Hairdresser Reveals Mistakes That Are Damaging Our Hair

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Using Excessive Heat

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As we attempt to give ourselves the best looking locks that we can, many of us end up relying on heated styling tools too much. Hair straighteners and curling irons might help with the look but they will weaken the structure of our hair and perhaps leave it brittle and damaged.

Not Using Heat Protectant

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You might not realise it, but you need to protect your hair from extreme heat similarly to the way you'd protect your own skin. Using heat protectant spray can act as a barrier to minimize the impact that heat-styling tools might have. Without it, you might notice an increased amount of split ends or faded colours.

Washing It Too Much

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You might think you need to clean your hair all the time, but excessive washing will only cause more damage than good. It'll strip your hair of natural oils and ultimately make it much drier and frizzier than it should be. You don't want to make your hair too dry do you?

Using Harsh Shampoo

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Some of the shampoo's available on the shelve at your local stores can actually be made with harsh formulas which will be more detrimental to your hair's health. You might want to avoid shampoo's containing sulphates as they can strip oil and protein from your hair, even if it does feel clean!

No Conditioner

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Some people choose to only use shampoo and not conditioner, but this might be a mistake. Conditioner can actually be your hair's best friend as it will help make it softer and also detangle your hair too. By avoiding conditioner you'll only be increasing the chances of some dryness or breakage.

Using Hot Water

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Sometimes, nothing feels better than a hot, steamy shower, but but using hot water on your hair might be a recipe for disaster. Like many problems on this list, extreme heat can cause the natural oils from the hair to disappear and cause dullness. Stick to some lukewarm water instead in the future.

Towel Drying Aggressively

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What's your go to method for drying your hair after getting out the shower? Some of us choose to dry quite roughly with a towel, but this might cause some hair loss. This can create some unnecessary friction which can lead to split ends! Instead dab your head with a soft towel instead!

Brushing Your Hair When Wet

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Sometimes it can be tempting to brush your hair straight after you've got out of the shower or bath, but you might want to consider changing these habits in the future. Brushing wet hair can unnecessarily damage your hair. You might want to wait until it's dried first in the future.

Tight Hairstyles

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Some of the most stylish hairstyles out there require your hair to be tightly held together, like in ponytails or braids, but this can lead to some hair loss or breakage along your hairline! This happens thanks to the tension and pressure focused on the hair follicles as a result. Let your hair flow!

Using Elastic Bands With Metal On

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You might occasionally need to grab a hair tie quickly for whatever reason, usually to keep your hair from getting in the way. But you might want to avoid using hair ties with metal on them as they can easily attach to your hair and result in the strands being weakened and potentially falling out.

Frequent Bleaching

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The platinum hair look is something that goes through stages of popularity in the media, but one thing that's for certain is too much bleaching is dangerous! Bleach removes the colour from your hair but weakens the structure which can ultimately lead to some dry and brittle hair or in some cases extreme hair loss!

Frequent Perming

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It isn't for everyone, but perming your hair can give you some luscious waves throughout your hair. Despite how good it might look though, the chemical process in order to get there can alter the natural structure of your hair can cause dryness and in need of some quite intensive repairs.

DIY Dye Jobs

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The idea of DIY dye kits is that they promise some great convenience for people who fancy a change in their hair colour, but they can be uneven and also create some unpredictable results. You'd probably (definitely) be better off consulting some professionals to sort out your mop instead.

Skipping Regular Trims

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You might think trimming your hair is stupid, especially if you're in a period of growing it out, but by just letting it grow with no work you're opening the door for some split ends. You'll want to schedule a trim every 6 weeks or so in order to maintain the health of your hair.

Brushing Too Much

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We probably all spend some time brushing our hair every day, but did you know that over brushing could actually be quite a problem? Too much brushing can actually cause the hair shaft to be stretched and the hair to be broken. Just give your scalp a rest every now and then.

Neglecting Scalp Health

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Although we tend to focus on the health of our actual hair, you might actually want to start focusing on your scalp a little more. Ignoring the scalp is how we end up getting dandruff so by regularly exfoliating the scalp with specific products you'll notice a refreshed look AND feeling to your hair.

Using Too Much Product

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Although you might get excited to use certain products in your hair using too much might end up causing too much build-up. This is often why our hair can get too greasy and become a little lifeless. Maybe consider sticking to the instructions on the back of your products to help moderate the usage.

Using Cotton Pillowcases

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Cotton pillowcases might be soft and comfortable to sleep on, but you might not know that they can be damaging to our hairs health. They can actually cause some friction that can ultimately result in some hair breakage. Instead of cotton, you might want to consider buying some silk ones instead!

Ignoring Weather Conditions

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I mentioned before that you need to protect your hair in the same way you do your skin, so you should always be prepared for certain weather conditions. Too much exposure to UV rays can lead to your hair colour fading and humidity can cause dryness which make your locks look a little less luscious.

Too Many Hair Accessories

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Some of us can enjoy accessorizing our hair with a number of different things like clips and ties, but too many of these can lead to stress of the hair strands. You never want to cause your hair any unnecessary issues, especially ones that could cause hair loss! So maybe leave it alone for while!

Poor Nutrition

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We'll all be aware that eating healthy is important for our overall health and that includes our hair. Neglecting vitamins like Vitamin E and biotin can leave your hair looking a little lacklustre. By ensuring you get the goods you'll also ensure your hair looks nourished from the outside.

Overusing Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo has become some of the most popular pieces of kit in a person's toiletries, especially those who are always on the go! But like all things, it's best used in moderation! Overuse can lead to clogged hair follicles and an inflamed scalp amongst other scalp issues!

Not Protecting Hair When Swimming

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You might enjoy jumping in to the pool (or ocean if available) on a refreshing day or even to just remain active. The thing is chlorinated water or saltwater can actually be quite harsh on your hair and strip it of the natural oils. Maybe wear a swim cap if you're going for a dip.

Not Getting Professional Treatments

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Like your own self, your hair is sometimes deserving of a bit of pampering, so why not go and get it professionally treated. These sorts of treatments include: deep conditioning or hair masks that you might struggle to actually do for yourself at home! Go and treat yourself!

Using Alcohol Based Products

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Certain hairsprays or gels can actually contain alcohol as part of their components which can cause some dryness or damage to the hair. They do this by also removing the oils from the hair which can even cause some hair loss too! You'll probably want to check the ingredients list in the store!

Lack Of Sleep

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You should always prioritise getting quality sleep for all aspects of your life; even your hair will get some benefits! An inadequate sleep could disrupt the body's hormonal balance and therefore affect the quality of our hair growth! You need your beauty sleep to ensure your hair follicles can be prepared.

Smoking Too Much

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We all know how dangerous smoking can be for the body, but did you know that it can even be damaging to the health of your hair? Smoking actually restricts the oxygen flow to your hair follicles meaning it can affect the health of your hair, even causing some dullness or thinning!

Being Too Stressed

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You've probably heard people saying they're pulling their hair out when they're stressed, but it turns out they don't even need too! During chronic stress periods the body can redirect essential resources for hair growth away from where they need to be which can lead to thinning and even permanent hair loss!

Getting It Cut Too Much

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I mentioned already that regular trims are important, but there is still such a thing as having TOO MANY trims as well. Frequent haircuts can hinder the growth of your hair and slow it down in the future. You'll want to find a balance between not having enough or having too many!

Wearing Hats Too Often

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Hats can be an extremely stylish choice of accessory to wear and they're even suitable for all weather conditions! The problem is that friction between the inside of the hat and your head can cause some thinning and tight hats can also make your head feel humid and cause more scalp issues.