur in pregnant women and may go away on its own. In some cases it stays permanently.

69. Blistering rash around the mouth and nose

Image source/ RedditThis blistering around the nose and mouth may be due to a skin condition called Impetigo. skin condition caused by bacteria and it is very contagious but usually not very serious. It occurs most frequently in children. The scabby kind of texture can form a kind of curst around the irritated area.

70. A very red cheek

Image source/ family cornerIf you notice extremely red cheeks, either one cheek or both, it could be due to a virus called the Parovirus which is more commonly referred to as Slapped Cheek Syndrome. In some cases it may become more serious or it can clear up on its own with no medical intervention neccessary.

71. Patches of your skin losing hair

Image source/ RedditIf you've noticed bald patched on your scalp or patched which seem to be losing hair it could be a form of alopecia. It could be Alopecia areata which is an auto immune disease or other forms of alopecia some of which are not permanent and can appear randomly or at times of stress.

72. Purple and white hands and feet

Image source/ RedditRaynaud's is a circulatory condition which means that there is reduced blood flow. So, if you've noticed your hands and feet are very white or purple - or both, it could be due to having Raynaud's so the blood flow is struggling to get to the extremities in your body causing discolouration.

73. Itchy and flaky skin on your feet

Image source/ RedditItchy and flaky skin on your feet is very common. It may be due to a condition called Athletes Foot which is caused due to a bacterial condition. Feet are often humid and it can allow bacteria to grow. With some medicated cream it can clear up.

74. Changes in the colour of your skin

Image source/ CMAJChanges in the colour of your skin or perhaps a bluish tint in particular may be due to something  something called Agryria. Agryria is a condition that changes the colour of your skin giving it a distinct tinge of colour, it is caused because or a build-up of silver in your body.

75. Red streaky skin

Image source/ RedditIf you have been exposed to heat or the sun, it could be a heat rash due to exposure of the sun which may look something like this. When sweat cannot get through the surface of the skin and so it is trapped which leads to a rash or inflammation of the skin

76. Very itchy skin due to the sun

Image source/ RedditSometimes, the sun can cause a reaction to certain people and certain skin types. it is caused by an unusual reaction to sunlight and it causes extreme itchiness of the skin. The condition is called Actinic prurigo and can cause discomfort and irritation.

77. Coloured sweat

Image source/ RedditWhen your sweat comes out in a different colour it may be very alarming. It may turn your skin a tinge different. This may be due to a condition called Chromhidrosis. This is a very  rare condition which  affects the sweat glands making the sweat discoloured.

78. Thick hard patches of skin at birth

Image source/ RedditIf your new born is born with these hard patches of skin, it may be due to a condition called Lamellar ichthyosis, where the skin grown in this way. But, with some medical help or maybe even alone, the skin can shed away leaving the skin underneath clear.

79. Waxy skin in new-borns

Image source/ RedditThis waxy skin will be extremely (in most cases) easy to spot due to its obvious appearance. It may appear like this over your baby in a waxy substance. It is called Harlequin ichthyosis, and with medical help it can go away and your new born can recover.

80. Burned looking skin

Image source/ HealthlineIf you start noticing patches of skin over your body which look like burns, but you know you have not burned yourself, it may be a very rare skin condition called Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome.  It is a very serious condition which needs urgent medical help. It is caused by exotoxin being released by a strain of bacteria.

Here are 20 health warnings your eyes are trying to tell you... You May Have An Infection - don't ignore it

Image source HealthlineIf you wear contact lenses instead of glasses, watch out for any white spots on the cornea of your eye, the clear layer over the front of eyeball.  Whereas it's not serious and is quite common amongst contact lens wearers, it should be dealt with as it may be a corneal infection that won't go on its own accord.

2. You Might Have Diabetes - it can be detected through eye examination

Image source Daily ExpressBlurred vision may simply mean you need glasses but you should get your eyes checked in case it's something more serious, such as cataracts or macular degeneration.  It could even be diabetes which an ophthalmologist may be able to detect during your eye examination, based on irregularities in your retina.

3. You May Be Very Stressed - eye twitch

Image source Fraser EyeStress can manifest itself in lots of different ways, from an upset stomach to poor sleep quality but also, if you develop a slight eye twitch, this could be your body telling you that you need to get some rest and relaxation and learn to manage your stress levels, maybe with the help of a health professional.

4. Your Blood Pressure Might Be Too High - it's in the eyes

Image source Daily ExpressBesides putting you at risk of heart disease and strokes, untreated high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in your retina.  This is known as hypertensive retinopathy. You won't be able to see the effects in the mirror but your health professional will be able to spot the damage during your eye test.

5. Your Cholesterol Could Be Too High - run risk of a stroke

Image source Arthur Hayes OpticiansIf you see a white ring around your corneal arcus (that's the medial term for the iris), you should visit your ophthalmologist as well as your GP.  This might just be a sign of ageing but could be an indication of high cholesterol which in turn could lead to an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.

6. You Have Allergies- are you rubbing your eyes all the time?

Image source InsiderIf your eyes are extremely dry and the skin around them is looking worn, you might be unconsciously rubbing your eyes too often.  This can cause the eyelid to become looser or even saggy, giving the appearance of wrinkles.  Are you rubbing them because you're allergic to pollen or dust and this is causing the eyes to dry out?  Over the counter remedies are available to sooth these issues s don't ignore them.

7. Your Retina Could Be In Danger - do you see little specks in your vision?

Image sour Everett & HuriteYou may have experienced those little specks that move around your field of vision.  They can be present for weeks on end and then disappear, only to come back at some stage.  These are eye floaters which are not serious in themselves but the small specks could be a sign of a tear or detachment of the retina.

8.  Puffy Eyes - you may be sleep deprived

Image source Florida EyesIf you notice that your eyes are red and puffy, you might assume it's down to an infection and you may start applying eye drops to alleviate the issue.  It could well be a sign that you are tired, simple as that.  Lack of sleep can make your eyes more irritated and red.

9. You Are Getting Too Much Sun - overdoing the rays

Image source All About VisionWhen you sunbathe or are, indeed, out in the sun, you should always wear sunglasses to protect your peepers from sun damage which comes from the ultraviolet light from the rays.  Not protecting them could cause yellow or white patches on the side of the iris, called a pinguecula.

10. You Could Have Jaundice - eyes not as white as usual

Image source Banyan Treatment CenterIf the whites of your eyes are looking a bit yellowy, this could very likely be a warning sign that there is something going wrong in your body.  It might be jaundice which occurs when the yellow compound formed from the breakdown of red blood cells can't be filtered by your liver.  This turns the skin and the eyes yellow.

11. Eye Strain - too much time on the computer

Image source Optician TrainingMost of us spend ages on our electronic devices, whether it's for work or pleasure.  You probably were not aware that too much screen time could cause your eyes to strain.  This might result in 'dry eye' where the eye tries to make up for being too dry and produces tears which you will be dabbing all the time.

12. You're Straining Your Eyes - not the same as eye strain

Image source InsiderBroken blood vessels can look alarming but for the most part they are simply a sign that your eyes are working overtime.  This can be as a result of coughing or extra straining when visiting the bathroom, due to constipation. The blood-red in the eyes can look alarming but t does not indicate any eye disease.

13. You May Have A Vitamin A Deficiency - no tears if you cry

Image source WikipediaIf your eyes suddenly feel as dry as the dessert, it is possible that you could be experiencing a decrease in tear production.  Excessively dry eyes occur when the body cannot produce enough tears and this has been linked to possible deficiencies in vitamin A.  A simple solution is to get your eyes checked and take a vitamin supplement.

14. You May Have A Blocked Tear Duct - don't cry about it

Image source Daily MailIf you have found yourself crying more than usual and yet nothing traumatic has happened to cause you to do so, then it could be that you have a blocked tear duct.  This prevents your tears from draining properly, resulting in watery and irritated eyes.  It's very common in newborns and can easily be dealt with by an eye doctor.

15. You Might Have An STD - are you experiencing eye pain?

Image source eMedicineHealthUveitis is the inflammation of the middle layer of the eye that has the blood vessels. This red irritation can signify a whole host of infections and conditions.  One of them is if you have a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS and you might be experiencing blurred vision, redness, blurred vision and light sensitivity.

16. You have Abnormal Eye Movements - they dart around

Image source Liverpool NewsIf your eyes feel like they are darting back and forth without you attempting  to move them,  then you should see your doctor pretty quickly.  It could be an indication of a lesion on your ocular muscles or it may be nerve damage.  Once it's diagnosed, a treatment plan can be discussed.

17. Your Eyes Are Bulging - don't put off that eye appointment

Image source MedicineNetSudden bulging eyes may be a sign of a potentially dangerous condition which is called Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).  It is a serious, progressive and vision-threatening  auto-immune disease which is rare but could lead to blindness.  However, it might be a less serious condition caused by an over-active thyroid which is known as Graves' Disease.

18. Pressure In Your Eyes - may be serious

Image source AtlantaWhilst headaches can cause pressure around the eyes, pressure that affects your eyeballs directly is a symptom that you should not take lightly as there could be an inflammation behind the eyes due to Thyroid Eye Disease or a tumour.  Once your eye doctor has examined the eyes, it could also turn out to be an infection.

19. Pain In The Eye - don't neglect it

Image source For EyesIf you have a sensation of pain in your eye , don't ignore it and try to forget about it.  It could be a foreign object in there which is easily dealt with by using an eye wash but it might be a more serious issue in your sinus cavity, behind the eye. Book that eye appointment right now.

20. Your Vision Goes Away For A Minute - may be migraine

Image source Diamond VisionFor people who suffer with migraines, a sudden loss of vision could be a regular occurrence.  However, if you do not suffer from these, it could mean something more serious.  It could be an indication of a lesion on your ocular muscles or nerve damage. This issue could lead to a potential stroke so get diagnosed as soo as you can.