Doctor Phil Guests Then And Now

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Welcome to the ever-evolving saga of "Doctor Phil Guests: Then and Now"! Strap yourselves in for a rollercoaster ride through the corridors of time as we dive into the riveting journeys of individuals who've graced the iconic couch of Dr. Phil's show. From jaw-dropping transformations to unexpected life turns, get ready to witness the dramatic arcs and remarkable sagas of these guests who've navigated the tumultuous seas of fame, controversy, and personal evolution.

Danielle Bregoli - THEN

Ah, the stuff of talk show legend! In the annals of television history, few moments have left as indelible a mark as the fiery entrance of Danielle, whose meteoric rise to notoriety can be encapsulated in those infamous words: "cash me outside, how 'bout dat?"
Image source: New York Magazine
The most iconic guests in the history of the whole shows has to be Danielle and her signature catchphrase, "cash me outside."  It was Danielle's mom who came to Dr Phil as her daughter was completely out of control.  Danielle would brag about stealing her mom's credit card and car.  She even threatening Dr Phil and the audience!Original content sourced from

Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie - NOW

Danielle's journey from the turbulent set of Dr. Phil's show to global notoriety is a whirlwind saga that redefines the boundaries of fame in the digital age. Embracing her rebellious persona, she didn't just ride the wave of her viral moment—she mastered the art of turning controversy into a full-fledged career.
Image source: New York Post
Danielle turned her appearance on the show to her advantage and gained international fame by uploading videos of her bad behavior, sending them viral.  In 2017 she became the youngest female rapper to make the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, with her debut single.  Performing under the name of Bhad Bhabie, Danielle opened an OnlyFans account, earning $1 million in the first 6 hours!

Jordan The Best Anorexic Out There - THEN

Jordan's journey to Dr. Phil's stage was a heartrending glimpse into the gripping struggle with body image and the haunting allure of extreme weight loss. At a mere 75 pounds, her fragile frame bore the weight of an overwhelming desire—to shed even more pounds, aiming for a startling 70.
Image source: Eastern News
Jordan went on the show to speak to Dr Phil about losing weight.  This was very frightening as she only weighed 75 pounds and wanted to reduce down to 70.  She admitted she loved the attention of he distraught parents and enjoyed the watchful glances from strangers in the street.

Jordan The Best Anorexic Out There - NOW

In the tale of Jordan's life, the chapters following her tumultuous appearance on Dr. Phil's show unfold as a testament to resilience and personal triumph. The hindsight she gained with the passing years became a powerful lens through which she viewed the past.
Image source: Insider
Fast forward a few years and Jordan regrets the wasted years she spent on focussing losing weight and becoming dangerously thin.  She says she hopes she can become an inspiration to other sufferers with eating disorders.  Jordan has got herself back on track, looking and feeling healthier, both in mind and body.

The 756-Pound Man - THEN

Robert's poignant episode on Dr. Phil's stage portrayed a profound struggle—one that transcended mere pounds and numbers on a scale. Seated, almost engulfed by his own weight, his eyes mirrored the weight of his emotional turmoil. His inability to articulate thoughts reflected the crushing burden of his physical enormity, a burden that extended far beyond the confines of his body.
Image source: Daily Mail
Robert sat on Dr Phil’s couch, head leaned back, barely able to string together a sentence because of his enormous size.  He hadn’t weighed himself in 5 years and Dr  Phil brought in an industrial scale.  Robert weighed 756 pounds.   He felt lonely, trapped and very desperate. Robert was sent to Wellspring Academy and lost 260 pounds, although he had unfortunately gained it back by 2015

The 756 Pound Man - NOW

Robert's sojourn to Wellspring Academy marked a pivotal chapter in his battle against weight, a beacon of hope illuminating his path toward transformation. As he shed an astonishing 260 pounds, he didn't just bid farewell to physical weight but also embraced a newfound vitality that reverberated in every aspect of his being.Image source: OtagoRobert was sent to Wellspring Academy where he lost 260 pounds.  He started a YouTube channel, showing his journey and the positive effect the loss was having on him.  Unfortunately, by the end of 2015, he had put the weight back on with more besides.  It was all too much for his heart and he passed away in 2018.

Teen Murderer Zachary Davis - THEN

Zachary Davis's presence on Dr. Phil's show cut through the fabric of normalcy, plunging viewers into the chilling depths of a harrowing tale. At a mere 15 years old, he became an emblem of profound disturbance and the unimaginable, recounting with a disconcerting calmness the gruesome act that shook the foundation of his family and shattered lives.Image source: The TennesseanZachary Davis was probably one of Dr Phil's most disturbing guests. Zachary was 15 years old when he he bludgeoned his mom to death with a sledgehammer.  He calmly  recounted his actions and the grizzly murder of his mother during his interview in 2015. Zackery claims he did it after she failed to believe his claims of abuse by his older brother seriously.

Teen Murderer Zachary Davis - NOW

The culmination of Zachary Davis's trial echoed with the weight of finality, delivering a sentence that reverberated with the gravity of his actions. The court proceedings, a four-day saga steeped in anguish and sorrow, culminated in a sentence as haunting as the events that had unfolded.
Image source: YouTube
Zachary Davis received an automatic life sentence for first degree murder after a four day trial .  On Friday June 5, Sumner County Judge Dee David Gay sentenced Davis to 20 years each for the additional charges of attempted first degree murder.  There was also the charge of aggravated arson for setting his house on fire while his older brother was inside.  His total sentence was 71 years.

Disturbing 12 Year Old Aneska - THEN

Aneska's story was a chilling anomaly—a paradox wrapped in innocence yet harboring a darkness that unsettled those around her. At a tender age of 12, her countenance bore the facade of sweetness and youth, masking a disturbing undercurrent of violence and volatility that tore through the fabric of her family life.
Image source: YouTube
Aneska was only 12 years old but so disturbingly violent that her parents and sibling no longer wanted to be near her.  She looked "cute and innocent but her mother claimed that Aneska held the family in a state of crisis.  She was aggressive, violent and explosive.  She was reported to have killed a nest of baby birds.

Disturbing 12 Year Old Aneska - NOW

The update in the 2016 episode added a compelling layer to Aneska's perplexing narrative, shedding light on a possible underlying cause for her alarming behavior. A pivotal discovery emerged when a doctor unearthed abnormal activity within Aneska's brain, offering a glimmer of hope in the quest to decipher the enigma that shrouded her actions.
Image source: Biography
There was an update at the end of the 2016 episode which revealed that a doctor had discovered abnormal activity in her brain and Aneska was prescribed a new medication. Her family believe her terrifying behavior began when she fell off her bike when she was 3 years old.

Hayley Was Pregnant With Jesus - THEN

Haley's appearance on the show in 2016 sent ripples of disbelief and intrigue throughout the audience and beyond. With an air of certainty that defied all medical evidence, she confidently proclaimed the inconceivable—that she was carrying the Messiah himself, Baby Jesus.
Image source: The Sun
In 2016, teenager Haley appeared on the show and revealed to the world that she was 9 months pregnant with Baby Jesus.  She said she was 100% sure about being pregnant and the identity of the baby.  Haley failed multiple pregnancy tests and a pelvic exam which all showed she was not pregnant. An ultrasound also showed no evidence of a baby.

Hayley Was Pregnant With Jesus - NOW

Haley's return to the show was nothing short of a mind-bending sequel, adding a new chapter to her surreal narrative that left audiences bewildered and amused. Her unwavering faith in her initial claim—that she was carrying Baby Jesus—remained steadfast.
Image source: Twitter
After she got the multiple negative results on the show, she insisted, “You can’t lie to Jesus.”  Her other big news was that Eminem was her father!  Haley returned to the show and admitted that the phantom pregnancy had been caused by, wait for it, trapped wind.  What can you say?

Sexy Vegan THEN

Sexy Vegan's rendezvous with Dr. Phil in 2017 was nothing short of a spectacle, a flamboyant showcase of eccentricity that left both the audience and the host agog. His family's complaints about his peculiar behavior became the backdrop for a saga that was as bizarre as it was unforgettable.
Image source: Insider
Sexy Vegan made a memorable appearance with Dr Phil in 2017, after his family had complained about his bizarre behavior.  In fact he had to be removed from the show for using excessive profanity. Originally named Hansel Marion DeBartolo III.

Sexy Vegan - NOW

He'd changed his name to Sexy Vegan and had the words tattooed on his forehead.  His family said he walked around wearing speedos, carrying a full length mirror in front of him. Sexy Vegan lapped up his half hour of fame on Dr Phil's show.
Image source: Daily Star
He didn't change his behavior, with vanity pouring out of him!  He made headlines again in 2019, after posting inappropriate acts with animals online.  His comment to the arresting officers was that his occupation was "2020 presidential candidate".

The Guy Who Swears He Writes Taylor Swift's Songs - THEN

Riley's bold claims during his appearance on Dr. Phil's show catapulted him into the spotlight, but not for the reasons he might have hoped. At just 23 years old, his assertions about a prolific songwriting career seemed almost too extraordinary to believe.
Image source: Daily Star
Despite being only 23 years old when he spoke to Dr Phil, Riley claimed to have written hundreds of songs, the biggest of which was allegedly "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. Swift's mother was personal friend of Dr Phil and she confirmed that she did not even know the man and he had not been credited for any of the songs.

The Guy Who Swears He Writes Taylor Swift's Songs - NOW

As time passed and the dust settled on Riley's sensational claims, a different narrative began to emerge—one tinged with introspection and a hint of regret. When confronted about his previous boasts of being a prolific songwriter, a different side of Riley surfaced.
Image source: HuffPost
When prompted to discuss the issue of him being a prolific songwriter some years later, he finally admitted drug use may have clouded his thinking.  Still delusional, he professed his love to Taylor Swift, believing they were soul mates and it was a love that would last forever!

Patricia Who Faked Cancer - THEN

Jessica appeared on Dr Phil's show to confront her mother, Patricia, who she claimed had blatantly lied about terminal illnesses. Patricia claimed to have suffered 17 strokes and flat lined twice in the past year.  She also announced (in the same sentence):
Image source: YouTube
"I have 12 titles in weightlifting, and I have cancer."  Although Patricia had undergone brain surgery, there was no cancer and she left the hospital unaided.  The lies were used to scam good people to donate to her.

Patricia Who Faked Cancer - NOW

Patricia's journey since the tumultuous days of raising 14 kids has taken a remarkable turn, steering her toward a path of stability and purpose. With a newfound stability in her life, she has embraced a career as a counselor specializing in aiding patients battling drug addiction.
Image source: The Guardian
At this time, Patricia she has a stable job as a counsellor for patients with drug addiction. She received government assistance that made it easier to take care of 14 kids. She keeps posting on social media on regular basis and updates people about the happenings in her busy life.

Telly Zelly Wanted To Be A Rapper - THEN

Telly Zelly's decision to veer off the academic path and dive headfirst into a career in rap was a seismic shift in her life trajectory. Despite excelling academically and securing scholarships that could have paved a traditional route to success, she felt an undeniable pull toward the world of music.
Image source: YouTube
Despite doing well academically and successfully getting  good scholarships, Telly Zelly decided to become a rapper. She considered herself to be the male version of Drake and she transformed her lifestyle completely.  Telly Zelly appeared on the show with her mom who was disappointed with her daughter's choice and ambition.

Telly Zelly Wanted To Be A Rapper - NOW

Telly Zelly's venture onto television turned out to be a catalyst for her aspirations rather than a hindrance. With unwavering determination, she stood firm in her decision to pursue a career in rap, refusing to waver in the face of skepticism or disappointment.
Image source: YouTube
Telly Zelly found that being on television was a stepping stone to her carrying out her dream.  She would not budge from her decision to become a rapper and has put her heart and soul into this career path.  She is doing well for herself and has recently released a single "Leave Me Alone Love."

Influencer Jesse Taylor - THEN

Jesse Taylor's journey into the world of influencer culture took an unexpected turn when a viral video thrust her into the spotlight in the most dramatic fashion. Her presence on Dr. Phil's show stemmed from a moment of profound distress...
Image source: YouTube
Jesse Taylor, just like many of the guests who featured on Dr Phil, was a budding influencer.   She was invited on because her viral video showed her experiencing an extensive meltdown because her social media account had been deleted.   The girl was literally distraught!

Influencer Jesse Taylor - NOW

Jesse's journey after the heart-wrenching experience of her social media account deletion took an unexpected turn toward redemption and success. Taking a step back from the digital sphere allowed her the space to heal, reevaluate, and rebuild.
Image source: MN2S
Jesse got over the heartbreak of being shut down on social media platform and took some time out.  Her spirits have since improved as she now has more than 91,000 followers on Instagram and has become a well known influencer and YouTuber.  She got her happy ending!

Burke Ramsey, Brother Of JonBenet - THEN

Burke Ramsey's appearance on the show in 2016 sparked intense public interest and controversy. As the older brother of the tragic figure JonBenet Ramsey, his silence on his sister's death had been a subject of curiosity and speculation for years.
Image source: Insider
Burke Ramsey's appearance on the show stirred up lots of controversy in 2016. He was the older brother of murdered JonBenet Ramsey and the only family member to not publicly address his sister's death. He appeared to be smiling when describing the events surrounding the death of his sister, although Dr Phil thought that Burke was just nervous.

Burke Ramsey, Brother Of JonBenet - NOW

Burke Ramsey's life post-his public appearance on the show has been defined by a deliberate pursuit of privacy and seclusion. Opting for a low-profile existence, he carved out a niche for himself as a software engineer, preferring the solace and familiarity of working primarily from the confines of his home.
Image source: New York Post
Burke lives a quiet life. He is employed as a software engineer and works mainly from home, to avoid being around people.  He has been pictured with a female but it is not known if that is his significant other.  He sued CBS for $750 million for intimating he was the murderer.

Ava Louise Who Licked A Toilet During Pandemic - THEN

Ava Louise catapulted into the limelight through an act that left many astonished and bewildered—a TikTok video showcasing her licking a toilet seat during the midst of a global pandemic. The viral sensation garnered attention far and wide.
Image source: TikTok
Ava Louise became famous after her video appeared on TikTok and she was seen licking a toilet during the pandemic.  The viral video was the reason she appeared on Dr Phil.   The presenter said he witnessed the weirdest personality in a person that he had ever seen.  Ava Louise commented, "I'd rather die hot than live ugly."

Ava Louise Who Licked A Toilet During Pandemic - NOW

Ava Louise seems to have doubled down on her inclination to shock and stir controversy, seemingly unfazed by the fallout or repercussions. Her penchant for sensationalism became evident through her initiation of the now-debunked rumors surrounding Kanye West and Jeffree Star.
Image source: Social Inc
Ava Louise has not changed in that she wants to shock, even if it comes at a price.  She started the crazy Kanye and Jeffree rumor and then admitted she made the whole thing up.  She's bad mouthed the Kardashians and has lawsuits against her for defamation of character.  Whenever she is interviewed. she plays it dumb and says it's all a bit of fun.

Tanya Ramirez Who Had Sexual Relationship With One Of Her Students - THEN

Tanya Ramirez was a strange guest on the show.  She worked as a coach at Corpus Christi and was living in Texas when she appeared on the show. She had a sexual relationship with one of her students and found it completely ‘normal’
Image source: Irish Mirror
She trapped a 17 year old student through texts and flirtatious acts, carrying out illegal physical acts with him. Needless to say, breaking the trust between a teacher - a figure of authority - and one of their students under their care.

Tanya Ramirez Who Had Sexual Relationship With One Of Her Students - NOW

Tanya Ramirez pleaded guilty and got 7 years probation and was registered as a sex offender.  She didn't learn her lesson and started a relationship with another student.  As she was no longer teaching, she saw nothing wrong with this!
Image source: Insider
Her husband, who she is pictured with above, is sticking by her. We don't know why she wasn't punished for the second time dating a student after serving time the first time, but maybe there's something we don't know.. or maybe the student was above the age of consent.

Obsessive Teen Influencer Christian Aaron - THEN

Christian Aaron's portrayal on Dr. Phil's show shed light on the intricate relationship between social media fame and personal validation. As a struggling YouTuber, the elusive pursuit of online recognition had transformed into an all-consuming obsession for him.
Image source: Daily Mail
When Christian Aaron became a part of Dr Phil's show, he was a struggling YouTuber and it worried him. He wanted online fame and it became an obsession.  He discussed how much it meant to him to have strangers interested in his life and he became emotional.

Obsessive Teen Influencer Christian Aaron - NOW

Christian Aaron's evolution over the years showcased the intricate and often perplexing effects of social media fame on one's sense of self. His confession about feeling disconnected from his true identity and a sense of loss highlighted the profound toll that the pursuit of online recognition had taken on him.
Image source: New York Daily News
Two years down the line, Christian Aaron confessed that he felt like he had completely forgotten who he really is and has lost his identity.  Surprisingly, he's still trying to increase the number of followers on social media platforms.  He currently has 208,000 on Instagram.

Nadya Suleman, Octomom - THEN

Nadya Suleman's appearance on the show stirred considerable intrigue, especially given her status as the mother of the first surviving octuplets. However, the spotlight on her story intensified when it emerged that, prior to the birth of the octuplets, she already had six children at home and lacked a stable source of income.
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Nadya Suleman's case would have been interesting enough to be invited on the show - she was the mom of the first surviving octuplets - but it got more interesting when she already had six kids at home... and no job! Dr Phil asked whether she could raise 14 kids alone with no income, and she got pretty mad about that.

Nadya Suleman, Octomom - NOW

Nadya Suleman's journey since her appearance on the show has taken a positive turn, marking a significant transformation in her circumstances. Back then, the concern about her ability to support her 14 children without a stable income sparked discussions about her financial situation and parenting responsibilities.
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Whilst appearing on the show, Dr Phil was trying to be more supportive in terms of help Nadya could get in raising her kids. Well, it turns out she's done good for herself, because she now has a job as a counselor, which means she has an income to feed herself - and her 14 kids!

Romina Garcia, The Defender Of Domestic Abuse - THEN

Defending domestic abuse is a deeply concerning and controversial stance, and Romina Garcia's perspective on the matter triggered widespread shock and outrage when it went viral. Her assertion that physical violence between partners was a manifestation of love stood in stark contrast to commonly accepted notions of healthy relationships and raised intense scrutiny and debate.
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You might never have thought you'd hear someone defending domestic abuse, but here Romina Garcia was. After her controversial outlook went viral - as these things often do - she was invited on the show, where she said that one partner hitting another was just a sign of love!

Romina Garcia, The Defender Of Domestic Abuse - NOW

Her tragic death following the controversies that emerged after her appearance on Dr. Phil is a heartbreaking turn of events. The circumstances surrounding her death, reportedly due to a heroin overdose, underscore the complex and devastating impact of substance abuse and the toll it can take on individuals.
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Tragically, this guest Romina Garcia has now passed away, following a surge of controversy after her appearance on Dr Phil for advocating for domestic abuse. She died back in January 2016, after apparently overdosing from heroin and being found dead in her hotel room.

Amy & Samy, The Nightmares In The Kitchen - THEN

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo's appearance on "Kitchen Nightmares" became infamous due to the confrontations and chaos that unfolded on the show, showcasing their tumultuous behavior and management style. Their subsequent invitation to Dr. Phil's show likely aimed to delve deeper into their contentious actions and provide a platform for further discussion.
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Amy & Samy were business owners who appeared on the show 'Kitchen Nightmares' to get help from chef Gordon Ramsay. What happened was the world got to see just how much of a nightmare they really were - enough to warrant an invite onto Dr Phil, where they defended their behavior.

Amy & Samy, The Nightmares In The Kitchen - NOW

The Bouzaglos' attempt to defend themselves on Dr. Phil's show, claiming they were misrepresented on "Kitchen Nightmares," hinted at their desire to distance themselves from the controversies and move forward. Their decision to return to Israel marked a significant shift, signaling a retreat from the tumultuous aftermath of their appearance on the show and subsequent public scrutiny.
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When appearing on Dr Phil,  the pair defended themselves and claimed that Kitchen Nightmares misrepresented them, and that they just wanted to move on from it all. So they moved - back to Israel, where Amy still works on baking goods and promoting her business on Instagram!

Michelle Knight, The Kidnap Victim - THEN

Michelle Knight's appearance on Dr. Phil was a poignant and powerful moment that shed light on the unimaginable trauma she endured as one of the kidnapping victims of Ariel Castro. Her courage in sharing her emotional and mental experiences provided a raw and heartbreaking glimpse into the harrowing ordeal she faced during her captivity.
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Michelle Knight became famous for a heartbreaking reason: she was one of the kidnapping victims of Ariel Castro in the 2000s. Her appearance on Dr Phil was a powerful insight into the emotional and mental experience she'd had, and resulted in worldwide sympathy.

Michelle Knight, The Kidnap Victim - NOW

Michelle Knight's journey after her harrowing ordeal demonstrates remarkable resilience and a deep commitment to helping others. Her determination to share her story and support those who have faced similar trauma speaks volumes about her strength and compassion.
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Today, Michelle Knight is still working hard to make her story known so that she can support and help others. She changed her name for a fresh start, and wrote two books on her emotional journey. She's now working as a motivational speaker, and I think we could all benefit from listening to her!

Naya Tuiasosopo, The Catfish - THEN

Catfishing, unfortunately, extends its reach even to celebrities, as was the case with Naya Tuiasosopo, who devised a fabricated persona to deceive a football star and engage in a romantic relationship under false pretenses. The prevalence of catfishing in today's digital landscape underscores the dangers and complexities of online interactions, regardless of one's social status.
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We all know in this day and age how dangerous - and popular - catfishing can be. Even celebrities are victims of catfishing - such was the case of Naya Tuiasosopo, who created a fake personality to dupe a football star and enter into a romance with the unsuspecting guy.

Naya Tuiasosopo, The Catfish - NOW

Naya's journey took an unexpected turn following the aftermath of her catfishing incident, which was later documented in the Netflix feature, 'The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist.' The documentary shed light on the complexities of her past actions and the aftermath, providing a platform for Naya to share her story and personal evolution.
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Naya's story went on to become a Netflix documentary, 'The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist'. Today, Naya - in which she revealed in the documentary - is now a transgender woman, and wants to put the past behind her of what she did, feeling regret over what happened.

Nicolette Gray, The Beverly Hills Brat - THEN

Nicolette Gray's appearance on Dr. Phil shed light on the dynamics of her privileged upbringing and the challenges that come with such a lifestyle. Her mother's label of "Beverly Hills brat" set the stage for a discussion that highlighted the contrasts between her expectations and the reality of financial responsibility.
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It was actually Nicolette Gray's own mother that called her a 'Beverly Hills brat' - and that much was clear when she appeared on Dr Phil. She complained about not having enough allowance - and we're talking thousands of $$$ here - as well as crying when she was advised to get a job. I mean.. we kind of understand where she's coming from, but still.

Nicolette Gray, The Beverly Hills Brat - NOW

Nicolette Gray's journey took a turn towards entrepreneurship and content creation, showcasing her adaptability and resourcefulness despite initial perceptions of entitlement. Embracing the realm of vlogging, YouTube, and influencer marketing.
image source:
Despite her very, very entitled attitude, she still managed to become successful - and hey, it's a job after all! She became a Vlogger, YouTuber and influencer - because of course she did - as well as her own jewelry business. So it's safe to say she's earning that allowance, and then some.

Treasure Richards, The Black Woman Who Said She Was White - THEN

Treasure Richards' appearance on the show sparked intense discussions and disbelief as she vehemently claimed to identify as white despite her African-American heritage. Her firm belief in her perceived whiteness and alignment with the ideologies she associated with white people stirred controversy...
image source:
Treasure Richards appeared on the show as a normal black American teen - normal, apart from the fact she believed she was white. She was adamant of her skin color, as well as saying she shared the ideologies of white people, and that she didn't particularly like African-Americans.

Treasure Richards, The Black Woman Who Said She Was White - THEN

Treasure Richards' story took a puzzling turn when her sister came forward to claim that her entire narrative had been fabricated. The revelation cast doubt on the authenticity of Treasure's assertions about her racial identity and beliefs, adding layers of complexity to the story that had garnered attention following her appearance on the show.
image source:
Treasure Richards also has a sister, who later - after her appearance on the show - came out to say that her sister's entire story had been fake. These days, though, Treasure Richards is active on TikTok - even shouting out to her 'Dr Phil' appearances to her followers.

Cheyenne, 'The Sex Worker' - THEN

Cheyenne's situation, as brought forth by her concerned mother on Dr. Phil's show, shed light on the distressing circumstances surrounding her decision to leave home and live in a motel with individuals believed to be involved in sex work.
image source:
Cheyenne was a 19 year old girl whose mother reached out to Dr Phil after becoming concerned when Cheyenne moved out and began living in a motel with 'two strangers'. It was understood that Cheyenne was a sex worker, and her mother believed the other two people from the motel were another sex worker, and pimp.

Cheyenne, 'The Sex Worker' - NOW

Unfortunately, there isn't available information or updates regarding Cheyenne's situation after the show's airing. The conflicting narratives from the individuals she lived with in the motel add another layer of complexity to her story, raising questions about the accuracy of the initial concerns.
image source:
Not much is known about Cheyenne now since that explosive appearance. The people she lived in a motel with claimed that they weren't pimp and sex worker at all, and that Cheyenne was living some version of her best life. Could she have eventually changed her mind and gone back to her mom?

Noah From Brat Camp - THEN

Noah's participation in Brat Camp within the Dr. Phil show highlighted the challenges faced by both parents and adolescents dealing with behavioral issues. His arrival at the "camp" signaled the start of a journey aimed at addressing his disruptive behavior and the strain it placed on familial dynamics.
image source:
Brat Camp was a part of the Dr Phil show where some guests would actually live in his 'house'. Noah was one of the guests who moved in along with his mother, and soon proved how Brat Camp got his name. He was a misbehaving child, to say the least, and this 'camp' was supposed to help parents and kids dealing with that.

Noah From Brat Camp - NOW

Noah's journey post-Brat Camp took an unexpected turn as his actions went viral, showcasing his challenging behavior and interactions, including an incident involving hitting his mother while on the show. Despite the momentary spotlight from the viral attention, details about his life afterward seem to have faded from public view.
image source:
Noah seems to have faded into obscurity pretty much, but we hope that's because he actually started behaving and is just living a quiet life! After the show, though, he did go viral for his antics - including hitting his mother in the house - and he remains one of the most memorable guests.

Riley & Tanya, The Sugar Baby Duo - THEN

Back in 2014, Riley and Tanya were a mother daughter duo who ended up making for rather uncomfortable viewing on the show. This is because they revealed they were actually a mother-daughter 'sugar baby duo' - yep that's right.
image source:
According to this due, their shared business would include entertaining wealthy clients - who apparently didn't mind so much the appeal of a mother daughter coming as some sort of warped package deal... but some people will try anything, won't they?

Riley & Tanya, The Sugar Baby Duo - NOW

Not much is known about the mother-daughter entrepreneurs these days, but maybe their business is still successful today. They did note on the show that none of what they provide includes intercourse - which would be more weird with mother/daughter - so there's that.
image source:
It's interesting to think what they did provide then - if it was just company and the idea of a hired date to events without intercourse, when why would you not just opt for one companion instead of having to pay for the price of two? We'll never know!