Dark Secrets Of Wendy Williams

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Now, we all know Wendy for her no-holds-barred attitude and the way she spills the tea on celebrities without batting an eyelash. But what if I told you there's a side to Wendy that goes beyond the camera's glare? We're talking about secrets so juicy they could make your grandma gasp! From behind-the-scenes drama to eyebrow-raising personal escapades, this article is your golden ticket to the untold tales of Wendy Williams.

1. Her comedy tour kept being canceled and postponed

Wendy Williams, the woman who can turn even the most mundane gossip into a theatrical spectacle, had aspirations beyond the realm of celebrity chatter. In 2019, she decided to take her comedic chops on the road, embarking on a stand-up comedy tour that promised laughter, insider stories, and probably a few scandalous secrets spilled for good measure.

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It turns out that even with her quick wit and charismatic on-screen persona, Wendy Williams couldn't quite crack the stand-up code. Perhaps it was the unfiltered nature of her daytime talk show that fans loved, and attempting to translate that into a live comedy performance proved to be a different ball game altogether.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Wendy's extended vacation brought tears of joy to her employees

While fans were treated to a revolving door of celebrity guest hosts spilling the tea in her absence, there were some who secretly reveled in the break from Wendy's unfiltered antics – her employees. Yes, you read that right; the folks who work behind the scenes were, low-key, enjoying the temporary reprieve from the whirlwind that is Wendy Williams.

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Of course, we can't jump to conclusions about Wendy's management style based on a few raised eyebrows and sighs of relief. After all, every workplace has its quirks and dynamics. Maybe Wendy's absence just underscored the undeniable truth that she's the beating heart of her show, and things naturally take on a different rhythm when she's not around.

3. Low blow at Ariana Grande

I mean, seriously, can't we just let everyone live their lives without tearing them down? Wendy, in her infinite wisdom, decided to question whether Ariana could be considered a "real woman" based on her looks. Really, Wendy? Last time I checked, height and youthful looks didn't determine someone's worth or womanhood.

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The truth is, body-shaming serves no purpose other than to bring negativity into the world. We're all unique, and that's what makes the world interesting. Ariana Grande, standing at pocket-size perfection, has been an inspiration to many, proving that talent and personality far outweigh any superficial judgments.

4. When Wendy betrayed Method Man

Oh, Wendy Williams, there are times when your penchant for Hot Topics crosses a line, and the revelation about Method Man's wife's cancer was one of those jaw-dropping moments. In a shocking display of insensitivity, Wendy spilled the deeply personal news before the couple had the chance to share it with their loved ones. Seriously, Wendy, did you misplace your filter that day?

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The fallout from Wendy's loose lips wasn't just a Hot Topic for the day; it was a lesson in the importance of empathy and discretion. Fans and critics alike slammed Wendy for her lack of tact, and Method Man was ready to throw down, metaphorically speaking. Who could blame him?

5. She also claimed the rapper had an affair

Accusing someone of infidelity is no light matter, and doing it without a shred of evidence is like playing with fire in a dynamite factory. Method Man, understandably, was beyond furious. I mean, who wouldn't be? Wendy, in her quest for Hot Topics supremacy, seemed to have forgotten the basic principles of journalistic integrity and common decency.

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Sure, celebrities sign up for a certain level of public scrutiny when they step into the limelight, but there's a difference between discussing their work and dragging their personal lives through the mud. Wendy may be the Queen of Hot Topics, but even royalty can make a misstep, and this one was a doozy.

6. Known for her transphobic comments

From misgendering Chaz Bono to questioning Caitlyn Jenner's womanhood, Wendy has shown a lack of tact and understanding that has left many scratching their heads. he journey of self-discovery and acceptance for transgender individuals is already challenging enough without having someone in the limelight making insensitive comments.

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Misgendering, questioning someone's identity, or implying that there's some kind of litmus test for being a "real" woman is not only hurtful but perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Wendy, with her platform, should know better and use her influence responsibly. Transgender issues are complex and deserve a nuanced and respectful conversation, not flippant remarks that only serve to alienate and belittle.

7. Wendy vs. Whitney Houston

While journalists often navigate the delicate balance between probing for information and respecting personal boundaries, Wendy seemed to disregard this delicate dance. She didn't just touch on sensitive topics; she cannonballed into the deep end of Whitney's personal life, repeatedly probing about alleged drug use, marriage, and other private matters.

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In the realm of celebrity interviews, where emotions can run high, there's a fine line between responsible journalism and sensationalism. Wendy's infamous interview with Whitney Houston leaned heavily toward the latter, leaving viewers and critics alike questioning the ethics of such an aggressive interviewing style.

8. Aaliyah biopic controversy

Instead of paying a fitting tribute to the late R&B sensation, the biopic faced significant backlash from Aaliyah's family, collaborators, and fans who believed it disrespected the artist's legacy. One of the most vocal critics was none other than Timbaland, a close collaborator and friend of Aaliyah.

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Aaliyah's family, in particular, was vocal about their displeasure with the project. They raised concerns about the lack of involvement and consultation, feeling that Aaliyah's story deserved a more authentic and respectful treatment.

9. She even came for Beyoncé

In her candid style, Wendy didn't mince words, claiming, "You know Beyoncé can't talk. Beyoncé sounds like she has a fifth-grade education. She can't talk." Now, questioning the intelligence of someone as accomplished and globally revered as Beyoncé is like stepping into a lion's den – you're bound to face some serious roars of disapproval.

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Beyoncé, known for her powerhouse vocals, business acumen, and philanthropy, has long been celebrated for her talent and grace under pressure. Wendy's comments about her speaking abilities seemed to touch a nerve with fans and critics alike, sparking a debate about the line between critique and unnecessary criticism.

10. When Wendy doubted Kesha's allegations

Wendy, known for her straightforward commentary, stated, "Unfortunately, business is business, and it sounds like it's fair. If everybody complained because somebody allegedly sexually abused them... contracts would be broken all the time."

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This perspective, while reflective of a practical understanding of the complexities in the music industry, stirred controversy. Kesha's legal battle brought to light broader conversations about the challenges faced by victims of abuse in various industries, and Wendy's comments were met with criticism for potentially downplaying the seriousness of Kesha's allegations.

11. Wendy Williams took issue with Paris Jackson's racial identity

In 2017, Wendy Williams stirred up controversy when she weighed in on Paris Jackson's self-identification as black. Paris, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, proudly expressed that she considered herself black due to her father's heritage. However, Wendy Williams took a different stance on her talk show.

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Williams disagreed with Paris's self-identification, asserting, "Black is not what you call yourself, it's what the cops see when they got steel to your neck on the turnpike." This statement sparked a significant backlash, with critics accusing Wendy of oversimplifying the complexities of racial identity and the experiences of individuals who identify as multiracial.

12. Jennifer Lawrence's nudes: Not her choice, but Wendy's viewing pleasure

Wendy Williams, ever the provocateur, showcased her trademark sarcasm and blunt honesty when addressing Jennifer Lawrence's reaction to the unauthorized release of her nude photos in 2014. Jennifer expressed her disgust at the violation of her privacy, stating, "I didn't tell you that you could look at my naked body. It's my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting."

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This moment encapsulates Wendy's unapologetic approach to celebrity gossip, often presenting a perspective that might be considered controversial or brash. In this case, Wendy's response seemed to playfully challenge societal norms surrounding privacy and digital boundaries.

13. 2Pac's alleged rape in jail

It's no secret that Wendy Williams is no stranger to stirring the pot and making controversial statements. In a 2012 interview, she alluded to a rumor involving the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, insinuating that he was raped in jail during the '90s. Her choice of words and the nature of the rumor added a particularly sensitive layer to the discussion.

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Wendy has built her career on being outspoken and unfiltered, often diving into celebrity gossip with a boldness that can border on the audacious. This incident, where she casually mentioned a rumor about Tupac, exemplifies her approach to Hot Topics, where the line between fact and speculation can become blurred.

14. Williams questions Terry Crews' courage to admit he was assaulted

Wendy also faced criticism for her response to Terry Crews bravely sharing his experience of sexual assault. In a moment that left many scratching their heads, Wendy seemed to downplay the bravery of Terry's openness and implied that his speaking out might negatively impact his career.

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She stated, "No, it's not brave — he's just talking. But being all black and being all chatty... It will, in my opinion, affect his career." This response drew backlash for seemingly minimizing the courage it took for Terry Crews to come forward with such a personal and difficult revelation.

15. When Wendy questioned Kim Zolciak-Biermann's mini-stroke

Wendy Williams, never one to shy away from controversy, raised eyebrows and drew criticism when she expressed doubts about the legitimacy of Kim Zolciak-Biermann's mini-stroke in 2015. Instead of offering empathy for Kim's health scare, Wendy seemed to question the authenticity of the incident.

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In a tone that blended skepticism with sarcasm, Wendy suggested that Kim might have fabricated the mini-stroke as an excuse to get out of a commitment. The comment not only minimized the seriousness of a health issue but also perpetuated a dismissive attitude towards someone experiencing a medical emergency.

16. Wendy's take on Jesse Williams' speech

Wendy Williams obviously has a knack for stirring the pot, and her take on Jesse Williams' powerful pro-Black speech at the BET Awards in 2016 certainly didn't go unnoticed. In a controversial segment, Wendy compared historically Black colleges to a hypothetical historically white college and questioned the need for organizations like the NAACP.

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Jesse Williams' speech, which addressed issues of racial injustice and inequality, resonated with many, making Wendy's contrasting perspective a point of contention. It also sparked discussions about the responsibility of media personalities when addressing sensitive topics related to race and social justice.

17. Rumor mill strikes again: She said Diddy is gay

One notable incident involved Sean "P Diddy" Combs. When Wendy decided to discuss rumors about P Diddy's sexuality, he reportedly retaliated by making a single phone call that allegedly led to Wendy being removed from the air. The details of this episode have been discussed over the years, and it certainly became a memorable moment in Wendy's career.

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In the world of entertainment commentary, Wendy Williams has become a polarizing figure, celebrated by some for her candidness and criticized by others for crossing boundaries. The P Diddy episode is just one chapter in Wendy's colorful career, reminding us that the realm of celebrity gossip is a high-stakes game with real-world consequences.

18. Wendy's dark past

Wendy has been open and candid about her personal struggles, and her admission about her past cocaine addiction is a poignant example of her transparency. In a March 2019 segment on her show, Wendy spoke honestly about the dark chapter in her life, acknowledging the toll it took on her health and well-being.

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She confessed, "I was a mess…killing myself. I realized I am a walking addict. You can’t just clean it up and stop it." This raw and introspective moment allowed Wendy to connect with her audience on a deeper level, sharing the harsh realities of addiction and the challenging journey to recovery.

19. Williams' sober house stay: Who knew?

In a moment of vulnerability, she shared that she was separated from her husband and sought support in the company of fellow recovering addicts. The decision to live in a sober house, a supportive environment for those working on their recovery, reflected Wendy's commitment to addressing her challenges head-on.

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Despite the camaraderie she found in her fellow recovering addicts, Wendy chose to keep this aspect of her life relatively secret. This decision was likely influenced by various factors, including the desire for privacy, fear of judgment, or perhaps not wanting to burden her parents with the knowledge of her struggles.

20. Marital mayhem

Wendy Williams has always been upfront about her personal life, and her first marriage, lasting only five months, is a part of her history that she hasn't shied away from sharing. Wendy's decisive nature, which has contributed to her success in the entertainment industry, seemed to play out quite differently in her personal relationships.

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Wendy's openness about the ups and downs of her personal life, including her marriages, has resonated with many of her fans. It serves as a reminder that even those who appear confident and decisive in their professional lives may grapple with complexities and uncertainties in their personal relationships.

21. Fistfight fallout: Wendy's DJ drama

Wendy Williams' departure from Hot 97 indeed marked a turning point in her radio career and set the stage for her journey to rebuild elsewhere. The circumstances surrounding her exit involved rumors of a fistfight with another female DJ working on a different program. While Wendy denied these rumors, the incident dealt a significant blow to her tenure at Hot 97.

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The radio industry has often been known for its competitive and sometimes tumultuous environment, and clashes between personalities are not uncommon. Wendy's departure from Hot 97, whether fueled by a physical altercation or not, became a pivotal moment in her career trajectory.

22. Williams in the hot seat

In 2008, Wendy Williams faced a significant setback as her popularity soared. A talent booker from her show filed a complaint against her, which escalated into a lawsuit involving Wendy, her husband, and the broadcasting corporation. The accusations in the complaint painted a disturbing picture of the work environment.

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The details of the lawsuit included allegations of verbal and physical abuse in the workplace, with the talent booker claiming mistreatment by both Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, who was also an executive producer on the show. The lawsuit shed light on a toxic work environment, and the legal proceedings brought the darker aspects of Wendy's professional life into public view.

23. Wendy's allegedly been abused by Hunter

The lawsuit you mentioned brought forth shocking allegations of intimate demands and abuse within Wendy Williams' work environment, particularly involving her husband, Kevin Hunter. The claims included accusations of physical abuse towards Wendy herself. Despite Wendy and her husband vehemently denying these accusations, the lawsuit shone a spotlight on disturbing dynamics within the workplace.

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The legal proceedings unfolded against the backdrop of Wendy Williams' rising fame, and the allegations added a layer of complexity to her public persona. The case brought attention not only to the allegations of mistreatment but also to the broader issue of power dynamics within the entertainment industry.

24. Controversial jewelry line troubles

In 2012, Wendy Williams' foray into the world of fashion faced disturbing revelations. Her jewelry line, Adorn, became entangled in a mysterious and unsettling situation. Reports emerged that the Chinese company commissioned for the production of the jewelry had vanished, with rumors swirling about unpaid debts and a bizarre incident involving the alleged kidnapping of their manager by a shoe manufacturer.

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The details surrounding the disappearance of the Chinese company's manager added a dark and perplexing layer to the situation. Despite the unsettling nature of these revelations, Wendy Williams chose to remain silent on the matter, leaving many questions unanswered.

25. Wendy's eye-opening experience

Wendy Williams' health challenges became a focal point in 2018 when she disclosed her battle with hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease. These conditions not only explained some physical changes, including the appearance of her eyes due to Graves' disease, but also shed light on the personal struggles she was facing behind the scenes.

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Later on, Wendy made the candid admission that she had been dealing with drug addiction during this period. This revelation added another dimension to her health journey and provided context to some of the ups and downs in her public appearances. Wendy's decision to share her struggles with addiction contributed to breaking down the stigma associated with such issues, highlighting that even those in the public eye face personal battles.

26. Statue of Liberty's downfall

The Halloween episode of 2017 marked a startling moment for Wendy Williams and her audience. During the show, Wendy collapsed onstage, causing a moment of shock for both those in the studio and viewers around the world. The incident sparked immediate concern and speculation about her health.

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It was later revealed that Wendy had overheated in her massive Statue of Liberty costume, which led to the collapse. Despite the dramatic turn of events, Wendy displayed resilience by taking a brief break and then returning to finish the show.

27. Foot-in-mouth moment: Joaquin Phoenix's cleft palate

In 2020, Wendy Williams faced backlash for comments she made about Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix's cleft palate during the Oscar oratories. Her remarks drew criticism for being insensitive and offensive, as cleft palate is a congenital condition affecting many individuals.

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Following the backlash, Wendy Williams acknowledged her mistake and issued a public apology. To make amends, she took a positive step by making donations to cleft palate-related charities. Wendy contributed to both the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association and Operation Smile, organizations dedicated to supporting individuals with cleft palate and craniofacial conditions.

28. It's a diva showdown

The ongoing feud between Wendy Williams and Mariah Carey has had its fair share of memorable moments, and the interview where Wendy grilled Mariah about breast implants is one such instance. Wendy's bold and often unfiltered interviewing style led to Carey's abrupt departure from the interview.

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In a retaliatory move, Mariah Carey sent Wendy Williams a somewhat cheeky and shady gift. Carey responded to Wendy's probing questions by sending her a box of push-up bras. This gesture was both a humorous and pointed way for Carey to respond to what she perceived as unnecessary and invasive questioning about her personal life.

29. Kevin Hunter's infidelity

Wendy Williams' decision to file for divorce from her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter, was a significant and deeply personal moment in her life. The revelation that Hunter had fathered a child with another woman named Sharina Hudson added a layer of betrayal to the situation. The public became aware of the alleged affair, making headlines and leading to heightened scrutiny on Wendy's personal life.

Image Source: Page Six

To add further complexity, reports suggested that Wendy had known about the affair prior to taking legal action. The public acknowledgment of this knowledge added an additional layer of emotional complexity to the already challenging situation. Wendy's decision to be open about these personal struggles reflected her history of candidly discussing her life on her talk show.

30. She might have been poisoned

Rumors of Wendy Williams' ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, allegedly poisoning her added a sensational and alarming layer to an already tumultuous period in her life. During a year marked by personal and professional challenges, reports circulated that someone claiming to work on her show had contacted the police, alleging Hunter's involvement in poisoning Wendy.

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While these rumors were denied, and no concrete evidence or legal action emerged from the claims, the mere suggestion added to the chaos surrounding Wendy's life at the time. The intersection of personal struggles, divorce, and public scrutiny created a complex and challenging environment for Wendy Williams.

31. Her disrespect over a TikTok star's death

The tragic death of TikTok star Matima Miller, known as Swavy, in 2021 was undoubtedly a heart breaking event for his family, friends, and fans. The loss of a young life is always a sombre occasion, and it understandably sparked a lot of emotions in the online community.
image source: usmagazine.com
Wendy Williams' response to Swavy's death on her show drew criticism for its seeming lack of empathy. She stated that she had "no idea" who he was and then proceeded to compare their social media follower counts. This approach was perceived by some as insensitive, especially given the gravity of the situation and the loss of a young life.

32. Making fun of Dionne Warwick

Wendy Williams' comments about Dionne Warwick and her use of social media created a bit of a stir, with some perceiving Wendy's remarks as dismissive or mocking of the legendary singer's age. Dionne Warwick had been active on Twitter, engaging with her fans and showcasing her wit and humor.
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Wendy Williams, known for her candid and sometimes controversial commentary, expressed her thoughts about Dionne Warwick's presence on social media, suggesting that she needed to "get with it" and "get down" to talk to kids.

33. Calling other TV hosts "disgusting"

Wendy Williams' decision to critique the appearances of TV hosts during the COVID-19 quarantine indeed sparked controversy. During a time when people were adjusting to a new normal of remote work and grappling with the challenges of a global pandemic, Williams chose to comment on the outfits and looks of TV hosts from their homes.
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Referring to these appearances as "looking disgusting" drew criticism, as it appeared to prioritize superficial aspects over the broader context of the global health crisis. Many argued that the focus should be on more pressing issues related to the pandemic rather than passing judgment on individuals' appearances while adapting to the challenges of remote broadcasting.

34. Mocking the murder of Amie Harwick

Wendy Williams' choice of words when announcing the tragic death of Amie Harwick was widely criticized for being insensitive and inappropriate. Amie Harwick, a well-known therapist and former partner of comedian Drew Carey, lost her life in a horrifying incident in 2020 when she was thrown over a balcony.
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The passing of Amie Harwick is indeed a tragic event, and it's crucial to approach such matters with respect and empathy. If you have any concerns about information you come across, it's advisable to verify it through reliable sources before sharing or discussing it further.

35. Her attack on gay men wearing women's clothes

Her comments during the celebration of 'Galentine's Day,' where she addressed gay men in the audience and made remarks about their attire, were perceived by many as offensive and perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Such comments contribute to the broader conversation about the importance of respecting and embracing diversity, including different expressions of gender and sexuality.
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Criticism of Wendy Williams for these types of remarks underscores the need for public figures to be mindful of the impact of their words, especially when it comes to issues related to identity, gender, and sexual orientation. Many advocates and organizations emphasize the importance of promoting inclusivity and understanding in the public sphere.

36. It was Meghan Markle's turn next, too

Like many other media personalities, Wendy shared her opinions on Meghan Markle's comments about the challenges of marrying into the British royal family. In 2019, after Meghan Markle spoke openly about the negative aspects she faced, Wendy Williams expressed a different perspective.
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Williams stated that Meghan "knew exactly what [she] was doing" by marrying into the royal family and suggested that Markle shouldn't expect sympathy for her choice. This perspective aligns with the varied opinions expressed in the media regarding Meghan Markle's experiences and decisions within the royal context.

37. Casting doubts on Christie Brinkley's injury

In the case of Christie Brinkley's exit from "Dancing with the Stars," Williams expressed skepticism about the explanation for Brinkley's departure. Brinkley had cited an injury sustained during rehearsals as the reason for her withdrawal from the show.
image source: usmagazine.com
Wendy Williams publicly questioned the authenticity of the injury, using words like "fake" and expressing doubt about both a wrist and a shoulder being fractured. This commentary stirred controversy, as questioning someone's injury can be seen as insensitive and lacking empathy, especially without concrete evidence to support such claims.

38. Her criticism of Rob Kardashian's "lack of confidence"

Wendy Williams is known for her no-holds-barred approach to celebrity commentary, and her remarks about Rob Kardashian's relationship with Blac Chyna were no exception. Williams criticized Kardashian, expressing her opinions about his perceived lack of confidence and stating that it's "not attractive" to let a woman walk all over him.
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Celebrity relationships often become subjects of public scrutiny, and Williams has not shied away from offering her perspectives on various aspects of celebrities' personal lives. In response to Williams' comments, Blac Chyna took to social media to express her discontent.

39. Her Caitlyn Jenner comments

She has also been vocal about her opinions on various celebrity matters, including Caitlyn Jenner's transition. In the instance you mentioned, when the Kardashian family was featured on a magazine shoot celebrating "all the Kardashian women," including Caitlyn Jenner, Williams expressed her perspective.
image source: usmagazine.com
Williams commented on Caitlyn Jenner's biological sex, stating that she believed Jenner is still biologically male. Such remarks reflect different views on transgender issues and highlight the ongoing conversation and diversity of opinions surrounding gender identity and expression.

40. When she said breast feeding was s*xual

Wendy Williams' comments about breastfeeding, particularly in the context of Alyssa Milano sharing photos of her breastfeeding journey, stirred controversy. Williams expressed her discomfort with the images and stated that she didn't want to see them. She went on to share her perspective that breasts are "more sexual than a feeding thing."
image source: upi.com
Breastfeeding is a natural and healthy part of the motherhood journey for many individuals, and sharing images of this experience has become a way for some to celebrate and normalize breastfeeding. Wendy Williams' comments highlight the ongoing discussions about societal views on breastfeeding, the sexualization of breasts, and the importance of normalizing breastfeeding in public discourse.

41. Her disbelief of Michael Jackson's alleged victims

Wendy Williams' comments about individuals who have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson were indeed controversial. Wendy has expressed skepticism and publicly criticized the accusers, suggesting that they might be motivated by financial gain rather than seeking justice for alleged abuse.
image source: dailymail.co.uk
The issue of sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson has been a complex and highly debated topic, with differing opinions among the public. Some people believe the accusers and argue for the importance of listening to and supporting survivors, while others maintain skepticism, questioning the motives behind the allegations.

42. Saying that Kris Jenner should be angry at Caitlyn's transition, too

Wendy's comments about Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner's potential feelings regarding Caitlyn's transition can be seen as reflective of her candid and sometimes controversial style of commentary. Williams has, at times, shared her opinions on various aspects of celebrities' personal lives, including gender transitions.
image source: dailymail.co.uk
In this instance, by suggesting that Kris Jenner should be angry because Caitlyn is "so beautiful," Wendy Williams appeared to be making a comment about Caitlyn's appearance in the context of her transition. It's crucial to approach these discussions with an awareness of the impact that words can have on individuals and communities.

43. Asking an 18-year-old if he's a virgin

If Wendy Williams asked an 18-year-old guest about their sexual activities on her show, it would indeed be considered inappropriate and could potentially violate ethical standards for interview conduct. Discussing someone's personal and private matters, especially related to their intimate life, should be approached with sensitivity and respect.
image source: buzzfeed.com
If the question was framed in the context of a character's storyline on the show "Black-ish," it would still be essential to handle such discussions carefully, considering the guest's age and the potentially uncomfortable nature of the topic. Additionally, if the guest's parent was in the audience, it adds an extra layer of discomfort and impropriety to the situation.

44. Sl*t Shaming Draya Michele

If Wendy Williams asked Draya Michele about her sexual history, specifically focusing on the number of people she had slept with, and proceeded to shame her for it on a public TV show, it could be considered inappropriate and disrespectful. Discussing someone's intimate details, especially in a judgmental manner, can be seen as an invasion of privacy and may contribute to a culture of shaming.
image source: atlantablackstar.com
Like, come on, who does that on national TV? And to make it worse, Wendy went on to shame her for it! It's like, can we not have a conversation without dragging people through the mud? Yikes! She doesn't seem to have much of a care these days does she?

45. Getting personal with Laverne Cox

Man, Wendy Williams just couldn't resist diving into the deep end during her interview with Laverne Cox. Instead of keeping it chill, she went all in, asking personal questions about Laverne's transition and dropping the bomb about breast implants. Like, seriously? Can we not have a conversation without bringing up someone's private journey?
image source: advocate.com
Laverne Cox handled it with grace, but you can't help but cringe at Wendy's choice of questions. It's a reminder that even on a talk show, there should be some lines you just don't cross, especially when it comes to someone's personal and transformative experiences. Wendy, Wendy, when will you learn to keep it cool?

46. When she claimed Beyoncé had faked her pregnancy

Williams sure knows how to stir the pot, and she took it to a whole new level when she decided to play detective on Beyoncé's pregnancy. I mean, come on, Queen Bey is out there birthing royalty, and Wendy's got her magnifying glass out? Talk about reaching.
image source: mirror.co.uk
According to Wendy, the way Beyoncé's dress moved when she sat down during her pregnancy raised some serious doubts. Apparently, it didn't flow convincingly around the bump for Wendy's liking. Now, questioning a queen's pregnancy is bold, but Wendy went there.

47. The Gorilla Glue incident

Wendy Williams didn't hold back when it came to sharing her thoughts on Tessica Brown, the Gorilla Glue Girl. Tessica's unfortunate incident with using Gorilla Glue in her hair turned her into a viral sensation, but Wendy wasn't about to shower her with sympathy.
image source: youtube.com
According to Wendy, Tessica was "the dumbest girl on the face of the Earth." Ouch. That's not just a little shade; that's a full-blown storm cloud. Sure, using Gorilla Glue on your hair might not be the brightest move, but calling someone the dumbest on the entire planet? Wendy sure knows how to drop the bomb.

48. Defending Trey Songz putting pressure on Keke Palmer

When Keke Palmer appeared on Wendy Williams's show and opened up about an uncomfortable situation involving Trey Songz pressuring her to be in a music video without her consent, it became a tense moment. Instead of showing sympathy to Keke's experience, Wendy Williams took a surprising stance by defending Trey's decision.
image source: seventeen.com
Thankfully, Keke Palmer didn't let it slide. She stood up for herself on the show, calling out the inappropriate situation and making sure her voice was heard. It's empowering when individuals take a stand and demand respect, especially when faced with uncomfortable or inappropriate behavior.

49. And then her positive reaction to Trey Songz's domestic violence charges

Her response to Trey Songz's arrest certainly raised eyebrows; discussing an arrest related to allegations of domestic violence is a serious matter, and in this case, Wendy's comment about Trey Songz being "dreamy" seemed to trivialize the severity of the situation.
image source: rap-up.com
Talking about someone being "dreamy" when they're facing accusations of domestic violence? That's not exactly the right vibe. It's like, can we focus on the real issues here instead of swooning over appearances? Wendy, you might want to rethink your choice of words, especially when it comes to serious matters like this.

50. Her controversial legacy

Wendy Williams sure knew how to keep the drama alive on her show, "The Wendy Williams Show." It was like the gossip and controversy were the main course, and she served it up with a side of insults. The show might have called it a day last year, but the memories of Wendy taking shots at her guests and basically everyone else will linger on.
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I mean, her show was a wild ride of shade, sass, and sometimes just downright offensive comments. Wendy had a knack for stirring the pot, and people couldn't help but tune in to see what outrageous thing she'd say next. Love her or not, Wendy Williams left an unforgettable mark on the talk show scene.