Elon Musk Reveals How To Make $100,000 In 12 Months

By Sophie 8 months ago

Sell Everything You Don't Need

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You'd be surprised how much money you can make from things just lying around your house. We live in a world where we own lots of stuff, much of which we don't need - so why not get rid and make some money while you're at it? There are loads of websites that make selling easy, and you'll be decluttering your home in the process; it's a win-win!

Pick Up Some Freelance Work

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Earning money in your spare time is a really great way to maximize your getting rich potential. There are tons of websites where you can apply for short term work that can fit around your life, so you wouldn't be committing to anything massive - unless you wanted to! Some people make full time work out of freelancing, which gives you the freedom to work around your life or use it as extra income.

Check Your Entitlements

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Many people lose out on money that they're entitled to, simply because they don't realize that they're eligible to claim. Go online and have a look at your local government website. There are often questionnaires you can go through that will tell you of any funds you're entitled to.

Go To An Auction

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Hand-me-downs, things that have been left behind, that thing that was given to you years ago - all these things seem like trash, right? Wrong! You may be sitting on a goldmine; these kinds of things can be worth a fortune! Get down to an auction and see how much they're worth; you might be surprised.

Get A High Interest Savings Account

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Quite often we'll have all of our money in one account, safe and sound where it belongs. If you have a bit extra however, it's worth opening up a high interest savings account. Your balance will keep growing the longer it's in there, and it's a great deterrent not to spend it.

Affiliate Marketing

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You've seen them, all over social media, posts that include a product which sometimes includes a discount code to make you buy the item. Have you ever wondered what's in it for the creator? Money! They are paid for the interaction on these posts which can be fun to do and take up very little time.


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Most of us have something that we can teach; whether it is crochet, coding, or even the language which we speak. It's a very rewarding way of making a bit of extra money, and can often be done online in your spare time. It may even become a full-time gig!


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Why not put your DIY skills to good use and offer them out? You don't even have to have a wide range of skills, many people will pay for you just to put a door on or put up some shelves. It's worth asking hardware stores if they have any opportunities to help their customers with their projects.


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Not just a job for teenagers, babysitting can be really quite lucrative and have the potential to be really fun! People are always on the lookout for the best person to look after their kids while they're at work or elsewhere, so why not offer out your services?

Dog Walking

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Like babysitting, sometimes people are unable to look after their responsibilities for whatever reason, so there's always room for others to take care of them. Dog walking is a really great activity; it's good exercise, lovely to be out in nature and hanging out with dogs is great. Even better if you're getting paid!

Online Surveys

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That's right, you can be paid for participating in surveys online. These can be done so easily in your spare time, and don't require you to take on any commitments. You can do this as a side-gig or the main event; you don't even have to give up your day job!

Social Media Sales

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The way the world is going at the moment, social media is the place to be when it comes to selling things. There are companies set up for this kind of thing, and usually for a small joining fee you'll get access to all of their products which you can sell online and make a bit of extra cash.


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Upcycling is the process of refurbishing something old into something beautiful. You can pick up old pieces of furniture which don't cost very much, and turn them into something worth buying. Have a look on YouTube at tutorials and create something expensive! People love buying pre-loved items so the market for this is great.


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You'd be surprised at how much money you can make on YouTube, and what kinds of things are popular; just have a look at what's trending. You can upload all sort; from travel vids, to cooking tutorials, even "what I eat in a day" videos where you literally film short clips of every meal. People just love this stuff!

Rent Out Your Spare Room

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With the advent of sites such as Airbnb, it has never been easier to make a bit of cash from your spare room. What's more, is you can do this as and when you please with little effort on your part. All you need to do is keep the place clean (which should be easy as it's your house) and brush up on your hosting skills. It's a great way to meet new people, too!

Make Money From Your Hobby

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Why not turn your hobby into cash? There are plenty of ways you can do this; teaching, setting up workshops and filming videos to put online. It means you get to put time into doing what you love, and share it with likeminded people, all while making money!

Buying & Selling

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Buying and selling does require a bit of research, as you need to know where to get the best cheap goods from and at what price to sell them. You may need to trawl around antique stores, garage sales and second hand shops to find the best bargains, and rely on the fact that they may not know the worth of what they're selling. You'll start knowing what the best sellers are so it'll require a bit of practice.


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Everyone's talking about Bitcoin at the minute, and you can certainly make a lot of money by investing; just be sure to educate yourself on wise choices. You can speak to an advisor who can support you in making the right investment for you, in order to secure you a good return in future.


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It's always good to put green fingers to good use so why not sell the skill? A therapeutic activity that can make money - sign us up! You can offer your trade out to your local area or even further, as social media makes it really easy to advertise and obtain work.

Bar Work

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Many of us have probably tried our hand at bar work at least once in our lives; and if we haven't, we've certainly been to one. They're always looking for extra help here and there, so why not see if there are any extra shifts you can pick up? You're likely to earn tips, too!

Yard Sales

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It always feels good to have a mass purge of stuff to declutter your house, and what's the point in discarding it if you can sell it on to be loved elsewhere? Garage sales are such an easy way to get rid of things as they can be set up quite easily and are usually quite fun!

Community Support

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There are so many opportunities to get involved with your community, and the roles could end up making you a lot of money. Get down to your local community center and see what they've got going on and where you can offer your skills; you never know what it may lead to!

Delivery Driver

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Working as a delivery driver can be an extremely flexible way for you to make money, and there are so many companies who hire people on a self-employed basis making it even easier. There are countless opportunities so have a look to see what suits you.

Rent Out Your Tools

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Not everyone has the funds to buy tools, and if they're only used for one job then there's not much point in having them new. If your tools are just sitting in your garage between uses then renting them out is a great way to make money - it's not like you have to do very much!


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We can all have weekly or monthly budgets that we stick to loosely - what's an extra few dollars here and there? Well, over the year, those added bits and pieces add right up, and you can end up spending thousands on things you don't need. Have some discipline and see how much you can save.

Sell Your Books

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Honestly, how often do you read the same book twice, even three times? If you're anything like us, you'll only read a book once and then hoard it for years. You can recycle your books online and make some money while you're at it - what's the point in having them collect dust if they can be loved by someone else?

Product Testing

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Companies are always looking for product testers for feedback on how they might improve, and even better if you can test on social media. You'll receive exciting new products, try them out, and give your honest opinion. We can't think of a better way to make money!

Downgrade Your Car

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This might be a sore spot for some people, but if you can get by with a cheaper car, then you can make a lot of money by selling your current one. Keep an eye out for vehicles that would suit you and cost significantly less, you may be driving around with lots of dollars to be made!

Rent Out Your Driveway

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Parking can be a nightmare in some places, and they could really use some extra parking spots. If you have space on your driveway, you can offer it out to paying customers who would definitely appreciate the convenience. It's a brilliant way to make money as you don't have to do any work!

Download Apps That Pay You

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There are many apps nowadays that offer cash just for using them, which is a genius idea as you can do it from wherever you like, whenever you want to! It's such easy work, and many only require you to play games in order to earn money. Anyone can do it!