Day In The Life Of A New Mom

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Waking Up In The Night

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In the quiet hours of the night a new mother seems to have a newly developed, heightened sensitivity to sound. Even the gentlest of movements or cries can be enough to wake a mother which can often lead to a lot of sleepless nights. They might be tiring but it definitely grows the bond between mother and child!

Changing Diapers

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The task that no father ever wants to do right? It's always the mom's that get left with the disgusting ones! A new mom might have to fight back some wretches in the opening weeks of motherhood as they get used to swapping out messy diapers to ensure her child remains hygienic. The baby always seems to be laughing too!

Prepare Food

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It's almost as if the world doesn't change so much for some mothers as they begin to navigate early motherhood. If they're the dedicated chef in the house then they'll find themselves stirring the pot with one hand whilst their new-born is in the other, taking in all of those fresh new smells.

Feed The Baby

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Not only does a mother need to ensure there is time for herself to eat, but most importantly she needs to feed her new-born too. For many this might involve breast-feeding whereas others might choose to use a bottle. Either way, this is a guaranteed segment of every new mom's day.

Try And Nap

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In the rare moments that a new mom has some respite from her baby, maybe her partner is home or the baby is asleep, she might take the opportunity to drop off herself. This isn't just a physical rest for a mother but also an opportunity for her to reset her mentals before she has to approach some more baby challenges.

Shower When There's Time

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 Another thing a new mom might try to do with moments of respite is to seize the opportunity to go and grab a shower. It might just seem to be an opportunity to rest, but they are something of a ritual for mothers to remind herself that she isn't just a mom but has her own life too.

Let Friends And Family Visit

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If there's one thing that's guaranteed after a mom gives birth it's that there'll be friends and family trying to queue up to come and visit the new-born. Everyone wants to come and offer gifts or catch a sight of your new little one and as long as you're not too tired it can be a nice refresh.

Play With The Baby

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Another thing that's guaranteed in the opening days of motherhood is the mother playing with her new baby. It can really pull on the heartstrings of a mother to see the delight she can bring to her child with the simplest of toys or voices, it's all just a little bit of magic for the two of them.

Do The Household Chores

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It seems a little unfair for a new mother to still have to focus on keeping the household clean and to be fair, paternity leave has increased for many meaning she doesn't always have too anymore. But if she does, she'll find the strength within her to juggle all the various chores alongside nurturing her new-born.

Feel All The Emotions

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If there's one thing that all new mom's can agree on, it's that the opening weeks and months can bring a flurry of different emotions each and everyday.  There'll be moments of pride and happiness which might quickly be overridden with some fear and doubt. It's totally natural!

Enjoy Any Free Time Possible

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I have already touched on how new moms might enjoy some little refresh moments like napping or showering. But sometimes it might just be sitting down and enjoying some quiet. They might choose to have a cup of coffee or read a good book for 15 minutes to reconnect with herself.

Go For A Walk

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Often, new mom's decide that they should get some fresh air and to be honest, it feels nice to walk around without carrying all that baby weight for once! Taking your new born out doesn't feel like exercise but instead an opportunity for the two of them to take some of their first explorations together.

Sterilizing Bottles

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A task that pretty much all new mom's have to come to learn is the process of sterilizing the bottles from which their baby will drink from. It might seem easy (and it is) but it's still an opportunity for a mom to feel as though she'd doing some good in making sure her baby is protected.

Pump Breast Milk

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Another aspect of being a new mother that makes her feel as though she's protecting her baby is pumping breast milk. Some people can be immature and find it weird, but ultimately it's the most natural way for a mother to use her body to provide what her new-born really needs.

Comfort A Crying Baby

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The maternal relationship is often always the strongest and that can be built from the earliest days of life, when the mother is comforting a new-born during their various periods of discomfort. A mother is often a haven of sorts for a new-born, always being able to provide some form of solace.

Research Parenting Tips

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Amidst periods of time in which the baby is asleep, a mother might delve in to the treasure trove that is the internet. Across a load of sites there are a huge range virtual chatrooms and blogs which can supply a mother with advice and insights that will only boost her maternal knowledge.

Find Other Mom Friends

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Although most of a person's current friends will stick around following the birth of a new-born, a new mom might also try and find some fellow new moms to connect and go on the journey with. Through shared stories and memories this is an opportunity to create new and helpful relationships.

Baby Check-Ups

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One of the most common features in the opening weeks and months of motherhood is regular check-ups for the little one. There should be no skipped visits, just to make sure that everything is fine. And after all, it's a chance to celebrate the milestones the baby is reaching.

Feel A Little Uncomfortable

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It's not uncommon for a new mother to have to grapple against the feelings of discomfort, after all, they have just popped out a brand new human being! There'll be moments when that the body wants to give up or feels off, but the mother will always be strong enough to overcome that.

Updating The Social Media Pages

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In our current world, which is dominated by technology, a new mother might always be choosing to update her social media pages in order to keep people up to date with what's happening with the little one. They can choose what info to share and what to not, so it's private enough.

Take Lots Of Photos and Videos

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One thing a mother will always enjoy doing with her new-born is taking photos and videos to document every moment that they can. Every single shot will come with memories that'll now be able to live with them forever. No moment is too simple for a snapshot to be taken!

Try Methods To Make Them Sleep Longer

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It can become quite stressful and tiring having to wake up during the night to look after a waking baby. So they will have a go at becoming a sleep master and experiment with a range of routines and techniques in the hopes that the little one might be able to gain some lengthy Z's.

Buy Lots Of Baby Food

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If you're a mother then you'll know how much baby food you'll be going out to get from the stores after you've given birth. They'll become wary of the nutritional value and they'll quickly realise that some of the foods won't be suitable for the tastebuds of the little one, especially if they spit it out!

Spend Time With A Partner

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Although a mother might be spending pretty much every waking minute with their baby, they also hope for some time with their partner too. It might be something as simple as eating a meal together, but these small moments can offer some calm amidst all the chaos.

Picking Out Baby Outfits

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A new mother will quickly become her new-born's stylist for the foreseeable future, always being able to choose which outfit they'll be wearing for the day. The baby is almost a blank canvas for style and the mother will be able to curate a wardrobe suitable for her baby's body.

Read Baby Books

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I suppose you could be looking at this a few different ways, some mothers choose to read books to their baby very early in life, just to offer them their voice. Or you could view this as the mother reading books in the corner to offer some insights that change the way she does things.

Try And Get Them To Say Mama First

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Although the baby will be spitting out a load of babbling and cooing, the mother will always be playfully attempting to make her name the first real word that comes out of the new-borns mouth. All it takes is a lot of repetition and affection and she might eventually get what she wants.

Always Thinking The Baby Is Sick

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One thing a mother will always be doing is trying to make sure her new-born is as healthy as they can be. The slightest of issues that arise will always set a new mom off in to a period of panic and worry; this is usually just a typical maternal reaction, but it might be worth getting checked just for reassurance.

Looking For Post-Pregnancy Clothes

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Following the changes that the body goes through during a pregnancy the new mom might be on the lookout for some new clothes to help embrace her evolved body. Seeking this comfort can be a great way for the new mom to continue through a journey of self love.

Accepting Any Help

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Everyone will know that the opening periods of motherhood can be extremely stressful and tiring, so they will probably offer a new mom some help. A new mother will always appreciate someone offering to help them, whether that be looking after the baby a little, doing some chores or making some food.