Everything We Need To Know About Apple’s New Headset Computer

By Aaron Love 11 months ago

It'll Cost You $3,499

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As this is Apple's first foray into the headset market it's obviously going to be quite an expensive product to have to purchase; and when you hear the amount you'll have to pay you might be shocked. As we all know, new apple products are constantly increasing in price as the technology they use is advancing. I'm sure there'll be a number of finance options you'll be able to secure if the near $3,500 is out of your price range. Do you think that they're charging too much? Or do you think its a bargain??

It's Going To Launch In Early 2024

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You won't have to wait too long to get your hands on this fresh new apple product, with less than a year to go until the supposed release date of the new Apple Vision Pro. Although it would be great to get this as a present for yourself or someone in your family for Christmas it's going to come just a little too late to be gift wrapped under the tree. You'll be able to purchase it sometime in early 2024 however and realistically, that isn't long to wait for what is supposedly going to be one of the biggest tech advancements in recent years.

It's Been Under Development For Over A Decade

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In order to keep making products that are pushing the boundaries of technology it can take Apple quite a long period of time to ensure something is ready to be released to the public. The last thing a huge company like Apple want to see happen to them is a boatload of embarrassment if they release a new product and it bombs in the markets. The new Apple Vision Pro has been under development for over 10 years, which is a crazy amount of time for just one product, but it does show how much work they've put in!

It's The First 'NEW' Product Since The Watch

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As we all know, Apple are always one of the companies that likes to push the boat out with their new products, they're constantly looking for new ways to enter the market (and let's be honest, trying to make as much money as they possibly can). The new Vision Pro marks the first time that Apple are going to add a new type of product to the market since they introduced the Apple watch back in 2015. Do you think that Apple have created the perfect device here? Or do you think they're wasting their time on this new product?


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One of the first things that we've learned about this new headset... I mean not headset, is that Apple really doesn't like it when people refer to it as headset. I'll stop saying headset now. Instead all official Apple documents have instead referred to this new piece of technology as a 'spatial computer' and the reasoning they've given us is that this is supposedly because it has the ability to blend in digital content with what it actually going on around your eyes. In other words it's going to be like a real life video game. It is a headset by the way...

You Can't Use Them As Glasses (all the time)

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Although images of the headset appear to show them to be like glasses, it turns out that the glassware or plastic ware I suppose, around the eyes is actually not see through at all. So no, unfortunately you won't be able to roam the streets looking like some form of tech god with a sense of reality in front of you. Instead there will be an augmented reality places over the top of what is actually in front of you in reality. It seems confusing, but basically there's cameras that can see what's in front of you and then translates that to the headset.

Or Can't You...

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Despite the screen not being see through there will be an external screen known as EyeSight which will show an image of your eyes; this way people will know whether or not you're currently immersing yourself in the world of virtual reality or instead, you'll be able to see what's going on around you. You can even get special optical inserts that will help people who need glasses be able to use the headset without any issues. So maybe you will look like a tech god on the streets in the next year or so!

You Can Switch Between Virtual and Real Life

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One of the best parts about the new Vision Pro is that you have the ability to switch between virtual reality, augmented reality and real reality. There are cameras on the outside of the device that will map all of the space around you and then project it to you, virtually, through the headset. Despite this, you'll still be seeing what's actually around you just in a virtual light, essentially you'll be looking at a virtual recreation. So you'll be able to put your headset on anywhere you can dream of putting it on!

You'll Get No Outside Light

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As you would expect, the headset is worn around the head and has been compared (slightly) to other popular VR headsets like the PlayStation VR. The frame of the headset will connect with magnets to a light seal that will rest on your face. You'll be able to find a light seal that fits your face perfectly and supposedly when you get a tight fit (which is perfect) you won't be able to see any outside light from behind the headset. With outside light getting in you wouldn't be able to use the headset properly.

It Offers Spatial Audio

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At both sides of the headset, on each of the straps you'll find some audio straps that come with some speakers to increase the feeling of spatial audio whilst wearing the headset. The speakers will make the immersive experience feel infinitely better as the audio pods are found directly next to each of your ears. Not only this, but supposedly Apple have produced a product that will be able to read the acoustic abilities of a room in order to make the sound you're hearing match the environment you'll be in.

Hopefully It's Comfy

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As we've already mentioned there will be a number of sizes to the headsets straps and light seals that will help you finding a comfortable way to use the new Vision Pro headset. Although you want to find a tight fit with the seals in order to create the optimal environment to use the headset you don't want to spend nearly $3,500 if the headset isn't going to be comfortable for long form use. Fortunately there will also be a fabric strap to go around the back of your head in order to keep it in place with cushioning.

The Image Should Be Perfect

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As you might expect, the Vision Pro comes with some state of the art, top quality displays to ensure the quality of your image is one of the best that you'll be able to find. If you want the specific details, each eyepiece has a micro-OLED display which provides more than 23 million pixels which is supposedly even greater than what you'd see when using a top quality 4k TV. It's crazy how this will work, with each display being hardly any bigger than the size of your eyes. I can't wait to try this out and see how great it looks.

Infrared Cameras

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Within the headset, so around your eyes and the crazy level displays there are four infrared cameras and some lights that will allow the headset to track your eyes. Obviously, the headset will be able to understand where you're looking externally as your head will be moving to check out what's around you. These cameras are to be used to change your display based off of your eye movements instead of where you're looking with your head. Seems like quite a cool little feature to add to the headset?

It's Unlocked With Your Eyes

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The aforementioned infrared cameras are also used in order to read your eyes for a different purpose than just tracking them. The security features of apple products have always been revolutionary with fingerprint scanners and facial recognition being used in the past. However, the new Vision Pro will actually use a new feature known as Optic ID. This basically works in the same way as the previous security features but instead now scans your iris' as a way to determine who you are instead. Crazy!

It Can Take Photos

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The external cameras on the headset are obviously incredible for being able to instantly create an augmented reality version of what's in front of you to appear on your displays. However, one thing Apple have managed to do with them is allow them to capture 3D photos meaning that you'll be able to relive, via images, places you've been whilst wearing your headset. I suppose it would be crazy to just have a constant stream of images being taken whenever you see something cool without having to pull out your phone.

It Can Take Videos

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Not only will the Apple Vision Pro be able to take pictures with just the use of some hand gestures, but you'll also be able to capture video in 3D too! This is what so many of us have dreamed of having available to us for such a long time! Imagine having the ability to capture and replay memories from your life, and not just look at them but you'll be watch them as if you're still there going through them for a second time. And don't worry, people won't be able to secretly record you, there'll be an indicator on the headset.

You Have To Wear A Battery Pack

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In order to keep the headset light and not to heavy to have on your head for long periods of time, Apple decided to not keep the battery in the headset. Instead you'll be provided with an external battery pack that you'll be able to keep in your pocket or bag whilst you're roaming around with the headset on. You'll be able to attach a small braided cable to the battery pack that will attach at the headset via a device similar to the apple watch chargers. The headset, when fully charged will have 2 hours of life.

You Can Reposition Apps

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One of the most underrated features of iPhones and iPads is the ability to configure and sort out your applications in order to make your device look more comfortable for your use. This ability has been transferred over to the Vision Pro as well, as you'll be able to move the apps around your display in the same way. The only difference is that its been simplified for this device, no longer will you have to physically use your fingers to move the apps, but you can now use your eyes or hand gestures to do so.

It Has Its Own App Store

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The Vision Pro is going to come with what is essentially a brand new system, never seen on apple products before, known as visionOS. Essentially the system's display will show a brand new operating system with which you can control all of your applications. Although the whole system is brand new, Apple have been able to make a lot of the applications available on your phones and tablets available to use on the Vision Pro too. Unfortunately MOST of them will be unable to be used with the 3D cameras, but not all!

You Can Connect To Your Apple Devices

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Fortunately, if you are able to get your hands on one of these new Apple Products you won't have to ditch any of your old devices. VisionOS has been announced to be able to be integrated with your Mac, as it can be used as a display! Essentially, most of the applications you have on your Mac will be transferrable to your Vision Pro as it will act as one larger display. Your iPhones will also work with the headset although how this will work hasn't been announced yet. How do you think that will work?

You Can Stream

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Yes, you will be able to watch all of your favourite shows and movies via the Vision Pro. Obviously Apple have redesigned Apple TV in order for it to work on their own product but you'll also be able to use streaming sites like Disney Plus and Netlfix whilst you're wearing the headset. In fact there is supposedly even settings where you can make the show you're watching appear on a screen that appears to be 100ft wide! You might not want to watch something like a horror with the headset on, that might not go well!

You Can FaceTime

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A number of applications have been redesigned by Apple in order for them to be usable on the Vision Pro in the same way they are on our other Apple Devices. Perhaps one of the most interesting things that will be usable is FaceTime. How will this work you might be thinking? This is an obvious question when you take in to account a headset will be covering your face. Well the person using the headset will actually appear as a digital version of themselves based on the cameras on the headset!

It's A US Exclusive To Begin With

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Fortunately for us over here in the US we'll have first dibs at getting to use this brand new Apple device before anyone else out there in the world. These are the pros of living in the country where one of the biggest companies holds its headquarters; what lucky people we are eh? Yep that's right, the Vision Pro is actually only going to release in the US upon its inital release before later being released to other countries, potentially later in the year or the year after. We'll see them hitting stores in the opening months of 2024.

You Can Connect Bluetooth Devices

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It seems as though Apple really thought about everything when it came to developing this new product, for those of you that might be worried about using the hand gestures out in public, you can actually connect a number of devices via Bluetooth. These devices might be more useful when you're using the headset for work purposes as you can use some Bluetooth mice, keyboards and other devices to navigate your work easily. And as we mentioned before you could even connect a Bluetooth controller to play games!

There's No Controller

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You might be wondering how on earth you can manoeuvre through the menus on your headset displays as there aren't any buttons on the headset. Well, Apple obviously had to come up with a great way to navigate through the apps that no one had used before! Instead all of the menu navigation will now be completed via hand gestures, the movements of your eyes and in some situations voice commands. You might look a little odd if you're making some of these gestures out on the street though.

You Can Talk To It

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You heard that right by the way, as I've just mentioned, the headset can actually hear you, not just follow your movements! There are actually 6 microphones in and around the headset that are used in order to record your voice in order for you to speak during phone calls (or FaceTime) and you can also use voice commands. Now, it hasn't yet been announced as to whether Siri will be available on the headset but how crazy would it be to permanently have Siri on hand in your head to keep you moving.

It Can Sense Your Hand Movements

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There are 5 sensors and 12 cameras on the outside of the Vision Pro that are used to map the environment for your display, but another thing that these sensors are able to do is monitor all of the hand movements and gestures you make whilst wearing the headset, they'll also keep an eye on any of your head movements. There are things called flood illuminators around the sensors too which will allow the sensors to read your hand gestures even in areas where there isn't much light shining around you and the headset.

A Powerful Processor

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As with all electronic products the Vision Pro is powered via some electronic chips and Apple have actually reused the main processor that was used on the most recent MacBook Air. This is important for the running of the IOS systems and its also used to ensure the graphic content on the displays look great. There is actually a second chip within the Vision Pro that helps look after every single bit of information that the speakers, microphones, sensors and cameras collect. Without this second chip there would be a constant stream of lag!

It Won't Overheat

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There have been a number of electronic products in the news in the past years that have been released with a fault that can be quite dangerous to the people using them. Fortunately, Apple have taken a number of precautions to ensure that the technology they'll be selling will be safe for use upon its release. There will be a system within the product that will be able protect the Vision Pro from being able to overheat. Essentially it will rush air through the headset to ensure that the device will run smoothly.

There's Going To Be A Cheaper Version Soon

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As you might expect, Apple are already on with the development of the second generation of Apple VR headsets and there are already claims that they're going to try and make them more affordable than the $3,500 they're charging for the initial Vision Pro. This will be great for widening their use around the world as the appeal wil increase. Unfortunately for most of us though, we're probably looking at a minimum of two years before we're likely to see the next generation announced and released.