Gross Things All Parents Do

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Welcome to the unspoken truths of parenthood, where dignity often takes a backseat and "gross" becomes the new normal! In this revealing exposé, we're diving headfirst into the squishy, oozy, and downright revolting world of parental duties that push the boundaries of ickiness. Brace yourself for a journey through the slimy, smelly, and stomach-turning things that all parents do but rarely confess! From the mystery stains on clothes to the not-so-glamorous diaper duty, get ready...

1. Cleaned up poop with the first thing you find, no matter what

Ah, the infamous poop explosions—nature's unexpected, albeit messy, surprise parties! Picture this: you're out and about, basking in the glory of parenthood, when suddenly, the tiny human in your care decides it's time to redefine the term "blowout."Image Source/ Just Simply MomThere really can be some serious poop explosions. And there are no rules on when or where. So if you're not properly prepared then you have no choice but to use whatever you have to hand, especially if there are no wipes left. Your scarf? No piece of clothing is safe...Original content sourced from

2. Caught vomit in their hands

It's like parental reflexes suddenly gain superhero speed! The moment your little one starts the all-too-familiar retching symphony, it's as if a switch flips inside you. Suddenly, you're transformed into a precision catcher, equipped with lightning-fast reactions.Image Source/ RedditI'm positive this is a natural reaction you develop when you become a parent. As soon as your kid starts retching you are poised and ready to catch it with whatever you can get your hands on. But sometimes that is quite literally just your hands. Better than the floor, right?

3. Sucked snot out of a kid's nose

Ah, the plight of the stuffy baby—a tiny, adorable bundle of congestion-induced crankiness! Much like a constipated baby, their discomfort is palpable, but with one crucial difference: they can't blow their own noses. Cue the heroic, slightly unconventional solution—cue the snot-sucking saga.Image Source/ Life with GremlinsNot unlike a constipated baby, a stuffy baby is not much better. They cannot blow their own noses and if you don't want to deal with a cranky, congested baby then you're going to have to get that snot out one way or another. That means suck it out. Trust me, the peace and quiet is worth it.

4. Cleaning up that floating log

Ah, the joys of diaper-free moments—especially in the serene oasis of bath time. Babies, blissfully unaware of societal norms, follow their own bodily rhythms, presenting parents with surprise moments that redefine the term "unconventional bathroom breaks."Image Source/ Baby GagaBabies don't know when to poop and when not to. Hence the nappies. Do you know when they don't wear a nappy? The bath. If you gotta go, you gotta go. And you will be the lucky person who gets to fish that log out of the bath! What a privilege it is to be a parent!

5. You take advantage of dirty clothes and get EVEN dirtier before changing

Ah, the dual-purpose T-shirt—transformed from stylish attire to multipurpose parenting tool in the blink of a regurgitation! When your little one decides that your wardrobe deserves a splash of color (or rather, lunch), it's a clear sign that today's fashion statement will be one of practicality over pristine cleanliness.Image Source/ iStockIf your kid has already thrown up on your T Shirt today, you might as well make the most of it before changing it! Why not use your dirty T Shirt to wipe your baby's nose. There's no point wasting a tissue after all! This T Shirt will only go in the wash when it crawls there on its own!

6. Picked your babies cradle cap

Ah, the mystical phenomenon known as cradle cap—the baby version of dandruff that sets up camp atop those tiny, adorable heads! It's a flaky, sometimes slightly unsettling sight, like nature's way of giving newborns their very own snowfall experience.Image Source/ Water WipesCradle cap is basically baby dandruff. It's just loads of flaky skin right there on the top of their heads waiting to be picked. It's honestly like meditation and all new parents have done it, even if they won't admit it! It does go eventually, so better to make the most of it!

7. Not fussed about being peed on

Ah, the golden shower—quite literally, in the world of parenting! Somewhere along the rollercoaster journey of parenthood, there comes a moment when a sprinkling of baby pee becomes as common as a morning cup of coffee.Image Source/ Dry and CoolIt gets to a point in parenthood where you don't even blink when a kid pees on you. It doesn't even make you feel gross anymore. You really do just get used to it. I would even go as far to say that you wouldn't bother changing clothes. What's a bit of pee after all?

8. Eaten kids food

Ah, the culinary adventures of a sleep-deprived, hungry parent—the line between what's deemed edible and what's, well, questionably contaminated becomes quite blurry! Leftovers, once pristine and neatly packed, now bear the battle scars of tiny hands.Image Source/ Baby CentreThere is no shame on eating leftovers, kiddy food or not. You might find it's covered in saliva and snot but when you're sleep-deprived on hungry that is not enough to stop you. Let's not talk about everything they will have touched before they touched all that food...

9. Inspected poop very carefully

Ah, the peculiar and slightly unnerving world of parenting: where decoding your child's poop becomes a legitimate skill set. It's like becoming an amateur detective, analyzing color, consistency, and content to unravel the mysteries hidden within those tiny diapers.Image Source/ What To ExpectYou learn a lot by looking at your kid's poop. Is it runny? Does that mean they're sick? Have they finally pooped out that piece of lego they swallowed? Only one way to find out! Doctors and nurses will shamelessly ask a lot of questions about your kid's excrement too.

10. Taste tested a lot of nasty things

Oh, the adventures of parenthood—where everyday mysteries await, challenging your senses and pushing the boundaries of discernment! It's a world where the fine line between milk that's slightly off and milk that's perfectly fine becomes a delicate taste test away.Image Source/ Amino AppsThere's only one way to test if your milk is off or not! There is also only one way to tell what that sticky stuff is on your coffee table. Is it food or crayon or bogies? How will you ever know unless you test it! And the quickest way to find out is the taste test.

11. Drinking backwash

Ah, the not-so-subtle art of parenting survival—where the contents of a child's water bottle transform into a mystery blend of hydration and, well, a generous dose of backwash. It's a reality that seasoned parents know all too well.Image Source/ EricJust like their left over food, kids water bottles will be full of all sorts. It has got to be at least 20% backwash. Does that stop you drinking it? No. And you won't be the first parent to drink their children's backwash out of their water bottle. Desperate times.

12. Had a good sniff of anything and everything

Ah, the olfactory adventures of parenthood—the sense of smell takes on a whole new level of importance when deciphering the mysteries lurking within your home. Sniffing becomes a superpower, a tool wielded by parents to unravel the secrets hidden in every nook and cranny.Image Source/ Mama Knows It AllIf you think tasting random stuff is bad, imagine how much stuff parents have sniffed to try and determine what it is. You also get SO used to the smell of baby poo that I don't even think it shocks you until you really get up close and personal with it.

13. Scraped snot out of noses with their fingers

While it might sound a tad unorthodox, digging out the stubborn nose nuggets from your little one's nasal passages can oddly become a satisfying victory in the parenting trenches. Sure, it's not the most glamorous of tasks, but when you manage to extract those colossal, meaty boogers, it's a triumph worthy of celebration!Image Source/FreePicIf you can't suck it out then you can dig it out! This might sound gross but is actually hugely satisfying! Especially when you get those big, bad meaty ones out. It's not like the kids can do it themselves. And like we said before, peace and quiet is more important than self respect.

14. Cleaning your babies face with spit

Ah, the ever-grubby faces of babies—a canvas that seems to attract messes with a magnetic pull, no matter how recently it's been wiped clean! But fear not, resourceful parent, when wipes are nowhere in sight, a simple and time-tested solution emerges: the power of spit!Image Source/ Daily MailNo wipes? No problem! As you'll know, babies faces are always getting dirty, even if you wipes it 30 seconds ago. A bit of spit will fix that problem! Lick you fingers or your sleeve and a bit of spit, get to working scrubbing and you baby will be as good as new!

15. Stuck a finger up a baby's bum when they're constipated

Parenthood is a rollercoaster of doing whatever it takes to ensure your child's comfort and well-being, even if it involves tasks that might seem a tad unconventional or, dare we say, a bit gross. It's the undeniable truth that when your little one is uncomfortable or in need, there's an innate drive to step in and provide relief.Image Source/ YouTubeIt works. That's the main thing, right? And yes, it is definitely as gross as it sounds. But as all parents will know, you will do anything for your child, especially if they're uncomfortable and you can do something to help. Unconditional love and all of that...

16. Sniffed a lot of bottoms

Ah, the secret language of parenthood—one where the olfactory sense becomes a trusted ally in decoding the mysteries concealed within a diaper. The smell test, a skill honed to perfection in the realm of parenting, becomes your go-to strategy when assessing the gravity of the diaper situation.Image Source/ Made For MumsThe smell test is a skill you develop in parenthood. When you need to evaluate how bad the diaper situation is, you have to take a sniff. It's not like you can open up their diaper in public, so sniff test it is. The best bit it, all other parents won't even notice that what you're doing is strange.

17. Don't forget your ears!

Indeed, the enigmatic and occasionally wax-clogged world of ears in a child's life! Despite the warnings and well-meaning advice about the perils of ear-cleaning, there's a primal satisfaction in tackling those tiny ear canals when they seem a bit too waxy for comfort.Image Source/ HealthlineEars is just another body part that you might need to clear out at some point in your child's life. I'm sure the advice is not to clean out ears as you can cause damage, but that doesn't stop anyone doing it. It also won't stop the satisfaction of cleaning your kid's ears out.

18. Knowing your kids individual farts

Ah, the curious yet practical art of identifying children by the unique aroma of their flatulence! It might sound peculiar, but in the bustling household filled with little ones, this skill takes on a surprising level of importance and usefulness.Image Source/ NBC NewsIt's a strange but important skill to be able to identify a child from the stench of their fart. It will go a long way when you have a house full of kids though. You will be able to locate them easily or follow their movements through the house by following the trail.

19. Fished a bloody band aid out of the water

Ah, the delicate balance of parenting and poolside etiquette! The scenario of patching up a scraped knee to adhere to pool rules seems like a flawless plan until the sight of that telltale, blood-stained plaster floating in the water shatters the illusion of seamless problem-solving.Image Source/ Inverclyde LeisurePool rules are you're not allowed in the water with an open wound. So you plaster you kid's scraped knee up. Problem solved. Until you see the bloody plaster floating about in the water. You better fish that out before anyone sees it. No time for any gloves...

20. Sucked on a dummy to clean it

Ah, the tumultuous world of babies and their pacifiers—the tiny comforters that wield a surprising amount of power! You've witnessed the tragedy unfold: the dummy, that source of solace and tranquility for your little one, takes a nosedive into the unlikeliest of places.Image Source/ FatherlyBabies can't be trusted to keep hold of their dummies. And we all know they can get VERY upset if they don't have it. It doesn't matter what the dummy lands in, your kid will start to cry immediately and you do everything you can to get it back in their mouth as quick as possible. Even sucking the dirt off it...

21. Sat down in pee

Ah, the multifaceted journey of toilet training—a quest not just to teach the art of using the toilet but also to master the elusive skill of aim! Amidst the whirlwind of guiding your little one through this developmental milestone, there comes a moment when the battle of haste versus vigilance unfolds.Image Source/ We Have KidsToilet training kids takes a lot of time and effort. And it's not just about teaching them to use the toilet instead of their nappy. It's also about aim... And sometimes when you're in a rush you don't look down at the toilet seat until it's too late. Until you're sitting in warm, kids pee.

22. Burying the evidence...

Ah, the unspoken truth of parenting—the unexpected challenges that surface at the most inconvenient moments, especially when nature calls in the great outdoors! You're at the beach, soaking in the sun and surf, when suddenly, your little one announces a pressing need that doesn't align with the nearest restroom's proximity.Image Source/ WikimediaThere will be at least one mortifying point in your journey as a parent where you kid will need to poop and you won't be able to reach a safe space. A beach is actually a saving grace! You can bury that monster and walk away. Everyone's done it... just don't look back!

23. "Just turn the cushions over..."

Ah, the time-honored exchange among parents—a nugget of wisdom passed down through generations, revealing the art of concealing life's little stains with a simple flip of the cushion. It's a shared understanding, a whispered secret in the world of parenthood.Image Source/ The New York TimesA classic comment exchanged between parents. You can hide the worst of any stain by just simply turning the cushion over. No one else will ever know. You're lucky if you even get a chance to spot clean it. This will never get rid of the smell but you can try.

24. Drank some breast milk

Curiosity truly knows no bounds, especially when it comes to the astonishing capabilities of the human body—producing nourishment for another human being. It's a marvel, a fascinating aspect of nature that sometimes piques our inquisitive nature.Image Source/ The MirrorThere's no harm in being curious. It is a crazy thing that our bodies produce food for another human. Is it so weird we want to sample the goods? Don't knock it until you try it! Maybe it starts to become a bit gross and weird when other people start drinking it though...

25. Eating anything your child has sneezed on

Their lack of knowledge in the finer points of sneezing etiquette can indeed turn everyday scenarios into potential germ battlegrounds. Picture this: you're in the midst of baking those scrumptious cookies, reveling in the delightful aroma wafting through the kitchen. Then, out of the blue, a tiny sneeze...Image Source/ ShutterstockChildren have no manners. They don't know that you're supposed to cover you hand and nose when you sneeze. So they just sneeze on everything instead. Those cookies you're baking? Contaminated. But lets be honest, it won't stop you eating them. Heat kills germs, right?

26. Washing dirty nappies by accident

Ah, the laundry mishaps that transform the mundane task into an unexpected adventure! Forgetting to empty pockets before tossing jeans into the wash? A classic. But unknowingly including a soiled diaper in the laundry load? That's a whole new level of unexpected consequences.Image Source/ RedditForgetting to empty your pockets before putting your jeans in the wash is a classic. Accidentally putting a dirty nappy in the washer is another kind of mistake. With very unfortunate consequences - you would never believe how much it disintegrates! You will spend some time rewashing everything else involved.

27. "Do you need to poo?" is on repeat

Ah, the ever-vigilant dance of parenting, forever intertwined with the unpredictable nature of a child's toilet habits! The daily expedition becomes a calculated gamble—will today's adventure include an impromptu pit stop at the shopping center restroom or a mad dash home in the nick of time?Image Source/ OntspannenYou're constantly on alert with your kids and their toilet habits. Will they poop their pants in the shopping centre today or will we make it home? It won't stop you asking them if they need to go to the toilet every five minutes. You're just hoping for some advance warning.

28. Retrieving items from the toilet

Ah, the curious nature of kids and their boundless creativity when it comes to placing things in the most unexpected of places! The toilet, it seems, becomes a magnet for their inquisitive exploration, where cherished items sometimes find an inadvertent aquatic adventure.Image Source/ Today's ParentKids will put anything, anywhere. The toilet is no exemption. And if it's something you care about then you have no choice but to fish it out. It sounds extreme but actually, any parent will know that you will end up doing this hundreds of time while your kids are small.

29. Poo on your pants doesn't even bother you anymore

Ah, the familiar scenario of noticing an unexpected stain or mishap on your clothing—a momentary blip in an otherwise bustling day of parenting. The internal conflict arises: the knowledge of the blemish versus the hope that no one else will take notice.Image Source/ ForbesYou know it's there but you're hoping no one else will notice it. Or smell it. There's a bit of you that doesn't really care though. You have a million errands to run and you don't have time to get changed. Let the judgement roll. You'll probably find fellow parents won't judge at all.

30. Expiration dates mean nothing anymore

Ah, the unwritten rule of the kitchen, especially in the whirlwind of parenthood—when time is a luxury and the strict guidelines of expiration dates become more of a loose suggestion than an absolute decree. With a bustling household full of children, the concept of expiration dates often takes a backseat.Image Source/ FlikrIf it smells fine and tastes fine then you can eat it. That's the rule. Expiration dates are just a recommendation right? You don't even have time to think about this with a house full of kids, so a quick sniff test and lets be getting on with it.

31. Had your kid spit their food into your hand

Ah, the trials and tribulations of dining with a discerning young eater in public—a precarious balancing act where parental improvisation knows no bounds! When your little one decides that a particular dish doesn't align with their discerning taste buds, the inevitable happens...
image source:
All parents know that if their kid doesn't like something, they're not going to eat it - and at home, this is bad enough, but when you're out in public there's really no other option other than them spitting it out! The trouble is you won't always have something for them to spit it into when you're out and about, so the only alternative is having them spit it into your hand!

32. Eaten your kid's leftovers

Ah, the culinary delight that is leftover kiddie food—the unglamorous, unappetizing mound of once-vibrant meals that now resembles a less-than-enticing pile of cold, congealed mush. It's a sight that doesn't evoke excitement, yet duty calls, and the obligation to finish what's left prevails.
image source:
We're not talking the sort-of-acceptable leftovers after a night out's takeout, either... we're talking that horrible, unappetizing kiddie food that you definitely didn't want even when it was warm, but now it's completely cold and has been mushed around your kid's plate for a while until it's now just a pile of big grey mush that you have to eat just to finish it off.

33. Used your hand as a tissue for your kid's nose

The unexpected runny nose scenarios—those moments of desperation when tissues seem as elusive as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! And while most adults might resort to a similar tactic in dire circumstances, parenting amplifies these situations to a whole new level.
image source:
Let's be honest, must of us as adults have done this in a pinch when we're desperate and have a runny nose with no tissue in sight! But with a child, it's going to happen a lot more often when you least expect it - and a lot more wet and snottily at that! You really don't have any other option but to wipe their running nose on your own hand when you don't have anything else!

34. Used your teeth to cut up your kid's food

Ah, the impromptu culinary acrobatics that come with parenting on the go—the unforeseen request for food to be chopped up when cutlery is nowhere in sight! It's a moment that catches you off guard, a culinary challenge that demands quick thinking and a hint of resourcefulness.
image source:
In a perfect world, you'd always have a knife and fork on hand - but we're not judging if busy parents haven't done the washing up, or if your kid just suddenly wants their food chopped up on-the-go when it's something you wouldn't even usually cut up! So the only solution is biting their food into tiny pieces with your own teeth then taking it back out of your mouth for them.

35. Smelled a diaper *after* you know there's poop

Ah, the not-so-glamorous world of diaper sniffing—a necessary yet less-than-pleasant task that parents often find themselves undertaking in the course of caring for their little ones. While the initial whiff might serve as a mere check for the presence of an unwelcome visitor, there's a whole new level of olfactory investigation...
image source:
Usually parents smell diapers to check whether their baby has pooped, but another gross habit can be to stick your nose there and take a big whiff after you know for definite they've already made a mess in there. This is usually just to check how bad the situation is, how smelly it is or even if you can get away with keeping the diaper on until you get home!

36. Used any part of your body to catch vomit

Ah, the chaotic whirlwind of parenthood, where unexpected moments like a sudden bout of projectile vomit become a testament to a parent's lightning-fast reflexes and willingness to protect in the face of chaos. Imagine the scene: your little one, without warning, unleashes a forceful torrent of vomit...
image source:
When your baby or toddler is going to projectile vomit, there's really no stopping it, and the only thing you can do is to act fast to minimize the damage. And usually this means using the best thing available to you - your own body. Using anything you can - your lap, your behind, your arms, your own head even - you're going to catch as much of that vomit as you can!

37. Used your top as a cleaning cloth

In the realm of parenting, unexpected messes and spills are par for the course, and sometimes the cleanup operation requires resourcefulness beyond conventional means. When faced with an unexpected mess—be it spilled drinks, dropped food, or even a more potty-related mishap—parental ingenuity kicks in.
image source:
And what happens if the vomit manages to go elsewhere instead? Or if they make a mess in a different way, spill a drink, drop food or - worse - have a potty problem? Well if you don't have any proper cleaning supplies on you, the only real option is to use anything you're wearing - so if you have a top you can easily take off, like a shirt, you're most definitely going to utilize that.

38. Taken a photo of your child's poop

Checking the contents of the toilet bowl after a poop is a habit for many adults, often for health-related reasons. And when it comes to parenting, this habit sometimes extends to examining your child's bowel movements, albeit perhaps in a more detailed manner.
image source:
Most adults will admit they look into the toilet bowl after a poop - for health issues, just to check everything is okay, you know - but for some reason many parents not only do this with their children, but actually go so far as to taking pictures of it. Maybe it's to keep for memory's sake? Or maybe to share in the parent forum to check why your baby's poop looks weird. Only you can know why you do it.

39. Cleaned a bottle top or pacifier with your spit

Indeed, the perpetual dance of cleaning bottle nipples and pacifiers—a task that often becomes more frequent than anticipated, especially when your little one seems to have an uncanny knack for dropping their beloved pacifier at every opportunity.
image source:
Bottle nipples and pacifiers are things that definitely need cleaning more than you'd hope, and especially if your child is going about dropping their pacifier on the floor every two seconds, and that makes keeping on top of a proper cleaning routine a little bit harder. The only thing you can do is give it a quick spruce up with your own spit - one of the handiest tools available to a parent.

40. The five second rule is definitely valid

In the wild world of parenting, a dropped item takes on a whole new perspective. The usual rule of the five-second rule might extend indefinitely when you're a sleep-deprived superhero juggling a million tasks at once.
image source:
Any other time we wouldn't even contemplate still eating or using anything we've dropped on the floor, but when you're a parent running on 1 hour of sleep a day, when you've been working for hours cleaning and making a meal, if you drop something on the floor your bet your bottom dollar you're going to use or eat it anyway - because you're not spending another few hours redoing it!

41. Eaten baby food when there's nothing else

Ah, the dreaded moment of realizing the cupboards are bare, a situation that strikes fear into the hearts of all busy parents who've fallen victim to the grocery shopping procrastination trap. In the world of relentless parenting schedules, this scenario becomes an all-too-familiar plot twist.
image source:
We all hate that empty cupboard feeling when we realize we should have gone grocery shopping yesterday instead of leaving it until now, and when you're an overworked parent it's even more likely. So what's the only thing available to you? Those shelves upon shelves of baby food that taste like nothing good but it really is all you have in that particular moment...

42. Knowing you have bodily fluid *somewhere* on you

Ah, the mysterious lingering scent of parenthood—a faint hint of pee, poop, or vomit that you know is lurking somewhere, evading detection despite your best investigative efforts. It's a scenario that's all too familiar to many parents, a subtle reminder of the daily adventures in caring for little ones.
image source:
So it's one of those situations where you just know that you have pee, poop or vomit somewhere on you - only a little bit - because you can smell it, you can sense it... you just can't pinpoint where, maybe it's soaked in and dried a little, but you just can't find it - and the only correct thing to do, in your eyes, is ignore it and go about your day because there's nothing you can do about it!

43. Not bothering to shower

Absolutely, the balancing act of parenthood often leads to a unique perspective on personal hygiene. When you're knee-deep in the whirlwind of parenting, those little moments of self-care can sometimes take a backseat to the daily demands of caring for your little ones.
image source:
When you're a busy parent, self care can sometimes fall on the wayside, especially when it comes to personal hygiene - but there's missing a shower or two, and there's purposefully not bothering to have a shower for a long time because what's the point? You're only going to get covered in pee, poop or vomit - or maybe all three at once - anywhere so best save on that water bill!

44. Had pee or poop go into your mouth

Changing diapers can indeed present some unpredictable moments, especially when your baby decides it's the perfect time for an impromptu bathroom break. In those moments, the laws of projectile physics seem to defy all logic.
image source:
The unfortunate fact of changing a diaper means your baby is on its back in a very dangerous position in terms of where things are going to go. If they choose to pee or poop in that moment, the only way is up. And if you happen to be caught in that moment with your mouth open - maybe taking in a yawn - then there's always the risk something hits you in the face... and your open mouth...

45. Having to pull certain foods out of your baby's... you know

Facing digestive issues or unexpected blockages in babies can indeed lead to a challenging situation for parents. Sometimes, despite careful consideration about what's suitable for your little one's diet, unforeseen circumstances arise.
image source:
A lot of research is needed for what to feed your baby, but sometimes there might be something you feed them as they get older that you thought might be easy for them to digest but actually isn't. Or maybe they got hold of something by accident. And that can cause a bit of a clogging problem down below. So you might have to... manually get in there and pull it out.

46. Having to pull off stuck gum from questionable places

Ah, the ubiquitous sticky situation of chewed gum—everyone's been there at some point, grappling with its tenacious grip on anything it lands on. And when you add the curious exploration of a baby or toddler into the mix, the potential for gum-related mishaps multiplies.
image source:
One thing we've all struggled with in our younger years is that pesky chewed gum that gets stuck anywhere it's not supposed to - our poor hair, our shoes, our clothes... And when you have a baby or toddler, there's more of a risk of it getting stuck somewhere. And as a parent you might have had to pull it from difficult places they've tried to stick it, like on their face, down their pants, up their nose...

47. Making a bowl with your hands for whatever needs to come out

Handling unexpected bathroom emergencies while out with your little one can indeed lead to some impromptu and inventive problem-solving. When faced with a sudden urgency and the inevitability of not reaching the bathroom in time, parents sometimes resort to swift and creative solutions.
image source:
You're out at a restaurant, bar or café for what feels like the first time in months, and you've taken your baby or kid for a nice day out. Well... they suddenly need to do something you're not going to get to the bathroom in time for. So you just cup your hands into a bowl right there and then and just let whatever is going to happen, happen...

48. Cleaning poop off walls, ceilings... anything

Ah, the unpredictable world of parenting and the adventures that come with it! While diaper duty is the norm for handling baby's "business," as they grow older and more mobile, they tend to explore newfound independence—sometimes in ways that leave quite an impression.
image source:
We would have to hope that babies would do all their pooping in their diaper, but as we know, it's not always the case. And as they get a little older and a little more free to move around, they might decide instead to take a poop in their room - or any room of your home - that they'll then spread on the walls, on the floor, on their toys... and you've had to clean it all up.

49. Having to suck *anything* out of their nose

Ah, the curious habits of young explorers! Indeed, children have an uncanny knack for discovering creative uses for their nasal cavities, sometimes turning them into impromptu storage spaces for unexpected items.
image source:
Just like the toilet, kids also have a habit of shoving anything and everything up their nose, like toys or even items of food from their plates. As if it wasn't enough having to suck their blocked noses clear, you might also have had to get in there and suck out anything they've had trapped up there, like their baby puree or a green bean from your own plate. Sigh.

50. Having to clean up after the dog got hold of the diaper

Living in a household with both a furry friend and a little one sure presents its own set of adventures! Dogs, especially those in their exploratory phases or with a penchant for mischief, can turn even the most ordinary scenarios into unexpected escapades.
image source:
Living in a home with both a dog and a baby has its challenges if your dog is one who likes to make a mess or is still in the learning stage of what's not okay to tear up and chew. And if your dog somehow gets hold of the dirty diaper you left on the side to throw out? They might then proceed to use it as a rag toy and get the mess absolutely everywhere... ready for you to clean!