Dark Secrets Of Walgreens That The Employees Don’t Want Us To Know

By Jessica O'Neil 7 months ago

They will tell you your coupon doesn’t work if you’re annoying

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When you’re rude to employees at Walgreens, you get what you deserve. Some staff members will flat-out refuse to process your coupon if you give them too much trouble. Some may give in, but don’t expect all employees to be pushovers. Being kind will get you pretty far in life and at Walgreens.

The pharmacy department’s understaffing issue leads to prescription mistakes

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Walgreens employees regularly discuss how the store has a problem with understaffing. Because of this, mistakes are bound to happen, and the pharmacy is no exception. Customers have been known to get the wrong dosage or the wrong pills entirely, which is a potentially fatal mistake.

Seriously… if it’s not in front, it’s not in the back either

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Stop asking employees to check in the back for you at Walgreens. Trust them, it’s not there! Most stores do not allow employees to keep any merchandise in the back since they do not have a huge overstock of items. If the product you need isn’t available, try another store instead.

IT troubles can take months to fix

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One of the main frustrations for employees is how unreliable the registers and technology can be. IT troubles aren't fixed overnight. In fact, that can take weeks to resolve, leading to operations slowing down and angry customers. The worst part is, this doesn’t seem like something the head honchos at corporate are taking too seriously.

The stores aren’t required to sell you birth control

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Some Walgreens stores are located in areas with a dense religious population. The company is not required to sell contraceptives if their employees have a religious opposition to it. This has caused quite a ruckus amongst customers and employees alike, with many claiming the stores are impeding on the health needs of the community.

They can get fired for stopping you from stealing

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Don’t expect the employees to jump over the register when they catch folks stealing. Walgreens does not allow employees to interact with people who steal by any means. This is mostly because the delinquents could be armed, and Walgreens does not want to take on the risk of employees being hurt.

They definitely talk crap about you through their headsets

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Some Walgreens locations make the employees use headsets to communicate with each other. However, don’t expect the conversations to be all work and no play. If they catch you acting up, you better believe they are giggling about your antics through the headset.

Employees prefer to shop at CVS

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Many employees do not like to shop at Walgreens for their everyday needs. Whether it be bitterness from the stress of their job or simply because they know CVS carries items Walgreens does not, a large portion of staff flock to CVS for their products and prescriptions.

You CAN use the bathroom

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Employees tend to insist there are no public restrooms in Walgreens. This isn’t always the truth! Many locations are required to let you use the bathroom, especially if you are pregnant or suffer from a chronic illness. If not, they open themselves up to hefty lawsuits.

Employees cannot assist DoorDash workers with finding items

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Have you ever tried to find an item in Walgreens while working for DoorDash, only to be met with disappointment when the staff refused to help you find what you need? Apparently, it is against store policy to help out contractors with their shopping, as it can reflect poorly on the store if the shopper does not get the correct items.

Profiling is real

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Shopping at Walgreens isn’t always the most relaxing experience. You may notice an employee is tailing you through every aisle, or multiple employees have come up to you and asked if you need help every couple minutes. Staff have admitted that profiling is definitely a thing here and is more common than you’d think.

The break room is probably monitored

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When you take your 30 minute break from work, you’re looking forward to unwinding and taking some time for yourself. However, you might not be safe from the glaring eye of management even when you’re off the clock. Some employees have said they’ve noticed cameras in the break room and have even reported managers picking at what they choose to do on their break.

The parking lots are full of crime

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The Walgreens parking lot can be a total circus. There are fights, robberies, accidents, and groups of drunk kids getting together and wreaking havoc. Though you’ll probably be pretty safe inside the store, you’re better off clutching your purse pretty tight and keeping your keys in your hand until you get to the car.

The doors may be surveilling you

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The new doors at the entrance of Walgreens or even the freezer doors have been known to be equipped with cameras, which monitor customer consumption and behavior. Many claim that Walgreens has overstepped with this business choice, saying that it is a complete invasion of privacy.

Not all ATMs are totally safe

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Some Walgreens stores have ATMs inside, but others may have one outside that is attached to the building. The machines outside are likely not as closely monitored as the ones inside, and could be tampered with to steal your valuable credit card information.

Employees will skimp on cleaning at the end of the night

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Even if you’re the very first customer of the day, you may not be walking into the most cleanly experience at Walgreens. Some employees say they’re so exhausted from their shift, they will stuff items in places they shouldn’t and skimp on their restocking duties just to get home at a reasonable hour.

The holidays are brutal

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The holidays are difficult for everyone, but Christmas at Walgreens can be hell. Many customers will stop in during Christmas week to purchase last-minute gifts, and they have no problem taking out their frustrations on the staff. Others will trash the store, and many are prone to stealing around this season more than usual.

Customers regularly pretend to have trouble with the photo kiosk

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Walgreens has a photo kiosk that allows you to process your pictures by yourself. Some people don’t feel like doing this though, and will claim the kiosk is broken to force employees to do all the work themselves. They’ll even demand free photos out of it too!

Training isn’t a priority

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Since Walgreens isn’t always properly staffed, new employees don’t have a chance to receive real training. They’re often thrown on the floor with just a few hours of computer lessons and no hands-on help. Naturally, this leads to mistakes and contributes to the high turnover rate.

The management might be high

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Restaurant workers aren’t the only ones who love to smoke during their shifts. Management at Walgreens is known to go out on their breaks and puff-puff-pass until it’s time to return to work. The result is a mellow employee with the munchies who may not know where the Tylenol is.

Break times aren’t always respected

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At Walgreens, the likelihood of getting to enjoy your full break is pretty slim. You can expect your manager to call you back to the floor early or even ask you for help while you are still clocked out. When there are few staff members to call into work, you tend to get pretty desperate.

Credit card sign-ups are pushed too heavily

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When asked what the most annoying part of working at Walgreens is, employees unanimously say the credit card sign-ups. They are forced to ask every customer to sign up and they are chastised heavily when they don’t receive enough applications per day.

Employees are regularly overworked

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Double shifts every day, no breaks, long lines, and impossible workloads. This is the life of the average Walgreens employee. Since the company wants to save a buck by keeping their labor low, they allow their employees to burn out instead, making them work horrid shifts nearly every day.

Family members cannot work together

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This may not be the case at every location, but for the most part, family members are not allowed to work at the same store. Other stores claim family members cannot work the same shift. This is probably to keep scams and nepotism to a minimum, but really, does it actually work?

People quit left and right

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Working at Walgreens isn’t exactly a job the average person adores. Since the staff is overworked and underappreciated, folks are always quitting, most of the time without proper notice. A lot of new hires barely last a week, let alone two. Of course, there are always employees who stay at stores for years, but they can be rare nowadays.

Wait times at the pharmacy can be excruciating

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This is especially true around the holidays. Since Walgreens can’t retain enough pharmacy technicians, they struggle to fill prescriptions at a proper rate, leading to lines that wrap around aisles. You may have to wait over 30 minutes in some cases due to the line, even if your personal prescription is ready.

Management nitpicks so they don’t have to work hard

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No matter where you work, a lot of managers will delegate an overwhelming portion of their responsibilities to other employees so they can enjoy a stress-free shift. At Walgreens, employees have complained that managers do not play fair and punish them if they do not go above and beyond.

Check your food items twice

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Because of the low staffing situation, not all food items are rotated properly. Be careful when you purchase fresh food from these locations. You may be stuck with a rotten tuna sandwich or decaying apples. Even the chips may be stale if you aren’t looking close enough.

The return policy is pretty lenient

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Even if you don’t have the receipt, you can still make a return at Walgreens. The lax policy has made it easy for people to take advantage of, and employees are the ones who suffer because of it. Though these returns do not qualify for cash back, they do qualify for store credit, making it easier for fraudsters to steal from locations.

The “deals” may not save you money at all

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Some of the deals at Walgreens aren’t as great as they seem. Prices tend to be higher in stores like Walgreens and CVS, so markdowns usually reflect the average price you’d see at another store, like Walmart. Do your research before doing your weekly shopping at Walgreens.