Everybody Loves Raymond Cast Then And Now

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"Hey there, sitcom enthusiasts and lovers of classic TV hilarity! Remember that one show that had you laughing so hard, you thought you might sprain a rib? Yep, you guessed it – "Everybody Loves Raymond"! Now, let's take a stroll down memory lane and peek into the lives of our favorite dysfunctional yet endearing TV family. It's time for the ultimate blast from the past as we uncover what the "Everybody Loves Raymond" cast has been up to since those glorious days of on-screen family shenanigans. Get ready for some then-and-now magic that'll have you saying, 'Holy cannoli, they've come a long way!'

Ray Barone - THEN

Ray was a typical husband and father, wanting to take care of his family at their home on Long Island, New York.  He wrote for the newspaper "Newsday."  Because he had in the past been spoiled by his own mom. as was still the case, this made him a bit lazy and passive.
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She had always run around after him, tending to his needs! He would use his job as an excuse to let his wife Debra carry out everything around their house and this tended to be the source of the comedy aspect of  "Everybody Loves Raymond."Original content sourced from Femanin.com

Raymond Romano - NOW

When the show ended, Raymond Romano continued to act and also produce, lending his skill to well known shows such as "Parenthood", "Made for Love" and "Get Shorty."  In 2019 Raymond portrayed Bill Bufalino, the real life attorney, in the movie "The Irishman", directed by Martin Scorsese.
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Romano was also in the successful film "The Big Sick" which had been released two years earlier, in 2017.  This was a romantic comedy about a Pakistani-American funny man who falls in love with an American student." Raymond was the voice of Manny in all the "Ice Age" films.

Debra Barone - THEN

Debra loved her husband Ray and her kids.  She regularly had to compensate for Ray's immature behaviour, brought about by her mother-in-law Marie's overbearing pampering of him.  This used to drive Debra crazy and her patience would wear thin.
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She would end up distancing herself until she calmed down.  Having said that, she did, on most occasions, try to find common ground with Ray's parents, even if they weren't the least bit interested.  In the end, she was always able to find a suitable compromise with Ray.

Patricia Heaton - NOW

Over the years since the tv show ended, Patricia Heaton has turned up in a large number of television programs. She was in "The Middle", appearing in it for no less than nine seasons and received a Critics Choice Award nomination in 2011 for this show.
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Patricia had been in earlier shows which didn't last too long and they were "Easy to Assemble" and "Carol's Second Act."  Heaton also occasionally appeared in movies and starred in  "The Unbreakable Boy" and "Mending the Line." She did voice roles in "The Star" and "Smallfoot."

Robert Barone - THEN

Robert Barone, the one with the unusual speaking voice, was Ray's brother and he was blessed with a dry sense of humor!  He was an acting police officer but didn't have much street cred as he still lived with his parents.  He was jealous of Ray as he had a good family life with a wife and kids, as well as a job as a newspaper columnist.

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Robert always felt that his mother thought less of him than she did of Ray.  Much like his brother, Robert had strange habits such as touching his food against his chin before he ate it. But him and his brother, despite their differences, always got along in the end.

Brad Garrett - NOW

After Everybody Loves Raymond" Brad Garrett appeared in the shows "I'm Dying Up Here" and "Single Parents," as well as "High Desert."  "High Desert" , the Apple TV series, was about a former addict, residing in Yucca Valley, California who decides to become a private investigator.
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Garrett co-created "Big Shot" in 2021 with John Stamos.  Over the years, Brad has been no stranger to voice roles.  These have included "Finding Nemo", "Ratatouille", "Finding Dory" and Tangled, all for Disney/Pixar movies.  He was a recurring character in "Fargo."

Ally Barone - THEN

As the only daughter of Ray (he and wife Debbie also had younger twin boys), Ally was always totally adored by her parents as well as by her grandparents (Ray's parents).  She is sensible and straightforward, never causing much trouble for her family.
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At times she even puts her dad in his place when he is being immature!  By the end of the series of Everybody Loves Raymond, Ally was fourteen years old and was well on her way to outdoing her mom and grandmother with her cooking and baking skills.

Madylin Sweeten - NOW

Madylin Sweeten has done little bits and pieces regarding acting since Everyone Loves Raymond finished.  Now in her early thirties, which is hard to imagine, Madylin attained a degree in interior design from the "Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising".

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As of now she is still working in the acting profession, most recently appearing on the  shows "Grey's Anatomy", "TMI Hollywood" and "Lucifer.  She is the real life sister of Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten and not just a part she played in the sitcom.

Michael Barone - THEN

After Ally, the Barone's had identical twins, Michael and Geoffrey.  Much like his older sister, Michael was cheerful, optimistic and easy going.  The twins started off  before they were even two years olds and to be fair, they were both naturals in front of the camera.

Image source: CBS

They were comfortable on set, mainly because they had each other as well as their real life big sister in the background.  We see Michael and Geoffrey grow up in front of our very eyes, over the years they were in the show, ending up as ten year olds which is mad!

Sullivan Sweeten - NOW

Sullivan Sweeten took a break after Everyone Loves Raymond ended.  He decided to step away, out of the limelight, wanting to lead a "normal" life, which he had never done as he was only two years old when he starred in the show and didn't understand much else.

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He didn't act for 12 years, from 2005 to 2017 when he appeared in a short film called "Casting."  Sweeten also appeared on "The Dr Oz Show" and "What Not To Wear."  Whenever his manager mentioned going for an audition, he was reluctant to do so.

Amy MacDougall- THEN

Amy MacDougall was the over-sensitive on/off girlfriend of Robert and she was Debra's best friend and former work colleague.  Right through the first six seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, Amy was head over heels in love with her partner but, during every episode of the show, there would be an issue where they either split up or had a huge argument.

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They couldn't live without  each other, even though each found the other so annoying!  Thankfully, the two of them finally tied the knot in the finale of season seven in a marriage that all fans of the show had pretty much been waiting for and expecting for a long period of time.

Monica Horan - NOW

Monica Horan met her future husband, Philip Rosenthal, tv writer and producer, at Hofstra.  After she had converted to Judaism the two of them married in 1990.  Worth mentioning that Rosenthal was the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond!
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Horan continues to act, appearing in "The Middle" and "Better Things".  In 2017 she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for "The Bold and the Beautiful".  Last year she was persuaded to appear in her husband's popular travel series, streamed on Netflix, called "Somebody Feed Phil."

Marie Barone - THEN

Marie Barone was the very the overbearing matriarch of the family and it's no exaggeration to say that she put Ray on the highest pedestal possible!  In her eyes, he could do no wrong and she would treat him like a child, causing him to act immaturely, to the frustration of the other family members.

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This was strange as she practically left him to fend for himself during his childhood because she thought "he could take it!"  Marie constantly criticizes Debra about keeping a cleaner home and cooking better food. I suppose she could probably have taken a leaf out of her own book!

Doris Roberts - NOW

Doris Roberts sadly passed away in 2016 from natural causes at the age of 90.  Prior to her death she appeared in "The Birthday Boys" and "Melissa & Joey."   died in 2016 due to natural causes. She was 90 years old and was still thriving at her old age.

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Doris reunited with Patricia Heaton, her on-screen daughter in Everyone Loves Raymond, for three episodes of the sitcom "The Middle" and she was also in "Desperate Housewives", "Hot in Cleveland" and "Grey's Anatomy."  Roberts commented that working again with Heaton was a real pleasure.

Frank Barone - THEN

Frank Barone was the patriarch of the Barone family and was "ultra masculine."  He would usually be found lounging about in Ray's house in an armchair.  Frank could be quite cutting and callous and didn't think before he spoke.  He said whatever he thought, with no filter and could be a bit callous.

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He would boss his wife, Marie, around or tell his sons to do things the way he, himself, would do them.  Only thing is - he never did anything except give out orders to his family.   He was the only person who wasn't scared to make demands on Marie!

Peter Boyle - NOW

Very sadly, Peter Boyle died in 2006 from heart disease and multiple myeloma.  He was only 71 years of age.  He acted right up until his death, appearing in "Tripping the Rift" and all three "Santa Clause" movies.  Boyle's last role to be credited was "All Roads Lead Home".

Image source: The Famous People
Years before, in the seventies, he was in Mel Brooks' spoof film "Young Frankenstein" and "he Candidate."  He won an Emmy for guest starring in "The X Files."  A talented actor, Peter Boyle will never be forgotten by both acting colleagues and fans.

Geoffrey Barone - THEN

Geoffrey Barone was the playful twin brother of Michael and like his sibling, he was a joker and a prankster. Although Geoffrey overall was a pretty good kid, out of the two of them, he was  considered to be the bad boy Barone twin! There's always one isn't there!

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It goes without saying that the cute boys were real life identical twins and this is why they had instant chemistry between them.  The twins were in 142 episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and were only 16 months old when they first appeared on the show which is quite remarkable.

Sawyer Sweeten - NOW

Sawyer Sweeten's last appearance was when he was himself in a 2015 episode of "Inside Edition." Archival footage was used on that occasion. Unfortunately, that was to be the final time he would ever act. Barely ten years after Everybody Loves Raymond wrapped for the last time, Sawyer took his own life.
Image source: The Mirror
Both his real life family and his onscreen family were devastated.  Sullivan said, "He loved everyone in this room and I loved him just as much."  Over 200 family members and friends gathered at his funeral. He really had a lot left to give to the world and left it in unfortunate circumstances.

Lauren Williamson - THEN

Back in season 7, Debra and Ray invited their new friends Neil and Lauren Williamson over to their house for dinner.  As the guests' 8 year old son, Neil, becomes unruly, Ray becomes irritated and weighs up whether he wants ever to set eyes on them again!
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This hilarious episode "The Annoying Kid" racked up the fifth highest rating nightly viewing figure, with 8.2 million viewers enjoying the episode.  Lauren came up with the maddest excuses for Neil's cringing outbursts which left Debra and Ray exasperated!

Cheryl Hines - NOW

The episode "The Annoying Kid" followed Sheryl Hines as it was one of the standout ones ever to be shown on Everybody Loves Raymond.  It was only when Sheryl showed up in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with Larry David, as his long suffering wife and then ex-wife, that her fans started talking about her performance on this hilarious show.
Image source: IMDb
She was nominated for two Emmy awards for that show. Hines has also made some guest appearances on other very popular comedy programs such as "Reno 911!", "Scrubs" and "The Conners." Clearly she has the talent to keep making appearances in some of our favourite shows!

Katarina Witt (Played Herself) - THEN

You will have been aware that the majority of cameo roles in Everybody Loves Raymond came in the form of either sports broadcasters or male athletes.  It was a nice shock then, when Olympic gold medallist figure skater Katarina Witt appeared in the season one episode entitled "Recovering Pessimist."
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Katarina expresses her appreciation of Ray's writing, in his column in "Newsday", by wishing him the best of luck for an award he is up for, which is Sportswriter of the Year.  As usual with Ray, not all is as it seems and things don't quite go down the way you'd expect.

Katarina Witt - NOW

Well, after gracefully twirling her way to Olympic gold in '88, she basically dropped the mic and waltzed into retirement. But guess what? Witt pulled off a figure skating encore that left everyone in awe. Picture this: Lillehammer, 1994. Katarina struts back onto the icy stage, not just representing Germany, but the newly-reunified version. Talk about a grand comeback!
Image source: Biography
But wait, there's more! After waving goodbye to competitive skating (for real this time, we promise), Katarina Witt decided to keep the party on the ice alive. How, you ask? By joining forces with none other than the skating maestro himself, Brian Boitano. They hit the road together, dazzling audiences worldwide with their spins, jumps, and probably some sequined outfits that could blind an astronaut

Barry Bonds (Plays Himself) - THEN

The episode, aptly titled "Diamonds," kicks off with Ray's penny-pinching ways (classic Ray move). And hold on to your mitts, because this isn't just any run-of-the-mill sitcom opener. Nope, it's a masterclass in storytelling that seamlessly weaves into the main plot. Bravo, "Everybody Loves Raymond," bravo.
Image source: La Neta Neta
Now, here's where the real magic happens. Barry Bonds, in all his baseball glory, makes a cameo that turns the episode into a home run of hilarity. Imagine Bonds casually hitting up Ray for some change for the pay phone – because even baseball legends need to make a call sometimes, right?

Barry Bonds - NOW

We know that Barry Bonds has led a controversial career, despite his many accolades.  He was involved in baseball's scandal on steroids and in 2007 was indicted on perjury charge.  He allegedly lied to a jury during a government investigation into a steroid that is undetectable.
Image source: San Francisco Chronicle
The perjury charge was dropped but Bonds was convicted in 2011 of obstruction of justice.  Luck was on his side and the case was dropped in 2015.  Because of all the bad publicity he never made the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He very much let himself and his legacy down!

Stefania Fogagnolo - THEN

Stefania Fogagnolo had a recurring role in Everybody Loves Raymond.  She played Robert Barone's Italian girlfriend.  Stefania jilted Robert at the start of the fifth season of the series.  This took place in a two part episode entitled "Italy."
Image source: Daily Mail
As Marie's birthday surprise, the whole family go on to trip to beautiful Italy.   Ray comes down with a cold and unsurprisingly makes a big deal out of it.  Robert takes himself off and finds a female who he describes as the woman of his dreams.  He has to get past Stefania's father first!

Alex Meneses - NOW

Alex Meneses was a former successful fashion model turned actress.  She portrayed the character Teresa Morales in the popular tv series "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman."  She also had a recurring role in "Friends" as Joey's sister Cookie. It's hard to remember which sister was which though right!?
Image source: YouTube
Alex appeared in the legal drama series "Martial Law" and has been in the movies "Amanda and the Aliens", "Living in Peril" and "The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas."  Meneses particularly loves live acting and she has appeared in numerous productions on the L. A. stage.

Pat MacDougall - THEN

Pat MacDougall is the wife of Hank and mother of Amy.  She and her husband are both devout Presbyterians and they live in rural Pennsylvania.  Pat's trademark in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond is her timid and sweet personality. Some people found her a little annoying though!
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She has a catchphrase which she uses many times in each episode which is "Oh, my!" when responding to hearing stuff from her family that bothers her.  Pat is also one of the few characters that smokes.  One of her memorable lines is "So you could see, Robert, I think any parent would not want their daughter to have a life of ....you."

Georgia Engel - NOW

Georgia Engel appeared in a few episodes of "The Office".  She was the older lady being assisted by Erin Hannon..  She was also in a couple of episodes of "Two and a Half Men".  Fans were delighted to see her reunited with Betty White in 2012, 35 years since they were last together in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."
Image source: The Mirror
Engel played Mamie Sue Johnson in "Hot in Cleveland", best friend of White's character Elka, in a recurring part.  Georgia Engel passed away 4 years ago, in April 2019, at the age of 71; she still had plenty to offer the acting world and there's no doubt thousands of fans were devasted by her passing.

Sergeant Judy - THEN

Sergeant Judy was Robert Barone's police partner in Everybody Loves Raymond.  She brought a breath of fresh air to the show and, more so, to Officer Barone's work shifts.  Even though she was a no nonsense the of woman, Robert found this strangely attractive.
Image source: Reddit
She would take charge of situations when they were working together and be the one in control.  Sergeant Judy appeared in eight episodes., "Robert's Date" being one of the funniest.  Judy takes Robert dancing and his family are wrongly convinced it's a romantic date!

Sherri Shepherd - NOW

Sherri Shepherd appeared in many comedy shows and that's simply because, whatever character she played, she took it to the next level and was hilarious especially when she starred in the sitcoms  "Trial and Error" and "Mr Iglesias."   Shepherd published a book in 2009 called "Permission Slips: Every Woman's Guide To Giving herself A Break."
Image source: Women'sWorld
You will have seen her on the 14th season of "Dancing With The Stars" in 2012.  More recently Sherri was in "The Sex Lives Of College Girls" and she hosted the game show "Best Ever Trivia Show." So it's fair to say she has found her way to keep herself on our screens!

Things we bet you didn't know: it only took 5 minutes for Raymond to get a show deal

Talk about a sitcom Cinderella story – "Everybody Loves Raymond" didn't just get off the ground; it practically flew to stardom on a magic carpet of laughter! Picture this: Ray Romano, just your average stand-up comedian dreaming of sitcom fame. So, he decides to drop some comedic gold on The Late Show with David Letterman, hoping to catch the attention of the bigwigs in TV land.
image source: youtube.com
In the blink of an eye – or the duration of a killer punchline – "Everybody Loves Raymond" went from a stand-up set to a full-blown TV show deal. Talk about breaking the sound barrier of sitcom success! It's like the TV gods were up there saying, "Hey, this Romano guy is onto something. Let's make 'Everybody Loves Raymond' a thing."

The twins were originally called something different

We've got some sitcom twin trivia that'll make you do a double take. So, we all know and love the adorable Barone twins, Michael and Geoffrey, from "Everybody Loves Raymond." But here's the twist – in real life, Ray Romano, the comedic maestro himself, has a set of twins too! Plot twist, anyone?
image source: variety.com
If you're a true "Everybody Loves Raymond" aficionado, you might want to grab your detective magnifying glass for this one. The pilot episode spilled the beans – or should we say baby formula? – by introducing us to the twins as Geoffrey and Matthew. It's like a rare sitcom artifact, a glimpse into the parallel universe where the Barone twins had different names.

Ray Romano actually has a brother called Robert

Sitcoms and real-life names – talk about a sitcomception! So, here's the scoop on Ray Romano and his on-screen brother, Robert. In the wacky world of "Everybody Loves Raymond," Ray Romano decided, "Why mess with a good thing?" and kept the name of his real-life brother, Robert. It's like a game of sitcom bingo – check, we've got a real-name match!
image source: cbn.com
But hold on to your laugh track, because this is where it gets a tad confusing. While the name Robert made the cut, the character of Robert Barone wasn't a carbon copy of Ray's real brother Robert. Nope, that would be too straightforward for sitcom shenanigans. Instead, the character of Robert was a comedy concoction inspired by another Romano sibling – enter Richard!

And Danny DeVito was the inspiration for the character!

It turns out that when CBS was playing casting director for "Everybody Loves Raymond," they had a vision for Robert Barone that was straight out of the Danny DeVito playbook. Yes, you read that right – the network originally pictured Robert as a pint-sized powerhouse, a "bulldog" if you will.
image source: nbcnews.com
Can you imagine it? Danny DeVito, known for his compact comedic brilliance, strutting into the Barone family living room, causing havoc in a vertically challenged way. It's like a sitcom alternate universe where size truly doesn't matter! But wait for the plot twist – they ended up doing a complete 180. Instead of going small, they went big – like, really big.

The 2 Barone houses are actually opposite each other

In the whimsical world of sitcom geography, where reality takes a backseat to the script, Ray Barone's house and his dad Frank's house are like next-door neighbors – literally. While the exterior shot of Ray's house is soaking up the New York vibes, guess what's right across the street? Yep, you guessed it – Frank's place, standing tall and proud in all its sitcom glory.
image source: globalfilmlocations.com
It's like a sitcom real estate dream come true – the Barone family can pop over for a cup of sugar without even needing to change their slippers. Forget miles of separation; in sitcom land, proximity is key, even if it means bending the laws of space and time a little. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want their grumpy but lovable dad living just a stone's throw away?

There were 100 people who auditioned for Marie Barone

We're about to spill the tea on the casting drama that almost had us imagining a completely different Marie Barone! You see, the iconic Doris Roberts, who practically became the overbearing mother we all know and love on "Everybody Loves Raymond," wasn't initially the top pick for the role. Can you believe it?
image source: deadline.com
Picture this: a whopping 100 actors vying for the chance to don Marie's apron and deliver those legendary one-liners. It's like a sitcom audition marathon, and Doris Roberts was in the mix too – talk about some serious competition for the role of Ray's mom!

This other hit show is set in the same universe as Everybody Loves Raymond

Enter Kevin James, the comedic powerhouse, who started his sitcom journey in the world of Raymond. He didn't just casually stroll into the Barone living room; he was Ray's friend, adding a dash of hilarity to the mix. Fast forward a bit, and guess what? Kevin James stepped into the driver's seat – literally – as the star of his own show, "The King of Queens," playing the lovable delivery driver Doug Heffernan.
image source: imdb.com
It's the kind of TV magic that makes you wonder if there's a sitcom wormhole connecting all these shows. From Ray's buddy to a delivery driver extraordinaire, Kevin James seamlessly transitioned from one sitcom to another, and fans couldn't get enough.

It also has a connection to Friends!

First up, the unforgettable Maggie Wheeler, forever etched in our memories as Janice – you know, Chandler's on-again-off-again girlfriend with the iconic laugh. Well, turns out, Maggie originally set her sights on the Barone family drama. Yes, you read it right – she auditioned for the role of Debra in "Everybody Loves Raymond."
image source: junkee.com
But wait, there's more! Enter Jane Sibbett, the actress who portrayed Carol Willick, Ross's first wife on "Friends." Here's the plot twist – she was offered the role of Debra in "Everybody Loves Raymond" but decided to take a different sitcom path. Imagine a universe where Debra Barone is also Ross's ex-wife – talk about a sitcom parallel dimension!

The show was adapted for Russia

magine this: Phil Rosenthal, the sitcom guru, was summoned to develop the magic of "Everybody Loves Raymond" for a Russian audience. Yes, you read it right – Russia! The show's success had international TV executives knocking on Phil's door, asking him to sprinkle some Raymond magic on a whole new audience.
image source: thenewyorktimes.com
But that's not where the sitcom world tour ends. Oh no, the Barone family comedy made its mark in Poland, India, and even Egypt. It's like a sitcom passport stamp collection, proving that laughter truly is a universal language. The Barones may have been navigating family dynamics in New York, but their comedic spirit crossed borders and found homes in unexpected places around the globe.

Phil Rosenthal was hired because of Frasier

Talk about a plot twist in the sitcom saga of Phil Rosenthal! Before he became the comedic maestro behind "Everybody Loves Raymond," Phil had a little sitcom detour involving the sophisticated world of "Frasier" and the legendary David Letterman. It's a tale that's almost as entertaining as one of Ray Barone's family dinners!
image source: deadline.com
Instead of greenlighting the "Frasier" episode, David Letterman's production company had a different proposition for Phil – how about joining the writing team for this little show called "Everybody Loves Raymond"? It's like the sitcom gods said, "Hey Phil, we've got a different sitcom path for you, and it involves a lovable sports writer named Ray Barone."

The show made Ray Romano the highest paid actor on TV

Get ready for the jaw-dropping number: $1.7 million per episode! That's right, the Barone patriarch was raking in the big bucks, and it's safe to say that those were some well-deserved dollars for all the laughs he brought into our living rooms.
image source: hollywoodlife.com
But, and it's a big but, not everyone in the Barone clan was cashing in on the sitcom gold rush. While Ray Romano was swimming in a sea of dollar bills, the other cast members weren't necessarily riding the same financial wave. It's a common sitcom quirk where the leading star's salary eclipses the rest of the ensemble.

There was almost an Everybody Hates Robert spinoff!

Oh, the sitcom road not taken! Phil Rosenthal, the mastermind behind the Barone family shenanigans, had a bold idea – a spinoff centered around the lovable, often hapless, but always endearing Robert Barone. The concept? Follow Robert as he packs up his bags, waves goodbye to New York, and embarks on a new adventure as a gym teacher in Pennsylvania. Talk about a sitcom shake-up!
image source: imdb.com
Now, the real question is: Would fans have tuned in for the Robert Barone spinoff? Imagining Robert's solo sitcom journey is like envisioning a quirky sitcom parallel universe. Would it have been a hit, or would it have struggled to capture the same magic as the original show?

It was nominated for 69 Emmys

"Everybody Loves Raymond" was indeed a powerhouse at the Emmy Awards, scoring an impressive 69 nominations throughout its run. That's like a sitcom trophy cabinet filled to the brim! Now, here's where the Emmy plot thickens – every single main cast member of "Everybody Loves Raymond" snagged an Emmy win for their stellar performances.
image source: vox.com
However, there's a hint of sitcom irony in the Emmy tale. While the rest of the main cast stepped up to the podium to claim their Emmy victories, Peter Boyle, the man who brilliantly portrayed the cantankerous yet endearing Frank Barone, found himself in the unfortunate category of Emmy nominations without a win.

Robert was actually younger than Ray

First up, the revelation that might make you do a double take – in real life, Brad Garrett, the towering and hilarious actor who brought Robert Barone to life, is actually younger than Ray Romano. Yes, you read it right – the on-screen older brother is the younger one in real life.
image source: imdb.com
But wait, there's more sitcom age-shuffling magic! Enter Doris Roberts, the indomitable force behind Marie Barone. While her on-screen husband, Frank Barone, was played by the fantastic Peter Boyle, it turns out Doris is a whole decade older than Frank. It's like a sitcom time warp where the Barone family ages defy the conventional laws of biology.

Ray Romano's real father starred in the show

While Ray Romano's real-life father, Albert Romano, didn't step into the role of Frank Barone on screen, he did get a chance to make his mark in the sitcom world. Albert Romano snagged a role as a friend of Frank Barone from the lodge, adding a sprinkle of family magic to the sitcom mix.
image source: instagram.com
It's like a sitcom wink to the fans – "Hey, this guy is Ray's real dad, and now he's hanging out in the Barone universe." The lodge scenes with Frank's friends were always a comedic highlight, and having Ray's actual father join the crew must have been a special moment for both the Romano family and fans of the show.

The rest of the cast were actually annoyed about Romano making so much money

The world behind the sitcom curtain can sometimes be as dramatic as the on-screen family dynamics, and the pay disparities in "Everybody Loves Raymond" certainly stirred up some real-life sitcom tension. The cast dynamics off-screen were a bit more complicated than the harmonious Barone family dinners.
image source: looper.com
Ray Romano's astronomical salary was a whopping $1.7 million per episode something that cast a rather large shadow over the rest of the cast's earnings. While Ray was swimming in a sea of dollar bills, the other main cast members, including Brad Garrett, were earning significantly less at $160,000 per episode.

Brad Garrett was having marriage problems during filming

Despite the on-screen family camaraderie, Garrett went through the difficult experience of going through a divorce while the show was still on the air. He proposed to his girlfriend on the set, and while she initially said yes, their marital journey took a different turn, leading to their eventual divorce in 2007.
image source: thedailybeast.com
What makes this situation even more remarkable is Garrett's ability to compartmentalize his personal struggles and maintain a professional facade on set. He chose not to let his marital issues show during filming, keeping the challenges hidden from both his on-set family and his real-life family.

Patricia Heaton was sued by her old assistant

Lee filed a lawsuit against Heaton, alleging forced overtime and unpaid wages. According to Lee, despite being hired to work no more than 20 hours a week, she claimed to have worked much longer hours without receiving proper compensation. The lawsuit also included claims that when Lee raised concerns about her working conditions with Patricia Heaton, she was subsequently fired.
image source: thetodayshow.com
Workplace disputes and legal battles are unfortunate aspects of the entertainment industry, often shining a light on the less glamorous side of show business. In this case, the lawsuit brought attention to the working conditions and compensation practices behind the scenes of the popular sitcom.

Boyle was cast because he was annoyed when he turned up to his audition!

Imagine this: Boyle facing a series of challenges, from struggling to get onto the lot to the infamous search for a parking space, only to be hit with the bombshell that the auditions were in an entirely different location. Frustration levels reaching maximum capacity, Boyle finally arrived at the correct place, and, as you mentioned, he was pretty annoyed.
image source: imdb.com
But here's where the sitcom magic comes into play. Rather than letting the frustration derail his audition, Boyle channeled that annoyance into his performance. And guess what? It worked! His authentic frustration fit the character he wanted to play, and he managed to leave a lasting impression that earned him the part.

Brad Garrett had doubts about Ray leading the show

In the beginning, Garrett didn't have the utmost confidence in Ray's ability to carry the show. He felt that Ray looked and felt too young for the part, leading him to believe that the show was "doomed." In fact, Garrett admitted to feeling the urge to "flee" the project.
image source: pinterest.com
However, the sitcom fates had other plans. Despite his reservations, Garrett decided to stick around, and it turned out that his initial impression was far from accurate. As the show unfolded, Ray Romano proved himself to be the perfect fit for the role of Ray Barone, capturing the hearts of audiences with his comedic timing and relatable charm.