Dark Secrets Disney World Employees Will Never Reveal

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Welcome, curious mortals, to the clandestine realm where the magic of Disney World takes a mysterious turn. Beyond the sparkling façade of Cinderella's Castle and the enchanting melodies of "It's a Small World," lies a shadowy underbelly teeming with secrets that Disney World employees guard like ancient sorcerers protecting their most potent spells. As you fasten your seatbelt for this wild ride into the unknown, prepare to unearth the dark and delicious secrets.

1. They Will Fire You Over Anything - Even A Broken Ankle

Securing a position within the coveted ranks of Disney World is akin to stumbling upon a golden ticket in Willy Wonka's whimsical chocolate factory. Yet, once you step through the gates of this magical empire, you're not just signing up for a job; you're embarking on an odyssey where maintaining your place is a Herculean feat.Image source/ cinemablendLanding a job at Disney World is notoriously difficult, but keeping your spot is ten times harder! Underneath the flawless exterior, these parks are hiding some ugly secrets that they would rather their guests didn't find out about. A Reddit user revealed their friend was fired for eating a piece of popcorn that fell on their shirt and a theme park princess was given the boot over a broken ankle! Talk about strict...Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. It's Vital To Stay In Character...Even If You're Dying!

Imagine donning the iconic attire of a beloved Disney character—a costume that veils your identity and transforms you into a living, breathing embodiment of childhood wonder. But within this enchanting guise lies a stringent decree that transcends the boundaries of make-believe: never shatter the illusion, not even at the cost of your own well-being.Image source/PinterestIf you're wearing a Disney costume then you had better make sure to never, EVER break character -even if you are dying! One of the parks scuba instructors who took on the role of 'Water Goofy' was made to agree that in the event he started to drown, he would have to be taken from the area completely before his costume would be removed. CPR wouldn't ever be performed on scene. Crazy, right?

3. Characters In Full Costume Are Banned From Talking!

Ah, the whimsical dance of interaction within the realm of Disney World—a stage where characters in vibrant costumes pirouette through the dreams of wide-eyed visitors. Yet, behind the stitched smiles and oversized gloves lies a curious decree that renders these enchanting personas silent.Image source/ RedditIf you've ever been to Disney World and asked Mickey Mouse for directions, you probably thought he was being ignorant when he didn't respond. But in reality, everyone in full costume is forbidden from talking to anyone! So even if they wanted to they couldn't.

4. Guests LOVE Bringing Their Dead Relatives To The Park!

Not all Disney World guests come to have fun on the rides and takes selfies with their favourite characters... One of the weirder things Disney employees have grown used to, is the abundance of guests who bring their dead relatives along with them.Image source/ Walt Street JournalOne Disney begged: “Please PLEASE leave your cremated loved ones at home. Stop dumping them in Haunted Mansion. They just get vacuumed up and disposed of.” So there you have it folks... the ashes are only going to get vacuumed up anyway and dumped elsewhere.

5. You Will Be Banned For Life!

If you are caught spreading your loved ones ashes on Disney property then you could find yourself hit with a lifetime ban. Another employee commented: “You get banned for life for that, and the ashes get cleaned up, or the water gets dumped. If you respect your loved one’s remains, do not do this.”Image source/ Fox35In the kingdom of Disney World, where dreams are spun into reality and joy dances on every cobblestone, a peculiar phenomenon quietly tiptoes through the gates—a phenomenon that dwells beyond the realm of conventional amusement.

6. Security Is Always Watching!

While the enchantment of Disney World dazzles with its radiant parades and iconic attractions, lurking beneath the surface are these silent sentinels, their presence woven so intricately into the fabric of the park that they appear as mere guests, blending effortlessly into the crowd.Image source/ Disney Blog

In order to keep the parks safe, Disney has hired more security guards than you could ever imagine, but where are they? These undercover guards are EVERYWHERE and they're dressed like the average tourist to ensure they fit right in so no one will notice them!

7. Characters Are Attacked All The Time!

In the enchanted world of Disney characters, where wonder and joy collide in a symphony of magic, there exists a shadowed corner—a realm where the gleam of heroism fades into a murky haze of conflict and impatience. It's a surreal paradox.Image source/ PinterestIt's not just fairytale villains these characters have to worry about, they also have to watch out for the hostile families that come to visit them! Scuffles are a regular occurrence at Disney World and are almost always the result of inpatient parents.

8. The Water Around The Rides Is Filthy!

As the sun-drenched days unfold at Disney World, tempting visitors to seek respite from the balmy Florida heat, the crystalline waters surrounding theme park rides beckon with an illusion of refreshing coolness. However, beneath the surface of this aquatic allure, a murky reality lurks.Image source/ Theme Part TouristYou should seriously rethink taking a refreshing dip in the water surrounding theme park rides. Aside from there being remnants of passed loved ones floating around in there, the water is also filled with puke and who knows what else. Pretty gross, right?

9. Lines Are Serious Business!

Ah, the labyrinth of queues—a peculiar rite of passage in the hallowed grounds of Disney World. These snaking pathways, adorned with velvet ropes and signposts, bear witness to a saga of patience and anticipation, where the passage of time is marked not by seconds but by the shuffle of feet.Image source/ Hurrikat

Waiting in a long queue could quite possibly be the definition of Hell, and if you go to Disney World it's something you have to expect. But be warned, most park goers take queuing very seriously and anyone that cuts in line could end up with a fist in their face!

10. They REALLY Don't Want To Hold Your Baby!

Taking photos with your fave childhood characters is what going to Disney World is all about, right? But plenty of people take things too far when they hand over their newborns to fully costumed employees! One former Disney cast member shared:

Image Source/ WDW Magazine

“I can’t see [anything] in Goofy let alone other costumes and I’m wearing giant gloves or paws or whatever depending on what character I am. Why would you let me hold your baby? Yeesh!” We understand why parents might want to get that perfect shot, though.

11. A Lot Of S*x Goes On Behind The Scenes!

It's not as innocent as it looks. After everyone has left for the evening, things get steamy between the employees who wind down by having a lot of s*x! According to the Disney staff, public s*x in the park grounds and orgies in the College Program dorms happen all the time.Image source/ showbizcheatsheetWe know you don't want to image your favorite Disney characters from your childhood having s*x, but at the very least just remember these are human beings behind the costumes and not the characters themselves... let's try and hold on to that innocence!

12. There's A Secret Tunnel That Collects Your Rubbish!

Beneath the dazzling facade of Disney's enchanting world lies a hidden infrastructure that ensures the seamless orchestration of the magical spectacle. Yet, amidst the kaleidoscope of wonder and joy, there exists a subterranean labyrinth—one that harbors a less glamorous truth, a secret realm.

Image source/ cinemablendWhile we see the magical side of Disney, we don't see he massive rubbish dumps. All that rubbish the park accumulates daily has to go somewhere and according to an insider, it gets sucked into a secret tunnel underneath the park. We can only imagine the smell!

13. Disney Jail Is A Real Thing!

Within the kaleidoscope of enchantment and joy that is Disney World, there exists a lesser-known facet—a shadowy realm that echoes with whispered tales of a different kind of magic, one that involves not fairy dust and wishes but the weight of consequences.Image source/ DisneywikiLaugh all you want, but Disney jail is very real - while it may not be as cruel as The Evil Queen's dungeon, it's no walk in the park either. A former member of staff disclosed: “They have a holding place, and on Disney property there is a police station.”

14. Disney Character Cliques!

Imagine the bustling break rooms, a haven where costumed heroes and heroines retreat from the spotlight, shedding their enchanting personas. Amidst this reprieve from the spectacle, a subtle undercurrent of tension lingers—a rift between the OG princesses and the newer, trendier royalty.Image source/ The Disney BlogIt might come as a shock, but not all Disney characters get along! If you are playing the part of one of the OG princesses for example, you may find yourself snubbed by the newer and ''cooler'' princesses like Moana and Elsa! Okurrrr. In the break rooms, these cast members don't even sit near each other. It's like high school all over again!

15. Staff Communicate In Code!

Amidst the enchanting aura of Disney World, where joy intertwines with every breath, a clandestine language veiled in code emerges—a whispered dialect known only to those who navigate the corridors of magic. Behind the smiles and shimmering facades...Image source/ CNBCDisney World employees are all about giving guests a magical experience and to make sure that magic never dies, they go as far as to talk to each other in code in the instance of emergencies, i.e. ''balloon'' really means ''blood.'' Nobody wants to hear blood being shouted around.

16. People Are Always Trying To Sneak Their Kids Onto Rides!

When it comes to making the decision between keeping your baby safe or going on a roller-coaster, we'd like to hope you'd make the right choice. Unfortunately, plenty of parents try to smuggle their infants onto rides in the most bizarre ways...Image source/ Wales OnlineA Redditor shared: “This couple were trying to ride Space Mountain, and had a black duffel bag. [A crew member] heard something come from the bag, so he asked them to open it. They refused. Security comes, forces them to open it. It was their 6 month old baby."

17. There Are No Friends And Family Discounts!

Ah, the allure of securing that golden ticket to Disney World by proxy, tempting friends into the magical fold for a ride on the discount train. Yet, alas, the enchanted gates of free entry swing wide open only for those who don the cast member mantle themselves.Image source/ Disney Food BlogIf you were hoping to bully one of your mates into working at Disney World so you could get a discount on rides, then we're sorry to say - it doesn't work that way. Cast members can get into parks for free whenever they want, but that luxury no longer extends to friends and family!

18. Bad Things DO Happen!

Certainly, within the cocoon of enchantment that is Disney World, moments of distress and chaos seldom breach the veil of magic. However, in the annals of the park's history, there exists a rare, chilling chapter—an incident that pierced the facade of joy.Image source/ Destination tipsBad things do even happen at Disney. Although Disney tries their best to prevent dangerous situations from happening, some things are unavoidable. One busy holiday weekend saw a guest begin stabbing other park goers, in an attempt to escape the crowds!

20. Sexual Harassment Is Commonplace!

Absolutely, within the enchanted realm of Disney World, where dreams intersect with reality, the characters who embody the beloved princesses and heroes often find themselves at the receiving end of admirers' fervent affections. Yet, amidst the adoration, there's a fine line.Image source/ Inside the magicIf you've ever fantasised about getting it on with a Disney princess then, maybe keep those thoughts to yourself - trust us, the staff at Disney World have heard it all before and they don't want to hear it again. Each day the ladies (and gentlemen) that bring our beloved characters to life have to deal with skeevy comments. Don't be that person guys!

21. The Little Book Of Rules!

Indeed, within the meticulously orchestrated realm of Disney's theme parks, adherence to the myriad rules and regulations is a cornerstone of maintaining the seamless illusion of magic. To aid the employees—those custodians of wonder and delight—Disney provides a secret weapon...Image source/ SFgateKeeping up with the theme parks strict rules is a tall order but don't worry -employees get to carry around a handy, pocket sized book that details all the dos and don'ts of Disney! This way, they can remember them all and use them as a reminder to look at.

22. Staff Have To Know EVERYTHING!

Absolutely, the role of a Disney cast member transcends merely donning a costume and striking a pose—it requires a meticulous mastery of the park's intricacies, a dedication to transforming into an encyclopedia of Disney knowledge.

Image source/ SFgate

If you haven't figured it out yet, working at Disney World isn't as easy as standing around and looking good -the staff have to know everything! If a guest asks a question, ''I don't know'' is never an acceptable answer. In the worst case scenarios, staff are allowed to ask their manager for help but it's never recommended.

23. Not Everyone Was A Fan Of Ratatouille!

We all loved the Disney Pixar's box office hit, Ratatouille -well, maybe not all of us... Back in 2016, Twitter user @hannaahelisee took to social media to express her disgust at finding a real life rat in the dining-room of a Disney World restaurant.

Image source/ Twitter

She wrote: ''pay my college tuition and i'll delete @Disneyland'' But what staff won't tell you is that rats are actually a very common sight in the park! In the whimsical tapestry of Disney's enchantment, where dreams find form and joy dances on every corner, an unexpected visitor scurried into the realm...

24. Mickey Mouse Is Everywhere -You Just Have To Find Him!

Absolutely, within the whimsical wonderland of Disney's parks, a playful treasure hunt awaits those with an eye for detail—a quest to seek out the iconic silhouette of Mickey Mouse cleverly concealed in plain sight, tucked away like hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Image source/ CNBC

Forget Where's Wally, finding hidden Mickey Mouse heads around the park is a fun activity the whole family can join in on, yet very few people know about it! It's just like the movies, little glimpses of Mickey are everywhere to see if you pay attention.

25. Graceful Pick-Ups!

Absolutely, within the magical precincts of Disney, where enchantment dances on every corner, even the seemingly mundane task of maintaining pristine cleanliness takes on an artful guise. Cast members, those custodians of wonder and delight, don the cloak of surreptitious cleanliness.

Image source/ Wiki

Picking up litter is probably not what Disney cast members had in mind when they first joined the park, but it's one of  the most important skills they learn. Our beloved characters are tasked with picking up after guests and placing litter in one of the many receptacles that are located every 25 feet.

26. Rewarding Those Who Follow The Rules!

Absolutely, within the enchanted world of Disney, adherence to the park's meticulous rules and dedication to upholding the magic often yield enchanting rewards. For those dedicated cast members who weave the tapestry of wonder, a treasure trove of perks awaits.Image source/ Inside the magicIf you find following the rules is taking the fun out of working at Disney, then you only have to remember one, very important thing: those who keep up appearances are generously rewarded. You can enter any park on your day off free of charge and all food, drink and merchandise can be yours at a discounted price!

27. Disney's Animal Kingdom is Underground!

The mystical allure of Disney's Animal Kingdom beckons visitors into a realm where the boundaries between the wild and the curated converge, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond mere observation. Nestled within this enchanting domain lies a fascinating secret.

Image source/ Wikipedia

Disney's Animal Kingdom offers real life animal encounters, but you might not have realised the lodge is several feet underground! While many have speculated this is due to a sinkhole, the real reason is that it provides a better environment for the animals!

28. Working At Disney Is Like Being In The Scouts!

The vibrant tapestry of Disney's enchantment isn't just woven with magic and wonder—it's also adorned with a myriad of pins, each a tiny piece of a larger mosaic that brings a touch of personal enchantment to the hearts of avid collectors.

Image source/ CNBC

All staff at Disney must wear lanyards with a minimum of 12 pins attached, (sort of like scouts badges) that many guests attempt to collect! What most people don't realise is that each pin has personal touch added to them by their creator Steven Miller, who over the years has subtly added his children's birthdays, his wife's initials and the time he was born to the badges!

29. Appearances Are Important To Disney!

Working at Disney undoubtedly comes with its own set of enchanting rules and standards, where the aura of professionalism intertwines with the magical ambiance. Cast members, those guardians of enchantment, find themselves adhering to a strict code of appearance.

Image source/ Inside the magicIf being a Disney employee sounds like a dream come true, then you should know you you'll have to sacrifice your creativity. All staff are forbidden from having visible tattoos, have to wear their hair neatly pulled back and must wear only neutral-colored nail polish. For men things aren't much easier, as they have to keep their hair from falling over their ears and keeping a clean shaven face at all times!

30. Bringing Your Character To Life!

Absolutely, stepping into the shoes—or should I say, glass slippers—of Disney's iconic characters requires more than just wearing the costumes. It's a transformation that transcends mere appearance, delving deep into the realm of character portrayal.

Image source/ BlogspotIt isn't enough to just wear the costume, you really have to get into character! The Evil Queen for example must never smile and come across as stand-offish at all times! As with the princesses, they have to be lovely and kind throughout the entire day.

31. There Are No Backstage Passes At Disney!

Within the enchanted confines of Disney's realm, maintaining the illusion of magic extends far beyond the façade visible to guests. The sprawling expanse of the park, with its meticulously curated zones of wonder, is a symphony where every note is crafted to resonate with enchantment.Image source/ MarcaIf a visitor is spotted heading to a part of the park which is off limits to guests, the cast refers to them as “going backstage”. They will never break the magic by simply admitting a guest found the cafeteria or dressing rooms! Every part has to be magical...

32. Just Keep Smiling!

Working within the magical realm of Disney demands more than just donning a costume—it requires a commitment to embodying the essence of joy and enchantment at all times. Cast members, those guardians of magic, are entrusted with the task of perpetuating the aura of happiness and wonder.Image source/ PinterestYour cheeks are starting to hurt and your teeth feel as though they might have actually fused together? Too bad! No one is allowed to quit smiling, not even for a moment! As well as painting on a happy face, staff must also ensure to have perfect posture and refrain from eating anywhere a guest might see them!

33. You Will Never Forget The Parade!

Ah, the illustrious Disney parade—the rhythmic heartbeat that pulsates through the park, drawing guests into a mesmerizing spectacle that unfurls like a magical tapestry. For many visitors, the parade is a cherished moment, a beacon of enchantment.

Image source/ AmericanHolidays

The Disney parade is as regular as clock work, but plenty of guest still feel the need to ask what time they can expect to see their fave characters marching around the park. According to former employees, the parade route is something they never forget...no matter how hard they try!

34. No Updating Your Followers At Work!

Working within the enchanted confines of Disney requires cast members to become custodians of secrecy, safeguarding the magic within the realm. Beyond the dazzling costumes and enchanting performances, an unspoken code of discretion pervades the world of Disney.

Image source/ Travel and Leisure

If you thought working at Disney would be the perfect opportunity to pose for character themed selfies then think again. All staff are forbidden from updating their social media accounts while on the clock! Even when the day is done, the cast members aren't allowed to discuss the details of their roles online!

35. Absolutely No Selfies!

Absolutely, within the enchanted realm of Disney, the rules regarding the capture of moments on camera transcend mere guidelines. For cast members, the allure of capturing a candid moment in this magical world through a forbidden selfie comes at a steep cost—a risk too high to entertain.

Image source/ shared.com

If you were thinking about ignoring the rules and taking a few sneaky snaps anyway -then consider this your warning! Any staff caught taking selfies on Disney World Property are immediately fired. It is a undebatable rule of Disney. Talk about harsh!

36. The Park Smells Good Enough To Eat!

Ah, the tantalizing aromas that weave through the air at Disney World, beckoning guests into a sensory wonderland! Behind these delightful scents lies an ingenious touch of enchantment—the magic of "Smellitizers" - ingenious machines.

Image source/ People

Some delicious aromas are sure to capture your interest at Disney World -but where are they coming from? It turns out there are special machines known as Smellitizers, which distribute heavenly smells throughout the park. Main Street for example smells like freshly-bakes cookies. Yum!

37. Romance In The Workplace Happens All The Time!

Love amidst the whimsical realms of Disney—a tale as enchanting as any fairy tale spun within its magical confines! The park, a stage for enchantment, doesn't just witness the creation of cherished memories for guests but often becomes the backdrop for love stories that unfold.Image source/ casiolavacationhomesRemember we sad that staff are prone to having very public sex after the park closes for the night? Well, many employees actually fall in love! What better place for romance to blossom than at Disney World -so long as you keep things on the DL that is!

38. We've Got A Code ''V'' Over Here!

Indeed, within the enchanting realm of Disney, a unique lexicon thrives—one that fosters the preservation of magic and discretion in the most whimsical manner. Among the curious codes and phrases used by staff to maintain the illusion of enchantment, the enigmatic "V"...Image source/ Mama CheapsAs previously discussed, Disney World has its own (very strange) language which staff use to keep the magic alive. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that if you ever hear talk of the mysterious code ''V'', you avoid the affected area - V is code for vomit!

39. Cast Members Are Always Speeding!

Within the bustling tapestry of Disney's enchantment, cast members are the steadfast guardians who weave the magic into every corner of the park. Amidst their duties of creating enchanting moments, these dedicated employees navigate the sprawling grounds with the precision and swiftness of pixie dust.Image source/ OrlandoSentinelThe cast members are always speeding across the park to get where they need to be. While you'd think that Disney employees would be on their best behaviour at all times, many have found themselves pulled over by the parks police for channeling their inner Lightning McQueen!

40. They Only Have Three Days To Learn!

The enchanting performances you witness from Disney's cast members are a result of dedicated training and meticulous guidance, condensed into a surprisingly short timeframe. When a cast member steps into a new role, they embark on an immersive journey that unfolds over a mere three days.Image source/ PinterestIt might shock you to know that staff are only given three days to learn their new roles! These three days (and nights) are spent with a Disney coach, who teaches them the ins and outs of their character! That's not long to master the perfect character...

41. If A Family Member Dies, You Get A Free Pass!

The notion of a mythic reward for families experiencing a tragic loss within the park—free Disney passes for life—has floated around as a rumor, whispering its way through the enchanted corridors of speculation. This whispered tale, like many urban legends, weaves its way through...

Image source/ OrlandoInformer

It has been rumoured that if someone dies in the park, their family are allowed ''backstage'' where they are given free Disney passes for life! But before you go bumping your granny off just yet, you should know that no one has ever been able to confirm this theory!

42. Staff Used To Share Underwear!

The early days of working at Disney, before the turn of the millennium, had a rather peculiar and somewhat discomforting practice that involved sharing undergarments among cast members. This curious mandate intended to maintain uniformity and consistency in appearance.Image source/ Cracked.comYes, you read that right! The unlucky cast members who worked in the park before 2001 had to share undergarments. As a result, many employees complained of contracting lice or scabies from the used underwear. Gross! Thankfully the rules have no changed you'll be relieved to know.

43. The Correct Way To Point!

Ah, the curious legacy of Walt Disney, a man whose vision and idiosyncrasies continue to shape the enchanting world of Disney even to this day. Among the unique guidelines and traditions that endure within the park, there exists an intriguing rule that traces its origins to Walt Disney.

Image source/ Digital Rev

There are some historic rules that are still in place today. The unusual rule was created in memory of Walt Disney himself, who just hated when people pointed or gestured with only one finger! For this reason, all employees at Disney must point using two fingers or gesture with an open palm!

44. There Are No Lost Children!

In the bustling wonderland of Disney, where excitement and enchantment converge, the unexpected separation of children from their guardians isn't an uncommon occurrence. However, within the confines of the park, a curious yet thoughtful policy exists to handle such situations.

Image source/ Reddit

With Disney World being as busy as it is, it's unsurprising that plenty of children wander off or get accidentally separated from their parents. However, staff will never announce this to be the case. Instead they will say there are ''lost adults'' which prevents opportunistic kidnappers from taking advantage of the chaos.

45. The Secret Store!

Ah, the fate of lost treasures within the magical world of Disney unveils a heartwarming tale of charity and hidden treasures. In the labyrinth of enchantment, lost items find a new home in a secretive store—a repository where forgotten belongings await rediscovery.

Image Source/ Insider Secrets

You've heard the saying ''finders keepers''? Well, that's pretty much what happens with the unclaimed items at Disney World! All lost items are placed in the parks secret store, which can then be purchased by members of staff. The best part? All profits go to charity!

46. Learning To Write, The Disney Way!

Ah, the artistry of capturing beloved characters' signatures—the cherished mementos that transform an ordinary autograph book into a treasure trove of memories within the magical realm of Disney World. For cast members tasked with bringing these iconic characters to life, mastering the skill...

Image source/ Pinterest

Getting your favourite characters to sign your autograph book is one of Disney World's main attractions, which means all cast members must master the art of writing - just as their character would! This might seem easy enough, but can you imagine having to complete this task while wearing a full costume?

47. There's A Whole New World Underneath Disney!

Ah, the mysterious and fabled tunnels beneath the whimsical world of Disney—a well-kept secret that unveils a hidden network connecting various realms of enchantment. These underground passages, often shrouded in mystique, serve as the clandestine highways that allow cast members to navigate.Image source/ CNBCOne of Disney World's best kept secrets is that there are tunnels connecting to different parts of the park...underground! This allows staff to travel to different areas of the park without being spotted by guests. While these tunnels might sound mysterious and exciting, according to insiders they are actually very hot and smelly!

48. The Music Never Stops!

Ah, the melodies that weave through the very fabric of Disney—a soundtrack that forms an integral part of the enchanting experience for guests and staff alike. The music, a symphony of joy and nostalgia, fills every corner of the park, creating an atmosphere brimming with whimsy and wonder.

Image source/ Reader's Digest

The staff at Disney also have to listen to the same music on repeat without showing how bored they are of the repetitive songs and acting just as enthusiastic every time. The music never stops, even when the park closes for the night! Talk about repetitive.

49. You Will Never Meet Two Of The Same Character!

The art of preserving the magic at Disney World is a carefully orchestrated symphony where every detail, every encounter, and every character appearance is meticulously choreographed. To maintain the illusion and ensure a seamless experience for guests, Disney employs a strategic scheduling system.

Image source/ CNBC

Disney World has worked out a schedule to ensure that you'll never bump into more than one of the same character in the park. In fact, if any two of the same character are seen together they will be fired on the spot! There is no room for giving the magic away at Disney.

50. The Costume Sizes Run REALLY Small!

The allure and authenticity of Disney's enchanting characters extend beyond just their personalities and mannerisms—it even extends to the physical dimensions of those who bring them to life within the park. The meticulous attention to detail in costume design contributes to maintaining the illusion.


Some insiders have revealed that Disney's costumes are based on the original 1970s measurements, meaning they run really small. But it's not just clothing size that Disney takes into account when hiring new staff -it's height too! In order to be a Disney Princess for example you need to be between 5’4″ and 5’8″ tall!

51. The Staff Want You To Spend All Of Your Money!

Disney World's dedication to creating a seamless and magical experience for guests extends beyond the enchantment within the park; it encompasses every facet of a visitor's journey, including their shopping escapades - a testament to Disney's commitment.

Image source/ Vox

Staff will seem very helpful when it comes to helping with your shopping trips - one of the main policies they push, is that all items you purchase can be delivered to your Disney Resort hotel room or collected at the front desk. Of course, this is just one way Disney encourages guests to burn through their spending money!

52. Staff Aren't Allowed To Wear Glasses!

Maintaining the spellbinding illusion and enchantment within the captivating world of Disney is an endeavor that encompasses every aspect of a cast member's appearance and portrayal of their character. In the pursuit of upholding the authenticity and magic, Disney has established a unique rule.

Image source/ Disneyland Paris News

If you weren't blessed with 20/20 vision, then you better hope you remember to pack your contact lenses - if you want to keep your job at Disney, that is! This rule is perhaps understandable for the staff who take on characters each day, but this rule also applies to regular uniformed employees! Crazy, right?

53. Never Take Off The Costume!

The commitment to maintaining the enchanting illusion at Disney extends to a stringent rule that mandates character performers to remain in costume throughout their entire shift, never breaking character even in the most challenging circumstances.

Image source/ People.com

If you thought we were exaggerating before about never taking off the costume, you were wrong! Otherwise it could ruin the effect of reality for children. One employee was physically sick inside the head of his Goofy costume because of this rule -which we can only imagine made him feel ten times worse!

54. Staff Aren't Allowed To Share Which Character They Play!

The allure of becoming a part of Disney's captivating world is undeniable, but stepping into the role of a character within the park brings with it a unique veil of secrecy. Once you've secured a coveted position within Disney World's enchanting realm, there's the secrecy surrounding your character portrayal.

Image source/ Pinterest

Oh and if you do manage to land a role at one of Disney World's theme parks, you can forget telling anyone which character you'll be playing! All cast members are forbidden from sharing such information: even with their friends and family! It's all totally top secret.

55. The Secret Suite In Disney World You'd Kill To Stay In!

Nestled within the heart of the majestic castle that stands as an iconic symbol of Disney's enchantment lies a hidden gem—a breathtaking Gothic-style hotel suite that embodies opulence, luxury, and the whimsical essence of fairy tales.

Image source/ CNBC

Located within the castle is a stunning Gothic hotel suite - which offers 24-hour room service, stunning stained glass windows and a pumpkin shaped elevator! The room itself was designed specially for Walt Disney and his family to stay in, but it is now offered as prize for some lucky competition winners. Sign me up!

56. Some Rides Can Be Dangerous!

If snapping crocs aren't you're thing, then we would seriously recommend that you avoid the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride! Despite warnings from the drivers, some guests try to lean over the sides to get a better view of the creatures...

Image source/ wdwradio

But be warned, those who fall out are left swiftly behind. All drivers are instructed to drive away as quickly as possible if a passenger falls out to save the other visitors from witnessing them become lunch! That doesn't really sound like the Disney Dream, does it?

57. Have A Disney Day!

While the enchanting world of Disney prides itself on spreading joy and creating magical experiences for every guest, the dedicated staff members, often referred to as cast members, encounter a myriad of situations in their quest to maintain the illusion of happiness and delight.Image source/ China DailyAlthough staff have to be cheerful and polite at all times, they have invented a special way of getting back at the guests who are rude to them. When a staff member says ''have a Disney day'' what they really mean is ''go screw yourself''.

58. You'll Never Meet Beast If You Don't Make A Reservation!

For avid fans of "Beauty and the Beast," the yearning to encounter the majestic Beast himself within the whimsical confines of Disney World might be a tale of elusive enchantment. Unlike many other beloved characters who stroll through the park, the enigmatic Beast remains a figure shrouded in mystery.

Image source/ CNBC

Beauty and the Beast fans will be disappointed to know that Beast is one character that is never seen walking around the park! In fact, your only hope of ever meeting Beast is to book a reservation at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, but you better hurry - tables are usually snapped up 180 days in advance!

59. Complaining Will Get You Disney Dollars!

One thing Disney World really doesn't want you to know is that complaining about your experience to members of staff is an easy way to get Disney dollars! Staff want your experience to be as positive and happy as possible...

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... So they are more than willing to throw some free theme park cash at you. Just make sure you complain to a member of staff not in costume, you can't expect Goofy to whip out his wallet and make it rain. They have to stay in character, remember?

60. Rude Guests Go On The Naughty List!

At Disney World, where magic and enchantment reign supreme, the commitment to guest satisfaction and the nurturing of a joyous atmosphere are paramount. However, within the realm of this captivating world, there exists a whispered legend—the tale of the "naughty" list.

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Those that do complain about their experience or are rude to staff in any way end up on the ''naughty'' list, which usually means they won't be treated as generously on their next visit to the park! Which is not something that any of us want to happen.