Dark Secrets That The ‘Cheescake Factory’ Staff Don’t Want Us To Know

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. It's the most unhealthy restaurant chain in America

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This is maybe not the top prize that you want, but the Cheesecake Factory is considered the most unhealthy restaurant in America due to its sodium, sugar, fat, and calorie content! They do have an incredibly expansive menu, though, so it might be partially due to volume. There are a few menu items that are better for you than others!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. It's hard to get time off

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Employees have said that despite a waiter's employment being casual, it's incredibly hard to request time off. As a server, you expect to work non-traditional hours on nights and weekend, but you're actually required to work these shifts each week. You also aren't allowed to request off any time during the holidays, so you will likely work at least one major holiday.

3. Employees have to speak in a certain way

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When you go through training at Cheesecake Factory, there are certain phrases that you have to learn. For example, employees are not allowed to say "no," they say, "I'm sorry." And they don't say "yes," they say, "absolutely!" It's also their job to inform the customer about certain dishes... if it's spicy, if it comes with onions, etc.

4. It's really hard work!

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The job is really hectic, especially when it's busy. The food is in such giant portions, and you're meant to carry three plates at a time. Servers say it's incredibly exhausting. If you spill on yourself, you will get in trouble, and you will definitely go home from each shift smelling like food!

5. The copycat recipe is borderline BETTER

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So the internet put out a viral copycat recipe of the classic Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. The restaurant chain wasn't super stoked that the information went viral, and even less so when a LOT of users agreed that the homemade fresh version was much better in both taste and for health.

6. It started in a basement in Detroit

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Evelyn Overton had no idea the immense legacy her cheesecake recipe was going to leave. Back in 1940, she made her own version of a recipe she saw, and it was so delicious, it led her to opening a small shop out of her basement. The start of this small business would end up to be a national chain!

7. Before it was a national chain, it was this

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Because of Evelyn's success selling cheesecakes from her basement, she eventually started a bakery in 1972. The name of the bakery? The Cheesecake Factory Bakery. In the bakery, she sold over 20 different types of cheesecake and desserts. Beyond local customers, she also sold her desserts to restaurants in Los Angeles.

8. It's hard to take a break on your shift

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While it's obviously required by law, sometimes it can be hard to get your appropriate breaks at work. Employees say that when you go on your break, you have to ask someone to cover you. A lot of employees said that it's easier to find someone to cover you for a cigarette break than to ask for a break to drink some water.

9. You can order off-menu

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The staff may not loveee it, but you can do it. If you have a particular item you want but with a different sauce, the kitchen will usually try to accommodate that. The employees don't love it, because it's harder to put in the system. But if you come with a specific order, fire away!

10. They HAVE to tell you about the cheesecakes

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One of the restaurant policies is that servers have to showcase the cheesecakes to you at the end of your meal, every time. They will bring you a dessert menu and explain which one is featured that month. They said that this actually encourages a lot of customers to get a slice of cheesecake to go!

11. A lot of employees also volunteer

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One cool thing about Cheesecake Factory is that a lot of the location give to homeless shelters throughout the year. A lot of employees also volunteer around the holidays to help support these initiatives. If you order the Oreo Dream cheesecake, a portion of the profit goes to Feeding America!

12. The food is fresh!

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On a positive note, almost all employees have commented on being pleasantly surprised at how fresh the food is. In fact, employees say that most food does not come from a freezer, and it's made fresh daily at each location. This can't be said for the cheesecakes, but more on that later!

13. Customers can be super rude

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Many employees commented that Cheesecake Factories are often located in more touristy or frequented sections of whatever city they're located in. Because of this, when there are conventions or games or large crowds, it can be overwhelming. People can get cranky, especially when this is juxtaposed to a local couple who just wants a night out.

14. This also means the tips aren't always great

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Several employees have reported that the tipping culture at Cheesecake Factory isn't great. This is likely due to the aforementioned locations and volume of people. Out-of-towners might occasionally be super generous, or they might only leave a dollar or two as a tip. It makes the hard work feel wasted!

15. THIS is the cheesecake you should get

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Employees say that the Red Velvet cheesecake is BY FAR the most popular cheesecake that they offer. This is true amongst both customers and staff. The staff said that they also really enjoy the seasonal variations such as pumpkin spice or piña colada. We'll have to try those too!

16. There are actually really good work perks

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Did you know that if you become a general manager at Cheesecake Factory, you can drive a company-leased BMQ? That's pretty cool! And if you're a casual employee who's working at least 25 hours, you're eligible for full benefits and free cheesecake at the end of your shift.

17. The hosts can make you wait a long time

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The hosts have a big job and when the lobby is full, they're really multi-tasking and problem-solving on the fly to get everyone seated. They're juggling walk-ins as well as reservations, so if you're a walk-in, please be patient and kind with the host. Or else you could be waiting a while!

18. You can request the menu in braille

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While this isn't a dark secret, it's definitely pretty cool! Did you know that if you have vision impairment, you can actually ask for the ENTIRE Cheesecake Factory menu in Braille. One employee said that her customer would read the entire menu every time, just because it's something not a lot of restaurants offer.

19. You might still be able to get this discontinued item

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The Factory Burger was a standard cheeseburger, but what made it excellent was that it used the signature brown bread as a bun. However, they removed this burger from the menu a while back, and people were upset. Employees say that you can still order it if you just ask for a cheeseburger and sub the bread. Try it!

20. They took this menu item from Nobu

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Nobu and Cheesecake Factory might be in slightly different leagues, but that doesn't mean Cheesecake Factory hasn't drawn on them for inso. The miso salmon is a replica of Nobu's miso-glazed cod. What do you think will pop up next at Cheesecake Factory? A baked crab hand roll, maybe?

21. That's a lot of sauce!

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Chefs from Cheesecake Factory have said that each location makes over 100 sauces every single day! That is soooo much sauce. It's said that the tamarind-cashew dipping sauce can take over an hour to prepare and make. And that's just one sauce of over 100.

22. Employees don't really get free food

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Some workers have said that you get to try the food during training, but that's about it. Some locations offer half-off prices on menu items for workers on their break. But overall, it seems there's a set employee meal menu. Most employees say it's so busy that they never order.

23. You have Cheesecake Factory to thank for this

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Of course, as we've learned, the Cheesecake Factory started as a bakery, all from the mind of Evelyn, with many varieties of cakes. But it's still pretty cool that the restaurant chain is responsible for inventing the carrot cake cheesecake which is a fan favorite. Give it a try next time you go!

24. They go through a LOT of avocados

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Cheesecake Factory is reported to use over 3.1 million pounds of avocados every single year. If you've ever had the classic avocado egg rolls, then you know what we're talking about. Most of the avocados are used for that dish, which they make fresh every day!

25. Brunch is most people's favorite shift

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Most employees say that their favorite shift to work is brunch. You don't get as good of tips as the evenings, but if you want to have your evenings free, brunch is the way to go. If you work the evening shift, you often don't get done with close until 12:30am, which means you're walking around with a bunch of tip cash at 1am.

26. You can order your items really plain

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There are some people who just want something simple, maybe due to allergies or health. Again, Cheesecake Factory is not known for the healthiest options. But if you want a plain piece of grilled chicken or pork, the staff will likely accommodate this request for you!

27. National Cheesecake Day is a big deal

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Employees joke that National Cheesecake Day was invented by Cheesecake Factory. Maybe it was?! But they offer a slice of cheesecake for a VERY reduced rate. So much so, that there's often an endless line on this day of people waiting forever to get their slice. Would you wait in line?

28. There's a lot of red tape

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Former Cheesecake Factory employees have said that the restaurant chain is pretty bogged down by corporate policy. Even the smallest details are steeped in regulation. The training for the job is really intense, from how much ice to put in a cup to the precise angle you need to slice the delicious brown bread.

29. Employees have to memorize the menu

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Speaking of the training process, former servers said that the first week of the job is dedicated to committing the ENTIRE Cheesecake Factory menu to memory. If you've ever been, you know what a beast that menu is! They are given flashcards to help with this, and they also have to take written and verbal tests before they can start serving.

30. The cheesecakes aren't made fresh

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This one might not surprise you, just from seeing them in the case when you go. But considering that this dessert is literally in the name, it's a little disappointing to know that the cheesecakes are not made fresh. They are all made in Calabasas, CA and in Rocky Mount, NC and then shipped out to locations across the US.

31. There are over 40 types of cheesecake you can get your hands on

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We already know you're guaranteed a cheesecake when you go here, because that's what it's all about - but did you know exactly how many you can choose from? It's crazy! You might have always stuck to your favorite flavor, in which case you need to seriously try one of the many others.

32. There are also seasonal flavors you shouldn't miss

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And in case you didn't know, seasonal times of the year can have new, limited-time-only flavors of cheesecake! Particularly during Halloween, which offers pecan and pumpkin flavored cheesecake, while you can also grab a mint variety over the holidays! Now you know when you next need to go!

33. There are only two bakeries that make ALL those cheesecakes

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Since The Cheesecake Factory has gone so big and makes so many cheesecakes, you might think they have a ton of bakeries working day in, day out. But actually there are only two bakeries responsible for all the chain store's cheesecakes. They're in California and North Carolina.

34. The cheesecakes are actually frozen and shipped worldwide!

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You don't have to worry if you can't ever make it to a physical Cheesecake Factory restaurant because their cheesecakes can be frozen, ready to be shipped all over the world. If you'd rather something plainer, too, they still do the original cheesecake that can be frozen and shipped!

35. Evelyn's son David left his band to come make cheesecakes

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Evelyn's son, David, was originally a musician, working and performing music in a band. He left his band to come and help his mother with the family business - and it's a good job, seeing as the small home business took off enormously and definitely needed an extra pair of hands!

36. The menu is pretty huge: 21 pages!

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We said the employees have to memorize it, so can you imagine? Most people probably even don't have the time or energy to go through 21 pages, which is why you might only stick to the cheesecakes you know! But if you ever get time, it's worth looking through the whole thing, of course. Spoiled for choice!

37. Its egg rolls are world famous

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Their egg rolls are famous around the world, and not even just the avocado ones (though it's good they are based on the amount of avocados they go through!). Their avocado egg rolls and Tex-Mex egg rolls, amongst others, are world famous - and you can even try the 'sampler' to see which one is your favorite!

38. They actually have superfood items if you're looking for a health kick

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We don't know why you'd go to somewhere called The Cheesecake Factory anyway if you were really trying to be healthy, but maybe it's cheat day! They do have a super foods menu you can browse which has the most nutritious offerings, as well as food items packed with antioxidants.

39. The factory makes over 100 sauces A DAY

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You'd think cheesecakes would be the thing they were making the most of day after day, but nope, it's actually sauces. But based on the amount of food items on the menu that need sauces, it's no surprise! The sauces needing to be made include spicy, hot, sweet and more!

40. There used to be a self-service option - but it closed down

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Self-serving yourself cheesecake is probably a dangerous game if you've no self control! The one and only self service station was located at Disney World's Disney Quest - but it didn't last, due to the Cheesecake Factory and Disney breaking off their contract, so it closed in 2008.

41. It might have unhealthy food... but it has a health plan for its employees

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Not only do Cheesecake Factory employees get a health plan for themselves, but they also get one for close relatives! So it pays to know someone who works there after all. This only applies if you work over 25+ hours a week, though, which is pretty gutting for people who are only part time.

42. It does some good with leftover food

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It's shocking to think there'd be anyone who didn't clear their plates at Cheesecake Factory and make them run out of food! But if there is any food that's leftover that can't be served for whatever reason, they donate a ton of it to local food banks to do their bit for a good cause.

43. The restaurants' music is chosen by David

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Apparently David didn't leave his musician roots behind too much because he's still responsible for picking the music out for every single one of the Cheesecake Factory restaurants in the world! His background comes from blues music, which was the music he played in his band, and no doubt he puts that inspiration into his restaurant playlists!

44. It has over 33,000 employees

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From humble beginnings at only 3 employees, the Cheesecake Factory chain now has over 33,000 employees to its name! Maybe it's that health plan, eh? David himself has said the success of the chain is down to its employees, so it's understandable why there are so many of them.

45. Its R&D center is in California

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Chefs work hard behind the scenes to perfect those delicious cheesecake recipes that you find in the restaurants around the world. The R&D location where these chefs work to make those recipes is actually based in California. David also travels there a few times a week to try out the new flavors.

46. New employees will get very extensive training

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Seeing as employees are the heart and soul of the place, it's no surprise they have to go through pretty rigorous training to get there. This training not only helps the employees get better but also shows them the Factory is investing in them, as well as their futures!

47. It likes to focus on "made from scratch"

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The R&D location is about more than just trying out new great recipes - they have a huge culinary focus on new cheesecakes made from absolute scratch, instead of just building on or tweaking existing recipes. The culinary team works hard to present brand new flavors on the menu.

48. You might see employees wearing jeans on certain days

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The Cheesecake Factory has a well-known existing uniform, of course, but the restaurant also likes to host 'casual' days for employees on certain days! This means instead of a more formal uniform, you might see employees sporting casual jeans and sneakers while serving your table.

49. Some places don't have booze or pork on the menu

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The Cheesecake Factory opened its doors in the Middle East, which was met with huge success - but places in the Middle East can't have every item on the original menu, which includes pork and any sort of alcohol. So the Factory had to adapt their menus for Kuwait and Dubai.

50. It's not stopping anytime soon

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The good news is, The Cheesecake Factory has no intention of slowing down anytime soon! Due to their huge growth in employee number, as well as their revenue and locations across the globe, their success means they only want to get bigger and bigger -with more cheesecakes!