Different Types Of Auras And What They Reveal To Us

By Aaron Love 9 months ago


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If you're the sort of person with red in your Aura then you are probably quite the energetic and fiery person. These people are often some of the most passionate people in life and they can also be quite courageous. This courage can also make them quite stubborn in daily aspects of life too.


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Someone with an orange aura are usually related to the sacral chakra which usually deals with people's creativity and their intimate energy. If someone is displaying an orange aura then they are probably flowing with creativity and feeling very enthusiastic when it comes to their life.


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As I'm sure you're probably already aware, the colour yellow is almost always associated with being the happy colour. So it might come as no surprise that someone with a yellow aura will be pretty joyful, confident and ready to take on the day. They tend to have a boatload of friends too!


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You might associate the colour green with that of nature and our environment, so you might not be surprised to hear that a green aura can represent growth. Not only that, someone displaying a green aura will have a pretty open heart and always be able to forgive and be compassionate to others. No wonder it's related to the heart chakra.


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Like a green aura, the pink is also associated with the heart chakra so they share some similarities. Someone with a pink aura will live straight from the heart and be incredibly caring to not just friends and family but strangers too. They are also very kind and compassionate about everything.


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Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, so if you're showing signs of this in your aura then you're probably the sort of person who likes to speak the truth. These people might often struggle with operating in a grounded manner and often they might find themselves with their heads in the clouds a little.


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Having a purple aura is perhaps one of the most desired colours, especially by people who deeply believe in auras and chakras. Purple is the color of the third-eye chakra which, in the eyes of the superstitious, suggests that a person has good intuition and even potentially some psychic abilities.


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Those that follow mediums will recognise indigo as a colour which suggests someone is perhaps a little too sensitive and empathetic. These people may often find themselves feeling emotional as they can absorb unnecessary feelings as well as the feelings of others around them.


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Supposedly, if someone has the colour white in their aura it's actually quite rare. This is because the colour white is associated with the crown chakra which represents the energy of the universe. You might think yourself lucky to find white in your aura as it shows you have a strong connection within yourself.


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People actually believe that the colour black within an aura isn't actually a colour, but just a hole or gap that suggests something is missing. Usually, it is their belief that it means someone is overly fatigued and that they need to take some time to rest and recharge their energy fields.


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One of the rarest sights in the world of chakras and auras is the rainbow aura, which is where there are more than two colours being displayed. This is usually a sign that someone is incredibly busy or that they're feeling energized to a whole level above anything else they have before. People try to take advantage of these moments to try new things and meet new people.


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A silver aura is the first of the ones we have spoken about so far that isn't known as common colour in the spectrum. However, mediums believe that if it does appear within your aura that the person is about to come in to a period of important spiritual or material wealth that will benefit them.


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In contrast to the majority of the colours so far being positive, a brown aura is actually one you don't want to have and will want to get rid of as soon as you can. In the superstitious world of aura's, the colour brown actually represents greediness and someone might be a little self-absorbed.

Light Blue

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Aura's can even be determined by their shade, not just their primary colour. Light blue, for example, has some reference to the usual blue aura in that it shows someone truthful, but they will also be incredibly good at communicating their feelings and being at peace with the world.

Royal Blue

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Another shade of blue that you'd probably want to find within your aura is that of royal blue. Alongside the communication features of a blue aura, someone with royal blue might also be deeply in touch with their inner self and also feel extroverted, wanting to explore their surroundings.


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Someone with a crimson aura will be show some extreme signs of passion, particularly when linked to an important and special goal that they might have. They will often display an inner warrior within themselves that will help them with any challenge they face along the way.

Dull Red

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Traditionally, the colour red is one that many people might associate with anger, not just the love and passion that we've already discussed. If the red in your aura is fading or dull then you probably have a lot of pent up anger that you're going to need to try and get rid of, with or without assistance.


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As grey is technically a shade of black it probably comes as no surprise that the colour is seen as negative in the world of aura's. The colour grey actually represents someone that might have some low energy levels and that they could also be filled with some additional levels of sadness.

Emerald Green

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As I mentioned before, people who display colours like green in their aura are good at forgiving and helping other people. You would expect to see people like doctors, surgeons, therapists and other medical professionals might have this colour within their auras as they help others heal.

Dull Green

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Just as when the colour red begins to fade it's negative, the same occurs with a fading green aura. As we know, green aura's are found in helpers, but as the colour begins to dull these people can quickly begin to feel jealous or resentful to some of the people that they're spending a lot of time around.

Dark Yellow

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Although the traditional yellow colour is seen to be very positive, a dark yellow colour can be very stressed. For this reason, many students find this colour in their aura as they hunt for some positive test scores. There are many ways to enlighten your aura again though guys, don't worry.

Bright Yellow

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Strangely, the brighter version of the colour yellow actually shows some very opposing feelings. If someone has a bright yellow aura they may either be feeling very playful or they might be going through some loss or they fear they might be about to go through some heavy losses.


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If you've ever been spending time around someone and felt instantly comfortable then they might have a crystal aura. It's extremely rare and it suggests that someone can be quite introverted and very self-reflective. The emotional intelligence someone with a crystal aura has can be very soothing.


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A golden aura has some strong connections to the Solar Plexus chakra and therefore these people will often have a strong sense of humility, compassion and dedication to the people that they spend their time around as well as the tasks that they end up setting themselves.


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The colour turquoise is often associated with people feeling pretty calm and chilled out, you might think of the sky! It's also a mix of the colour green and blue so therefore you'll find some similar attributes in turquoise as you do them. They will be friendly and outgoing whilst enjoying spending time with and helping others.


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Teal, not to be confused with turquoise, offers some similar attributes. However, these people will be incredibly intuitive and they can tend to read people once they meet them. Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone? You might have a teal aura if you were right in the first place.


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Someone who displays a bronze aura will exude strength and purpose, they might also be the sort of person who possesses some great, natural leadership qualities. Having a bronze aura would suggest that someone is incredibly dependable and the pillar of support within a friend group.


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The pearlescent aura is yet another rare one and also one of the most enchanting you can ever find. Like the glow of the pearl by which they're named after they offer a very calming and soothing energy. They can almost always remain permanent balanced in emotion and energy levels and they're the sort of person you WANT to be.


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Charcoal, you might think, seems like quite the depressing colour when it comes to someone's aura, it can seem to have quite the positive twist on it. It reveals that someone is going through the process of some self-discovery and they may be carefully trying to consider the next steps they are going to take in their life.


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The amber aura is one that radiates the openness and warmth within a person and they are usually some of the most inviting people out there. You might be drawn towards them, maybe just for a chat, although this could end up leading to the formation of a relationship that lasts much longer than your first interaction.