Easiest Jobs In The World That Pay Big Bucks

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. House sitter

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If you’re looking for a high-paying job that’s a breeze, you might want to think about house sitting. Trusted house sitters get to travel all over the world, and get to stay in some pretty cool places. There will be a few duties involved like watering plants and checking the mail, and maybe some light cleaning. But the bulk of your job is mainly about showing up and respecting another person’s house.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Personal trainer

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For people that love working out, a personal trainer job might be the one to go for. PTs don’t technically need to have any licensing or training, so you can easily get stuck in and boost your earning potential. In-demand personal trainers can rake in a fortune, so be sure to go for those high-paying clients from the get-go.

3. Dog walker

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Love animals? Want to have a job where you can work to your own schedule while spending time outdoors? If so, a dog walking job could be the one for you. This is often a part-time position, but a lot of owners don’t mind if you walk their pooch with others, so you could stack your gigs to make a  fair few bucks in a couple of hours.

4. Flight attendant

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Ok, so we know this one involves a lot of training and responsibility. But once you get into a rhythm with your shifts, your work time will (mainly) be a breeze. Flight attendants not only get to travel the world, but they get paid well too; they earn around $56,640 annually. However, you could actually make more than $80,940 over the course of your career.

5. Toll booth attendant

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When it comes to a simple job, it’s hard to beat toll booth attendants. You’ll spend your time taking payments from passing vehicles and raising a gate to let them pass. It really couldn’t be easier! While the average toll booth attendant will make $28,401, which may not sound like a lot, the top ten percent of professionals earn upwards of $36,818.

6. Massage therapist

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Massage therapists need training and proper licenses, but if you like helping people relax and getting paid well for it, it might be the career path for you. You can either work for yourself, or work in spas and clinics. High-end options will help you net more money, but you’ll still be looking at $42,820 for an average yearly salary.

7. Tour guide

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Not all tour guides will make tons of cash, but if you’re good and passionate about what you do, you can go a long way. It’s a fun, relatively simple job, and you can quickly work your way up to doing high-end, private tours. Those in the top ten percent can bag themselves around $45,850 per year.

8. Private tutor

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Do you have sound knowledge of a particular subject? If so, you could stand to make big bucks through private tutoring. Math and English tutors are in particular high demand, and you can work hours that suit you best. Some of the most talented ‘super’ tutors get to travel around the world, and earn an average of $87,290.

9. Park ranger

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If you’re keen to spend time outdoors and get a job that doesn’t require qualifications, it might be time to think about becoming a park ranger. You’ll be responsible for making sure the park is safe, and may occasionally guide visitors around too. Many park rangers make about $39,3721 each year, and also receive a generous benefits package.

10. House painter

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Being a house painter gives you a chance to be active while doing something relatively straightforward. Your day will consist of applying various coatings, like primer, paint, or sealant. A lot of house painters train on the job, so they’re pretty easy to get. And once you become master of your craft, you can net yourself more than $67,560.

11. Voice actor

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If you’ve got a cool or distinctive voice, it might be worth thinking about becoming a voice actor. There’s a LOT of money up for grabs here; while earnings can vary a lot, uber-talented voice actors can nab themselves 60 dollars an hour, especially if they’re working on video games, movies and TV shows.

12. Medical records technician

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Ok, we know medical services can get super busy sometimes, but the role of a medical records technician is fairly straightforward. The majority of your responsibilities focus on ensuring paperwork is complete and where it belongs. It’s entirely possible to get started in this field without a degree, but having a professional certificate can make it easier. Oh, and you can earn a whopping $71,150 while you’re at it.

13. Librarian

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If you’re a book lover, a career as a librarian might be the way forward. A big part of this job focuses on organizing and ensuring things are in their proper place, as well as filing and checking books out. It’s a gentle pace, so it’s a relatively simple way to earn yourself a salary of $59,050 upwards. Bear in mind you can earn a lot more if you have a Masters in library science.

14. Truck driver

Why is it do hard to find drivers. It feels impossible. : r/Truckers
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While the long hours aren’t for everyone, driving a truck is a great job for those who like to be out on the open road. No sales calls, no offices – just getting from A to B. How much you earn in this field really depends on your license level and whether you’re long haul, but if you’re doing local deliveries, you can net between $32,020 to $65,400.

15. Video game tester

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If you’re a big video game nerd, you might as well start getting paid for what you love! Video game testers are responsible for getting to grips with new games before they hit the market, which involves checking for bugs, spelling mistakes, plot inconsistencies, or problems with the sounds or graphics. You can get around $16 per hour for this.

16. Personal stylist

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Want to get paid to go shopping and buy cute new outfits? Those with a passion for fashion should seriously think about becoming a personal stylist, as it’s a great way to earn money while helping less stylish souls. Be aware that competition is fierce, so any experience you have will help you stand out. You should also market yourself to high-paying clients if you want the big bucks.

17. Ice cream tester

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You can earn $20 dollars an hour tasting ice cream. Yep, really. It’s essentially your job to come up with new flavors and check the quality of existing products, as well as new recipes. This means examining the texture, smell, appearance and overall taste of every scoop. If you’ve got a good palette, this might be the job for you!

18. Professional bridesmaid

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Some women really do get paid for being a professional bridesmaid. You’ll help with all the standard bridesmaid duties, and help the blushing bride get ready for her special day. There might be a few other tasks like dealing with drunk relatives and the like, but at least you’ll get to party and get paid $20 dollars an hour for it.

19. Fortune cookie writer

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If you do any kind of content writing, an easy way to earn a few bucks is to become a fortune cookie writer. You’ll need to be witty and creative, but it’s a relatively simple job that doesn’t take too much effort or strategy. People who work as fortune cookie writers earn around $23 dollars per hour on average.

20. Personal driver

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Passed your driving test? Well, you might be able to earn yourself some good money if you decide to become a personal driver. Personal drivers usually get hired by companies that provide chauffeur services, so you’ll need a clean driving record and excellent time management skills. Personal drivers generally earn $25 dollars an hour, but there’s potential for a whole lot more.

21. Water slide tester

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As cool tester jobs go, this is up there with the best of them. For water slide nuts who just can’t enough of the water park, try and get yourself into water slide testing, as you can earn around $22 dollars an hour. Just bear in mind that you’re testing them to make sure they’re safe, so it takes a lot of courage!

22. Golf ball diver

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Are you a qualified diver in good physical health? If so, why not turn it into a profession! Golf ball divers can either work for themselves or be contracted to specific golf courses, and can be paid pretty handsomely for doing so. They earn around $27 dollars an hour for fishing golf balls out of ponds.

23. Power plant operator

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If Homer Simpson can do it, so can you. While there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with working at a power plant, the jobs themselves can be relatively simple. Most of them focus on flicking switches on and off, so you don’t need too much brain power. All you need to become a power plant operator is a high school diploma before undergoing on-the-job training, and you can then start earning $30.36 an hour.

24. Food stylist

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If you love food and have a keen eye for detail, food styling might be right up your street. Food stylists work with marketers, advertisers, and photographers to create food displays and video demonstrations – and they know a few tricks to make dishes look outstanding. It’s a competitive industry, but if you’re determined, you can earn $33 per hour.

25. Product tester

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Product testing might not be a standard 9-5 gig, but it’s definitely one of the easiest jobs you can do to earn an income of $24.22 an hour. You literally just put products through their paces, make notes, and give your feedback to the product research company you’re working with. Once you’ve done this, you get paid.

26. Cruise ship entertainer

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Yes, you’ll be expected to keep guests happy at specific times, but you’ll also have the rest of the day to yourself to lounge by the pool or do whatever else takes your fancy. As well as earning $35.22 an hour, you’ll also get all your meals, accommodation and travel expenses paid for! Get yourself to an entertainment agency or apply directly with a cruise line.

27. Professional cuddler

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Professional cuddlers are also known as touch therapists, and spend their days talking to, holding hands with and hugging clients to offer them some much-needed emotional support. Those at the top of their game can earn some decent bucks; touch therapists have been said to earn a whopping $40,000!

28. Netflix editorial analyst

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Ever wished you could get paid for watching your favorite shows? Well, now you can. Netflix editorial analysts get paid to watch Netflix productions for about 20 hours a week, while tagging, annotating and analyzing movie and TV content. It might not be a full-time job, but you can still net yourself $33.61 an hour if you have good writing skills and an education in film.

29. Scale operator

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A job as a scale operator mainly involves weighing trucks, inspecting paperwork, and recording information in a computerized weighing system. It might not sound super exciting, but it’s relatively straightforward, and there’s zero hustle required. You just need a high school diploma and a driving license to earn $15 dollars upwards.

30. Swimming pool technician

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Swimming pool technicians are in charge of keeping the pool clean, and restoring the pH balance of the water as and when needed. They can also repair cracks and leaks and install and fix service equipment. On-the-job training is usually provided, so you can jump in straight away to earn $15.22 dollars per hour.

31. Interior designer

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You don't need a formal qualification for this job if you have an eye for design and can prove your skills to clients, but you can make even bigger bucks if you can get advanced interior design degrees and get higher-paying clients. And if you're a natural at design? It's going to be easy!

32. Virtual assistant

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Being a virtual assistant is easy for a start because that's exactly what it is: virtual. You can work from home, or anywhere you like. To make it even easier, you can be a virtual assistant in any area you're skilled and educated in - and usually there's flexibility with the hours, so the more you work, the more bucks you'll make!

33. Real estate agent

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Real estate agents have the opportunity to make a lot of money if they're given high-cost properties to market and sell. You don't need proper experience or a specific degree in the field, you just need high school education and your real estate licence. If you're good at marketing houses, you'll earn more money!

34. Administrative assistant

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You might not think of an administrative assistant role as high paying, but it all depends on where you're working, and who you're working for. The good thing about this role too is you can easily start at the bottom and work your way up. And general admin work is more than easy to do!

35. Delivery driver

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This job is one of the easiest you can get without a big fancy degree, and when you just need a driver's licence. Not only that, it's easy to work on your own schedule if you're independent. The money you earn depends on how you're working, and who for, but many people can get paid per parcel.

36. Data entry

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This is an easy, well-paying job that only requires computer skills and the time to work, of course! Data entry is extra great because a lot of the time you could do it working from home. The pay for this job can be based on an hourly rate, so there's also opportunity to do some overtime for more cash!

37. Pet sitter

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You can be a house sitter, a dog walker... but how about a pet sitter? This is a great job if you love animals and also like to travel around a little. Pet sitters can earn a lot more the more that they build their reputation and get good reviews. You may also be able to move into high paid positions for people who need tailored care for expensive pets!

38. Fitness instructor

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As a fitness instructor, you could lead your own exercise class at the gym for a group of clients all at one time, or you can manage your clients and schedules in a different way. You have the opportunity to earn as much as you like if you put in the work and get more clients!

39. Bartender

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With jobs in hospitality, it can really go either way: poorly paid and stressful, or well-paid and something you enjoy. With a bartender, there are many different avenues, as a job in a pub is very different to a job in a very expensive hotel or VIP lounges. A lot of the high wage can come from working unsociable hours, too.

40. Beauty consultant

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Beauty consultants work with their clients to offer them tailored advice and match the best products to their clients' needs. This is another flexible job that you can earn more with if you put in more hours. You may also get more important or higher paying clients if you build a reputation for your services.

41. Freelance writer

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This is another job that gives you the opportunity to make big money if you put in the time to do the hours. The more experience you gain and get those loyal clients, the more likely you're going to earn more money, too. You can also set your own rates for your quality writing.

42. Blogger

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In this day and age, blogging is certainly something that many people have turned to. It's an easy job if you love writing blogs anyway for things you're interested in, and you can do it from the comfort of home. With this one, it may take a long time before you start earning money from it - but when you do, you can earn more by investing more in it.

43. Social media manager

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With the growth in social media and tech, this can often be where the big money is these days, depending on how good at it you are. The better you get at it and grow your engagement - as well as your following - the more potential there is to earn more money.

44. Online coach

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This can be a very easy job if it's coaching in a subject matter you're overly familiar with, and which comes naturally to you. Online coaching can also mean you can create a flexible schedule, and the more qualified you are in a skill area, the more money potential there is.

45. Babysitter

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A professional babysitter can earn significant money if they're good at what they do, trusted and build that client base. You're more likely to earn more money if you get repeat clients who use you all the time because they trust you. This one can also easily be combined with house sitting.

46. Cleaner

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You may wonder why cleaning is an easy job, but at the end of the day, some people love cleaning and get great satisfaction from cleaning. If you can start out self-employed you might even build your own cleaning company brand to earn the bigger bucks! The better you are at cleaning, the more services you can offer.

47. Marketing manager

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Just like we said about tech and social media, a marketing manager position also has the potential to earn a lot if you're very good at what you do. The scale of pay can depend on the type of businesses or people you're working for, and the more experience you have.

48. Patient care

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You might think that most healthcare jobs are stressful, as well as being notoriously underpaid. With patient care, the reason this is considered an easier job is that you have more basic tasks like checking their vital signs and tidying the room, so you don't have any of the upsetting patient decisions to make.

49. Personal shopper

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There are many different roles a personal shopper can do, but mainly you assist clients with their buying habits, giving advice on products, helping with purchases and more. You can earn more money the more services you offer, and the type of clients you take on when you really know your stuff.

50. Web developer

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Web developers need to get those qualifications and that experience before they can start working properly in this field - but as soon as you do, you can become self-employed and then earn a lot of money doing what you do. You can earn a high sum if you get hired by a huge company, too.