Foods That Only Exist In Canada Copy

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Canada is known for many things: beautiful national parks, the Rocky Mountains and amazing food! And we mean more than just maple syrup. If you're looking for some of the best menu items from this country, you might just have to book those plane tickets!

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A lot of items only exist in Canada - and nowhere else in the world! So unless you have a friend to send you a delicious package or two in the mail, you might have to drool over this list instead...

1. Cadbury Caramilk

No one can dispute that Caramilk bars are yummy. There's the creamy milk chocolate outer, covering the soft, gooey caramel and giving, even the self confessed chocoholic, it's the fix they crave.
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It holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians and a lot of willpower is needed to pass the store or vending machine that stocks the delicious sweet treat!Original content sourced from

2. President’s Choice White Cheddar Mac And Cheese

If there were a Mac and Cheese competition, President's Choice would win hands down. It's so creamy and rich in flavor and sticks to the macaroni pasta perfectly.
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You may have been one of those kids that treated it as a staple food on a cold, snowy day. The white cheddar cheese ingredient compliments the rest of the dish, making you eat every last morsel.

3. Canadian Smarties

Of course everyone adores a good box of Smarties.  In Canada, Smarties are slightly different compared to the United States. The colors are not quite the same and Canada has the extra brown Smarties in its selection.
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Also, unlike American Smarties, these are round, have a crunchy shell and that smooth milk chocolate center. Young or old, we all love them!

4. Pickle Chips

Who doesn’t love Dill Pickle Chips? They have a great tang to them and do actually taste very similar to a dill pickle. They are a Canadian favorite, crispy and thinly sliced pickles with a seasoned coating.
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They are either fried or baked, both textures hitting the spot and blowing it out the water. Mainly available in Canada, if you are able to visit the country then stock up on them. You won't be disappointed.

5. Mars Bars

Mars bars in Canada are truly iconic.  They feature layers of caramel, nougat and milk chocolate so three of your favorite fillings in one bar.  It doesn't get any better than that.
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They are available in bitesize packages which can be lethal because, even though you promise yourself you'll only have two, you could end up eating ten and then wonder if you should just polish them all off because the remainder of them are still staring at you!

6. Canned Zoodles and Alphagetti

So they aren't nutritious and breaking down the ingredients of canned Zoodles and Alphagetti, they are basically noodles in a simple red sauce.
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However, as a 10 year old kid, it would have been exciting to eat Zoodles, pasta in the shape of zoo animals an Alphagetti in the form of alphabet shaped pasta.  Heated and served in a bowl or on a couple of slices of toast, dinner was sorted!

7. Hickory Sticks

If you like chips, then you’ll love hickory sticks. They are small slices of potato fried and seasoned with a stunning smoky BBQ flavor.
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Such a crowd pleaser for sure, especially for trick and treating during Halloween in Canada.  The sound of a satisfying crunch as you bite into them and savor the flavor is enough to get the taste buds standing to attention.

8. Kinder Surprise

It was quite a shock to find out that the US didn’t have Kinder Eggs. All the youngsters in Canada would be begging for these when they were at the grocery store with their parents.
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Opening each one was exciting as you never knew what toy would be inside the hollow chocolate egg. It would be a small plastic toy that you put together yourself with the enclosed instructions.

9. President's Choice Chips

For those individuals who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of chips, then it's got to be President’s Choice flavored chips all the way!
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Forget "normal" flavours as you can choose from Indian Sweet Chilli and Blue Menu Ancient Grains to name but two.  President's Choice have always been premium quality and there are many fans who get excited from the innovative choice of flavors.

10. Beaver Tails

It can't get any more Canadian than Beaver Tails.  Don't be put off by the deep fried pastry that resembles a beaver's tail!
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Toppings are usually Nutella, whipped cream, Reece's Pieces and/or banana.  I suppose they look like elongated doughnuts with a crispy outside.  They would be a perfect dessert after any meal and if served with fruit, could even be slightly healthy!!

11. Bagged Milk

For anyone outside Canada, buying milk in bags would seem a world away but this is how they actually mainly purchase it - how crazy is that!
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You can buy holders that have three separate pouches for the bagged milk, each pouch holding just over one litre of liquid.  It's convenient, efficient and certainly an eco-friendly method of distributing it this way.  Other countries should be encouraged to follow suit.

12. Nanaimo Bars

A favorite Canadian dessert is a Nanaimo Bar.  Each delight has a crumbly nutty base and a yummy custard filling, topped off with thick milk chocolate.
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You can buy them from the grocery store but many Canadians make their own and as soon as family or friends gather in the house, out they come and they are demolished within minutes. We can see why!

13. Chapman's Ice Cream

If you insist on the best ice cream and no other will do, then Chapman's ice cream ticks all the boxes.  It's made in southern Ontario using real cream.
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As all the flavors are peanut free, they are extremely popular with everyone.  The brand was born fifty years ago and is still going strong. Despite being only available in a few different flavors, it's popularity has never waned. Try their delicious frozen yogurts as well!

14. Peameal Bacon

There are very few things that come close to a hot peameal bacon sandwich at the weekend, especially if it's to soak up the cocktails from the night before!
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Also known as back bacon, peameal is a wet-cured unsmoked back bacon. It is prepared from boneless pork loin that has been thickly sliced and then rolled in cornmeal. It's thought to originate from Ontario.

15. Swiss Chalet Sauce

What I'm about to tell you may be a bold statement but I stick by it. Swiss Chalet Sauce is a stunning dipping sauce and Canadians don't realise how lucky they are have it.
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It's savoury and tangy and for French fries and rotisserie chicken, it's the perfect accompaniment which takes food to another level. It's weird that it's not available in American Swiss Chalet restaurants!

16. Butter Tarts

Hands up if you fancy a flaky pastry that's stacked with a thick, gooey caramel filling and then topped with raisins or nuts. A Butter Tart is a perfect match with a mug of hot coffee at a Canadian family gathering.
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Consumed still warm out of the oven can be lethal as one Butter Tart will expose those taste buds and you'll have to go for another .....and another!

17. All Dressed Chips

When you struggle to decide which flavor of chip you're yearning for, the answer is simple.  Ruffles All Dressed Chips are layered in a cheesy smoky seasoning, layered with salt and vinegar.
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The combination is to die for and you'll end up finishing the whole bag, without offering them round! The other flavor is salt and vinegar mixed with ketchup and BBQ. Just wow!

18. Shreddies Cereals

No Canadian morning is complete without a bowl of Shreddies. They are nutritious, high in fibre and low in sugar.  Shreddies are square in shape with a knitted appearance and a slight nutty flavor.
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They are best enjoyed with a generous amount of cold milk but are equally as tasty with yogurt. Not just for the start of the day, Shreddies go down well when you feel peckish while watching tv in the evening.

19. Tourtiere

Quite similar to a meat pie, Tourtiere is a French Canadian meal. It's a pie-like pastry crust that is filled with ground pork and seasonings.
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It's a great comfort food and goes down well with mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side.  Tourtiere has a cultural meaning to it and is often served on religious occasions, much to the delight of everyone.

20. Cream Soda Crush

Cream Soda is a sugary, fizzy, fruity flavored soda and it's bright pink in color. That being said, what's not to love about it? Adults see it as a bit of nostalgia from their childhood, as they recall the creaminess and fizz whereas kids like it purely for the taste.
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So, even though it does contain a certain amount of sugar, at least it doesn't have the chemical sweeteners that have been creating a lot of negative Press lately.

21. Jos Louis

A Jos Louis is the type of school snack that cool kids would have in their lunch box!  If they didn't, they would try and trade in their own dessert for that one.
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They are similar to a Twinkie but the Canadian snack cake has way more chocolate around it.  It's manufactured by Mahon and each of the two layers of sponge have a creamy filling.  All that is wrapped up in chocolate - delectable!

22. Coffee Crisp

If you love coffee, your new choice of chocolate bar is going to be Coffee Crisp. It tastes of coffee and toffee, as well as an abundance of chocolate and sugar!
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Some say it is like a Macchiato but in candy bar form!  The slim wafer sticks have a coffee flavored cream center and are protected by a chocolatey coating.  They are have a great texture to them and are a popular Canadian snack.

23. Poutine

When you are feeling hungry after a Saturday night out dancing, then the ultimate late snack is Poutine.  It's not a healthy option but it satisfies the desire for something naughty.
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In a nutshell, its hot, greasy and cheesy, smothered in gravy.  It's actually crispy fries with cheese curds on the top which are soaked in gravy. This dish originated in Quebec and is irresistible.

24. Caesar Cocktail

This savory cocktail has to be the number one choice in Canada. It is garnished with anything from an olive  to a full lobster tail. The latter turns the drink into a full blown meal.
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Quintessentially Canadian, it's made up with vodka, tomato and clam juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.  The garnish of a stick of celery is used to mix the ingredients.

25. Kraft Peanut Butter

Kraft peanut butter splits peanut lovers as some insist on the smooth and creamy one while others say it's crunchy all the way.  Whichever is your preference,  it's a Canadian favorite  - whether it's for breakfast, lunch or as a post gym snack.
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This particular brand is not available in the States which is a real shame as the texture is perfect on toast, crackers or as a dip with crudites.

26. Montreal Bagels

There's so much competition with bagels in general but, to be honest,  there really is nothing quite like the Montreal bagel. The wood fired bagels are sticky and ever so slightly sweet, which makes them delicious on their own without any filling.
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If you are looking to fill them,  then it has to be with Ontario cream cheese and Nova Scotia smoked salmon, with  seasoning of cracked black pepper and lemon juice.

27. Ketchup Chips

Much like bagged milk, the concept of chips that are ketchup flavoured is a hard one to grasp if you live outside Canada because you probably won't have heard of them.
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Lay's Ketchup Chips are available in single size bags or family packs.  This snack brings a lot of nostalgia with it as you indulge in the light sweet taste of ketchup with a tangy kick to it.

28. Crunchie

The confectionary known as the Crunchie bar was created by Cadbury Canada and isn't on sale to southern neighbors.  Thinking about it, it's a travesty that there is no honeycomb centred, toffee flavored, chocolate bar in the States.
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The only way to sample it is to order it online if you aren't in Canada (or the UK).  The texture and flavor is an utter delight!

29. Hawkins Cheezies

Hawkins Cheezies have been around forever.  This snack was invented after the Second World War and it continues to be sold right across Canada.  The corn based, crunchy chip alternative, has a cheddar cheese distinct flavor.
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Manufactured by Hawkins Gourmet & Snack Foods, Cheezies aren't just a snack - they are part of Canadian culture which should be cherished!

30. Big Turk

Big Turk, as the name gives away, is Turkish delight wrapped up in a chocolate bar.  It was created by Nestle and is divine with its chewy rose flavored center encased in creamy milk chocolate.
Image source: Kev's Snack Reviews
It has a hint of being exotic and caters for those who are appreciative of a distinct candy experience.  Unfortunately, Americans can't get this treat in their local store.

31. The B.C Roll

The B.C. roll is a famous (and tasty) Canadian dish that's made from sushi rice, salmon that's been barbequed (or maybe even just the salmon skin) and cucumbers, made as a sort of makizushi roll.
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The name 'B.C' is a shout-out to British Colombia, which is also very well known for its supply of salmon! The dish was actually invented in Vancouver back in the 70s.

32. Persians

A Persian is a delicious pastry that's native to Canada, and it's known for its oval shape and the very striking pink icing that oozes out of it! Or on top of it, depending on where you want to put it.
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You can make the fruity pastry with either strawberries or raspberries depending on your preference, and in this country they're mostly baked for social events like fundraisers.

33. Saskatoon Berry Pie

This delicious and colorful pie is a regional favorite, made from famous Saskatoon berries which hail from the western part of Canada.
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The pie has a light and fruity taste, and you usually couple it with come ice cream or whipped cream to balance it out. Fun fact: the city of Saskatoon is actually named after these berries, and not the berries named after the city!

34. Honey Dill

Honey dill has quite a simple recipe, in that it's honey, mayonnaise and dried dill, but the fact that Canadians love it is because it was accidentally created in Winnipeg, and then became a beloved staple!
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It's now used as a very popular dipping sauce like you would mayonnaise, with things like fries and chicken, but you can use it with pretty much anything you'd like.

35. Cretons

This is a meat spread which is made up of lard, breadcrumbs, milk and ground pork. It's commonly produced in Quebec, but you can find it in other places in Canada.
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The spread is deliciously flavored and spiced with a whole load of ingredients, including ginger, cinnamon, onions, garlic and nutmeg. Because of its creamy texture, it's popular for breakfast on toast!

36. Piacere

This is a delicious cheese found in Canada, and produced in Stratford, Ontario. This Canadian cheese is made from the milk of sheep, and you can even eat the rind, which is made extra flavorful by being rolled with chili, berries and rosemary.
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As with most cheese, the older it gets, the better it tastes and the stronger it smells! A favorite way to eat it is to add to a bowl of soup.

37. Poutine Gravy

Poutine, as we know, is a very popular Canada-exclusive dish, but did you know that Poutine gravy specifically is also a thing? The gravy itself is a traditional Canadian creation which is what's poured over the fries in the complete poutine dish.
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The gravy itself is usually made with chicken or beef stock and paired with pepper, butter, flour, water and cornstarch.

38. Turducken

A lot of people in the world have heard of the Turducken: the dish that is turkey, duck and chicken all in one. But did you know it's traditionally an American-Canadian dish?
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All the different meat is rolled and stuffed into one, and then has each separated by three different kinds of stuffing flavors, too. To get a bit of everything when served, it's cut landscape instead of portrait, if you will!

39. Pouding Chomeur

This is a very popular Canadian dessert, but its name has a bit of a grim history, as it translates to 'unemployment pudding' - and the reason for that is because it was created during the Great Depression, a time when factory workers were particularly struggling.
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There are two ways you can make it these days, either with homemade syrup or maple syrup bought from a store, and either one will be cooked with cake batter.

40. Touton

Toutons are these delicious little pancakes, and you can see why they're so popular in Canada. It's a very small variety of pancake which is made by frying the bread dough in either pork fat or butter - or even both!
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It's actually a staple in Newfoundland specifically, and you can eat it with either fruit or jam, most popularly for a delicious and tasty breakfast.

41. Salmon Pie

For a place so well known for its salmon, it's no surprise we also have a delicious salmon pie on the list! The salmon pie is a huge comfort dish in Canada, and definitely a must when you need something heavy, warm and filling!
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The pie is made with a crust that is filled with potatoes and cooked salmon. It's then treated with delicious spices and herbs like thyme.

42. Ploye

Looking at this, you might think it's another variety of small pancake, but it's actually a flatbread! A lot of people mistake it for a pancake based on its looks, but this flatbread is a traditional Acadian recipe.
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It's made with buckwheat flour, water, wheat flour and baking powder. It's actually usually only cooked on one side without being flipped, and then has syrup, butter or syrup added, to name but a few of the options!

43. Yukon Gold

Yukon gold is actually the name of a potato rather than an actual dish, but it's a very important potato indeed when it comes to Canada!
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The Yukon Gold is a yellow-skinned potato with yellow flesh that can be used for a variety of different dishes. They're usually round or flat, and these potatoes were actually originally made in Canada, which is why they're so popular.

44. Pate Chinois

This is a very popular dish in Quebec, and it's made with a layer of ground beef that then has a layer of mashed potatoes on top, while the beef is couple with whole or creamed corn.
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It's a huge comfort food option for something warm and filling, and traditionally it'll be served with a side of ketchup if you order when eating out. Its name translates as 'Chinese pie'.

45. Matrimonial Cake

This is one for the fans of fruity and crumbly cakes/desserts, because the matrimonial cake is made of a crumbly oatmeal base which is then topped with a filling of dates.
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The name of the popular cake is said to originate from a tradition where newlyweds would have the cake broken over the top of their heads! Not too great for wedding pictures, we imagine!

46. Maple Butter

When you hear 'maple', it's normal to think of Canada, and with good reason of course! And maple butter is a very traditional butter found in Canadian recipes, stores, home pantries... everywhere!
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The butter is made through maple syrup being heated then cooled and whipped until it's as smooth as can be. It was first made in the 1950s, and we're glad it was!

47. Fricot

This is a very popular and filling stew dish in Canada, and it's made with potatoes, onions and any kind of meat that you please! On the top, you can expect dumplings to finish off the dish, fluffed to perfection, and made with flour and egg yolk.
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It's known mostly as a comfort food dish, and even though it was thought to originate in France, it's now a Canadian staple.

48. Montreal Steak Seasoning

It's rare to have a meat rub that's just as important and popular as the meat dish itself, but here we are: the Montreal steak seasoning!
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This particular spice rub can be bought in pretty much all stores ready to go, but you can also make it yourself at home with the recipe. You can use this spice rub with steaks and meat burgers, or even to add to potatoes for a little something something.

49. Pizza Cake

What sentence could sound more delicious than 'pizza cake'? Two of your most favorite things put together! And that's exactly what the Canadians did.
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It happened as a result of a public poll, where Boston Pizza chain asked for ideas of new menu items relating to pizza - and the pizza cake won the show. It's made of a few different layers of pizza which are all baked in a pot or cake pan.

50. Honey Garlic Sauce

Honey garlic sauce sounds like something pretty standard that you should be able to find all over the world, but it's very popular and important when it comes to Canadian cuisine.
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This honey garlic sauce, which is made as a sweet and sour taste, is used in a variety of dishes, traditionally meat to complement things like chicken wings, ribs or meatball dishes.