Health Warnings Your Lips Are Trying To Tell You

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Welcome to the secret language of lips! While they may be best known for delivering sweet kisses or sly smiles, your lips are also chatterboxes when it comes to revealing hidden health secrets.

1. Dry and chapped lips

Experiencing dry and chapped lips is a very common thing and will usually happen to all of us at some point. It could be a sign of dehydration,Image source/ blogspotso try drinking more water to help it go away as well as applying a lip moisturiser. It may also be a result of severe weather changes. Original content sourced from

2. Ulcers on your lips/gums

Ulcers can be painful when they pop up unexpectedly around our mouth or lips. Some people experience ulcers frequently. It may be a sign thatImage source/ epianassistyou are run down, and your immune system is a little but low or that perhaps maybe it is already fighting something.

3. Itchy and chapped

Some research and studies have implied that having itching lips could often be a sign that you have an allergy of some kind. This may be anImage source/ diseaseshowsenvironmental allergy, or otherwise. It could potentially be a new product you are using, and they are itching as a result of it.

4. Wrinkles on your top lip

Wrinkles are an inevitable product of age. So, it makes sense that as we get older our lips will start to have wrinkles appearing in them.Image source/ BuzzFeedBut wrinkles in lips may also be a sign of physical, and or, mental tension, which is manifesting itself in a tense mouth, causing creases to appear.

5. Bumps on the surface of your lips

Studies have shown that little white bumps over the lip may be a sign that somebody has a bacterial infection which is then resultingImage source/ Selfin these white little bumps which lie just under the surface of the lips. Of course, there are other possible explanations also.

7. Cold sores

Much of the population suffer from cold sores. And, when they appear they can feel sore and cracked. Many health experts claim that thisImage source/ skin cureis often a result of the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are not permanently present but may come and go at different times.

8. Stained lips

If you have dark stained lips, it could be a sign that you are smoking too much. It may leave dark patches or lines on your lips that wereImage source/ blogspotnot there before. So, if you are a smoker, then this could well be the cause. It can disappear again if you stop smoking.

9. Change in colour

Some experts say that we can tell a lot about our health from our lips. It is also suggested that changes in the colour of our lips can sometimesImage source/ skinexpertsbe indicative of liver issues. If you notice that your lips have changed colour it may be something to take note of.

10. Your lips have turned paler in shade

Similarly, if your lips have turned extremely pale in colour it is thought that it could be a sign of a health problem. It may be a sign of anaemia,Image source/ curezoneor perhaps low blood sugar or it could even perhaps be a sign that you are deficient in a certain vitamin. So make sure to connect the dots if you suspect this!

11. Dark spots on your lips

Dark spots could be a sign that you have damaged the skin on your lips through the sun. They are commonly referred as sunspots.Image source/ dpswWhat may be recommended is to stay out of the sun for a while and protect your lips as well as keeping them well moisturised.

12. Black spots

Black spots are easy to notice on our lips because they stand out in colour. These are definitely not something to ignore, and it is goodImage source/ Redditto get them checked out. They may be a sign that you have a vitamin B-12 deficiency or perhaps have hyperpigmentation.

13. Swollen lips

Now, unless you have hit your lip or experienced an impact to your lip to make it swell, then it could be a sign that your lips are swollen due toImage source/ healthlinea health reason. It may be because you have an underlying inflammatory disease which is causing your lip to inflame.

14. Red rings around your lips

It is thought that red rings around your mouth is usually caused by the common condition eczema. Eczema can cause the skin to develop aImage source/ babycentrescaly/ rash kind of appearance which may be irritable. An aqueous cream may help to soothe it and make it less red and angry.

15. Cracked corners of your lips

When you have irritated lips, the corners may crack, and this can be painful due to the fact they are constantly opening and closingImage source/ Yelpmeaning it can be difficult to heal. These may be caused by some kind of infection as well as saliva from your mouth entering the cracks.

16. Purple/blue lips

Blue or purple lips may be due to poor circulation or a circulatory problem. It could be a sign that the may blood be struggling toImage source/ blogspotget to some of the extremities on your body and so the lack of blood flow in your lips makes them appear as though they are blue/ purple.

17. Excessively dry lips

Dry lips can be normal, and it is something that is experienced frequently. But they should not be dry all of the time, or excessively dry.Image source/ blogspotIn fact, this could be a sign that you may have an excess amount of vitamin A. This is also thought to be potentially caused by retinoids.

18. Lip blisters

Lip blisters might be red and angry and appear like this, in clusters together of tiny little blisters. This could be a sign that you have aImage source/ bestguidedailyviral infection. It is suggested by some health experts that it may be a sign that your body is trying to fight off a virus.

19. Canker sores

Canker sores can look like this, and they can feel very sore in your mouth. Canker sores may appear on the inside of your lips whenImage source/ medicalpointyour immune system starts to attack the mucosal lining of the mouth. They may also be the result of an allergic reaction to something.

20. Blisters on the roof of your mouth

Blisters on the roof of your mouth could be linked to different health issues. One common way they can appear is as a reaction to whatImage source/ mouthhealthansyou've eaten, or because it may have been too hot and accidentally burned the roof of your mouth causing a blister to appear.

21. Flaky skin

Flaky skin may not be pleasant, but it does not necessarily mean that you have anything wrong with your health. It may not be a medicalImage source/ blogspotcondition; it could just be as simple as a change in weather and a reaction to the cold. And it may also be a result of dehydration.

22. Rash around lips

A rash around the lips does not definitively mean one thing. But it may mean that you have a form of dermatitis which is showing inImage source/ Reddita red irritated rash around your lips as seen on the photo. It is best to consult someone about this to see what kind of health condition it may be.

23. Acne around the lips

Acne around the skin can be a fairly common place to develop it, and some people are particularly prone to getting acne in this area.Image source/ acneblogguideIt may be due to oily skin or touching your face. And your acne around the mouth area may also be due to changes in your hormonal balance.

24. Lips developing a lumpy texture

If you notice a change in the texture of your lips, for example, they have suddenly become lumpy to feel or to look at it could signifyImage source/ doctorshealthexpressa health condition. It may be caused by some kind of infection, or it could be due to an underlying inflammatory disease.

25. Whitehead on your upper/lower lip

Some people experience whiteheads in the top or often the ridge of their lips, or right at the sides. This is usually just a case of bacteriaImage source/ allergyclinicor oil getting trapped under our skin. And this may also be caused by touching our lips frequently which most of us to without even realising.

26. White plaques on your lip surface

Have you noticed a white kind of plaque on the surface of your lips? This could potentially be a sign of some kind of infection whichImage source/ Yelpis resulting in these white plaques forming. Some research suggests it could also be a symptom of inflammatory disease.

27. Bleeding lips

Bleeding lips could be due to dehydration, when your lips are so dry and chapped it may cause them to crack and then bleed. It mayImage source/ blogspotbe a case of drinking plenty of water and applying lip balm. It could also possibly be caused by an allergic reaction to acidic foods.

28. Inflammation

Inflammation of the lips does not necessarily point to anything serious although it may do. But another common cause thatImage source/ blogspotnot many people realise is that it could be due to excessively griding teeth - perhaps unconsciously in the night-time - making your lips inflame.

29. Brownish spots on the inside of the lips

Brownish spots inside the lips are a less common lip condition and it is much easier to notice when they appear inside your lips.Image source/ FacebookSometimes brownish spots may be a sign of Peutz-Jeghers syndrome - which is caused from polyps in the intestines or stomach.

30. Tingling lips

Lip tingling can be caused by a variety of different things. And sometimes it will be totally harmless for example it could be a temporary reactionImage source/ Healthlineto a new lip-gloss or a spicy food. On the other hand, it may be a sign of a virus such as shingles and chickenpox so it's better to check it out if it persists.

1. Here are the warning signs your eyes are trying to tell you... You May Have An Infection - don't ignore it

If you wear contact lenses instead of glasses, watch out for any white spots on the cornea of your eye, the clear layer over the front of eyeball.Image source HealthlineWhereas it's not serious and is quite common amongst contact lens wearers, it should be dealt with as it may be a corneal infection that won't go on its own accord.

2. You Might Have Diabetes - it can be detected through eye examination

Blurred vision may simply mean you need glasses but you should get your eyes checked in case it's something more serious,Image source Daily Expresssuch as cataracts or macular degeneration.  It could even be diabetes which an ophthalmologist may be able to detect during your eye examination.

3. You May Be Very Stressed - eye twitch

Stress can manifest itself in lots of different ways, from an upset stomach to poor sleep quality but also, if you develop a slight eye twitch,Image source Fraser Eyethis could be your body telling you that you need to get some rest and relaxation and learn to manage your stress levels.

4. Your Blood Pressure Might Be Too High - it's in the eyes

Besides putting you at risk of heart disease and strokes, untreated high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in your retina.Image source Daily ExpressThis is known as hypertensive retinopathy. You won't be able to see the effects in the mirror but your health professional will be able to spot the damage.

5. Your Cholesterol Could Be Too High - run risk of a stroke

If you see a white ring around your corneal arcus (that's the medial term for the iris), you should visit your ophthalmologist as well as your GP.Image source Arthur Hayes OpticiansThis might just be a sign of ageing but could be an indication of high cholesterol which in turn could lead to an increased risk of a heart attack.

6. You Have Allergies- are you rubbing your eyes all the time?

If your eyes are extremely dry and the skin around them is looking worn, you might be unconsciously rubbing your eyes too often.Image source InsiderThis can cause the eyelid to become looser or even saggy, giving the appearance of wrinkles.  Are you rubbing them because you're allergic to pollen?

7. Your Retina Could Be In Danger - do you see little specks in your vision?

You may have experienced those little specks that move around your field of vision.  They can be present for weeks on end and then disappear,Image sour Everett & Huriteonly to come back at some stage.  These are eye floaters which are not serious in themselves but the small specks could be a sign of a tear.

8.  Puffy Eyes - you may be sleep deprived

If you notice that your eyes are red and puffy, you might assume it's down to an infection and you may start applying eye drops to alleviateImage source Florida Eyesthe issue.  It could well be a sign that you are tired, simple as that.  Lack of sleep can make your eyes more irritated and red.

9. You Are Getting Too Much Sun - overdoing the rays

When you sunbathe or are, indeed, out in the sun, you should always wear sunglasses to protect your peepers from sun damage whichImage source All About Visioncomes from the ultraviolet light from the rays.  Not protecting them could cause yellow or white patches on the side of the iris.

10. You Could Have Jaundice - eyes not as white as usual

If the whites of your eyes are looking a bit yellowy, this could very likely be a warning sign that there is something going wrong in your body.Image source Banyan Treatment CenterIt might be jaundice which occurs when the yellow compound formed from the breakdown of red blood cells can't be filtered by your liver.

11. Eye Strain - too much time on the computer

Most of us spend ages on our electronic devices, whether it's for work or pleasure.  You probably were not aware that too much screen timeImage source Optician Trainingcould cause your eyes to strain.  This might result in 'dry eye' where the eye tries to make up for being too dry and produces tears.

12. You're Straining Your Eyes - not the same as eye strain

Broken blood vessels can look alarming but for the most part they are simply a sign that your eyes are working overtime.  This can be as a resultImage source Insiderof coughing or extra straining when visiting the bathroom, due to constipation. The blood-red in the eyes can look alarming but it does not indicate any eye disease.

13. You May Have A Vitamin A Deficiency - no tears if you cry

If your eyes suddenly feel as dry as the dessert, it is possible that you could be experiencing a decrease in tear production.  Excessively dry eyes occurImage source Wikipediawhen the body cannot produce enough tears and this has been linked to possible deficiencies in vitamin A.  A simple solution is to get your eyes checked.

14. You May Have A Blocked Tear Duct - don't cry about it

If you have found yourself crying more than usual and yet nothing traumatic has happened to cause you to do so, then it could be that youImage source Daily Mailhave a blocked tear duct.  This prevents your tears from draining properly, resulting in watery and irritated eyes. It's very common in newborns.

15. You Might Have An STD - are you experiencing eye pain?

Uveitis is the inflammation of the middle layer of the eye that has the blood vessels. This red irritation can signify a whole host of infectionsImage source eMedicineHealthand conditions.  One of them is if you have a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS and you might be experiencing blurred vision and redness.

16. You have Abnormal Eye Movements - they dart around

If your eyes feel like they are darting back and forth without you attempting  to move them,  then you should see your doctor pretty quicklyImage source Liverpool NewsIt could be an indication of a lesion on your ocular muscles or it may be nerve damage.  Once it's diagnosed, a treatment plan can be discussed.

17. Your Eyes Are Bulging - don't put off that eye appointment

Sudden bulging eyes may be a sign of a potentially dangerous condition which is called Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).  It is a serious, progressiveImage source MedicineNetand vision-threatening auto-immune disease which is rare but could lead to blindness.  However, it might be a less serious condition.

18. Pressure In Your Eyes - may be serious

Whilst headaches can cause pressure around the eyes, pressure that affects your eyeballs directly is a symptom that you should not take lightlyImage source Atlantaas there could be an inflammation behind the eyes due to Thyroid Eye Disease or a tumour. Once your eye doctor has examined, it could turn out to be an infection.

19. Pain In The Eye - don't neglect it

If you have a sensation of pain in your eye , don't ignore it and try to forget about it.  It could be a foreign object in there which is easily dealt withImage source For Eyesby using an eye wash but it might be a more serious issue in your sinus cavity, behind the eye. Book that eye appointment right now.

20. Your Vision Goes Away For A Minute - may be migraine

For people who suffer with migraines, a sudden loss of vision could be a regular occurrence.  However, if you do not suffer from these,Image source Diamond Visionit could mean something more serious.  It could be an indication of a lesion on your ocular muscles or nerve damage. This issue could lead to a potential stroke.

21. Vision Goes When You Stand Up - don't wait and see

A sudden loss of vision when you stand up from a seated position isn’t something you should ignore.  This temporary loss indicatesImage source Healthgradesthere may have been a momentary loss of blood flow to either the eye, optic nerve or brain. Low blood pressure is sometimes the diagnosis for this symptom.

22. Your Vision Fluctuates - clear and then fuzzy

If you feel like you are seeing things clearly one moment and everything looks fuzzy the next, then it's time to book an eye examination.Image source Eyeweb SafetyIt could be a case of needing glasses but could possibly be a sign of diabetes or other systematic disease, so it's always best to get it checked out.

23. You Have Sudden Double Vision - and it's not the drink

Double vision should not occur unless you have had three too many at the pub.  It doesn't come on for no reason so seeing a health professionalImage source Review Of Optometryis a must.  Possible reasons having double vision is a tumour, a bleed or swelling so a diagnosis should be pursued straight away.

24. You Have Redness And Sensitivity - only in one eye

A sudden aversion to light, along with redness, could be an indication of uveitis which is a type of inflammation that affects the uvea,Image source Redditthe layer of the eye under the white part of the eye.  Conditions diagnosed with these symptoms include multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

25. You have A Fixed Spot In Your Vision - medical emergency

An immobile spot in your field of vision could easily be a medical emergency that you should not wait to have treated. Optometrists can detectImage source The Globebrain tumours, malignant melanomas and other cancers at the back of the eye that cause changes in someone's field of vision.

26. Your Eyes Are Crossing - seek professional help

You don’t have to worry about your eyes getting stuck that way if you cross them on purpose - that's an old wives' tale!  However, if you find thatImage source Family Educationthey’re crossing on their own accord, you should seek professional treatment. In an adult, it could be evidence of elevated intracranial pressure or a stroke.

27. A Sore That Doesn't Heal - eyelashes fall out

Basal cell carcinomas can show up in strange places including the eyelid, where it often causes a sore which does not heal and there may beImage source Insiderloss of eyelashes.  Although not usually fatal, they can cause disfigurement and blindness. If you have concerns regarding the above, get yourself an appointment.

28. Red, Swollen Eyelid - might be nothing

Though this might look like a tumour under the skin, it's actually nothing more than a blocked oil gland which is called a chalazion.Image source RedditIt's a hard, painless mass which appears over the course of a few days and is particularly common in people who have oily skin.

29. Lesions On The Retina - can even show colon polyps

It's surprising to know that lesions on the retina can open a window to your colon.  This symptom could indicate a sign of Gardner Syndrome.Image source Retina Image BankThe syndrome can manifest itself by multiple polyps in the colon, extra teeth and bony tumours of the skull.  It is a rare condition and usually genetic.

30. Cloudy Eyes - everything looks misty

Whereas many illnesses can be diagnosed through examination of your eyes, when your peepers are making everything you look at appear foggy,Image source Vision Eye Instituteit's probably not a serious health condition. It could well be due to a cataract in the eye, a clouding of the lens and it can be corrected with surgery.

31. Dry, cracked and flaky lips

While we've already covered having these symptoms separately, looking at these symptoms together could be a sign of another health concern.Image Source/ RedditIf you're experiencing dry, cracked and flaky lips all at once, then it could be a sign of severe dehydration or a lack of essential nutrients.

32. Inflamed lips

Inflamed lips can be a sign of many different things and come along with licking them too much or cold and flu. However, if you're frequentlyImage Source/ Redditexperiencing inflamed lips, have a look at the different kinds of substances you're using, you might just be allergic to them.

33. Cold sores and fever blisters on the lips

Cold sores and fever blisters can really be quite painful and persistent, so if you're experiencing these you might wish to consult your doctorImage Source/ Redditabout them. Often, these symptoms can be signs of an active herpes simplex virus infection and should be treated.

34. Change in the color of your lips

If your lips are changing in colour and producing a yellowish or blueish shade, then you might want to look further into it. Your lipsImage Source/ Redditdiscoloring this much should be looked at by your doctor as it could be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treating.

35. Lip numbness or tingling

Lip tingling and numbness can be annoying and persistent to deal with and a lot of people don't know what it comes down to.Image Source/ RedditHowever, experiencing these symptoms could be a sign of nerve damage or a neurological disorder. If you're worried speak to your doctor.

36. Tender lips

If you're lips are tender to the touch then you might want to get it looked at by a professional. This sign can be a symptom of somethingImage Source/ Redditmore serious, like an infection of the mouth or inflammation. While it might not be serious at all, it should be looked at if you're worried.

37. Peeling lips

While you might be trying to moisturise your lips as much as possible, you might notice that the lips don't appear to be changingImage Source/ Redditin appearance and are still peeling. Consider potentially seeing a doctor as this could be a sign of eczema or psoriasis.

38. Tight and stiff lips

Lips that feel tight and stiff can often end up being quite painful so many people try to seek what could be causing them. If you'reImage Source/ Redditfeeling uncomfortable with them visit your doctor. It could be a sign of an underlying dental problem or infection that needs treating.

39. Lips that are excessively dry

While we've already looked at dry lips in the list, we need to look at excessively dry lips and different causes of the annoying symptom. YouImage Source/ Redditmight notice that your lips continue to be dry regardless of environment and you might want to consider that it could be a hormonal imbalance.

40. Unusually chapped lips even though you're hydrated

When people get abnormally chapped lips they try their hardest to moisturise them and drink plenty of water to see if the symptoms die down.Image Source/ RedditIf you're one of those where it hasn't, consult your doctor. There could be a rare genetic condition causing the problem.

41. A dry mouth

A dry mouth can be caused by a number of different underlying problems. Simply, a dry mouth is when the salivary glands don'tImage Source/ Redditproduce enough saliva, which can be caused by dehydration. Also, you might want to consider whether your mouth become dry when you're anxious or nervous.

42. Licking your sore lips

There are many causes for people to persistently lick their lips. Weather extremes, sunburn, anxiety, chronic dryness, a history ofImage Source/ Redditatopic dermatitis, and persistent nasal congestion are common reasons, leading to chronic mouth-breathing. If you're worried, speak to a doctor.

43. Cracks at the edges of your lips

It might be tempting to lick your lips to moisturize them, but doing so frequently could result in infections. According to a dermatologist,Image Source/ Redditbacteria can build up in the area around your mouth and result in an illness if you drool while you sleep or use a retainer. Try using a lip balm.

44. Discolouration of the lips

If the colour of your lips continues to change, it could be a sign of serious liver problems. Blue lips and similar discoloration in the fingersImage Source/ Redditand toes can also be signs that the body is not getting enough oxygen. You may have anaemia, vitamin deficiencies, or low blood sugar.

45. Black spots on your lips

If you have black spots on your lips, you may have sun spots. These are typically very painful and dark brown in colour. Using a lip balmImage Source/ Redditwith SPF can help to protect your lips. If you are hyperpigmented or have a vitamin B-12 deficiency, you can also notice black spots.

46. Hairy tongue

There are numerous reasons why oral health is vital, and maintaining proper oral hygiene is one of them. If your tongue seems blackImage Source/ Redditand hairy when you look in the mirror, don't freak out. Most likely, all you require is a consistent tooth-brushing regimen.

47. White substance on your tongue

Although it's a touch nasty, you should should consult a doctor if your tongue appears to be covered in cottage cheese. According to doctors,Image Source/ Redditthis could be an indication of a fungal infection, which is a hint that something else is going on and has upset the normal levels of fungus-fighting bacteria.

48. Extremely red tongue

A pink tongue is a typical sign of health. However, you should be wary if your tongue appears to be redder. Scarlet fever is a bacterial infectionImage Source/ Redditthat can cause high fevers, rashes, and other symptoms. Additionally, it is quite contagious, therefore you might want to see a doctor.

49. Bumpy tongue

Even doctors don't completely understand why canker sores occur, even though they affect many people. They appear when we are under stress,What is COVID tongue? Swollen, sore tongue may be possible coronavirus symptomImage Source/ TODAYor perhaps while we are battling the flu or a bad cold. The good news is that while they might be bothersome, they are mostly safe.

50. Sore tongue

It may be a squamous papilloma, an irregular bump linked to the human papillomavirus, if you're experiencing sores or a sore tongue.Image Source/ RedditThere is presently no cure for HPV, however doctors can recommend a course of treatment that may involve lasering the lump off.

51. Swollen tongue

Doctors have cautioned that this symptom can indicate hypothyroidism if your tongue simply seems excessively large for your mouth.Image Source/ EL PAIS in EnglishThis illness affects the amount of specific hormones your thyroid gland produces, which are essential for healthy functioning.

52. Wrinkled tongue

It has been cautioned that if the surface of your tongue begins to seem cracked and groove you may have an autoimmune condition.Image Source/ RedditWhile this might not be the case for you, there's no harm in consulting your doctor and may help you obtain a manageable cure to the problem.

53. Receding gums

Recession around one or more teeth occurs in 88% of adults over 65 however recession can also be a symptom of gum disease.Image Source/ RedditWhatever the reason, receding gums increase the risk of tooth decay, infection, pain, and tooth loss by exposing the vulnerable roots of teeth.

54. Dry mouth

Saliva keeps the mouth well-lubricated, washing away food residue and balancing the acids plaque produces. It may indicate diseaseImage Source/ Redditif your mouth seems particularly dry. Your dentist can identify the source of your dry mouth and make recommendations for strategies to rehydrate.

55. Loose teeth

Adult teeth need to be long-lasting. Consider carefully if you see any movement or gaps that are growing wider. It can be an indication of bone lossImage Source/ Redditor an infection. Watch out for adjustments to the fit of your partial dentures or changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite.

56. Painful toothache

This one is apparent, I guess. But it's important to stress that toothaches shouldn't be disregarded. Many things can cause pain and sensitivity,Image Source/ Redditincluding a cavity, an abscess, a cracked tooth, a damaged filling, or teeth grinding. Consult your dentist if your toothache is persistent.

57. Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can be a sign that you're developing periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, an inflammation of the tissuesImage Source/ Redditsupporting your teeth. Untreated gum disease might result in tooth loss in the long run due to bone loss surrounding the teeth.

58. Persistent bad breath

While bad breath can have multiple causes, gum disease can be an underlying condition. For that reason, you should get your mouth, gumsImage Source/ SmartMouthand teeth cleaned regularly. A doctor may evaluate your mouth and decide whether to recommend a gum disease preventative or treatment strategy.

59. Shifting teeth

Shifting teeth can also be a sign of gum disease. Gum inflammation, or gingivitis, frequently precedes periodontitis, a more serious condition.Image Source/ RedditHowever, gingivitis has the advantage of frequently being curable. When detected early enough, gingivitis may be treated with just twice-daily brushing.

60. Biting abnormalities

Periodontitis is the more severe stage of gum disease. The gums pull away from the teeth as periodontitis progresses, leaving behind deep pocketsImage Source/ Wikipediathat are susceptible to infection. The tissue and bone that hold the teeth in place are destroyed by the immune system's attempts to combat.